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Becoming a Good Student,Becoming a Good Student范文 -- :39: 来源: Becoming a Good Student Three attributes can help people in their studies. First, a sense of responsibility is important building a sound character. If you aren't responsible, you'll postpone your assignments or devote too little time to your schoolwork.   Second, in school life, relationships between people are valuable. Friends can bring you happiness and laughter. In addition, you can discuss problems and pursue knowledge with them.   Last, it is important to have a constructive philosophy of life. If you are defeated, don't be disappointed. Try to face your life and your studies with courage and determination.   If you can work toward these goals, you'll become a well-rounded and versatile student instead of being a bookworm.Becoming a Good Student 英语作文。

  • 现场口语对话:前C主播采访“歌神”张学友-- :7:36 圈“不老的神话”  LH: Lorraine Hahn (前CNN主播)  JC: Jacky Cheung 张学友  LH: This week on TalkAsia, a Hong Kong superstar whose soulful songs melt hearts across the world. This is Talk Asia  Welcome to TalkAsia, I'm Lorraine Hahn, my guest this week is Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung. It all began with a singing competition in198, beating ,000 contestants; Cheung walked away with first prizeand was snapped up by a record label. His breakthrough came in 1991 with themega-Canto-pop hit 'Loving you a little more every day'. Two yearslater, Cheung became the first Hong Kong singer to win over the lucrative mandarin-speaking market, with the album 'Goodbye kiss'. Since then,he's been showered with multiple singing accolades. And as if releasingmore then 60 albums so far isn't enough, Cheung has appeared in dozensof films to critical acclaim. Music critics say that at 3, Cheung iswithout doubt one of the four if not e 'the heavenly king' of canto-pop. Jacky joins me now to tell me how he does it and much much more.  LH: It's good to see you thank you very much coming in  JC: No, I've been looking ward to talking  LH: Why do you think you have continued to endure and be as popular as you are -- so long?  JC: I don't know. Well, the one theory that Ibelieve is that you have to keep working. Well, as in artist peoplejust look at the work. New people might love your new things and somepeople might love the old things, so you've got to keep doing something, keep exploring yourself  LH: You know there's so much new talent coming intothe markets these days, is that a concern you? Does that mean youhave to be more on the ball, more on the edge?  JC: Why, I mean, once I was new to the othersinging sections, now I'm one of the very.(LH: veteran. Laughs)senior -- senior singer, ok?! -- so, that's quite normal to meactually. And I think the scenes need more new blood  LH: You are known your ballads, the songs thatyou sing.(JC: I sing fast number. Laughs LH: Yes, you know) I don'tknow why but you seem to be associated with, you know, these slow,romantic songs Why is this? Does it reflect you as a person more sothan the fast pumping songs?  JC: I think the first thing is I didn't dance asgood as Aaron Kwok, that's why! And secondly I think I did have a fewvery, very popular ballad songs and that's why (LH: People associatewith that) people might easier associate me with that  LH: You have also very successfully broken into themandarin-speaking market -- Taiwan and then China -- was it difficultto make that transition?  JC: It's not why...I have little advantage, becauseI was brought up in a mandarin-speaking family actually -- yeh myfamily is from Tianjin. So my Grandma is speaking mandarin only  LH: You've done different fast songs, rap albums,an English album to you name as well -- why the diversity, is it achallenge you or...?  JC: I love to keep moving actually, that's why I'vebeen trying different things. I believe in that, it keeps me alive. Imean, as I said, you need to explore yourself, find more about yourselfand try more new things that keep you alive. That's why I'm doing...andI still believe in this, that's why I'm still doing it  LH: In your last album you wrote all the songs, correct? (JC: Yes. Laughs LH: Wow) I mean, why write, why start writing?  JC:It's all because of...ok, a certain time there was a feel quitelost in the market and what am I going to do? Ok, if you consider thekind of market -- what kind of album can sell in the market now? Theremight be a lot of reason not very ideal market sales now, theremight be a lot of reason. One thing I think is you really need to beyourself in the market. That's why I started to write something. Thebest way to tell people who you are is to write something aboutyourself, and tell them about yourself. So I started writing somelyrics and some songs  LH: And you dedicated one of them to friends, yourvery close friends right -- Anita Mui(梅艳芳) and Leslie Cheung(张国荣)-- whoboth passed away?  JC: Well, this is uhh...I think is quite aterrible year many people in Hong Kong, of course, in our scenes welost quite a few friends, actually. It affected me a bit and I justreflected in my album  LH: If you had person in this world -- anyone in this world -- who would you sing with?  JC: Elton John  LH: Elton John? Wow, you know I interviewed him recently, right? When he was in Hong Kong. Yeh, he's wonderful. Why Elton John?  JC: Well, he used to be my idol so many years,actually, since I was in my teenage. And he's still standing thereremember his song "I'm still standing", he's been struggling and thisis the way I look into life. He's great, he can hold a concert withoutany other musicians, just give him piano he can sit there sing three hours (LH: or even more, hit after hit)  LH: Jacky, we're going to take a very short break. Just ahead on TalkAsia, a clip of Jacky's breakout role, and his earlier days. That's coming up“不老的神话”电影篇  Plasma shot -- clip from movie 'As Tears Go by' (1988)  LH: Welcome back to TalkAsia - that is a clip fromthe 1988 movie 'As Tears Go By'. Jacky Cheung's permance as afrustrated, low-level triad member won him that year's Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards  LH: Jacky you've obviously done a number of films and obviously won accolades it, but what takes precedence -- singing or acting?  JC: I love singing...if I had to chose one betweensinging and acting, I would have to chose singing, of course it's morepersonal. But I like acting, too. You can be another person, that'skind of fun  LH: Now, you had several desk jobs, one I waswith Cathay Pacific when you first started. How did you keep that dreamgoing that maybe one day you would make it in the entertainmentbusiness?  JC: That's not my dream (LH: really?) and I darenot to dream about it, you know. I have no relations, I never know anypeople that were related to this business so you had no way inactually, so I love join singing contests because I loved theexcitement that I can get through the process. So, that's the onlything I can get, I think. And accidentally I got a contract and that'show I'm in. I'm a practical person actually, so I stayed with my jobuntil I really got a big success with my first album. Then I startcreating it. So I was in both careers (LH: at the same time?) thesame time, a few months, actually  LH: Wow amazing. Now what about your parents, what did they think from suddenly desk job to, you know, a singing sensations?  JC: As long as I can give enough money back tosupport family. My mum always says 'it's ok a boy to get into thebusiness'. We heard a lot of rumors about the business the girl,better think more think deeply. You might have to give up a lot ofthings. But boys, what you got to lose? Just go!  LH: So they were supporting you all the way?  JC: My mum, yes, all the way. (LH: Good, your Dad?)My daddy is an engineer on board -- he's traveling everywhere and allyear. So I didn't have much time to talk to him and of course he didn'tsay anything - didn't say any 'no' this (LH: right, right)  LH: Now, I've that in the 80s, latter part ofthe 80s, you had some tough times, and things weren't doing so well.Now correct me if I'm wrong, but you started drinking and your careerwas going down -- is that true and how didn't you manage to pull backup?  JC:That's true, and it's all printed (LH: you never believe what you ,right?) Well, those days you can believe some. Well yes and I picked upsome bad habits at those times I started drinking with some friends.The worst part was I couldn't control myself after drinking. Yes, andat that time my career was going down, but it's a normal trend, Ithink. You couldn't just keep your career all the way up there, so itgoes down a bit then you start to pick up something...somebody'smistake, you know what's wrong and then you correct and you climb upagain, so this is how it goes. Again, the thing is, you've gotta keepworking you know that movie that you just showed, that year that's theworst year of my singing career actually, but I'd been doing a lot ofmovies at that time. So you've got to keep yourself busy, either doingthis or doing that. So, of course, if you have a chance you've got tograb it and keep doing it -- no matter what it is  LH: And how did you pull yourself back up again?  JC: Face. You've got to face the reality; I meanyou can't just bury your head into those bottles. After you're awake,you're still the same person. You're still facing the same problems andthe same difficulties. So you just stand up and face it, and startdoing everything from the very beginning, check what's wrong and fix it  LH: What has been the biggest price -- you would say -- that you have had to pay fame?  JC: Well, I'm not this "star" kind of person -- Idon't want to be a star. I love singing and I love acting, and I wantto live a normal life. And that's why I'm actually sending my kids toschool and doing every what all the parents did. If I had to say onething, that I couldn't be as normal as everyone (LH: so privacy wouldbe.) I'm y to give up some of my own privacy, but not my family-- that's the bottom line  LH: and what is the best part of being who you are?  JC: The best part is you are doing something youreally love to do. That will give you a better standard of living andthat's good (LH: And making money it?) Well, of course, I have toclear this point that I'm the lucky one and there's a lot of othersingers that I know, or knew bee and they've just gone (LH: whodidn't make it, who didn't survive)  LH: Jacky, we're going to take another very short break when we return a brand new role Jacky Cheung  LH: That's another one of Jacky Cheung's famous hits, 'A thousandheart-breaking reasons'. Luckily his real life is not so heartbreaking,he's happily married and a proud father of a four-year-old daughter.Earlier this year, Hong Kong Disneyland appointed Jacky as their spokesperson and they say Jacky stands everything that makes Disney so special  LH: Jacky, why Disneyland? Why be a spokesperson them?  JC: They come and look me and I think, I've been watching a lotof Disney movies with my kids. I think it's about time me to dosomething that I can share with my kids  LH: What do you hope to achieve, raising the profile or bringing to the attention?  JC: I just want to do something that I - you know, I've been in over60 movies and sing a lot of songs, but most of them I couldn't sharethem with my kid -- the moment, actually. Now, as a spokesperson  of Disneyland I can tell my kid what I'm doing now (LH: and she canrelate to it, right? JC: Yes, she can totally understand and I can showher everything that I'm doing them  LH:You have done so many things in your life, acting, singing, andmusicals. Is there something else that you'd like to do that youhaven't done yet?  JC: A lot. I don't know, I'm thinking of traveling. Really lookinginto the world. Yes, I've been traveling to many many countries -- mostpart of the world, yes but I just work (LH: that's not the same, yes).When I have some time off, I would like see the world with my family,maybe when my kid is getting.(LH: a bit older, yes so she canappreciate it, right?)  LH: When somebody picks up a Jacky Cheung CD -- anywhere in thisworld -- what do you hope they will get out of it? What do hope theywill feel when they get into your music?“不老的神话”家庭篇  JC: I just want them to feel what they feel. I mean, what'simportant about songs, it can make you feel something from it. If youcan feel something from it - that's what I want actually. You can feelfrom my album. It might dig up some of your own feelings aboutsomething, about memories or whatsoever. It can ease your pain, or itcan make you happy a while or make you relaxed just a secondand that's good enough, that's what I want  LH: And it's also so amazing that some people don't understand,let's say, Cantonese or mandarin, but still buy your albums and stilllisten to you  JC: Well, that's good when you've heard something about it theydon't just buy your albums who you are, but just because of yourmusic your voice and that makes you feel good  LH: Jacky, thank you so much coming in to talk to us we really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you  JC: No, no I was really happy to talk to you  LH: Devoted entertainer, philanthropist,husband and father - Jacky Cheung. And that is TalkAsia this week, besure to check out our website at cnn.comtalkasia upcoming guests.And you can let us know who you'd like to see on the show at that address Thank you very much joining us, I'm Lorraine Hahn, let's talk again next week。
  • A Girl Lost 寻人启事 -- :39:8 来源: A Girl Lost 寻人启事  Mei Lili, a girl of five, has been missing since August 8. She has big eyes and round face with short hair. When she was leaving, she wore a yellow shirt and a blue skirt.  If anyone sees her, please report to the police station or to her family, at the following address:  Mr Mrs Mei Gang  Wuyi Road 6  Tel: 53358  梅丽丽,女,5岁,8月8日走失,至今未归她大眼睛,圆脸,短发走时身穿黄色衬衣和蓝裙子  如游人见到她,请通知公安局或其家人,地址如下:  五一路6号  梅刚夫妇  电话: 533588。
  • I'll Help My Grandma 我要帮助奶奶 -- 19:8:38 来源: I'll Help My Grandma 我要帮助奶奶  My grandma is over seventy now. These days she doesn't feel well, and her legs hurt. This afternoon my father and I took her to the hospital. The doctor looked her over carefully. He said that she was in good health, but people get all kinds of illness as they got older. He also said that she would get well in the coming spring.  I know my grandma has done much our family. Now she is getting old, and it's time me to look after her. I'll try my best to make her live happily.    奶奶年过七十了,近日她感觉身体不太好,腿也疼今天下午我和爸爸送她去了医院医生仔细地给她做了检查他说,奶奶身体很好,可是人老了,各种病就来了医生说她的病春天会好的  我知道奶奶为家里做了许多事现在她上了年纪,该我照料她老人家了我会尽力让她活得开心。
  • 小学:丑小鸭 -- :18: 来源: 小学:丑小鸭  第一场:丑小鸭出世  场景:夏天,绿树,青草,白栅栏丑小鸭躲在模拟的蛋壳内,鸭妈妈在蛋壳前面做孵蛋的样子,另外只鸭蛋围住鸭妈妈,趴在地上成圆弧状  音乐:(有鸟叫,知了叫等)及舞台布景组合出一幅恬静、温暖的乡村夏日风光图  画外音:It is warm, A mother duck lies in the stook, waiting the birth of her children.(太阳暖烘烘的,鸭妈妈卧在稻草堆里,等她的孩子们出世)  鸭妈妈:Well, my babies, come out quickly please. I’m tired.(伸懒腰)哎,我的孩子们,你们怎么还不出世呀,可把妈妈累坏了!  鸭妈妈抚摸着鸭蛋,突然,一只鸭蛋动了一下小鸭1站了起来,看了一下周围的世界说:  Oh, what a beautiful world!“哦,多么美丽的世界啊!”  接着,另外3只小鸭从蛋壳里逐渐在妈妈的抚摸中钻出来,东张西望,看到妈妈后,惊喜地跑过去,  喊:Hi, mum! Hi, Mummy!妈妈!妈妈!………  小鸭:(指着大蛋)Mum, what’s this ? Why not crack? 咦,妈妈,这是谁?还不出来呀?  鸭妈妈:Don’t mention it, I spent too much time on it, but it still has no change.  别提了,妈妈在他身上花的功夫最多,可他硬是不见一点动静  (突然,发出一声特别刺耳的破裂声,蛋裂开,丑小鸭慢慢伸伸懒腰钻出来,大家蹲在地上抬头仔细看着那只小鸭,先是非常惊奇,然后惊叫,只小鸭倒地,鸭妈妈也非常失望地看着丑小鸭)  丑小鸭:Hi, friends! Nice to meet you!  众小鸭惊异、交头接耳  小鸭:Wow, his feather is gray, it’s too rube!呀!他的毛是灰灰的,太土了  小鸭3:Look! His mouth is so big that he can swallow the whole pond near our home. 瞧!她的嘴巴那么大,可吞下我们家门口的池塘了  齐声:It’s just an “ugly ducking”! We don’t like stay with you.(他可真是一只“丑小鸭”我们不想和你呆在一起)  鸭妈妈:Ah! Why is she so ugly? She shouldn’t come into this world!  (鸭妈妈看着丑小鸭,摇头做无可奈何状)  小鸭:Mum, let’s play games, OK?  鸭妈妈:OK  小鸭(齐):Yeah!  (播放的欢快音乐小鸭们随着音乐玩游戏,并不时发出嬉笑声丑小鸭也想和她们一起游戏) 小学:丑小鸭。
  • 台湾旅游景点西门町英文介绍 --1 ::35 来源: 台湾旅游景点西门町英文介绍西门町位于台北西部,是最受旅客亲睐的旅游景点之一 西门町因活动多,大受年轻人喜爱而闻名 Ximending 西门町 Ximending, situated in the west of downtown Taipei, is one of the most popular touristic places among travelers. It is famed its diversity in entertainment and activity that appeal to large numbers of young people. Wandering along the Ximending Walking Street, you will find anything you like among the wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessory shops in Chinese, Japanese and Western styles. In addition, local snacks are what you don't want to miss. The most famous ones include oyster omelet, braised pork rice, beef noodle, pan-fried bun and bubble tea.Admission: freeBest time to visit: all year round 西门町。
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