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湖州中医院绣眉手术多少钱长兴县泗安皮肤病防治站修眉多少钱I remember a couple of years ago I used to get very little sleep.我记得几年以前我经常失眠。And I really struggled with making the right decisions.而且很难做出正确的决定。Id be running on four hours of sleep, and when I was presented with something healthy to eat我的睡眠时间是四个小时,当我面临一些健康的饮食and an unhealthy choice, it was really hard for me to pick the healthy one.和不健康的选择的时候,我真的很难选出健康的一种。And now a couple of years later, I get plenty of sleep and its so much easier to make the better decisions.几年之后的现在,我有了充足的睡眠,就更容易做出更好的决定了。So whether you need to refrain from eating something unhealthy,所以无论是你需要避免食用不健康的食物,or you need to actually do something productive like working on your project,还是想做一些高效率的事情,比如在你的项目上花心思,getting plenty of sleep will make it so much easier, and I can attest to this from my own experience.获得充足的睡眠都会让这些简单起来,我自身经历就足以明。So the first big idea for strong willpower is to get adequate amounts of sleep.所以对于强大的意志力来说第一要点就是获得充足的睡眠。When you dont get enough sleep youre prone to all kinds of stress, and cravings, and temptation.当你睡眠不足时,就会有各种各样的压力,渴望和诱惑。Research has shown that being sleep deprived is very similar to being mildly intoxicated研究表明缺乏睡眠就类似于轻度迷醉,which is probably not the best time to be making decisions.此状态不是做出决定的最佳时机。And too little sleep has been shown to cause problems that mimic those associated with ADHD.睡眠太少会导致一些与ADHD(注意缺陷多动障碍)相关的问题。So getting enough sleep is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for your willpower.所以获取足够的睡眠绝对是你能为意志力所做的最重要的事情之一。Now just like you go to the gym to build muscle and get stronger,就像是你去健身房锻炼肌肉并变得强壮,you can do the same thing for your brain. And the activity that trains your brain is meditation.你也可以为大脑做同样的事。训练大脑的活动就是冥想。It makes your brain grow denser, packing in more grey matter just like a muscle bulking up from exercise.它会让大脑变得更稠密,生出更多的灰色神经组织,就像是经过锻炼变得强壮的肌肉一样。And research has shown that those who meditate really do have more grey matter in their prefrontal cortex.研究表明在那些冥想的人的前额皮质里真的有更多的灰色神经组织。And the prefrontal cortex is the area associated with decision making and willpower.并且前额皮质与做决定和意志力有关。Its the part of the brain that gets you to say no to something unhealthy,它是大脑中让你否定不健康东西的部分,and its the part of the brain that gets you to get up and start working on your project.是大脑中让你起床并开始工作的部分。And the impact of meditation is fascinating.冥想真的很吸引人。Even after only a few weeks of being consistent with it,尽管只是短短几周的持续冥想,we can aly observe the brain structure physically changing.我们就可以发现大脑结构产生的物理变化。You dont need to meditate for hours either.你也不用冥想好几个小时。Even a very short period of meditation is effective.就算是非常短时间的冥想也是有效的。You can start with five minutes of meditation focusing on your breath刚开始你可以先做五分钟专注于呼吸的冥想,and move up to ten, fifteen, or however long you like,然后增加到十分钟,十五分钟,或者是你喜欢的时间长度,but its much better to be consistent and do only five minutes than be inconsistent.但是持续的只做五分钟比不持续的要好的多。So I would personally highly recommend starting with five minutes if youre just starting out.所以我个人强烈建议,如果你刚刚开始就冥想五分钟。I also get a ton of emails and messages, and what I used to do before was wake up我也会收到很多的邮件和信息,我之前都是早上醒来之后and check all that stuff first thing in the morning.先处理那些事情。And I would spend hours doing that, and then when it was time for me to actually do creative work,我会花好几个小时处理那些事情,然后当我应该做创造性工作的时候,I was just completely exhausted.我完全没有精力了。And this is because willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.这就是因为意志力就和肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Its kind of like going to the gym to deadlift, and instead deadlifting first,有点类似于去健身房练举重,却没有先练它,you decide its a good idea to run on the tmill for two hours first and then deadlift.你觉得先在跑步机上跑两个小时再去练举重是个好主意。So by the time youre done running, you probably wont have the energy to deadlift,所以当你结束跑步的时候,你可能没有力气再去练举重了,and if you somehow do, its not going to be the most effective workout.如果你那么做,也不是最有效的锻炼。And thats exactly how the brain works too.大脑也是那样工作的。You start out with your willpower for the day and then it just keeps getting depleted and depleted.一天开始就伴随着意志力的不断消耗。So one of the most important things Ive done is to wake up and start with my creative work.所以我要做的一件重要的事就是醒来后先做创造性工作。I never check any of the messages first thing in the morning anymore早上我再也不查收任何消息。because I know my willpowers going to get depleted.因为我知道意志力会逐渐消耗。And I know so many people who wake up and go straight to Facebook or do something else that isnt important.我还知道很多人醒来后直接登Facebook或者做一些不重要的事情。Dont do that. Youll deplete your willpower,不要那么做。你会消耗掉你的意志力,and then you wont be able to do whats actually important.然后就无法去做真正重要的事情。Instead, wake up and do that important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.反之,醒来后,在意志力消耗之前,先做重要的事情。So those are the three of my favorite ideas from the book that Ive found to be really effective in my life.以下是我从书中得到的三个我最欣赏的观点。这本书在我人生中真的很有意义。And to recap them briefly…简单重述一下…1. Make sure youre not sleep deprived.一定不要失眠。Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest enemies to your willpower.得不到足够的睡眠是你意志力的最大敌人。2.Just like you workout to build up muscle, you can meditate to build up your prefrontal cortex.就像锻炼肌肉一样,你可以通过冥想来增强你的前额皮质。3. Willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.意志力像肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Dont wake up and get on Facebook first thing in the morning or do anything else that isnt important,醒来后不要先登Facebook或者做一些其他的不重要的事情,instead do the most important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.在你意志力消耗之前先做一些重要的事情。201706/514897湖州脱毛哪里好 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452210长兴县中医院祛疤多少钱

安吉县中医医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱Harold left London at full speed.哈罗德全速离开伦敦He gathered what he could of a new army by an old grey apple tree,他尽其所能招兵买马 在枯死的苹果树下召集了新的军队an ancient blasted tree that stood on a hill at the crossing of the track leading out of Hastings.那棵树早已枯萎 伫立在通往黑斯廷斯交叉口的山头上There Harold planted his banner,;The Dragon of Wessex;.在那里哈罗德竖起了他的旗帜 韦塞克斯之龙The Normans called this place ;Senlach;, which means ;Lake of Blood;.诺曼人称这里是;瑟莱克; 意为血之湖Imagine yourself then on the morning of Saturday 14th October, 1066.试想那是 1066年10月14日 周六的清晨Youre a Saxon warrior, a huscarl as it happens,and youve survived Stamford Bridge.你是一个撒克逊武士 恰好是名侍卫 斯坦福桥一战的幸存者You know your position here couldnt be better.你知道自己占尽地利You stand on the brow of the hill and look down hundreds of yards away at your opposition.你站在山顶向下望 看到了离你数百码的敌方军队All you have to do is to prevent the Normans from breaking through to the London road.你只需阻止诺曼人 冲破伦敦的防线They have the horses but they have to ride them uphill.他们有骑兵 但是他们必须冲上山战斗You look along the hillside to see a densely-packed crowd of Englishmen.你沿着山坡望去 看到了一群密集排阵的英格兰人At the front are the huscarls, a wall of solid shields,and with them the axemen.最前排是战斧骑兵 形成坚实的防护墙 与他们并肩的是战斧步兵Behind them the part-timers, the fighting farmers,who must have time to find their courage.后面的是兼职役的农民兵 定还在为如此场面而胆寒 /201608/459532湖州南浔区光子美白多少钱 浙江湖州市激光去痘印多少钱

湖州市中心医院治疗青春痘多少钱Charles never forgave himself for this act of betrayal.查理因这次背叛抱憾终身But it had never occurred to Strafford that his death would actually make things worse for Charles rather than better.但斯特拉福德未曾想到的是他的死 反而使得形势进一步恶化And what happened next was the worst that could happen.Ireland erupted.最糟糕的事情发生了 爱尔兰宗教矛盾爆发With Strafford executed,Irish Catholics felt unprotected against Protestant reprisals.斯特拉福德被处以极刑后 爱尔兰天主教徒感到 来自新教徒复仇的威胁In a pre-emptive strike, they attacked first.于是他们决定先发制人Late in 1641,news of Irish killings began filtering through England,1641年末 爱尔兰屠杀的消息传到了英格兰graphically illustrated by a campaign of atrocity prints.杀戮的惨状被绘制成图片四处流传Now, bad things did happen,but the usual fantasy pictures of impaled babies惨案虽然确有发生 但当时常见的刺死婴儿的虚构图片tripped the wire of Anglo-Protestant paranoia.勾起了英国新教徒的疑心病Even worse, it was rumoured that the Catholic rebels claimed to be acting on behalf of the king.更糟的是 有传言说天主教叛逆者 声称自己代表国王The Puritan press hit the streets screaming, ;Were next;.清教报纸上印满了;下一个就是我们;Charles was painfully aware how costly his dream of a united Britain had become.查理痛苦地意识到 他统一不列颠的梦想代价之沉重First, the Presbyterian Scots had brought down his personal rule,首先 苏格兰长老会削弱了他的王权now the mass panic triggered by the Catholic Irish threatened to finish off his power altogether.而现在爱尔兰天主教引发的大骚动 极可能将他的统治彻底终结 /201703/498053 栏目简介:The first Shanghai edition of the Michelin Guide will be published this fall. People in the food and beverage industry say the guide will likely elevate the status of several chefs and maybe even turn a few into celebrities. Cui Huiao tells us more.201705/505542长兴县妇幼保健院祛疤手术多少钱湖州曙光整形美容医院做双眼皮怎么样



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