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First came the man bun and then the glitter beard - but the latest fashion accessory to hit the menswear world has been met with widesp ridicule.先是男士丸子头,然后是金粉胡子,现在男装界又出现了新潮流。但是这款最新的时尚单品却遭到许多人的嘲笑。A group of business students have created the RompHim - touted as the male version of the romper - in the hope that it will spark a #39;fashion revolution#39;.一群商科学生设计了一款男装,将其命名为RompHim,号称是男款的背心连体裤。他们希望由此引发一场“时尚革命”。The garment even has its own crowdfunding page on Kickstarter where its creators, ACED Design, have aly smashed the ,000 target needed to bring it to fruition in just a day.RompHim的设计者ACED Design甚至在众筹网站上发起众筹,在短短一天之内,他们就收到了项目设定的1万美元(约合6.89万人民币)众筹目标款,可以将设计变为现实了。Donations gave now exceeded ,000 for the all-in-one which is described as #39;pretty damn comfortable#39; but has been blasted by fashion followers on social media as #39;just wrong#39;.目前,捐款数已经超过4万美元。据称,这款连体衣“超级舒”,但社交媒体上的时尚追随者们却抨击“这就是个错误”。But members of the so-called #rompsquad say they can#39;t wait to snap up the statement piece, which comes in four designs - Blue Chambray, Red Chambray, Splatter print Cotton and Special edition 4th of July seersucker - and is touted as perfect for pool parties and #39;beach days#39;.而所谓#rompsquad成员表示,他们已经迫不及待要抢购这款连体裤了。RompHim有四款设计——蓝色条纹款、红色条纹款、纯棉绘款以及7月4日将推出的泡泡纱特别款,据称,这款设计非常适合参加泳池派对或在“沙滩玩耍”。Writing on their website, the designers, who met at Northwestern University, explained: #39;Though the idea came to us last year, our design journey started in earnest in early 2017.这些设计师们来自美国西北大学,他们在其网站上写道:“虽然我们去年就想到了这个点子,但是在2017年初才开始设计的。”#39;We began working with a leading Chicago fashion design consultancy to turn our vision into a reality, and then partnered with local Chicago cut and sew shops to manufacture our sample run.“我们和芝加哥一家一流的时装设计咨询公司合作,将想法变成现实。随后,我们请芝加哥当地的裁缝店帮我们制作了样品。”#39;We launched our Kickstarter on May 15, 2017 to secure the capital needed to make our first large-scale run at our production facilities here in Chicago.#39;“2017年5月15日,我们在Kickstarter上发起众筹,确保有资金让我们在芝加哥的生产设备能够进行第一批大规模生产。”But the striking garments have caused a stir online with one Twitter user calling them #39;just wrong#39; with another saying she was #39;offended#39; by them.但是这款引人注目的连体裤在网上引发了热议,一位推特用户称男士连体裤“就是个错误”,而另一位女士则表示,她觉得自己被“冒犯了”。One wrote: #39;My hubby would never wear a #romphim#39;.一位网友写道:“我丈夫绝对不会穿#romphim男士连体裤。”However it wasn#39;t all negative with one man branding them #39;cute#39; while Ken Casparis said he #39;would probably wear one#39;.不过,并不是所有都是负面的,一位男士认为它们很“可爱”,而肯?卡斯帕拉斯说,他“也许会穿”。A spokesperson for ACED Design told Femail: #39;It was very cool to see so many people supporting the Kickstarter (campaign).ACED Design的设计师告诉《每日邮报》女性专栏:“看到有这么多人持我们的众筹活动,真的太棒了。”#39;We knew the product was something we would wear, and we had gotten positive initial feedback from a wide range of people who tested it out, but we really didn#39;t foresee it being so popular on day one.#39;“我们知道,这个产品是我们要穿在身上的,我们已经从众多试穿者那里获得了积极的初步反馈,但是我们真没有想到它刚推出就会如此受欢迎。”Speaking about the social media backlash, they added: #39;With any new fashion, there will be supporters and critics, but we look forward to using the feedback to continue to make standout clothing.谈及社交媒体上的质疑,他们说:“任何新的时尚出现时,都会有持者和批评者,但是我们希望通过用户的反馈继续做出优质的装。” /201706/512198。

A plus-size figure is no longer a barrier for people aspiring to become models but an advantage sometimes.对于有志成为模特的人来说,体型过大不再是一个烦恼,有时反而是一种优势。Now in China, plus-size modeling has become an emerging career opportunity, which is led by the introduction of Western fashion trends, along with the rise of China#39;s online shopping and people#39;s needs for foreign trade clothing.目前在中国,由于西方流行趋势的引入、以及中国网购和对人们外国装需要的增加,大码模特已经成为一个新兴的就业机会。With a weight over 154 pounds and a height of more than 1.65 meters, those people who are aged below 25 meet the basic requirements of a plus-size model.大码模特的基本要求是体重在154磅以上、身高在165厘米以上,年龄不超过25岁。Some media reports suggest the top plus-size models can earn as much as 2,000 yuan (around US2) per hour, and their monthly income could easily surpass 70,000 yuan.有媒体报道称,最顶级的大码模特时薪可以达到2000元(约合292美元),月收入很轻松就可以超过70000元。;Currently the industry is mainly composed of university students, majoring in English, architecture, foreign trade, music, art and even diplomacy. Many of them are taking this part-time job as a way to earn tuition fees,; said Huang Fei, an agent of plus-size models.一位名叫黄斐的大码模特经纪人表示:“目前这个行业的从业人员主要是大学生,主修英语、建筑、外贸、音乐、甚至外交的都有。许多人都利用这份兼职工作来赚学费。”Huang says she has hired over 40 male and female models, from places including Zhejiang, Shanxi and Henan provinces; some are even from foreign countries like Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia.据黄斐表示,她已经雇佣超过了40名男女模特,分别来自浙江、陕西以及河南各省,还有些则是来自德国、墨西哥、巴西和俄罗斯等国家。;This job offers a new world to those #39;big#39; girls, which encourages them to regain confidence and to live a healthy, happy and beautiful life,; said Huang.黄斐说道:“这份工作给那些#39;大#39;女孩提供了一个新的世界,鼓励她们重拾自信,活得健康、快乐和美丽。” /201706/513337。

演讲简介:TED与动画师安德鲁帕克合作,描绘了丹尼斯达顿对“美”这一概念所持的激进的理论--艺术、音乐和其他”美“的事物,不仅仅只是“主观感受“,而是深深植根于人类天性与进化起源的核心部分。 分集介绍:丹尼斯达顿解释达尔文主义的美的理论 Article/201212/212167。

塞巴斯蒂安·斯伦出于减少交通事故并挽救生命的目的,参与了谷歌无人驾驶汽车的研发制造。令人称奇的视频展示了在DARPA举办的无人驾驶汽车大赛中胜出者在没有驾驶员的情况下穿梭与繁忙的城市交通中,来自TED2011的试驾镜头也展现了这部车究竟能够开多快。 Article/201205/182285。