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Scientists and doctors can’t make their minds up about coffee. One study says it’s really bad for us and the next report says it’s good for us. I’ve even that 10 cups a day is good for our brain. I like a cup of coffee at certain times of the day. I must have a coffee first thing in the morning. I can’t survive without my morning coffee. I have another cup or two when I get to work. And that’s it. I never drink coffee after lunchtime. If I do, I can’t sleep at night. The only time I drink coffee in the evening is if I go to a nice restaurant. Coffee seems a lot more complicated these days. When I was younger it was just coffee. Now it’s latte, frappucino and all kinds of other strange words. Article/201104/131256。

My mom was big on garage sales and wouldn't miss a Saturday to get me out of my deep slumber to go along with her. My neighbors were having their annual garage sale along with three other families. My mom caught a glimpse of the 3-foot porcelain doll before I did. She decided to purchase it for me, since at the time, I was a doll collector. I had never owned such a beautiful masterpiece.  She stood tall, showing an air of confidence. Her dark, human like hair, hung in loose curls around her almost angelic face. The attire consisted of a formal evening gown, immaculate in detail. The dark material formed nicely around the torso, and flared out from the waist down into a full skirt of deep green velvet trimmed with fine lace. I was ecstatic with the new edition to my collection and spent the remainder of the day showing her off to my friends.  I went to bed that night feeling contentment. I set the doll, which I had named Sarah, onto the shelf alongside of my other possessions. I turned off the light, and fell asleep almost instantly. It seemed only a couple of minutes, when I was awakened by a voice singing. It was a high soprano voice, almost like a voice of an angel. It was singing some kind of a lullaby...a lullaby that a mother would sing to her newborn child. I sat up straight in my bed, not sure where the voice was coming from. Article/200902/61645。

We have to realise how old, how very old, we are. Nations are classified as "aged" when they have 7 per cent or more of their people aged 65 or above, and by about 1970 every one of the advanced countries had become like this. Of the really ancient societies, with over 13 per cent above 65, all are in Northwestern Europe. At the beginning of the 1980's East Germany had 15.6 per cent, Austria, Sweden, West Germany and France had 13.4 per cent or above, and England and Wales 13.3 per cent. Scotland had 12.3 per cent. Northern Ireland 10.8 percent and the ed States 9.9 per cent. We know that we are getting even older, and that the nearer a society approximates to zero population growth, the older its population is likely to be - at least, for any future that concerns us now.To these now familiar facts a number of further facts may be added, some of them only recently recognised. There is the apparent paradox that the effective cause of the high proportion of the old is births rather than deaths. There is the economic principle that the dependency ratio - the degree to which those who cannot earn depend for a living on those who can - is more advantageous in older societies like ours than in the younger societies of the developing world, because lots of dependent babies are more of a liability than numbers of the inactive aged. There is the appreciation of the salient historical truth that the aging or advanced societies has been a sudden change.If "revolution" is a rapid resettlement of the social structure, and if the age composition of the society counts as a very important aspect of that social structure, then there has been a social revolution in European and particularly Western European society within the lifetime of everyone over 50. Taken together, these things have implications which are only beginning to be acknowledged. These facts and circumstances were well to the fore earlier this year at a world gathering about aging as a challenge to science and to policy, held at Vichy in France.There is often resistance to the idea that it is because the birthrate fell earlier in Western and Northwestern Europe than elsewhere, rather than because of any change in the death rate, that we have grown so old. But this is what elementary demography makes clear. Long life is altering our society, of course, but in experiential terms. We have among us a very much greater experience of continued living than any society that has ever preceded us anywhere, and this will continue. But too much of that lengthened experience, even in the wealthy West, will be experience of poverty and neglect, unless we do something about it .If you are now in your thirties, you ought to be aware that you can expect to live nearly one third of the rest of your life after the age of 60. The older you are now, of course, the greater this proportion will be, and greater still if you are a woman. Expectation of life is a slippery figure, very easy to get wrong at the highest ages. At Vichy the demographers were telling each other that their estimates of how many old there would be and how long they will live in countries like England and Wales are due for revision upwards.我们不得不认识到我们多大岁数了,有多老了。当有7%或更多的65岁或65岁以上的人时,这些国家就被列为"老龄化"国家。到大约1970年,每一个发展国家就成了这样的国家。65岁以上的人超过13%的真正的老年人社会,都在西北欧。20世纪80年代初,东德有15.6%的人超过65岁,在奥地利、瑞典、西德和法国,这个比率为13.4%或更高,英格兰和威尔士有13.3%,苏格兰有12.3%,北爱尔兰有10.8%,美国有9.9%。我们知道人类在日益变老,人口增长率接近于零的社会离我们越近,人口越可能呈老龄化的趋势,至少就与影响我们的未来来说是这样的。更多的现实,这其中有些只是近来才认识到,可能会加入到这些熟悉的现实中。有这样一个明显的似是而非的论点:造成老年人比率高的实际原因是出生人数而不是死亡人数。有一条经济原则:抚养率――不能自食其力的人依靠能挣钱养家的人的程度――在我们这样的更为老龄化的社会里比在发展中世界的较年轻社会里要有利一些,因为大量的无法独立的孩子与一定数的丧失工作能力的老年人相比,更是个负担。有对这样一个明显的历史真实的正确评价:先进社会的老龄化一直以来都是一种突变。如果"革命"是对社会结构的迅速重建,如果社会的年龄构成被看作社会结构的一个非常重要的方面,那么在欧洲,特别是每一个人的寿命超过50岁的西欧,已经有一场革命。综上所述,人们只是刚刚开始认识到这意味着什么。这些事实和情况早些时候在法国维希举行的一个世界大会上被视为科学家和政策的挑战而置于显著的地位。我们人口的老龄化,是因为在西欧和西北欧出生率比其他地方下降得早,百不是因为死亡率发生了一些变化。对这一观点经常有人不以为然,但这是通过基本的人口统计学澄清的事实。当然,长寿正改变着我们的社会,但这只是经验论。我们之中有一种比先于我们的任何社会多得多的继续生存的经历,这种经历将继续下去。除非我们能在这方面采取措施,即使在富裕的西方,太多的这种经历将被,视为贫穷和荒废的过去。你现年三十几岁,你应当知道,你可以指望在活到60岁以后再活上差不多15年。现在你年纪越大,这个比例就越高。如果你是女性,这个比例还会更大。预期寿命不是一个固定数字,在最高年龄上很容易弄错。在维希,人口学家互相转告,在像英格兰和威尔士这些国家,他们对将有多少老人和他们能活多久的估计应向上调整。 Article/200803/28118。

The conversation soon turned upon fishing; and she heard Mr. Darcy invite him, with the greatest civility, to fish there as often as he chose while he continued in the neighbourhood, offering at the same time to supply him with fishing tackle, and pointing out those parts of the stream where there was usually most sport. Mrs. Gardiner, who was walking arm-in-arm with Elizabeth, gave her a look expressive of wonder. Elizabeth said nothing, but it gratified her exceedingly; the compliment must be all for herself. Her astonishment, however, was extreme, and continually was she repeating, ;Why is he so altered? From what can it proceed? It cannot be for ME--it cannot be for MY sake that his manners are thus softened. My reproofs at Hunsford could not work such a change as this. It is impossible that he should still love me. ;他们不久就谈到钓鱼,她听见达西先生非常客气地跟他说,他既然住在邻近,只要不走,随时都可以来钓鱼,同时又答应借钓具给他,又指给他看,这条河里通常哪些地方鱼最多。嘉丁纳太太跟伊丽莎白挽着手走,对她做了个眼色,表示十分惊奇。伊丽莎白没有说什么,可是心里却得意极了,因为这番殷勤当然都是为了讨好她一个人。不过她还是极端诧异;她一遍遍地问自己:;他的为人怎么变得这么快?这是由于什么原因?他不见得是为了我,看在我的面上,才把态度放得这样温和吧?不见得因为我在汉斯福骂了他一顿,就会使他这样面目一新吧?我看他不见得还会爱我。;After walking some time in this way, the two ladies in front, the two gentlemen behind, on resuming their places, after descending to the brink of the river for the better inspection of some curious water-plant, there chanced to be a little alteration. It originated in Mrs. Gardiner, who, fatigued by the exercise of the morning, found Elizabeth#39;s arm inadequate to her support, and consequently preferred her husband#39;s. Mr. Darcy took her place by her niece, and they walked on together. After a short silence, the lady first spoke. She wished him to know that she had been assured of his absence before she came to the place, and accordingly began by observing, that his arrival had been very unexpected--;for your housekeeper, ; she added, ;informed us that you would certainly not be here till to-morrow; and indeed, before we left Bakewell, we understood that you were not immediately expected in the country.; He acknowledged the truth of it all, and said that business with his steward had occasioned his coming forward a few hours before the rest of the party with whom he had been travelling. ;They will join me early to-morrow,; he continued, ;and among them are some who will claim an acquaintance with you--Mr. Bingley and his sisters.;他们就这样两个女的在前,两个男的在后,走了好一会儿。后来为了要仔细欣赏一些稀奇的水草,便各各分开,走到河边,等到恢复原来位置的时候,前后次序就改变了。原来嘉丁纳太太因为一上午走累了,觉得伊丽莎白的臂膀持不住她的重量,还是挽着自己丈夫走舒些。于是达西先生便代替了她的位置,和她外甥女儿并排走。两人先是沉默了一阵,后来还是先开口说话。她想跟他说明一下,这一次他们是事先打听他不在家然后再到这儿来游览的,因为她一开始就谈起他这次回来非常出人意料。她接下去说:;因为你的管家奶奶告诉我们,你一定要到明天才回来;我们离开巴克威尔以前,就打听到你不会一下子回到乡下来。;他承认这一切都是事实,又说,因为要找帐房有事,所以比那批同来的人早来了几个钟头。接着又说:;他们明天一大早就会和我见面,他们中间也有你认识的人,彬格莱先生和他的们都来了。; Article/201202/172722。

一个女人必须精通音乐、歌唱、图画、舞蹈以及现代语文,那才当得起这个称号;除此以外,她的仪表和步态,她的声调,她的谈吐和表情,都得有相当风趣,否则她就不够资格。;It ought to be good, ; he replied, ;it has been the work of many generations. ;;And then you have added so much to it yourself, you are always buying books. ;;I cannot comprehend the neglect of a family library in such days as these. ;;Neglect! I am sure you neglect nothing that can add to the beauties of that noble place. Charles, when you build YOUR house, I wish it may be half as delightful as Pemberley. ;;I wish it may. ;;But I would really advise you to make your purchase in that neighbourhood, and take Pemberley for a kind of model. There is not a finer county in England than Derbyshire. ;;With all my heart; I will buy Pemberley itself if Darcy will sell it. ;;I am talking of possibilities, Charles. ;;Upon my word, Caroline, I should think it more possible to get Pemberley by purchase than by imitation. ;Elizabeth was so much caught with what passed, as to leave her very little attention for her book; and soon laying it wholly aside, she drew near the card-table, and stationed herself between Mr. Bingley and his eldest sister, to observe the game.;Is Miss Darcy much grown since the spring?; said Miss Bingley; ;will she be as tall as I am?;;I think she will. She is now about Miss Elizabeth Bennet#39;s height, or rather taller. ;;How I long to see her again! I never met with anybody who delighted me so much. Such a countenance, such manners! And so extremely accomplished for her age! Her performance on the pianoforte is exquisite. ;;It is amazing to me, ; said Bingley, ;how young ladies can have patience to be so very accomplished as they all are. ;;All young ladies accomplished! My dear Charles, what do you mean?;;Yes, all of them, I think. They all paint tables, cover screens, and net purses. I scarcely know anyone who cannot do all this, and I am sure I never heard a young lady spoken of for the first time, without being informed that she was very accomplished. ;;Your list of the common extent of accomplishments, ; said Darcy, ;has too much truth. The word is applied to many a woman who deserves it no otherwise than by netting a purse or covering a screen. But I am very far from agreeing with you in your estimation of ladies in general. I cannot boast of knowing more than half-a-dozen, in the whole range of my acquaintance, that are really accomplished. ;;Nor I, I am sure, ; said Miss Bingley.;Then, ; observed Elizabeth, ;you must comprehend a great deal in your idea of an accomplished woman. ;;Yes, I do comprehend a great deal in it. ;;Oh! certainly, ; cried his faithful assistant, ;no one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with. A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half-deserved. ; Article/201106/141176。

Reading Provides Necessary Survival Skills With the coming of the television age and the increasing emphasis on pictures and sound in all quarters of our society, many people would have us believe that we are moving rapidly away from ing as a necessary life skill. But this is not the case at all.Good ing is a more important life skill than ever before and the printed word continues to be the cornerstone of both higher education and better positions in the job market.For students, almost all studying involves ing. For adults, ing is day to day, either a stumbling block or a smooth path to pleasure and opportunity. This is why good ing hobits are not only an important study skill for the student, but also an important life skill for anyone.SCANNING - You can get a good idea about the material by taking a few moments right off to the title, chapter headings, section titles and headlines. The purpose of scanning is to get a quick understanding of what to expect from the ing, so that you will know what you are ing as you go along.Maps, charts, graphs and pictures are clues that will help the er to cue in on the content and organization of the material. This simple technique of scanning can help you for ideas because you will know where you are going when you begin to .READING SPEED - Another good ing habit is ing fast. The expression "haste makes waste" does not apply to ing. In fact, most people much too slowly. Right now you are probably ing this slower than you need for good comprehension. Studies show that fast ers are the best ers, and that slow ers often lose their concentration and comprehension abilities because their minds will wander out of boredom.Remember, nothing hurts concentration more than ing too slowly. Your mind will keep up with your ing speed if you ask it to. By always ing at your top speed, you challenge your understanding and make it easier for your mind to concentrate on the material.VOCABULARY BUILDING - For a person with good ing habits, a printed page contains not only words but ideas, actions, thoughts and feelings. But all these things are built on words. The more words you are familiar with, the less you are ware of ing words and the more you are aware of content and meaning. Expanding your vocabulary will help you to more effectively and rapidly.Many people simply skip over words they do not understand. This, naturally, hurts their overall comprehension. Other people stop at each new word and look it up in the dictionary, but this method can slow down your ing, affecting concentration and comprehension.But you can build your vocabulary without using a dictionary each time. Here are two rules:Pause for a moment on each new word and let it register in your mind.Try to guess what the word means from context clues, from the words around it.What happens with this method is that you will see the word again and again. Each time you will have a stronger impression of the meaning. Soon, the new word will be familiar and its meaning clear.The key to the method is to be alert to new words. Don't skip over them. You'll find you are adding to your vocabulary each day and a good strong vocabulary is a great help to ing quickly and with strong comprehension.Good ing habits like these can help students and working adults alike to be more successful. The special world of school and the real world of school and of everyday life can be more comfortable, productive and rewarding with the addition of simple yet important life skills such as good ing habits. 览群书能给你提供种种必要的生存技能因为进入了电视时代,社会生活的各方面都把图像和声响放在越来越重要的位置。所以有许多人认为我们应该迅速地改掉阅读这一生存所必须具备的技能,但实际情况根本就不是这样。现在良好的阅读能力是比过去任何时候都更加重要的一种生存技能。书面的文字资料依然是高等教育和就业市场上能找到较好职位的垫脚石。对学生来说,几乎任何课程都必须经过阅读;对成年人来说,坚持天天读,就是一条通往幸福快乐能够抓住大好机遇的一条平坦大道,否则就会成为你前进路上的绊脚石。因此,良好的阅读习惯不但是学生学习的重要技能,对任何人都是一种重要的生存技能。快速游览--拿到阅读材料先用极短的时间马上看看标题、篇章题目、小节的题目及文中的大号字体,以便能抓住这份材料的主要思想内容。快速游览的目的就是要迅速地理解你从这份阅读材料中所期望获得的信息,以便你能知道在你接着继续读下去的时候你将会读到些什么内容。各类地图、图表、曲线图和图片都是很有用的线索,为帮助读者去理解所读的材料的内容和组织结构提供一些启示。这种简易可行的快速浏览的技巧有助于你在阅读中抓住中心思想、段落大意,因为在你开始阅读以后你就会知道你将要读到的内容。阅读速度--还有一种良好的阅读习惯就是快速阅读。不能把"欲速则不达"这句话套用到阅读上。事实上绝大多数人的阅读实在是太慢了。也许此时此刻你在新闻记者本文时的速度要比为了更好地理解本文所需要的阅读速度更慢。多次调查研究都表明了,读得快阅读效果最好,读得慢就不能集中精神,因而也就丧失了理解力,由于感到枯燥,思想上就会开小差,心不在焉。切记,阅读速度太慢只能妨碍你集中注意力。如果你要求你的思路能与你的阅读速度保持同步,那你是能做到的。一贯用你所能达到的最快的速度来阅读,向你的理解力挑战,那么把你的思想全神贯注到所阅读的材料上就是很容易做到的了。 积累词汇--对于一个养成了良好阅读习惯的人来说,每一页文字资料里不只是包含一些词句,还饮食有一些观点、行动、思想和感情。但是,这一切都是通过词汇表达出来的。你所认识的词汇越多,你越会觉得你不是在阅读一个一个的孤立的单词,你越会更加去体会文章的内容和作者的意思。扩大了词汇量将会帮助你读得效率更高更快。很多人干脆把他们所不认识的词跳过去不管它。当然,这样会妨碍你对文章的整体理解。还有些人一遇到生词就停下来查词典,这种做法也会减慢你的阅读速度,会影响你不能全神贯注不能全面理解。每遇到生词,你可以不用去查词典,就能扩大你的词汇量。这里教给你两手绝活:一是每遇到一个生词,你稍稍停留片刻,把这个生词先存贮到脑海里;二是从上下文所提供的线索,从这句话的语言环境来试着猜一猜这个词的意思。使用这种方法就会出现这样的情况:在下文中你会一遍又一遍地见到这个词。每再见到一次你就会对该词的意义有更强烈的印象。不久,这个生词就会变成熟词,那么它的意义也就清楚明白了。使用这种方法的关键是要处处留心那些生词。不要对这些生词置之不理。这样,你就会发现你的词汇量每天都在扩大。有了很丰富的词汇量才能极大地提高你快速阅读的速度,才能使佻理解得更深刻。像上述这些良好的阅读习惯能帮助学生们和在职的成年人取得更大的成熟。由于养成了这些良好的阅读习惯,增强了这些简单易行的重要的生存技巧,在校读书的特殊环境,学生和日常生活的真实环境,就会变得更舒适,你就会取得更大的成就并从中获得更大的益处。 Article/200802/27816。

The giant sat back down on the sofa, which sagged under his weight, and began taking all sorts of things out of the pockets of his coat: a copper kettle, a squashy package of sausages, a poker, a teapot, several chipped mugs, and a bottle of some amber liquid that he took a swig from before starting to make tea. Soon the hut was full of the sound and smell of sizzling sausage. Nobody said a thing while the giant was working, but as he slid the first six fat, juicy, slightly burnt sausages from the poker, Dudley fidgeted a little. Uncle Vernon said sharply, ;Don#39;t touch anything he gives you, Dudley.;巨人一屁股坐在沙发上,结果把沙发给坐塌了。巨人开始把外套里的东西一件件往外掏:一个铜茶壶,一包压扁了的火腿肠,一根拨火律,又一个茶壶,几只有裂口的大杯子和一瓶琥珀状的液体,在泡茶之前他喝了一大口瓶子里的液体。接着整个房间都弥漫着烤火腿肠的香味。巨人在烤火腿肠的时候大家都一言不发,可是当他把一根又大又多汁,微微有些烧焦的火腿肠从火堆上取下来时,达力开始坐不住了。可是弗农姨父严厉地说:;不要碰他给你的任何东西,达德里。;The giant chuckled darkly.;Yer great puddin#39; of a son don#39; need fattenin#39; anymore, Dursley, don#39; worry.;巨人呵呵地笑起来。 ;你的肥仔儿子不能够再长膘了,德思礼,不用担心,我不会给他的。;He passed the sausages to Harry, who was so hungry he had never tasted anything so wonderful, but he still couldn#39;t take his eyes off the giant. Finally, as nobody seemed about to explain anything, he said, ;I#39;m sorry, but I still don#39;t really know who you are.;The giant took a gulp of tea and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.他把火腿肠递给哈利。哈利真是饿坏了,他觉得从来没有吃过这么好吃的东西,他一面吃一面盯着巨人看。最后,他见没人发问,于是自己问了:;对不起!我真的很想知道你是谁。;巨人喝了一大口茶,然后用手背抹了抹嘴。;Call me Hagrid,; he said, ;everyone does. Anrsquo; like I told yeh, I#39;m Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts ; yeh#39;ll know all about Hogwarts, orsquo; course.;Er ; no,; said Harry.;叫我海格就行了。;他说,;每个人都是这样叫的。我已经跟你说过了,我是霍格沃茨的守卫;;你会知道关于霍格沃茨的所有事情的,我向你保。;;喔,我不知道。;哈利说。Hagrid looked shocked.海格看上去很吃惊。;Sorry,; Harry said quickly.;对不起。;哈利很快地说。;Sorry ?; barked Hagrid, turning to stare at the Dursleys, who shrank back into the shadows. ;It#39;s them as should be sorry! I knew yeh weren#39;t gettin#39; yer letters but I never thought yeh wouldn#39;t even know aboursquo; Hogwarts, fer cryin#39; out loud! Did yeh never wonder where yer parents learned it all?;;All what?; asked Harry.;对不起?;海格大叫道,转过身去看着已经缩成一团的德思礼一家。;应该说对不起的是他们!我知道你没收到我的信,但是我万万没有想到你连霍格沃茨都不知道!难道你从来没有想过你父母是从哪里学会这些东西的?;;学会什么?;哈利问道。;ALL WHAT?; Hagrid thundered. ;Now wait jus#39; one second!;;学会什么?;海格烦躁起来,;你等一下。;He had leapt to his feet. In his anger he seemed to fill the whole hut. The Dursleys were cowering against the wall.他跳了起来,他气得简直要把整个房子都掀了。德思礼一家哆嗦着靠着墙站着。;Do you mean ter tell me,; he growled at the Dursleys, ;that this boy ; this boy! ; knows nothin#39; abou#39; ; about ANYTHING?;;你们是不是要告诉我,;他对德思礼一家咆哮着,;这个男孩;;这个男孩!;;对整件事;;一无所知?!;Harry thought this was going a bit far. He had been to school, after all, and his marks weren#39;t bad.哈利觉得事情有点过火了。他上过学,毕竟他的成绩不差。;I know some things,; he said. ;I can, you know, do math and stuff.;;我知道一些,;他说,;我可以算数。;。