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湖州吴兴区治疗粉刺多少钱湖州冰点脱毛的具体价格浙江湖州市哪家医院开眼角技术好 Y: What would you say your attitude towards celebrities, Don? D: Do you mean whether I like them? Y: I mean are you obsessed? Do you spend hours on the Internet trying to find out what their favorite nail polish color is and whether they believe in hypnosis? D: I'm fond of The BeeGees, but I don't think they wear nail polish and I could care less what they think about hypnosis. Y: Okay, do you believe in a just world, that life is fair? D: I can't pick up a newspaper without ing evidence that life is not only unfair, but often cruel. Y: Good. What I mean is that psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity. People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair, that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people. People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions. Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions researchers suggest that it makes sense that those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus more likely to admire and even obsess over them. Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair world might resist worshipping celebrities, and in fact question or criticize the system that produces them and decides who gets to be a celebrity. D: Don't get me started. 【生词注释】celebrity n. 名声; 名人obsessed adj. 心神不宁的nail polish 指甲油hypnosis n. 催眠a just world 世界是公平的evidence n. 据psychologist n. 心理学者worship v. 崇拜, 尊敬institution n. 制度vice versa a. 反过来的(也是一样的)201110/157836Global Markets Finish 2008 on Positive Note今年最后一天美股升就业好于预期  After a year of gut-wrenching losses, stock markets around the world recorded a positive day amid light trading to close out 2008. 全球股市经过一年令人心痛的暴跌,在2008年的最后一天以上涨收场。Modest gains on the last day of 2008 cannot erase the massive losses of the last 12 months. Wall Street's Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 35 percent of its value, while Germany and Japan's stock markets finished the year down roughly 40 percent. Many emerging markets from Latin America to Asia fared even worse, making 2008 the most painful year in decades for investors and countless publicly traded companies across the globe. 2008年最后一天股市的温和上涨并不能抹去过去12个月的巨大损失。美国华尔街道琼斯工业平均指数一年来下挫了百分之35,德国和日本股市都大约以百分之40的跌幅结束了2008年。从拉丁美洲到亚洲,许多新兴市场的表现更差,使得2008年成为投资者和全球无数上市公司数十年来最伤心的一年。The year decimated America's corporate financial landscape, with many of the nation's best-known investment firms, banks, mortgage insurers and insurance companies bankrupt, sold, taken over by the federal government, or continuing to exist thanks to the biggest taxpayer bailout in U.S. history. 2008年彻底改变了美国金融行业的格局,许多久负盛名的投资公司、、房贷保险机构和其他保险公司宣告破产、被收购、被联邦政府接管,或者幸亏接受了美国历史上规模最大的纳税人救助才能苟延残喘。"Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Lehman [Brothers], major companies that were the cornerstone of our financial services business are no longer with us. That is just a big shock," said Hugh Johnson, who heads the New York-based financial firm Johnson Illington Advisors. 休·约翰逊是纽约的金融机构约翰逊-伊灵顿咨询务公司的主管,他说:“美林、贝尔斯登、雷曼兄弟,这些大公司都曾经是美国金融务业的柱,现在它们都不复存在了,这简直是太令人震惊了。”Over the last 12 months, U.S. unemployment has jumped by more than a percentage point as the nation weathered a deepening recession that has sp around the world. Many economists are predicting even higher rates of unemployment in . 过去12个月,美国的失业率的攀升超过了一个百分点,全国都在忙于应付不断加深并扩散到全球的经济衰退。许多经济学家都预测,年的失业率将会更高。Wednesday, the U.S. Labor Department provided a glimmer of unexpected good news. New claims for unemployment benefits fell by more than 90,000 at the end of last week compared to the previous week. Overall, however, the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits remains at the highest level seen since 1982. 美国劳工部报告说,上个星期,首次申领失业补贴的人数和前一个星期相比减少了9万多人。但是整体来看,美国的失业人数仍然处于1982年以来的最高水平。Having been battered by a year of sour economic news, U.S. markets were little-impressed by the latest unemployment figure, according to Art Cashin of UBS Financial Services. 瑞银集团金融务部门的分析师阿尔特·卡辛说,过去一年,美国股市一直受到经济负面消息的折磨,最新的就业数据总算让市场受到一点儿鼓舞。"To see a number down 92,000, particularly given the economic environment that we have, made the number look a bit suspicious [to investors]," said Cashin. “看到首次申请失业救济的人数下降了9万2千人,尤其是在现有的经济条件下,对于投资人来说,这个数字显得令人难以置信。”Oil prices traded just below a barrel Wednesday, capping a wild year for energy prices that saw oil spike to a record-high of nearly 0 a barrel in July. Oil prices have been on an almost-uninterrupted slide downward ever since, pushed lower by a global recession that has weakened demand for fuel.01/60161德清县中医院切眼袋多少钱

安吉县妇幼保健院治疗青春痘多少钱二0一0年上海世会即将于今年五月一日正式拉开帷幕,为了实现七千万人次参观者、其中三百五十万海外游客的目标,中国国家旅游局已将2010年定为“中国世旅游年”,世旅游的推广活动将贯穿一整年时间。届时,将通过举办“全球百城世旅游宣传月”、“全国百城世旅游宣传周”、推出覆盖中国各地的世旅游精品线路、邀请中外媒体宣传报道世旅游等一系列活动,大力宣传造势,吸引海内外游客参观世、游览中国。2010 Will be the Tourism Year of the Expo in China China has named 2010 the tourism year of the World Expo to welcome the 2010 Shanghai Expo.Shao Qiwei, Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, says China will welcome foreign friends to visit Shanghai during the Expo and to learn more about the city and China. "2010 will be the tourism year of the Expo in China. We will have a promotional campaign in more than 100 cities around the world with a goal of making a platform of communications and cooperation for China and other countries and regions in the world."The 2010 Shanghai Expo will run from May to the end of October. It is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from home and abroad.Han Zheng, Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Government, says the city welcomes visitors from all over the world. "At present, the preparation work for the 2010 Shanghai Expo has been running in good order. A successful Expo will not only bring great opportunities for the development of Shanghai, but also will help the world know more about China, which will promote the development of China's tourism industry."201001/93687长兴县人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱 In U.S. politics, there is no issue that divides Democrats and Republicans more than their vastly different views on the role and size of the central government. That political divide is at the heart of the intensifying debate over the federal budget. 在美国政治中,没有任何问题比中央政府的角色与规模能让民主党和共和党产生更大的分歧了。这种政治分界处于围绕联邦预算展开的激烈辩论的中心。Republicans made significant gains in last November’s midterm congressional elections, and many of them saw the election results as proof Americans want to sharply cut the size of the federal government.共和党在去年11月国会中期选举中获得大胜,许多共和党人把选举结果视为美国民众要求大幅度削减联邦政府规模的明。That is why Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and others were quick to dismiss President Barack Obama’s .7-trillion budget proposal for 2012 that includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases.这就是为什么参议院共和党领袖米奇.麦康奈尔等人很快驳回了奥巴马总统提出的2012年3.7万亿美元预算案,这个提案包括一系列削减开和增税的内容。"The people who voted for a new direction in November have a five word response - 'We do not have the money,'" said McConnell.麦康奈尔说:“11月为了一个新方向而投票的民众的答复是5个字,我们没有钱。”Republicans are putting forward a budget blueprint of their own that calls for far deeper cuts in federal spending to reverse the course of soaring budget deficits.共和党人提出的预算案要求更大幅度地削减联邦开,以扭转预算赤字窜升的趋势。This battle over how much to cut from the federal budget will dominate the Washington political scene for the foreseeable future and also sets the scene for the 2012 presidential election campaign.围绕联邦预算削减幅度问题而展开的论战在可预见的未来将主导华盛顿政治舞台,并且成为2012年的总统选战的背景。The gap between the two parties over the budget seems huge, but President Obama says even in the wake of last year’s elections, most Americans want to see the two sides find common ground. 两党在预算方面的分歧看来是巨大的,不过奥巴马总统在去年选举之后就表示,多数美国人希望看到两党找到共同点。201102/126719湖州曙光医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

湖州脱毛哪家好Recession signs are here 经济衰退 There are multiple signals of a recession, and they are all flashing green now. Well, he said we were in a recession back in March, and the US economy has skidded along for the past two quarters. So where are we now? In the Economic Cycle with me now Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of Accurate Economic Research Institute, thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me back. And this is a call you've made a lot about what we are recently and it's likely right a lot of people are starting to agree with you, but the question is we have not seen two back-to-back quarters of contracting growth that is the traditional definition of a recession. Yeah, it's it. . . what that is really is it is a rule of thumb. That was and I was researching this because I've heard so much about it. It came out in an article in 1974 where there was a laundry list of ways of knowing about a recession for the men in the street, and one out of like ten thinks was two negative quarters back-to-back, because it usually happens around a recession. What you find is that that's not the way you define a recession because a recession is really a sequence of events, and so you need to look at the sequence of indicators. Essentially what you're looking for is for sales to fall, so broad sales is a key indicator, which then pulls down production ,so industrial production is an indicator that you use to define a recession, which then hits jobs because if productions falls then jobs are gonna fall. You don't need to hire that many people and then wages or income comes down. That's the last piece, so it's the sequence, and then if wages come down, then it goes to the front of line, and people can't buy that much. So sale falls and that s how you get a recession, so the two negative quarters I think is something you often see there in a recession. Not always. But not always, so 2001 for example, (yeah) definitely a recession we almost lost 3 million jobs, we lopped off half of the value of the NASDAQ, a lot of grief around there and I don't think anyone disputes that it was a recession. You never had two negative quarters of back to back GDP. Yeah, and correct me if I'm wrong.We're dealing with inflation at the, you know, fastest rate in 17 years (That's correct. ) Wages are not a 5. 6 percent like inflation is ,and we're dealing with more than 400, 000 jobless claims last week, we're dealing with all of this. . . going on so, who's to say right now that we aren't in a recession? Well, I think, you know, some, er, a cheerleader of the economy for one reason or another, some institutions who wanna do that, if you are bullish, and you wanna have a, certainly, you might have a certain vested interest in arguing that. What we're trying to do is just get it right where, you know, where are we in the business cycle and what's the likelihood of a turning point ahead. Now we've aly called the peak. I think when the dust settles, you are gonna see more in negative quarters of GDP, they're gonna get revised down next year. And looking forward what we very concerned about is any sign of a recovery, and that hasn't really appeared yet. So you know the bad news is we are in a recession. The good news is it's been kind of shallow so far, the not so good news or ongoing concern is that we don't see the foundations for a recovery. when we look around the globe, outside the ed States, we see this economic weakness really creeping up in the countries we heard from the Euro zone like contraction in GDP, the worst probably we've seen there since the 1990s. How much is that going to affect any recovery in our country here in the US? Ah. . yeah, it is. . that's a great question. The global slowing is punctuated by recession ,we went in first, we don' t see a recovery yet. Europe and other places are following us down, and this is a problem for the US because of exports, OK? A couple of things have happened that are negative for our exports outlook in the quarters ahead. One is that the dollar has started to strengthen because that the rest of the world looks weaker. And the other is, is that as the rest. . as the rest of the world slows their demand for our goods is gonna ebb a little bit. So the exports which has been keeping us at a shallow recession is going to be kind of less of a positive for the US going forward. 200811/56362 World Bank President Says Too Soon for China to Roll Back Stimulus世行行长持中国继续扩张经济政策After meeting with Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao, World Bank President Robert Zoellick says he agrees the country should continue expanding the economy instead of looking for an exit strategy from current stimulus spending.世界行长佐利克与中国总理温家宝会见之后表示,他同意中国应该继续扩张经济,而不是从当前刺激经济的出努力中开始实施退出战略。World Bank President Robert Zoellick says China is pleased with its recovery, but leaders recognize there are still large uncertainties. He told reporters in Beijing he is not worried about inflation in China, and agrees China should stay the course with its stimulus policies.世界行长佐利克说,中国对其经济的复苏感到满意,但是中国领导人意识到,仍然存在很大的不确定性。他在北京对记者说,他不担心中国会出现通货膨胀,并且同意,中国应该继续实行刺激经济的政策。"China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures," said Zoellick. "Recovery may be here, but it could falter."佐利克说:“中国的行动阻止了全球危机进一步恶化。我同意中国领导人的看法,停止实施宽松的货币和财政政策还为时过早。经济复苏可能已经开始,但可能出现曲折。”Zoellick says to maintain recovery, China should keep markets open and resist protectionism.佐利克说,为了持续的经济复苏,中国应该保持市场的开放,抵制贸易保护主义。In June, the World Bank upped its forecast for China's growth in , from 6.5 percent to 7.2 percent. Zoellick says he predicts China will grow more than eight percent this year. 世界今年6月把对中国年经济增长的预测从6.5%上调到7.2%。佐利克说,他预计中国今年的增长将会超过8%。While he praises China's growth and domestic demand as key contributors to boosting world confidence, he also cautions the financial crisis will come in waves. Therefore, he says Chinese leaders are correct to remain cautious even though the country's economy is growing.佐利克赞扬说,中国的经济增长和内需是提升全世界信心的关键因素。但是他同时提醒说,金融危机可能会分阶段接踵而来。他说,因此,中国领导人在经济增长的同时保持谨慎是正确的。This is Zoellick's third visit to China as World Bank president. Besides discussing China's economic recovery and ways to boost domestic demand, he says a big focus of this trip is potential cooperation between the World Bank and China in Africa.这是佐利克担任世行行长以来第三次访问中国。他说,除了讨论中国的经济复苏和促进内需的方法以外,他这次访问的一个重要焦点是探讨世行和中国在非洲展开合作的可能。Zoellick says some World Bank economists, including chief economist Justin Lin, are interested in the possibility of Chinese manufacturing firms investing in Africa beyond resource development and infrastructure. Zoellick spoke with China Commerce Minister Chen Deming about possible cooperation on industrial zones in Africa.佐利克说,包括林毅夫在内的一些世界经济学家对中国除了在非洲的资源开发和基础设施项目以外,由中国制造业公司在非洲投资的可能感兴趣。佐利克与中国商务部长陈德明讨论了在非洲建立工业区进行合作的可能。Zoellick says during all his meetings with Chinese leaders he constantly raises the issue of investment in other developing countries.佐利克说,他在所有会见中国领导人的场合中,每次都提到在其他发展中国家投资的问题。"For every hour that I spend discussing ways that we could help China's development, we probably also spend an hour discussing ways we can work with China in supporting development elsewhere," he said.佐利克说:“我每次会谈的时候,花在讨论我们如何与中国合作帮助其他国家发展的时间和讨论我们如何帮助中国发展所用的时间一样多。”Zoellick says the world cannot rely on the American consumer, and developing countries in places like Africa can offer sources of demand and become future regions of growth. 佐利克说,世界不能依靠美国的消费者,包括非洲国家在内的其他发展中国家也能成为需求的来源,也能成为未来经济增长的地区。Zoellick will travel Thursday to Anhui province to visit several World Bank agriculture and forestry projects, as well as a science and technology university. He will also visit an energy-efficient cement plant.佐利克星期四将前往中国安徽省考察世界在那里的农业和林业项目,以及参观一所科技大学。他还将参观一座有效利用能源的水泥厂。On Friday, the World Bank president leaves China for the G-20 finance ministers meeting in London. There, he says he hopes to press the need for more support for developing countries.世行行长佐利克星期五将离开中国,前往伦敦参加20国集团财长会议。他说,他希望在会上强调向发展中国家提供更大的持。09/83236湖州福音医院祛疤手术多少钱湖州瘦脸多少钱



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