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湖州男士纹眉长兴县蓝光祛痘多少钱 12. China#39;s Number One Bridge12. 中国第一桥一赵州桥Zhaozhou Bridge has a novel structure meters and beautiful shape. It is 50.82 meters long and 9.6 meters wide, with a Span of 37.37 meter. It is a one arch bridge consisting of 28 independent arches. At each shoulder of the big arc there are two small round arcs used to help drain flood water, reduce the weight of the bridge and save some stone. It is a pioneering work in the history of bridge construction. On the parapet of the bridge, there are various delicate and vivid pictures and designs. Structurally speaking, the bow-shape big arc and the small round arcs on the shoulder make the bridge look light despite its bulk body and give you the feeling that it is about to fly away. Its outline is very strong but gentle, stable but vivid, magnificent and meaningful. The sculpture of a dragon head on the top of the main arc and the Yangtianshi at the side of the bridge in the shape of a nine-petal lily expresses the wish that the bridge will be spare from the damage of floods and lasting forever safely.赵州桥结构脯,造型美观,全长50.82米,宽9.6米,跨度为37.37米,是一座由28道独立拱券组成的单孔弧形大桥。在大桥洞顶左右两边拱肩里,各砌有两个圆形小拱,用以加速排洪,减少桥身重量,节省石料,这是建桥史上的创举。桥面两边的栏板望柱,雕有各种精美图案,刀法苍劲,造型生动。在结构上,弧形平拱和敞肩小拱给人一种巨身轻灵、跃跃欲飞的动感。线条刚劲之中见柔和,稳重之中显轻灵,雄伟之中含隽永。在主拱顶上雕有龙头的龙问石一块,八瓣莲花的仰天石点缀于桥侧。这些雕像,寄寓着大桥不受水害,长存永安的愿望。 Ever since the song Dynasty,there was a prevailing myth of lu Ban building the bridge, and people honor li Chun ;saint;. The legend says in ancient time, the river Jiao was always full of rolling waves in summer and autumn, and often flooded t during which people who lived by the river could not cross it even when they had emergencies. At regular time they crossed the river in a ferry, but it was very inconvenient. One night, the moon was brightly shining, lu Ban, the father of craftsmanship, drove a herd of white sheep to the bank of the river, and suddenly ail of them were converted into all kinds of stones. lu Ban wielded his hammer and started to work. By dawn, a grand stone bridge, in the faint rays of the dawning sun, had stretched over the Jiao River. This good news caused a sensation. People ran around sping the news, even the world af immortals knew about it. Zhang Guolao, one of the ;eight gods;, was very surprised to hear that. He made an appointment with Prince Chai to test the bridge. As itwent, Zhang Guolao, riding his donkey, went in front, in a bag on the back of the donkey were the sun and the moon; Prince Chai followed him pushing a handicart with the five great mountains of China in it. As they advanced to the middle, the bridge began to shake under the pressure, and looked like if was about to be crushed. Grasping the peril, lu Ban plunged into the river and proped up the bridge with his hand. Only by his effort could the bridge survive. On the surface the bridge, there are some deep footprints left over by the donkey when it was exerting; as the handicart was too heavy, there was a deep rut too; prince Chai left a knee mark on the bridge when he slipped because of over exertion. Beneath the bridge, lu Ban left a big hand print when he tried to prop up the bridge. This is how these marks on the bridge come from.自宋代以来,广泛流传着鲁班修桥的神话故事,人们把匠师李春喻为;圣人;。相传古代,蛟河水一到夏秋两季便浊浪翻滚,常常泛滥成灾,两岸百姓有急事谁也过不了河;平时也只能靠木船摆渡,很不方便。一天夜里,月光皎洁,工匠祖师鲁班,赶着白花花的羊群来到蛟河边,瞬间,羊群化作各种各样的石头,鲁班挥锤工,至拂晓时分,一座雄伟壮丽的大石桥身披晨曦横跨蛟河两岸,这一喜讯即刻轰动了百姓,人们奔走相告,同时也风闻到仙界。“八仙”之一的张果老十分惊讶,约了柴王爷一同试桥。只见张果老倒骑毛驴在前,驴背褡裢里装着日、月;柴王爷推车在后,车上装着五岳名山。行至桥中心,将桥压得摇摇欲坠。鲁班见势不妙,纵身跳人水中,用于将桥托住,才使大桥安然无恙。桥面上,毛驴上坡吃力,留下了几个深深的驴蹄印;小车过重,车轮碾出了一道深沟;柴王爷用力过猛,右脚一打滑跪在桥上,留下了一个大大的膝盖印;大桥下面,鲁班用力托住桥身,留下了一只大手印。这就是大石桥上留下各种痕迹的由来。Zhaozhou Bridge has a deep influence on the construction of Bridge in our country. Yongtong Bridge, located outside the west gate of the capital of Zhao Country on more than five kilometers away from it, is an example. Yongtong Bridge is also called ;small stone bridge;, stretching over Qingshui River. Built during Cahangnian year of the Jin Dynasty(1190-1195), it has a completely the same structure and formation as that over the An#39;ji River. It, too, is a single whole arc bridge, with a length of 32 meters,a span of 26 meters and a width of 6.3 meters, consisting of 20 single arches standing side by side. The carves on the parapet are exquisite. There is a popular saying among native people: ;Have honor for the big stone bridges,and apprectiate beauty of the small stone bridge. ; That is to say,from the big stone bridge, we can learn that it has made a great contribution to the history of bridge construction,and from the small bridge, we can appreciate the exquisite decoration. Legend has it that the night when Lu Ban was building the big stone bridge, his sister, Lu Jiang, was building the small stone bridge. They competed with each other and agreed to finish their work in one night. Lu Jiang was not as skilled as her brother, and was forced to imitate her brother#39;s work The day was about to dawn,yet she was not at all finished. Fortunately, she got helps from a god, and beat her brother. Some part of the bridge was even more beautiful than the big bridge. Another legend says that this bridge was built by Lu Ban#39;s second pupil Yongcong, so it was named Yongcong Bridge. As time went by, there were slips of mouths about ;Yongcong; and ;Yongtong;,and it was called Yongtong Bridge in the end.赵州桥对我国桥梁建筑影响深远。坐落在赵县城西门外、与其相距不足五里之遥的永通桥便是一例。永通桥又称;小石桥横跨清水河上。建于金代明昌年间 (1190 -1195),与安济桥结构形式完全一样,亦为单孔石拱桥,全长 32米,跨度 26米,宽 6.3米,由 20道并列的单拱构成。桥上栏板雕刻精美,当地老百姓中流传着一种说法大石桥看功劳,小石桥看花草。;意思是说,大石桥看的是对世界桥梁史的贡献,小石桥看的是精美的装饰。俗传鲁班修大石桥时,其鲁姜修小石桥,兄争胜,限一夜完工;鲁姜技艺不如鲁班,只得处处模仿大石桥,天将拂晓,工犹未竣,幸得天神暗中相助,竟胜兄,且若干部分较大桥为优美。另有民间传说,此桥为鲁班的二徒弟永聪所造,因而小石桥名永聪桥,年代久了,人们叫溜了口,叫成了;永通桥;。 /201505/373253德清县冰点脱毛多少钱

湖州曙光医疗美容门诊部光子脱毛多少钱Hotpot in Earthenware土锅子-腾冲马帮菜 As another dish in the series of Dish for Horse Drivers, it is similar to the common Hotpot except that the vessel filled with food is made of pottery, which excels in preserving the heat and the taste. It is served as a welcome dinner for horse drivers, namely, a group of businessmen on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, when they finish the trade and come back home. Traditionally, the wife of the leader in the group is in charge of making the dish, which is by no means an easy job. To retain the original taste of the food filled in the earthenware, it must be boiled in chicken soup, ham soup or pork leg soup without any seasoning. Furthermore, rules must be obeyed to render the dish successful. Firstly, the food must be put in place with meat at the bottom and vegetables on the surface. Then, the one which can be boiled for a long time should be lay under the one that cannot. At last, to make it not only pleasant to tongue but to eye, food which is seemly and attractive should be put on top.“土锅子”这道菜和火锅差不多,但它是烧制的粗制陶器,更容易入味。据说当年大马帮安全归来,马锅头的夫人会备上它来为凯旋的马帮接风洗尘。炊锅的汤水十分讲究,一般用原汁鸡汤、筒子骨汤或火腿骨汤,不另外添加佐料,以保质地鲜甜。炊锅的繁杂,在于荤素材料的层层码放,“底荤上素”和“耐煮在下鲜嫩在上”,并突出重点考虑看样,把工艺最复杂、味道最有号召力、看样最好的,置于上层。 /201506/378351 It is not unusual to feel homesick while working abroad but when Jér#244;me Spitzer began to pine for the classic bistro fare he loved as a boy in Paris, he resisted hopping on to the next flight to Charles de Gaulle airport and took action.在国外工作时想念家乡并不罕见,但当杰罗姆#8226;斯皮策(Jér#244;me Spitzer)开始想念他小时候在巴黎钟爱的那种经典小馆菜肴时,他顶住了诱惑,没有登上下一班飞往戴高乐机场的航班,而是行动了起来。The 25-year-old, who had arrived in Hong Kong 18 months earlier to work for a Spanish importer, found a kindred spirit in another French expatriate. Undaunted by the unfolding global financial crisis, the pair trawled the streets of Central, Hong Kong’s glitzy entertainment district, searching for small premises suitable for a traditional French-style bistro.18个月前,这位25岁的年轻人来到香港为一家西班牙进口商工作,他发现一位与他志趣相投的法国同胞。二人不惧全球金融危机蔓延的影响,在香港华丽耀眼的区中环地区的街道上,寻找适合开设传统法式小馆的小店面。The result was Pastis, which opened in 2009.结果是Pastis在2009年开门迎宾。Five years later they have six establishments dotted around Hong Kong Island, each styled to evoke a particular type of French brasserie. Step into Saint-Germain and you could be in an elegant café on Paris’s Left Bank, while Metropolitain in the upcoming Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood evokes an artsy Montmartre atmosphere.5年后,他们已在香港岛上拥了有6家门店,每家都透露出独特的法国小馆风格。步入Saint-Germain,仿佛置身于巴黎左岸一个优雅的咖啡馆,而西营盘高街地区的Metropolitain则焕发出一种蒙马特艺术气息。Today Mr Spitzer reflects on his decision to go into business, describing it as “a very selfish move, as much as for us as for the French community”.如今,斯皮策在回想他从商的决定时,把它称为“一种非常利己的举动,既为了我们自己,也为了法国人群体”。Hong Kong has long been home to French bankers and civil engineers, but Mr Spitzer exemplifies a new breed of French expatriate that has emerged in the territory in recent years: the petit entrepreneur.长期以来,很多法国家和土木工程师不断来到香港,但斯皮策是最近几年在香港新出现的一类典型法国人:小企业主。Five years ago small- and medium-sized businesses made up about 40 per cent of the businesses registered with the French chamber of commerce in Hong Kong; today this proportion has risen to 50 per cent.5年前,中小型企业占香港法国工商总会注册企业总数的40%左右:如今这一比例已升至50%。“French businesses in the city are really a snapshot of Hong Kong’s gross domestic product”, says Orianne Chenain, executive director of the French chamber of commerce. Expatriates have started businesses in all sorts of sectors, including retail, construction and hospitality.法国工商总会执行董事奥里亚纳#8226;舍南(Orianne Chenain)表示:“在港法国企业确实为香港的地区生产总值(GDP)做出了广泛贡献”。在香港的法国人在零售、建筑和餐饮等各行各业开办了企业。There are a number of factors propelling this trend: the perceived ease of doing business compared to France, the appeal of French products to native Hong Kongers and expatriates alike as well as the growing French community itself, which reinforces the demand for homegrown goods and services.推动这一趋势的因素很多:据认为香港具备比法国更明显的经商便利性,同时法国产品吸引着香港本地人和外籍人士以及不断壮大的法国人群体,这些促进了对法国国产商品和务的需求。More than 11,100 French citizens registered at the French Consulate in Hong Kong last year, almost double the 6,236 who did so in 2007, fuelled by the desire to seek opportunities away from their homeland. However officials estimate the real number is far higher – around 17,000.去年,在法国驻香港总领事馆注册的法国公民超过了1.11万,几乎是2007年(6236人)的两倍,这得益于法国人希望在本国以外寻找机会。然而,官员们估计,实际数字要高的多,大约为1.7万人。The French entrepreneurs believe setting up a business in Hong Kong is easier than it would be back home, given the relative lack of bureaucracy and low start-up costs. “The legal environment in France is perceived by French entrepreneurs as being more constrained,” says Ms Chenain.法国创业者认为,香港官僚作风相对较少且创业成本较低,因而在香港创业要比在法国容易。舍南表示:“法国创业者认为,法国的法律环境限制更多。”Mr Spitzer estimates that, had he set up a similar bistro in France, the cost would have been two to three times as great in Hong Kong.斯皮策估计,如果他在法国开一家类似的小餐馆,成本将是香港的两到三倍。“Hong Kong gave us the will to start as entrepreneurs and also the idea to set up our own company,” he says. “When we first came to Hong Kong we were not expecting to do something so fast.”“香港让我们有了创业的意愿,还赋予了我们创建自己公司的想法,”他表示,“当我们初到香港时,我们没有料到事情会进展这么快。”Rents are higher in Hong Kong, he notes, but the costs of doing business are mitigated by lower tax and longer opening hours.他指出,香港的租金较高,但较低的税率以及较长的营业时间,都降低了经商成本。Anthony Rendall, a French expatriate, swapped a life penning travel guides for French publisher Gallimard to launch a business importing French wine for the Hong Kong market. He says that the time and paperwork needed to register a business is far less.法国人安东尼#8226;伦德尔(Anthony Rendall)原来的工作是为法国出版社Gallimard撰写旅行指南,如今他开设了一家公司,为香港市场进口法国红酒。他表示,注册企业所需时间和填表申请工作比法国要少得多。“Within two days and for HK0 (#163;12) I had a limited company, a bank account and was set for business,” he says. “Everything was made so simple from the first day.”“我用两天不到的时间花150港元(合12英镑)就拥有了一家有限公司、一个账户,可以开业了,”他表示,“从第一天起,一切都是如此简单。”The perception of the French lifestyle as the epitome of style by Hong Kong Chinese and tourists from mainland China is a large part of the reason why French consumer and leisure businesses are proliferating in Hong Kong.香港华人和来自中国内地的游客将法国生活方式视为风尚的典范,这是法国消费和休闲企业在香港不断增多的一个很重要的原因。Mr Rendall, who retained a deep affection for Hong Kong after being brought up there, spotted a gap in the market for selling good quality, affordable French wine.伦德尔在香港长大,对香港有着很深的感情,他发现香港在质量上乘的平价法国红酒销售市场存在一个空白。“Most of the upper tier wines are very expensive and of the middle range wines very little is available, and they are mostly New World wines,” he says. “If you want to buy something good the price is HK0, in France the prices are a third of that.”“多数高档红酒价格非常昂贵,而市场上中档红酒非常少,多数是新世界葡萄酒(New World,指除欧洲以外产区的葡萄酒),”他表示,“如果你想买一些不错的红酒,价格在300港元,而在法国,价格只有香港的三分之一。”In May, together with his sister, a wine critic, he launched the business and also began hosting wine-tasting sessions aboard a traditional junk boat, a type of outing perennially popular with expats.今年5月,他与身为酒评家的开了这家公司,还开始在一艘传统的仿古船上开设品酒会,这种出游方式在香港外籍人士中一直很受欢迎。“A junk is part of the Hong Kong lifestyle and part of the French lifestyle was missing,” he says.他表示:“仿古船是香港生活方式的一部分,法国的部分生活方式正在消失。”Contrasting his childhood memories of a virtually empty French school during the seventies to the present day, he believes the swelling community in itself encourages more to follow in their footsteps.在他儿时的回忆中,上世纪70年代的法国学校几乎空无一人,这与现在形成对比,他认为,这个不断壮大的群体正鼓励更多人追随他们的步伐。Arnault Castel, who owns several stores selling brands including French fashion houses Carven and Kenzo, says he is “happily the victim of a stereotype.”阿尔诺#8226;卡斯特尔(Arnault Castel)拥有几家门店,销售包括法国时装品牌Carven和Kenzo在内的品牌,他表示,他“很高兴成为了老一套模式的牺牲品。”The former banker moved to Hong Kong in 1996 but was struck by the absence of European-style boutiques as opposed to the brash luxury malls that had sprung up across the city. “It was not really planned [but] it is really very easy to start a business here; the initial investment is quite low,” he says.卡斯特尔之前是一位人士,1996年移居香港,他注意到,尽管香港的豪华商厦拔地而起,但缺少欧洲风格的精品店。他表示:“实际上我没有什么计划(但)在这里创业确实非常容易,初始投资非常低。”The chain, named Kapok, was founded in 2006 and targets Hong Kong’s young, affluent and style-conscious crowd. There are now thirteen stores across Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei with half of them in Hong Kong.他经营的连锁店名为Kapok,创建于2006年,瞄准香港那些年轻富有且关注格调的人群。如今,他在新加坡、东京和台北等地开设了13家店面,其中有一半位于香港。The designer clothing and quirky jewellery are especially popular with Japanese tourists and, increasingly, those from mainland China who come to Hong Kong to shop.设计师装以及新奇古怪的珠宝特别受日本游客的欢迎,而且越来越受到来香港扫货的中国内地游客的欢迎。“We focus on really small, really emerging brands,” Mr Castel says. “People are looking for something a bit different.”“我们关注的是非常小、非常新的品牌,”卡斯特尔表示,“人们在寻找一些有点不同的东西。”For a new generation of Asian Francophiles seduced by the fantasy of la vie Fran#231;aise, that something different often means seeking a dash of French style. “The expatriate community is acting as an opinion leader,” Mr. Rendall says. “People from every walk of life come to Hong Kong, and we’ve reached cultural and critical mass.”对于被法国生活吸引、憧憬法国的新一代亚洲人而言,与众不同通常意味着寻求一抹法国风格。“这些在香港的外籍群体正成为舆论领袖,”伦德尔表示,“各行各业的人们来到香港,我们实现了文化的大融合。” /201412/350217湖州激光去痣多少钱一颗湖州市康复医院点痣多少钱



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