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Peace and Development[00:.99]Part I[00:.73]Warming up[00:.79]A:Key words:[00:18.36]exports trade surplus gross domestic product(GDP)[00:.50]annual growth eign in vestment[00:.35]eign exchange reserves[00:38.]Vocabulary:[00:3.7]surplus gross domestic product[00:9.]fold capital reserve[00:56.7]Listen to some statements about China's economic development.[01:01.9]Fill in the blanks with numbers.[01:.78]1.In 1998,Chinese exports totald____.[01:19.5]Its imports were worth____,leaving a record rtabe surplus of___[01:.]and making China the largest exporter in the developing world.[01:0.].In terms of overall gross domestic producet,[01:7.81]China is now the world's___largest economy.[01:53.5]3.Over the last years,[01:59.61]GDP has increased -fold and now stands above___per person per year.[:.].Since 1980,annual growth has averaged___.[:.]5.Since the beginning of the 1990s[:7.57]China is second only to the U.S.in terms of eign investment.[:.]Some___of overseas capital flows into China every year.[:.80]6.China has accumulated the world's___stock of eign[:50.95]of eign exchange reserves after Japan,at___.[:00.]B:Key words:[:.]trabe area expand trade World Bank[:.]International Monetary Fund(IMF)[:1.7]OPEC production as unemployment rate[:9.61]share prices the Dow Jones Industrial Average[:36.69]Vocabulary:[:.]a stabilize share stock[:51.50]the Dow Jones Industrial Average[:55.9]Listen to some news headines.Supply the missing inmation.[:.60]1.Delegates to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference in Indonesia[:.]have agreed to a plan to create___during the next 5 years.[:3.].Finance ministers from 18 Asian nations[:3.]are considering proposals to pay developing___during the next years.[:.]The ministers say they need many thousands of millions of dollars[:51.79] such development.[:55.]3.Leaders of East Asian countries have gathered a meeting Sunday.[:.90]They are expected to discuss____.[:.78].The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund[:19.7]have ended their talks in Washington with a promise to____of poor countries.[:9.7]5.OPEC oil ministers have decided to raise[:36.51]production as by as much as___to stabilize world oil prices.[:3.6]6.In other financial news,China's government[:50.6]says the country's economy grew by___in 1999.[:57.6]That was a slightly higher than Beijing's target the year.[:.63]The country's gross domestic product is reportedly about____ 1999.[:.36]7.In Washington,the ed States Labor Department has announced[:19.79]that the country's unemployment rate has fallen to____.[:7.8]That is the lowest unemployment level since 1990.[:.8]8.Share prices on the New York stock market have closed higher[:5.5]as stock prices increased following the market's huge loss on Friday.[:5.]The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased___points or____.[:.7]C:Key words:[:.98]transfer the Panama Canal control[:1.]Vocabulary:[:6.51]transfer hoist[:31.37]Listen to a short news item about the Panama Canal handover.[:37.3]Write down every word you hear.[:1.69]The news item will be to you three times.[:6.55]Duning the first ing,which will be at normal speed,[:5.19]listen and try to understand the meaning.[:56.55] the second ing,[:59.71]the passage will be sentence by sentence or phrase by phrase.[:.]Do the activity during the secord ing.[:.50]The third ing will be at normal speed again[:.57]and during this time you should check your work.[:1.71]Part II[:30.6]The Panama Canal handover[:36.]Key words:[:1.]the Panama Canal 19th century hard labor cut off[:53.7]engineering marvels relinquish control of[:01.50]Vocabulary:[:.]swamp jungle malaria deposit[:.70]lock toll marvel[:3.78]relinquish coincide[:9.]A:Listen to three short paragraphs about the Panama Canal.[:36.19]Draw lines to match the paragraph number with its main idea.[:.]B:Listen to the following news item.[:1.]Complete the summary and details. 757Cosmetic Treatment Men男性美容In GEORGES ROMAN clinic in London,women queue to see a cosmetic dermatologist renowned zapping wrinkles and smoothing brows.伦敦的乔治斯·罗曼的诊所外,女士们排着队来找这位在消除皱纹和眉间除皱方面着名的整容皮肤专家These days, alas, they have to share the waiting room with men.啊呀,如今男士们也加入了进来In the past few years Dr Roman has treated a succession of bankers and businessmen in London and Paris.在过去的几年里,罗曼医生已经为伦敦和巴黎的一批家和商业人士进行了治疗They dont want to look beautiful, he says,just fresher and less worried.他说道,这些男士不是想看起来帅气,只是想更加年轻,不再眉头紧锁Typically, a swift shot of Botox,a toxin which freezes muscles,targets the deep ehead cleft which can descend on men over 0,especially if they spend all day frowning at a screen.通常,只需注射一针肉毒杆菌毒素即可这种毒素可以麻痹肌肉,作用于额头深层的皱纹尤其是男士年过四十,整天对着电脑屏幕最容易生皱纹Other favoured treatments are lasers, which perk up skin-tone,and cosmetic fillers those deep grooves between the nose and the mouth.有些人则青睐激光治疗来改善肤色,以及在鼻与口之间的皱纹里填充整容化学材料Englishmen, says Dr Roman, are big spenders.罗曼医生说,英国的男士很舍得花钱This is just as well情况确实如此:Botox treatment starts at 300 pounds.治疗起价为300英镑,Fiddlier procedures can cost twice as much.而要进行一些更为细节的治疗则要花双倍的钱The French tag along with their wives; Britons sidle in alone.法国的男士通常由妻子们带着来整容,而英国男士则喜欢一个人悄悄来接受治疗Botox was used 336,8 times by American men in ,up 9% from ,according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.据美国整形外科协会称,年,美国男士用肉毒杆菌治疗高达3368人次,比年上涨了9%But women are still times more likely than men to have their faces frozen.但女士用肉毒杆菌治疗的人数是男士的倍之多I cant understand what puts people off, grouses David Pyott,the boss of Allergan, which makes Botox.生产肉毒杆菌毒素的爱力根公司总经理大卫·波尔特抱怨道:我无法理解是人们为什么不敢注射肉毒杆菌Looks matter in the marketplace.长相在商业活动中确实很重要Do you want to have working you a really old investment banker, a really old lawyer?asks Mr Pyott.你真的发自内心想要一个年老的投资家,或一个年纪大的律师为你工作?Less invasive male maintenance is growing, too.男士护理产品也在缓慢的发展壮大中Mintel, a market-researcher, says sales of men beauty products in France, Germany, Spain, Britain and Italy rose by 8% between and ,despite the recession, and will grow another 8% by .据市场研究院明特尔说,在至年间,法国,德国,西班牙,英国,意大利的男士美容产品尽管受到了经济萧条的影响,但是销量已经增长了8%,到年前将再增长8%Moisturisers dominate in France, Britain and Spain.法国,英国和西班牙男士喜欢用保湿品Germans and Italians prefer to buy deodorants.德国和意大利男士则更喜欢购买除臭产品Matthew Soobroy,a stylist with London Charles Worthington hairdressers,detects a major leap in men wanting their hair dyed,or their beards trimmed precisely to emulate the facial foliage of actors such as Michael Fassbender.造型师马修·苏伯雷和伦敦查尔斯·维新顿的发型师们发现,有越来越多的男士愿意染发,或者模仿诸如迈克尔·法斯宾特等男明星的造型来修剪胡子造型The mere male may be getting smoother,but he still a rugged beast at heart.在外表上,男士可能变得更加整洁了,但在内心中,他们仍是邋遢的野兽 69

As a boy Id have been in dead trouble if Id ever used the name of Jesus as a swear word at home. Blasphemy just wasnt tolerated, even though my parents were non-believers. The boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable language are shifting all the time. John Terry, instance, has just been acquitted in court of racial abuse. But when I started out as a court reporter many years ago, the mere uttering of a very rude word would have been enough to get you arrested, without racial connotations.作为一个男孩,如果我要是用耶稣的名字来骂脏话的话,我会陷入很大的麻烦中尽管我的父母不是信徒,亵渎神明是完全不被容许的可接受的语言和不可接受的语言之间的界限一直在变 例如,约翰?特里刚刚在种族歧视法庭被无罪释放但我很多年前开始做法院书记官时,仅仅说一个粗鲁的词,即使没有种族上的隐含意义,也足以让你被逮捕I remember how the alleged word could never be said out loud, and had to be ceremoniously written down by the witness, usually a police officer. The paper was then folded and handed to the magistrate, who carefully unfolded it and duly looked shocked, all in disapproving silence. The most offensive swear words used to be religious rather than sexual. They contravene the Commandment ;Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain,; which was seen as blasphemy. That was so serious, in fact, that a whole coded language was developed so that people could go on swearing and yet stay away from the stocks, or the gallows, where open blasphemy mightve put them.我记得,当时词都不能大声说出来,必须由人(通常是一名警察)正式地写下来然后文件会被折叠起来,交给地方法官法官会小心的打开文件,然后随即会被他所看到的震惊这一切都是在一种不赞成的寂静中进行的 最无礼的脏话通常与宗教有关,而不是与性有关它们违反了 “你不可徒然地采用耶和华的名字”的戒律,因为这会被看作是亵渎神灵实际上,这后果太严重了,以至于人们发展处了一套暗语它可以使人们能够继续骂脏话,而同时又可以远离手脚枷或是绞刑架,而如果公开亵渎神灵的话,就会是这样的下场This is technically known as the process of ;mincing;, as in the phrase ;mincing your words;. It disguises the word origins just enough to keep the swearer clear of the law. Swearing offers us a brief glimpse of the religious history of our country. Bee the th century Protestant Remation, ordinary people would commonly have referred to the Blessed Virgin Mary as ;Our Lady;, as Roman Catholics still do. Hence the oath ;By Our Lady;, which was minced into the swearword ;bloody;, has to be at least 500 years old. Another familiar swearword refers to the Albigensian heresy in the th century. Other examples of minced oaths include the now harmless ;cripes; or ;crikey;, which were disguised ms of the word ;Christ;. ;Blimey; originally meant ;God Blind Me!; which was a way of invoking divine punishment if Im not telling the truth, so youd better believe me. A few religious swearwords are still on the banned list, so Im not going to tell you what they are. Others have dropped out altogether. Outsidecomic books, nobody says ;Zounds!; any more, which was a minced version of ;By God Wounds;, a reference to the Crucifixion and clearly of Mediaeval origin.这在技术上被称作“mincing(矫饰)”,如在短语“mincing your words(说话不要拐弯抹角)”中的意思一样它伪饰单词的起源,使得脏话能够不受法律的限制 脏话可以让我们简要地了解我们国家的宗教历史在世纪宗教改革之前,普通人通常会称圣母玛利亚为“Our Lady(圣母玛利亚)”,而罗马的天主教徒如今仍这么做,誓言“By Our Lady(圣母作)”,后来被委婉地改成了脏话“bloody(该死的)”所以这个脏话至少有500年的历史了另一个熟悉的脏话是指世纪的阿尔比派异教的还有一些被矫饰过的脏话的例子,如现在已经无害的“cripes(天啊)”或“crikey(哎呀)”,这两个词都由“Christ(基督)”伪装而来“Blimey(啊呀)”原来是指“God Blind Me!(上帝使我盲目)”,是用来表达“如果我没说实话的话,就让上帝惩罚我,所以你最好相信我!”的一种方式 有些与宗教有关的脏话如今仍然是禁止说的,所以我不会告诉你们它们是什么其它一些脏话已经过时除了漫画书,没人再说“Zounds!(咄)”这是“By God Wounds(上帝的伤口)”的委婉版,意指上帝在十字架受难,很明显是起源于中世纪Just as churches are such a familiar part of our visible local landscape you hardly notice they are there, so profane oaths and swearwords are part of our everyday verbal landscape, and again we hardly notice them. But the fact that we still know theyre not polite, to say the least, means we havent completely lost track of where they came from.正如教堂是我们当地风景中熟悉的一部分,所以我们很难注意到它们的存在一样,亵渎神灵的一些诅咒和脏话也是我们日常口语中的一部分,所以我们很难注意到它们但事实上,我们仍然知道它们是不礼貌的这至少意味着我们还没有完全忘记它们的起源 567

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每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高 特别声明: 可可编辑根据改编的名著《雾都孤儿编写的讲解让您阅读质量高如有出入,请给予指正! 啃嚼语段:Oliver was now officially an undertaker;s assistant. 奥利弗现已是棺材店老板的正式助理 It was a good, sickly time of year, and coffins were selling well. 这一年年景很好,疾病成灾,棺材生意兴旺 Oliver gained a lot of experience in a short time, and was interested to see how brave some people were after a death in the family. 在不长的时间里他就积累了许多经验他很有兴趣地发现有些人在家里死了人时表现得沉着勇敢 During funerals some rich people, example, he saw that the people who had cried the loudest in church usually recovered the fastest afterwards. 比如说,他发现在一些有钱人的葬礼上,在教堂里哭声最大的人往往都是事后恢复最快的人 He noticed how in other wealthy families the wife or the husband often seemed quite cheerful and calm despite the recent death-just as if nothing had happened. 他注意到,还有一些富人家,尽管刚刚死了人,但无论死者的妻子还是丈夫,都显得轻松愉快、镇定自若——好像什么都没发生过一样 Oliver was very surprised to see all this, and greatly admired them controlling their sadness so well. 奥利弗对这些感到不可理解,对他们能很好地克制悲伤不流露于外佩极了语段精讲:第一、词汇学习1 officially adv. 正式地Eg. At commencement, academic degrees are officially given. 在毕业典礼上,学位被正式颁发 sickly adj. 病弱的,多病的Eg, He looked weak and sickly.他看上去虚弱有病态3 recover vt. 恢复,康复Eg. He now fully recovered from his stroke. 他现已从中风病完全康复了 afterwards adv. 以后,后来Eg. Afterwards she relented and let the children stay up late to watch TV.后来她宽容了些,让孩子们晚睡看电视5 cheerful adj. 高兴的,欢快的Eg. Whether (she is) sick or fine, she is always cheerful. 不管她生不生病,她总是开开心心的第二、短语学习1. after a death讲解:这个短语是泛指人的死亡后,所以death前面用a具体指某个人的死亡,可以用after one’s death范例:After his wife death, he fell into a decline. 他在妻子死后一蹶不振. example讲解:这个短语是作为插入语用,相当于such as意思是“例如,比如,譬如”范例: If someone wants to become a good tennis player, example, he will get out on the court and play very hard. 例如:如果一个人想成为好的网球运动员,他会到球场上努力训练3. in church讲解:这个短语的意思是“到教堂做礼拜”,而不是指去教堂那个地方,所以church前面不要用the范例:Everyone in church knelt in prayer. 教堂里做礼拜的每个人都跪着祈祷. a funeral 讲解:表示为某人举办葬礼,用介词,不要用of范例:We made a funeral our mother after she died.母亲逝后,我们给她举办了丧葬5. in a short time:不久,一会儿范例:In a short time, I suddenly came to understand a lot. 在很短的期间,我忽然明白了许多的事 6. admire sb. something:佩某人某事,羡慕某人某事范例:I admire him his success in business.我佩他事业有成第三、写作语汇1. a good time of year:好年景. a sickly time of year:疾病成灾的年月3. gain experience:积累经验. after a death in the family:在一个家庭成员的死亡后5. a wealthy family:富裕的家庭6. recent death:进来才死去7. control one’s sadness:抑制住悲桑不外露第四、语法点拨1. ...he saw that the people who had cried the loudest in church usually recovered the fastest afterwards.要点1:划线部分为限定性定语从句修饰指代人且在定语从句中做主语的先行词people要点:划线部分由个副词最高级修饰动词一个是loudest,修饰cried,另一个是the fastest修饰recover. ... just as if nothing had happened.要点:划线部分为as if引导的让步状语从句,从句使用了虚拟语气,是表示与过去的事情相反的事实,用过去完成时——had happen 799

Their lives are mainly spent not in memory but in expectation;他们不是生活在对往昔的回忆中,而是生活在对未来的盼望中: expectation refers to the future, memory to the past, and youth has a long future bee it and a short past behind it因为盼望意味着未来,回忆意味着过去,年轻人未来的日子还很长远,过去的时光只有短暂的一小部分on the first day of one’s life one has nothing at all to remember, and can only look ward.当人第—天来到这个世界的时候,他根本没有什么可以回忆的事情,唯一能做的就是寄希望于未来They are easily cheated, owing to the sanguine disposition just mentioned.他们会轻而易举地让人欺骗,那都归结于我们刚刚所说的精力旺盛的脾性Their hot tempers and hopeful dispositions make them more courageous than older men are;因为拥有情绪高涨、满怀希望的气质,他们会比老年人更勇敢,更有胆量the hot temper prevents fear, and the hopeful disposition creates confidence;情绪高涨的内心让他们远离恐惧,满怀希望的气质让他们信心百倍;we cannot feel tear so long as we are feeling angry, and any expectation of good makes us confident.我们感到愤怒的时候,就不会害怕,而对任何美好事物的向往又让我们充满自信They are shy, accepting the rules of society in which they have been trained, and not yet believing in any other standard of honour.他们是害羞的,顺其自然地遵守社会的惯例,但还没有承认其他形式的荣誉标准They have exalted notions, because they have not yet been humbled by life or learnt its necessary limitations;他们有崇高的理想,因为他们还没有体会生活的艰辛而变得谦虚起来,也没有理解生活中各种必要的束缚moreover, their hopeful disposition makes them think themselves equal to great things and that means having exalted notions.更为严重的是,他们满怀希望,居然以为自己可以与日月相比—这就是心高气傲,目空一切They would always rather do noble deeds than useful ones他们一直从事高尚的行为,而不在乎其实效;their lives are regulated more by moral feeling than by reasoning;他们的生活多是遵循道德感,而非理智;and whereas reasoning leads us to choose what is useful, moral goodness leads us to choose what is noble.尽管理智教导我们做有用的事,道德品质却指引我们做高尚的事They are fonder of their friends, intimates, and companions than older men are, because they like spending their days in the company of others, and have not yet come to value either their friends or anything else by their usefulness to themselves.与老年人相比,年轻人更喜爱自己的朋友、挚交和伙伴,因为整天呼朋唤友的生活才是他们钟爱的,而且无论是朋友还是其他东西,他们都不会用对自己的实用性来断定其价值All their mistakes are in the direction of doing things excessively and vehemently.至于他们所犯的错误,是因为他们做事不是过头就是过猛They disobey Chilon’s precept by overdoing everything, they love too much and hate too much, and the same thing with everything else.他们不遵守齐隆法则,做什么事都过分强调,要么爱得过多,要么恨得太狠,做其他事情也是一样They think they know everything, and are always quite sure about it;他们认为自己无所不知,而且说起来也信心十足,this, in fact, is why they overdo everything.实际上,这就是他们行事过头的症结所在They are y to pity others, because they think everyone an honest man, or anyhow better than he is they judge their neighbor by their own harmless natures, and so cannot think he deserves to be treated in that way.他们时刻准备去同情别人,因为他们认为所有人都是诚实的,或者比他真实的为人要好:他们用自己善良的本质来判断左邻右舍,不能忍受自己会亏待邻居们They are fond of fun and theree witty, wit being well-bred insolence.他们喜欢玩闹,非常诙谐机智,而机智是一种文雅的傲慢 9836

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