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Tensions between the US and Turkey hit a post-coup high yesterday over a Pennsylvania-based cleric Ankara accuses of masterminding the failed putsch, as a crackdown on alleged sympathisers tore through the nation.围绕着一名居住在美国宾夕法尼亚州的传教士,美国和土耳其之间的紧张关系达到了政变之后的最高点。土耳其谴责此人策划了这场未遂的叛乱。针对所谓政变同情者的镇压正在撕裂土耳其。Turkey said it had sent the US four dossiers on the alleged activities of Fethullah Gulen, following up on a demand for his immediate return that threatens to derail relations between the Nato allies.在土耳其要求美国立即把葛兰引渡回国之后,土耳其表示,已向美国寄送了4份有关法士拉#8226;葛兰(Fethullah Gulen)涉嫌从事种种活动的卷宗。此事有可能破坏这两个北约(Nato)盟国之间的关系。In an unexpected twist, Turkish officials blamed Mr Gulen’s followers for shooting down a Russian Su-24 in November. That brought Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wrath on Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s economy, with travel bans for tourists and curbs on Turkish exports.出人意料的一点是,土耳其官员谴责葛兰的追随者在去年11月击落了一架俄罗斯苏-24战机。那起事件令俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)对土耳其总统雷杰普#8226;塔伊普#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)感到愤怒,随即对土耳其经济开刀,禁止俄罗斯人前往土耳其旅游,并限制土耳其对俄出口。The pilots were rounded up on Saturday, as part of what has become a wide-ranging purge of supposed plotters and sympathisers. Authorities yesterday ordered resignations of all 1,577 deans at public and private universities and suspended licences of 21,000 teachers.上周六,击落苏-24战机的飞行员遭到逮捕,这是对所谓政变阴谋者和同情者大范围清洗的一部分。昨日,土耳其当局下令公立与私立大学的所有校长(1577名)辞职,并暂停了2.1万名教师的执教资格。Mr Putin and Mr Erdogan are expected to meet next month for the first time since the jet was downed, a sign of continuing rapprochement with the Kremlin just as Turkey bristles at Washington for harbouring a man Mr Erdogan once considered a friend, but now describes as a terrorist.预计普京和埃尔多安将在下月举行自俄罗斯战机被击落以来的第一次会晤,表明土耳其开始继续改善对俄关系。与此同时,土耳其对美国包庇葛兰感到恼怒。埃尔多安曾把葛兰视为朋友,但如今把他描述为恐怖分子。Turkey blames Mr Gulen, a 77-year-old Islamic cleric who has lived in rural Pennsylvania since 1999, for mobilising his millions of followers to instigate a coup that claimed more than 200 lives. Mr Gulen denies the claim, while John Kerry, US secretary of state, has said Washington required credible evidence for any extradition request.土耳其指责葛兰动员其数以百万计的追随者煽动了一场造成逾200人死亡的政变。现年77岁的葛兰是一名伊斯兰教士,自1999年以来一直生活在美国宾夕法尼亚州的乡村。葛兰否认该指控,同时美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)称,华盛顿需要可信据来持引渡请求。Mr Erdogan’s spokesman said “Gulen is not a US citizen#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;send him to Turkey, let him go through the judicial process here”. The US stance — any extradition must go through judicial review — has angered Ankara.埃尔多安的发言人称,“葛兰并非美国公民……把他送到土耳其,让他在这里走司法程序”。美国的立场——任何引渡都必须经过司法覆核——激怒了安卡拉方面。The dossiers do not include any evidence of Mr Gulen’s coup actions, said Bekir Bozdag, the justice minister. Instead, a Turkish official said they include the fruits of Turkish prosecutors’ long-running probes.土耳其司法部长贝基尔#8226;兹达(Bekir Bozdag)表示,档案中并不包括葛兰参与政变的任何据。相反,土耳其一名官员称,该档案包含土耳其检察官长期调查的成果。Turkey has repeatedly called on the US to return Mr Gulen but this is the first time Ankara has made any formal moves. Mr Gulen is a permanent resident in the US, but has been stripped of his Turkish passport.土耳其多次要求美国遣返葛兰,但是这是安卡拉方面首次采取正式行动。葛兰是美国的永久居民,但已被吊销土耳其护照。 /201607/455670The oil market will remain oversupplied until the end of the decade as the push for cleaner fuels and greater efficiency offsets lower prices, the world’s leading energy forecaster has said.全球顶尖能源预测机构国际能源署(IEA)表示,推动人们使用更清洁燃料以及提高能效的举措,抵消了油价降低对石油消费的提振作用,因此石油市场供应过剩的局面将持续到2010年代末。In its annual outlook the International Energy Agency said oil demand would rise less than 1 per cent a year until 2020, not fast enough to mop up a glut that has driven prices to multi lows.在年度《世界能源展望》中,国际能源署表示,直到2020年,石油需求年增速将一直低于1%,这样的速度不足以消除导致油价跌至多年低点的石油供应过剩。The slowdown in oil demand growth follows a near 15-year surge in consumption, driven by the rapid industrialisation of China and other emerging market economies.在这轮石油需求增长放缓之前,受中国及其他新兴市场经济体快速工业化的带动,石油消费量曾出现将近15年的大幅增长。But Beijing is moving away from dirtier fuels to less energy-intensive growth as it heads towards a more consumer-led economy. “We are approaching the end of the single largest demand growth story in energy history,” Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA, told the Financial Times.不过,在中国经济向消费拉动型转型之际,中国正在减少对污染较大的燃料的使用,转向能源密集度较低的增长模式。国际能源署署长法提赫比罗尔(Fatih Birol)向英国《金融时报》表示:“能源史上规模最大的一轮需求增长正接近尾声。”“Demand is not as strong as we have seen in the past as a result of efficiency [and climate] policies [globally],” he added, saying the growth in renewables would further restrict demand for oil.他补充说:“受(全球)关于提高能效(和气候问题)的政策影响,需求不像我们过去看到的那样强劲。”他还表示可再生能源的增长会进一步抑制石油的需求。The IEA does not expect crude oil to reach a barrel until 2020 under its “central scenario”, as excess supplies are slowly soaked up. After 2020 demand growth was expected to grind almost to a halt, increasing just 5 per cent over the following 20 years, the IEA said.国际能源署预测了多种可能情景,按照其“核心情景”,原油供应过剩将被缓慢消化,原油价格要到2020年才会涨到每桶80美元。国际能源署表示,2020年后,需求增长预计会几近停顿,在之后的20年里将仅增长5%。Demand is not forecast to hit 103.5m b/d until 2040 — from the current 94.5m b/d. Growth would be “moderated” by a return to higher prices, efforts to phase out subsidies and the switch to alternative fuels — especially in developed markets, the report added. “Collectively, the US, EU and Japan will see their oil demand drop by about 10m b/d by 2040.”预计直到2040年,石油需求才会从现在的每天9450万桶增长到每天1.035亿桶。该报告补充说,油价回升、各国逐步取消补贴、以及各国(尤其是发达国家)改用替代燃料,将“平抑”需求的增长。“到2040年时,欧美和日本的石油日需求将合计下滑约1000万桶。”Pledges made in advance of the Paris climate talks in December, Mr Birol said, would be a further catalyst for moves towards a low-carbon, more energy-efficient future.比罗尔表示,12月份巴黎气候会议前各国做出的承诺,将进一步推动各项举措的出台,这些举措将推动人类走向低碳、高能效的未来。Saudi officials warned this week that investment cuts and oil prices at about for a prolonged time would have a “substantial and long-lasting” impact on supplies — a case the IEA also made in an alternative “scenario”.沙特官员本周警告说,投资的削减及油价长期处于每桶50美元左右,将对石油供应产生“巨大而持久”的影响——国际能源署在另一种“情景”中也阐述了这一可能性。Forecasting long-term oil prices is difficult, however. Two years ago the IEA said that although the rise of US shale oil would “shake” the energy world, a period of oversupply did not await.不过,预测油价的长期变化十分困难。两年前,国际能源署曾表示,尽管美国页岩油的崛起会“震撼”能源界,但世界并不会在一段时期内面临石油供应过剩。 /201511/409614Should the Chinese people learn to appreciate the helpfrom other countries?中国应该学会感激他国的帮助吗?My observation of thenationalism of the Chinese people is that, they think the nation is a greatcountry now, and they attribute the achievements to Mao Zedong’s leadership,Deng Xiaoping’s reformation, as well as the rule of the communist party. On theother hand, whenever mentioning other countries.. they talk about thehumiliation in the history, such as the burn down of the Qing Summer Palace(Yuan2 Ming2 Yuan2).据我观察,中国人的民族主义情绪是这个样子的:他们认为中国现在是个伟大的国家,把成功归功于毛泽东的领导,邓小平的改革,T·G的治理。另一方面,无论何时他们谈论其他国家的时候,总是讨论他们历史上被羞辱,比如圆明园被烧毁这些。In fact there were numerous helps to China from other countries. In 1945, USAand USSR fought Japan to make it unconditional surrender. During 1950s, USSRhelped China on economic recovery and industrialization. Most of the importantindustries were built with the technologies from USSR. USSR also helped Chinain making its nuclear bomb in the earlier phase until USSR later changed itsmind. China did never mention that many of its nuclear professionals wereeducated in the USA and they were the critical contributors of the capabilityto have the bomb in 1964. Later on, during the Sino-Soviet border conflict in1969, USA warned USSR not to use its atomic bomb to China that may have changedthe USSR decision to invade China. After 1978 China started the economicreformation and 1979 Deng Xiaoping visited USA, all major western countriesinvested in China with a giant amount of money and technology. Even Japan madea significant contribution to China’s development. After 1989 event, most ofthe western countries froze theeconomic assistance to China, but Japanrestarted its cooperation with China very soon. Within the recent 20 years,China has learned almost all advanced technology from USA and other countries.It is to happen only with the help of hundreds of thousands foreign Universitytrained experts, many of them are originally Chinese, but many are justforeigners who went China to help Chinese people sincerely.事实其他国家帮了中国很多,1945年美苏攻打日本,日本无条件投降。50年代,苏联帮助中国的经济和工业复苏。大部分的工业是基于苏联技术建设的。苏联最初还还帮助中国制造核弹,直到苏联改变主意。中国从未提到过,他们很多和专家是在美国接受教育的,而这些专家为中国在1964年拥核起到了关键的作用。在1969年中苏边境冲突期间,美国警告苏联不许对中国使用核武器,这也许改变了苏联意图侵略中国的企图。1978年后中国开始改革开放,邓小平访美,所有的西方主要国家都对中国进行了大量金钱和科技的投资。甚至日本也对中国的发展做出的重要贡献。89事件后,大部分西方国家冻结了对中国的援助,但日本之后很快重启了与中国的合作。在最近20年内,中国从美国和其他国家那里学习了几乎所有的先进科技。这些事成百上千的外国大学专家帮助下才实现的,他们许多人原本是中国人,但是其实他们是外国人,他们到中国真诚的帮助中国人民。For an individual, if you want to have friends, you need to know how toappreciate their help when you were in hard time. You cannot just take it asgranted, or just take advantage from your friends and then throw them away likeold shoes. Don’t you think it works the same way for a country? How could theChinese people understand this issue?对于个人而言,如果你想交朋友,在你困难时候得到帮助,你要懂得如何感激他们。你不能只觉得这是理所当然的,或者从朋友那里占到便宜后就把他们像扔破鞋一样甩到一边。难道你们不觉得对于国家来说也应该是一样的吗?中国人如何才能理解这个问题。 /201701/487108

China has launched an investigation into Volkswagen as the diesel emissions scandal engulfing the German carmaker reached the world’s biggest car market.笼罩在大众汽车(Volkswagen)头上的柴油车尾气造假丑闻蔓延至中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,中国有关部门已对这家德国汽车制造商展开调查。The environmental protection ministry said on Monday that it was “highly concerned” about the issue. However, it added that an initial investigation revealed that only 1,900 imported VW cars included the so-called defeat devices designed to fool emissions tests.中国环保部周一表示,对这一事件高度重视。但该部又表示,初步调查结果显示,中国只有1900余辆进口大众汽车搭载了旨在欺骗尾气检测的所谓“减效装置”(defeat device)。It said VW’s locally produced vehicles, which account for the bulk of its sales in the carmaker’s biggest single market, were not affected.中国环保部称,大众在华生产的汽车没有受到影响。中国是大众最大的市场,中国市场销售的汽车中有很大一部分是大众品牌的汽车。VW said on Monday that it was recalling 1,950 imported diesel vehicles in China in order to “correct the engine software”.大众周一表示,将在中国市场召回1950辆进口柴油车,以“修正发动机控制软件”。“After the internal evaluation Volkswagen is now working full speed on a technical solution,” it said, adding that “all vehicles are technically safe and roadworthy”.该公司称:“内部评估完成后,大众汽车目前正在全力开发相应的技术解决方案。”它还表示:“所有车辆在技术上均安全可靠,完全适合上路行驶。”The German car company is in the midst of a global recall of 11m cars that were fitted with illegal software to cheat emissions tests by regulators.这家德国汽车制造商正在全球召回1100万辆安装了非法软件欺骗监管机构尾气排放检测的汽车。While diesel is widely used in China to power trucks, the vast majority of cars sold in the country run on petrol.尽管中国的卡车普遍使用柴油发动机,但在中国市场销售的绝大部分乘用车是以汽油为动力的。John Zeng, an analyst with LMC Automotive in Shanghai, said he expected VW to “have some PR issues” but not much material impact given that its diesel sales in China are tiny.上海LMC Automotive分析师曾志凌(John Zeng)表示,他预期大众将“遭遇一些公关问题”,但鉴于它在中国销售的柴油车数量很少,它不会受到太多实质性影响。He added that VW would be cushioned from reputational blows because its production and sales are managed through joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, two state-owned vehicle companies.曾志凌补充称,大众在华的生产和销售是由其与两家国有车企上汽(SAIC)和一汽(FAW)组建的合资企业管理的,因此其声誉受到的冲击会有所减轻。VW on Monday said it wanted to “sincerely apologise” to its customers and would do “everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns”, noting that “Volkswagen has been at home in China for more than 30 years”.大众周一表示,它对客户“深表歉意”,“会尽一切努力重新获得客户的信任,并帮助消除他们的各种疑虑”,该公司还指出“大众汽车根植中国市场三十余年”。 /201510/403528

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