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Tonga is famous for humpback whales,东加王国以座头鲸闻名but even here, finding and filming whales in the open ocean但即使要在东加广阔的海洋 要拍摄到座头鲸would prove challenging.仍是一大挑战For the Life team,对“生命脉动”制作团队来说capturing the humpback whales#39; unique mating contest,要捕捉到座头鲸 独特的求偶竞赛known as a heat run,也就是所谓的求偶竞逐 需要本地的消息通报would need local knowledge, hours on the water, and a big slice of luck.长时间的潜水 还有很好的运气We#39;ve heard that one of the boats further inland我们听内陆潜艇石附近的船说has seen a female with a calf and an escort,有看到一只母鲸鱼带着幼鲸which is something which might build to, hopefully, a heat run,旁边还有其他的鲸鱼护送so we#39;re gonna head over there and take a look.有可能…希望是求偶竞逐 所以我们要过去看看Any adult female with a calf could be coming into season,带着幼鲸的母鲸可能正在发情and so might be a target for amorous males.所以可能是发情公鲸的目标When we got there, I was pretty excited,到那的时候我很兴奋a little bit nervous, didn#39;t know what to expect.也有一点紧张 不知道会看到什么Once I got in the water and dived down,等我下水潜下去之后it was surprisingly quiet and mellow.发现海底是出奇地安静祥和Certainly didn#39;t expect what happened next.我完全没想到接下来发生的事The calf just came straight up towards me.有一只幼鲸直接对着我游过来 Article/201308/250847

当互联网泡沫爆发时,酒店主奇普.康利开始探寻一种基于快乐的商业模式。从一个和长期共事的员工和一个佛教国家的国王身上,他学到了成功来源于你所看重的东西。 Article/201307/246605

What is a God? 什么是神明?(Jason Silva)shots of awe是一堂激发思维的全英文哲学课堂。今天我们将探讨的话题是“究竟什么是神明?” Article/201406/303139

艺术收藏家瑞文·阿格沃尔( Ravin Agrawal) 热情洋溢的介绍了印度最激动人心的十位年轻的当代艺术家。他们在不同的媒体行业工作,每一位都展现了他们从当地的文化中汲取的创作灵感。 Article/201303/228015

Snow: RAF Helicopter Sent To Aid Farmers The military is drafted in to help families stranded by the snow, as forecasters predict more freezing conditions ahead. 最近一周,英国全境遭遇严寒天气,不仅给人们的生活工作带来麻烦,也使北爱尔兰地区畜牧业受到影响,牛羊大量死亡,农户损失惨重。英国军方为此出动军用飞机,为农户提供救援。据悉,英国皇家空军的努干直升机和侦察用直升机在26日已经开始了空投行动。在当地官员的指引下,努干直升机把人们急需的药品、食品以及牲畜所需的干草捆空投到一些居民点。国防部发言人说,第一次行动空投了4捆干草,是400只羊一天的食用量。空投行动将继续进行下去。Touching down(降落) on a mercy mission, the military came to the aid of desperate farmers. Bags of animal feed were transported to RAF Aldergrove (now named Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station Aldergrove a Royal Air Force station situated 18 miles, or 29 km, northwest of Belfast. It adjoined Belfast International Airport, sometimes referred to simply as Aldergrove which is the name of the surrounding area. The station shared the Aldergrove runways but had its own separate facilities and helipad) to be loaded onto a Chinook. Support from the sky, a huge relief to those managing the crisis on the ground.We’ve been working with the local councils, and working with Red Cross, and other agencies just to identify people in need who have been cut off because of the snow and we’ve been trying to get emergency provisions to them just to take them over until they can get access for their homes.On the Glens of Antrim, thousands of sheep lied dead and buried beneath the snow. Thousands more have been left stranded without access to food. They are now fighting for survival. On the more isolated farms we’ve visited this week the air drop couldn’t come quickly enough. It means that our animals are getting fed first and foremost like we traipsed yesterday half a mile with a tot bag of hay to just to try and get the sheep we have and out of farm and to see an elderly aunt and we are, we are just, you don#39;t want to get out in the morning now so you don#39;t for, it#39;s just everyday is worse than the day before. The plight of the farmers has resulted in an unlikely alliance between the British Army and Irish Republicans. There is a Sinn Fin Minister in charge of farming in Northern Ireland. If your livelihood, indeed your life is tied up in the farm, looking after sheep and lambs, it#39;s a heart-rendering situation. So I think it is good to see that there will be that support, so glad am I to see that support but I#39;ll make no comment about the Sinn Fin bringing the British Army into Northern Ireland.From this vantage point you get some sense of the scale of problem here: Nine glens(峡谷) covering 70,600 suqare hectares. A helicopter is the only option. So five days after the snow fell, help has finally reached the most remote regions - some hope at last for the sheep farmers whose flocks are starving to death. David Blevins, Sky News, near Glenar. /201304/233439

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