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We have entered a new age of embedded, intuitive computing in which our homes, cars, stores, farms, and factories have the ability to think, sense, understand, and respond to our needs. It#39;s not science fiction, but the dawn of a new era.我们正在迈入可穿戴、直觉式计算的新时代。房屋、汽车、商店、农场、工厂,这些东西都将具备思考、感知和行动的能力。这不是科幻小说中的场景,而是我们即将进入的新时代。Most people might not realize it yet, but we are aly feeling the impact of what#39;s known as the third wave of computing. In small but significant ways it is helping us live safer, healthier, and more secure lives. If you drive a 2014 Mercedes Benz, for example, an ;intelligent; system endeavors to keep you from hitting a pedestrian. A farmer in Nigeria relies on weather sensors that communicate with his mobile device. Forgot your medication? A new pill bottle from AdhereTech reminds you via text or automated phone messages that it#39;s time to take a pill.大多数人可能还没有意识到,我们已经感受到第三次计算机革命的影响。它正在细微、然而却显著地帮助我们过上更安全、更健康、更稳定的生活。比如说,假如你驾驶一辆2014款梅赛德斯-奔驰车,它的“智能”系统将防止你撞到行人。尼日利亚的农民用上了可以与个人的移动设备进行信息传递的气象传感器。而AdhereTech推出的新款药瓶则能通过短信或自动电话留言的方式,提醒用户按时药。Technology is being integrated into our natural behaviors, with real-time data connecting our physical and digital worlds. With this dramatic shift in our relationship to technology, companies can adapt their products and services.科技正融入我们的一言一行,实时数据正将我们的现实世界和数字世界联系在一起。我们与技术的关系发生了巨大的改变,企业可以据此调整自己的产品和务。We aly see cities growing ;smarter; by installing sensors to automate the management of parking spaces. To enhance urban security, acoustic sensors coupled with audio and GPS analytics ;listen; to pinpoint the location of gunfire. Within 30 seconds, dispatchers can determine the number of shooters, the shots fired, and even the type of weapon used.我们看到:通过安装传感器,智能城市的管理者们可以更好地规划停车位。而声音传感器是市政安全领域的好手,它们可以通过声音和GPS精确定位声的位置。只需不到半分钟,安全调度员们就能获知开者的人数和击次数,甚至是的型号。Consider health care. Wearable devices allow us to monitor our steps, our sleep patterns, and our calorie intake to ensure we are following doctors#39; orders and meeting our personal goals. Parents of newborns can try a diaper that has a humidity sensor that tweets when it#39;s time for a change.再来看看健康领域。我们能从可穿戴设备上监控自己的运动、睡眠和卡路里消耗等信息,从而确保自己没有违背医生的指示,或是正在努力实现个人健康目标。父母们则可以给新生儿穿上带有湿度传感器的尿布,它能在需要更换时发出声响提醒我们。To understand how revolutionary the third wave is, we ought to consider how far we have come. The first wave began when companies started to manage their operations via mainframe computer systems over 50 years ago. Then computing got ;personal; in the 1980s and #39;90s with the introduction of the PC. For the most part, computing remained immobile and lacked contextual awareness.第三次计算机革命的意义究竟如何?我们不妨回过头来看看历史。第一次是50年前,大型机系统进入公司管理运营领域。上世纪80年代和90年代,随着PC机诞生,计算机进入“个人”时代。但总体而言,“计算”缺乏移动性,而且不那么智能。In computing#39;s second wave, mobile computing and the smartphone took center stage. Billions of people, some who might not have had access to clean water, electricity, or even housing, were connected. Developers created apps and provided consumers with access to just about everything through their phone at the cost of a monthly data plan.第二次计算机革命后期,移动计算和智能手机开始占据主导。全球几十亿人口都通过网络彼此相连,其中很多人甚至还没解决饮用水、电力和住房的问题。软件工程师们开发了无数应用程序,人们几乎可以用手机完成任何事情,需要做的仅仅是付一下手机上网套餐而已。As the third wave gains momentum, designers must meet the demands of clients who want to experiment with new tech.随着第三次计算机革命的突飞猛进,设计师们必须满足消费者不断尝试新技术的需求。Historically, designers have focused their attention on a product#39;s form and function. While that still matters, of course, the definition of a meaningful user experience has expanded significantly and will continue to do so. Instead of creating a single product, designers will need to imagine a suite of connected products and services that have awareness of each other and their surroundings.在此之前,设计师们的重心是产品的外形和功能。当然,这些现在仍是不可或缺的要素,但用户体验的重要性日益凸现,并将在未来起到决定性的作用。打造单一产品的时代已经过去,设计师们需要构造出一整套互相关联的产品和务,还要让它们能够相互感知、相互配合。Stake a claim now, we tell companies, in the space where digital and physical disappear, and products and services mimic and react to our natural behaviors.我们告诉企业,现在就要跑马圈地,占领这个消弥了数字世界与现实世界界限的空间。在这个空间里,产品和务模拟我们的自然行为并对其做出反应。 /201310/261558Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. -- which is preparing to launch perhaps the largest U.S. stock listing ever of a Chinese company -- dominates China#39;s e-commerce market. But not everybody in the U.S. has a grasp of its scope.阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)准备赴美国上市,有望成为有史以来美国市场上规模最大的一桩中资公司首次公开募股(IPO)。阿里巴巴主导着中国的电子商务市场,但并非所有美国人都清楚阿里巴巴的业务范围。Perhaps the best way to understand Alibaba is as a mix of Amazon, eBay and PayPal, with a dash of Google thrown in, all with some uniquely Chinese characteristics.了解阿里巴巴的最佳方法也许是把它看成亚马逊(Amazon)、eBay和贝宝(PayPal)的混合体,再加入一点谷歌(Google)成份。每块业务都具有独特的中国特色。Unlike Amazon.com Inc., which buys goods from suppliers and sells them to customers, Alibaba has always acted as a middleman, connecting buyers and sellers and facilitating transactions between them. While it isn#39;t an auction company, its middleman role is similar to the one played by eBay Inc.不同于亚马逊从供应商进货再销售给客户的经营模式,阿里巴巴扮演的是中间人的角色,它把买家和卖家联系到一起,为他们之间的交易提供便利。阿里巴巴并非拍卖公司,但其中间人角色与eBay Inc.扮演的角色相似。Taobao, Alibaba#39;s biggest website, is like a gigantic Chinese bazaar, with about 760 million product listings from seven million sellers. Merchants don#39;t pay to sell products on Taobao. Instead, they pay Alibaba for advertising and other services to allow them to stand out from the crowd.阿里巴巴旗下的最大网站淘宝(Taobao)像一个庞大的中国集市,约有7.6亿条商品信息,注册卖家多达700万家。卖家在淘宝上销售产品无需付手续费。不过,如果想让自己的商品在淘宝上脱颍而出,卖家就要向阿里巴巴付广告费以及其他务费用。That no-fee model is part of Taobao#39;s appeal in China. Much as with Google Inc., the ads from merchants appear with Taobao#39;s product-search results.在中国,这种免费模式构成了淘宝的吸引力之一。买家在淘宝上搜索商品时,卖家的广告会出现在搜索结果页面上,这与谷歌的广告模式相似。While Taobao is mostly for small merchants, Tmall, another shopping site run by Alibaba, is designed for bigger merchants, including well-known brands such as Nike Inc. and Gap Inc. Apple Inc. this year opened a store on Tmall. Unlike Taobao, Tmall, which has about 70,000 merchants, charges each seller a deposit and an annual fee, as well as a commission on each transaction.淘宝上的卖家大多是小商户。阿里巴巴旗下另一个购物网站天猫(Tmall)是专门为大商户设计的,已进驻天猫的知名品牌包括耐克(Nike Inc.)、Gap Inc.等。苹果公司(Apple Inc.)今年也在天猫开设了一家官方旗舰店。天猫目前拥有约7万家商户。与淘宝不同,天猫向所有商户收取保金和年费,并向每单交易收取佣金。What sets Alibaba apart is size. The company has said that Taobao and Tmall account for more than half of all parcel deliveries in China. In 2012, the combined transaction volume of Taobao and Tmall topped one trillion yuan (3 billion), more than Amazon and eBay combined.庞大的业务规模令阿里巴巴显得与众不同。该公司称,淘宝和天猫产生的快递包裹已占到中国整个快递业务量的一半以上。2012年,淘宝和天猫平台综合在一起的交易额突破人民币1万亿元(约合1,630亿美元),超过了亚马逊和eBay的交易总额。Alibaba#39;s revenue is about one-tenth of Amazon#39;s because the Chinese company doesn#39;t sell products on its site. But Alibaba is far more profitable. Alibaba#39;s third-quarter revenue rose 51% from a year earlier to .78 billion. Net profit was 2 million, giving the company a profit margin of 44.6%, according to shareholder Yahoo Inc., which owns a 24% stake in Alibaba. Amazon posted revenue of .09 billion and a loss of million in the same quarter.由于阿里巴巴本身并不在其网站上销售产品,该集团的收入仅相当于亚马逊的十分之一左右,但利润率却高得多。据阿里巴巴股东雅虎(Yahoo Inc.)披露的数据,去年第三季度,阿里巴巴收入为17.8亿美元,同比增长51%; 利润为7.92亿美元,利润率达到44.6%。雅虎持有阿里巴巴24%的股权。相比之下,亚马逊当季收入为170.9亿美元,但同期亏损4,100万美元。Alibaba, which could raise about billion from its U.S. IPO, also has emerged as a huge player in China#39;s creaky financial system. To solve the problem of buyers trusting merchants on its site, Alibaba created Alipay, a payment system that protects buyers if sellers don#39;t deliver. Alipay has become so ingrained in China that when the company created a money-market fund, it became one of the world#39;s largest in just eight months.阿里巴巴赴美上市可能筹资约150亿美元,该公司同时还成为中国脆弱的金融系统中的一个重要力量。为了解决其网站买家与商户之间的信任问题,阿里巴巴打造了付系统付宝(Alipay),以便在卖家不发货的情况下保护买家的利益。付宝在中国已经根深蒂固,以至于阿里巴巴设立一个货币市场基金时,该基金在短短八个月内就成为世界最大的同类基金之一。Alibaba also makes microloans and is taking part in a Chinese government program to set up five private banks on a trial basis in some big cities. Run by an affiliate of Alibaba, the payment system has allowed the company to accumulate a vast amount of information on Chinese small businesses, consumers and their online transactions.阿里巴巴还发放小额贷款,并参与了中国政府在一些大城市设立五家民营的试点计划。由阿里巴巴旗下公司运营的付系统让该公司积累了大量有关中国中小企业、消费者以及他们在线交易的信息。Even though Alibaba remains by far the biggest player in China#39;s fast-growing e-commerce market, the company faces stiff competition as more Chinese consumers use smartphones. Social-media and online-games company Tencent Holdings Ltd. is emerging as a powerful competitor because of its ability to use its popular WeChat mobile-messaging application as a platform to offer services such as e-commerce.虽然阿里巴巴仍然是中国快速增长的电子商务市场的龙头老大,但随着更多的中国消费者使用智能手机,阿里巴巴开始面临激烈的竞争。社交媒体和在线游戏公司腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)就是阿里巴巴的一大竞争对手。腾讯将该公司备受欢迎的移动短消息应用微信(WeChat)作为一个平台,向用户提供电子商务等务。To further bolster its e-commerce capabilities, Tencent this month announced a deal to buy a 15% stake in JD.com Inc., China#39;s second-largest e-commerce firm.为进一步增强电子商务方面的能力,腾讯本月宣布了收购中国第二大电子商务公司京东商城(JD.com Inc.) 15%股权的交易。Alibaba has fought back with a string of deals, including its offer last month to pay .13 billion for the 72% stake in Chinese online map company AutoNavi Holdings Ltd. that it didn#39;t aly own. Last year Alibaba invested 5.8 million for a 18% stake in Sina Weibo, the popular microblogging site controlled by Sina Corp.阿里巴巴也不甘示弱,该公司也进行了一系列收购,包括上个月提出以11.3亿美元收购其尚未持有的中国在线地图公司高德(AutoNavi Holdings Ltd.)剩余72%股权的的交易。去年阿里巴巴斥资5.858亿美元收购了新浪微(Sina Weibo)的18%股权,新浪微是新浪(Sina Corp.)旗下的高人气微客网站。Weibo unveiled plans Friday to sell 0 million of stock in the U.S.新浪微上周五公布了在美国上市的计划,拟发行5亿美元股票。Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, an English teacher in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Though the dot-com bubble was expanding in the U.S., the Internet was still a foreign concept to many Chinese businesses.阿里巴巴是马云在1999年创立的,他原本是华东城市杭州的一名英语老师。当时虽然美国的互联网泡沫正在扩大,但对许多中国企业来说,互联网仍然是个陌生的概念。Mr. Ma and 17 other founding members created Alibaba.com, a trading website that connected Chinese manufacturers with overseas clients. Shortly after, eBay entered China by buying a stake in a domestic e-commerce company. Alibaba created Taobao in 2003 to enter a consumer e-commerce business, as China#39;s Internet-user population was growing rapidly.马云和另外17位创始团队的成员创建了阿里巴巴网络有限公司(Alibaba.com),该交易网站将中国的制造商与海外客户联系了起来。不久之后,eBay通过收购一家中国本土电子商务公司的股权进入中国市场。阿里巴巴于2003年创建淘宝网(Taobao),进入消费者电商业务,当时正值中国互联网用户人数迅速增长之际。 /201403/280487

Apple released iOS 7.1 Monday, the first significant update to the mobile operating system it debuted on Sept. 18, offering some incremental feature improvements and fixing some bugs that annoyed iPhone and iPad users.苹果公司(Apple)周一发布了iOS 7.1操作系统,这是去年9月18日移动操作系统iOS 7发布以来第一次重大更新。最新版本进行了一些功能改进并修复了一些困扰iPhone和iPad用户的错误。Apple#39;s iOS 7 was a major departure from previous versions of its mobile operating system, bringing a simpler and cleaner look to the software. The new update builds on some of the new designs concepts, while also allowing users to disable some of the new features that had drawn criticism such as the software#39;s parallax and zoom functions.苹果的iOS 7与过去的iOS版本显著不同,界面更简洁。最新的iOS 7.1版本建立在一些新的设计理念基础上,并允许用户关闭之前受到批评的一些新功能,例如视差和缩放功能。The update is available from today. Apple will be pushing it out to users over the next few days, but users can go get the new version by going to Settings-gt;General -gt; Software Update.iOS 7.1周一已经开放下载。苹果将在未来几天向用户推送更新通知。iOS用户也可以到“设置”--gt;“通用”--gt;“软件更新”进行升级。Here are a few notable features of iOS 7.1 worth checking out:以下是值得一提的iOS 7.1新特色:More Stable更稳定The new update promises to be more stable, fixing some of the bugs that caused the iPhone and iPad to randomly crash and reboot--an annoyance dubbed the #39;white screen of death.#39; This was the biggest complaint of iOS 7 users.iOS 7.1更加稳定,修复了一些可能偶尔导致iPhone和iPad主屏幕崩溃并重启(即“白屏死机”)的错误。这是iOS 7用户抱怨最多的一个问题。Improved Touch ID改进了Touch ID指纹识别能力One of the flagship features of Apple#39;s iPhone 5S, which debuted running iOS 7, is the fingerprint sensor. The performance of Touch ID has been spotty for some users and a source of frustration. The update aims to address that by improving how the Touch ID adapts over time. Some users had complained that the performance of Touch ID seemed to fade over time. Apple promises that the update will make Touch ID work faster.iPhone 5S一上市便搭载着iOS 7系统,旗舰功能之一就是指纹传感器Touch ID。但一些用户发现该功能会变得不灵敏,这让他们感到沮丧。iOS 7.1改进了Touch ID指纹识别能力,旨在解决这一问题。此前一些用户抱怨说,随着时间的推移,Touch ID会越用越不灵敏。苹果承诺iOS 7.1会让Touch ID变得更加灵敏。More #39;Ive-ification#39; of the software界面设计更“艾夫化”The new look of iOS 7 reflects the sensibilities of Apple#39;s design head, Jonathan Ive, who oversaw the software#39;s revamp. In the update, there are more design changes. For example, the green and red icons for answering or declining a phone call are now round instead of square. There are also more colors and greater color contrast to help icons stand out more against the software#39;s translucent background.iOS 7的新界面反映了苹果设计总监乔纳森#8226;艾夫(Jonathan Ive)的感受力。而iOS 7.1在设计上也有了更多的变化。例如,电话来电的界面中,应答或拒绝来电的红色和绿色图标不再是方形的,而是圆形的。在界面色方面,新系统采用了更多颜色以及更强烈的色对比,使图标在iOS 7.1半透明的背景下显得越发突出。Auto-HDR相机设置中新增自动启用iPhone 5s的HDR功能Apple has included high dynamic range, or HDR, in its mobile software for years, but we may see more people using it. HDR promises to create a better-lit image because it blends the exposure data from three different images--although it can cause a blurry picture if the photographer moves too quickly after taking the photo.iOS系统几年前就已经加入了高动态范围图像技术(HDR)功能,此次iOS 7.1在相机设置中新增自动启用iPhone 5s的HDR功能后,可能会有更多用户使用它。启用HDR功能可以拍出光照更好的照片,因为此时相机会拍摄3张不同曝光程度的照片,然后将它们合成为一张照片。不过如果拍摄者在按下快门后太快移开设备,可能会导致照片模糊。CarPlayCarPlayOne of the most interesting new features of the update is something that we#39;ll have to wait to use. The latest software is compatible with CarPlay, Apple#39;s new initiative to bring iPhone features such as maps, music and messages to the in-car display. However, no cars currently on the market work with CarPlay. Apple has said CarPlay will be available in certain cars later this year from Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Honda and Hyundai, with additional car makers following in the years to come.CarPlay是iOS 7.1系统最有趣的新功能之一,但用户们还需要再等等。iOS 7.1兼容了CarPlay,这是苹果设计的新车载操作系统。驾车者将iPhone与车载系统CarPlay的显示器连接后,即可使用iPhone的地图导航、听音乐以及信息访问功能。不过目前市面上还没有汽车搭载CarPlay。苹果已表示,今年晚些时候,法拉利(Ferrari)、梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、沃尔沃(Volvo)、本田汽车(Honda)和现代汽车(Hyundai)的部分车型将搭载CarPlay,未来几年还将有其他汽车品牌跟进。Other improvements include making iOS 7 faster for iPhone 4 users, a new bold font option for the keyboard, a month-at-a-glance view in the calendar and new voices for Siri in British and Australian English, Mandarin and Japanese.其他改进包括:增强了iPhone 4的新能;键盘、计算器及许多图标的字形可以选择使用粗体;日历可以选择按月显示事件;Siri针对中文普通话、英式英语、澳大利亚英语和日语版本,推出了全新的更为自然的男声和女声。 /201403/279622

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