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德清县第三人民医院激光去胎记多少钱吴兴区激光祛痘哪家医院好浙江湖州市减肥医院哪家好 SEATTLE — Microsoft is serious about making its most lucrative business, Office, relevant to mobile users. What is less clear is how much money it will be able to make from them.西雅图——让Office这个公司最赚钱的业务对移动用户构成吸引力,是微软(Microsoft)十分看重的。至于能从他们身上赚多少钱,就不得而知了。On Monday, the company announced partnerships with nearly a dozen makers of tablets based on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. The most prominent of those deals is with Samsung, the largest maker of Android devices, which plans to ship Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, on some of its tablets during the first half of this year. Just recently, Microsoft cut a similar deal to load Office onto Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. Microsoft said Dell would also put Office on its Android tablets. Nine other companies, mostly regional hardware makers in other countries, will do the same.周一,微软宣布将与十几家基于谷歌(Google)移动操作系统Android的平板电脑制造商合作。这批交易中最引人注目的就是它与最大的Android设备制造商三星(Samsung)之间协议。该公司计划于今年上半年,在公司的一些平板电脑上装载Word、Excel、PowerPoint和OneNote等Office软件。前不久,微软刚刚达成了一笔相似的交易,要在三星的新款Galaxy S6和S6 Edge手机上装载Office软件。微软称,戴尔(Dell)也会在其Android平板电脑上装载Office。另外还有九家公司,其中大多是其他国家的地区性硬件制造商,也会这样做。The deals are yet another illustration of how Microsoft has changed its philosophy about mobile. The old Microsoft fought the mobile technology duopoly of Android and Apple’s iOS by withholding its Office applications from them. The new Microsoft is doing everything it can to get Office into the hands of people with those devices.这些交易也再次说明,微软关于移动设备的观念发生了何种转变。原来的微软,为了对抗Android和苹果(Apple)iOS对移动科技的垄断,一直不肯在相关设备上安装Office应用。而新的微软,却在尽一切可能,让使用这些设备的人们能接触到Office。“It goes to show we are truly reinventing ourselves,” Peggy Johnson, executive vice president for business development at Microsoft, said in an interview.微软商业发展执行副总裁佩吉·约翰逊(Peggy Johnson)在采访中说,“它会表明我们真的在重塑自己。”Microsoft’s top priority at the moment is clearly more use, not sales. The company is letting mobile users run Office on their phones and tablets free, in the hopes of eventually luring them to buy premium features available through an Office subscription service. Ms. Johnson said there had been 80 million downloads of Office on iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads.微软目前的首要任务无疑是更多的使用量,而非销售量。微软正在让移动设备用户在他们的手机和平板电脑上免费使用Office,希望最后能诱使这些用户通过Office订阅务,购买相关的高级功能。约翰逊表示,在用于iPhone和iPad的iOS系统上,Office的下载量达8000万次。This so-called freemium approach to making money is the standard for countless app start-ups today. It is, however, a bit riskier for a company like Microsoft with a colossal, mature software franchise like Office, one that brings in billions of dollars in revenue a year.这种通过所谓的免费增值模式来赚钱的方法,是当今无数应用程序初创企业的惯用手段。不过,对于拥有Office这样大型而成熟的软件的微软而言,风险就会大一些。Office每年可以带来数十亿美元的收益。Microsoft does not seem worried that giving away a functional version of Office for mobile will kill its business. And it certainly does not seem to be slowing the pace of its efforts to make Office a mainstay for Android and iOS users.微软似乎并不担心,为移动设备提供一个可用的Office版本将对其业务造成致命危险。而且它无疑还会继续努力,让Office成为Android和iOS用户的首选。“We’re comfortable with the model as it stands,” Ms. Johnson said.约翰逊说,“目前来看,我们对这种模式挺满意。” /201503/366480湖州点痣的价格

湖州中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱The Blade, the first 3D printed supercar, weighing 90% less that traditional cars, can go from 0-60mph in just two seconds.刀锋,首台3D打印的跑车,比传统车轻90%,可以在两秒内完成从0到每小时60英里的加速。The Blade is created using a series of chassis parts held together by carbon rods - rather like a giant Lego kit.Its 700-horsepower engine can use either compressed natural gas or gasoline, and altogether it weighs just 1400lbs.刀锋的底盘部件是由碳棒拼接而成,就像一组巨型的乐高玩具。700马力的引擎,可以由压缩天然气或者汽油驱动,总共才1400磅重。Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars.The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly.社会已经有意识要采用更清洁、更环保的能源,并取得了长足进步。问题是,尽管现在有这样的车,其实际制造过程可一点儿也不环保。Divergent Microfactories says its approach incorporates 3D printing to dramatically reduce the pollution, materials and capital costs associated with building automobiles and other large complex structures.At Divergent Microfactories, they#39;ve found a way to make automobiles that holds the promise of radically reducing the resource use and pollution generated by manufacturing.It also holds the promise of making large-scale car manufacturing affordable for small teams of innovators.DM公司称他们的方法是融合3D打印技术,在制造汽车和其他复杂结构时大幅减少污染、节约材料和资金成本。在DM,他们找到了方法,可以减少汽车在生产过程中的资源使用和环境污染。有望让小型创新队伍也负担得起大规模的汽车生产。The Blade is made using a proprietary solution called a Node: a 3D-printed aluminum joint that connects pieces of carbon fiber tubing to make up the car#39;s chassis.This solves the problem of time and space by cutting down on the actual amount of 3D printing required to build the chassis and can be assembled in just minutes.刀锋是用一种叫“节点”的专利解决方案制成的:一种3D打印的铝制节点连接起碳纤维管,组成车子的底盘。这样,制作底盘实际所需的3D打印的时间缩短了,三五分钟底盘就能组装完毕,既节省时间也不浪费空间。 /201507/388067长兴县妇幼保健院做祛疤手术多少钱 湖州妇保医院做隆胸手术多少钱

湖州中心医院整形美容 There are few people more qualified to talk about shaping the future than Google’s Astro Teller. His official title the oh-so-Googley “Captain of Moonshots.” His day job is running Google X, which the company calls its “moonshot factory.” It’s where Google GOOG -0.30% is developing self-driving cars, Glass (its glasses-like wearable computer), Loon (a project to deliver Internet access worldwide through high-altitude balloons), Makani (an effort to generate energy through high-flying wind turbines), and ingestible nanoparticles that would detect cancer and other diseases. Teller works closely with CEO Larry Page, which Fortune named 2014 businessperson of the year, and Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder who oversees X and other special projects. He recently spoke with Fortune about his lab’s approach to breakthrough innovation.说到塑造未来,阿斯特罗o泰勒鲜有对手。他的正式头衔是谷歌 “登月队长”——一个颇具谷歌风范的称谓;他的日常工作是负责Google X实验室的运营,谷歌将其称为“登月工厂”。在这里,谷歌正在开发无人驾驶汽车、谷歌眼镜、Loon项目(通过高空气球提供上网务)、Makani项目(通过高空风轮机发电)以及用于检测癌症和其他疾病的纳米胶囊。在工作上和泰勒密切配合的有谷歌首席执行官拉里o佩奇(《财富》杂志2014年年度商人),以及谷歌联合创始人、管理着Google X和其他一些专业项目的谢尔盖o布林。最近,泰勒接受了《财富》杂志的采访,介绍了Google X如何获取突破性创新。Fortune: How do moon shots come together at Google X?《财富》:Google X的“登月”项目是怎么来的?Well, with the caveat that it’s not simple, I think that there are some principles, or some ways of seeing, at least, things that don’t work.事先声明一下,这并不简单,但我觉得在看待那些难以企及的事情时我们至少有几条原则。You have to have three things in order for it to conceptually be a moon shot. That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily do it, but it means necessarily we won’t do it if it doesn’t have these three things.要从概念上成为“登月”项目,得具备三个要素。这并不是说有了这三个要素我们就一定会去做这件事,它的意思是如果没有这三个要素我们就一定不会去做。The first one is that it’s a huge problem. That sounds pretty obvious, but it’s incredibly not obvious in fact.首先,它得是一个重大问题。这看上去是显而易见的事情,但实际上这一概念模糊的令人难以置信。Then the second thing is that there has to be some kind of radical proposed solution. It should be a science fiction-sounding product or service. Obviously whether it really sounds like it comes out of [Isaac] Asimov isn’t important. What’s important is that we be not ting the same ground that other people have t before because thinking that we’re going to be smarter or better resourced or work harder than people who’ve come before us is just not a good bet.其次,得有人提出某种激进的解决方案。这种产品或务听起来得像是科幻小说里的东西。显然,它听起来是否真的像来自艾萨克o阿西莫夫的科幻小说并不重要。重要的是,我们不能步别人的后尘,因为觉得自己比以前那些人聪明,拥有更好的资源,或者付出更多努力的想法一点也不靠谱。Then the third one is some reason to believe that this isn’t just pie in the sky. We would call this breakthrough science or tech.最后,我们有理由相信它不是空中楼阁。我们将其称为突破性科学或技术。This could be something we’ve discovered. It could be something someone else has discovered. It could be something that has worked in one domain but has never been transplanted to this other domain. There are lots of different ways of ending up having an “Aha!” moment where you believe that something looks nearly impossible might not be impossible.这种科技可能来自于谷歌,也可能来自于他人。它可能已经在某个领域发挥了作用,但从未移植到其他领域。在很多情况下,我们最终都会恍然大悟,从而意识到这件看起来近乎不可能的事也许并非不可能。These three things don’t happen all at once, right?这三个要素不会一下子都出现,对吧?That’s right. So in some cases one of these is easy and the others are hard. Sometimes we will think we have a bead on two or even three of these things, but after awhile one of them will fall away.是这样。因此,在某些情况下找到其中一个要素比较容易,而找到另外两个比较困难。有时候我们觉得已经找到了其中两个,甚至三个要素都已具备,但一段时间后,其中一个就会消失。Take Loon [the Google X project to deliver Internet connectivity worldwide through high-altitude balloons], for example. This was super obvious. There are 5 billion people in the world who don’t have Internet connections, and there’s very little that would cause the world to be more at peace, more prosperous than getting the other 5 billion people on the planet connected.以Loon项目[通过高空气球在全球范围内提供网络连接]为例,这三个要素非常明显。全球有50亿人上不了网。就促进世界和平、繁荣而言,还有什么事业能够与为50亿人提供上网渠道相比呢?Very generally, doing this from balloons rather than from satellites sort of has the form of a radical solution.非常笼统地讲,用气球而不是卫星来实现这个目标可以算是一种激进的解决方案。And so we went through a process for almost a year where the mantra was not “This is going to work” but “This is not going to work. How can we discover why this won’t work as fast as possible so that we can discard this and move on to something else?” And it was only having tried rigorously for a year and having failed to fail many times in a row that we got to the point where we were starting to take this project really seriously.因此,在近一年的时间中,我们的工作并不是明“这行得通”,而是明“这行不通,以及我们怎样才能尽快发现为什么它行不通?这样就可以放弃它,然后转向别的项目。”我们努力尝试了一年,连续失败了很多次,然后才开始认真对待这个项目。You have a rapid-eval team. Can you talk a little bit about how it works?你有一个快速评估团队。能介绍一下它是如何运作的吗?There are two ends of a continuum [for tackling moon shots]. On one end of the continuum—you could just call this the “savant” model—you pick a small number of things to do, and you’re determined to do them from the beginning, and you’d better be right because you decided you’re going to do them. On the other end of the spectrum—you could think of this as the “funnel” perspective—at the beginning you have a huge number of things that you’re not taking very seriously and that you’re hoping to throw out with relatively little work. And the farther you get into the funnel, the more work it may take to throw out something.[就处理“登月”项目来说,]这就像一个统一体的两端。你可以把其中一端称为“专家”模式。它的做法是挑几件事来做,而且从一开始就决心一干到底。你得做出正确的选择,因为你已经下定了决心。对于另一端,你可以把它想象成一个“漏斗”。在漏斗顶部有大量的项目,我们并不打算去特别认真地对待,而且我们也希望在排除这些项目时投入较少的精力;然而,越接近漏斗底部,排除就越费力。So this is a team of maybe eight or so polymaths who are exceptionally bright over a broad range. They tend to be makers, so they are not uncomfortable prototyping. They’re run by a guy named Rich DeVaul. They act in a fairly chamber music-like way, where for each thing that someone is working on, everyone else will just pitch in.这个团队大约有八个人,他们大都学多才,而且在众多领域都颇有建树。他们更愿意动手参与,因此制作原始模型对他们来说不是什么难事。该团队的负责人是里奇o德沃尔。他们的工作方式类似于室内合奏——当有人在从事某一项目时,其他人都会为其提供一臂之力。And then Rich DeVaul also runs the Design Kitchen for us, which is sort of a tech shop on steroids. It’s a rapid prototyping facility, and it makes sense that these two things are together.里奇o德沃尔还负责我们的Design Kitchen项目,这是个加强版的技术工作室。它能迅速制作出原始模型,因此让里奇同时掌管Design Kitchen和Google X是合情合理的。With Larry Page, you’ve got your savant, too.有了拉里o佩奇,你也就有了自己的专家。Well, we have both, right? We are very fortunate to be in a situation where two of the planet’s recognized savants, Larry and Sergey, are here. There are times when they say, “Trust me on this one.” And that does skip parts of the funnel process. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t otherwise driving the funnel process.我们有两位专家,不是吗?我们非常幸运,作为这个星球上公认的专家,拉里和谢尔盖都在这儿。有时候他们会说:“在这个问题上要相信我。”而这确实能帮我们省略一部分“漏斗”工作。但这并不意味在其他时候我们不开展这项工作。Is there a way to institutionalize or scale this process? How far can it scale?有办法让这项工作成为制度或者扩大规模吗?它的规模能有多大?We clearly have scaled in the sense that there’s a lot more going on here than there was two years ago. I do believe that making a factory for innovation, a moon-shot factory, is possible. I’m not saying that we’ve done a perfect job here so far, but I do think that that’s possible.很明显,我们已经扩大了规模,因为和两年前相比,现在我们这里进行的项目要多得多。我确实相信,建立一个创新工厂,也就是“登月”工厂,是可行的。这并不是说到现在为止我们的工作已趋于完美,但我真的认为它是可行的。(财富中文网) /201501/355690吴兴区脂肪丰胸价格湖州三院做去疤手术多少钱



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