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湖州上睑下垂整形手术湖州隆鼻多少钱David Cameron, who has notoriously poor schoolboy French, is urging today#39;s youngsters to abandon the language of Molière and Voltaire to concentrate on the tongue of the future – Mandarin.众所周知,卡梅伦的法语水平相当一般。但他却呼吁英国年轻人放弃法语学习,集中精力学习“未来的语言”——汉语。In a parting shot, as he left China after a three-day visit, the prime minister said that pupils should look beyond the traditional French and German lessons and instead focus on China.卡梅伦在结束了为期三天的访华行程后表示,英国的年轻人应该打破只关注法德语学习的传统局限,今后应集中学习汉语。To reinforce his message the prime minister ed Nelson Mandela, who said learning someone else#39;s language is the best way to their heart. Cameron said: ;I want Britain linked up to the world#39;s fast-growing economies. And that includes our young people learning the languagesto seal tomorrow#39;s business deals.为了更有说力,卡梅伦还引用了南非前总统曼德拉的名言——“要了解一个国度的精神世界,最好的方法就是学习他们的语言”。卡梅伦表示:“我希望英国能紧跟世界经济发展的脚步。其中重要的一方面就是让我们的年青一代学习正在崛起的中国的语言。”;By the time the children born today leave school, China is set to be the world#39;s largest economy. So it#39;s time to look beyond the traditional focus on French and German and get many more children learning Mandarin.“等到这一代学生走出校门的时候,中国很可能已成为世界最大的经济体。所以现在是时候将注意力从传统的德法语学习转向汉语学习。”;As Mandela once said: #39;If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head, if you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.#39;;“正如曼德拉曾说过,‘以对方能听懂的语言说的话只能进入对方的大脑,以对方的母语说的话才能走入对方的内心’”。Cameron, who visited a school for six- and seven-year-olds learning English in Chengdu, said that a partnership between the British Council and Hanban – the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language – will double the number of Chinese language assistants in the UK by 2016 and provide increased funding to lower the cost to schools of offering Mandarin as a language option.卡梅伦访问了成都的龙江路小学。他还表示,英国文化委员会和中国汉办(中国国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室)将会继续合作伙伴关系,计划到2016年将英国的汉语助教人数提高一倍,并为开设汉语教学的英国学校提供资金持以降低其办学成本。In an expansion of the UK-China School Partnerships programme, funding will also be provided for 60 headteachers to make study visits to China in 2014.卡梅伦表示也将继续推进与中国学校的合作项目,计划在2014年公费持60位中小学校长访问中国。The announcement was welcomed by the British Council and the British Academy, both of which have been pushing for policies to reverse the decline in students taking modern languages at school and university level.卡梅伦的上述声明受到了英国文化委员会和英国社会科学院的欢迎,这两个组织都在努力扭转英国大学和中学学生对现代语言学习逐渐丧失兴趣的局面。Martin Davidson, the British Council#39;s chief executive who has been visiting China with Cameron, said: ;The promotion of Chinese language in the UK and the English language in China are both vital to economic and cultural relations between the two countries. This initiative will increase collaboration and is particularly significant given that recent British Council research shows that Mandarin is one of 10 languages not widely spoken in the UK and yet crucial to our future growth and prosperity.;同卡梅伦一起访华的英国文化委员会执行总裁马丁·戴维森(Martin Davidson)表示:“同时推进中国的英语教学事业和英国的汉语教学事业对于加强两国的经济文化联系是至关重要的。首相此次的倡议不仅会加强两国合作,对于英国自己也有重要意义。英国文化委员会的调查显示,在英国汉语是普及率最低的10种语言之一,但汉语对于英国未来的发展繁荣无疑是十分重要的。”In recent research the British Council placed Mandarin in the top five most important languages for Britain#39;s future prosperity, security and influence. But it found only 1% of the adult population speaks Mandarin to a level that allows them to conduct a basic conversation. Just 3,000 pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland entered for Chinese languages GCSEs in 2013, putting it far behind the traditional choices of French with 177,000, Spanish with 91,000 and German with 62,000 entrants, as well as Urdu, Polish and Arabic.在英国文化委员会最近的一项研究中,汉语被列为关乎英国未来繁荣、安全和影响力的最重要语种前五名。但研究发现,只有1%的英国人能够使用汉语进行基本的日常对话。2013年度英格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰一共只有3000名初中学生报名了GCSE标准中文课程,这远远少于选择其他语言的学生人数。例如,选择法语的学生有177,000名,选择西班牙语的有91,000名,选择德语的有62,200名。除了这些传统的热门语言之外,选择汉语学习的学生人数也少于乌尔都语、波兰语和阿拉伯语。But the popularity of Chinese languages improves at A-level, where it was the fourth most popular modern language in 2013, with 3,300 entrants compared with 11,000 taking A-level French and 4,200 taking German.不过,学习中文的高中生呈现出增多的趋势。高中的中文课程是2013年度最热门的4大现代语言课程之一,共有3300名学生参加。选择法语课程的高中生有11,000名,选择德语课程的高中生有4,200名。The estimated 500,000 ethnic Chinese living in Britain make it the largest overseas Chinese population of any European country.目前约有50万华裔人士居住在英国,这一数字高于欧洲其他国家。Professor Dame Helen Wallace, the British Academy#39;s foreign secretary, said her organisation had been arguing for an improvement in foreign language skills, and had identified Mandarin as one of the extended range of languages to be promoted in schools.英国社会科学院外事发言人海伦·华莱士(Dame Helen Wallace)教授说:“一直以来,我们都十分赞成提高公民的外语水平,我们已把汉语列为各大学校应设立学科进行教学的语种之一。”But a lack of qualified teachers could be a barrier to improving its popularity, Wallace said.华莱士补充说:“不过现在缺乏专业的汉语教师,这将会给普及汉语学习带来一定困难。”;The supply chain needs to work in both ways. Children need to be persuaded to do it and you need the availability of capable teachers at all levels – primary, secondary and university – to develop positive reinforcement in the availability of teachers and the interest of teachers.;“增加中文教师数量需要双管齐下。一方面,要说学生们选择中文课程;另一方面,需要有能力的教师站上中小学和大学的讲台,明中文教师的实际价值,吸引更多同行加入。”And she warned: ;No such strategy works unless you stick at it. There#39;s no use doing this for two or three years and then forgetting about it – you have to make a long-term investment in this kind of change capacity.;Laura Chan, one of the co-founders of the Marco Polo Academy, a bilingual Mandarin-English primary school opening in Barnet next September as part of the free schools programme, said the prime minister#39;s announcement was good news for the status of Mandarin.华莱士还提醒道:“任何计划只有坚持才能奏效。推广汉语学习也一样,只做个两三年然后置之不理是没有用的。改变目前的语言学习状况需要长期的努力。”明年9月将有一所名为“马可波罗学院”的中英双语小学在巴尼特成立,这所学校也是英国“免费学校”计划的项目之一。这所学校的创始人之一劳拉·陈(Laura Chan)认为,首相此次的呼吁对于提高汉语在英国的地位来说是一个好消息。;It#39;s a great help. It will increase people#39;s awareness of Mandarin as a language they can learn,; she said.她说:“这无疑大有帮助。首相的呼吁让人们意识到汉语也是他们需要学习掌握的语言之一。”;One reason we wanted to set up the free school is that the teaching of language in the UK is not particularly effective, especially for young children.;“我们想要建立这所免费学校也是因为在英国语言教学的成效并不显著,尤其是对于年纪小的孩子。”From September 2014, studying foreign languages will be compulsory in primary schools under the new national curriculum.根据最新修订的国家课程大纲,从2014年9月起,外语学习将成为英国小学的必修科目。 /201312/269437长兴县做隆鼻多少钱 Shenzhen house price hikes深圳房价上涨Institute. Shenzhen#39;s ratio was 20, while the average housing price to income ratio of the 35 cities was 8.7. The ratios of 14 cities were above this figure.上海易居房地产研究院27日发布的全国35个城市房价收入比榜单显示,2014年,深圳房价收入比高达20,取代北京位列首位。该报告称,2014年35个城市房价收入比均值为8.7,有14个城市房价收入比高于该均值。According to the institute, a reasonable housing price to income ratio in China should be between 6 to 7.易居研究院认为我国房价收入比保持在6-7属合理区间。Housing prices reportedly surged nearly 40% in less than two months in some hot areas of Shenzhen, after a new loose mortgage policy was issued by the central government on March 30 this year.另据报道,今年3·30中央房贷宽松新政后,在不到两个月的时间里,深圳部分热点区域房价飙升近40%。 /201505/377919湖州用臭氧抗菌剂可以祛斑吗?

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湖州吸脂哪家医院好Pavan’s favourite activity is playing football outdoors. His second favourite is playing football indoors, and in third place is practising football skills against the sofa. Reading – the pursuit that Francis Bacon claimed “maketh a full man” – comes further down the eight-year-old’s list, behind school, going to discos, buying stuff, chatting to people, watching TV and playing on his Xbox games console.8岁小男孩潘万(Pavan)最喜欢的活动是在户外踢足球,其次是在屋里踢足球,位居第三的,是在沙发上操练球技。培根(Francis Bacon)所谓“读书使人充实”的阅读,在潘万的活动计划名单中非常靠后,远在上学、跳迪斯科、购物、聊天、看电视以及玩Xbox游戏机之后。Would he ever pick up a book for pleasure? “No,” Pavan shoots back jovially. “If I’m bored, I will ask my mum if I can play on her phone.” By this point, I am relieved that Michael Gove is not part of our conversation at a homework club in Harlesden Library, north London.他会出于喜欢而读书吗?“不会,”潘万兴奋地摇摇头说。“自己若是心烦了,就会纠缠妈妈玩她的手机。”说到这里,我感觉如释重负,因为英国教育大臣迈克尔#8226;戈夫(Michael Gove)不会成为我们在伦敦北部哈里斯登图书馆(Harlesden Library)举办的家庭作业俱乐部的谈话内容了。The UK education secretary has long feared that British children are “just not ing enough”. The same concern has been raised by publishers and literacy charities, which worry that new distractions – computer games, online s, social networking – are pushing books off the shelf. More than 60 per cent of 18-to-30-year-olds now prefer watching television or DVDs to ing, according to a survey for the charity Booktrust. A similar proportion of young people think the internet and computers will replace books in the next 20 years.英国教育大臣一直担心本国孩子“阅读不足”。出版商以及扫盲慈善机构同样也有此隐忧,它们担心电脑游戏、网络视频以及网络社交等新的干扰物正一步步“鸠占鹊巢”。据慈善团体Booktrus调查研究,如今超过60%的18-30岁年轻人把看电视及DVD置于阅读之前。类似比例的年轻人认为因特网与电脑会在20年后取代纸质书籍。The literacy debate received fresh impetus last October when a study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development suggested that vast numbers of young people were leaving school without the ability to well. Of the 24 industrialised countries covered by the research, England was the only one that went backwards, with literacy and numeracy skills lower among the young – those aged 16 to 24 – than the old. (The results were little better in Northern Ireland; Scotland and Wales were not included in the study.)去年10月,经合组织(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)发布的研究报告表明大量年轻人毕业后的阅读能力差强人意,读写能力的争论获得了强有力的新依据。该研究报告涵盖了24个工业化国家,其中英国是唯一排名下滑的国家,其16-24岁年轻人的读写与计算能力逊于成年人。(北爱尔兰的研究结果也大同小异,研究报告并未涉及苏格兰与威尔士两个地区)。The OECD’s hard-nosed economic concern with skills leads logically to ing for pleasure, which is closely associated with educational success. An analysis of the 1970 British cohort, tracking about 6,000 young people born in April of that year, found children’s test scores correlated more with how often they than with how educated their parents were. “Being able to a book mechanically is vital, but ing for pleasure shouldn’t be optional,” says Joanna Prior, managing director of Penguin UK. “The benefits will be reaped throughout a child’s life.”经合组织务实地从经济角度考量技能问题,必然得出快乐阅读重要性的结论,而快乐阅读又与教育成功与否紧密关联。对英国1970年4月出生的6000人群体进行追踪分析,发现孩子们的考试成绩与其说和他们父亲的受教育程度相关,倒不如说与他们的阅读能力紧密关联。“能够按部就班的阅读至关重要,但快乐阅读也不是可有可无,”英国企鹅出版集团(Penguin UK)发言人乔安娜#8226;普赖尔(Joanna Prior)说。“阅读将让孩子受益终生。”For publishers, the commercial implications of a decline in literacy are obvious. In some ways the threat to the UK’s #163;3bn book market is more fundamental than that faced by the record industry: even when people stopped paying for music, they never stopped listening to it.对于出版社来说,读写能力下降对自身商业利益的影响显而易见。在某些方面,它对英国年营业额30亿英镑的图书市场的威胁要大大高于对唱片业的影响:消费者即便不再花钱购买音乐产品,但他们仍一如既往地在欣赏音乐。Literacy charities have tried various tricks to promote ing – including the Six Book Challenge, to get less confident ers in the habit; Quick Reads, which distributes short, easy texts for adults; and Premier League Reading Stars, which enlists top footballers to spend time with struggling schoolchildren. In areas such as Harlesden, such initiatives have drawn countless children and adults closer to books. But they are fragmented.扫盲慈善团体想方设法提高国民的阅读能力————包括推出让自信心不足的学生养成阅读习惯的“Six Book Challenge”计划,给成年人分发短小易懂的阅读材料的Quick Reads计划、以及让英超明星陪伴学习有困难学生的Premier League Reading Stars计划。在哈里斯登等地区,这些计划成功地让无数学生及成年人亲近书籍,但星星之火,难成燎原之势。So literacy charities have come together under a single “Reading for Pleasure” campaign in the hope of having greater impact, particularly in lobbying government. “We need to slightly toughen up the message,” says Prior. “There’s a literacy crisis in the country. There shouldn’t be anybody who doesn’t properly when they leave school.”所以扫盲慈善机构精诚团结,大张其鼓掀起目标单一的“快乐阅读”运动,以期拥有更大影响力,尤其是游说政府采取行动。“我们必须稍稍强化这一信息,”普赖尔说。“英国面临读写能力危机,每个学生毕业后,都应该有正常的阅读能力。”Views differ on the most effective interventions. Some focus on the period in which books enter a child’s life; some on the ages of 10 and 11, when other hobbies often take over; and others see the emotionally formative teenage years as the most important. But the wider point is clear: “If you’re going to engage a er for life, you need to engage them before they become an adult,” says Louisa Livingston, head of consumer insight at Hachette UK.就采取何种最有效的干预手段,可谓众说纷纭。有些专家专注于书籍走入孩子生活的那个阶段;有些专注于其它兴趣爱好开始后来居上的10-11岁那个阶段;有些则认为情感成型的青少年时期最为关键。但专家的普遍共识是:“若要养成终生阅读习惯,就得在成人之前养成,”阿歇特集团(Hachette)负责消费者洞察能力的主管路易莎#8226;利文斯顿(Louisa Livingston)说。That means making children comfortable around books, with soft-furnished areas in classrooms and personalised guidance so that each child can be directed to the books he or she might enjoy. School librarians, whose ranks are at risk from government funding cuts, should be seen as “book experts”, says Penguin’s Prior. Above all, while successive governments have fretted about test scores, publishers want politicians to recognise the importance of ing for pleasure. If that can be achieved, they argue, imaginative teaching methods will surely spring forth.这意味着要让孩子们乐意阅读,即把教室布置得温馨得体,并提供个性化帮助,指导每个孩子阅读自己喜欢的书籍。普赖尔说,学校图书馆管理员应该视作“图书专家”,而他们的地位因政府经费削减而岌岌可危。总之,几届政府都在为学生的考试成绩忧心忡忡之际,出版商则希望政客们认识到快乐阅读的重要性。他们振振有词地说,如果这个目标能够实现,那么富有想象力的教学必将源源不断地迸发。The social context is crucial. A 2011 National Literacy Trust survey of British children found that a third of respondents did not have books of their own. Of these, 19 per cent were below the ing level expected for their age, compared with 7.6 per cent of those who did own books.社会环境也至关重要。2011年英国国家文教信托(National Literacy Trust)对全国学生的调查研究表明:接受调查者中有三分之一没有个人的图书。其中,19%学生的阅读能力低于其年龄要求的标准,而对拥有个人图书的学生来说,这个比例仅为7.6%。Inequalities were also picked up in the OECD study. England and Northern Ireland showed “one of the stronger associations between socio#173;economic background and literacy proficiency” among the countries tested. What’s more, the report concluded, “unlike most other countries, this association is stronger among young people than among the overall adult population”.经合组织的研究中,还涉及了不平等问题。在接受测试的所有国家中,英国与北爱尔兰呈现了“社会经济背景与读写能力之间存在更紧密的关联度”。而且,该研究报告得出以下结论:“与其它国家不一样的是,这种关联度在英国年轻人中比成年人更为突出。”Such issues have come to the fore in a parliamentary inquiry into adult literacy now under way. “Whether or not you use the word ‘class’, it is about home environments,” Helen Casey, an adult literacy expert, told MPs at its first session last month. “Kids spend 12 per cent of their time in school; they spend the rest of their time not in school. The culture they grow up in is really important,” said another expert, David Hughes. Yet at least one of the MPs seemed sceptical of that approach, suggesting that amounted to “excuses for the education profession”.如今英国议会正在调查成年人的读写能力,这些问题已经表露无遗。“不管用不用‘社会阶层’这个词,归根到底就是家庭环境影响。”上个月第一次议会全会时,成人读写能力专家海伦#8226;凯茜(Helen Casey)这样对全体议员说。“孩子们12%的时间呆在学校,其它时间则都在校外,他们成长的文化氛围至关重要。”另一专家大卫#8226;休斯(David Hughes)说。然而,至少有一位议员似乎对这种说法持怀疑态度,暗示此举会导致“为教师找开脱借口”。That is not the only apparent disconnect between educationalists and politicians. Gove wants children to study more books, and has amended the GCSE syllabus accordingly. His critics worry that will turn children away from ing for pleasure. “Teachers almost don’t have time for children to be relaxed around books,” says Sue Cowley, an educational author. “Reading starts to become something that’s done to be measured, not done out of choice.”这并非教育家与政客意见唯一明显的南辕北辙之处。教育大臣戈夫希望孩子们读更多书,并为此修改了英国普通中等教育书(GCSE)考试大纲。批评他的人则担心此举会让孩子离快乐阅读渐行渐远。“教师几乎没有让孩子放松阅读的时间,” 教育作家苏#8226;考利(Sue Cowley)说。“阅读不是因为个人兴趣使然,而是开始成为考量的工具。”Some also detect an unwelcome snobbishness in Gove’s desire for the books to be harder – he has expressed particular gripes against John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (too short) and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series (too easy). “If someone’s ing a football magazine, shouldn’t we just be happy that they’re ing?” says Richard Mollet of the Publishers Association. “If a child is ing and enjoying the immersion, then surely that’s the most important thing.”从教育大臣戈夫希望增加书籍难度的意图中,有些专家还嗅出了一丝势利意味,这着实让人反感————他曾经大大抱怨斯坦贝克(John Steinbeck)的《人鼠之间》(Of Mice and Men)太过简短以及斯蒂芬妮#8226;梅尔(Stephenie Meyer)的《暮光之城》(Twilight)太过浅显。“如果读的是足球杂志,我们难道不该为此感到高兴吗?”英国出版协会(Publishers Association)执行总裁理查德#8226;勒(Richard Mollet)说。“孩子阅读书籍,并且沉醉其中,这才是最最重要的事。”While that debate rumbles on, a wave of technological change means that children may find it harder to reserve time for ing. Technology has helped people to enjoy books – a backlit e-er means no more torches under the duvet – but it has helped other media more. Long train journeys once meant hours ing or hours gazing out the window. Now, with an iPad, they can mean computer games and the previous evening’s TV programmes.尽管上述争论仍没完没了,但新一波科技进步意味着孩子们越来越难预留出阅读时间。科技帮助人类从书籍中获得了快乐————背光式电子阅读器意味着无需再拿着手电趴在被窝中看书——但它也帮助了其它媒介。过去坐火车长时间旅行意味着可以长时间读书或是眺望窗外美景。如今有了iPad,长途旅行意味着玩电脑游戏以及补看前一天晚上的电视节目。One option for publishers is to follow the music industry, encouraging authors to do even more events and engage more with social media so as to create “touchpoints” with their fans. Another is to adapt the books themselves. Interactive ebooks aly offer multiple endings (a digital variation on the theme of “if you choose door A, turn to page 78”), and publishers are investing in apps that seek to lure infrequent ers with and audio embellishments.出版商的选择之一就是步音乐产业之后尘,鼓励作家参与更多活动,与社交媒体打更多交道,以便创造粉丝“点击量”;另一种选择则是自己改编图书。交互式电子书籍已经提供多种结局可能(如数字式主题变更:“若选A门,请翻至第78页”),出版商已出资开发了多款应用软件,它们用润色过的视频及音频来努力吸引不太读书的读者。“There’s very much an experimental attitude at the moment,” says Jake Manion, creative director at animation company Aardman, which worked on HarperCollins’s The Hobbit app. “Smartphones haven’t been around that long and people are still writing the stories in the way they’ve always done.” The biggest change, Manion argues, will come in “five to 10 years”, by which point writers will be “so familiar with the technology that they’ll be creating stories in different ways”.“目前这完全只是抱着试试看的态度,”杰克#8226;马尼恩(Jake Manion)说,他是动画公司阿德曼(Aardman)创意总监,该公司曾开发了哈珀柯林斯(HarperCollins)出版小说《霍比特人》的应用软件。“智能手机问世的时间还不长,作家如今仍以传统方式创作。”马尼恩说,最大的变化将发生在“5-10年后”,届时作家将“对科技耳熟能详,因此能以不同方式进行创作”。And then, perhaps, football practice might wait.也许到那时候,连玩足球或许都得靠边站了。 /201405/295053 湖州收缩毛孔安吉县隆胸多少钱



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