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阿坝州第一人民医院牙齿修复地包天拔牙美牙冠怎么样好吗泸州医学院附属内江医院治疗种植牙要多少钱I loved singing, I loved belting on stage.我曾热爱唱歌,热爱在台上飙高音I used to put on shows for everyone.我曾替大家带来精的表演Id dress up and Id dance and Id sing for them.我盛装打扮、载歌载舞I went into full-on lung failure.我的肺严重衰竭I was in a coma for around three and a half weeks, and after that I had to be on oxygen...我昏迷了三个半星期,醒来后只能靠呼吸器维生And so thats when it changed.那天开始一切都变了。On 9/11 I was a first responder. I got there soon after the first two towers came down.我是911事件的急救员。我在两栋大楼倒塌后不久就赶到了现场。They say Ive lost about a third of my lung function. I havent sung since 2001.医生说我丧失了三分之二的肺功能。从2001年开始就没再唱过歌了。My name is Gareth Malone, and Ive made it my lifes work to get unlikely people singing. Thats what were doing here.我叫加雷斯·马龙,帮助有困难的人唱歌是我此生的志业。这就是我们聚集在这的目的。Whats your particular breathing difficulty?是什么造成你呼吸困难?I have cystic fibrosis. I ended up with COPD.我患有囊性纤维化。我得到慢性组塞性肺病。One side of my lung is collapsed. I actually had a vocal haemorrhage.我有一边的肺衰竭了。我的声带出血I have asthma, and I have an auto-immune condition.我有气喘,还有自体免疫疾病。Breathing for singing, it just needs a little bit of thought, and a little bit of warming up.要能够唱歌,需要的是一点想象力,还有一点热身。;Vhu vhu;. A little like a motorbike ;Rrr Rrr;;Vhu vhu;。有点像托车;Rrr Rrr;。OK youre just speaking! That is talking!你只是在讲话!那是讲话不是唱歌!What youre doing is youre actually making life harder for yourself cause youre going,你这样做根本是为难自己,因为你是这样唱的Dah dah dah dah dah. Wasting loads of breath.哒哒哒,浪费了好多气。This is the bit when youre going to be going at the end of it. Every move you make.这是会让你在结尾时上气不接下气的地方。你的一举一动。Yeah! Thats so much nicer! Just at the very end! I take a little breath before the ;you;.对!好多了!只有在最后的你之前我偷换了气。I think people are going to forgive you!我想听众不会跟你计较的!This morning, I was singing in the shower. Not stuff from this performance, but just singing.今早淋浴时,我唱着歌。不是唱这场表演的曲子,而是单纯的唱歌It just came to me, you know? Its in tune! Yes!一切都是那么的自然,你懂吗?音是准的!太棒了!You probably want to know where we are performing this.你们应该都想知道我们会在哪表演吧。Its known as the birthplace of dreams. Its the Apollo Theater!这个地方被称作梦想的源头。阿波罗剧院!Every breath you take. Every move you make.你的每一次呼吸,你的一举一动。Every bond you break. Every step you take Ill be watching you.你的每一次挣脱,你选择的每一步,我会一直看着你Every single day. Every word you say.每一天,你的一字一句。Every game you play. Every night you stay Ill be watching you.你的每场游戏,你在的每一夜,我会一直看着你。Oh cant you see You belong to me.噢你还不懂吗,你属于我。How my poor heart aches With every step you take每当你往前走,我被伤透的心就要再痛一次。Every breath you take. Every move you make.你的每一次呼吸,你的一举一动。Every bond you break. Every step you take.你的每一次挣脱,你选择的每一步。Every single day. Every word you say.每一天,你说的一字一句。Every game you play. Every night you stay. Ill be watching you.你的每场游戏,你在的每一夜。我会一直看着你。When your body is so on the edge of dying or on the edge of pain its terrifying!当你的身体在死亡的边缘或是疼痛的极限时,真的很可怕。But it comes down to a moment when you have to really think:但总会有那么一刻让你认真思考:Is this life going to be one youre going to be proud of, or not?这样的人生有令自己骄傲吗?还是充满遗憾?201704/505714成都龅牙矫正多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463944栏目简介:The art world has been buzzing for the last couple of years about another Mona Lisa painting. Its known as the ;Earlier Mona Lisa; and some believe its an authentic da Vinci work that he painted before the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. However, other art experts still arent convinced its a da Vinci work. The ;Earlier Mona Lisa; is now in Shanghai and I had the chance to find out why exhibition organizers are convinced it is the Italian artists creation.201703/492627凉山彝族自治州第一人民医院纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样

成都矫正牙齿要多少钱But the seed costs 50 times more than ordinary corn.但此种子的售价是普通玉米种子的五十多倍Can I help you, sir?I just wanna show you something, like nothing youve ever seen.什么事 先生? 我只想给你您看样东西 您之前从没见过的Its called a hybrid seed,the finest seed youll ever put on your land.这是杂交种 绝对会是您种过的最好的种子One of Garsts colleagues notes:You would say six or seven dollars a bushel,加斯特的一位同事这样写道: 你一说一蒲式耳六到七美元and you could almost see them reaching around to their hip pocket to get their gun.你几乎会看到他们的手都向裤后袋摸去 准备拔I said Im not interested. Get off my land!我说了我没兴趣 滚出我的地盘!I just wanted to give you the chance of your lifetime.Get off my land!这可是千载难逢的机会 滚出去!Its a hard sell when a third of U.S. farms are being abandoned.美国当时三分之一的农场都被遗弃了 这注定是场艰难的持久战We had to sell corn.我们必须把玉米种子卖出去If I didnt trade the corn for money,如果卖不出去 拿不到钱we wouldnt eat or sleep.我们会吃不下 睡不着Garst gambles everything.加斯特孤注一掷He gives farmers the seed for free,他给农民免费提供这些种子in return for a share of their profits.以收成利润的分成作为回报Just give us a chance.Thank you, sir.请给我们一次机会 谢谢您 先生201605/444791成都新桥口腔治疗口腔溃疡牙痛价格 成都口腔拔智齿

宜宾市妇幼保健院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱In this American English pronunciation , were going to discuss how to pronounce the little word or.在这节美式英语发音视频中,我们将要学习小词“or”的发音。The word or is written in IPA with the aw as in law sound followed by the R consonant sound.单词“or”在 国际音标符号中写的是“law”里面“aw”的音加上辅音R。But I find actually, the vowel sound is more closed than that--- o, o, o, or, or.但是实际上我发现,那个元音更接近于o,o,o,or,or.However, this word will generally be unstressed in a sentence. It is a conjunction. That is a function word. And function words will normally be unstressed.然而,这个单词在句子中通常是非重读的。这是一个连词。是一个功能词。功能词通常是非重读的。In this case, it will be pronounced er [x3]. Very short, very low in pitch, the schwa-R sound: er (loop two times).在这里,它会发成“er”(循环三次)声音低沉快速,弱元音R,“er”(循环两次)Lets look at some examples.Hell come at 6 or 6:30,6 or, er, er, 6 or, 6 or 6:30.我们来看一些例子。Hell come at 6 or 6:30,6 or,er,er,6 or,6 or 6:30.Now, the thing to note, when you reduce a word, you must link it to the words that come around. You dont want to say 6---or---6:30.需要记住的是,当你略读一个单词时,你必须把它和前后的单词进行连读。你不想这样来读吧,6---or---6:30.Six-er, six-er. 6 or 6:30. Very connected, very smooth. Hell come at 6 or 6:30.Do you want to leave now, or wait a while? Er-wait (loop two times).Six-er,six-er. 6 or 6:30. 连得很近,很平顺。Hell come at 6 or 6:30.你想现在就离开,还是等一会儿?Er-wait(循环两次)Did you notice? I did put a gap before the word or. Thats ok. Just make sure that it links to either the word before or the word after.你注意到了吗?在单词“or”前面有一个间隔。这是可以的。只要确保它和前面或后面的单词连读就可以了。Do you want to leave now, or wait a while?你想现在就离开,还是等一会儿?I dont eat beef or chicken. Beef-er (loop two times), beef or chicken (loop two times). I dont eat beef or chicken.I dont eat beef or chicken. Beef-er (循环两次),beef or chicken(循环两次). I dont eat beef or chicken.Come here, or youll be sorry! Er-youll (loop two times), or youll be sorry. Come here, or youll be sorry.来这里,不然你会后悔的。Er-youll (循环两次),不然你会后悔的。来这里,不然你会后悔的。Reduction and linking are important concepts in American English.略读和连读在美式英语里是很重要的概念。Saying or this way will help to smooth out your language, and will help you to be understood.用这种方式来发“or”的音会使你的语言更流利,也会帮助其他人理解你的意思。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/515399 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480363成都新桥口腔美容医院牙齿正畸矫正价格成都老年牙周炎治疗哪家好




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