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Dear Grandma:祖母你好:Your daughters parenting skills could use some improvement, and yes, its possible those kids will grow up to be overweight, undereducated crooks, but she needs to see it for herself. Your daughter knows you disapprove of the way she is raising her children, and that could be part of the problem. Frankly, the sons recreational and food habits are not uncommon, and we wouldnt go overboard with disapproval. Stealing and poor grades are of greater concern. Stop criticizing your daughter, and when the grandchildren are in your house, set reasonable rules and enforce them. Modeling good parenting is the best you can do.你女儿养育孩子的技巧可以提高,这些孩子长大后可能超重,成为未受良好教育的坏蛋,但是她需要自己意识到这点。你的女儿知道你不赞成她教育孩子的方式,那可能是问题的结症。坦率地说,她儿子的和吃东西习惯并不是罕见的。我们不能过分地不赞同,而应更关注孩子们的偷东西和学习成绩不好。不要责备你的女儿。当孩子们在你的屋子里时,要定些合理的规则并执行。做一个好母亲的榜样是你能做的最好的事。undereducated adj.未受良好教育的crook n.坏蛋recreational adj.的enforce v.执行model v. 塑造 201111/162691成都市自锁陶瓷托槽矫正好吗This was not the radical reforming budget it had been billed as. But its heart was in the right place 虽不如它所标榜的“激进的、革新的预算”,但其动机还是积极的。“THIS is not a tax-raising budget. But nor can we afford a giveaway.” Thus George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, drew the narrow parameters of his second budget on March 23rd. The broad sweep of the coalition government’s fiscal policy was set in Mr Osborne’s emergency budget last June, and in October’s four-year public-spending review. His task then was to fashion a deficit-reduction plan of tax increases and spending cuts to reassure bond markets of Britain’s creditworthiness. This time the chancellor was restricted to finding small pockets of extra revenue to finance modest but eye-catching tax breaks or subsidies.“这不是一个增税的计划,但我们也负担不起减税了。”在3月23日,现任英国财政大臣乔治奥斯本,提出了他的第二套财政紧缩预算。早在去年六月奥斯本的紧急减赤预案中,已经全面地回顾了联合政府的财政政策,并于十月核查了四年公共出。奥斯本的任务是旨在减少赤字的加税和减少公共开,以保英国在债券市场的信用。这次财政大臣能做的事情有限,只能计划收入小笔预算外融资,但适度、却醒目地提出减税优惠或补贴。At least he did not come back for more money from taxpayers and spending departments. Nine months in, the plan to eliminate the structural deficit during this parliament is broadly on track. Public-sector net borrowing will be 146 billion (7 billion) or 9.9% of GDP this financial year, a few billion less than the Treasury estimated in June. The deficit in 2011-12 and beyond will be a shade higher as a share of GDP than on previous forecasts, but not much. 至少他没有向纳税人和消费部门要更多的钱。在今后九个月中,本届国会将全面出击致力于消除结构性赤字。在这一财务年,政府公共净举债1460亿英镑(毛2370亿英镑)GDP增长达9.9%,比财政部6月预计略低。在2011-2012年度及以后,GDP中赤字占比将高于先前预测,但相去不远。This higher path reflects a slower pace of economic recovery rather than any let-up in the chancellor’s zeal for fiscal austerity. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the fiscal watchdog set up by Mr Osborne last year, has revised its forecast for this year’s GDP growth to 1.7% from 2.1% (the forecast for 2012 was nudged down to 2.5%). That change reflects the momentum lost in the 0.6% fall in GDP in the final quarter of 2010. The OBR reckons some of the drop in output will have been recovered during a sprightly first quarter in 2011 (it forecasts a 0.8% increase), though it has not revised up GDP growth in subsequent quarters. The OBR judges that the chancellor will meet his self-imposed fiscal targets. 这根赤字增加的扬线反映了经济复苏步伐放缓,但并不能说明财政大臣热衷于财政紧缩政策。奥斯本去年组建的预算责任办公室(OBR)履行着财政监督职责,其将今年的GDP增长从之前预测的2.1%,修订至1.7%(2012年预测微幅下调至2.5%)。这一变化反映了在2010年第4季度因增长乏力而使GDP降低0.6%。 OBR预测在11年第1季度将出现小幅攀升,预计为0.8%,但它并没有调整GDP在后几季度增长预期。OBR判断财政大臣将达成他制定的每一个财政年度目标。With the big-picture stuff in place, Mr Osborne could administer a few small balms to the economy’s sorest spots. The costliest measure—and the one designed to capture the headlines—was the suspension of planned real-term increases in fuel duties for the life of the current parliament, together with an immediate one-penny per litre cut. That change will cost the Treasury 1.9 billion in 2011-12, but will be more than paid for by an increased levy on North Sea oil producers, to capture the windfall gains from high crude prices. Mr Osborne justified this transfer from producers to consumers by noting that other oil-producing countries have tax systems that squeeze profits harder when oil prices are high. He said a sustained fall in the oil price below, say, a barrel would prompt a reversal in the balance of taxation towards consumers. 正如图表显示,奥斯本的政策对英国经济阵痛点有些小疗效。其中最昂贵的一个举措、如同不少新闻头条报道的,他暂停了现有国会通过一项长期增加燃油税的决议,使汽油价格立竿见影地每公升跌了一便士。这项决定在2011-12年度将使英国财政额外出19亿英镑,但向北欧石油生产商调高的增税预期会取得更多收益。奥斯本给生产商的理由是,其他石油生产国的税收制度,可以在原油涨价时调低利润值来保油价,会从把利润从生产者向消费者转移。他说在下一个季度油价格将持续下跌,每桶75美元的原油价格将会进一步拉低单位油价,马上会使生产商和消费者之间的税收产生一个平衡。201104/132564攀枝花市妇幼保健院治疗牙列不齐双颌前突怎么样好吗人们常说咖啡喝多对身体有害。但是,多喝咖啡可以降低得中风的概率哦!你知道吗?On this morning's Health Watch, coffee and strokes. A recent study found the more cups of coffee you drink, the less likely you are to suffer a stroke. Here with more details, our own Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Good morning!Good morning Julie!Now tell me more about the study and who funded this study?Right. So put another one in the win column for the health benefits of coffee. This was a study funded actually by NIH, done out of the UCLA Stroke Center, reputable. And actually it looked at 20,000 people, coffee drinkers, non-coffee drinkers, found that those who drink coffee have less stroke, and that stroke risk actually decreased the more coffee they drink. It's very interesting.So how much coffee are we talking about?Well, probably more than you and I have a day. They actually saw the largest benefit with those who consume six or more cups a day. So we're talking a considerable amount.Does that mean I have to drink six cups a day to get the benefits of maybe not having a stroke?Well, this is one of those things we have to take it, you know, it.. really in conjunction with everything else. This is one potential benefit, and again we know that there can be risks seen with the more coffee that we consume. People are variably, more sensitive or less sensitive to higher amounts of caffeine, so it's just one piece of the puzzle.What, do we know the "why" behind this?You know they are starting to look at it more. One of the theories is that there are anti-oxidants in coffee and tea by the way that may be protective. But it also may be that there are something in coffee or caffeine that works synergistically, or in conjunction with other factors, and therefore prevents stroke, so it's really evolving.So does this study mean this applies to all caffeine, like let's say, someone really likes Red Bull, or tea, or chocolate?Right, not, no, exactly. Chocolate, I love that. Not known if it does have the same effects when you are talking about soda, chocolate, energy drinks. Right now, it's coffee and probably tea as well. All right. You mentioned that there are other risks. Tell me all the, all the things that are currently that we know in the win column for having coffee.Right, so the possible, and then the others. And then the others.05/70853Report: N. Korean Leader Signals Possible Return to Nuclear Talks北韩释放愿重返六方会谈信号North Korea's leader has apparently told a senior Chinese envoy he is willing to resume talks to resolve the issue of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons.北韩领导人据报对中国高级特使表示,他愿意返回有关解决北韩核武器计划的会谈。China's Xinhua news agency says North Korean leader Kim Jong Il promises to work toward making the Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons. Mr. Kim also is willing to engage in what the report describes as "bilateral or multilateral talks" to help push that goal forward.中国官方的新华社说,北韩领导人金正日允诺为实现朝鲜半岛无核化而努力。报道还说,金正日还愿意参加朝这一目标努力的“双边或多边会谈”。Those comments, if accurate, would be the first explicit sign in months that North Korea is willing to resume diplomacy aimed at ending its nuclear weapons programs. Mr. Kim reportedly made them to senior Chinese envoys visiting Pyongyang.如果报道属实,这将是数月以来北韩第一次明确表示愿意重新参加旨在终止北韩核计划的外交努力。据报道,金正日向访问平壤的中国特使做出这个表示。A North Korean state broadcaster says Mr. Kim met with Dai Bingguo, an envoy of Chinese Premier Hu Jintao. They held talks in a "cordial atmosphere" about continuing the North Korea-China friendship.北韩国家广播电台说,金正日会见了中国总理温家宝的特使戴秉国,在“亲切气氛中”讨论了北韩和中国继续发展友谊的问题。China's envoy to six-nation nuclear talks, Wu Dawei, also attended the meeting. The often-stalled six-nation talks also involve the ed States, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. Earlier this year, North Korea declared the six-party process "useless" and over with. It conducted its second nuclear test in May.六方会谈的中国代表团团长武大伟也参加了会见。参加有关北韩核计划的六方会谈的还有美国、韩国、日本和俄罗斯。六方会谈经常搁浅。今年早些时候,北韩宣称六方会谈“毫无用处”,将不再参加。北韩5月进行了它的第二次核试验。South Korean officials caution against interpreting Mr. Kim's reported comments as a signal the North is y to come back to the talks. The South's foreign minister, Yu Myung-hwan, told business leaders in Seoul Friday that Pyongyang has other ideas.韩国官员说,不应急于把报道提及的金正日讲话视为北韩将重返六方会谈的信号。韩国外交通商部长柳明桓星期五在首尔对商界领袖说,平壤另有想法。Yu says now that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons, Pyongyang intends to have U.S.-North Korea arms reduction talks, which the U.S. cannot accept. 柳明桓说,北韩现在已经拥有核武器,打算和美国进行削减军备的谈判,而美国不会接受这个要求。Washington has ruled out such arms reduction talks, which would implicitly recognize North Korea as a nuclear weapons state. The ed States and its regional partners say they will accept nothing less than a complete and verifiable end to North Korea's nuclear arms capabilities. 美国排除了与北韩进行削减军备谈判的任何可能。进行这种谈判将等于明确承认北韩是核国家。美国及其东亚盟友说,必须以可核查的方式全面废止北韩的核武器能力,除此之外不接受任何其它方案。President Obama's administration has expressed willingness to talk to North Korea one-on-one, but only in a context that is directly connected to the six-party talks.奥巴马政府表示愿意与北韩进行一对一的谈判,但条件是这种谈判必须直接相关六方会谈。North Korea analysts here in the South Korean capital find it significant that Mr. Kim's reported comments come during a visit from China. Beijing is the North's only significant ally, and provides a lifeline of food, fuel, and resources to its hobbled economy.首尔的北韩问题分析人士认为,在中国特使访问北韩之际报道金正日的这个讲话具有重大意义。Hong Hyun-ik is a North Korea researcher at the Sejong Institute in Seoul.韩信一是首尔世宗研究所的北韩问题研究员。He says China felt the need to stop the North's nuclear activities from getting out of hand. He says Beijing also does not want to be isolated from any one-on-one diplomatic arrangement between North Korea and the ed States. So, China sent its envoy, says Hong, to remind Kim Jong Il how crucial it is to the North's economic fate.他说,中国感到有必要制止北韩的核活动,以防事态失控。他说,北京不希望被排斥在北韩和美国任何一对一谈判之外,因此派遣特使提醒金正日,中国对北韩经济具有至关重要的作用。09/84603温江区妇幼保健院治疗矫正龅牙牙齿好吗

双流县洗牙洁牙什么价格邛崃市妇幼保健院看牙齿不齐牙齿美白多少钱World Health Assembly Discusses New Health Challenges世卫敦促各国预防甲型流感流行  The annual World Health Assembly has opened with delegates from 193 member countries discussing how to protect people from diseases such as the swine flu virus that is sping around the world.世界卫生大会年会开幕,来自193个成员国的代表们正在讨论如何防止人们感染目前正在世界流行的甲型H1N1流感等疾病。World Health Organization Director-General, Margaret Chan, says the world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts. And, these are occurring at a time when the global economic crisis is making it more difficult to maintain good health, especially in the developing world. 世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍说,世界目前在许多地区面临多项危机。而目前的全球经济危机让人们保持健康的体魄更加困难,发展中国家尤其如此。The WHO Chief says the new Swine Flu A-H1N1 virus shows how health challenges are changing.世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍说,新的甲型H1N1流感病毒说明,我们面临的健康难题正在如何发生改变。"The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968, when the last pandemic of the previous century began," said Margaret Chan. "The speed and volume of international travel have increased to an astonishing degree. As we are seeing right now with H1N1, any city with an international airport is at risk of an imported case." 陈冯富珍说:“跟1968年即上世纪最后一次流感瘟疫的情况相比,当今世界更加难以应对流感疫症产生的负面影响, 国际旅行的速度和人次以惊人的速度增长。正如我们现在看到的甲型H1N1流感,每一个有国际机场的城市,都有可能有输入性病例。”Dr. Chan says increased interdependence among nations creates a great potential for economic disruption. This means the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow even larger than it aly has. 陈冯富珍说,国与国之间相互依赖的增加,也极大的增加了经济崩溃的可能性。这就是说,贫富之间的差距会更大。"Today, about 85 percent of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low and middle income countries," she said. "The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections." 陈冯富珍说:“如今,慢性病这个沉重负担有大约85%集中在中低收入国家。其中的含义显而易见。就目前来看,发展中国家有更多的人会面临感染甲型H1N1流感的这种严重致命病毒的最大风险。”Dr. Chan urges the international community to do everything it can to help developing countries from bearing the brunt of disease pandemics. And she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.陈冯富珍敦促国际社会尽一切努力避免发展中国家承担疾病流行的打击。她还说,尽管世界目前担心可能发生的流感疫症,这些担忧不应该遮挡或者干扰我们实施其它生命攸关的健康计划。She says health ministers attending this week's Assembly should take the opportunity to respond to threats to their health systems. She says a priority is to finish the job of polio eradication. 陈冯富珍表示,出席这个星期世界卫生大会的卫生部长们应该抓住机会对本国、本地区医疗制度遇到的威胁做出回应。她说,一项首要任务是完成根除脊髓灰质炎即小儿麻痹症的工作。She says the global campaign that WHO started in 1988 is very close to achieving its goal of ridding the world of this terrible paralytic disease.陈冯富珍说,世界卫生组织1988年开始的这项全球性运动其最终目标是,在全世界消灭这种给人造成麻痹的可怕疾病,现在这个目标接近实现了。05/70324乐山假牙价格U.S. troops will begin their drawdown in Iraq at the end of this month, but there still is no government in place and violence is on the rise. On Wednesday, the U.N. Security Council urged Iraq's recently-elected legislature to form a government quickly.Iraq has been mired in a political stalemate since legislative elections in March left Shi'ite political factions vying for dominance, and the right to form a government and to choose a prime minister. With the impasse unlikely to be resolved before the end of this month, when U.S. troops will drop to their lowest levels in Iraq since the war began in 2003, the U.N. Security Council pressed the legislators to work through their differences in "the national interest" and form "as quickly as possible, a government that is inclusive and represents the will of the Iraqi people."The U.N.'s top diplomat in Iraq, Ad Melkert, echoed the council's call, saying the delays are contributing to uncertainty and creating conditions that could be exploited by elements opposed to the country's democratic transition. In a briefing to the Security Council, he noted that the delays are also affecting the rebuilding of the country's basic infrastructure and services. "Recent protests in a number of cities denouncing the lack of electricity is a sign of potentially growing disillusionment and anger over what has become a situation of daily life for the average Iraqi citizen," said Melkert.Melkert said blackouts continue to persist nationally on average about nine hours a day. He also noted that national reconciliation needs to be a priority of the new government."This includes Arab-Kurdish relations, particularly as they relate to disputed internal boundaries, revenue-sharing, legislation related to hydrocarbons, the federal framework and the constitutional review process," he said.On the implications of the U.S. military drawdown for ed Nation's operations, Melkert said his staff work and live under challenging conditions. He said the U.N.'s own security will need to be increased during this transition period, which will require adequate funding from member states.The ed States will end its combat mission in Iraq on August 31. Some 50,000 American troops will remain in the country to focus on training Iraqi soldiers and performing counterterrorism operations under a new mission called "Operation New Dawn."  美军将从这个月底开始减少在伊拉克的兵力,但伊拉克目前仍然没有一个政府,暴力活动不断增加。星期三,联合国安理会敦促伊拉克最近选举产生的立法机构尽快组建政府。 伊拉克自3月议会选举导致什叶派政治派别争夺主导权和组建政府、推选总理的权力以来,政治陷入僵局。 在美国这个月底将驻伊部队减少到2003年战争开始以来的最低水平前,伊拉克政治僵局看上去无法得到解决。联合国安理会向伊拉克议员施压,要求他们“从国家利益出发”,努力消除分歧,尽快组建“一个广泛的、代表全体伊拉克人民意愿的政府”。 联合国负责伊拉克事务的最高外交官梅尔克特附和安理会的呼吁。他指出,这种拖延正导致不确定性,并创造会被反对伊拉克民主过渡的人利用的条件。 梅尔克特在向安理会介绍情况时指出,这种拖延还影响了伊拉克重建基础设施和提供基本的务。梅尔克特说:“最近一些城市出现抗议活动,对缺电表示不满,这是一个迹象,显示普通伊拉克人对这些已经成为生活常态的情况越来越失望和愤怒。” 梅尔克特说,全国范围仍旧每天停电大约九小时。他还指出,民族和解是新政府的首要工作。 梅尔克特:“这包括阿拉伯人和库尔德人的关系,特别是这种关系涉及有争议的内部边界,另外还有收入分配,与碳氢化合物相关的立法,联邦结构和宪法审查程序等问题。”至于美国减少驻伊军队会对联合国的行动产生什么影响,梅尔克特说,他的工作人员在困难的条件下工作和生活。在这个过渡阶段,联合国需要加强自己的安全,这将要求成员国提供充足资金。 美国定于8月31日结束在伊拉克的作战任务。大约5万名美军将继续留在伊拉克,重点是训练伊拉克士兵和执行反恐任务,这是一个新的叫作“新曙光行动”的部分内容。201008/110810崇州口腔种植什么价格

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