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释义:You did what? 你说什么?在没有听清对方的话,或者表示难以置信时所使用到的表达。相反,You did?或 You do?表示迎合对方的话,是“是吗?”,“真的?”的意思。例句:You did what? I can#39;t believe it.你说什么?真不敢相信。You did what? How come you always hit your friends?你说什么?你怎么能闲着没事就打朋友呢?You did? What was he talking about?真的?他说了什么?You do? That#39;s fantastic!真的?很棒啊!对话:A:I bought a new computer for us to use.我为我们买了台新电脑。B: You did what? I can#39;t afford that.你说什么?我可付不起。 /201609/465876今日短语:qualify for...具有…的资格例句:A: Do I qualify for the scholarship to England?我符合留英奖学金的资格吗?B: I#39;m sorry. You have to be a graduate student.抱歉。你必须是研究生。 /201701/481588每日一句口语:Turn around, is another starting point, in an Angle, you will find that different yourself!转身,是另一个起点,换一个角度,你会发现不一样的自己!【知识点讲解】Turn around (使)转身;(使)好转;改变意见;使变得完全不同例句:She couldn#39;t bear to turn around again.她不忍心再转回身去. /201508/393561

斯克鲁奇是狄更斯小说中的主人公,他是个出了名的守财奴。所以后来人们就称吝啬的人为scrooge,或者也可以说 tightwad miser。What a miser!真是个吝啬鬼!Miser吝啬鬼Miserly吝啬的Miserable悲惨的,痛苦的你应该节省开:You have to control your spending.你应该少花点儿。You have to cut back on expense.你应该节省开。You have to cut the frills.你应该减少不必要的出。有关住院的语句:想说住院,可以用in the hospital或者hospitalized(in a hospital).One of my friends have been in the hospital for 5 weeks.我有个朋友住院五周了。Have you been in the hospital recently?你最近去医院了吗?My husband was hospitalized yesterday because of bronchitis.我丈夫犯了气管炎,昨天住院了。He died from avian flu after being hospitalized for 2 days.他入院两天后死于禽流感。 /201510/402714Why don#39;t you put yourself in his shoes?你为什么不站在他的立场呢?You wouldn#39;t do it if you stood in my shoes.如果你是我的话,你也不会那么做的。与shoe有关的语句:The shoe is on the other foot.一只脚上的鞋换到了另一边,意思是“形势逆转”。He was my boss 5 years ago, but now the shoe is on the other foot.五年前他是我的老板,现在我们职位调了个儿。Now the shoe is on the other foot, so we have to prepare for all of the attacks.现在形势逆转了,我们要做好全面的防护措施。Start (get) off on the right foot在某件事或与某人的关系上开了个好头It is important to start off on the right foot in this new job.对于这件事,开个好头至关重要。 /201509/401505

释义:tell somebody how 告诉某人……方法这次 tell somebody 后面接上了 how, why, if 等,用来表示某种方法或理由或者询问事情的真伪。例句:Can you tell me how this happened?能告诉我这是怎么发生的吗?You#39;re not going to the party? Can you tell me why?你不去聚会了?能告诉我为什么吗?I#39;ll tell you how bad it is.我跟你说这有多么糟糕。Tell me if you#39;re still upset about this.告诉我你是不是还对此耿耿于怀。对话:A: Could you tell me how I get to the subway?你能告诉我怎么去地铁站吗?B: Go straight ahead until you see the sign.一直走,你会看到标识牌的。 /201707/515507每日一句口语:You can have it all. You just can#39;t have it all at once.你可以拥有一切,只是不能一次就全到手。【知识点讲解】at once 立即; 一起; 同时; 立刻例句:He offered to go at once.他主张立刻就去。 /201511/408422stay the course 坚持到底【讲解】course的本义是“流程,过程,路线”;stay the course的意思即是“持续到底”,喻指做亊不顾艰难,坚持到底。例如:I don’t think he is sufficiently dedicated to staying the course.(我认为他不够坚定,不会坚持到底的。)【对话】A:The teacher told my father that he was not to be a soldier when he was young, but he stayed the course, and finally became an officer.A:爸爸小的时候,老师告诉她,他不适合当一名军人,但他仍能坚持不懈努力到底,最后终于成了一名军官。B:He is really a tough man.B:他真是一个执着的人。A:So when you told me that I couldn#39;t be a reporter, I know I can.A:所以当你告诉我说我不能成为一名记者时,我知道我能。B:Well, it would be a miracle.B:那可真是个奇迹。 /201507/388809

听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) She mentions ____ regions.a) twob) three2) She is from the ____ .a) Northb) South3) She compares the accents to ____ .a) Englishb) Chinese本期话题Topic:Does your country have accents?Hi, my name is Win and I#39;m from Vietnam and my question is does my country have accents?Well, Vietnam is shaped like an S letter and so we have the North, the Middle and the South and in each region we have different accents. It#39;s like British English, and American English. Personally, I#39;m from the South and if, I#39;m very lucky to have travelled to most of the part of my country so I can listen to all of the accents but still sometimes we have misunderstandings based on different accent differences.听力b b a /201509/400221

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