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On Friends 谈谈朋友 -- ::3 来源: On Friends 谈谈朋友  We can hardly do anything without a friend. Making friends is very important in our life. If you are in trouble, you can ask your friends help, And you can share good things with them, and learn a lot from them.  In short, we all need friends. To make friends, we must be friendly to others. I would like to make more friends, including you.  离开朋友,我们几乎一事无成交友在我们生活中很重要如果你处于困境,你可以向朋友求助你还可以同他们分享好的事情,向他们学习好多东西  总之,我们都需要朋友想要朋友,我们就应该对别人友好我想交更多的朋友,包括您呦!盘点四川最吸引人十大景点(一) -- :58:59 来源: Looking at a tourist map of Sichuan, you may find a lot of places to your liking. Don't know which one to choose? Then we give you our top Sichuan attractions your reference.看看四川的旅游图,你就会发现,那里有很多你喜欢的地方不知道选择去哪儿旅游?这里我们给你列出四川个最吸引人的地方供你参考Yading亚丁Yading is a nation-level reserve in Daocheng county, in the southwest of Sichuan province. Located in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, it boasts a beautiful alpine valley scenery.亚丁是四川省西南部稻城县的国家级自然保护区亚丁位于青藏高原东部,是一个漂亮的高山峡谷风景区The reserve covers an area of 1, square kilometers (1,00 hectares), with Chenrezig being its highest peak at 6, meters above sea level. It is known as one of China's oldest and best-preserved alpine ecosystems. The reserve's particular geographical environment, carries with it a rather humid climate with rich vegetation covering the land, creating unique scenic sights.亚丁自然保护区占地面积1,平方公里,象征观世音菩萨的仙乃日雪山海拔6米高亚丁被认为是中国最古老的,保护得最好的高山生态系统之一该自然保护区的特殊地理环境使得这里的气候相当潮湿,大量植被覆盖着地面,创造出唯一的优美景色Yading's amazing scenery has won itself the titles of "the last Shangri-La" and "the last pure land on the blue planet."亚丁的惊人风景使得他拥有“最后的香格里拉”和“蓝色星球上最后的净土”称号Admission:0 yuan (US.7)person入场费:0元(3.7美元)人Four Girls Mountain四姑娘山Located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province, the Four Girls Mountain consists of four adjacent peaks, covered with eternal snow. Its name stems from a local legend that the place was once slammed by chilling northern winds and in order to protect the local residents, four beautiful girls turned into four peaks to shield the place from the blows.四姑娘山位于四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州,由个毗连的一年四季覆盖着白雪的山峰组成四姑娘山的名字来源于一个传说,传说称这个地方曾经大受寒冷北风的肆虐,为了保护当地居民,四个漂亮的姑娘变成了四座山以保护这里不被大风刮到Just like four girls, the charming peaks are white as ice and pearly colored as jade, spanning an area of over ,000 square kilometers (0,000 hectares) and earning it the nickname of the "Eastern Alps." The 6,50-meter-high fourth peak is the highest as well as the most captivating one. The heights of the first, second, and third peaks are 5,355 meters, 5,5 meters, and 5,66 meters respectively.这些迷人的山峰就像四个姑娘,像冰一样雪白,像一样带着珍珠般的色,她们横跨00多平方公里,并且有“东阿尔卑斯山”之称第四座山峰高6,50米,是最高的,也是最迷人的一座第一,第二,第三座山的高度分别为5,355米,5,5米,5,66米As a nation-level nature reserve, the mountain is home to many species, including golden monkeys and black bears. It flaunts a group of scenic areas where people can go to enjoy some sightseeing, mountain climbing and other recreational outings.作为国家级自然保护区,四姑娘山是很多物种,包括金丝猴和黑熊的家四姑娘山以风景优美而闻名,这里人们可以欣赏美景,爬山,或者做其他休闲旅游活动Admission:入场费:Changping Valley: 70 yuan (US$.)person (summer); 50 yuan (US.9)person (winter)长坪沟:70元(.美元)人(夏季);50元(7.9美元)人(冬季)Shuangqiao Valley: 80 yuan (US$.6)person (summer); 50 yuan (US.9)person (winter)双桥沟:80元(.6美元)人(夏季);50元(7.9美元)人(冬季)Haizi Valley: 60 yuan (US.8)person (summer); 0 yuan (US.3)person (winter)海子沟:60元(99.8美元)人(夏季);0元(6.3)人(冬季) 盘点四川最吸引人十大景点(一)一年级英语作文:Something about me --1 01:1:31 来源: My name is Zhang Hong.I am a Chinese student.I am at Xinyi Primary school.I am in Cla Three,Grade Six.I am .I have a friend at school.His name is Tang Haonan.We like English very much.Who is your good friend?

一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday) -- :: 来源: 一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday)  hi, i'm shao ying. i'm going to have a busy sunday.  in the morning, i'm going to the zoo by bike. i want to see the monkeys. then , i'm going to the bookstore. i'm going to buy a new english book. in the afternoon, i'm going to visit my grandparents with my mom.  it is far, so we are going by bus. in the evening, we are going to watch tv together.  how about you?

6人《一个出租车司机 -- :58:31 来源: 6人《一个出租车司机A Taxi Driver    一天出租车司机Tommy遇到了很多奇怪的事情烦人的女孩、妇、抢匪、不管事的警察,甚至还遇到了鬼     Cast    Erin Chang: Robber    Debby Tsai: Police officer    Serrin Lee: Betel nut girl    Alec Zhao: Ghost student    Leo Lee: Taxi driver    Yi-ling Chen: Pregnant woman    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Summary    This story talks about a poor taxi driver, Tommy, who meets many strange things in one day. First, he carries a Betel Nut Girl who wants to harass him. Second, a pregnant woman makes him feel nervous. Third, he carries a robber and meets a police officer who only manages traffic. At last, he carries a ghost student.    Tommy: Hello, my name is Tommy. Serving you is my honor. Where would you like to go?    Betel nut girl: Hi! Tommy. I’m going to Chong-Shan North Road, please.    Tommy: Ok, Chong-Shan North Road, no problem. Um? I remember there’s only a Chong-Shan East Road. Miss, are you sure you’re going to Chong-Shan North Road?    Betel nut girl: Um, I’m not sure. You just drive. Maybe I will remember where it is later.    Betel nut girl: How old are you? Are you married? You’re probably not married since you’re so young. Do you have a girlfriend?    Tommy: Um…miss, we are almost at Chong-Shan East Road. Do you want to have a look?    Betel nut girl: Oh! Not here. By the way, don’t you feel tired after driving all day long? Maybe I can help you relax.    Tommy: What…what do you want to do? Take your hands off me or I’ll scream!    Betel nut girl: I did nothing! You just missed a nice chance. Stop the car, I want to get off.    Tommy: (Relived) Great! The total is 5 dollars, Thank you.    Betel nut girl: Um! Take it!    Pregnant woman: Hey! Taxi!    Pregnant woman: Thanks. You are real a very kind man.    Tommy: Where are you going?    Pregnant woman: Hospital, please.    Tommy: You’re going to the prenatal checkup, right? It must be very tiring carrying a baby.    Pregnant woman: Yeah. It’s almost nine months.    Tommy: Woo. Congratulations.    Pregnant woman: Thank you.    Pregnant woman: (screaming)    Tommy: Are you ok?    Pregnant woman: (screaming)    Tommy: Is it time now? Are you going to deliver your baby now? I will drive as fast as I can. Stay down.    Pregnant woman: (screaming)    Tommy: We’re almost there.    Pregnant woman: (screaming)    Tommy: Here we are.    Pregnant woman: Are we at the hospital? Well, how much is it?    Tommy: Aren’t you going into labor?    Pregnant woman: Me? Are you kidding? It’s still a long time bee the expected date of childbirth.    Tommy: What? Well, what were you just doing?    Pregnant woman: Oh, I was just practicing! This is my first time to have a baby, you know. Practice makes perfect! I need to be y so it will go smoothly.    Tommy: Practice! All right… well, the total is one hundred twenty dollars.    Tommy: This woman was so strange! I thought she was going to deliver the baby in my car!    Robber: Get out of here, quickly!    Tommy: A strange pregnant woman just got off my car and now here comes a robber.    Tommy: Where do you want to go?    Robber: Shut up! Just drive!    Tommy: Hey…Hey. Be careful, there’s no eye in bullets.    Robber: Shut up! Just drive your car.    Tommy: Ok! Ok! You are the boss.    Robber: Hum…your gold necklace is very good looking. If it were on my neck, that would be nice.    Tommy: Oh…com…come on, don’t do this to me. This is a fake one. I just try to look tough by wearing it.    Robber: STOP nonsense!! Don’t treat me like a fool, I warn you! I will shoot you!    Tommy: OK! OK! Take it easy. My mouth is sealed.    Robber: .... I don’t want to do this …really… but I have 6 brothers, 7 sisters and 8 kids to feed. I even have to sell chewing gums, raise pigs. The worse of all, my husband just got out of the jail…I really have no choice.    Tommy: Don’t be so sad…. Here is tissue.    Robber: Thank you. Now give me your gold necklace! Hurry up! Do you want to eat bullets!!    Tommy: But…but…but….    Robber: Just hand it to me or I’ll become a really bad guy!!    Tommy: I don’t want to die yet.    The police: Beep~Beep~ stop the car.    Tommy: OH! Thank God! I am safe now! Hey, cop, a robber wants to rob me and….    Police officer: Show me your license and registration.    Tommy: But…sir.…I got a robber in my back….    Police officer: I only watch out traffic! The public security is not my business.    Tommy: Not your business? But…    Police officer: Here’s your ticket. You were speeding.    Tommy: But I got a robber in my car! She told me if I couldn’t drive fast enough, she’d shoot me.    Police officer: And where is the robber?    Tommy: Just right over….what!! She’s gone; she was here just now….    Police officer: See….your lie is stupid… Remember to take the ticket.    Tommy: Sir! Sir!    Tommy: I’m so unlucky. Today is not my day! Oh, no! How did I come to this middle-of-nowhere? Someone’s waving at me. Who would take a taxi in this strange place?    Tommy: Hello! Serving you is my honor. Where do you want to go? Ghost student: To my home, please.    Tommy: Um…can you say it more clearly? I don’t know where your home is.    Ghost student: Oh, my home is located on Ta-Du Mountain.    Tommy: No problem. Um… it’s an unusual place to live.    Ghost student: Yes. It’s very special. My ancestors all lived here.    Tommy: Oh! You’ve lived here a long time, right?    Ghost student: That’s right.    Tommy: Here we are, but I don’t see any houses around. By the way, it’s so dark here.    Ghost student: Don’t be so surprised. We’re in the mountain.    Tommy: Are you sure your home is here?    Ghost student: Yes. How much is it?    Tommy: Um…The total is 0 dollars.    Ghost student: I only have a 500 dollars bill.    Tommy: That’s OK, I can give you change.    Ghost student: There you go.    Tommy: Um... What’s this?    Ghost student: Money.    Tommy: But...where did he go? Oh, no!…This is…ghost money…(screaming)6人《一个出租车司机A Taxi Driver 英语 话剧 剧本新年红包The Lucky Money in New Year -- :5:50 来源: Now the year is coming, as a child, I love Spring Festival very much, because I can get a lot of lucky money. In China, the children can get the lucky money from the adults, then the kids say back some good wishes. I want to use my lucky money to buy toys and firework, I want a toy car, I see it from the cartoon. I also want to play firework with my friends.现在新的一年就要到来了,作为一名孩子,我很喜欢过春节,因为我能得到很多红包在中国,小孩子可以从大人那里得到很多红包,孩子要对大人给予美好的祝词我想要用我的红包来买玩具车和烟花,我想要一部玩具车,我从卡通片上看到的我也想要和我的朋友玩烟花The winter holiday -- :57:1 来源: The winter holidayIn winter holiday, I had a good time. I didn’t go to school. I some books at home. Sometimes I watched TV. Sometimes I helped my mother clean the house and wash the dishes. Sometimes I went shopping with my friends, we bought colorful new clothes.At Chinese New Year, I put on new clothes. I visited my relatives and I got much lucky money. In the evening, I set off fireworks with my cousin. They looked like flowers. They were very beautiful!I was very happy during the winter holiday.

春天The Spring -- :5:50 来源: There are four seasons in a year. The spring, summer, autumn and winter. I think spring is the most beautiful season. In the spring, the flowers are blossoming, the grass is green and the birds start to sing. The temperature in the spring is not too cold or too hot. We can go on an excursion during the spring. We can fly kites and enjoy the sunshine. I think spring is the best season ever!一年有四个季节:春天、夏天、秋天和冬天我认为春天是最美丽的季节在春天,鲜花开放,草地变绿,小鸟也开始歌唱春天的温度不冷不热,我们可以去春游,去放风筝,去享受阳光我认为春天是最棒的季节!未来的机器人(Future Robot) -- :00:3 来源: 未来的机器人(Future Robot)hello! i’m a future robot. my name is mini. i have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. i can and write, and i can speak chinese and english. i can play football, basketball and badminton quite well. and i can sing and dance very well! but i can’t run and swim. i always cook the breakfast my master. my master is sally. she is a pretty girl. she plays hopscotch very well.i love my master very much.

周末宅在家,不如租个农场过把农夫瘾 -- ::5 来源: Getting bored with the virtual online Farmville and the busy city life?How about going to the real great outdoors ,exchanging keyboards hoes at weekends?厌倦了网上虚拟的开心农场游戏和繁忙的城市生活吗?不妨去真正的户外走走,把键盘换成锄头!The farm on the outskirts of Beijing is large, sp over more than 9,000 square meters and divided into 1,360 allotments. All the plots have been rented out to weekend farmers, and there are still 0 more applicants on the waiting list.Yifendi Farm, a cooperative run by Nanyuan Village in Beijing's Fengtai district, is one of the largest allotment farms in the Chinese capital, and it claims to be the first.The farm provides not just seeds, organic fertilizers and gardening tools, but also technical support from technicians. 周末 在家 不如借点钱-- ::57   Could I bum some money of you?   我能先从你那借点钱吗?   bum some money一般是用在非常熟的朋友之间,它的意思更加偏向于蹭的意思当然在钱的方面,大多还是要还的   如果你只是想蹭根烟或别的什么小东西的话   Can I bum a cigarette off you?   那就无所谓什么还不还了六年级英语作文:My day arrangements --1 :: 来源:   Now, the new term begi. I live the life normal as bee. Every morning, I get up at 6:30. After washing, I eat breakfast at home. My mother always cooks delicious and nutritious breakfast me. I usually go to school at 7: by bike. It only takes me ten minutes to get to the school. We have the morning ing at 7:0 and the claes begin from 8:00. I usually have Chinese, math, English and other subjects. I go home at noon and have a short rest at home. Claes are over at 5:30. I usually play at school a while and then go home. At night, I usually finish my homework and then watch TV. About :00, I go to bed. This is my all day.

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