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湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗鹰钩鼻整形手术怎么样湖州祛蝴蝶斑The development of computer programs that can beat humans at games has a long history — from the mastery of noughts and crosses in the 1950s to Deep Blue’s celebrated defeat of world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. 能够在游戏中击败人类高手的计算机程序有着悠久的发展历史——从上世纪50年代掌握“井字棋”制胜之道,到1997年“深蓝”(Deep Blue;IBM研发的计算机——译者注)击败国际象棋世界冠军加里#8226;卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)。 In recent years, however, the pace of advance has quickened. Data-crunching devices routinely notch up previously unthinkable victories. Computers can triumph in quiz games, as IBM’s Watson proved when it won the TV show Jeopardy in 2011. They also mimic human aptitudes with ever greater facility. For instance, machines play arcade games simply by observing the movement of objects on the screen. 然而,近年来进步速度加快了。能够运算海量数据的设备经常取得以往不可想象的胜利。计算机能够在智力竞赛中取胜,IBM的“沃森”(Watson)在2011年赢得电视节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy)就是例。它们还能以越来越强大的“悟性”模仿人的天赋。例如,机器通过观察屏幕上物体的运动,就能学会玩街机游戏。 Even so, the triumph of the AlphaGo computer over the South Korean world champion Lee Se-dol in the first of a five-match series in the ancient Chinese board game of Go marks more than just a new notch on the computerised honours board. Mr Lee had been confident of victory and proclaimed himself “shocked” by his defeat. 即便如此,AlphaGo电脑在古老的中国棋盘游戏——围棋的对垒中击败韩国九段棋手李世石(Lee Sedol),在五局“人机对战”中首战告捷,不仅标志着电脑荣誉板上的一个新档次。赛前对胜利信心满满的李世石,在落败后坦承“震惊”。 Go is a little like a version of chess, only vastly more complicated. Indeed the possible moves within a game exceed the number of atoms within the universe. This is a challenge that would defeat traditional programmes. Indeed it can only be mastered by computers assembled into neural networks that teach themselves through observation and practice — abilities that remain at the frontiers of computer science. 围棋有点像国际象棋的变体,只是复杂程度高得多。的确,其棋局的变数比宇宙中的原子数量还要多。这个挑战会挫败传统的程序。事实上,只有多台计算机组成神经网络,通过观察和实践来“自学”(这些能力仍处于计算机科学的前沿),才能驾驭这种高难度挑战。 Demis Hassabis and his team at DeepMind, the UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) arm of Alphabet, deserve credit for the speed at which they have mastered this undertaking. True, AlphaGo, a formidable piece of IT, could be described as a computerised sledgehammer aimed at a recreational nut. Its victory, however, is a reminder of how fast the world is overcoming the obstacles in the way of AI, and its deployment in the world about us. 杰米斯#8226;哈萨比斯(Demis Hassabis)以及他在DeepMind(Alphabet旗下英国人工智能部门)的团队以如此快的速度掌握围棋制胜之道,这一点值得赞赏。没错,作为一件具有强大能力的信息技术设备,AlphaGo可以被形容为一把计算机化的大锤,其用途是敲开一个消遣的坚果。然而,它的胜利提醒世人,世界正在快速攻克人工智能及其实际部署所面临的障碍。 That is largely due to the huge amount of cash being poured into AI research by US and Chinese companies. These are poaching some of the brightest computer scientists from universities, giving them the capacity and tools to pursue their heart’s desire. 这在很大程度上归功于美国和中国企业对人工智能研究的巨大投入。这些企业从高校挖走一些最优秀的计算机科学家,并提供资源和工具,让这些科学家从事内心渴望的研究。 According to a recent survey, half of the world’s AI experts believe human level machine intelligence will be achieved by 2040. This opens up huge possibilities for the enrichment of mankind, from tackling climate change and treating disease to labour-saving devices. It also raises ethical questions every bit as profound as those posed by genetics. AI experts talk about the possibility of the human brain being reverse-engineered. Physicist Stephen Hawking last year warned that unless we take care, board games might be the least of it: AI could ultimately “outsmart us all”. 根据最近的一项调查,全球半数人工智能专家相信,人类水平的机器智能到2040年就能成为现实。这为增进人类福祉开启巨大可能性——从应对气候变化、治疗疾病,到节省劳动力的设备。这也引发种种道德问题,其深刻性丝毫不亚于遗传学所构成的道德问题。人工智能专家谈到人脑被“逆向工程”的可能性。物理学家史蒂芬#8226;霍金(Stephen Hawking)去年曾警告,除非我们小心,否则棋盘游戏可能是最无关紧要的问题:人工智能最终可能“比我们所有人更聪明”。 One does not have to believe in some future tech dystopia to believe that governments and wider society should take the implications of these developments seriously. Google, Facebook and other companies rushing into AI point out that they are establishing ethics panels to consider appropriate uses for these technologies. These are unlikely to be immune from commercial interests or indeed from the gung-ho enthusiasm of the researchers. 人们不一定非要相信未来将出现某种科技“敌托邦”才会认为,政府和整个社会应该认真对待这些发展的潜在影响。竞相进军人工智能领域的谷歌(Google)、Facebook等公司指出,他们正在成立伦理小组以考量这些技术的适当用途。这些小组不太可能对商业利益以及研究人员的热忱无动于衷。 Some external scrutiny akin to that supplied in the case of genetics by the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is needed to protect the public from developments that may threaten more than the amour-propre of a South Korean Go champion. Granted, there may yet be no evidence that computers will ever shrug off their human masters but we should still treat these developments with the humility and caution they deserve. 需要进行一些外部监督,类似于遗传学领域的英国人类受精和胚胎学(HFEA),以保护公众免受相关发展的威胁,这些威胁所牵涉的不只是韩国围棋高手的自尊。当然,目前也许还没有据表明计算机有朝一日将踢开他们的人类主人,但我们仍应该对这些发展给予应有的谦卑和审慎。 /201603/431097湖州眼睛抽脂多少钱 China’s own satellite navigation system has won a stamp of approval from an international maritime body, an important step toward its goal of global acceptance for its answer to the ed States’ Global Positioning System (GPS).中国自己开发的卫星导航系统获得了一个国际海事机构的批准,这是朝着其全球目标迈出的重要一步。该系统是对美国“全球定位系统(GPS)”的回应,中国希望它在全球范围内能获得广泛接受。The Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization, a ed Nations body that sets standards for international shipping, formally included Beidou in the World-Wide Radionavigation System during its Nov. 17-21 meeting. This means that the Chinese system has become the third system, after GPS and Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), recognized by the ed Nations body for operations at sea.国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization--IMO)的海上安全委员会(Maritime Safety Committee),是负责在制定国际航运标准的联合国机构。该委员会在11月17日至21日的会议上,正式把中国的北斗系统列入全球无线电导航系统(World-Wide Radionavigation System, WWRNS)。这意味着,北斗已经成为继GPS和俄罗斯全球导航卫星系统(GLONASS)之后,获得海上安全委员会认可的第三个海上作业系统。The inclusion of Beidou “is a recognition that Beidou can provide positioning data of adequate accuracy for its coverage area,” said Kevin Pollpeter, who focuses on China’s space program and information warfare issues at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.列入北斗“是因为它能够在覆盖区域内,提供足够精确的定位数据,”凯文·波尔彼得(Kevin Pollpeter)表示。他在加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)全球冲突与合作研究所(Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation)研究中国的太空计划和信息战问题。China first tested the Beidou system in 2000 and has since invested billions in its development to compete with and lower the country’s dependence on GPS. It has mandated the use of the domestic system in government departments including public security, disaster relief and tourism. In January 2013, the country’s transportation authority ordered all tour buses, long-distance buses and vehicles transporting “dangerous articles” in nine provinces to install the system. New heavy trucks manufactured in the nine provinces must install the system or they will not receive transportation permits, the vice minister of transport said. The country has also installed the navigation system in more than 50,000 Chinese fishing boats, including those plying the waters of the disputed South China Sea.中国第一次测试北斗系统是在2000年,此后该国投入数以十亿计的美元来开发它,以便与与GPS抗衡,降低该国对GPS的依赖。中国规定公安、抢险救灾和旅游等政府部门使用国产系统。2013年1月,交通运输部责令九个省为所有旅游大巴、长途客车和运送“危险物品”的车辆安装北斗系统。这九个省制造的新重型卡车必须安装该系统,否则无法获得交通运输许可,交通运输部副部长说。该国还把这种导航系统安装在5万多艘中国渔船上,其中包括那些在有争议的南海海域作业的渔船。But Beidou is not yet a mature system and is hardly poised to rival GPS globally, analysts say. Currently, GPS holds 95 percent of China’s navigation market.但北斗还不是一个成熟系统,尚未做好在全球范围内和GPS竞争的准备,分析师说。目前,GPS在中国导航市场上占有95%的份额。“I would not expect this announcement to result in an upsurge of demand for Beidou,” Mr. Pollpeter said, citing such factors as the decades-long proven reliability of GPS, its accuracy and cheaper receiver cost.“我觉得北斗成为全球无线电导航系统的消息,不会导致人们对它的需求高涨,”波尔彼得说,因为GPS的可靠性经过了数十年的考验,它有很高的准确性,而且GPS接收器也更便宜。However, what the Beidou system does have is strong backing from the Chinese government. In 2012, the vice chairman of the country’s top military body, the Central Military Commission, urged the country’s researchers to improve the system’s capacity to prevent interference, calling the system a “milestone” for the country and military, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The following year, the country’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission drew up a national development plan for Beidou.然而,北斗系统得到了中国政府的大力持。据中国官方通讯社新华社报道,2012年,该国最高军事机构中央军事委员会副主席敦促中国研究人员提高该系统的抗干扰能力,他还称该系统为国家和军队树立了一个“里程碑”。次年,中国强大的发改委为北斗制定了全国性发展计划。Not content with the system’s adoption within China, the government has also set the goal of providing global coverage with 35 geostationary and non-geostationary orbit satellites by 2020. To promote the system’s adoption by other Asian countries, China has been offering civilian use of the service free, the director of the Beidou Satellite System Application Center told Xinhua last year.中国政府不满足于国内对北斗系统的采用,还设立目标,决心到2020年,用35个对地静止和非静止轨道的卫星提供覆盖全球的信号。去年,北斗卫星系统应用中心的主任告诉记者,为了促进其他亚洲国家对该系统的采用,中国免费用它提供民用务。The government says the system is being tested across the region, from taxi-dispatching services in Cambodia to land-use management in Myanmar.政府说,从柬埔寨的出租车调度务,到缅甸的土地使用管理,该系统正在亚洲各地进行测试。“China sees development of Beidou as critical to its military and economic security and has designated it as part of its national infrastructure,” Mr. Pollpeter said.“中国认为北斗系统的开发是其军事和经济安全的关键要素,并将其作为国家级基础设施来建设,”波尔彼得说。Beijing wants to reduce its dependence on GPS because it is concerned the ed States “could disable or degrade the GPS signal to China and thus render its precision-guided smart weapons dumb,” he said. In addition, loss of navigation could also affect sectors as wide-ranging as banking and power transmission.中国政府希望减少对GPS的依赖,因为它担心美国“屏蔽或减少传送到中国的GPS信号,导致中国的精确制导智能武器无法发挥作用,”他说。此外,失去导航信号可能会给很多部门带来影响,比如和电力传输部门。In addition to security concerns, there are economic factors behind the promotion of Beidou.除了安全问题之外,推广北斗系统也有经济上的考量。“The market for satellite navigation products and services in China is estimated to reach to 400 billion renminbi,” about billion, by 2020 and China wants Beidou to capture 70 to 80 percent market share, Mr. Pollpeter said.到2020年,“中国的卫星导航产品和务市场规模可达4千亿人民币,”中国希望北斗系统能够占据70%至80%的市场份额,波尔彼得说。The Chinese Ministry of Transportation sent a delegation to the Maritime Safety Committee meeting, held in London, to introduce the Chinese system. Beidou is the Chinese name for the Big Dipper constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the solar system, which long served as a crucial navigational tool for travelers.中国交通部的代表团参加了海上安全委员会在伦敦举行的会议,并对北斗系统做了介绍。北斗是Big Dipper的中文名字,从太阳系中看去,它是最明亮的星群,长期以来都是旅行者的重要导航标志。What China has been able to do in recent years is overtake Europe’s efforts with its Galileo system, said Todd E. Humphreys, assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. Galileo has not yet been included in the World-Wide Radionavigation System.欧洲也在开发伽利略(Galileo)系统,最近几年,中国赶超了他们,德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校科克雷尔工程学校(University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering)的助理教授托德·E·汉弗莱斯(Todd E. Humphreys)说。伽利略尚未被列入全球无线电导航系统。“It’s interesting that BDS” — Beidou — “began in earnest after Galileo, but has by now outpaced Galileo in establishing itself as a global system,” Mr. Humphreys said. “The Europeans are hampered by too many committees.”“有趣的是,BDS(即北斗)比伽利略后发而先至,已经成为了一个全球性系统,”汉弗莱斯说。“欧洲的委员会太多,阻碍了他们的步伐。” /201412/347002湖州曙光医院祛黄褐斑

湖州曙光整形美容医院去蝴蝶斑怎么样Baidu has moved to restore investor confidence with a bn share buyback, after bn was wiped off the Chinese search engine’s stock market capitalisation in the wake of disappointing quarterly earnings.百度(Baidu)发布了令人失望的季度财报之后,股票市值蒸发120亿美元,随后这家中国搜索引擎启动了10亿美元的股票回购以恢复投资者信心。The buyback will be funded with existing cash and will take place over 12 months, Baidu said yesterday, after its shares fell 14 per cent over the week. Baidu narrowly missed analysts’ estimates for second-quarter profits and guidance for third-quarter revenues百度昨日表示,将在接下来的12个月内动用现有资金进行此次回购。此前,百度股价在一周内下跌了14%。百度第二季度利润和第三季度营收指引都略低于分析师的估计。The company said that the move “demonstrates Baidu’s confidence in the O2O [online-to-offline] opportunity and in our ability to capture it. It’s our commitment with nine zeros”.该公司表示,此举“明百度对O2O(线上到线下)商机,以及我们捕捉该机会的能力有信心。于是我们作出10亿美元回购的承诺。”Reporting results on Monday, Baidu forecast revenue growth for the current quarter at 34-37 per cent.百度在周一发布营收结果,预测当前季度营收同比增长应在34%到37%之间。“Last year, they had a full year of 50 or near 50 per cent year-on-year revenue growth, and now they’ve had two quarters sub-40 per cent and another quarter of guidance suggesting mid-30s. So basically the message is that for search, the party is over,” said Mark Natkin of Marbridge Consulting in Beijing.北京Marbridge Consulting公司的马克纳特金(Mark Natkins)表示:“去年,他们全年营收同比增长50%,或接近50%,而现在他们已经有两个季度的增长低于40%,并且第三季度营收指引在35%左右。所以从中基本可以看出,搜索行业的狂欢结束了。”Analysts worry that the slowdown raises doubts about Baidu’s ability to manage the transition from an internet ruled by PC users to one dominated by smartphones, where users pick from a screen full of apps instead of finding content through search engines.分析师担心百度营收增长放缓会引起人们怀疑,认为百度无法从个人电脑占主导的互联网顺利过渡到智能手机占主导的互联网。在智能手机互联网时代,用户是在满屏幕的应用(app)里进行选择,而不是通过搜索引擎寻找内容。Robin Li, Baidu’s chairman, announced in June a Rmb20bn (.2bn) investment over three years in Baidu Nuomi, its Groupon-like marketplace, to lift its performance in mobile.百度董事长李彦宏(Robin Li)6月份宣布,未来三年将向百度糯米(Baidu Nuomi)投资200亿元人民币(约合32亿美元),以提升百度在移动端的业绩。百度糯米是百度旗下类似Groupon的团购网站。Nuomi is envisioned as a focal point for services such as movie ticket sales and taxi hailing where physical and virtual commerce are combined in what is known as “online-to-offline” business funnelling users to online payments systems.百度糯米的设想是成为电影票销售以及打车等务的中心,将实体和虚拟商务结合成所谓的“O2O”业务,引导用户使用在线付系统。Analysts have expressed concern that Baidu is losing focus, citing as an example Baidu wallet, the online payment system founded in April 2014 and the weakest of China’s major online payment services.分析师担心百度正失去关注,他们引用了百度钱包(Baidu Wallet)的例子。百度钱包成立于2014年4月,是百度旗下在线付系统,在中国主要同类系统中的竞争力最低。In data released for the third quarter of 2014 by Analysys, a Beijing-based consultancy, Baidu Wallet, its mobile payments service, was found to have 0.06 per cent of the market. This compared to 79 per cent for Ant Financial’s Alipay, the country’s most popular mobile payments service which is owned by rival Alibaba.北京一家咨询公司易观国际(Analysys)2014年第三季度发布数据显示,作为百度旗下的移动付务产品,百度钱包的市场份额为0.06%,而蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)的付宝(Alipay)的市场份额为79%。付宝是中国最普及的移动付务,其持有者为百度竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)。The companies published more recent figures which suggest the gap has closed slightly. Baidu said it had 35m active users for Baidu Wallet at the end of June, while Alipay said it had 400m.根据易观国际发表的最新数据显示,百度钱包与付宝之间的差距已有小幅缩短。百度表示至6月底,百度钱包的活跃用户达到3500万名,付宝则表示同期其活跃用户为4亿名。“People are concerned that Baidu is not going to be able to move to online-to-offline because their payment system is a lot weaker than Tencent and Alibaba,” said Shaun Rein of China Market Research Group in Shanghai.Investments in things like movie tickets and other “online-to-offline” businesses are “something they haven’t proved they are good at,” he added.上海咨询公司中国市场研究集团(China Market Research Group)的雷小山(Shaun Rein)表示:“人们担心的是,百度无法向O2O转型,因为他们的付系统比腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴弱太多。”他还说,百度在电影票以及其他“O2O”业务上的投资,“还无法明他们擅长于此”。“They’re getting hammered because they’re making the investment they need to potentially thrive in the next five to 10 years. The concern is, are they making the right investments, and are they going to be good at those new businesses?”“他们遭到了声讨,因为他们需要这一投资在未来5年到10年内都保持蓬勃发展的潜力。值得关注的是,他们是否做出了正确的投资?还有他们是否能做好这些新业务?” /201508/389978湖州抽脂多少钱 湖州市菱湖人民医院激光去斑多少钱

湖州整形美容医院 From Fisker to Coda, the car industry is littered with failed start-ups. Qoros is hoping to avoid the same fate.从菲斯科(Fisker)到Coda,汽车业倒下了成片的初创企业。观致汽车(QOROS)正希望避免这样的命运。The Sino-Israeli carmaker made waves when it launched its first car in 2013 with ambitions to simultaneously crack China, the world’s biggest vehicle market, and Europe, one of the most competitive.2013年,这家中国和以色列合资的汽车制造商发布了第一款汽车,雄心勃勃地想要同时打入中国和欧洲——前者是世界最大的汽车市场,后者是世界竞争最激烈的市场之一——这在当时引起了轰动。Since then, it has ejected its chief executive, rung up dismal sales and faced questions from several analysts about its financial viability. Those dreams of being a globally renowned car brand seem more distant than ever and the company’s travails highlight the challenges facing new entrants in the capital-intensive car industry.后来,观致首席执行官换人,销售业绩惨淡,多名分析师也对其财务生存能力提出质疑。成为全球知名汽车品牌的梦想看上去更加遥不可及了。这家企业的痛苦经历凸显出,在资本密集型的汽车行业,新进入者面临着巨大挑战。“Nobody knows who Qoros is,” admits Phil Murtaugh, a former China specialist at General Motors who ran electric-car maker Coda before taking over at Qoros in February.原来在通用汽车(GM)的“中国通”墨斐(Phil Murtaugh)今年2月加盟观致汽车,担任首席执行官,此前他曾执掌电动车制造商Coda。“没人知道观致,”他坦言。Armed with a new five-year business plan, the company — which showed off a new concept car at last month’s Shanghai car show — faces a fraught period as it rebrands itself, seeks to achieve operating profitability by 2018, and then looks to make good on its lofty long-term ambitions.已经制定了新五年商业计划的观致汽车将面临一段困难时期,该公司力求重塑品牌,到2018年实现营运利润,然后期待实现其远大抱负。该公司在上月的上海车展上展示了一款新概念车。Qoros was set up in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery, a state-owned Chinese carmaker, and Israel Corp, a conglomerate controlled by Idan Ofer, a London-based billionaire. Mr Ofer, who also chaired collapsed electric-car venture Better Place, assembled a crack team of European engineers, including former BMW designer Gert Hildebrandand Volker Steinwascher, once head of Volkswagen in North America.2007年,中国国有汽车企业奇瑞(Chery)和以色列控股集团(Israel Corp)合资成立了观致汽车。该以色列集团由伦敦亿万富翁伊丹#8226;奥佛(Idan Ofer)控股,奥佛还曾担任现已倒闭的电动车企业Better Place的董事长。观致汽车成立时,他集结了一由欧洲工程师组成的精锐人马,其中包括宝马(BMW)前设计师何歌特(Gert Hildebrand)和曾执掌大众(Volkswagen)北美业务的石清仁(Volker Steinwascher)。“Idan thinks big,” says a person close to Mr Ofer. “He wants this company to be the first GM to come out of China.” Mr Ofer was unavailable for comment.“奥佛目光远大。”一名接近奥佛的人士表示,“他希望这家公司成为第一家诞生于中国的通用汽车。”记者联系不上奥佛,无法请其置评。Its first car, launched at the 2013 Geneva motor show, was declared the year’s safest small family vehicle in European tests. Only last week the same car, the Qoros 3 sedan, achieved China’s highest ever safety rating.观致在2013年日内瓦车展上发布的第一款汽车,被欧洲新车安全评鉴协会(Euro NCAP)评为当年最安全的小型家用车。就在上周,同一车型——观致3轿车——又获得中国新车评价规程(C-NCAP)有史以来最高的安全评分。But safety does not necessarily sell. Despite having a production capacity of 150,000 at its factory in Changshu, Qoros sold just 7,000 vehicles last year. GM sold 3.5m in China in 2014.然而,安全未必意味着好卖。尽管其位于常熟的工厂拥有15万辆的生产能力,但观致汽车去年仅售出7000辆。通用汽车去年在中国售出350万辆汽车。As for taking on Europe, Qoros sales in the test bed of Slovakia were just 51.在打入欧洲方面,观致试水斯洛伐克仅取得51辆的销售成绩。Mr Murtaugh admits that it was “foolish” to try to crack China and Europe in one shot. “When I joined, I told people, ‘Let’s put western Europe on hold for a while,’#8202;” he says. “We’re a Chinese company, we have to get China right.”墨斐承认,试图同时打开中国和欧洲市场是“愚蠢的”。“我加入观致时,告诉大家‘把打入西欧的计划暂停一段时间吧’,”他说,“我们是家中国企业,必须在中国取得成功。”What went wrong? Bill Russo, managing director of consulting firm Gao Feng Advisory, says that it was a mistake to launch a car into the ultra-competitive sedan segment at a higher price than most other domestic brands.问题出在哪儿?高风咨询公司董事总经理罗威(Bill Russo)表示,在竞争极其激烈的轿车市场发布一款售价高于多数国产品牌的汽车是错误的。Robin Zhu, analyst at Bernstein, says that the cars are simply too costly to build and too expensive to buy. “You’re trying to persuade consumers in China to choose a brand they’ve never heard of at the same price point as a Ford Focus,” he says.盛(Sanford Bernstein)分析师Robin Zhu表示,观致车生产造价太高,对消费者来说也太贵。“你在试图说中国消费者选择一个他们从未听过、价位却和福特(Ford)的福克斯(Focus)不相上下的品牌,”他说。The Focus, China’s second-bestselling car last year, starts at Rmb100,000 (,000) versus about Rmb120,000 for the equivalent Qoros 3 Hatch.福特福克斯是去年中国市场上的第二大畅销车,起步价10万元人民币(约合1.6万美元),而同档的观致3掀背版售价在12万元人民币左右。Mr Murtaugh is trying to turn things round by launching a wholesale rebranding to put the focus on Qoros as a Chinese company, rather than a cosmopolitan curiosity. He is also ramping up the dealer network. Qoros has 78 dealers across China and it plans almost to double that number this year.墨斐正在努力扭转局面,他拿出了一项全面品牌重塑计划,将观致定位为一家中国公司,而不是一家独特的全球性企业。他还要扩大经销商网络。观致在全中国有78家经销商,今年计划增加近一倍。Playing in its favour is an emerging trend in which domestic brands in China are gaining ground on foreign rivals. But the growth is not in affordable luxury sedans but in cheap and cheerful sport utility vehicles.外国汽车品牌与中国国产品牌之间正呈此消彼长之势,这也对观致有利。但国产品牌中获得销量增长的并非价格适中的豪华轿车,而是价格低廉、欢快的运动型多功能车(SUV)。Qoros offers hatchbacks and compact off-roaders, but despite the hybrid SUV concept shown in Shanghai, it is unclear what the fourth model will be.观致有掀背车和紧凑型越野车,但尽管在上海国际车展上展出了混合动力SUV概念车,目前还不清楚它的第四款车型将是什么。“The sales have been a point of ridicule,” says Bernstein analyst Robin Zhu.伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)分析师Robin Zhu表示:“销售情况有点讽刺。”The financial picture is also grim. According to results posted by New York-listed Kenon Holdings, the Israel Corp subsidiary that now controls the half-stake, Qoros made a 5m net loss in 2014 — up from 7m in 2013 — on revenues of 0m. Cumulative losses since 2010 are almost 0m.观致的财务状况也很严峻。根据纽约上市公司Kenon Holdings发表的财报,2014年观致总收入1.4亿美元,净亏损1.75亿美元,较2013年1.27亿美元的净亏损扩大,2010年以来累计亏损近4.5亿美元。Kenon Holdings是以色列控股集团的子公司,现在握有观致一半股权。The company and investors declined to comment on its level of debt, and Kenon does not declare the figure. The Caixin business website in China estimates Qoros’s gross debt at Rmb8.9bn at the end of September.观致和投资者对其债务水平不予置评,Kenon也没有公布具体数字。据中国财经网站财新网(Caixin)估计,截至去年9月底观致的债务总额为89亿元人民币。Over the past 12 months the parent companies have put up more than Rmb2bn in loans, and both Chery and Mr Ofer — the controlling shareholder of Kenon — have pledged their commitment to the business. Sales have improved, but only slightly, at 2,500 for the first three months of the year.过去12个月,各母公司总共为观致提供了逾20亿元人民币贷款,而且奇瑞以及Kenon的控股股东奥佛都承诺要增加投资。观致的销售情况有所改观,但也只是略为好转,今年第一季度销量为2500辆。Still, unbowed, Mr Murtaugh says that operating profitability is just two or three years away. “There’s going to be a bit of pride taken in China that a Chinese company#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;can do it just as good as German companies, American companies, Japanese companies,” he says.墨斐依然不屈不挠,他表示只要再过两三年观致就可实现营运利润。他说:“中国将为观致感到一丝骄傲,一家中国企业……可以做到与德国企业、美国企业、日本企业一样好。”“When that becomes known, Qoros will be a success.”“当这一点广为人知后,观致一定会成功。” /201505/373694湖州那里做做双眼皮好湖州九八医院做红色胎记手术多少钱



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