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相关文本:China will scrap local fees and some long distance roaming fees for mobile phone users as of January 1st. The move is part of the country's effort to simplify its billing systems.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on Friday that local long distance calls will be charged a unified long distance rate only ... rather than both a local rate and a long distance rate. Additionally, mobile phone users roaming within the country, and making international calls, will pay an international rate only, rather than both international rates and roaming fees. The new rules also state that users roaming within the country will be charged a maximum of 0.6 yuan per minute for their domestic long distance calls.12/91803Every morning, goats are let loose among the tea terraces,每天清晨 山羊被放养在这些茶树梯田间a centuries-old tradition.这是个历史悠久的传统This might seem surprising given goats reputation看起来好象很奇怪让这些for eating anything green,山羊去吃这些绿色的植物but tea isnt as defenceless as it looks.不过茶树并不像看上去那样毫无设防Tea leaves are loaded with bitter chemicals茶叶中存在刺激性的化学成分designed to repel browsing animals.以驱走啃食的动物It works on the goats,这对山羊很有效who leave the tea untouched and instead eat up the weeds,它们只是吃光茶树外的杂草fertilising the tea plants with their droppings.它们的粪便恰好茶树供给了养分The surprise is that we humans惊讶的是我们人类should find the same bitter chemical cocktail却还没发现同样刺激性的化学鸡尾酒utterly irresistible.以便让人类根本不敢染指Among the Kejia people,tea-growing is a family business.对客家人而言 种植茶树是家族事业Women do the picking,while the men process and pack it.女人们采摘 男人门加工 打包Mrs Zhang belongs to a Kejia family张女士是一名客家家族的成员that has lived and worked for generations她们家族在这片同样的茶园among these same tea terraces.生活劳作了数个世代 /201210/202519

At last, journeys end,旅途的终点a coated niche beyond the reach of even the most enterprising predator.高悬的庇护所使得最激进的捕食者都束手无策But its not just monkeys that find shelter in caves.并非只有猴子们在洞穴中寻找遮蔽These children are off to school.这些孩子们刚放学In rural China, that may mean a long trek each morning,在中国农村每天早上都意味着一段passing through a cave or two on the way.穿越一两个洞穴的艰苦跋涉But not all pupils have to walk to school.然而并非所有孩子都要徒步上学These children are boarders.这些孩子是寄宿生As the day pupils near journeys end,当孩子们快要到达学校时the boarders are still making breakfast.住宿生还在做早饭In the school yard, someone seems to have switched the lights off.校园内仿若被关掉了灯一般黑暗But this is no ordinary play ground但这里其实并没有正规的操场and no ordinary school.以及正规的学校Its house,只不过是座inside a cave.洞穴中的房屋而已A natural vault of rock keeps out the rain,天然拱顶阻隔了雨水so there is no need for a roof on the classroom.为教室省去了屋顶 /201207/191433

VideoJug's film on how to warm up and stretch for tennis is invaluable to all those preparing for a tennis game. Look after your body and improve your performance with these simple yet effective tips.以下的关于如何热身和伸展四肢来打网球的建议对于所有准备打网球的人都是很宝贵的。呵护好身体并用这些简单而有效的方法来提高你的表现。Step 1: A warm up jog 热身小跑You can begin your warm-up with a gentle ten to fifteen minute jog around the court.This will warm and loosen the muscles before you begin stretching.You can try variations on your jogging skipping side to side across the court…or touching down at the sidelines.Just keep moving until your whole body feels warm and you're y to stretch.Step 2: Stretch your legs 拉伸腿For the first leg stretch, place your feet shoulder width apart and, keeping your legs straight, gently drop your hands towards the ground in front of you. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.TIP: Relax your arms and breathe as you stretch.Now place your hands on your lower right leg and then on your lower left leg. This stretches the muscles in your upper thigh. Just take each stretch to the point where you feel tension and hold for 10 or 15 seconds.Tip: Stretch gently. Never hold a stretch if it hurts.Next we're going to stretch the inner thighs. With one leg bent, extend the other sideways until you can feel the tension in your groin. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.To stretch your hamstrings, simply step forward with one leg and push the other out behind you. Try to keep your upper body straight. Then repeat the stretch with your other leg.TIP: Go forward, as low as you can, without experiencing any pain.Now we're going to stretch the quads. Just stand on one leg and gather your foot in your hand. Gently pull it back behind you, stretching the muscle at the front of your leg, by easing your toes towards your buttock.Repeat with the other leg.Step 3: Stretch your arms and hands 伸展胳膊和手Start by grabbing your right elbow with your left hand above your head. Now slowly pull your elbow to the left. You should feel the stretch in your triceps and the sides of your body. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat with the other arm. TIP: keep your upper body straight.Next we are going to stretch the wrists. Hold you right arm at shoulder height. With no bend in the elbow. Use your left hand to gently pull your right wrist back. Hold for 10-15s and repeat for anther hand.201110/157821A happier alternative to the cycle of weight loss and gain is to achieve a weight you and your doctor can both live with.保持体重更加健康的选择是获得你和医生都认可的体重。You Will Need你需要A calculator计算器Your doctor你的医生Common sense常识Healthy eating and physical activity habits健康的饮食和体育活动习惯Steps步骤Never change your diet or attempt to do any exercise or exercise plan without first consulting your physician.在改变饮食习惯或者试图进行任何锻炼或锻炼计划之前一定要先咨询医生。Step 1 Calculate your body mass index1.计算身体质量指数BMICalculate your body mass index (BMI) by multiplying your weight in pounds by 705, and then dividing the product by your height in inches squared.计算你的身体质量指数(BMI),计算公式是:体重(单位:磅)*705/身高(单位:英寸)的平方Step 2 Evaluate your BMI score2.评估BMI得分Compare your BMI: a BMI between 19 and 25 is in the normal range. If your BMI is between 25 and 29, you are considered overweight and if your BMI is over 29, you are considered obese.对比你的BMI:如果BMI介于19和25之间是正常范围。如果BMI介于25和29之间,你的体重超重。如果BMI超过29,说明你已经达到肥胖的水平。Step 3 Decide your ideal weight3.理想的体重Decide your ideal weight and determine how much weight you would like to gain or lose, using the BMI, common sense, and your doctor’s advice.通过你的BMI,常识和医生的建议来决定你理想的体重是多少,你应该增加或减少多少重量。Avoid dieting unless you are seriously overweight or have medical reason for losing weight (such as having high blood pressure or being at high risk of heart disease).除非你非常肥胖,或者出于健康问题(例如高血压或心脏病风险高)必须减肥,不要试图节食。Step 4 Develop healthy eating and physical activity habits4.培养健康的饮食和体育运动习惯Develop healthy eating and physical activity habits to maintain a stable weight when you have achieved your ideal weight.当你达到理想的体重之后,培养健康的饮食和体育活动习惯,保持稳定的体重。Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.三分之二的美国成年人超重或肥胖。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230346London (CNN)—If you are wondering how to improve morale, encourage collaboration and limit stress in your workplace — without spending too much money -- maybe you should consider getting an office dog.CNN发自伦敦的报道:如果你正在考虑如何提高员工的士气和效率的同时又能给他们减缓压力,不妨试试在办公室养一条吧,这是一个不失为简单有效的方法At an architecture practice in East London, director Vivian Chan believes Tiger,a long-haired Jack Russell, is good for morale.在伦敦东区的一家公司里,薇薇安就坚信她的虎子—长毛拉塞尔犬—在提高员工士气方面很有裨益。;Architecture is quite stressful, so having a dog around is very therapeutic. You cant really be all that serious when Tiger is jumping between chairs.;she says.她说“构架工程师是一个相当累的工作,所以在这样一个环境里一只能很好的解决压力过大的问题。特别是当它在椅子中间上蹿下跳的时候,特别逗。”Far from interfering with the companys appearance of professionalism, Tiger appears to be a useful marketing tool. ;When we have meetings with clients, he falls asleep on their shoes,; Chan says. ;Some clients talk to me while theyre stroking him. Some even bring treats for him.;此外,虎子还是一个非常有效的营销工具。薇薇安说:“当我和客户会面时,它就依偎在客户脚边打盹。有些客户在交谈中会给它捋毛。有的客户甚至会为它”Next door, at aweb and app development company, a four-year-old border collie accompanies his owner to work every day.旁边的网站开发公司里也有这样一只四岁大的边境柯利牧羊犬每个工作日都陪着它的主人。Project manager Imke Siefkes says Rabobi (which means ;Spiderman; in South Africas Xhosa language) doesnt cause any problems. He walks himself around a nearby park when employees go outside to smoke, responds to commands spoken in English, German and Polish, and has even managed to win over employees who suffer allergies and a fear of dogs.项目经理Imke Siefkes称这只牧羊犬从来没有引起过任何麻烦。员工在附近的公园里抽烟的时候它也会跟着一起,并能对英语德语和波兰语的命令做出反应,甚至连那些对过敏的人和害怕的员工也开始喜欢它了。;At first she found it a bit hard,; Siefkes says of a dog-phobic colleague. ;She was cool about it, though, and now she really likes it.;Siefkes说起他的一个害怕的同事:“刚开始的时候她有一点害怕,多以对它不是很友好,但现在却很喜欢它”Siefkes believes Rabobi also has a de-stressing effect on the office environment, but not ;at an instant level.;同时Siefkes认为她的牧羊犬对降低办公室工作压力有所裨益,但还没有到显著的程度。Dr Randolph Barker, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business said:;We think dogs presence in the workplace may reduce stress for their owners, increase job satisfaction even for those without pets, and it may increase perceptions of organizational support,; says Barker. ;Its a low-cost wellness intervention, or benefit, thats available ily to any organization.;弗吉尼亚州立大学商学院教授罗纳尔多·巴克说:“我们认为办公室里的出现不仅能给它们的主人减轻工作压力,还能为所有办公人员提高工作满意度。这会给公司一些启发,因为这一措施花费低廉且效果显著,任何公司都有这个能力”Its also possible that having an office dog could engender a pack mentality in employees.办公室的存在还可能让员工保持好的工作状态。Although they may seem the preserve of small companies with manageable logistics, dogs are welcomed at some large companies too, including Google (a self-declared ;dog company;) and Amazon (where company policy requires them to be on a leash).尽管小公司可以接纳这些忠犬,一些大的公司,如谷歌和亚马逊也乐于接受犬只的存在。Its sample policy stipulates that dogs must be clean, disease-free and vaccinated, as well as toilet-trained. They may attend meetings, but only ;if they are quiet and do not distract participants.;这些公司的政策是:犬只必须保持干净,卫生,接受过检疫,同时也要受过卫生训练。它们在参加会议的时候必须保持安静,而且不能打扰其与会者。But Barker suggests that dogs may be preferable meeting participants than some colleagues. ;They dont judge us,; he says, ;and when no one else will listen to you, your dog will listen to you.;但是在巴克看来比一些同事更适合做一个与会者。他说:“不会轻易评价一个人,而且会始终听命于主人。”201207/191760

How To Attend a Wedding Alone on HowcastStep 1: Get a roomReserve a room where the bride and groom suggest you stay, likely the nearest place to the reception. You can get rides with other guests, or perhaps catch a shuttle to the festivities. This way, you can drink with abandon and freshen up at will.第一步:预定房间预定一个新婚夫妇建议你订的房间,比如离接待处最近的地点。你可以搭其他客人的便车去参加庆祝和或是来回往返。这样,你就可以尽情地喝酒并且能随意洗漱。Step 2: Buy a killer outfitSpring for a killer outfit.第二步:买一套迷人的衣买一套迷人的衣Step 3: Take dance lessonsIf you’re nervous on the dance floor, invest in a few lessons so you’ll feel confident getting jiggy with other solo guests.第三步:参加舞蹈培训课如果在舞池上你会紧张,可以参加一些舞蹈课程,以便和其他单身客人跳舞时充满自信。Tip:Do your homework—have the bride or groom give you a rundown of the other solo guests. Ask well in advance if they’ll seat you at a table with cute singles.小贴士:要多做些功课——询问新郎和新娘关于单身客人的简短介绍。提前问下,他们会是否将你安排坐在单身女士的旁边。Step 4: Work the cocktail hourScope out potential dance partners at the cocktail hour, in case you get stuck at a loser table.第四步:在喝鸡尾酒的时间是思考在喝鸡尾酒的时间内寻找可能的舞伴,以便你能坐在离她较近的位置上。Tip:Befriend the bartender at the start of the evening. That way, you’ll always have a friendly person to hang out with—and to smooth introductions to other singles.小贴士:一定要和酒保搞好关系。那样你就能和一个友好的朋友四处走,更容易和其他单身女士接触。Step 5: Make the first moveMake the first move—whether it’s asking someone to dance or simply chatting them up.第五步:采取第一步行动采取第一步行动——或是邀请别人跳舞或是和她们聊天。Step 6: Talk to everyoneTalk to as many new people as you can; you never know who might know someone who is perfect for you.第六步:和每个人都说话尽可能多地和每个人说话,你从不会知道也许有人了解谁会更适合你。Step 7: Have a nightcapHave a nightcap at the hotel bar with all your new friends. It’s where everyone who doesn’t have to run home to a babysitter goes when the reception ends.第七步:喝酒在旅馆酒吧和你的新朋友喝喝酒,那里是宴会结束时不必回家照顾孩子的单身人士去的地方。201011/117573Although China's economy has been developing at a rapid pace, the income levels of China's ordinary residents, are still lagging behind. Our reporter Guan Xin takes a look at the life of Beijing's ordinary residents to find out if their income levels are on a par with the rising living costs.China, a country with fast-growing fortunes and wealth.But prosperity in the cities isn't the whole story on the real life of ordinary people.Li Shanshan is a typical wage earner. Li graduated from a good university in Beijing, and is now working for IBM. Her income is around the city's average, but she can only afford a simple life. She's forced to calculate every expenditure, including small daily necessities. "I have a tight budget, and I make every single record of my expenditure in the notebook. Even that, sometimes there are still some expenditures that I expensed that I could not afford. Therefore I applied for a credit card, and pay it back next month."She lives in this old apartment, but the rental fees are still a big expenditure for her. To save on costs, she splits the rent with a room mate. Her salary, at several thousand yuan, means living alone in a rented apartment is unrealistic, and buying a home is far beyond reach.This is the way most Chinese fresh graduates are living, usually they share apartment with friends, and manage every single expenditure carefully. Obviously their consumption ability is restricted.Economists say the low income levels of ordinary Chinese workers, is a big hurdle to stimulate consumption.Increasing ordinary people's income is not only meant to balance the country's economic growth structure. More importantly, experts say it allows ordinary Chinese people to enjoy a larger share of the fruit of the country's amazing economic growth.Vocabulary:be on a par with: 与...相等同;与...相媲美lag behind: 落后,落后于例如:If your payments of rent lag behind, you will be asked to leave.你要是不能按时付房租,就要请你搬家。daily necessities: 生活必须品例如:I'm going shopping because I need to buy some daily necessities.我要去购物,因为我需要买些日用品。201007/107924

165852Hit the ground running in springtime and stay healthy with a variety of physical challenges in the great outdoors. Eat right and get fit, but find time to enjoy nature too.整装待发,通过各种各样户外运动来保持健康。饮食恰当可以保持健康,但是也要找点时间亲近大自然。You Will Need你需要Good athletic shoes好的运动鞋Bicycle自行车Swimsuit泳装Hiking boots远足靴Kayak独木舟Steps步骤If youve been inactive for a length of time, or if youve had any recent surgery or physical problems, consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program.如果你已经很长时间没有运动,或者最近接受了任何手术,或者身体出现了一点问题,开始任何伸展运动或锻炼项目之前一定要咨询医生。Step 1 Walk around1.散步Walk regularly, more than 20 minutes at a stretch to get the pulse up for good cardiovascular endurance. Walking is a great way to boost energy.经常散步,每次20分钟以上可以促进血液循环,增强心血管耐力。步行是补充精力的好方法。Step 2 Jog or run2.慢跑或跑步Jog or run to improve stamina and condition the heart and lungs. Burn calories and feel better.慢跑或跑步可以增强体力,调节心肺,燃烧热量,让你感觉更好。The weather is inviting, but if you do too much too soon, you might risk tendinitis, stress joints, or develop muscle problems.春季的好天气非常适合运动,但是如果过量的话,可能会有患上腱炎,关节压力过大等问题,或者肌肉出现问题。Step 3 Bicycle for low impact3.无伤害性地骑自行车Bicycle around the neighborhood, in parks, on bike paths, or along trails. If possible, commute to work on the bike.在社区周围,公园内,自行车道上,或沿着铁路骑自行车。如果可能的话,骑自行车去上班。Step 4 Eat organic produce4.食用有机食品Eat fresh, organic, leafy greens, veggies, and fruits in season. Give your body good, nontoxic fuel.食用当季的新鲜,有机,绿叶蔬菜和水果。为身体提供良好的无毒燃料。Step 5 Hike and enjoy nature5.远足,享受大自然Hike to improve stamina. Absorb the peaceful woods and running water as you recharge your mind and body with fresh air, healthy exercise, and unhurried reflection.远足来提高耐力。吸收平静的树林和潺潺的流水的气息,用新鲜的空气,健康的锻炼和从容的反思来为大脑和思想充电。Backpack if youre adventurous, but be aware of and prepared for animals, snakes, and bees. Bring a partner just in case.如果是去探险的话,带上背包,但是要警惕并准备好应对动物,蛇,蜜蜂。可以结伴同行,以防万一。Step 6 Kayak rough water6.激流划独木舟Kayak rough water to build the muscles of the abs, back, and stomach. Condition and prepare, because you need to be flexible enough to react on the fly and mentally sharp enough to the river current.激流划独木舟可以增强腹部,后背和胃部肌肉。做好准备工作,因为你必须有足够的灵活性和敏锐的头脑来判断危险的形势。Step 7 Swim to tone and strengthen7.游泳Swim to tone the arms and legs and take pressure off the joints once the weather is warm enough. This is a great, low-impact cardiovascular workout. Exercise feels more fun when its done in the great outdoors.当天气足够温暖的时候可以去游泳,调节双臂和双腿,缓解关节压力。这是对心血管非常有益的无伤害性的锻炼。置身美丽的大自然中,你会感到锻炼更有趣味。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/229373

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