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PreviewTheme: ImagiNationHighlights: Sculptured Curving Walls and a Red Ochre ExteriorNational Pavilion Day: June 8Location: Within Zone B of the Expo Site展馆主题:“畅想之洲”展馆亮点:弧顶雕塑墙与红赭石色外观国家馆日:6月8日展馆位置:B片区 /201005/104093

McDonald's in 2020Frog Design envisions what your Value Meal will look like in 2020—ignoring my disappointment that the drink isn't the size of a large movie theater popcorn bucket, I can appreciate seeing my heart attack in real time.Technically, the above concept has nothing specific to do with fast food. It's called Bodynet, and it's a persistent health tracker that projects the outcome of activities on your body.Their other ideas include the ThingBook, a catalog of the stuff you see that you want...FrogDesign预想着2020年你的套餐是什么样子——忽略我悲观的情绪,饮料是不是就跟我们在电影院装爆米花桶一样大小?我能看到我心脏病的实时发作。严密地来说,以上的概念没有具体到快餐业。身体状况跟踪网络,它是一个持续的对身体活动结果跟踪的工程。ThingBook里包含的,都是你看了便想要的东西.........and the Whuffle Meter, a realtime display of your social standing......全息表,一个实时反映你精确方位的东西。There's not doubt that augmented reality will make such information part of our day to day lives, but I do wonder if these concepts are missing something inevitable and obvious: The ads. [designmind and Forbes via infosthetics]对于这些概念变成现实日常生活中的一部分我对此毫无疑问。但是我有一个疑惑是否这些概念去掉了显而易见而又必不可少的:广告。 /201005/104879


  1. Keeping all of your money in a checking account.所有资金都存在一个活期存款账户上。2. Assuming that you’re too young (or too old!) to start investing for the future.以为现在开始就为将来投资,还为时过早或已经为时已晚!3. Impulse shopping — you should learn to buy what you actually need.冲动购物——你该试着只买必需品了。4. Asking parents for money.向父母伸手要钱。5. Not asking for a raise when you deserve one.该加薪时羞于启齿。6. Waiting to start your financial planning until after you’re married.等待结婚后再开始理财计划。7. Thinking that investing can only be boring.觉得投资相当枯燥。8. Paying your credit card without checking the charges on the bill.刷卡消费时不看账单金额多少。9. Not having a firm grasp of your budget: what you can afford, what you can’t, when you can afford to splurge a little, and when you need to save for a while.对自己的开没有明确的概念:什么是你能够承受的,什么又是你负担不起的;何时可以稍微奢侈一回,何时又必须得缩紧腰包。10. Dipping into an emergency fund for non-emergencies (having nothing to wear is not an emergency!)为不紧急的事情动用应急资金。(没衣可穿不是什么大不了的事情吧!)11. Paying late fees — on anything.任何事情都得付滞纳金。12. Not saving a set amount automatically out of every paycheck.没有从每笔薪酬中自动扣除一定金额用以存款的习惯。13. Assuming others know best when it comes to your money.以为别人最了解自己的资金。14. Assuming that men are better at investing than women.以为男人比女人更会投资理财。15. Ignoring coupons. They exist for a reason, you know.无视优惠券。优惠券有优惠券的好处,你懂的。 /201310/259372。


  The Internet is becoming our main source of memory instead of our own brains, a study has concluded.一项研究得出结论称,网络正取代人脑成为记忆的主要存储库。In the age of Google, our minds are adapting so that we are experts at knowing where to find information even though we don#39;t recall what it is.我们的大脑正逐渐适应谷歌时代,就算我们记不起某一信息,我们却善于从网络中找出这一信息。The researchers found that when we want to know something we use the Internet as an ;external memory; just as computers use an external hard drive.研究人员发现,当我们想知道某一事物时,我们就会将网络作为一种;外存;,就像电脑使用外部硬盘驱动器一样。Nowadays we are so reliant on our smart phones and laptops that we go into ;withdrawal when we can#39;t find out something immediately;.如今我们是如此依赖于我们的智能手机和笔记本电脑,当我们;无法立刻找出某一信息时,我们的生活甚至会停摆;。And such is our dependence that having our Internet connection severed is growing ;more and more like losing a friend;.我们也非常依赖于网络,如果我们的网络连接中断了,我们会;越来越觉得像失去了一个朋友;。Researchers from Harvard University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Columbia University in the US carried out four tests to check their theory.来自美国哈佛大学、威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校和哥伦比亚大学的研究人员为了验他们的理论,开展了四项测试。They involved giving test participants a trivia quiz and then seeing whether they recognised computer-related words more quickly than other words.这些测试包括让参与者做琐碎记忆测试,看他们是否能更快识别和电脑相关的词汇。The other tests involved seeing if people remembered 40 pieces information they would typically later have normally looked up.其他的测试包括观察人们是否能记住40条他们一般稍后会查阅的信息。The third and fourth parts of the study involved checking how well people remember where to look up information on-line and whether or not they remembered the location more than the actual data.研究的第三和第四部分包括查看人们是否能很好地记住查阅信息的网站,以及他们是否对网站比对信息本身记得更清楚。The results showed that when people don#39;t believe they will need information for a later test, they do not recall it at the same rate as when they do believe they will need it.结果显示,当人们认为自己在稍后的测试中不需要该信息时,他们能回忆起来的信息比认为自己稍后将需要该信息时要少。In fact, some of those in the study ;actively did not make the effort to remember when they thought they could later look up the trivia statements they had ;, the paper says.该研究报告称,事实上,部分参与研究的人;没有积极努力地去记住他们所看到的信息,因为他们认为稍后可以查阅到这些琐碎信息;。The other results showed that when continuous Internet access is expected, people are better at remembering where they can find it than the details.其他研究结果显示,当人们期待可以持续地连接到互联网时,人们更善于记住找到信息的地方而非信息的细节。 /201201/169517THE Tokyo Sky Tree, a broadcasting and observation tower that will officially open on May 22nd, is 634 metres high (2,080 feet), making it the tallest building in Asia. Is this Japan#39;s last bid to stay on top? For years, Japan was Asia#39;s richest and most powerful economy. It was the first Asian economy to industrialise, and the emerging Asian tigers—Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and later China—merely followed in its tracks. Now, however, Japan is steadily being overtaken.作为广播传送和观光塔的东京天空树将于4月22日正式开放,634米(2,080英尺)的高度使它成为亚洲最高的建筑。这是日本试图保持领先的最后一搏么?很多年来,日本曾拥有亚洲最富有和最强劲的经济。它是第一个工业化的亚洲经济体,新兴的亚洲四小龙——香港,新加坡,南韩,台湾和最近的中国大陆——仅仅是追随它的足迹。不过,现在日本正在被稳步的超越。China#39;s economy is now bigger than Japan#39;s, but less noticed is the fact that Asia#39;s so-called newly industrialised economies (NIEs) are, one by one, becoming richer than Japan. Most economists reckon that the best way to compare living standards is to take GDP per person measured at purchasing-power parity (PPP), which adjusts for differences in the cost of living in each country. On this gauge, Japan was overtaken by Singapore in 1993, by Hong Kong in 1997 and by Taiwan in 2010. But the most humbling re-ranking will be when South Korea becomes richer than Japan. The latest forecasts from the IMF suggest that this could happen within five years (see chart). That would be a remarkable turnabout. In 1980 South Korea#39;s GDP per person was barely a quarter the level of Japan#39;s.现在中国的经济规模大于日本,但是很少被提及的事实是亚洲所谓的新型工业化经济体(NIEs)一个接一个的变得比日本富有。大部分经济学家认为最好的比较生活水平的方法是用人均GDP测算平价购买力(PPP),其可以调整生活在每一个国家所需的不同费用。按照这个标准,日本在1993年被新加坡超越,1997年被香港超越,并在2010年被台湾超越。不过最令人羞愧的重新排名将会是南韩变得比日本富有。来自IMF的最新预测暗示这将在五年内发生(参见图表)。那将会是一个标志性的转变。在1980年南韩的人均GDP仅仅只有日本四分之一的水平。Calculated at market exchange rates, Japan#39;s per-head income is still higher than all the NIEs except Singapore. Yet Japan#39;s high prices, especially for housing and food, bring down the country#39;s true standard of living. PPPs are tricky to calculate and economists come up with different numbers, so the IMF#39;s figures are contentious. Some other yardsticks, such as car-ownership rates, still suggest that Japan has a comfortable lead over South Korea. But the trend is clear: the tigers are outpacing their teacher.按市场汇率计算,日本是人均收入仍然比除新加坡以外的所有新兴工业化经济体高。不过日本的高物价,尤其是房价和食物出,拉低了日本的真实生活水平。由于平价购买力的难以计算和经济学家意见的不同,IMF的数字是有争议的。另外一些指标,例如私家车拥有率,仍然表明日本仍然大幅领先南韩。不过趋势是明显的:学生们正在超越他们的老师。 /201205/180588

  Nearly one in five degree courses has been scrapped since the tripling of tuition fees to pound;9,000-a-year, it has been revealed.据透露,自从英国大学学费上涨到原来的三倍,达到一年9000英镑,已有近五分之一的学位课程被削减掉。Universities are concentrating on popular subjects and dropping courses that have too few applicants or are too expensive to run.大学将重心放在受欢迎的学科上,砍掉那些报名人数少或开课费用太昂贵的学科。Official figures show acull of more than 2,600 in the number of courses available to applicants planning to start their degrees in 2013.官方数据显示,英国大学将精选出2600余门课程供那些计划2013年开始攻读学位的报考者选择。More than 5,200 courses had aly been removed for students beginning this year - the first cohort to face the higher fees.第一批共同面临更高学费的学生可修的课程已经被削减了5200多门。Universities dumped some of the courses even after prospectuses went online earlier this year and in some cases after applications began, according to reports yesterday.根据昨日发布的报告,英国大学甚至今年早些时候在网上发布了课程简介之后,以及在招生工作开始之后,又削减掉了部分课程。News of the closures come as UCAS figures published last week showed that the number of students in England applying for university places in 2013 has plunged by almost 10 percent aly.在课程削减消息发布的同时,大学入学申请办事处上周公布的数据显示,2013年申请大学的英国学生人数已经减少了近10%。Numbers of EU and non-EU students applicants have also dropped.欧盟和非欧盟成员国的学生申请英国大学的人数也有所下降。The scrapped courses range from archeology at Birmingham to languages at Salford and London Metropolitan.被削掉的课程涵盖了从伯明翰大学的考古学,到索福尔德大学和伦敦城市大学的语言课程等各类课程。Birmingham had announced six weeks ago that single honours archeology would no longer be offered because ‘it has proved unable to attract sufficient applicants of the appropriate quality’.伯明翰大学六周前宣布考古学不再颁发单科荣誉学位,因为“经实该学科已不再能吸引足够多的合格报考者”。The number of courses listed by UCAS has fallen from 43,360 to 35,501 in two years.大学入学申请办事处列出的课程数量在两年内从43360门减少到35501门。Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, said: ‘The UK’s global academic reputation is built on the broad range of subjects.英国高校联合会的总秘书长萨莉#8226;亨特说:“英国在全球的学术声誉是建立在广的科目基础之上的。‘While government rhetoric is about students as consumers, the choices have narrowed.’“虽然政府把学生称作消费者,但是学生的选择面变窄了。” /201212/212583






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