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湖州曙光整形美容医院光子脱毛手术多少钱吴兴区绣眉多少钱Very pleased to meet you 很高兴认识你During the period of World War II, a lot of young nurses in Britain were in the army. Joan Phillips was one of them. She worked in a big camp, and of course met a lot of men, officers, and soldiers.在第二次世界大战期间,有许多年轻的护士在军营中琼·菲利普斯就是其中之一她在一个大军营中工作,当然遇到了许多男士,包括军官和士兵One evening, she met Captain Baker at a dance, and the captain was attracted by her beauty.一天晚上她在舞会上遇到了尚未贝克,他被琼·菲利普斯的美貌吸引住了He said to her, “Im going to board a train bound the frontier tomorrow, but Id be in good spirits if we could write to each other.” Joan agreed, and they corresponded several months.他对她说:“我明天就要登上开往边境的火车,但如果我们能够相互写信的话,我会很高兴”琼同意了,于是他们几个月里一直互通信件Then his letter stopped, but she received a telegraph from another officer, telling her that the captain had been wounded by bomb explosion and was in a certain hospital.后来,他再也没有来信琼·菲利普斯却受到了另一个军官的电报,告诉他,上尉被炮弹炸伤了,住在一个部队的医院里She went there and said to the receptionist, “Ive come to visit Captain Baker.”琼来到医院,她对接待员说:“我来看望军官贝克”“Only relatives are allowed to visit patients here,” the receptionist said.“这里只有亲属可以探望病人”接待员说“Oh. That all right,” answered Joan. “Im his sister.”“噢,是的”琼说,“我是他的”“Im very pleased to meet you,” the receptionist said. Im his mother.”“很高兴的认识你,”接待员说,“我是他的母亲” 66湖州曙光整形美容医院激光祛痘坑怎么样 Comt Dog Keeps Scared Kids Company at the DentistMeet 6-year-old Golden Retriever Jo Jo, a trained Comt dog helping ease the fears of terrified kids at one Illinois children dental clinic. The youngsters find comt and security by petting Jo Jo or by holding her paws during their procedures, according to Dr. Paul Egger of the Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook.This isnt Jo Jo first rodeo. She has been a source of strength many kids and adults facing tough situations, including the traumatized students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut after a mass shooting in left 6 dead, her handler Lynne Ryan told A News.Dogs that act in this capacity must be certified to do so, Dr. Cheryl London of the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center told A News. ;Therapy dogs are highly trained and highly screened.; There would only be one concern. ;The potential drawback would be if a child had allergies,; London said. Jo Jo works only with patients who are comtable having her around them, and she only works once a month.Vocabulary:Traumatize, capacity, screen, draw 36889湖州整形医院脱毛多少钱

湖州脸上的长出来的坑坑洼洼的怎么弄掉Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to the roundtable’s word of the week. 那世界杯已经开赛了,今天就由我跟John两位非球迷来大家介绍一下一些专业的足赛用语John: But actually, we are good at research. We are good at explaining things. So that’s what we are gonna to do, talking a little bit about football. So the first word we are gonna look at today is hat-trick. So a hat-trick is used quite often in football to describe one player who scored a goal three times.Xiaohua: 先来说说帽子戏法,我们大家都知道帽子戏法指的是在一场球赛中,一名队员三次将球踢进对方的球门John:What is so interesting is that according to the Extended Oxd English Dictionary from 1999, the term actually came into use after a cricket player took three wickets in three balls. So what happened was a collection was held him, the player who won, and that money was used to buy him a hat.Xiaohua: Okay. 原来帽子戏法最早出现是在板球cricket的比赛中,是因为有一个选手连续三次得到了wicket,三次击中门柱而得分,后来得到了一顶帽子作为奖励John: Okay. So the next word we are looking at is a round-robin, sometimes called all-play-all tournament, in which competition each contestant meets all other contestants in turn. So this is obviously very different from an elimination tournament, where if you lose you are completely out. In round-robin it doesn’t matter if you win, lose or tie, you are going to face each and every opponent.Xiaohua: Round-robin是循环赛的意思,就是在这种赛制中,每个队都能和其他的队至少比赛一次,那这个是跟淘汰赛有明显区别的John: So while are you watching the game, you are probably going to come across different types of kicks. First, let’s take a look at place kick. A place kick is a corner kick, a free kick, a goal kick, a kickoff or perhaps even a penalty kick.Xiaohua: Okay, place kick定位球呢,既可以指角球,也可以指任意球、球门球、开球,或者是罚球John: And so a direct kick is a method of restarting play following a foul, unlike indirect free kick which we will talk about in a minute, a goal may be scored directly against the opposing side without the ball having first touched another player.Xiaohua: 任意球free kick也分两种,一种是直接任意球,一种是间接任意球那直接任意球中呢,队员可以将球直接射入犯规球队的球门,而间接任意球呢,obviously球在进门之前必须被其他的队员触及才可以John: Right. So a corner kick happens when the attacking team leaves the field of play by crossing the goal line without the goal having been scored and also it was last touched by the defending player.Xiaohua: 角球的判罚则是在防守队员将球踢出底线后作出的John: Right. So obviously it’s called corner kick because it takes place at the corner of where the goal line meets the other border line of the field. So the last word that I want to look at this week is offside, the way it usually works out is that an attacking player is behind the last defending player and then he receives the ball that is usually considered to be offside.Xiaohua: 越位指的则是当进攻队员在对方半场并且站的位置处于所以对方防守队员的前边,同时他接到了队友的传球,那这种情况就会被称为越位John: I hope that some explanations helped you understand football a little bit better.Xiaohua: Yeah. And that’s all we have the roundtable’s word of the week. 36湖州整形医院去眼角 Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to Roundtable’s Word of the Week. This week we are talking about something that is related to making money or the stock market or something like that, because you know, apparently everyone is in the stock market. John: Everyone and their mother in fact. So we are gonna look at some idioms...starting off with taking a look at idioms that have specifically to do with stock. So to put stock in something- if you put stock in something, you have a high opinion of that person or of that thing. example, we’ll take the opposite approach, I don’t think that CNN is a credible news source. I don’t put much stock into their news reports. Xiaohua: 当你要买一家公司的股票肯定说明你非常信任这家公司,所以put stock in something就是“信任,看重”的意思 John: Yeah, or you know, Xiaohua she always tells the truth, so when she gives me a juicy rumor, I put a lot of stock in it. Xiaohua: Thank you, but I never do that. John: Then to take stock- so to take an assessment or appraisal, as in we have to take stock of our finances bee we can start a new project, or the career counselor advised Mark to take stock bee changing his plans. Xiaohua: take stock本来是商业用语,意思是“盘货”,现在也可以用作“梳理”或者“评估”的意思So if you take stock of something, you want to evaluate something. John: Exactly. And laughing stock- so a person or thing that is regarded as very foolish or ridiculous. You know, untunately, many of the Chinese football teams have become the laughing stock of the country. Xiaohua: No one wants to be a laughing stock. 因为laughing stock是“笑柄”的意思 John: Then lock, stock and barrel- an expression that means “everything”. So if someone buys a company lock, stock and barrel, they buy everything to do with the company. Also, there is a very famous movie by Guy Ritchie, if you remember very famous the movie Snatch, the movie right bee that that he wrote and directed was called Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Xiaohua: Yeah, that’s right. Lock, stock and barrel-锁,存货,还有桶,加起来的意思就是“所有的东西” John: Then my two cents- basically saying that you are going to give your opinion, so you can say “I’m going to give you my two cents.” or “my two cents is that you should do something.”. You can also say, it’s a bit of...not so much an idiom, but a term or a phrase that some people like to use sometimes. When they are giving advice when it is not asked , so you can say “I’m going to give you advice worth a nickel free.”. Xiaohua: my two cents-我的两分钱,就是说我的意见,我的拙见的意思你想给对方意见,但是对方可能并没有想要听取你的意见,所以你就会说my two cents,意思是说我的一点点浅见 John: And then ballpark figure- so basically it is an approximate number or a rough estimate of the cost of something. I don’t know how much exactly that is going to cost, but a ballpark figure would be around a hundred thousand dollars. Xiaohua: ballpark figure就是大约的数字 John: Cash cow- so a product or service which is a regular source of income a company and is easy to maintain. His latest invention turned out to be a real cash cow. Xiaohua:现金牛,这个意思有点像是摇钱树,比如说一个公司里最赚钱的那块业务就是这个公司的cash cow John: And if you are hard up, you have very little money. We were so hard up that we had to sleep in the car. Xiaohua: 下面这几个词跟“穷”都有关系Hard up 就是经济情况非常不好 John: And in order to keep the wolf from the door, you need to have enough money to buy food and other essentials. My grandparents barely earned enough money to keep the wolf from the door. Xiaohua: keep the wolf from the door实际上是讲维持最基本的温饱线的意思 John: Yeah, to keep your head above water means to try to survive by staying out of debt or by trying to stay in business...try to sustain whatever activity you are doing. So business has been really slow, but we’ve managed to keep our head above water. Xiaohua: keep your head above water可不是讲不要被淹死,其实它是在讲不要负债,要保持经营状况的良好 John: Yeah, then a license to print money- so basically something that enables people to make a lot of money without very much efts. So the contract to supply computers to school was a license to print money. Xiaohua: 讲完了穷,下面该讲富了License to print money-给了你印钱的执照,基本上就是说你有无数的赚钱的好机会 John: Then hand over fist- basically when we are talking about money, it just means to be able to make a lot of money very, very quickly and very, very easily. So, you now, government contracts allow companies to make money hand over fist. Xiaohua: hand over fist这个短语当用在讲赚钱的时候呢,就是说赚钱赚得盆满钵满,忙不过来了And we hope everybody will be making money hand over fist in the stock market. And that’s all we have the edition of Word of the Week, here on Roundtable. 3866湖州曙光整形美容医院色素沉着怎么样

湖州整形美容医院哪家好听力原文:Iraq’s unravelling伊拉克的解体The mistakes that made Islamic State造就IS的祸根Blood Year: Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror.血染的一年:IS和反恐战争的失败WHEN David Kilcullen, a young Australian army officer who had been seconded to America’s State Department as a counter-terrorism strategist, arrived in Baghdad’s Green Zone in late he found himself at “Ground Zero the greatest strategic screw up since Hitler’s invasion of Russia”. Just as it is said that the first world war was the calamity from which sprang all the other calamities of the th century, so too was the bungled aftermath of the invasion of Iraq the screw-up from which all other screw-ups followed.重点词汇:1 unravel 解体;崩溃;瓦解 second 临时调派;短期调任 (发音不同)3 State Department (美国)国务院 strategist 战略家;善于筹划部署的人5 baghdad 巴格达6 Green Zone 绿色(在美军控制下的安全)区域7 Ground Zero 开始; 起点; 爆心投影点;8 screw up 搞糟;搅乱;弄坏9 invasion 入侵,侵略; 侵害 calamity 灾难;灾祸 spring 突然活跃起来;突然出现 bungle 笨拙地做;失败 aftermath(战争、事故、不快事情的)后果,创伤听力原文:In his new book, Mr Kilcullen gives an unflinching insider’s of how mistakes and missed opporties led inexorably to the events of . This is the “blood year” of his title, when Islamic State (IS) began its blitzkrieg through Iraq that culminated in the seizure of Mosul, the country’s second-biggest city, and the approach almost to Baghdad. Eighteen months after Barack Obama assembled his international coalition to “degrade and defeat” IS, the self-styled “caliphate” still holds Mosul and a string of other Iraqi cities, while controlling much of eastern Syria including Raqqa, its “capital” since .重点词汇:1 unflinching 不屈不挠的;果敢的;坚定的;不畏缩的 描述;叙述;报告3 inexorable 不可阻挡的;无法改变的 blitzkrieg 闪电战;闪击战5 culminate (以某种结果)告终;(在某一点)结束6 seizure 夺取;占领;控制7 mosul 苏尔(伊拉克北部城市)8 self-styled 自封的;自诩的9 caliphate 哈里发的地位,哈里发的辖地 degrade(使)退化,降解;分解听力原文:There is plenty of blame to go round. Mr Kilcullen’s contempt George W. Bush’s defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, is searing. If invading Iraq was an irresponsible distraction from the real fight against al-Qaeda, Mr Rumsfeld’s insistence on a “light footprint” strategy meant that the number of troops available to contain the entirely predictable (and predicted) chaos following the removal of Saddam Hussein was “criminally” inadequate.重点词汇:1 contempt 蔑视;轻蔑;鄙视 sear 烧灼;灼伤;烤焦;轻煎3 distraction 分散注意力的事;使人分心的事 al-Qaeda 基地组织;5 insistence 坚决要求;坚持;固执6 chaos 混乱;杂乱;紊乱7 criminally 刑法上;刑事上;在犯罪方面8 defence secretary 国防大臣部长9 inadequate 不充分的;不足的;不够的听力原文:This was compounded by disbanding the Iraqi army and then dismantling the ruling Baath party, thus rendering most of the country’s qualified middle class unemployable. The conditions the debacle to come were now complete. It was in the ensuing years of sectarian bloodletting that al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the predecessor to IS, emerged under the psychotic leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as the most potent ce in the insurgency.重点词汇:1 compound 使加重;使恶化 disband 解散;解体;散伙3 dismantle (逐渐)废除,取消 baath party 阿拉伯复兴社会党5 render 使成为;使变得;使处于某状态6 debacle 大败;崩溃;垮台;灾祸7 sectarian(宗教)教派的,派性的8 ensue 接着发生;因而产生9 bloodletting 杀戮;伤害; 放血疗法 predecessor 前任 psychotic 精神病患者 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi 阿布·穆萨布·扎卡维; potent 有效的,强有力的; 有权势的; 烈性的; 有说力的; insurgency 起义;叛乱;造反听力原文:Yet Mr Kilcullen is full of praise Mr Bush’s commitment to the troop “surge” in led by General David Petraeus. Mr Bush may have made a lousy call over Iraq in the first place, but he understood the moral and reputational imperative to repair some of the damage and was sufficiently flexible to apply new methods when old ones had failed.重点词汇:1 surge 急剧上升;飞涨;激增 lousy 非常糟的;极坏的;恶劣的3 imperative 重要紧急的;迫切的;急需处理的听力原文:The same could not be said his successor, Mr Obama. As Mr Kilcullen sees it, by the time the new president took office in Iraq was in a much better place. AQI had been more or less eradicated, the violence had largely abated and, under American guidance, the government of Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad showed some willingness to share power with Sunnis and Kurds. But Mr Obama, instead of maintaining enough boots on the ground to keep things going in the right direction, headed the exit at the first opporty when, in late , he and Mr al-Maliki failed to agree to a deal extending the legal status of American ces in Iraq重点词汇1 eradicate 根除;消灭;杜绝 abate(使)减弱,减退,减轻,减少3 Nouri al-Maliki 努里·马利基 Sunnis and Kurds 逊尼派和库尔德人欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 518 湖州爱尔眼科近视手术价格湖州市中心医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱



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