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The warm glow of the summer morning settles on the slopes of western Colorado. But as the sun climbs higher, deep shadows shield the landscape that remains dark and forbidding. It is among the nation's deepest, steepest and narrowest canyons. You may hear varying explanations for how the Black Canyon of the Gunnison got its name. "Well, there are two theories on that. I think the one that's most popular is that it is so deep and narrow that the sunshine only reaches most of the canyon a short time each day."As one of America's newest national parks, Black Canyon struggles for the recognition enjoyed by that other canyon park of the Southwest. "Grand Canyon of course is so fabulous and everybody goes there and knows all about it. But you come here and it's so deep and so narrow, and it's just, just awe-inspiring."Much of the Black Canyon is wilderness, but almost from the moment white settlers arrived in the area; plans were hatched to make this "a canyon of commerce". "By 1880 you saw the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad (and) starting to look at the canyon as a possible way to bring the railroad from the Front Range of Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs, on a route through to Salt Lake and then perhaps on to San Francisco."The railroad made its way through 15 miles of the Black Canyon, but today it's mostly under Morrow Point reservoir. "We've got real technical class three whitewater in here." Not far from Black Canyon, Bill Dvorak has been guiding rafting and fishing trips in the Gunnison Gorge Conservation Area since 1982. "Yeah, I really like bringing people into these kinds of places and showing them what it's like when we do preserve these places and how, you know, just how spectacular and how beautiful it is."Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area is adjacent to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. At its heart is a wilderness area that is especially popular for rafting and fishing. "You're humbled as a human. Let's put it that way. You go through that and you're a very little piece of something very big and very old and very dramatic."For millions of years, the Gunnison River has been carving this canyon at work across eons of isolation. Even now it's easy to imagine that you are the first to peer over the rim into the dark soul of the Black Canyon. "Because we don't have so many people, there is, you know, millions of people a year coming to visit the canyon, people do have that opportunity to have a personal relationship with this place."200812/58332

Bush Establishes Huge Pacific Marine Sanctuary布什将太平洋大片海域定为保护区  U.S. President George Bush is launching one of the biggest conservation efforts in the world. He is designating large tracts of the Pacific as national monuments - meaning they are protected from commercial fishing, mining and other uses. 美国总统布什发起世界上最大的环境保护努力之一。他把太平洋大片海域规定为国家自然保护区,在这些海域禁止商业、采矿和其他商业活动。With just two weeks left in office, the president has taken action to safeguard parts of three remote Pacific island chains that are U.S. possessions. 目前离布什卸任还有两个星期。布什总统采取行动,保护属于美国属地的3个偏远的太平洋群岛。All will be designated as marine national monuments under provisions of the 1906 Antiquities Act, which is used to protect scientific and historical sites.  布什总统根据1906通过的古迹法的规定把这些海域划定为国家海洋保护区。"The monuments will prohibit resource destruction or extraction, waste dumping and commercial fishing," President Bush said. 布什总统说:“这些保护区确立以后,将禁止摧毁和开采资源。禁止倾倒废物和商业。”President Bush says the goal is to keep these delicate ecosystems intact, while gradually opening them up to scientific research and recreation. "For sea birds and marine life, they will be sanctuaries to grow and thrive. For scientists, they will be places to expand the frontiers of discovery. And for the American people they will be places that honor our duty to be good stewards of the Almighty's creation," he said. 布什说:“对海鸟和海洋生物来说,这些地区将成为生长和繁衍的保护区。对科学家来说,这些地区将成为扩展新发现的边界地带。对美国人民来说,它们将成为让我们履行我们作为上帝造物守护人的职责的地方。”Freedom of the seas will be unaffected in the three monument sites, as will U.S. military operations. President Bush says the military will also keep watch out for those who violate restrictions in the protected areas. 在3个保护区,海上自由通行不会受到影响。美国的军事活动也不会受到影响。布什总统说,美国军方将继续监视在受保护的地区违反规定的活动。White House officials say these locations are among the last pristine marine areas left on Earth. The three new marine monuments together equal an area roughly the size of Spain and are made up islands, reefs, atolls and underwater mountain ranges that are home to countless species. 白宫官员说,这3个地区是地球上最后保存下来的原始海洋的一部分。这三个新的海洋保护区的总面积大致相当于西班牙。这3个地区有岛屿、暗礁、珊瑚礁和海底山脉。在那里生活着无数的物种。President Bush notes the protected zones include parts of the Mariana Trench - the world's deepest canyon.  布什总统指出,受保护的地区包括马利亚纳海沟的一部分,那是世界上最深的海沟。"This unique geological region is five times longer than the Grand Canyon. It is deeper than Mount Everest is tall. It supports life in some of the harshest conditions imaginable," he said. 布什说:“这个独特的地质构造比美国的大峡谷长4倍。它的深度超过珠穆朗玛峰的高度。这个海沟持着在人们能够想象的最严酷的生存条件下生活的生物。”Aides to the president say Mr. Bush has protected more of the marine environment than any of his predecessors. And some environmentalists agree he has ushered in a new era of ocean conservation in the ed States. 总统的助手说,布什保护的海洋环境规模超过他所有的前任。有些环保人士同意,布什揭开了美国海洋保护的新时代。But others argue his efforts to protect the oceans must be weighed against his stands on other environmental issues, such as climate change and oil drilling on land.  但是也有人认为,在看到布什保护海洋的努力的同时,不应忘记他在其他环保问题上的保守立场。比如布什在气候变化和在美国大陆开采石油问题上的立场。"The Bush presidency will be seen as a dark period for environmental issues. Really across the board, whether it be domestic regulations, but certainly the global issue of climate change, President Bush sought to take the country backward," said Chris Flavin, Director of the Worldwatch Institute.But Bush administration officials say that is just not so, that the 43rd president of the ed States can be proud of his efforts to protect the air, seas and land. 但是布什政府官员表示,情况并非如此。他们说,布什这位美国第43任总统可以为他保护空气、海洋和陆地的努力感到骄傲。01/60670

U.S. President Barack Obama said this week that his administration has to do a better job of dealing with terrorism threats in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb plot aboard a commercial flight en route to Detroit. Opposition Republicans have been critical of the administration's handling of the incident, and political experts have been assessing the fallout.在圣诞节发生的阴谋炸毁一架飞往底特律的民航班机未遂事件之后,美国总统奥巴马表示,美国政府必须在处理恐怖威胁方面改进工作。反对党共和党人一直在批评行政当局对这个事件的处理,政治专家们正在评估其结果和影响。The failed terror bomb plot constitutes Mr. Obama's most serious national security test to date, and the president has been quick to acknowledge that there is plenty of room for improvement.炸飞机未遂事件,是迄今在国家安全方面对奥巴马最严峻的考验。奥巴马总统迅速承认,有很大的改进余地。"So we have to do better, and we will do better," he said. "And we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."奥巴马说:“我们必须改进,我们将会改进。我们必须迅速着手。这关系到美国人的生命。”Opposition Republicans see an opening in the administration's flawed handling of the failed attack, and appear eager to highlight the incident as a potential campaign issue for the November midterm congressional elections.反对党共和党人从行政当局处理这次事件的不当之处看到了机会,他们似乎乐于强调这个事件,作为11月美国国会中期选举的潜在竞选议题。Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke on N's Today program.共和党全国委员会主席迈克尔.斯蒂尔(Michael Steele)在N的"今日"节目中说:"At some point this administration has to take responsibility for what it is doing and take responsibility for its decisions," he said. "They are having an impact, whether domestically or internationally, and you have got to account for it, and this is one of those break points where you stop and assess how is the administration doing? How are they performing? 斯蒂尔说:“在某一阶段,本届行政当局不得不为自己的作为和决定负责。这些是有影响的,对国内外都是有影响的,你必须承担责任。这是事情的‘断点’之一,在这一点上,你停下来,评估行政当局做的如何,表现如何。”201001/94084

Top US Military Officer Arrives in Moscow for Talks导弹防御系统将是美俄会谈主题The top U.S. military officer is in Moscow for talks on missile defense, arms control and other issues in advance of U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to the Russian capital in 10 days.美国军方高级官员正在莫斯科举行关于导弹防御、军备控制等问题的会谈,这是为十天后美国总统奥巴马访问俄罗斯作准备。The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said the U.S. desire to put a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, which Russia strongly opposes, will be a key topic of his talks in Moscow.美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将说,美国在波兰和捷克共和国部署导弹防御系统的愿望遭到俄罗斯的激烈反对,这个问题将是这次莫斯科会谈的主要话题。"Clearly the issue of missile defense is something that's been a significant topic and issue for Russia and the ed States and that will, I'm sure, be something that we talk about," he said.马伦说:“显然,导弹防御系统问题是俄罗斯和美国的重大讨论议题,我确信,那个问题也将是我们讨论的内容。”The admiral said he will be seeking a better understanding of the Russian military's view of the missile defense plan, which top Russian political leaders have sharply criticized. 马伦上将说,他将努力深入理解俄罗斯军方对这个导弹防御计划的看法。俄罗斯政界领导人曾尖锐批评有关计划。Mullen's talks come just days after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said there will be no progress on broader arms control talks unless the ed States abandons the European missile defense plan. The renewal and expansion of a strategic arms reduction treaty that expires in December will be the primary topic for the Obama-Medvedev summit. 马伦开始会谈的几天前,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫说,除非美国放弃在欧洲的导弹防御系统部署计划,否则涉及面更广泛的军备控制问题会谈将不会取得进展。削减战略武器条约的重续和扩大将是奥巴马和梅德韦杰夫峰会的主要话题。U.S. officials say the missile defense system does not threaten Russia or its defenses, but rather is designed to counter the growing missile threat from Iran. 美国官员说,导弹防御系统并不危及俄罗斯及其防务,设计该计划是为了应对日益增长的伊朗导弹威胁。But Admiral Mullen says while missile defense and arms control will be on his agenda when he meets senior Russian military officers and defense ministry officials during the next two days, he believes there are also many other topics to discuss.但是马伦上将说,当他在今后两天会见俄罗斯军方和国防部高级官员时,虽然导弹防御系统和军备控制将在他的议事日程上,但是他相信,另外还有许多要探讨的问题。"We have areas of common interests, whether it's security interests in Afghanistan, the area of piracy, the area of terrorism," he said. "Those are the kinds of things that I'm sure we'll have robust discussions on. And there will I'm sure be discussions on the areas we differ on. And I think it's important to continue those discussions as well to understand each other's positions."马伦说:“我们有许多利益与共的领域,不论在阿富汗的安全利益,还是涉及海盗的问题或者恐怖主义问题,都是我们有共同利益的领域。我确信我们将就那些事情展开积极的讨论。我也相信我们将讨论存在分歧的问题。我认为继续那些讨论并且相互理解对方的立场是很重要的。”This is Admiral Mullen's first visit to Moscow as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But because of the importance of security issues for the upcoming U.S.-Russia summit, a spokesman says President Obama has taken the unusual step of asking Admiral Mullen to return to Moscow in early July to join him at those meetings.这是马伦上将作为参谋长联席会议主席第一次访问莫斯科。但是一名发言人说,由于即将举行的美俄峰会要讨论的安全问题十分重要, 奥巴马总统不同寻常地要求马伦上将七月初重返莫斯科与他一起参加峰会。06/75703

US Officials Discuss Second Economic Stimulus Package美国官员讨论第二个经济刺激方案  Officials in Washington are openly discussing the possibility of another federal stimulus package to boost the troubled U.S. economy. The discussion comes as leading U.S. economic indicators edge slightly higher. 美国国会和行政部门星期一开始公开讨论新的经济刺激方案,以振兴陷入困境的美国经济。This year has aly seen two aggressive steps by the federal government to prop up the economy. 今年以来,为了使美国经济重振旗鼓,联邦政府已经采取了两个大刀阔斧的措施。In February, as the economy was slowing down, Congress passed a 0 billion stimulus package that featured rebate checks for middle- and lower-income taxpayers. 2月份,随着经济走缓,国会批准了一项1500亿美元的经济刺激方案,主要是给中低收入的纳税人发放退税款。Earlier this month, amid a worsening credit crisis, President Bush signed a 0 billion financial rescue bill, 0 billion of which is being used to boost capital for troubled American banks. 这个月早些时候,随着信贷危机的恶化,布什总统又签署了一个总值7千亿美元的金融拯救计划,并且将其中的2500亿美元用于帮助资金短缺的美国。Now, U.S. officials are openly discussing the merits of a third government economic intervention. 现在,美国官员又开始讨论政府对经济进行第三次干预的好处。Testifying on Capitol Hill Monday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Congress should consider another stimulus package. 美国联邦储备委员会主席伯南克星期一在国会作时表示,国会应该考虑下一个刺激方案。"The uncertainty currently surrounding the economic outlook is unusually large," said Ben Bernanke. "Any fiscal action inevitably involves trade-offs - not only among current needs and objectives, but also because commitments of resources today can burden future generations and constrain future policy options. That being said, with the economy likely to be weak for several quarters and with some risk of a protracted slowdown, consideration of a fiscal package by the Congress at this juncture seems appropriate." 他说:“目前经济前景的不确定性异乎寻常地大。任何财政政策都不可避免地涉及利弊得失的权衡。这种权衡不仅针对现在的需要和目标,同时也意味着我们今天动用的资源会给美国的下一代造成负担,同时也会制约未来的经济政策。不过话虽然这么说,我们目前的经济在未来几个季度内可能会持续走软,并存在长期减速的风险,因此国会现在考虑出台一个财政刺激计划似乎是妥当的。”The central bank chief added that any stimulus should be crafted to boost economic activity in the short term without significantly adding to America's fiscal deficit in the long term. Despite being prodded repeatedly by legislators, Bernanke declined to say how much money should be spent or specify what the package should contain. 伯南克说,任何刺激计划的宗旨都必须是在短期内刺激经济,而不至于在长期内显著增加美国的财政赤字。尽管议员们多次追问,伯南克拒绝就这个计划的金额数量和具体内容做出回答。The White House says President Bush is "open to the idea" of another stimulus package, but that it would have to see how Congress formulates it. 白宫说,布什总统“愿意考虑”新一轮经济刺激方案,但这要取决于国会如何设计这个方案。Fed chief Bernanke expressed confidence that the current financial rescue package will help unfreeze credit and allow businesses and consumers to secure loans that will boost economic activity. 伯南克对于目前的金融救助计划可以舒缓信贷冻结表达了信心。信贷解冻将有利于企业和消费者贷款,从而刺激经济活动。Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson provided an update on how the rescue package is being implemented. He stressed that, while huge amounts of public funds have been allocated to save troubled financial institutions, ultimately there should be no cost for taxpayers. 与此同时,美国财政部长保尔森就金融救助计划的具体实施提供了进一步信息。他强调,尽管大笔纳税人的钱被用来救助陷于困境的金融机构,但最终纳税人不会蒙受损失。"This is an investment, not an expenditure, and there is no reason to believe that this program will cost taxpayers anything," said Henry Paulson. 保尔森说:“这是投资,不是开。我们没有理由相信这个计划会让纳税人遭受损失。”Paulson says funds are being used to purchase assets that will be sold at a later date, allowing the government to recoup money spent.  保尔森说,用纳税人的钱收购的资产以后将再度出售,政府可以因此收回资金。After months of relentlessly negative economic news, Monday brought an indication of a slight uptick in U.S. economic prospects. The New York-based Conference Board's forecast of future economic activity edged higher by a third of a percent after two months of steep declines. The better-than-expected forecast helped spark gains on U.S. markets. Wall Street's main stock index closed with triple-digit gains Monday, about 400 points or nearly five percent. 在经过几个月的坏消息后,星期一,美国经济前景终于出现了一丝亮色。总部设在纽约的经济智库会议委员会关于未来经济活动的预测在经历两个月的急剧下滑后,今天出现了0.3%的增长。这个好于预期的结果带动了美国股市。道指大幅上涨了413点。200810/53450

New BMW M3, boy racer gone pro 2008 edition of this high performance vehicle is faster, lighter and more elegant then ever. Hi, I’m Sue Callaway, Car columnist of Fortune Magazine. 20 years ago, BMW thrilled the performance road with the introduction of the first M3, the E30. The company called the car a 3-series variant. But in reality it was a teenager on testosterone, a rebel with the cars, pure performance. 2 decades later, here comes the 2008 M3, the car’s grown up, it’s better educated, it’s well-rounded, it’s worldly. Purists are worried it’s gone soft. But I disagree. This is the boy racer, who’s finally gone pro. Everything on the new M3 is purpose built, from the guerney spoiler lip on the rear deck for increase down force at high speeds, the flat flurr panel underneath for increase air dynamics. The car’s lost a lot of weight, too. Aluminum suspension parts and aluminum hood help. But the biggest piece is right here, the trick carbon fiber roof. It weighs 11 pounds less than the traditional steel roof and 45 pounds less than the steel roof with a moonroof(a glass sunroof,1973) in it.Let’s have a look at the heart of this beast, the engine. BMW has literally doubled the engine since the original M3, which was a four-cylinder, 195 horsepower car. Today 414 horsepower V8 with a gut engine 295 foot-pound of torque.No amount of the data can explain just how great the new M3 is for that you have to do what it does best --drive. And then you’ll see just how far in the dust it leaves the old car.BMW has created a more usable M3 with this latest edition, but it hasn’t lost the purity of its performance roots. Like Porsche with 911, BMW has refined and refined and refined this car over the years until it’s one step shy of perfection. Hey, the company makes a lot of great cars. But to my mind, this truly is the ultimate driving machine.01/61133

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