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So they still are doing it.It wasnt just Madonna fluke,it was like they are still going clubbing.所以他们仍在参加俱乐部活动 不仅仅是有麦当娜的活动 看来还有各种其它的俱乐部I think they are really just taking advantage of Los Angeles.我觉得实际上他们只是 利用了洛杉矶的优势You know, like they are down here for like four years.And they are just like living it there up.你看 就像他们到那儿 呆了有大概四年时间 就好像他们一直住哪儿似的What do you mean ;theyre down here;?And they are going back to New York?你说;他们到那儿;的意思是 他们会回纽约吗Oh, sorry. No.They are... No, in California.Oh. Yeah.So they just taking advantage about.哦 抱歉 不是 他们还在加州 哦 是的 所以他们只在利用...I mean, Im taking advantage of it too.But Im not going clubbing.And this...Wow. Thats very hip.其实 我也在利用洛杉矶的优势 但我不去俱乐部 而且.哇哦 实在太时尚了So you are on Undateable.And you were on Disney for.你现在在饰演;约会杀手; 之前你还在迪斯尼出演.You were just transitioned so quickly You are that show ended,角色变换得好快 刚刚结束了一场and now you are on another show.And good for you.Thats fantastic.Thank you.又要开始另一场 机会很不错 真的很棒 -谢谢Were you a fun of Undateable before?Thank you.I did a big catch up before I started working.之前你喜欢看;约会杀手;吗 谢谢大家 开始工作前 我一直追着它看I like to watch the full first season.And I really enjoyed it.Like I was laughing entire time.我喜欢把第一季完整地看完 我确实很喜欢它 我几乎一直都在笑Its funny. - Yeah, theyre standard comedians.I think its like trancelike,We are just having fun up there.很有趣 -是 他们是优秀的喜剧演员 感觉像进入痴迷状态一样 我们会沉浸其中Yeah. As friends, so.They are great.But thats amazing, though.是的 作为朋友 他们太棒了 但你角色转换得太快反差太大了You would go so quickly and samelessly,from being the queen of Disney to a.这让大家觉得很惊奇 从迪斯尼皇后到.Well. - I said it as well I presented you, I think Oh, yeah.好吧 -我也这么说过 我觉得你 是的Maybe is the queen of Disney.But you deserved it.You deserved this session of everything.可以称得上是迪斯尼皇后 你当之无愧 这一切都是你努力的成果 /201601/424244Thank you kindly.Thank you everybody.Say hello to Twitch.There is Twitch over there, everybody.谢谢 谢谢大家 和特维奇打个招呼吧 他在那儿哦 大家I was watching you dance with a lovely women out here before the show.节目开始前 我看见你在那边跟个美女跳舞呢That was nice.That was amazing. - Yeah.不错嘛 太赞了 -是啊She was very interested in dancing with you.她很享受跟你跳舞啊Absolutely. Tell you, you can buggy forever.必须的 保准让你心神荡漾 一辈子回味无穷Did you watch the football the play-off game this weekend?Yeah. For sure.你看了这周末的橄榄球季后赛吗 当然看了Now we finally know whos gonna be in the Super Bowl.现在终于知道哪些队能进超级碗大赛了The team that won the first game, then the team that won the second game.赢了第一场和第二场的球队Absolutely.Speaking of people tackling each other on television,是的 说到电视上大家互相掐架撕逼Are you watching ;The Bachelor;?你看过;单身汉;吗If youre not familiar with the show,Its what would happen if tequila built a theme park.可能你不熟悉这个节目 活脱脱是个现实版;龙舌兰酒主题公园; /201512/415834

On Tuesday, President Obama called for quicker development of tests, vaccines and treatments to fight the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus. 周二,奥巴马总统呼吁加快对蚊传播病毒的检测、疫苗和治疗。The fast-sping virus has been linked to birth defects and could sp to the ed States in warmer months. 迅速传播的病毒与婴儿出生缺陷有关,在暖和的月份可能会扩散到美国。The White House said in a statement, ;The president emphasized the need to accelerate research efforts to make available better diagnostic tests, to develop vaccines and therapeutics, 白宫在一份声明中表示,“总统强调需要加快研究工作,以便更好的诊断测试、开发疫苗和治疗,and to ensure that all Americans have information about the Zika virus and steps they can take to better protect themselves from infection.; 并确保所有美国公民了解寨卡病毒,更好的保护自己免受传染。”On Monday, the World Health Organization also predicted the virus would sp to all countries across the Americas except for Canada and Chile.周一,世界卫生组织还预测,除了加拿大和智利以外该病毒将扩散到美洲的所有国家。译文属。201601/424516We are back with Jennifer Aniston.我们继续 这位是詹妮弗安妮斯顿and not only is your movie called Cake,but our birthdays are coming up really soon.不仅仅因为你的电影叫“蛋糕” 还因为我们生日快到了So we thought wed play a little game we are calling it ;Let Them eat cake;所以我们决定玩一个小游戏 叫做 ;让她们吃蛋糕;So, we have two volunteers from the audience, you are-我们请上了两位现场观众参与游戏 你是Merisa Merino And where do you live and what do you do?梅丽莎·梅兰诺 你住哪 你的职业是什么I live in Covina California and I am a pharmacy assistant.我住在加州柯文纳 我是一名药剂师助手Wonderful.I am Ashley Loeb,I am from Thousand Oaks and I will get a retail store.很好 我是阿什莉·勒布 我来自千橡市 我在零售店工作Wonderful.Thats very vague about what you do, but I believe you.很好 你们说得很模糊 但我相信你们Alright right.She said pharmacy.好的 她说了是药剂师I know,she says pharmacy assistant and retail which could be any real.我知道 她们说的药剂师和零售商范围太广Alright, alright One of you is gonna get a chance to come back to my birthday show,好吧 你们当中一人可以有机会 参加我的生日秀and sometimes we get a waste up on my birthday show I dont know.生日秀上可能会分发礼物 我也不清楚到底会发什么So heres what you have to do.接下来就是你们要做的You gonna both go back there and put your heads through those holes,你们去那后面 把头从那个洞里伸出来Go back there, alright.Do they, do you know whats happening? - They kinda do.去吧 你们知道会发生什么吗 -她们貌似知道一点You are gonna go the other side Jenn,Right, and you have to stay behind this line你去另一边 珍妮 站在线后面So, first one of us, to get a cake in your face.I am gonna, I am gonna throw to you.我们两谁先把蛋糕砸到你们脸上 对 我向你投You are the one to the pharmacy assistant over there,;A pharmacy assistant;你向药剂师助手投 ;药剂师助手; /201512/418259

Lexington莱克星顿Hugging the Saudi floggers你好,沙特小独裁America should reconsider its cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia美国应该重新审议它同沙特阿拉伯之间的舒适关系ON THE way back from carving up the world at the Yalta conference in 1945, Franklin Roosevelt made an unexpected stop. On board the USS Quincy, moored in Egypts Great Bitter Lake, the president held a long meeting with Ibn Saud, the first Saudi monarch and father of the 45 sons (nobody seems to have bothered to count the daughters) who make the kingdoms succession so operatic. Ibn Saud slaughtered a goat on the deck of the warship, sealing a pact that makes his kingdom Americas oldest continuous ally in the region. It is also the most troubling one.早在1945年瓜分世界的雅尔塔会议上,富兰克林·罗斯福出乎意料地决定中途停歇一站。在停靠在埃及大苦水湖的美军舰昆西号甲板上,总统同伊本沙特国王进行了一次长时间的会面,他是第一任沙特君主并养育有45个儿子(看来没有人会费心去数女儿的数量),正是他们让王国的传承如此歌剧化。伊本沙特在军舰甲班上宰了一只山羊,签订了协议使他的王国成为美国在这一地区最长久的盟友。他也是最麻烦的一位。On January 9th Raif Badawi, a blogger, received the first of his 1,000 lashes for taking Thomas Paines view of the “adulterous connection between church and state”. Mr Badawi has also been sentenced to a decade in prison. Three days later a woman accused of murder was dragged through the streets of Mecca and beheaded with a sword. Though America disapproves of this sort of thing, it does not let it upset relations. Government delegations to the kingdom are usually lots of men in military uniform and one official from the State Department, whose job is to say that it would be nice if women could drive.Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time is the sign of a first-rate intelligence. Something similar applies in foreign policy. Ford Fraker, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, describes the alliance as “a long-term marriage founded on fundamental interests and principles”. Those interests have shifted a little over time. Now they could be summarised as oil, counter-terrorism and stability. Like diamond earrings on an anniversary, weapons and money have been exchanged throughout as tokens of esteem. Less than a year after telling an audience in Cairo that America “must never alter or forget our principles”, Barack Obama performed a full Fitzgerald, signing off on one of the largest arms deals with the kingdom yet, an order now being fulfilled by American manufacturers.一月九号,主莱夫巴达维收到了超过1000个关于批评他引用托马斯佩恩的观点“国家和宗教之间存在”。巴达维也被判刑十年。三天后,一位被指控谋杀的女人被拖着穿过麦加的街道并被一刀斩首。尽管美国不同意此类事情,但她并不会让这些影响双边关系。王国的政府代表团通常大部分来自军方,一位官员来自行政部门,他的工作也就是提出如果女性能开车,这将是极好的。斯科特费兹杰拉德写道,在脑海中同时持一对对立的观点就是最负智慧的标志。前任驻沙特的大使福特弗雷克形容这种联盟就像“建立在基本利益和原则上的长期婚姻”。那些利益已经随时间变化略微改变。现在它们可以被概括为石油,反恐和维稳。像周年庆上的钻石耳环那样,武器和钱的互换被作为是尊重的象征。在开罗会议上广告听众后不到一年,美国“一定不会改变或者忘却我们的原则”,奥巴马命令费兹杰拉德,签署了和王国建交以来最大的武器供应合同之一,现在则由美国制造商们完成的任务。Senator John McCain, just back from a trip to the kingdom, says that the country feels let down by Americas reluctance to punish Bashar Assad. “They had planes on the runway y to go,” he says. “They learned it was not going to happen from watching CNN.” The Saudis, he says, are worried about expanding Iranian influence in the region—more so than they are about Islamic State (IS). This disagreement, and the recent hospitalisation of the 90-year-old king, makes it a good time to consider how America should treat the kingdom in future.刚从王国回国的参议员麦凯恩说,整个国家对美国不情愿处罚巴沙尔的做法感到失望。“他们飞机在跑道上随时准备起飞,”他说道。“他们知道这不会从CNN新闻中看到。”他说,沙特人都担心伊朗在该地区扩大影响——超过了伊斯兰国的影响。这项分歧以及最近九十岁高龄的国王住院,让现在成为了绝佳时间来重新考虑在未来美国如何对待王国。The high point of the relationship came during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, says Bilal Saab of the Atlantic Council, a think-tank. Memories of two Arab oil embargoes at a time of flat domestic oil production, as well as shared hostility to the Soviet Union, drew the countries close. There followed a blip after 9/11, when 15 of the 19 hijackers turned out to be Saudis. Al-Qaeda attacks in Saudi Arabia between 2003 and 2005 brought the countries closer together again. Though they may dent Americas idea of itself as a champion of liberty, government policy is that good relations are worth it. That may have been true in the Gippers day, but the argument is getting harder to make.一位来自亚特兰大议会的智囊比拉萨说,双边关系最紧密的时期是里根总统任期内。在国内室友生产不景气的时期两次阿拉伯石油禁运的记忆以及共同敌对苏维埃联邦让两国关系密切起来。在9·11之后关系出现了裂痕,当时19名劫机者中15名被实为沙特人。基地组织在03年至05年之间对沙特阿拉伯的攻击让两国关系又一次更加紧密。尽管他们可能削弱美国关于自诩为自由之邦的观点,政府决策则认为两国间友好关系更有价值。这可能在G日变为现实,但是争论让决定更难尘埃落定。Oil is one reason. America may be the worlds biggest producer, but because consumption still exceeds what it pumps it must still shop on the world market. This does not make it dependent on Saudi Arabia, though. Oil is fungible: lousy relations with Russia, the second-biggest producer, do not threaten Americas economy. As the owner of the biggest reserves, which are also very cheap to extract, Saudi Arabia is the crucial swing producer. But Americas shale technology has put a ceiling on the oil price, and its economy is less oil-intensive than three decades ago.石油是一方面原因。美国可能是世界上最大的生产商,但是因为消费仍超过了产出,所以它还得在世界市场上采购。即使是这样,它也不会完全依赖沙特阿拉伯。石油是可替代的:和世界上第二大石油生产商俄罗斯之间恶劣的关系,并没有威胁到美国经济。最为世界上最大的油气储备国,提炼成本也是非常廉价,沙特阿拉伯是最具决定性的生产调节者。但是美国的页岩技术已经让油价有了上限,而且它的经济不再像30年前那般以石油为中心。Nor is the argument for keeping close for intelligence-sharing purposes as straightforward as it seems. Salafi Muslim terrorists, who draw much of their inspiration from Saudi imams, are a big threat to America. The pact between the House of Saud and the countrys clerics has long involved bankrolling Salafi imams to preach loyalty to the king; the money that sloshes through Salafi mosques undermines more moderate strains of Islam all around the world. The black-robed fighters of IS rely on Saudi jurisprudence and books to impose their preferred version of Islamic law. Their fondness for public beheadings is one result of this. Intelligence co-operation may be valuable, but its main task is tracking threats that have been subsidised by the Saudis themselves.也不是为了共享情报目的而保持友好这一论断看起来那样简洁明了。萨派恐怖分子从沙特的伊玛目们(清真寺内率领穆斯林做礼拜的人)那儿获取灵感,成为了美国最大的威胁。沙特议院和国家牧师之间的纽带就是长期资助萨派伊玛目宣讲对国王的忠诚;流通到萨清真寺的钱暗中破坏了世界上伊斯兰教徒中温和的民族。伊斯兰国的黑袍士兵们依赖沙特的法律体系和书籍来推行他们青睐的伊斯兰法律版本。他们对公共场合斩首的喜好就是这样的结果。情报合作可能价值千金,但是它的主要任务是追踪已经被沙特人他们自己资助的那些威胁。That leaves the argument that the House of Saud must be supported because it is stable. The alternative could be much worse: the thought of something like IS controlling the worlds largest oil reserves is terrifying. Also, if America were to pull back from the Gulf, it is a fair bet that China would sooner or later replace it.争议就产生了,因为沙特议院的稳定性,它就必须被持。替代选项可能更糟:有想法是让类似伊斯兰国这样的力量控制世界上最大的石油储备地区,这让人恐惧。同样,如果美国从海湾地区撤走,很合理的猜想就是中国迟早将取代美国的位置。Some say that there is no alternative to the House of Saud. “This is a society that has the government they want,” says Ambassador Fraker. “They are comfortable with what they have.” If the regime is as secure as it seems, however, why should America abandon its basic values in the name of keeping it in place?一些人说对于沙特议院来说没有选择了。弗雷克大使说“这是一个人民认为有政府的社会,他们对他们拥有的很舒适。”然而如果政权和它看起来那样稳定,为什么美国要在保持它地位的名义下舍弃它的基本价值观呢?Free to scream随意尖叫Strip these things away and whats left is the arms sales. These at least have the virtue of being nakedly self-interested. Selling weapons is a big part of American diplomacy in the kingdom. A recent ambassador worked for Raytheon, the worlds biggest producer of guided missiles, before he was appointed. It is also popular in Congress: the defence business is adept at scattering production around as many districts as possible.扒走这些事情看在武器销售里面还剩什么。这些至少还具有裸的个人利益在里面。在美国对王国的外交策略中贩卖军火占有很大一部分比例。最近的一位大使在任命之前曾为世界上最大的精确制导生产商雷声公司工作过。它在国会也很受欢迎:防御型商业将产业散布在尽可能多的地区。Yet this has a cost. Being a superpower means having relations with lots of unsavoury regimes, yet America need not be so eager to put principle aside when dealing with its old ally. “Failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the ed States pursues our interests at their expense,” as Mr Obama once put it. Between lashes, Mr Badawi no doubt agrees.然而这也有代价。成为超级大国意味着和很多让人讨厌的政权建立联系,美国在和老牌盟友交往时不需要如此渴望地将自身的原则抛掷一旁。奥巴马曾说“无法为普通民众说出更广阔的心声只会滋生已经存在多年的脓疮般的质疑声,说美国实在别人的头上追逐自身的利益。”在这些批评中,巴达维无疑是同意这种说法的。译者:彭威译文属译生译世 /201501/356224

Autism自闭症Why its not “Rain Woman”为什么它不是“雨女”Women have fewer cognitive disorders than men do because their bodies are better at ignoring the mutations which cause them与男性相比,患有认知障碍的女性较少,因为她们自身的身体能更好的忽略导致认知障碍的基因突变AUTISM is a strange condition. Sometimes its symptoms of “social blindness” (an inability to or comprehend the emotions of others) occur alone. This is dubbed high-functioning autism, or Aspergers syndrome. Though their fellow men and women may regard them as a bit odd, high-functioning autists are often successful (sometimes very successful) members of society. On other occasions, though, autism manifests as part of a range of cognitive problems. Then, the condition is debilitating. What is common to those on all parts of the so-called autistic spectrum is that they are more often men than women—so much more often that one school of thought suggests autism is an extreme manifestation of what it means, mentally, to be male. Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls are. For high-functioning autism, the ratio is seven to one.自闭症是一种奇怪的状态。有时它是由“社会失明”症状(无法阅读或理解他人的情绪)导致的孤独。这被称为高功能自闭症,或亚斯伯格症候群。虽然他们的男性和女性同伴会认为他们有点奇怪,但高功能自闭患者通常是成功的社会人士(有时非常成功)。然而,另一些场合,自闭症表现为一系列认知问题的一部分。那么,条件逐渐衰弱。对于那些所有被称为自闭症患者范围的人来说共同点是男性远多于女性,以至于一个学校认为自闭症意味着一种极端的在心理上表现为一名男性。比起女孩而言,男孩有四倍的可能性被诊断为自闭症。至于高功能自闭症,比率达到7比1。Moreover, what is true of autism is true, to a lesser extent, of a lot of other neurological and cognitive disorders. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is diagnosed around three times more often in boys than in girls. “Intellectual disability”, a catch-all term for congenital low IQ, is 30-50% more common in boys, as is epilepsy. In fact, these disorders frequently show up in combination. For instance, children diagnosed with an autistic-spectrum disorder[1] often also receive a diagnosis of ADHD.此外,自闭症的真相,在较小程度上,就是神经病学的认知障碍的真相。被诊断为注意力缺乏症的男大约是女孩的三倍。“智力残疾”,一个全面概括先天性智商低下的术语,在男孩中常见比例多达30%~50%,癫痫症也是。事实上,这些疾病经常共同出现。例如,被诊断为自闭症谱系障碍的小孩经常也收到ADHD的诊断。Autisms precise causes are unclear, but genes are important. Though no mutation which, by itself, causes autism has yet been discovered, well over 100 are known that make someone with them more vulnerable to the condition.导致自闭症的确切原因还不知道,但是基因很重要原因。虽然还没发现是由于它自身的突变导致自闭症,但超过100个基因被认为是使某些人在环境影响下更容易受到攻击的对象。Most of these mutations are as common in women as in men, so one explanation for the divergent incidence is that male brains are more vulnerable than female ones to equivalent levels of genetic disruption. This is called the female-protective model. The other broad explanation, social-bias theory, is that the difference is illusory. Girls are being under-diagnosed because of differences either in the ways they are assessed, or in the ways they cope with the condition, rather than because they actually have it less. Some researchers claim, for example, that girls are better able to hide their symptoms.这些突变在男性和女性中是一样普遍的,所以一个对分歧发生率的解释是对于同等的基因毁坏,男性大脑比女性的更容易受伤害。这被称为女性保护模式。另一个广发的解释是社会偏见理论,认为这些不同是虚幻的。这些被诊断不足的女孩,因为她们被评估的方式或对环境的处理不同,而不是他们真的很少有这个症状。例如,一些研究者声称,女孩能更好的隐藏这些症状。The weaker sex弱势性别To investigate this question, Sebastien Jacquemont of the University Hospital of Lausanne and his colleagues analysed genetic data from two groups of children with cognitive abnormalities. Those in one group, 800 strong, were specifically autistic. Those in the other, 16,000 strong, had a range of problems.为了调查这个问题,洛桑医科大学的医生Sebastien Jacquemont和他的同事分析来自两组患有认识异常症状孩子的基因数据。一组有800人明显确定患有自闭症;另一组是明显有一系列问题。Dr Jacquemont has just published his results in the American Journal of Human Genetics. His crucial finding was that girls in both groups more often had mutations of the sort associated with abnormal neural development than boys did. This was true both for copy-number variants (CNVs, which are variations in the number of copies in a chromosome of particular sections of DNA), and single-nucleotide variants (SNVs, which are alterations to single genetic letters in the DNA message).医生Jacquemont刚将他的研究成果发布在美国人类遗传学杂志上。他的关键发现是两组中,女孩比男孩更多有伴随异常神经发展种类的基因突变。这在拷贝数量变异组(CNVs,一组对DNA特定部分的染色体进行复制)和单核苷酸变异组(SNVs,修改DNA信使中单独的基因字母)两组中都是对的。On the face of it, this seems compelling evidence for the female-protective model. Since all the children whose data Dr Jacquemont examined had been diagnosed with problems, if the girls had more serious mutations than the boys did, that suggests other aspects of their physiology were covering up the consequences. Females are thus, if this interpretation is correct, better protected from developing symptoms than males are. And, as further confirmation, Dr Jacquemonts findings tally with a study published three years ago, which found that CNVs in autistic girls spanned more genes (and were thus, presumably, more damaging), than those in autistic boys.从表面上看,这似乎是令人信的女性保护模式据。因为Jacquemont医生检验的所有孩子的数据都被诊断有问题,如果比起男孩,女孩有更严重的突变,那就表面他们生理机能的其他方面掩盖了结果。如果这个解释是正确的,因此女性比男性能在出现的症状中更好的保护自己。而且,作为进一步的确认,Jacquemont医生的发现与一个三年前发布的研究成果相符,研究发现CNVs在自闭症女孩中横跨多个基因(也因此假设更具破坏性),比患自闭症男孩的多。The counter-argument is that if girls are better at hiding their symptoms, only the more extreme female cases might turn up in the diagnosed groups. If that were true, a greater degree of mutation might be expected in symptomatic girls as a consequence. However, Dr Jacquemont and his colleagues also found that damaging CNVs were more likely to be inherited from a childs mother than from his or her father. They interpret this as further evidence of female-protectedness. Autistic symptoms make people of either sex less likely to become parents. If mothers are the source of the majority of autism-inducing genes in children, it suggests they are less affected by them.相反的观点认为如果女孩能更好的隐藏他们的症状,在被诊断的小组中,只有更极端女性案例会出现。如果这是正确的,那么在女孩症候群中预期有更多程度的突变。然而, Jacquemont医生和他的同事同样也发现受损的CNVs遗传于母亲的可能性大于他或她的父亲。他们解释这进一步明了女性保护机制。自闭症症状使任何性别的人都不大愿意成为父母。如果母亲是孩子自闭症诱导基因的主要来源,因此建议孩子们能少受到影响母体的影响。None of this, though, explains the exact mechanism that makes boys more susceptible than girls. On this question, too, there are two predominant theories. The first is that males are more sensitive because they have only one X-chromosome. This makes them vulnerable to mutations on that chromosome, because any damaged genes have no twin to cover for them. One cognitive disorder, fragile-X syndrome, is indeed much more common in men for this reason. Dr Jacquemonts study, however, found only a limited role for X-chromosome mutations. That suggests the genetic basis of the difference is distributed across the whole genome.即使没有这个,准确机制也说明男孩比女孩更易受到影响。在这个问题上,也有两个主要的理论。第一个理论认为男性更敏感, 因为他们只有一个X染色体。这使对染色体的突变更易受影响,因为任何受损基因都没有双胞胎来掩盖。认知障碍,X染色体易损综合症,确实因为这个原因在男性中很常见。然而Jacquemont医生的研究发现X染色体突变的作用有限。这表明该差异的遗传基础是分布在整个基因组的。The other kind of explanation is anatomical. It is based on brain-imaging studies which suggest differences between the patterns of internal connection in male and female brains. Male brains have stronger local connections, and weaker long-range ones, than do female brains. That is similar to a difference seen between the brains of autistic people and of those who are not. The suggestion here is that the male-type connection pattern is somehow more vulnerable to disruption by the factors which trigger autism and other cognitive problems. Why that should be, however, remains opaque.另一种解释则是解剖学意义上的。它基于男性和女性大脑内部连接模式差异的脑成像研究。男性大脑比起女性而言,有较强的本地连接,较弱的长范围连接。这与是否患有自闭症者大脑的不同相似。这表明男性类型连接模式在某种程度上更加易受因此自闭症的其他认知障碍因素得破坏。然而为什么会这样,仍是未解之谜。 译者:雷婧 译文属译生译世 /201507/385661

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