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湖州曙光医院电波拉皮湖州妇保医院光子嫩肤多少钱6日,河北边防总队新训团10余名新入伍的女兵在训练场上进行了女兵班组战术训练。这些女兵们经过历练,在训练场上展示出了良好的军事素质和巾帼不让须眉的豪情,赢得在场官兵一致称赞。Newly-recruited female soldiers of the Border Control Corps of Hebei Public Security receive military training in Shijiazhuang, capital of north China#39;s Hebei Province, March 6, 2013. /201303/228906湖州市第一人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱 All Steven Schwankert wanted to do was dive a wreck off China’s coast. 最初,史蒂文#12539;施万克特(Steven Schwankert)只是想在中国沿海进行一次沉船潜水。 Instead, the Beijing journalist and scuba instructor stumbled upon the mystery of a missing submarine, man’s first use of scuba equipment to escape from certain death, and an island graveyard that was hidden in plain sight. 但这位驻北京的记者兼潜水教练却偶然发现了一艘沉没的潜艇,以及一个明明就在那里但却没人发现的岛上墓地。在这次沉船事件中,水下呼吸器首次被用于逃生。 The story surrounding that mystery is now the subject of a book by Mr. Schwankert, “Poseidon: China’s Secret Salvage of Britain’s Lost Submarine,” and a documentary, “The Poseidon Project,” by British filmmakers and brothers, Arthur and Luther Jones. 围绕这个秘密的故事现在成为施万克特所写的《海神号:中国秘密打捞英国沉没潜艇始末》(Poseidon: China#39;s Secret Salvage of Britain#39;s Lost Submarine)一书的主题,同时也是英国导演阿瑟#12539;琼斯(Arthur Jones)和卢瑟#12539;琼斯(Luther Jones)兄弟执导的纪录片《海神号事件》(The Poseidon Project)的主题。 Both tell the story of the HMS Poseidon, a British submarine that collided with a freighter in China’s Bohai Sea in June of 1931 and sank in five minutes. Five men ultimately survived the wreck (in addition to the men who abandoned ship before it sunk) by using a prototype of today’s modern scuba gear. Their bravery is one of the compelling stories of the book. 这两个作品讲述的都是关于海神号的故事。1931年6月,这艘英国潜艇与一艘货船在中国渤海相撞,并在5分钟内沉没。这艘潜艇上有五个海军士兵(不包括在潜艇沉没前弃船逃生的人)通过使用现代水肺的原型成功逃生。他们的英勇事迹是这本书中具有吸引力的故事之一。 But it’s not the only moment of drama. Mr. Schwankert, editor of Beijinger magazine and founder of the diving company SinoScuba, vividly describes the process of finding out what exactly happened to the sunken submarine. He tracked the whereabouts of the remains of the men who died in the accident, and learned the sad story of others who perished in the escape efforts. 但这并非唯一的戏剧性时刻。施万克特是《北京人》(Beijinger)杂志的编辑,并且是水肺潜水训练中心SinoScuba的创始人。他生动的描写了发现这艘沉没的潜艇究竟发生过什么的过程。他曾追踪此次事故遇难者遗体的下落,并发现了有关其他一些在逃生过程中死亡的人的悲伤故事。 Mr. Schwankert highlights the story of the man he says is the story’s hero, Petty Officer Patrick Willis. The book opens with a dramatic scene of Mr. Willis leading the six men and two young Chinese mates’ assistants in the forward torpedo room of the downed submarine in a prayer as they feel the cold water rising on their bodies. 施万克特以浓重笔墨描写了其中一个名叫帕特里克#12539;威利斯(Patrick Willis)的海军士官的故事,他说威利斯是这个故事中的英雄。这本书以一个戏剧性场面作为开头,当时威利斯带着五个士兵和两个年轻的中国大副助手在艏鱼雷舱祈祷,当时他们感觉到冰冷的水在他们周围不断上涨。 The room had to be flooded so that the men could open the escape hatch and try to make their way to the surface, 126 feet (38 meters) up. And as Mr. Schwankert writes, “The submariners had no choice but to contemplate doing something that no one had ever done before: rescuing themselves from a downed submarine using an experimental breathing device.” 只有这个舱充满水,他们才能打开安全舱口,并设法回到距离他们有38米的水面上。施万克特写道,这些潜艇人员不得不考虑去做他们以前从未做过的事:使用一个实验性的呼吸器从一艘沉没的潜艇中自救。 Adding to the tension, the room offered just seven sets of Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus, an early scuba technology called a rebreather, for eight people. Mr. Willis gave the seven devices to the six navy men and one of the Chinese boys. The other boy, Ho Shung, was described by several accounts of falling into a panic not surprising if he saw everyone else with breathing equipment. One account has the men knocking the boy out so that his panic didn’t affect everyone. Ho, and a British sailor whose device had no oxygen, never appeared on the surface after the accident. 雪上加霜的是,舱内只有7套戴维斯脱险工具(Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus)(早期潜水术语对呼吸器的叫法),但他们有8个人。威利斯将这7套工具分配给六位海军士兵和两个中国男孩中的一人。据称,另一个男孩何爽(音)陷入恐慌――当看到其他人都有呼吸器时,他有这样的反应并不令人意外。据称这些海军士兵将这个男孩击昏,这样他的恐慌就不会影响到其他人。何爽和一位呼吸器内没有氧气的英国海军士兵在此次事故后长眠于深海中。 The book and the movie highlight dramatic incidents like these and others: Mr. Schwankert’s discovery that the Chinese eventually salvaged the Poseidon in 1972, a finding that Mr. Schwankert calls the main discovery of the book; the contrast between Mr. Willis the hero and the submarine captain Bernard Galpin, who Mr. Schwankert says made a “dumb” decision that caused the sub to be rammed and sunken; and Mr. Schwankert’s search for the British naval cemetery where two of the men who died in the accident, and whose bodies were recovered, were probably buried. 这本书和电影突出了类似这样的和其他一些戏剧性的事件,包括施万克特发现中国在1972年打捞过海神号,他将这个发现称为这本书中的主要发现;威利斯与潜艇船长加尔平(Bernard Galpin)的对比,施万克特说加尔平做了一个愚蠢的决定,导致这艘潜艇撞船并沉没;以及施万克特寻找英国海军墓地(上述两位遇难者以及其他打捞出来的遗体可能被安葬的地方)的过程。 Three months after the Poseidon accident, the Japanese invaded Manchuria. The story of the Poseidon, which made headlines and even led to a feature film called “Men Like These,” was lost to history. 在海神号事故发生三个月后,日本入侵满洲。曾经登上头条,甚至拍成剧情片《像这样的男人》(Men Like These)的海神号事件渐渐被淹没在历史长河中。 Now, though, with a book and film, the story has resurfaced. “To be able to correct history, to be able to write history correctly, that is really what I wanted to do,” Mr. Schwankert says. 但是现在,通过这本书和这部电影,这一事件再次浮出水面。施万克特说,能够修正历史和正确的书写这段历史,这是我真正想要做的。 His research in China over the years taught him some important lessons. “In China, it’s kind of like football. You don’t go for touchdowns; you go for first downs. You try to push forward as much as you can. The fact that I was able to discover that a submarine had a completely different final chapter than was previously known, and that it was all done in original Chinese research that to me was amazing.” 过去几年施万克特在中国进行的研究让他学到了一些重要的道理。他说,在中国,情况有点像打橄榄球,首攻比触地得分更重要,你得尝试尽力前进;能够发现一艘潜艇的与过去所知完全不同的完结篇,而且这些发现都是基于对中文原始资料的研究完成的,这连我自己都感到吃惊。 The book “Poseidon”was released Oct. 12. Mr. Schwankert will be talking about the book and the movie at Beijing’s Bookworm on Nov. 7. 《海神号》一书已于10月12日出版。施万克特11月7日将在北京的老书虫书店(Bookworm)聊这本书和这部电影。 /201310/261400吴兴区做文眉手术多少钱

长兴县韩式安全隆胸手术价格湖州妇保医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 ONLY 3 percent of Shanghai women smoke but experts said yesterday that they are seeing a rising number of young women turning to cigarettes in the mistaken belief it will help them stay slim.只有3%的上海女性吸烟,但专家昨日表示他们正看到越来越多的年轻女性求助于香烟,错误的认为香烟会帮助她们保持苗条。Doctors say smoking is never a good way to lose weight and is a bad habit that can damage the skin and cause fertility problems.医生说吸烟是从来不是减肥的好方法,而是一个会损害皮肤且造成生育问题的坏习惯。Xu Liping, a doctor at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said more than 80 percent of female out-patients who smoke complained of skin problems.上海时光整形外科医院的医生徐黎平称,吸烟的女性门诊患者超过80%抱怨皮肤问题。;Compared with men, women are more likely to suffer skin problems from smoking,; Xu said. ;They get more wrinkles, especially around their eyes and lips, compared to women who do not smoke.;“和男性相比,女性更容易因吸烟而患皮肤问题,”徐说。“她们会比不吸烟的女性有更多的皱纹,尤其是在她们的眼周和嘴唇上。”;Instead of looking to get a facelift, I suggest these women quit smoking, which is the cause of all sorts of problems,; he said.“而非指望整容,我建议这些女性戒烟,这是导致各种各样问题的根源,”他说。He added: ;In my clinic, 30 percent of smoking women are fatter than those who don#39;t smoke.;他补充道:“在我的诊所,30%的吸烟女性比那些不吸烟的人要胖。”Hu Zhaoming, vice director of the Shanghai Association for Smoking Control, said that a long-held belief that smoking can keep people fit wasn#39;t true.上海控烟协会副主任胡兆明说长期以来人们普遍认为吸烟可以使人苗条的想法是错的。Alice Huang, 25, who saw doctors yesterday about spots on her face, was told laser therapy was the only answer. She was surprised to learn the spots were caused by smoking.黄爱丽丝,25岁,昨天因脸上斑点去看见医生,被告知激光治疗是唯一办法。她惊讶地发现斑点是由吸烟引起的。Huang said she had online that smoking could help control weight and that#39;s why she took up the habit eight years ago.黄说她在网上看到吸烟可以帮助控制体重,这就是为什么八年前她染上了这个习惯。 /201306/242351湖州激光祛胎记价格

湖州妇保院做抽脂手术多少钱The world could solve a large part of its fiscal problems by scrapping .4tn in energy subsidies, the International Monetary Fund declared yesterday.国际货币基金组织(IMF)昨日宣称,如果世界各国能取消总计2.4万亿美元的能源补贴,各国的财政问题可在很大程度上得到解决。The fund’s call suggests higher fuel prices could become a central condition of IMF help in the future, with subsidies aly proving a sticking point in its talks with countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Ukraine.IMF的呼吁显示,提高能源价格可能成为未来该组织提供援助的核心条件。能源补贴问题已成为IMF与埃及、巴基斯坦和乌克兰等国谈判中的一个症结。David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the IMF, said countries should scrap fuel subsidies and charge for the cost of pollution – but said the fund was not yet y to make carbon taxes a condition of its lending programmes.IMF第一副总裁戴维#8226;利普顿(David Lipton)表示,各国应废除能源补贴,并对污染成本收费。但他表示,IMF尚未打算将征收碳排放税列为其贷款计划的条件之一。“There are 20 countries that spend more than 5 per cent of GDP on energy subsidies,” said Mr Lipton. “It leads to a fiscal problem because the subsidies are so big that it threatens the fiscal sustainability of the country.”利普顿说:“目前有20个国家在能源补贴上的出超过其国内生产总值(GDP)的5%。补贴太高会威胁一国财政的可持续性,从而引发财政问题。”For the first time, the IMF has put a price on the worldwide fiscal cost of energy subsidies. It says regular subsidies, where the price of fuel is lower than the cost of producing it, amount to 0bn, mainly in developing countries.这是IMF首次给出全球能源补贴财政成本的总金额。IMF表示,各国提供的常规能源补贴(燃料价格低于燃料生产成本)总计达4800亿美元(主要是由发展中国家提供的)。But indirect subsidies, where countries do not fully charge energy users for the costs of pollution and congestion, add another .9tn, with 40 per cent in the developed world, the IMF says. Those figures are likely to be controversial because they count untaxed carbon emissions as a subsidy but do not include tax breaks for renewable energy such as wind.但除此之外,各国提供的间接补贴(指不向能源使用者收取全额的污染费和拥堵费)总计达1.9亿美元(其中40%是由发达国家提供的)。这些数字可能存在争议,因为IMF将未征税的碳排放也算作一项补贴,而风能等可再生能源享受的税收优惠却未被计算在内。In absolute terms the top three energy subsidisers are the US at 2bn, 9bn in China, and 6bn in Russia, according to the fund.IMF称,以绝对金额计算,世界上能源补贴最多的三个国家分别是:美国(5020亿美元)、中国(2790亿美元)和俄罗斯(1160亿美元)。The IMF is calling on developing countries to replace fuel subsidies with cash payments to the poorest people. Introducing the payments first can help to make scrapping the subsidy more politically palatable, it says.IMF呼吁发展中国家取消能源补贴,将节省下来的资金发给本国最贫穷人群。它表示,先行发放这类资金有助于让取消能源补贴之举在政治上变得更可接受。 /201303/232705 6 Smart Uses for Clothespins晾衣夹的六种妙用Keep fingers safe.点火不伤手Pinch a match with a spring-type clothespin to light fireplaces and tricky candle votives.用弹簧式晾衣夹夹着火柴去点壁炉的篝火或是蜡烛更加安全。Light-proof your hotel room.遮光效果好Clip hotel drapes together to keep out glaring rays (and eyes).用晾衣夹夹住宾馆房间的窗帘,既可有效防止光线侵入,也可防止外人偷窥。Separate these cords.区分线头归属Label clothespins with permanent marker (TV, DVR, DVD, Stereo, Phone, etc.), and use them to identify the cords that belong to each appliance.在晾衣夹上做上永久性标记,用以区分(电视机、录像机、DVD机、立体声音响设备、电话机等)电线插头的归属。Align your garden.让花园整齐美观Wedge a clothespin into the fork (or the spot where a branch and the trunk meet) to keep saplings growing straight and strong.将晾衣夹楔入树的分叉处(或者说树枝与树干的交叉处),以便幼苗茁壮成长。Mark your spot.当书签用Clamp a pin onto a page in a book to save your place. If you’re part of a book club, clip together your favorite chapter for an easy way to flip and find.用晾衣夹夹住书页,可以保存当前阅读进度。如果你是某个读书俱乐部的成员,那可以用夹子夹住你感兴趣的章节,方便自己快速找到。Organize the closet.衣柜巧整理Drape up to four ties or scarves across the bottom of a wire hanger and fix each in place with a pin.将领带或围巾(最多四条)挂在衣架底部,并用晾衣夹予以固定。 /201302/224252湖州第一医院治疗痘坑多少钱吴兴区注射丰下巴费用



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