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湖州第一医院治疗腋臭多少钱湖州假体隆胸湖州第三医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 Do you Yahoo!? Would you if you had to Jerry#39;s Guide to the World Wide Web?你喜欢“雅虎”这个名字吗?如果叫“杰瑞的网络指南”还会喜欢吗?While a bad name isn#39;t enough to sink a brand on its own, several of the biggest shed some puzzling titles before becoming worldwide hits.虽然一个不太好的品牌名称不足以让一个品牌没落,但有一些顶级品牌在成为全球热门品牌前曾放弃过一些令人费解的名字。According to CN, electronics chain Best Buy was still called Sound of Music back in 1981 when the brand#39;s Roseville, Minnesota, store was reduced to rubble by a tornado.根据美国全国广播公司财经频道介绍,电子商品连锁店百思买(Best Buy)在1981年还叫“音乐之声”(Sound of Music)。当时,其品牌旗下位于明尼苏达州的罗斯维尔零售店被龙卷风夷为平地。Afterwards, the store held a #39;Tornado Sale#39; in the parking lot advertising #39;best buys#39; on damaged electronics. Two years later, all the stores were rebranded as Best Buy.后来,该门店在自家停车场举行“龙卷风后甩卖”,为受损的电子产品打出“最划算商品”的广告。两年后,所有的门店都更名为百思买。Google, the most popular search engine provider, earned that name two years after it was founded in 1986, under infinitely less catchy name BackRub.最受欢迎的搜索引擎提供商——谷歌,在1986年刚刚创建时使用的是一个极不显眼的名字“BackRub”(译者注:谷歌创始人佩奇把他在斯坦福的一个项目称为BackRub),两年后才更名为“谷歌”。Hertz Rent-A-Car was originally Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System, but changed to The Hertz Corporation in 1954 after a major restructuring.赫兹租车公司原名为“赫兹自我驾驶系统公司”,1954年进行了一次重大重组后,更名为赫兹租车公司。Many of the top brands simply went from wordy and boring to short and sweet with their name changes.许多顶级品牌通过改名字就实现了由冗长而乏味向简洁友好形象的转变。Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation became IBM (International Business Machines), while Jerry#39;s Guide to the World Wide Web became Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.“计算列表纪录公司”更名为IBM——国际商业机器公司,“杰瑞的网络指南”更名为“雅虎”(Yahoo),这是“另一种非官方层次化数据库”的首字母缩写。Quantum Computer Services turned into America Online back in 1991, then in 2006 shortened its name to AOL.1991年,量子电脑务更名为“美国在线”,2006年又将名字缩短为“AOL”。Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice, once called Il Giornale Coffee Company, was shortened to simply Starbucks, and Marafuku Company turned into Nintendo Playing Card Company before becoming Nintendo.“星巴克咖啡,茶叶和香料”原来叫“每日咖啡公司”,后缩减成简单的“星巴克”;任天堂在使用现用名之前,最初曾命名为马拉夫库公司,后又曾更名为任天堂扑克牌公司。One of the most profitable companies in history, Apple Inc, made only a subtle change from Apple Computers in 2007 as the company moved into other areas of consumer electronics.历史上最赚钱的公司之一——苹果公司,在其进军其他消费电子产品领域时只是对名字作了细微更改——将“苹果电脑公司”更名为“苹果公司”。Once known as Research in Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry simply adopted the name of their flagship product in 2013 as they tried to catch up to competition in the midst of declining sales.曾经被称为移动研究公司是黑莓手机的制造商,该公司在2013年改名为黑莓,这是该公司最有名的一款旗舰产品的名字,此番改名主要是他们想要在销量下降的情况下与竞争对手抗衡。Other companies, named after their original founders, eventually outgrew their more provincial-sounding names.还有一些以创始人名字命名的公司,最终的发展与他们最初带有乡音的名字已经不可同日而语。Pete#39;s Super Submarines became SUBWAY, Wards Company became Circuit City, Brad#39;s Drink turned into Pepsi-Cola and Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo became Sony.“皮特的超级潜艇”现在成了“赛百味”,“华德公司”更名为“电路城”,“布拉德饮料公司”更名为“百事可乐”,东京通信工业公司也变成了“索尼”。Blue Ribbon Sports, which distributed Japanese sneakers Onitsuka Tiger in the US, eventually became Nike, named after the winged Greek goddess of victory.最初在美国代理日本鬼冢虎运动鞋的蓝带体育用品公司最终成为了如今的耐克公司,耐克是古希腊神话中展翅的胜利女神的名字。 /201506/378790当代著名诗人汪国真昨日凌晨因患肝癌在北京302医院去世,享年59岁。据悉,汪国真的遗体告别仪式将于4月30日早晨8点在北京市八宝山东大厅举行。汪国真1956年6月22日生于北京,祖籍福建厦门。1978年考取暨南大学中文系。1979年4月12日,正读大一的他在《中国青年报》发表了处女作。1984年在湖南杂志《年轻人》第10期上发表第一首比较有影响的诗《我微笑着走向生活》。“我不去想,是否能够成功。既然选择了远方,便只顾风雨兼程……我不去想,未来是平坦还是泥泞。只要热爱生命,一切,都在意料之中。”1988年,他的这首《热爱生命》被当年第10期《读者》收为卷首作品,倾倒无数读者。在2013亚太经合组织(APEC)工商领导人峰会上,习近平主席引用了汪国真的诗句:“没有比脚更长的路,没有比人更高的山”。汪国真作品欣赏:《热爱生命》:既然选择了远方,便只顾风雨兼程……《能够认识你,真好》《告别,不是遗忘》《思念》《我不期望回报》《心中的诗和童话》《旅程》《依然存在》《感谢磨难》《只要明天还在》 /201504/372073湖州祛抬头纹价格

湖州市第一人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱The best way to prevent yourself from becoming paralyzed with worry, writes psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell, is to simply make sure you never worry all by yourself.精神病学家爱德华·M·哈洛威尔写道:为了不让自己担心到焦头烂额,最好的方法就是确保自己,永远的一无所忧。Hallowell argues in his new book, Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive, that when you feel real or imagined concerns piling on, share them with a friend, and there#39;s a better chance that aimless anxiety will morph into problem-solving.哈洛威尔在他的新书《工作中的心烦意乱:如何保持专注和创造力》指出,当你是真的烦恼,或是想象里的烦恼越积越多,同朋友说说,由此为漫无目的的焦虑化解提供一个机会。He believes that worrying alone is one of the major reasons that people can#39;t focus, both at work and elsewhere in their lives.他认为人们不能集中注意力的一大原因在工作中或是生活的其他方面独自烦恼。What exactly is so bad about worrying alone? Why it#39;s so detrimental?独自担心的危害究竟是什么?如此有害的原因是什么?Worrying alone does not have to be toxic, but it tends to become toxic because in isolation we lose perspective. We tend to globalize, catastrophize, when no one is there to act as a reality check. Our imaginations run wild.独自担忧并本身无害,但它往往会变得有害,因为在自我隔离中我们失去了自己的观点。当没有人在现实中扮演检查角色,我们的脑洞会越开越大,变得小题大做。我们的想象力脱了缰。Indeed, Samuel Johnson, a prodigious worrier himself, called worry a ;disease of the imagination”. When we worry alone we risk losing touch with reality, becoming paralyzed in worry, making bad decisions, and even getting sick, as toxic worry depresses immune function.事实上,塞缪尔·约翰逊——一个担忧重度患者,称担心为“想象力的疾病”。当我们独自担心时,我们可能会与现实失去联系,变得为担心焦头烂额,做出糟糕的决定,甚至生病,让有害的担忧压垮了免疫功能。What does worrying with someone else look like in action? For instance, does this mean you simply describe the things you are worried about to a friend? Or is it best if the pair of you talks about something you#39;re both worried about?与别人分享担忧表现为什么样的行动?例如,这是否意味着你只是向朋友描述你担心的事情?还是最好你们都对谈论的事情有所担忧?Doesn#39;t matter if the other person is worried about the same matter or not. You just have to find someone you like and trust. My basic three-step method of worry control is as follows:不管对方是否和你担心着同样的问题都没有关系。你只需要找到你喜欢和信任的人。我控制担心的基本三步法如下:1. Never worry alone.从不独自担忧。2. Get the facts. (Toxic worry is rooted in wrong information, lack of information, or both.)获取事实信息。(有害的担忧源于错误的信息,缺乏信息,或者两者都有)。3. Make a plan. Having a plan reduces feelings of vulnerability and increases feelings of control.制定一个计划。拥有一个计划可以减少脆弱感和并加强控制。 /201503/362441湖州手臂激光脱毛多少钱 If you can’t remember your PIN number, try closing your eyes.如果你忘记了你的密码,试一下闭上你的眼睛。Experiments show that recall is boosted when we shut out the outside world.实验结果表明,当我们闭上眼睛不关注外面世界的时候,我们的会被提高。It is thought that blocking out distractions frees up the necessary brainpower to remember things. Psychologists from the University of Surrey put the theory to test by showing almost 200 men and women short films and asking them a series of questions about what they had seen.阻断干扰被认为可以释放必要的脑力去记忆事情。来自塞瑞大学的心理学家为明这个理论进行了如下实验:通过给大约200名男性和女性展示一些短片并问他们一系列关于他们看到了什么的问题。The first film clip was silent and showed an electrician stealing as he carried out jobs in a house.第一个短片是无声的,可以看到一名电工在一个住宅内工作时正在偷窃。The volunteers then answered a series of questions about what they had seen – and half of them did this with their eyes closed. Those whose eyes were open got just 48 per cent of the answers right on average – a score much lower than the 71 per cent achieved by those who had shut their eyes.然后参加实验的志愿者回答了一系列关于他们看到什么的问题——其中有一半人是闭着眼睛回忆的。那些睁开眼睛去回忆的志愿者只有48%的回答正确率,与那些闭着眼睛回忆的志愿者的71%的回答正确率相比,实在低了许多。Having built up a rapport with the questioner boosted scores further.和被提问者建立了融洽的关系后,回答正确分数将会进一步提高。The second film clip came from the B series Crimewatch and included sound as well as images.而第二个短片则来自英国广播公司系列犯罪影片,既由声音也有图像,同样实了结论。Closing eyes boosted recall of facts heard and seen.闭上眼睛的确加强了对所听到和所看到的事实的记忆。It had been argued that the technique improves memory by allowing people to build a detailed mental image of the thing they are trying to recall.一直在争论,这项技术通过让人们对他们所记忆的东西建立一个详细的幻想的来改善记忆。The finding that the trick also made it easier to remember auditory information shows this is not the only explanation.对这个诀窍也更容易让人记住听觉信息的发现显示这并不是唯一的解释。Researcher Robert Nash said it is likely that those who shut their eyes also benefit from blocking out distractions.研究员罗伯特·纳什说可能这是因为那些闭上眼睛的人受益于屏蔽干扰。警察一直鼓励人作时闭上眼睛试图记住犯罪的细节。He said that police forces have long been aware of the benefits of asking eyewitnesses to shut their eyes during interviews.他说,警察早就意识到这个的诀窍,并在面谈时要求目击者闭上他们的眼睛。His study, published in the journal Legal and Criminological Psychology, suggests that police will glean even more information if they build up a rapport with the interviewee.他的研究发表在《法律与犯罪学的心理学》 ,建议如果警方与受访者建立融洽的关系,将收集更多的信息。Dr Nash believes that a simple closing of the eyes will also be of benefit in everyday situations, such as recalling pin numbers and remembering shopping lists.纳什士认为,闭上眼睛这一简单的行为在日常生活中也将受益,如回忆密码和记住购物清单。And while his experiment involved quizzing people shortly after they’d watched a film, other studies suggest that closing eyes can boost recall of events that date back several years.虽然他的实验只涉及了志愿者看了短片不久后就向他们提问,但其他的研究表明,闭上眼睛可以增强对几年前的事情的回忆。 /201501/355271湖州去蒙古斑价格

湖州曙光美容整形医院双眼皮多少钱It was the perfect autumn afternoon in Paris. We sat on a café terrasse on the Place des Vosges, one of Europe’s finest squares, craving a beer. Finally, the surly waiter took our order. But first, without asking, he demonstratively moved from his territory the rental bike that my companion Carlo Ratti had parked there.一个美好的巴黎秋日的下午,我们坐在欧洲最美丽的广场之一——孚日广场(Place des Vosges)的一个露天咖啡座上,渴望来杯啤酒。最后,态度粗暴的侍者终于把我们点的食物送了上来。但在此之前,他连问都没问,就气冲冲地把我的朋友卡洛#8226;拉蒂(Carlo Ratti)租来的自行车从他的地盘上挪开了。Ratti runs the SENSEable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He knows his urbanism. That waiter, Ratti told me, hasn’t yet understood that customers are now rating him online. The café we were in, Ma Bourgogne, specialises in surliness. Parisian tourist traps work on the theory that each tourist only comes once, so you can mistreat him with impunity. Right now people do indeed still stumble on Ma Bourgogne while ogling the Place des Vosges.拉蒂是麻省理工学院(MIT) Senseable City实验室的负责人。他对“城市主义”(urbanism)自有一套见解。他告诉我,那位侍者还不知道如今的顾客会在网上评价他。我们所在的咖啡店Ma Bourgogne以侍者态度粗鲁著称。巴黎的旅游陷阱靠的就是每名游客只会来一次,因此怎么对待顾客都不会有影响。眼下,人们的确还会在欣赏孚日广场的美景时不经意地进入这家咖啡店。But, one day, before they sit down, their smartphones will flash an alert – “Rude waiters!” – and suggest a nicer alternative. Aly, says Ratti, hotels are becoming more polite because they need good ratings.然而,有一天,在他们坐下之前,他们的智能手机就会显示警告——“这里的侍者很粗鲁!”,并推荐一家侍者态度更友善的店。拉蒂说,如今酒店的工作人员已经变得更有礼貌,因为酒店需要得到好评。Life in western cities gets better every day for people rich enough to live in them. This is happening for many reasons: technology, data, the hipster ethos, competitive city rankings that set places against each other, and the takeover of cities by a global elite ruthlessly determined to live well. Downtowns are becoming “living rooms”, says John Eger of San Diego State University. And as Ratti and others told me, even bigger changes are coming soon.西方城市的生活每天都变得更美好,当然这是对足够富裕生活在这里的人们而言。原因很多:技术、数据、潮人风尚、竞争性的城市排名、以及控制着城市的全球精英阶层,他们决心过上好生活。圣地亚哥州立大学(San Diego State University)的约翰#8226;伊格(John Eger)表示,市区正在变成“客厅”。而就如拉蒂和其他人告诉我的,接下来还会发生更重大的变化。The biggest of all could be driverless cars. Aly you can occasionally spot them on northern Californian streets. In perhaps a decade, these things will start transforming the city. One day your car will drop you at work, then drive itself off, either to park outside town or to collect someone else. One benefit: hardly any parking in cities any more. (Warning: do not buy an urban parking space now.)其中最大的变化可能是无人驾驶汽车。在加利福尼亚州北部的街道上,你已经能够间或看到这些汽车。或许10年后,这些无人驾驶汽车将开始改变整个城市。有一天,你的车会把你送到工作的地方,然后自己开走,要么停在城外,要么再去接另一个人。一个好处是:城里几乎再也不需要停车场了。(警告:现在别买城市里的停车位。)From our table, Ratti pointed at the cars lining the gorgeous square. “Think how much real estate you are using to store idle pieces of metal that are used for what – an hour a day?”席间,拉蒂指着广场上停着的汽车说:“想想你用了多少面积来停放这些每天可能就用一小时的金属家伙?”Urban planners are aly thinking of uses for former parking spaces. The obvious one is bike lanes. I’ve seen the future of urban transport, and it was the small Dutch town where I grew up in the 1970s. By the age of eight, my entire class was cycling to school without parents. It was (fairly) safe because we had dedicated bike lanes. Cycling in Paris still isn’t very safe, because there aren’t enough bike lanes. I stopped cycling here after a car door knocked me down. The driver dismissed my complaints, pointing out that I was merely bleeding from the head, not dead.城市规划师已经开始思考如何利用这些以后将不再是停车场的土地。一个显而易见的用途是自行车道。早在20世纪70年代,我就已经在我成长的荷兰小镇看过城市交通的未来面貌了。8岁时,我们班同学都自个儿骑自行车上学。这样做(相当)安全,因为我们有专用的自行车道。而即使是现在,在巴黎骑自行车还不是很安全,因为自行车道不够。我自从被一辆车的车门撞倒后,就再也不在这里骑自行车了。那个司机对我的抱怨充耳不闻,声称我不过是头上流血,又没有不幸身亡。Biking is for everyone. One new trend is hybrid bikes with electric wheels. If you’re old, or going uphill, just turn on the motor.骑自行车适合任何人。一个新趋势是配有电力驱动的混合动力自行车。如果你年事已高,或者要骑上坡,你只需打开电力马达。Another potential future for parking spaces: mini-parks, says Mathieu Lefevre, executive director of the New Cities Foundation. Previously, anyone with kids was expected to leave the city. Now that cities are nice and safe, families want to stay. However, they need more play areas. Replace that parked car outside Ma Bourgogne with a swing or slide, and you’d have the perfect family spot: parent friendly, which means “with coffee”.新城市基金会(New Cities Foundation)常务理事马蒂厄#8226;勒费夫尔(Mathieu Lefevre)提出了停车场在未来的另一可能用途:小型公园。以前人们认为任何有孩子的人都应该离开城市。现在城市变得既漂亮又安全,有孩子的家庭想要在这里生活。然而,他们需要更多的玩耍空间。把Ma Bourgogne咖啡店外面的停车区换成一架秋千或者滑梯,你就拥有了完美的家庭活动地点:一个“父母友好型”场所,也就是说,这儿供应咖啡。Aly, urban workplaces have changed. Ratti and I were having a business meeting in Ma Bourgogne. “I don’t think there is a better office than this,” he said. But working in cafés is very 2003. The next step: working in parks, even in winter. New technologies can follow you around, giving you your own little portable bubble of heat and light, said Ratti. Another potential workspace: the roof of your apartment building. Imagine a swimming pool or garden there, and some desks.城市里的工作环境也发生了变化。我和拉蒂在Ma Bourgogne开了一次商业会议。“我觉得没有比这儿更好的办公室了,”他说。但是在咖啡店里工作太有2003年的感觉了。下一步:在公园里工作,哪怕是在冬天。拉蒂说,如影相随的新技术能够为你提供一个包含光和热的小型可移动气泡。还有一个可能的工作地点:你住的公寓的顶层。想象那里有一个游泳池,或者花园,还配了几张桌子。#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.Cities are now dominated by knowledge workers. But Ratti has a counterintuitive candidate for the next urban industry: manufacturing. He explains that 3D printing will be done by creative types in small spaces such as former garages. These people want to be somewhere like the Place des Vosges.现在城市里引领风骚的是知识型工作者。但拉蒂推断在下一代城市产业中脱颖而出的可能是制造业,这真是让人没想到。他解释称,创新型工作者将在从前的车库等小空间里进行3D打印。这些人希望在类似孚日广场这样的地方工作。As the western city ceases to be a giant office-cum-parking lot, it looks better every day. But there’s an iron rule of our time: anything desirable gets grabbed by the 1 per cent. Cities are becoming unaffordable for anyone else. One way to counter this is to build bridges – often literally – between rich and poor areas. In Johannesburg, rich Sandton and poor black Alexandra are now neighbours. Soon a 250m footbridge will connect them. In Paris, “horizontal skyscrapers” and parks could cross the ringroad to link the city with its suburbs, says Lefevre.随着西方的城市不再是巨大的办公室加停车场,城市的面貌将变得越来越好。但我们的时代有一条铁则:任何值得拥有的东西都被1%的人攫取了。除了这些人,住在城市的开销正逐渐超过其他任何人的承受力。扭转这一趋势的一个方法是修建连接富有和贫困地区的桥梁,通常这个桥梁就是指字面意义上的桥梁。在南非约翰内斯堡,富有的桑顿(Sandton)地区和主要是黑人居民的贫穷的亚历山德拉(Alexandra)地区现在相当靠近了。很快一座长250米的人行天桥将连接这两个街区。勒费夫尔表示,在巴黎,“地平线上的高楼大厦”和公园可以穿过环路,将城市和城郊连接起来。Today’s cities also suffer from an age divide. Young people can’t afford the house prices. Meanwhile, many older inhabitants are getting infirm and lonely. Seoul has a nice solution: a programme that helps an old person arrange to share with a student.今天的城市也面临着年龄鸿沟问题。年轻人买不起房子。同时,许多年岁较大的居民开始变得体弱而孤独。首尔有一个很棒的解决办法:一个帮助老人与学生分享住处的项目。Other cities will surely steal the idea, just as they are copying Amsterdam’s bike lanes and Sydney’s coffee. If only all policy making today were as creative as urbanism.其他城市肯定会效仿这个创意,就像它们照搬了阿姆斯特丹的自行车道和悉尼的咖啡店那样。如果今天所有的政策制定都能像城市主义这样富有创见就好了。 /201501/351635 White potatoes have gotten a bad rap.白土豆的口碑很不好。All the starch contained in spuds can raiseblood sugar.And potatoes — which are often consumed with loads of fat (think french fries and chips) — may not do our waistlines any favor.土豆所含淀粉会提高血糖。并且土豆常常和大量脂肪一起被吃掉——例如一大堆的炸土豆条和土豆片——会不利于我们的腰围。But the reputation of the humble spud may be on the mend.但是土豆卑微的名声有望修复。In a new report, an expert committee from the Institute of Medicinerecommends that white potatoes be eligible for purchase with WICvouchers – that#39;s shorthand for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. WIC is a food assistance program for low-income, nutritionally at-risk women, infants and children.在一篇新闻报道中,一个来自医学会的专家委员会向人们推荐白土豆,称它符合用“妇婴童”优惠券购买的标准(“妇婴童”优惠券是向妇女、婴儿和儿童提供特殊营养计划的简写)。“妇婴童”计划是为低收入及缺乏营养的妇女、婴儿和儿童提供食品援助的计划。The IOM report concludes that potatoes ;contribute useful quantities of potassium and fiber to Americans#39; diets; — something most of us aren#39;t getting enough of.美国医学研究院在一份报告中总结称:土豆为美国人的膳食提供大量有用的,而大部分人却摄入不足的钾和纤维。And, the panel says, many Americans — including women and children — are falling short of the recommended targets for starchy vegetables.该专家小组也说包括妇女而儿童在内的大量美国人,吃的淀粉蔬菜不够推荐量。The recommendation is a reversal of IOM#39;s earlier position, in 2006, when it weighed in against supporting white potatoes#39; eligibility in WIC. The following year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ruled that people enrolled in WIC couldn#39;t use program vouchers to pay for spuds.在2006年,美国医学研究院反对白土豆加入“妇婴童”计划,并撤销对白土豆的推荐。于是2007年,美国农业部规定凡是在“妇婴童”计划登记的人,不能用“妇婴童”优惠券买土豆。But, as we#39;ve reported, politicians on Capitol Hill and potato lobbyists have been fighting to overturn WIC#39;s anti-potato stance不过,正如我们所报道的那样,国会山的政客们和土豆的说客们已经设法改变了“妇婴童”计划的反土豆姿态。;It creates a misperception that the potato doesn#39;t have nutritional value,; Mark Szymanski, spokesman for the National Potato Council,told The Salt back in 2013.马克·赛门斯基是国家土豆委员会的发言人,在2013年就曾对《盐报》说:“这就造成了一种土豆没营养的错误认识。”So, why did the IOM committee decide to reverse course? We askedKathleen Rasmussen, a Cornell University nutrition professor, who was chair of the IOM committee.那么美国医学研究院的委员会是为何要决定改弦易辙的呢?对此我们询问了康奈尔大学的营养学教授凯瑟琳·拉斯姆森,正是她执掌该美国医学研究院委员会。It turns out that the Dietary Guidelines (which were last revised in 2010) recommend higher intakes of starchy vegetables compared to the guidelines that were in place when the IOM reviewed the issue in 2006. Starchy vegetables include potatoes, corn and peas. And many Americans are not reaching those targets.结果我们发现2010年最新一版的《膳食指南》所推荐的淀粉类蔬菜摄入量要高于美国医学研究院所参照的2006年版。淀粉类蔬菜包括土豆、玉米和豌豆。许多美国人摄入不达标。;I was surprised by how much the guidelines had changed,; Rasmussen told us. The guidelines now advise women to consume 5 cups of starchy vegetables per week, compared to the target of 3 cups that was in place in 2006.拉斯姆森女士告诉我们:“该《指导原则》做了这么多改变,令我很吃惊。”该《指导原则》现在建议妇女每周要摄入5杯淀粉类蔬菜,而2006年的目标量是3杯。Today#39;s decision has its cheerleaders on Capitol Hill. Maine Sen.Susan Collins, a Republican, released a statement in support of the recommendation.今天的决定得到来自国会山的强有力持。缅因州参议员苏珊·柯林斯是一位共和党员,发表了一份声明持这个新的推荐量。;A medium baked potato contains 15 percent of the daily recommended value of dietary fiber, 27 percent of the daily recommended value for vitamin B6, and 28 percent of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C,; Collins#39; statement said.柯林斯在声明中说:“一份中等分量的烤土豆含有每日纤维摄入推荐量的15%,每日维生素B6摄入推荐量的27%,每日维生素C摄入推荐量的28%。”So, it seems — as is typical in nutrition science — it#39;s easy to make the case for and against the potato.所以,不管是持土豆还是反对土豆似乎都很容易。这在营养科学中极具代表性。On one hand, if you#39;re among the millions of Americans aiming to control your blood sugar due to type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, perhaps going heavy on potatoes isn#39;t a good idea.一方面,如果你患有2型糖尿病或处于糖尿病前期,属于那一百万需要控制血糖的美国人,那么吃大量土豆不是明智之举。But, as is the case with many others — including many of the women and children reached by WIC — if you#39;re looking to boost nutrients such as potassium and fiber, don#39;t rule the spud out.但是,剩下的人,包括“妇婴童”计划援助的妇女儿童,如果想要提高像钾和纤维那样的营养,就不必从食物中剔除土豆。And remember: To get the most from your potatoes, eat the skins. ;Ounce for ounce, the skin contains more nutrients — including the majority of the vegetable#39;s fiber — than the rest of the potato,; according to Victoria Jarzabkowski, a registered dietician at the University of Texas at Austin.并且记住:想要从你的土豆中得到尽可能多的营养,就吃掉土豆皮吧。因为德克萨斯大学的注册营养师维克多利亚·贾兹科瓦斯基说过:“一盎司接着一盎司地吃掉土豆皮吧,因为土豆皮中含有大部分的植物纤维,远远多于土豆的剩余部分。” /201502/358586湖州中心整形医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱湖州哪里治疗痘疤痘印比较好



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