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成都华西医院治疗假牙价格成都市种植牙医院High amounts of mercury are found人们发现大量的汞存在于in large, predatory fish, such as king mackerel,体积较大的掠食性鱼的体内,如大西洋马鲛pike, shark, walleye, barracuda, and large tuna.鱼,鲨鱼,白眼鱼,梭鱼类,和大金鱼Therefore, these types of fish should be consumed因此,这些鱼肉的食用量at less than a hundred grams per week,每周不能多于100克which is a small portion.这一食用比重很小For tuna, it is recommended that对金鱼而言,建议大家it should be consumed no more than twice per week.每周食用的次数不要超过两次Potential pathogens in food include listeria,食物内的病原体包括李斯特菌属which is an air-borne bacteria that can grow这是一种空气中产生的细菌,可以在at refrigeration temperatures.制冷温度下滋生Listeriosis can affect the fetus李氏杆菌可能影响到胎儿and cause spontaneous abortions.引发自然流产It can be found in deli meats and unpasteurized milk;这种细菌见于熟食和未经高温消毒的牛奶hence, consuming these foods is not recommended during pregnancy.因此,不建议在期食用这些食物Toxoplasma gondii is the other pathogen刚地弓形虫是另一种病原体that can exist in food.它存在于食物中Toxoplasma gondii can pass through the placenta刚地弓形虫能够穿过胎盘therefore inflecting the fetus.进而影响胎儿Toxoplasma gondii is common in house cats刚地弓形虫常见于家猫身上and therefore it is advised against that因此建议pregnant women avoid feces of cats妇要避免接触猫的粪便and wash their hands thoroughly after being around cat feces.而且要在接触猫的粪便后彻底洗手It can also be found in contaminated这种病菌也存在于受污染的and undercooked meat, unwashed fruits,或者煮得欠熟的肉类,没洗的水果unpasteurized milk, and contaminated water.未经消毒的牛奶以及被污染了的水中Good food safety practices are important良好的食物安全措施非常重要for the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy.对母亲和胎儿的健康非常重要Always store food properly,要正确地储存食物cook to recommended temperatures,根据建议的温度烹制食物avoid cross-contamination避免交叉污染and properly clean surfaces and utensils.彻底清洁餐具和餐台表面Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients欧美加3脂肪酸是必需营养meaning they must be provided by the diet.意味着它们只能通过饮食提供Studies have shown positive correlations研究表明between adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids适当的摄入欧美加3脂肪酸and child growth, development, and health.与儿童的成长,发育和健康之间有正相关关系During pregnancy these fatty acids may help怀期间,这些脂肪酸能够帮助develop cognitive and visual functions in the fetus.形成胎儿的认知及视觉功能Although the minimum amount for this尽管欧美加3脂肪酸的最小摄入量have not been fully determined.还未完全有定论Maternal dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids母亲在饮食中摄入欧美加3脂肪酸results in higher levels of these fatty acids有助于提高母乳中的脂肪酸含量in breast milk; therefore, during lactation,因此,在哺乳期间the omega-3 fatty acids can be transferred欧美加3脂肪酸可以from the mother to the fetus.从母体转移到胎儿身上Currently, the recommendation for如今,欧美加3的建议omega-3 fatty acid consumption is摄入量是200 milligrams per day.每天200毫克Sources of omega-3 fatty acids含有欧美加3的食物有include oily fish such as salmon and fish oils,含油多的鱼类,如大马哈鱼,鱼肝油canola oil, and flaxseed.菜籽油和亚麻仁等In 2007, Colletsco et al. reviewed randomized studies2007年 Colletsco和一些学者on dietary fat intake during pregnancy综述了一些关于期脂肪摄入量的研究in order to provide a recommended intake level.目的在于提供一个仅供参考的摄入量They evaluated studies that have been done on women他们评估了一些关于怀风险低或with low-risk pregnancies or high-risk pregnancies怀风险高的妇女的研究and provided daily DHA intakes ranging并提出每天DHA的摄入量应当从from 150 to 200 milligrams a day150毫克至200毫克up to about 1,200 milligrams a day.提高至1200毫克The results of the study were that该项研究的结果是dietary fat intake during pregnancy期和哺乳期的脂肪摄入量and lactation as a proportion of energy intake是能量来源的一部分should be the same as that recommended for the general population.因此,应当和普通人的建议摄入量一样 Article/201503/364215新都区牙齿矫正去哪里医院好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/365760广元市第四人民医院牙髓炎氟斑牙牙齿美容怎么样好吗

成都看蛀牙哪里便宜Whoa, okay, we#39;re in.Even if it is an ice-covered river.好了 我们进来了 即使是冰封的河流When you#39;re moving through the wild,you can never predict what obstacles lie ahead.当你在荒野中行进时 你永远无法预测前方会有什么障碍But today I know exactly what to expect.但是今天我能预测到My team are with me to give nature a helping hand and ensure that I face her at her wildest.我的团队要助大自然一臂之力 保我看到她最狂野的一面Temperature#39;s well below freezing.温度完全在零度以下You can see we#39;ve got a big frozen lake in front of us here.观众们可以看到在我们面前 有一个已经冰冻的湖And what we#39;re gonna do is cut a channel actually into the ice我们要做的就是 打开一条通往湖中的通道And then show you what happens if you fall through the ice and get submerged.然后向你展示如果失足踩裂冰面 被淹没之后会发生什么It#39;s gonna be a cold one.看着就很冷啊Every year in canada, 45 people fall through the ice and die from cold-water immersion.加拿大每年有四十五人掉入冰窟 溺毙于冰水之中The danger is very real.这危险是真真切切的Temperatures recently dived to minus-40 degrees here,and the ice was a foot thick.这儿的温度大约在零下四十度 冰有一英尺厚The crew will monitor my vital signs as I swim under an 18-foot ice bridge,工作人员会监视我的生命体征 我会在十八英尺长的冰桥下游泳negotiate a long, open channel,and then take on another bridge,this one twice as long.穿过一条长的开放水道 然后游过另一座桥 这座桥三十六英尺长Diver going in the water.A diver goes in for one final check.潜水员要下水了 最后检查之后一个潜水员下水了The danger for me here is very clear.眼前的危险很明显If I swim off at an angle and miss that exit hole,I#39;ll be trapped under the ice.如果我游歪了 错过出口 我将被困在冰水之中The crew will film me above and below the surface,and to show my heat loss,They#39;ll use a thermal imaging camera.工作人员将跟随拍摄我在冰上冰下的活动过程 并且记录我身体的热损失 他们将使用的是热感摄像机 Article/201703/495576四川中西医结合医院治疗假牙价格 成都妇幼保健医院看前牙后牙种植牙怎么样好吗

彭州市妇幼保健院看牙齿美白的价格 Mermaids, for me growing up, were very important. Mermaids were real. That was it.美人鱼,对于我长大成人,是非常重要的。人鱼是真实的。就是这样。Of course they#39;re real. You know, no matter what the government says, mermaids are real.她们当然是真的。你知道,不管政府说什么,美人鱼是真的。My name is Lauren Freeman, and I#39;m a real-life mermaid.我的名字是 Lauren Freeman,我是现实生活中的美人鱼。I#39;m Erin Gallager, and I am a real-life mermaid.我是 Erin Gallager,我是现实生活中的美人鱼。My name is Katie Shultz, and I#39;m a real-life mermaid.我的名字是 Katie Shultz,我是现实生活中的美人鱼。I#39;ve always loved the water. I#39;ve been a swimmer for as long as I can remember. And growing up in Florida, you went to the beach and you played mermaids. So, I#39;ve done it for years as a kid. Growing up, I thought it was the greatest thing.我一直热爱着水。我从能记得以来就都在游泳。而且在佛罗里达长大,你会去海边然后你扮演美人鱼。所以,还是孩子时我就已经做这事好多年了。长大了,我觉得这是件最棒的事。Always loved the water. Definitely a fish growing up and have always really enjoyed it.一直爱着水。肯定像只鱼般长大,而且一直真的很享受这样。Oh, I remember when Lauren first came to me and asked if I wanted to help create the mermaid program here at the Florida Aquarium, and I immediately called my mom and said, ;You are not going to believe this. I told you I was gonna be a mermaid when I grew up, and now I#39;m gonna get to be one.;喔,我记得 Lauren 最初来找我,然后问我想不想在佛罗里达水族馆这里帮忙创立一个美人鱼节目时,我马上打给我妈说:“你一定不会相信这个。我跟你说过我长大要当一只美人鱼,然后现在我就要能够成为一只美人鱼了。”I actually have a very different story from the other girls. I was born and raised in Arizona. So I was always in the water, kind of playing around. I#39;ve been diving since I was 12. But I don#39;t think, even as a kid, I ever told my parents, ;I#39;m gonna be a mermaid.; Should I tell? What would my mother say? So, I was telling my mom about this and she was like, ;Why, why do you do this?; and I said, ;You know, it#39;s something new. It#39;s something just to try. It pays well.; I kind of told her about that aspect and she, ;Well, that#39;a pretty good. And you don#39;t even have to be a hooker.; So, I guess that was my family#39;s take on it.我其实有一个和其他女孩们非常不同的故事。我出生然后成长于亚历桑纳州。所以我总是待在水里,有点像是在水里四处玩耍。我从十二岁开始潜水。但我不认为,即使是孩子时,都不认为我曾告诉过我的父母:“我要成为一只美人鱼。”我该讲吗?我的母亲会说什么?所以当我告诉我妈这件事时,她就像是:“为什么,为什么你要做这件事?”然后我说:“你知道,这是件新鲜事。这就只是去尝试一下的事。这工作报酬不错。”我有点好像是告诉她那层面,然后她说:“好吧,那挺不赖的。而且你甚至不用去当应召女郎。”于是,我猜那就是我家人对这事接受的反应。People initially are definitely a little confused. They want to know, ;Well, what do you mean you#39;re a mermaid?; So when I describe what I do that I literally get in the water and I am a mermaid, they have lots of questions. We are all professional divers here at the Aquarium. We do guest diving programs where we#39;ll take guests in to do dives with our sharks. We also do a lot of the grunt work. We#39;ll get in and clean the exhibits and that#39;s not such a pretty mermaid task. But we do it anyway.人们起先肯定有点困惑。他们想知道:“嗯,你说你是只人鱼是什么意思?”所以当我形容我的工作就是真的进到水里、然后我就是只人鱼,他们有很多问题。我们都是水族馆这里的专业潜水员。我们负责带着来宾们进来和鲨鱼潜水的宾客潜水节目。我们也做很多杂事。我们会进去清理展间,而那可不是什么漂亮人鱼任务。但总之我们得做。So it#39;s about 3:30 right now. None of us will be touching our face.所以现在差不多是三点半了。我们之中没人会去碰我们的脸。Being dive masters of the aquarium, no one ever sees us in makeup. So, it#39;s really a transformation.身为一个水族馆的潜水高手, 没人看过我们化妆。所以,这真是个转变。We are definitely not the make-up pretty girls at the aquarium, 99% of the time. So to have our co-workers see us like this was a shocking change for them.我们肯定不是水族馆里化着妆的漂亮女孩,百分之九十九的时间里。所以让我们的同事看到我们这样,对他们而言是个震惊的变化。Ready? Ready!准备好了吗?准备好了!It does take a lot to get y. The tails are so custom-fit that it#39;s actually really hard to get into them. So, takes a good 10 minutes to actually put the tail on.这真的费很多心力才能准备好。这些鱼尾如此合身订制,因此实际上很难穿进去。所以,得花整整十分钟才能真正把尾巴穿上。Swimming with a tail on and having your feet bound is a lot different than wearing fins and being on scuba. So, for us to learn to do it, and then on top of that, try to look pretty while doing it, that was the biggest challenge.穿上鱼尾、然后让你的脚被束缚住去游泳,和穿着蛙鞋且有氧气筒有很大差异。因此,对我们而言学习这样做,然后除此以外,还要试着在进行时看起来优美,那是最大的挑战。These are the hoses that we breathe from. Just like scuba diving.这些是我们用来呼吸的软管。就像深潜一样。I think people think it#39;s easy. They see the finished product. They see us in there with our makeup done, in these gorgeous tails that we have, gracefully swimming around, doing choreograph routines to music. Takes a long time to get there.我理解人们认为这很简单。他们看到的是最终成品。他们见到我们化好妆在那里面,穿着我们有的这些华丽的鱼尾,优雅地游来游去,随音乐跳着编好的舞蹈。花费很长时间才做到那样的。To look comfortable while holding your breath underwater, and not look like you#39;re in pain or the salt water is in your eyes, and there#39;s fish everywhere.要在水中屏住你的呼吸同时看起来舒适自在、还不能看起来像你很痛苦、或有咸水在你眼里,然后还四处都是鱼。Very difficult.十分困难。To be a mermaid everyday is something that I never thought I would get to do. But to be able to come to work and do something that I#39;ve always loved, I#39;ve always wanted to do with people that are my friends, is fantastic. It#39;s really a dream come true.每天当个美人鱼是件我从没想过我能够做的事。但能够来工作并做一件我向来热爱、我向来想和是我的朋友的人们做的事,这太棒了。这真的是美梦成真。 Article/201411/342718成都四环素牙怎么变白资阳市第二人民医院治疗人工植牙的费用



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