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长兴县煤山地区医院治疗痘痘多少钱湖州长兴县做鼻尖整形多少钱湖州上睑下垂哪家医院好 So you made lasagna last night, and it was delicious.你昨晚做了千层面,之后享用了一顿大餐。You saved the leftovers by wrapping aluminum foil over the top of the pan, and putting it in the fridge.大快朵颐之后,你将剩下的千层面用铝箔纸包好放入冰箱中。When you get hungry today, you go to look for that lasagna, but it looks like the lasagna was getting hungry too!今天你饿的时候,便去拿昨天吃剩的千层面,但是你会发现千层面似乎也饿了!Its eaten tiny holes in the aluminum foil that was covering it.包裹它的铝箔纸上出现了一个个的小洞,好像被咬过一样。Why does this happen?为什么会这样呢?A listener asked this question and well find the answer on todays moment of science.一位听众问到了这个问题,我们将在今天的科学一刻中为你解答。There are really two things responsible for those holes in the aluminum foil: the acidic nature ofthe lasagna and some curious properties of aluminum.铝箔上出现这些洞有两个原因:一个是千层面本身具有酸性,另一个就是铝具有一些非常奇特的属性。Lasagna gets most of its acid from the tomatoes in its sauce.千层面的酸性主要是来自酱汁中的番茄酱。Almost everything you eat is at leastslightly acidic, but tomatoes are especially so.几乎你吃的每样东西都会至少呈轻微酸性,而番茄的酸性尤为明显。This acid wouldnt be a problem for a glasscontainer, or stainless steel, or plastic wrap, or for most of the materials we use to store andprepare food.这种酸对玻璃容器,不锈钢,塑料袋或大多数我们用于储藏和准备食物所用的材料都不会产生任何影响。Aluminum, though, is especially vulnerable to acid.但铝却非常容易受到酸的侵蚀。Heres why.这就是原因。Most metals form a protective layer on their surface called an oxide layer.大多数金属会在表面生成一种叫做氧化层的保护膜。Aluminum forms an oxide layer too, but it is very thin, allowing the tomatos acid to easily break through.铝金属也会形成氧化层,但是这层膜很薄,番茄中的酸能轻易腐蚀透。This lets the tomato sauce dissolve the aluminum, and it creates grey or black chemicalson top of the lasagna that taste very bad.由此番茄酱就会溶解铝,在千层面上产生一种灰色或黑色的化学物质,会使千层面变得非常难吃。The same thing can happen if you use aluminum cookware for acidic sauces.如果用铝制厨具来做酸味儿酱料,也会发生相同的情况。Sauce made in an aluminum pot will be grayer and not as tasty as sauce made in other cookware.铝制锅所做的酱料颜色看起来会更灰些,吃起来也不如其他厨具所做的酱料味道好。 201403/282540湖州纹眉图片

湖州中心医院丰胸多少钱Business商业报道Business and geopolitics商业与地缘政治学Enter the G20走进G20Business hopes to be heard at next weeks G20 summit商界希望下周的G20峰会能倾听到自己的心声WHEN the G20, a group of governments from the worlds biggest economies,本月晚些时候,世界上最大的20个经济体组成的集团,meets in Los Cabos, Mexico, later this month, business will have a seat at the table.G20将在墨西哥的洛斯卡沃斯召开会议,这一次,商界将也要出席这次会议。The bosses of more than 300 large companies will be at the same beach resort for the fourth summit of the B20, a group that tries to persuade governments to be more business-friendly.超过300个大公司的总裁将会在同一个海滩度假胜地迎来第四次B20峰会。B20这个集团组织的宗旨是游说政府对对商业更加友好。For the first time, B20 leaders will be invited to address the assembled politicians.这是B20的领导第一次受邀在政治家云集的峰会上演讲。They will give advice on matters ranging from infrastructure to jobs,这些商界领袖将会针对从基础设施到就业等重大问题,向大会献计献策。but the B20s most useful role may be as a watchdog.不过B20最有益的作用或许是充当监督者。The politicians at these powwows have a reputation for saying one thing and doing another when they return home.众所周知,参加这类会议的政客回国后,常常说一套做一套,甚至光说不做。To hold them to account, the B20s chairman, Alejandro Ramírez, touts a new performance dashboard.为了让他们说到做到,B20主席亚利桑德罗·拉米雷兹竭力推荐实施一种全新的绩效榜机制。This dashboard, prepared with input from the International Chamber of Commerce, the McKinsey Global Institute and the University of Toronto, will track each G20 countrys progress in keeping promises made at each years summit.这个绩效榜上待评价的指标是由国际商会、麦肯锡全球研究所和多伦多大学共同编写的。每年G20 国家都会在峰会上做出承诺,绩效榜将跟踪每个G20 国家在实现承诺的进展情况。Initially, the dashboard will focus only on commitments directly relevant to business.最初,绩效榜将关注与商业直接相关的承诺。The Economist has seen a draft dashboard, minus the country names.《经济学人》杂志同僚曾经见到过绩效榜的草稿,略去了国家的名称。It tracks progress made between the 2010 and 2011 G20 summits on 13 categories of pledge.它跟踪调查了2010年G20峰会和2011年峰会间,13类承诺的实现情况。They include improving the financial system, fighting climate change, promoting free trade and curbing corruption.这些承诺包括:改善财政体系,积极应对气候变化,促进自由贸易并整治腐败。It makes dismal ing, in places.绩效榜上有些国家的表现十分低迷。On trade, only four of the G20 did what they said they would.在贸易方面,只有4个国家信守了承诺。Five made no progress at all, or regressed.5个国家没有实现任何进展,甚至有所倒退。Pledges to fight corruption, manage exchange rates sensibly and price fossil fuels to reflect their carbon emissions were also widely breached.包括打击腐败,合理控制汇率,对矿物燃料定价使其能够反映其碳排放多少等在内的许诺大部分都没有兑现。The dashboard ought to embarrass people who deserve to be embarrassed.绩效榜应该然让那些理应蒙羞的人感到难堪。But although it has been shown to the G20 governments, the B20 is dithering about whether to publish it.但是,尽管G20各国政府都看到了这个绩效榜,但B20却对是否发表这个榜单犹豫不决。Fans of good government will be disappointed. What use is a watchdog that does not bark?有信誉的政府的持者可能会感到失望。但是,要是看门不叫的话,要它何用?For now Mr Ramírez, whose day job is boss of Cinépolis, a Mexican cinema chain, will say only that Australia has performed best, making progress on every pledge, whereas Argentina has performed poorly.作为B20主席,拉米雷兹的日常工作是担任一家名为辛普利的墨西哥影院连锁的总裁。仅就目前而言,拉米雷兹只能说澳大利亚的表现是最好的,在每一个承诺上都做出了成绩,相反,阿根廷表现很差。No surprises there.这点不足为奇,Australia has grown rich selling food and minerals to China, and is rolling out the welcome mat for foreign talent.澳大利亚通过向中国出售食品和矿产而大发横财,并展开怀抱,积极引进外国人才。Argentina, in contrast, cannot even keep honest inflation statistics, and has a nasty habit of nationalising foreign companies.相反,阿根廷甚至在通胀数据上都不能诚实一点,并有个恶劣的习惯——将外国企业收归国有。Following a disappointing B20 last year in Cannes, when the politicians lectured the bosses but did not listen,去年在戛纳召开的B20峰会令人不快,因为政治家们批评了商界总裁,但却没有听取他们的意见。Mr Ramírez has been doing all sorts of sensible things to make the B20 seem more than just a club of rich grumblers.自此之后,拉米雷兹采取各种各样的明智的手段,以使B20看上去不仅仅是个爱发牢骚的富人的俱乐部。He has invited NGOs and other outsiders to join its deliberations.他邀请了许多非政府组织和旁观者参与到自己的讨论中来。Barbara Stocking, the head of Oxfam UK, is on the B20s food-security task force. John Evans, a veteran trade-union official, is on its employment task force.英国乐施会的负责人芭芭拉·斯托金已经加入到B20的食品安全特别小组。资深工会领导人,约翰·埃文斯已成为其就业特别小组成员。But a pressure group is measured by results, not intentions.压力集团是否起作用靠的是结果而非意图。The B20 has yet to prove itself.这一点上,B20有待明自己。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201307/246742长兴县人民医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 湖州解放军98医院切眼袋手术多少钱

湖州安吉县切割双眼皮哪家好音频文本从视频0:00开始~欢迎大家收看完整版,视频加载稍慢,请耐心等待~We are just so happy to have the Sexiest Man Alive here. Thats our....很荣幸请到最性感男士前来做客,欢迎我们的……You are cool and youre confident and youre seductive.All three of those things.你很酷很自信而且还性感。三个都是很那啥的优点啊。(Adam: So true)(亚当:太符合我了)And I agree with them.I know you and I agree with all three of those things.我完全同意。我了解你,这三点我都赞同。(Adam:Seductive.)Yeah, yeah(亚当:性感。)是的,没错!How do you,how do you,do you feel different?Do you feel an obligation to act differently?怎样?感觉有什么不同么?会迫使自己表现得与众不同么?(Adam:An obligation to be sexier in general?) Yep.(亚当:让自己变得更性感么?)是的。(Adam: Yeah, actually, I take it very seriously.) Good!(亚当:当然,我很认真对待这件事的。) 很好!(Adam: No, actually, not at all.)(亚当:没啦,一点也没有。)(Adam: Its funny, its really...Its kind of funny, right?)(亚当:其实还挺有趣的,真的…真的挺有意思的,是吧?)(Adam: Its amazing,you dont ever think thats gonna happen.)(亚当:很不可思议,从没想过会被选为最性感男士。)(Adam: and then it does, and its really trippy.)(亚当:但就是选上了,感觉有些不真实。)Now, whats the weirdest reaction youve had so far.From who?到目前为止,你得到最搞笑的回应时什么?是谁?(Adam: Had some weired ones.)(亚当:是有些奇怪的反应。)(Adam: My fiance burst into laughter.Keeping me humble as uasal.My mother said that,She asked me very sweetly that if that makes her the Sexiest Mom Alive.Which is really cute and also kind of weird.)(亚当:我未婚妻放生大笑。她一向不让我骄傲啊!我妈说,她很萌的问我,这样她是不是成了现今最性感老妈。真是个又萌又怪异的问题。)Yes, it does.就是说!(Adam: And I said, I guess so.)(亚当:我说,有可能哦!)(Adam: And my father just said,;Youre welcome,son;,Its true.)(亚当:我老爸直接说了句:“儿子,不用感谢我。”事情就是这样。)Well,you gotta give them credit.They did something real good.是啊,你得感谢他们。他们可是立了大功!(Adam:They made me.) (亚当:我是他们生的嘛。) Yeah, they made you,and they did a really good job.是啊,他们生的你,生了个好儿子。(Adam:Oh, theyre taking credit for it now.)(亚当:哈!他们现在就因此受表彰了啊。) /201403/279222 湖州曙光整形美容医院做红色胎记手术多少钱湖州治疗祛斑价格



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