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达州牙龈出血牙齿松动哪家医院好成都治牙的医院邛崃市妇幼保健院治疗矫正龅牙牙齿好吗 Everything she touches turns to gold and her appearance after welcoming her first daughter was no different.凯特王妃似乎能够点物成金,女儿出生后首次亮相的着装也不例外。Indeed, after the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a sunny buttercup Jenny Packham dress cradling Princess Charlotte in her arms on Saturday, sales of yellow dresses went through the roof.2日,剑桥公爵夫人身着珍妮·帕克汉品牌一款黄色碎花连衣裙,怀抱小公主亮相后,同色系装的销量就一路飙升。E-tailer ebay.co.uk saw yellow dress sales increase by 58 percent as a result of the #39;Kate effect#39;.电子零售商易趣网站上黄色连衣裙的销售量因“凯特效应”猛增了58%。Royal family fans who were impressed by Kate#39;s ability to manoeuvre down the hospital steps in a pair of Jimmy Choo Gilbert nude heels so soon after giving birth were clearly paying attention; nude heel sales also spiked by 94 percent.王妃产后那么短的时间就穿着那双Jimmy Choo Gilbert系列裸色高跟鞋优雅走下医院门口的台阶同样令皇室粉丝们印象深刻。同款裸色高跟鞋的销量随后也激增了94%。And it wasn#39;t just on British turf that shoppers were rushing to emulate Kate#39;s style; sales of yellow floral dresses increased by 208 percent for the online retailer in Australia, too. 这种争相模仿凯特王妃着装风格的情况并非仅限于英国本土,这款小碎花的黄色系连衣裙在澳大利亚的网络销售量也上涨了208%。The same thing happened during 2014#39;s royal tour, when the Duchess wore two different yellow dresses in two days, sending eBay into a frenzy and spiking yellow dress sales by 93 percent.2014年威廉王子夫妇访问澳大利亚时也有过类似情况。王妃当时接连两天穿了两条款式不同但同为黄色系的连衣裙,结果同款装在易趣上的销量快速增加了93%。With royal style in his blood, Prince George has serious sartorial credentials.乔治王子贵气天成,因此装也需要严格的裁剪制作。Although his public appearances may be a rare treat, they are instantly impactful.尽管他很少出现在公众视野,但每次出现都会立刻对儿童着装时尚产生影响。Prince George did not disappoint when he made an appearance on the steps of the Lindo Wing, matching his outfit with his father Prince William.乔治王子在圣玛丽医院林都翼的亮相没让大家失望,他的着装跟他父亲威廉王子的风格颜色很相配。The royal tot wore a #163;40 navy Sous Marine cardigan from Amaia Kids, which has aly become the latest fixation of royal baby watchers, selling out overnight.小王子最近常穿的是英国童装品牌Amaia Kids的一款海军蓝开襟羊毛衫,价值40英镑(约合人民币383.03元)。这款儿童装也在一夜之间售罄。The angelic blue cardigan worn to meet his new little sister increased eBay sales by 128 percent.小王子穿着这款衣看望他的后,这款衣在易趣上的销售量增长了128%。Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have packed up their newborn princess and their 21-month-old son Prince George for a stay at their country home.威廉王子和凯特王妃带着他们刚出生的小公主以及21个月大的乔治王子在乡间住宅里暂住。Kensington Palace officials said on Wednesday the family is headed to Anmer Hall, their restored country mansion on Queen Elizabeth II#39;s Sandringham estate.肯辛顿宫官员称,威廉夫妇于6日前往位于伊丽莎白二世女王桑德林汉姆庄园的宅邸。They are expected to stay there for several weeks as they get used to taking care of a toddler and an infant.他们会在那里住几个星期,以适应照顾小王子和小公主的生活。Princess Charlotte was born four days ago. She has aly met close family members including her great-grandmother, the queen.5月2日,夏洛蒂公主出生。她目前已经见过一些关系亲密的家庭成员,包括曾祖奶伊丽莎白女王。William is on paternity leave from his new job as an air ambulance pilot.威廉王子现在是救护飞机的飞行员,现因王妃生产在休陪产假。 /201505/374815;We need to draw the line on unethicalbehavior.But let#39;s draw it with an Etch-a-Sketch and don#39;t be afraid to shake it a little.;我们需要在不道德的行为上划一道线(我们需要区分不道德的行为),让我们用神奇画板来画吧,别担心有所摇晃。 /201507/384345四川儿童口腔价格

四川镶烤瓷牙需要多少钱成都青羊区第五人民医院全瓷牙怎么样 For my parents, who immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1970s, leaving Chinatown was how you knew you had made it in America. They worked there for 20 years in the garment industry — so that I would never have to, they insisted — but every night they made their proud exit to the New Jersey suburbs. Meanwhile, at school, I was hiding my stinky lunches from my American friends and hoping they wouldn’t hear our alien language.上个世纪70年代,我的父母从香港移民到美国。对他们来说,逃离唐人街就是在美国站稳脚跟的标志。他们在那儿的一家装厂工作了20年——他们说这样做是为了我将来不至于也干那样的活儿——但每天晚上,他们都骄傲地离开唐人街,回到新泽西的郊区。与此同时在学校里,我一边要把散发异味的午饭藏起来不让美国朋友们看见,一边暗自希望他们听不见我们说的外语。But when I finished college, I wanted to know the neighborhood where my parents worked, to be as Chinese as Chinatown could make me. Fifteen years later, I’m still trying to figure out what Chinatown means for Chinese people. Last month, I took just a short walk for lunch but saw, on the streets and in the food, so many ways you can be from somewhere you’re not really from.但大学毕业后,我开始想要了解父母工作的区域,想变得像唐人街里的中国人一样。如今15年过去了,我还在努力理解唐人街对于中国人的意义。上个月的一天,我为了吃午饭在外面走了一小段路,却发现,原来很多时候,在街上、在食物里,你都能感受到自己的家乡,虽然你根本不是从那儿来的。Near the Bowery end of Division Street, I passed a spot that used to be the New South Wind restaurant. For 30 years, it served tea from a water heater the size of a plane engine. Lunch could have been rice with canned ham and soy sauce, or dumplings — theirs were big, clunky things with thick, bland skins. I once heard a customer disparage them as “Americanized,” but a friend, born and raised nearby, told me that her grandfather ate there because it reminded him of how the food tasted in his first days in America, when the bachelors of Chinatown made whatever they could with their rudimentary kitchen skills and strange American ingredients.在蒂法信(Division Street)街靠近包厘街(Bowery)的一端,我路过新南风餐厅(New South Wind restaurant)的旧址,这家餐厅卖了30年茶水,茶都是从一个飞机发动机那么大的烧水炉里接出来的。午餐也许是米饭和火腿罐头,配上酱油,要么就是大饺子,厚厚的饺子皮一点味儿也没有。某次,我听到一位顾客批评这里的食物太“美国化”了,但一个在这儿土生土长的朋友却告诉我,她的祖父来这儿吃饭,就是因为这里的食物让他想起刚到美国时吃的东西。那时候,唐人街的光棍们只能靠自己的一丁点厨艺和手头稀奇古怪的美国调味料做东西吃。Crossing the Bowery to the living movie set of Doyers Street, I realized that you can still have a little taste of that historical fantasy (with better cooking) at Nom Wah, the oldest dim sum parlor in New York, sanguinely situated on a block constantly bloodied by gang murders when it opened in 1920. Preserved by a young new owner, it still draws crowds, many non-#173;#173;Chinese, hungry for authentic egg rolls. (My parents had never heard of egg rolls until they came here.)穿过包厘街,来到多也斯街(Doyers Street)存续至今的电影取景地,我发现,过去的美味如今依然能在南华(Nom Wah)品尝到,而且风味更佳。南华点心店开业于1920年,是纽约第一家粤式点心店,尽管当时杀人团伙经常在街区内作案,但南华点心店一直在这个街区好好地开到现在。如今,南华的老板是个年轻人,客人(很多不是中国人)依然络绎不绝地到这儿来品尝正宗蛋卷(我父母来这儿之前压根就没听说过什么蛋卷)。I’m normally tempted to drop in for one, but I was headed a block away, where a gaggle of young Chinese packed the entryway at Cha Chan Tang. In Hong Kong, eating baked food and creamy sauces was once the privilege of the wealthy, so luncheonettes called cha chaan tengs brought a little of that béchamel class to the masses. This food, called “soy-#173;sauce Western,” included things like baked pork chops on ketchup-#173;#173;sweet spaghetti with the distinct taste of the wok’s fire and oil. It would probably seem awful to you, but for me it occupies the same exact pleasure center as boxed mac and cheese — and for older generations, it tastes a little like success. It’s adaptive and aspirational. Every time someone asks me for the most “authentic” food in Chinatown, I secretly want them to eat this stuff.通常我都会被馋得去店里买一个,但这次我被吸引到了一个街区外的“茶餐厅”(Cha Chan Tang),门口还挤着一群中国年轻人。在香港,烤肉搭配奶油浇汁曾是富人的专享,所以名为茶餐厅的快餐店为百姓阶层带来了那种调味酱食物。这种食物被称为“豉油西餐”(soy-sauce Western),其中一种是烤猪排骨点缀在番茄酱甜意面上,散发着油炸过的独特味道。听上去可能有点可怕,但在我心中,它带来的幸福感简直堪比盒装奶酪通心粉——而对于年纪稍大的一代人来说,它仿佛有一丝成功的味道。这种食物老少皆宜而且振奋人心。每次有人跟我打听唐人街里最“正宗”的食物时,我心里都想让他们尝尝这玩意儿。As I ate condensed-#173;milk toast (as good as it sounds) and drank milk tea the texture of cream, I marveled at the décor. Simulated windows open onto an HDTV Hong Kong street scene; stare long enough, and you feel as if you can hop the bus to Kowloon. But it was after stepping back out onto Mott Street that I understood the significance of this place. Naming the restaurant Cha Chan Tang is like naming a coffee shop Coffee Shop; there used to be cha chaan tengs all over Chinatown, but this is something more. It’s a Cantonese theme park, not a place to remind you of home as much as a place to remind you of where your parents used to call home. Everything has the familiarity of things you remember from vacation, but when I ordered, practicing the Cantonese in my head to make sure I had the sounds right, my server caught me off guard with totally unaccented English. He was born here, raised here. This is a new generation of Chinatown, one that doesn’t mind staying.我吃着炼乳吐司(和听上去一样好吃),喝着奶茶,感受着丰富泡沫的口感,店里的装潢也让我震惊。打开的仿真窗户正对着高清电视上的香港街景;盯着多看一会儿,仿佛就能搭上去九龙的巴士。后来走回到莫特街上,我才想通这个餐厅的意义。这家店起名“茶餐厅”,就好比咖啡店的名字起做“咖啡店”。曾经,唐人街上到处都是茶餐厅,但这家店和那些有所不同。它是一个广东主题公园,并不是让你怀念家乡的地方,而是让你怀念父母一辈过去称为家乡的地方。一切都和假期里的记忆吻合,但当我点菜前在脑海中练习粤语,想确保发音准确时,务生纯正的英语却令我猝不及防。他在这儿出生,也在这儿长大。这是唐人街的新一代,是不介意留下的一代。On the walk back to the subway, I went under the Manhattan Bridge on Division. There, in storefront employment agencies, men just-#173;arrived in this country go to find jobs serving .95 General Tso’s. Most of these agencies are nothing more than a desk, a counter, a map on the wall; the new immigrants learn words like “Nebraska” and “Newport News” before stepping onto a bus outside and making those words their homes. I saw a man walk into one, leathery skinned, looking slightly lost, a small slip of paper in his hand. And I wondered: Where will he want his kids to work one day? Where will he want them to go, or stay away from, to know that he has made it?回地铁站的路上,我从曼哈顿大桥下的蒂法信街上走过。初到美国的人们在街边的求职中介里寻份工作——在餐厅里端4.95美元(约合30.7元人民币)的左宗棠鸡。大多数中介里不过摆着一张桌子,一个柜台,墙上挂着张地图。新来的移民们学着“内布拉斯加州”和“新港新闻”之类的词,搭上一辆外面的巴士,去往这些词所代表的地方,那儿将成为他们的家。我看见一个皮肤粗糙的男人走进一家求职中介,手里拿着张纸条,看起来有点恍惚。我很想知道:他以后会想让自己的孩子去哪儿工作呢?他想让他们去哪儿,又远离哪儿来,以此明自己在这里站稳脚跟了呢? /201505/377426成都矫正龅牙牙齿好吗

绵阳市妇幼保健院治疗烤瓷牙牙齿治疗种植牙多少钱In Russia, somepeople say the city of Karabash is the blackest point on the planet. AsDmitrij, the photographer writes: ;Karabash is Southern Uralian Mars. It hasall the signs of an extraterrestrial place – dead soil, covered with cracks, ariver with its reddish-yellow waters with no signs of life and black artificialmountains.;在俄国,有些人会说卡拉巴什是这个星球上最黑的地方。摄影师Dmitrij曾写道:“卡拉巴什是乌拉尔南段的火星。它拥有一切外星地域的特征——荒凉贫瘠,土地龟裂,河水红中带黄,没有任何生命的迹象,黑色的人造山坡高高耸立。”Then he explains thatthe reason for all this is a large copper molding factory which has poisonedthe local nature for years. He says that in the 1990s the city was called themost polluted city on Earth and acknowledged as a real catastrophic site.Here are a few photosof the place taken by Dmitrij with his flying drone:然后他解释了其中的原因:原来当地建有一个大型铜模厂,多年来毁掉了周边的自然环境。20世纪90年代,这个城市被称为地球上污染最严重的城市,以其让人难以生存的环境而著称。下面是一些Dmitrij航拍到的图片:;After one hour oftaking photos I felt physically sick. My eyes become damp because of the strongbitter smell in the air, I felt dizzy.;“拍了一个小时的照片后,我感到身体不适。空气中有一种强烈的苦味,熏得我眼睛发潮,我感觉头晕脑胀。”;We knew from thenews reports of the 1990s that this place is horrific: acid rain, air ispoisoned, river is dead, not any chance to survive.;“从90年代的报道中可以看出,这个地方非常恐怖:酸雨,有毒空气,被污染的河水,完全没有可能让生命存活。”;However, yearspassed and local authorities reported that they installed some very high techair cleaning systems and stuff. However, when you enter the place even the feelof the air makes you want run away as fast as possible.;“然而,许多年过去了,当地政府曾表示他们已经安装了许多高科技空气净化系统之类的东西。不过,你一踏进这个地方,这儿的空气还是会让你想要扭头就跑,能跑多快就跑多快。”;There issomething surreal in this copper valley. It looks like there is a borderbetween two worlds: the world of the alive and the territory of the dead;, thisis the way Dmitry describes the feelings he got from a visit to Karabash.“这个河谷的样子有些超现实的意味:河岸似乎被划分成了两个世界,一个生机勃勃,一个一片死寂。”Dmitry如此描述自己看到卡拉巴什时的感受。;The copper factorygave the city life, and the copper factory took the life away. After thecollapse of the USSR, the factory was closed and the dirtiest city become thepoorest city as well. People had to protect their lives from the crime as well.;“铜厂给了城市生命,但铜厂也把生机带走了。在苏联解体之后,铜厂就被关闭了,这个最肮脏的城市又成了最贫穷的城市。人们不得不在层出不穷的犯罪事件中挣扎活命。”According to what hesays, the new owners of the factory try to invest in clean air solutions.However, after he local websites and community forums, he felt that peoplewere still living in despair. They simply didn#39;t have the air to breathe.根据他的说法,工厂的新主人曾经试着投资空气净化措施。然而,在他看了当地网站和论坛之后,他感觉人们还生活在绝望中。空气质量还没有达到能让人呼吸的程度。After the ore isprocessed, tons of sludge is accumulated all around. They form large blackmounds. ;Like Sauron#39;s castle;, says Dmitry.开采一个矿,就会堆积出数吨烂泥,烂泥最后形成了黑色的大土堆。“就像魔王索隆的城堡一样。”Dmitry说道。He says locals toldhim that in the 1990s Japanese people offered their help in removing the wasteout of the city. They found a way to get the residue of copper from theseleftovers and in exchange for having this metal they offered their help inmoving all the black mountains away from the city. However they were notallowed to do this.他说,当地人告诉他在90年代日本人试图帮助他们把垃圾移走。他们找到了一种从残留物中提取铜渣的方法,作为把这些“黑山”移走的交换,这些金属就归他们了。然而这一计划没有获得批准。;There was a planthat in 2014 Americans wanted to save the city, however the recent politicalescalation didn#39;t allow this to happen either;, says the blogger.“2014年美国人也想要拯救这个城市,但是最近两国政治关系紧张,这个方案也没能实施。”;The road thatleads to the city is covered with pits and holes, it#39;s like nature itselfdoesn#39;t want you to go to the sick city;.“通向这个城市的路坑坑洼洼,凹凸不平,就好像是大自然也不想让你去这个恶心的城市。”;The word Karabash– the city#39;s name – is translated as Kara – black and Bash – head. The BlackHead.;“卡拉的意思是黑色,巴什是头,所以城市的名字翻译过来就是——黑头。”;The symbol of themodern Karabash is a Bald Hill. Trees used to grow on it, but now it remainsdeserted and without vegetation. Only a Cross stands on the hill with aninscription, Help us and Save us;.“如今卡拉巴什的象征就是一座荒山。当年山上也曾有树生长,但如今只是一片不毛之地。只有一个十字架竖立在山上,上面写着一行铭文:帮助我们,拯救我们。”Thanks to Dmitry forall those beautiful photos that he shared with us!感谢Dmitry给我们提供了这么多好图! /201412/348479 1. 再冷也不能拿别人的血来暖自己。(甄嬛)  No matter how ruthless, you shouldn’t use another person’s blood to warm yourself。  2. 贱人就是矫情。(华妃)  That bitch!  3. 娘娘容不容的下臣妾,是娘娘的气度。能不能让娘娘容得下,是嫔妾的本事。(甄嬛)  Whether you can tolerate me depends on your generosity. Whether I can be tolerated is up to me。  4. 在这后宫中想要升就必须猜得中皇上的心思。若想要活,就要猜得中其他女人的心思。(甄嬛)  To rise, you need to know the Emperor’s mind. To survive, you need to guess the other women’s mind。  5. 以色事人,能得几时好?(甄嬛)  One who savors seduction, won’t last。  6. 在这宫里,有利用价值的人才能活下去。要安于被人利用,才有机会去利用别人。(浣碧)  In the palace, if you have ability, you survive. If you survive being used, then you will have the chance to take advantage of others。  7. 别人帮你,那是情分。不帮你,那是本分。(甄嬛)  You are blessed if others help you, but they are not obliged to。  8. 不偏爱,懂节制,方得长久。(皇后)  No favoritism, no excesses, one will last。  9.这会咬人的,不叫。(曹贵人)  A barking dog never bites。 /201412/350402成都友谊医院美白牙齿需要多少钱成都洁牙多少钱一次



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