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The Obama administration’s handling of Ebola has become an election issue as Republicans blame White House incompetence for the infection of two Texas healthcare workers with the deadly virus.奥巴马政府对埃Ebola)的处理已成为一个选举议题,共和党指责白宫无能,致使两名得克萨斯医护人员感染这种致命病毒。The White House is on the defensive as it faces questions over how the workers were infected, why one later took two domestic flights and why the US has not banned travellers from Ebola-hit parts of Africa. Ahead of congressional elections on November 4, Republicans are using Ebola to reinforce the party’s accusation that Barack Obama has pursued a weak foreign policy and failed to safeguard Americans.白宫在面对诸多相关问题时处于守势,包括两名医护人员是怎样感染的,为什么其中一人后来乘坐了两次国内航班,以及为什么美国没有针对来自埃拉非洲疫区的旅行者实施禁令。在11日的国会中期选举前夕,共和党正利用埃拉来加强他们的指责,即巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)一直奉行软弱的外交政策,未能保护美国人民。Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican in an election fight that could determine which party controls the Senate, said this week: “I call on the president to actually lead on this issue, take emergency action and protect American lives before we have an epidemic here at home.”堪萨斯州共和党人帕#8226;罗伯Pat Roberts)在本周表示:“我呼吁总统在这一问题上切实发挥领导作用,趁疫情还未在国内爆发之前采取紧急行动,保护美国人民的生呀?”他参与了这场能够决定参议院受哪个党控制的选举大战。In response to criticism, Mr Obama on Wednesday cancelled a presidential trip to fundraising events in New Jersey and Connecticut to chair a meeting of senior cabinet members responsible for confronting the threat of Ebola in the US. He said after the meeting that the US would take a “much more aggressiveapproach to containing existing Ebola cases in the US and ensuring hospitals knew how to deal with new ones.为应对批评,奥巴马在周三取消了前往新泽西和康涅狄格州参加筹款活动的总统行程,以主持召开一场会议,与会者为负责应对埃拉在美国威胁的内阁高级成员。奥巴马在会后表示美国将采取“更积极”的措施,控制美国的现有埃拉病例,并确保医院知道如何处理新增病例。The US president also called European leaders to discuss better co-ordination in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea and to issue a call for more money and personnel to “to bend the curve of the epidemic美国总统还呼吁欧洲领导人商讨更好的协调方法,以迎战塞拉利昂、利比里亚和几内亚的埃拉疫情,并呼吁投入更多资金和人力来“扭转疫情的发展”。The meetings were held as US authorities sought to trace 132 people who shared a flight with the second infected health worker who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died of Ebola last week at a Dallas hospital.此次会议举行之际,美国政府正努力追踪与第二名受感染医护人员同机过32人,该名受感染者曾照顾过托马斯#8226;埃里#8226;邓肯(Thomas Eric Duncan)——上周在达拉斯一家医院死于埃拉病毒的利比里亚人。This year’s electoral battles have not been united by a single national theme and the Obama administration is striving to prevent the question of Ebola-related competence from filling the void. Some Democratic groups have sought to turn the tables on Republicans by accusing them of voting to cut the budget of the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention, the federal agency leading the response, which has come under fire.今年的选举大战尚未产生一个统一的全国性主题,奥巴马政府正力求阻止埃拉相关政府能力问题填补这一空白。一些民主党团体试图扭转局势,他们指责共和党投票削减美国疾病控制预防中US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)预算,这一领导应对行动的联邦机构已遭到谴责。来 /201410/336807

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says his meeting Wednesday with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shows that Iran and a group of world powers are y to ;speed up; their negotiations on Irans nuclear program.伊朗外长扎里夫说,他星期三与美国国务卿克里的会晤表明,伊朗和伊核问题六大国已经准备好“加快”伊核谈判。Just before the meeting in Geneva began, Zarif called the talks with Kerry ;important,; and that ;all issues are easy if we resolve them.;在日内瓦会晤开始前,扎里夫称与克里的会谈很“重要 他说,“只要我们对问题加以解决,一切都很容易。”Kerry did not comment before the meeting. He said earlier this week his discussions with Zarif would be a chance for the diplomats to assess where the two sides stand.克里在会晤前没有发表讲话。克里本周早些时候说,他与扎里夫的讨论使得外交人员有评估双方立场的机会。Lower-level negotiations are due to resume on Thursday.低级别谈判定于星期四恢复。It has been two months since the two sides decided to extend the negotiations after failing to agree by their self-imposed November deadline.双方由于没能在去1月最后期限前达成协议而决定延长谈判至今,已经两个月了。Now, about six weeks remain before their goal of having a framework in place for a deal that would address concerns about possible military applications of the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions that have hurt the countrys economy.现在距达成一个框架协议的目标还有大约6个星期的时间。最后协议的目的是缓解对伊朗核项目可能用于军事目的的担心,以换取解除伤及伊朗经济的制裁措斀?The deadline for a final agreement is July 1.达成最后协议的最后期限是7日。来 /201501/355506

All you discontented shareholders of Wall St institutions–take a leaf out of the Holy Father’s book.所有对华尔街金融机构愤愤不已的股东们都从教皇的金玉良言中学到了一课。Pope Francis has just axed the all-male, all-Italian board of the body that oversees the Vatican’s financial activities, aiming to draw a line under the money-laundering scandals that plagued his predecessor. It’s the latest sign of the new pontiff’s desire to clean up and open up possibly the only institution that has had more scandals than Wall St in recent years.教皇弗朗西斯一世刚刚砍掉了全部由意大利男性组成的、负责监管梵蒂冈财务活动的机构,藉此与饱受洗钱丑闻困扰的前任划清界限。这是这位新教皇力图清理门户、对外开放的最新迹象,而教会或许是近几年来唯一丑闻赛过华尔街的机构。And as you might expect from a man who’s spent most of his first two years in the Vatican kicking over the traces, there are some surprising choices in His Holinessreplacement team including a counter-terrorism expert from George W. Bush’s White House who once led U.S. efforts to track down and confiscate Saddam Hussein’s illegal millions.鉴于这位新教皇在梵蒂冈的最初两年大部分时间都在打破禁锢,大家或许可以料想得到,他选择的接替团队会有些出人意外——包括一位乔治oWo布什时期的白宫反恐专家。当年,在此君的带领下,美国最终追踪、收了萨达姆o侯赛因数百万美元的非法资金。Juan C. Zarate, now a senior adviser at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, is one of four people appointed Friday to the board of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority (AIF), which was set up by Pope Benedict XVI to clean up the Vatican’s financial activities after a string of scandals.现任哥伦比亚特区战略与国际研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)高级顾问的胡安o萨拉特是上周五获得任命的梵蒂冈金融信息局(AIF)理事会四名成员之一。爆发一系列丑闻后,教皇本笃十六世成立了AIF,清理梵蒂冈的财务活动。The three other new board members are, by the Holy See’s standards, a diverse bunch: they include Maria Bianca Farina, head of the Italian Postal Service’s insurance arm, and Joseph Yuvaraj Pillay, the former head of Singapore’s central bank. Marc Odendall, a former banker who administers and advises philanthropic organisations, completes the line-up.依照神圣的标准选出的理事会其他三名成员是:意大利邮政部门保险机构负责人玛利亚o比安卡o法里纳,前新加坡央行行长约瑟夫o皮莱,和管理并为慈善机构提供咨询的前家马克o奥登达尔。Together, they will oversee the work of Rene Bruelhart, a Swiss lawyer who has headed the AIF since 2012.人将一起监管雷内o布鲁哈特的工作。这位瑞士律师自012年起开始掌管AIF。“Bruelhart wanted a board he could work with and it seems the pope has come down on his side and sent the old boy network packing,a Vatican source told Reuters.梵蒂冈一位消息人士告诉路透社(Reuters)称:“布鲁哈特想要一个与他合作的理事会,看起来,教皇听从了他的意见,让那些老人收拾包袱走人。”The AIF oversees, among other things, the operations of the Vatican’s bank, the Institute for Works of Religion, which has been at the heart of some of the most serious allegations. One of the bank’s former accountants, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, is currently on trial accused of plotting to help rich friends avoid millions of euros in taxes.AIF负责监管梵蒂冈——宗教事务机构(Institute for Works of Religion)的经营等等,后者近年来一直处于各种指控的核心位置。这家的一名财务人员蒙席·努齐奥·史卡拉诺目前正在受审,因为他被控密谋帮助自己的富人朋友避税,金额高达数百万欧元 /201406/305474

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