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湖州曙光整形美容医院祛眼袋手术多少钱48.Travel in the U.S.A.我在美国旅行Useful Expressions常用语句1.Cheap things are not always good.便宜的东西不见得都是好货。2.It takes a long time to learn English.学英语要花很长时间。3.I couldnt buy it anyway.I dont have the money.无论如何我不能买,我没有钱。4.Did you order a suit from the store?你曾向这家店订制西吗?5.Cars have many parts.汽车有很多零件。6.A berth is a bed on a train or ship.卧铺就是火车或轮船上的铺位。7.You sleep better in a berth than in a chair.你睡在卧铺上比睡在椅子上舒些。8.If you want a berth you must reserve it in advance.如果你要卧铺,你必须先预订。9.Travel in a pullman is comfortable.乘坐卧铺旅行是很舒的。10.I like to sit in a comfortable chair to watch TV.我喜欢就在一张舒适的椅子上看电视。11.Is your car comfortable?你的车子舒吗?12.The storm will delay the train.这场暴风雨将延误了这班火车。13.The plane is late;the weather delayed it.这班飞机迟到是天气耽搁的。14.An express bus makes few stops.快车停站不多。15.It is a long flight across the Pacific Ocean.横越太平洋是长途飞行。16.Must you make plane reservations in advance?你必须预先订购机票吗?17.Im late for class;Im in a hurry.我上课迟到了,我得赶快去。18.She is always in a hurry.她总是匆匆忙忙的。19.Why are you in a hurry today?你今天为何匆忙呢?20.You can sleep in a Pullman.你可以在卧铺上睡觉。21.Are Pullman more expensive than regular trains?卧铺车比一般火车贵吗?22.Going by Pullman is as expensive as going by plane.乘卧铺车和乘飞机同样贵。23.They go many miles to and from work.他们来回上班要走很多里路。24.Do you travel to and from school everyday?你每天要来回上学吗?25.I often make the trip to and from town.我经常往返旅行于城镇间。26.It may rain this afternoon.今天下午可能会下雨。27.He isnt at the office.He may be at home.他不在办公室,他可能在家。28.He isnt here.He must be at home.他不在这里,他一定在家。29.Would you tell me the time please?请告诉我现在几点好吗?30.Would you please close the window?请把窗子关上好吗?31.Would you like to take a vacation?你想休假吗?32.Please make up your mind about it.关于那件事,请作个决定。33.She made up her mind to go.她决定了要去。34.She often changed her mind.她经常改变注意。35.He never changes his mind.他从不改变主意。36.Whats the matter with you?你怎么啦?37.Nothings the matter with him.他没有事。38.Ill be in the ed States for six months.我将在美国停留6个月。39.We like to take vacations in cars.我们喜欢驾车度假。40.We can go where we want to,and stop where we want to.我们可以随心所欲去任何地方,停留在想要停留的地方。41.Is there any other way to travel?还有别的旅行方式吗?42.I really dont have much time.我真地没有太多的时间。43.It takes a few hours to fly across the country.飞越国家需要花几个小时。44.I feel well today.我今天很好。45.I dont feel well today.我今天不舒。46.I havent felt well for a long time.我身体不舒已有一段时间了。47.Which program are you going to listen to?你要听哪种节目?48.Mary is not as beautiful as Jane.玛丽没有简漂亮。49.This food doesnt taste as good as that.这种食物没有那种的味道好。50.My problem is less difficult than yours.我的问题没有你的问题困难。Practical Conversation实用会话Q:Would you like to take a vacation?你想休假吗?A:Yes,Id like to take a vacation.是的,我很想休假。Q:Do you know what time it is?你知道现在几点钟?A:Sorry,I dont.My watch is in the repair shop.抱歉,我不知道。我的表已送去修理店了。Q:Will it cost much to have it fixed?修理手表要花很多钱吗?A:I dont know how much it will be.我不知道要花多少钱。Q:What is the cheapest way to travel?最便宜的旅行方式是什么?A:The cheapest way to travel is by bus.乘汽车旅行是最便宜的方法。Q:Is bus travel fast or slow?乘汽车旅行快还是慢呢?A:Bus travel is slow.汽车旅行是很慢的。Q:Is train travel comfortable?火车旅行舒吗?A:Yes,train travel is comfortable.是的,火车旅行是很舒的。Q:Which is the most expensive way to travel?最昂贵的旅行方法是哪一种?A:The most expensive way to travel is by plane.乘飞机旅行是最昂贵的一种。Q:How do most people like to travel?大多数人喜欢怎样旅行呢?A:Most people like to travel by car.大多数人喜欢乘汽车去旅行。Q:How can you travel in the ed States?你在美国怎样旅行呢?A:I can travel by car,train,or plane.我可以坐汽车、火车或是飞机去旅行。Q:How much money do you have?你有多少钱呢?A:I dont have as much money as John.我没有约翰那么有钱。Q:Will he be late?他会迟到吗?A:Yes,hell be late.是的,他会迟到的。Q:Will they wait for her?他们都在等她吗?A:No,they wont wait for her.不,他们不会等她。Q:Will you leave next week?你下周要离开吗?A:Yes,well leave next week.是的,我们将下周离开。Q:Will you travel by bus?你要乘汽车去旅行吗?A:Yes,Ill travel by bus.是的,我将要乘汽车去旅行。Q:Are you going to go to Denver soon?你很快就要去丹佛吗?A:Yes,Ill go to Denver soon.是的,我很快就去丹佛。Q:You mean all the stores are closed?你说所有的商店都要打烊吗?A:The stores will be closed.所有商店将要打烊了。Q:Whats the matter with you?你有什么不对劲?A:Nothings the matter with me.我没有什么地方不对劲。Q:Whats the matter with this radio?这台收音机有什么毛病吗?A:Nothings the matter with this radio.这台收音机没有什么毛病。Q:Must you travel by train?你一定要坐火车去旅行吗?A:Yes,I must travel by train.是的,我一定要坐火车去旅行。Q:Cant I travel by train?我能不能坐火车去旅行呢?A:Train travel is more expensive,but it is faster than bus travel.火车旅行比较昂贵,但是它比汽车快些。A:Yes,Im going to work early.是的,我很早就要去上班的。 /201503/361050 Chris: So Adelina, Ade, you just told me youre from Spain, so lets talk about gastronomy, food. They say a really good gastronomy in Spain, is that true?克里斯:阿德琳娜,你说过你来自西班牙,我们来谈谈烹饪和食物吧。有人说西班牙有非常棒的美食,是这样吗?Ade: Of course it is. We have the Mediterranean food, its well known for being tasty and healthy, like for example, our olive oil, our fresh fish coming from the north and the south. And we also have very good wines.阿德琳娜:当然了。我们有以美味和健康而闻名的地中海美食,比如我们的橄榄油,还有来自北部和南部的新鲜鱼类。我们还有非常棒的红酒。Chris: So if youd have to name three of the really better dishes in your country, what would you say, what would be your three favorite dishes?克里斯:如果让你推荐你们国家的三道美食,你会推荐哪三道你最爱的食物?Ade: Paella of course.阿德琳娜:当然是西班牙杂烩菜饭。Chris: Paella, yeah, thats true, but there are a lot of different paellas. No, they say the paella they make in Valencia is the better one, do you agree on that or is it the same everywhere?克里斯:西班牙杂烩菜饭,没错,不过这道菜有很多种。有人说瓦伦西亚的西班牙杂烩菜饭更美味,你同意这个观点吗?还是说西班牙各个地方的味道都是一样的?Ade: Well they said paella, Valenciana is the name. But it comes from Valencia but it doesnt mean that there are not good paellas in any other places. Actually where I am from in Almadia, they do very, very tasty paellas.阿德琳娜:嗯,这道菜的名字是西班牙瓦伦西亚烩饭。虽然这道菜来自瓦伦西亚,不过这并不意味着其他地方就没有好吃的西班牙杂烩菜饭。我来自阿尔马蒂亚,那里的西班牙杂烩菜饭非常美味。Chris: And of course, can you explain the difference because people like me from the north, that they just come for tourism in summer, we just ask for paella, but there seem to be different paellas. Could you explain that a little bit?克里斯:你能解释一下有什么区别吗,因为像我这样来自北部地区的人会在夏季时去旅游,我们会点西班牙杂烩菜饭吃,不过好像有很多种西班牙杂烩菜饭。你能介绍一下吗?Ade: Yeah, you have three different types. You have the meat paella, that they put of course some meat on it, you have the fish paella that they put only fish on it and then you have the mixed one that you can find both.阿德琳娜:可以,有三种西班牙杂烩菜饭。有加肉的肉类西班牙杂烩菜饭,还有加鱼的西班牙杂烩菜饭,第三种是混合西班牙杂烩菜饭,里面既有肉也有鱼。Chris: So which one do you suggest I should take when I go there?克里斯:那你建议我吃哪种?Ade: The fish one of course.阿德琳娜:当然是鱼类西班牙杂烩菜饭了。Chris: Okay, Ill take your word on that. So what about other good dishes, tell me?克里斯:好,我听你的。那再给我介绍一下其他美食吧。Ade: Well its not a dish, but is very popular in Spain when you order a beer, they put you a tapas and its very nice to go out with your friends and have some tapas. I love to do that because you have small portions of food and you can go and ask for some fish or for some meat, so you have a very different kind of lunch doing that, no.阿德琳娜:嗯,这虽然并不是一道菜,不过这在西班牙非常流行,如果你在西班牙点啤酒,一般他们会给你一份餐前小吃,和朋友们在外出时享用餐前小吃非常不错。我很喜欢,因为这样你只吃了很少的东西,你还可以再点一份有鱼或者有肉的菜,这样午饭就可以享用多种食物了。Chris: Oh yeah, of course, everybody knows about the tapas. But they say its really something from the south and it has a story behind it, but I dont really remember it. Could you enlighten me with that story, please?克里斯:哦好,所有人都知道餐前小吃。不过有人说这起源于南部地区,而且背后有一个故事,不过我不记得那个故事了。你能帮我回忆一下这个故事吗?Ade: Yeah. Tapas means to cover in Spanish. So it was before that when they order something to drink they have to put a little plate on top so the flies dont go into the drink. Thats why they started calling it tapas, because it covers the drink.阿德琳娜:可以。Tapas在西班牙语里的意思是覆盖。以前,人们点酒的时候,务员会在上面放一个小盘子,这样苍蝇就不会进入酒里。所以人们称之为tapas,因为它覆盖在酒上。Chris: So when then in the end on that plate they start putting like little things to eat?克里斯:最后人们开始在盘子上放一些吃的东西?Ade: Yeah, exactly.阿德琳娜:对,没错。Chris: And then just that got just bigger and bigger and bigger?克里斯:然后就越来越大,越来越普及?Ade: Yeah, really big. But the problem is that its very popular in the south because its still original kind of going to have some tapas, because in the north now is like its popular but only for tourists. And you have to pay a lot of money to have a tapa. And actually in the original way of having a tapa means that you only pay for the drink and the tapa comes for free.阿德琳娜:对,非常大。不过问题是,这在南部地区非常流行,因为本来南部地区就有餐前小吃,在北部地区只在游客中流行。要想要餐前小吃必须付很多钱。可是本来餐前小吃就是点酒时免费附赠的。Chris: For free, oh nice, so thats what tourists dont know. So what do you say about that we go and have a beer?克里斯:免费,不错,这是游客不知道的。我们去喝杯啤酒怎么样?Ade: Yeah, sure.阿德琳娜:好啊。 译文属 /201702/490968湖州做双眼皮湖州曙光整形



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