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2019年02月21日 21:32:34来源:医护报

A Russian passenger plane has crashed in the Sinai desert.一架俄罗斯客机在西奈沙漠坠毁。The Kogalymavia Airbus A-321 was travelling from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg.这架俄科加雷姆航空公司A-321客机从红海旅游胜地沙姆沙伊赫飞往圣彼得堡。The Russian aviation authority said that the aircraft failed to make scheduled contact with Cyprus air traffic control 23 minutes after take-off and disappeared from the radar.俄罗斯航空表示,遇难客机在起飞23分钟后未能与塞浦路斯航空交通取得联系,并从雷达上消失。There were 217 passengers, and seven crew on board the flight.机上载有217名乘客及7名机组人员。Most are thought to be Russian tourits.其中大部分是俄罗斯游客。Egyptian search and rescue teams have located the plane in the Hassana area south of Arish in the Sinai desert.埃及搜救队已在西奈沙漠阿里什南部哈桑纳地区找到遇难飞机。The plane went down in a mountainous area in poor weather.客机是在恶劣的天气下坠毁的。Authorities say it appears unlikely that there are any survivors.当局称似乎不可能有任何幸存者。译文属。 /201511/406940。

  • Itll sp its civilization across Europe and beyond.它将自己的文明传遍欧洲甚至整个世界And it will do it...by conquest而传播的方式则是 战争61 A.D.An amphibious force 800 miles from Rome.公元六十一年 罗马派出一只两栖舰队前往八百英里外的大陆Mankind sps civilization through conquest.人类通过战争传播自己的文明The Romans are heading for Europes north-west frontier.罗马人正在朝着欧洲西北部边线挺进In command, General Suetonius Paulinus.军队由苏埃托尼乌斯·保利努斯将军指挥Ruthless, determined,Hes Romes enforcer.他冷酷无情 决心坚定 是罗马的执行者Having crushed an uprising in North Africa,在镇压了北非殖民地的一场起义后His orders are to do the same in Britain.他被调到英国去镇压那里的起义For twenty years,Britons have waged a guerilla war against Roman occupation.二十年间 英国人一直以游击的方式抵抗罗马帝国的侵略Expert riders, fierce warriors,他们是技艺精湛的骑士 无畏的勇士They collect the heads of their enemies.以搜集敌人的头颅为荣201510/403310。
  • Halloween History万圣节的由来From communion with the dead to pumpkins and pranks, Halloween is a patchwork holiday, stitched together with cultural, religious and occult traditions that span centuries.从与死者交流到南瓜和恶作剧,万圣节是个大杂烩的节日,与跨越数个世纪,文化和宗教上的神秘传统交织在一起。It all began with the Kelts, a people whose culture had sp across Europe more than two thousand years ago. October 31st was the day they celebrated the end of the harvest season in a festival called ;Samhain.; That night also marked the Keltic New Year and was considered the time ;between years,; a magical time when the ghost of the dead watched the Earth.这一切是从凯尔特人开始的,在两千多年前凯尔特人的文化就已经遍布欧洲。十月三十一日是个他们在称作“Samhain”的庆典上,庆祝丰收祭结束的日子。那个夜晚一样也是凯尔特人新年的标志,而且被认为是“年间”的时间,“年间”是死者的亡魂监视着地球的神秘时刻。It was the time when the veil between death and life was supposed to be at its thinnest.人们认为那一刻是死者与生者之间的帷幕最薄的时候。On ;Samhain,; the villagers gathered and lit huge bonfires to drive the dead back to the spirit world and keep them away from the living. But, as the Catholic Churchs influences grew in Europe, it frowned on the pagan rituals like ;Samhain.; In the 7th century, the Vatican began to merge it with the church-sanctioned holiday. So November 1st was designated ;All Saints Day; to honor martyrs and the deceased faithful.在“Samhain”庆典上,村民聚在一起燃起熊熊的营火驱使死者回到灵性世界,并使它们远离生者。然而,随着天主教教会的影响力在欧洲增加,它不满像是“Samhain”这样的异教徒仪式。第七世纪时,梵蒂冈开始将其与教会认可的节日合并在一起。所以十一月一日被指定为“诸圣日”以对殉教者们及过世的信徒表示尊敬。Both of these holidays had to do with the afterlife and about survival after death. It was a calculated move on the part of the Church to bring more people into the fold.这两个节日都与来世和死而复生有关。这是由教会所作出的老谋深算的一步,让更多人加入天主教的行列。;All Saints Day; was known then as ;Hallowmas.; ;Hallow; means ;holy; or ;saintly;, so the translation is roughly ;Mass of the Saints.; The night before October 31st was ;All Hallows Eve,; which gradually morphed into ;Halloween.;此后“诸圣日”被称作“Hallowmas”。 Hallow的意思是“神圣的”或“像圣徒的”,所以翻译大概就是“大批的圣徒”。十月三十一日的前夕则是“诸圣夜”,渐渐地演化成“万圣节”。The holiday came to America with the wave of Irish immigrants during the Potato Famine of the 1840s. They brought several of their holiday customs with them, including ;Bobbing for Apples; and playing tricks on neighbors, like removing gates from the front of houses. The young pranksters were masked, so they wouldnt be recognized. But over the years, the tradition of harmless tricks grew into outright vandalism.这个节日在1840年代马铃薯大饥荒期间,随着爱尔兰移民潮来到了美国。他们带来了几种节日习俗,包括“咬苹果游戏”和对邻居恶作剧,像是移走房子前的大门。年轻的恶作剧孩子们都戴着面具,才不会被认出来。但是这些年来,这些无害的恶作剧传统变成了彻底的破坏行为。Back in the 1930s, it really became a dangerous holiday. I mean, there was such hooliganism and vandalism. Trick-or-treating was originally an extortion deal: Give us candy or well trash your house.回溯到1930年代,这确实变成了个危险的节日。我的意思是,有这样的无赖行径和破坏行为。Trick-or-treating(不给糖就捣蛋)原本就是笔勒索交易:给我们糖果,不然我们会破坏你家。Store keepers and neighbors began giving treats or bribes to stop the tricks, and children were encouraged to travel door to door for treats as an alternative to trouble-making. By the late 30s, ;trick-or-treat; became a holiday greeting.商家和街坊邻居开始给小点心或贿赂来停止恶作剧,人们鼓励孩子挨家挨户要点心,作为替代捣乱的另一项选择。在三十年代晚期,“不给糖就捣蛋”变成了节日的问候语。201505/376282。
  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201602/419790。
  • Were on the second stage of our epic journey我们将开始史诗般旅程的第二阶段across Chinas vast Western frontier,穿越中国广袤的西部边疆where few travellers dare to venture.很少有人敢冒险来到的地方After travelling more than 3,000 miles northwest,在西北行驶了3000英里后we arrive in Kashgar in Xinjiang province,我们抵达了新疆喀什which lies on the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan.位于中国,阿富汗和巴基斯坦边境上的城市Kashgar is home to a veiled minority, whose culture喀什是神秘的少数族裔的家园,其文化is at odds with the modernising zeal of the ruling Han Chinese.与其他人对现代化的热忱截然不同Gosh, this looks like an ancient medieval city weve come to.天哪,我们好像来到一个古老的中世纪城市Its really on the far fringes of China.这真的是中国最边远之地This city was once a major centre on the Silk Road,这个城市曾是丝绸之路上的一个重要中心the 7,000 mile trade route that connected7000英里的贸易路线连接着Chinas Yellow River Valley with India and the Mediterranean.中国的黄河流域和印度以及地中海Today, Kashgar is a deeply divided city.如今,喀什是一个泾渭分明的城市In the old town, the Uyghurs, Turkic Muslim people from central Asia,在老城区,维吾尔的伊斯兰信徒来自中亚strive to preserve their ancient culture and religious practices.努力保持他们古老的文化和宗教习俗While in the new city, the recent influx of Han Chinese,who make up 92% of Chinese population然而在新城区,是新近涌入的占百分之九十二人口的汉族移民build their skyscrapers with the riches of the regions oil and gas.用该地区丰富的石油天然气财富建造天大楼This is where the Far East meets the Middle East.这就是远东和中东的一次交会I dont feel like Im in China, I feel like Im in Central Asia,我觉得我不像是在中国,更像是在中亚but its not China.但不是中国Its where there have been violent protests这里多次发生过的from disenfranchised Uyghurs against the Han Chinese.维族群众的抗议活动And where tradition and modernity are in open conflict.以及传统与现代的冲突Weve come to the market to find out我们来到市场探寻if Uyghur culinary and religious customs are surviving维族人的美食和宗教习俗是否还存在于in this ethnically divided city.这个民族特色分明的城市This is certainly the most exotic place weve been to in China.当然这是我们到过中国的最奇特的地方201510/406720。
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