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湖州开内眼角湖州安吉有隆胸么?The ed States Friday suspended operations at its embassy in Libya after U.S. diplomatic personnel were airlifted out of the country. However, officials say diplomatic contacts with representatives of the Moammar Gadhafi government continue.美国驻利比亚使馆在外交人员乘飞机离开这个国家后于星期五暂停了使馆的运作。但是美国官方说,美国和卡扎菲政府代表之间的外交接触仍然继续。Officials here announced the embassy closure shortly after receiving confirmation that remaining U.S. diplomats were safely aboard a chartered airliner that left a military airfield near Tripoli Friday morning.美国国务院官员在获得确实信息,知道余下的美国外交人员星期五早上已经安全离开利比亚之后宣布了关闭使馆的消息。美国驻利比亚的外交人员在的黎波里附近一个军用机场安全登上了一架租赁包机后离开了利比亚。But they stress that the move does not amount to a break in diplomatic relations with Libya, and that contacts continue with government officials including Foreign Minister Musa Kusa with the hope of influencing Libyan behavior.但是,他们强调这一举动并不等于切断美国与利比亚的外交关系。美国仍然继续和利比亚政府官员进行接触,如外交部长库萨,以期望通过这些接触影响利比亚当局的行动。Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy told reporters the decision to suspend operations at the Tripoli post was made Thursday, amid increasing gunfire in the city and that the last 19 U.S. diplomats were told to join the evacuation flight.负责管理的美国国务次卿帕特里克.肯尼迪告诉记者说,关闭使馆的决定是星期四作出的。当时,的黎波里的战越来越激烈,有关方面也通知了最后19名美国使馆外交人员和其他人一起搭乘撤离飞机。"We will execute, always, due prudence when we engage in diplomatic activities," said Kennedy. "We're there to represent the ed States. We're there to advance our economic interests. We're there to assist and protect American citizens. But when the situation becomes significantly insecure, it is at that point prudent to continue our diplomatic activities with a country via other means."肯尼迪说:“我们在从事外交活动时,一如既往,要保持谨慎。我们在利比亚是代表美国。我们在那里是为了促进我国的经济利益。我们在那里是为了帮助并保护美国公民。但是在形势变得非常不稳定的情况下,通过其它手段来继续我们的外交活动才是谨慎的做法。”A senior official who spoke to reporters said Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, who is consulting with U.S. allies in Europe, spoke by telephone Friday with Libyan Foreign Minister Kusa, and that contacts will continue as a means of persuading authorities to stop the violence.一名向记者发表讲话的高级官员说,负责政治事务的国务次卿威廉.伯恩斯正在和美国的欧洲盟友进行商讨。他星期五通过电话和利比亚外交部长库萨进行了交谈。伯恩斯说,这样的接触将会继续,作为说利比亚当局停止暴力的手段。201102/126721湖州去日晒斑多少钱 German octopus predicts Argentina W.Cup exitAn octopus in Germany called Paul who has shot to stardom for his spot-on World Cup predictions forecast on Tuesday a quarter-final win by Germany over Argentina.But in view perhaps of the tougher opposition that Diego Maradona's side will pose Germany on Saturday than England did last Sunday, the eight-legged soccer soothsayer took more than an hour to decide.Ahead of the England game, which saw Germany's young guns demolish Fabio Capello's ageing Premier League stars 4-1, Paul needed just eight seconds to make up his mind.Saturday's encounter in Cape Town, therefore, might go to extra time -- or even penalties.Two plastic boxes, one with a German flag and one with their opponent's, are lowered into Paul's tank at Sea Life in Oberhausen in western Germany, each with a tasty morsel of food inside.The box which Paul opens first is adjudged to be his predicted winner.Earlier in the tournament, the eight-legged oracle correctly tipped Germany to beat Ghana and Australia in their Group D matches. And proving he is not just attracted by Germany's flag, he also correctly predicted a loss to Serbia.Even though he was born in England, he also treacherously but correctly foretold Germany's win over his native country in their last-16 clash on Sunday.Argentina coach Maradona should not throw in the towel just yet, however, as Paul has been wrong before. For the European Championships in 2008, his success rate was only 80 percent.Vocabulary:octopus: a sea creature with a soft round body and eight long tentacles( long thin parts like arms), that is sometimes used for food 章鱼spot-on: exactly correct or accurate 完全正确的;准确的soothsayer: a person who is believed to be able to tell what will happen in the future 占卜者;预言者adjudge: to make a decision about somebody/something based on the facts that are available 宣判;裁决;判定tip: to say in advance that somebody/something will be successful 预言……获胜;事先说……会成功treacherously: 背叛地;靠不住地throw in the towel: to admit that you have been defeated and stop trying 认输;承认失败;放弃努力背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/107900湖州曙光整形医院脱毛好不好

湖州交通医院绣眉手术多少钱Millions Threatened With Hunger and Disease in Horn of AfricaUN:非洲之角两千万人急需救助  The U.N. Children's Fund says the lives of a growing number of children in the Horn of Africa are threatened by chronic food insecurity, conflict and political instability.联合国儿童基金会说,非洲之角越来越多的儿童生命受到长期存在的食品不安全、冲突和政治动荡的威胁。The U.N. Children's Fund says an all too familiar tragedy is unfolding in the Horn of Africa. It warns an aly bad situation for children will only get worse unless the world acts with much greater urgency to provide food and other assistance.联合国儿童基金会说,非洲之角正在呈现出一幅人们再熟悉不过的悲惨场面。该基金会警告说,如果全世界不采取更加紧急的行动,提供食品和其它援助,非洲之角儿童的境况只会更加糟糕。It says countries in the region are reeling from a combination of erratic weather patterns, the global economic crisis and intensifying conflict and insecurity. It says piracy and the hijacking of ships off the Somali coast also is adding to the emergency.联合国儿童基金会说,该地区的国家受到变化无常的天气状况、全球经济危机以及不断加剧的冲突和不安定的多重因素的影响而步履维艰。儿童基金会说,索马里沿海地区的海盗和劫持船只事件也使得该地区儿童的境况更加紧急。UNICEF spokeswoman, Miranda Eeles, says 19.8-million people, including four-million children under the age of five, are in need of emergency relief assistance.联合国儿童基金会发言人米兰达.伊莱斯说,非洲之角有1980万人急需紧急救援物资,这些人中包括400万5岁以下的儿童。"This is a substantial increase over the September 2008 figure of 14 million people requiring assistance," said Eeles. "Over the last few months, there has been a steady increase in the numbers of children suffering from acute malnutrition. Data collected from nutrition surveillance and feeding centers indicate growing numbers of children are suffering from acute malnutrition, a condition which if not treated quickly can lead to death." 伊莱斯说:“跟2008年9月需要救助的人数1400万相比,现在的人数有了明显增加。过去几个月,儿童严重营养不良的人数稳步上升。营养监测和供餐中心收集的数据显示,越来越多的儿童严重营养不良,这种情况如果不能迅速得到治疗,就会导致儿童死亡。”To illustrate the gravity of the situation, UNICEF notes the rates of acute malnutrition in two provinces in Eritrea were above the World Health Organization emergency threshold of 15 percent. 为了说明情况的严重性,联合国儿童基金会特别提到,厄立特里亚两个省儿童严重营养不良的比例高于世界卫生组织规定的15%的紧急标准。In Ethiopia, it says poor food security and nutrition conditions in some parts of the country may get worse because of the late start of the rains and the approaching hunger gap.该机构说,埃塞俄比亚一些地区食品安全和营养条件差的局面可能会加剧,原因是那里的雨季推迟和饥荒期即将来临。In Eastern Kenya, it says a major cholera outbreak caused by poor water and sanitation also is contributing to acute malnutrition and mortality. It says acute rates of malnutrition in both Somalia and Djibouti are beyond the emergency threshold.在肯尼亚东部,儿童基金会说水质和卫生条件恶劣导致的霍乱大爆发也促成了儿童严重营养不良和死亡。儿童基金会说,索马里和吉布提两个国家儿童营养不良的严重程度都高于世界卫生组织规定的紧急行动标准。It says lack of safe water and sanitation is putting millions of people at risk from waterborne disease. And, cholera and diarrheal disease outbreaks have been reported throughout the Horn of Africa. 儿童基金会说,缺乏安全饮用水和排水设施让成百上千万的人们很容易感染水传播的疾病。而且,据悉整个非洲之角地区都有霍乱和腹泻等疫情发生。UNICEF says aid agencies urgently need funds from International donors to carry out their aid programs. The children's agency says it has received less than 10 percent of the 8 million emergency appeal it launched earlier this year.联合国儿童基金会说,救援机构急需国际捐助国的资金,以便实施他们的援助计划。儿童基金会说,该机构今年初提出1亿7千800万美元的紧急援助计划,目前只收到不到10%的款项。It warns it will be unable to carry out its humanitarian operations for millions of vulnerable children and women this year if it does not receive this money.儿童基金会警告说,如果不能收到上述紧急援助计划所需资金,他们就无法对数百万弱势儿童和妇女实施人道主义的救援行动。05/69411湖州曙光整形医院整形美容科在线 Stocks in Hong Kong and Japan fell and the U.S. dollar rose a day after China raised interest rates for the first time since December 2007. Economists interpret the move as a sign that authorities are taking a more aggressive stance against inflation and bank lending.中国在星期三提高利率,这是2007年12月以来头一次,受其影响,香港和日本股市下挫,美元上涨。经济学家将此举解读为中国当局正在采取更加积极的姿态以遏制通货膨胀和借贷过度的信号。Chinese borrowers will now have to pay at least 0.25 percentage points more interest on their loans. China's central bank increased the cost of borrowing late Tuesday, ahead of releasing inflation figures for September.中国的借贷人现在开始将不得不为他们的贷款再多付至少0.25个百分点的利息。星期二晚些时候,中国央行在9月份通胀数据即将发布前,宣布增加借贷成本。Higher inflation rateMarket analysts expect the inflation rate to be higher than the 3.5 percent recorded in August – aly the fastest pace in nearly two years. They think China hopes higher rates will cool price increases.市场分析人士预期,9月份的通货膨胀率将高于8月份的3.5%,这已经是近两年来的最高通胀率。分析师认为,中国希望高利率能够缓和物价上涨的趋势。Jan Lambregts, global head of financial markets research at Rabobank, says the central bank is also trying to slow lending.荷兰合作金融市场研究部全球总监林伯仁说,中国央行也在试图减缓借贷。"Chinese policy makers are very unhappy about bank lending and they want to curb that more…. It's really a warning shot, to those banks – 'curb your bank lending, we're serious,'" Lambregts said.林伯仁说:“中国的决策者对借贷感到非常不满。他们希望在这方面加强限制。他们这次的举措对那些来说确是一次警告,告诉他们:‘控制你们的贷款,我们是认真的。’”201010/116201安吉县垫鼻子多少钱

湖州怎样去除黑色素First Lady Michelle Obama has been making the talk-show rounds, plugging an exercise program called "Let’s Move." Designed to get America’s young people in motion, it is one of a number of efforts to attack the nation’s obesity epidemic.美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马自从发起一项叫作“让我们动起来”的行动计划以来,她在多个电视节目上推广这个计划。这个计划的目的是敦促美国年轻人能够动起来。为了对抗肥胖,美国采取了很多努力,这个计划是其中之一。Just this month, the federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, proposed rules that would require restaurants, fast-food chains, even vending-machine owners, to clearly post the calorie contents of their items on s and signs.4月,美国食品药物提出一项议案,要求餐馆、快餐连锁店、甚至自动售货机的管理商,都要在菜单和食物标示上清楚标出食品的卡路里含量。We can’t yet say this is too little, too late. But we’re pretty sure America is losing the war on fat.我们不能说这些努力太少或者太迟。但是我们清楚地知道美国正在输掉一场和肥胖做斗争的战役。Just a few examples: 请看几个例子:This month’s "five-dollar foot-long," or 30-centimeter submarine at a popular sandwich chain, features not only meatballs but also pepperoni sausage and cheese. 有一家很受欢迎的三明治连锁店最近推出了一款名为“5块钱一条一英尺长的三明治”,也就是说,5块钱就能买一条30厘米长的三明治,里面不仅夹着肉丸子,还有意大利香肠和奶酪。One pizza company, not content to double its meat and cheese toppings, began stuffing extra cheese inside the crust. 一家比萨饼店不满足于在饼上面加双份的肉和奶酪,甚至在面皮中间也夹上了奶酪。201104/133662 Cuban Jabulani juggler sitting prettyCuban Erick Hernandez on Thursday said he had set a world record for juggling the Jabulani World Cup ball, while sitting down.Hernandez told reporters he had juggled the Jabulani -- which some World Cup stars criticised for its lightness and unpredictable trajectories -- for three hours, three minutes and 14 seconds at a Havana hotel."I came in a bit tired as I have been doing exhibitions during the World Cup," said the 43-year-old, nicknamed 'The Dominator'.Hernandez, a self-confessed Brazil fan, described the ball as "having a good bounce" and "very lively".He aly holds a Guinness World record for heading the ball 319 times in just one minute and he even kicked a ball to the finish line in a marathon, completing the 42 kilometres in 7hr 17min.The ball skills run in the family as brother Douglas managed an impressive -- and surely exhausting -- 100,026 touches in a 15-hour session in 1997.Now Erick says he wants to try a 24-hour session.Vocabulary:juggle: to throw a set of three or more objects such as balls into the air and catch and throw them again quickly, one at a time 玩杂耍(连续向空中抛接多个物体)trajectory: the curved path of something that has been fired, hit or thrown into the air (射体在空中的)轨道,弹道,轨迹,流轨run in the family: to be a common feature in a particular family 为一家人所共有;世代相传背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108217湖州去除刀疤的医院哪个好浙江湖州市治疗痘痘多少钱




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