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NO.3American Beauty《美国丽人》 公司裁员,员工被炒,在外企是常事。常事归常事,但情绪还是有的。经理把莱斯特叫进办公室,准备和他谈谈这一令人窘迫的问题。没想到他反告经理贪污,看来这厮是决意不想干了。破罐子破摔,说不准还能得到点好处。这一问一答玄得很,互不相让。一边粗俗直接,一边话锋犀利,措辞严谨。如果哪一天英语口语能达到这个水平层次,那可真是高手。单词通缉令1. cut corners 走捷径2. company Master Card 公司信用卡3. hooker n. 4. unsubstantiated a. 没有据的5. calm down 冷静,相当于cool off6. description n.描绘;描述7. mapping out罗列; 叙述8. assess v.评估,评价9. expendable a. 可牺牲的10. Les. Lester的缩略形式Manager: So yeah, I’m sure you’re going to understand our need to 1)cut corners around here.Lester: Oh, sure, yeah. Times are tight, you got to free up some cash. You gotta spend money to make money right?Manager: Exactly.Lester: At the time Mr. Plorner used the 2)company Master Card to pay for that 3)hooker and she used the card numbers and stayed at the St. Regis for what was it like three months?Manager: That’s 4)unsubstantiated…Lester: That’s ,000. That’s somebody’s salary, that somebody’s gonna get fired because Craig has to pay women to fuck him.Manager: Jesus! I mean 5)calm down. Nobody’s getting fired yet. And that’s why we’re having everyone write out a job 6)description 7)mapping out in detail how they contribute. That way management can 8)assess who’s valuable and…Lester: …who’s 9)expendable.Manager: It’s just business.Lester: I’ve been writing for this magazine for fourteen years, Brad. You’ve been here for how long, a whole month?Manager: I’m one of the good guys, 10)Les. I’m trying to level with you. This is your one chance to save your job.经理:所以呢,我肯定你会理解我们必须走捷径来节省开。莱斯特:哦,当然是的。时间紧迫,你必须腾出些现金来。要赚钱,就得花钱,对不对?经理:绝对正确。莱斯特:在罗纳先生用公司信用卡付钱给那个娼妓的同时,她用那个卡号住在圣雷琪旅馆,多长时间,三个月吧?经理 :这样说没有据……莱斯特:那是5万美元。等于某人的薪水,有人被炒鱿鱼因为克莱克要付钱给女人陪他睡觉。经理:天哪,我说冷静点。现在还没人被炒鱿鱼。这就是我们要求大家写工作报告的原因,详细阐述自己的工作表现。这样,管理层才可以评估谁是有价值的以及……莱斯特:……谁是可以牺牲的。经理:这是工作。莱斯特:布莱德,我为这家杂志社写了十四年的文章。你来这里多久?一个月?经理:莱斯特,我是一个好人。我试着和你说真心话。这是你保留工作的一个机会。 /200603/5395。

  • 3. Space Shuttle Columbia Crashed 美国哥伦比亚号航天飞机坠毁Flags fly at half-staff at the base of the Washington Monument in memory of those who perished aboard the space shuttle Columbia Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003, in Washington. Space shuttle Columbia broke apart over East Texas as it prepared to land at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Saturday morning. All crew members perished in the disaster.2003年2月1日,星期六,华盛顿纪念馆下半旗以纪念失事哥伦比亚号航天飞船上遇难的宇航员。星期六上午,正准备往佛罗里达州肯尼迪航天中心降落的哥伦比亚号航天飞船在德克萨斯州东部爆炸。飞船上所有机组成员全部遇难。注解 : 1) staffn. 旗杆2) perish v. 消灭;死去3) space shuttle 太空飞船4) crew n.机组人员5) disaster n. 灾难 /200708/16460。
  • 美国习惯用语-第87讲:rain or shinerainy day 今天我们要讲两个和下雨有关的俗语。每个人对下雨的反应都不同。在发生旱灾的地方,农民天天盼望着下雨。可是,正在野外聚餐的人,下雨使他们感到扫兴。然而,有的活动不管天气如何都照常进行,这在中文里就是:风雨无阻。美国人的说法是:rain or shine。 Rain or shine简单地说就是:不管下雨或出太阳,一切照常进行。请听下面这个例子: 例句-1: "There is one big difference between baseball and football in America. If it's a rainy day, we don't play baseball. But teams play football rain or shine. In fact, I've seen football games played in a snowstorm." 这句话的意思是:“在美国,棒球和美式足球有一个很大的区别。要是天下雨,我们就不打棒球。可是,美式足球却是风雨无阻的。我还见过大雪天比赛美式足球的呢。” 但是,rain or shine实际上还包含更广的意思。Rain or shine还可以解释为:不管在什么情况下。比如说,一个年轻人离开了家到世界各地去周游,好久没有回家了。他对朋友说: 例句-2: "I haven't seen mother and dad and the rest of the family for ten years, but I still know I can count on them rain or shine." 他说:“我已经有十年没见到我的父母和其他家人了。但是,我知道不管在什么情况下,我肯定会得到他们的帮助的。”换句话说也就是,不管他干什么,不管他是穷是富,他家里的人都会关心他、帮助他的。 下面我们再来讲一个和rain这个字有关的常用语:rainy day。Rainy day作为一个俗语,它的意思是:今后可能需要钱的时候,也就是准备一些钱,以防万一。下面是一个劳动妇女在说话: 例句-3: "Every week when I get my paycheck, I always try to put fifty dollars in my savings account for a rainy day. Who knows--I might lose my job someday or get sick and not be able to work!" 她说:“每星期我拿到工资后,我总是想办法存五十美元到里去,以防万一。谁知道呀,也许哪一天我失业了,或者生病不能工作了。” 下面这句话对每个人来说可能都是金玉良言: 例句-4: "When you're twenty-five years old, sometimes it's hard to worry about rainy days off in the future. But if you're smart, you'll start saving for rainy days because rainy days come to us all." 这句话的中文意思是:“当你只有二十五岁的时候,你恐怕很难为将来的需要担心。但是,要是你很聪明的话,你就会为将来遇到的困难而开始攒钱,因为每个人都会有穷困的时候。” 以上我们讲了两个和雨,也就是rain这个字有关的习惯用语。它们是:rain or shine和rainy days。Rain or shine的意思是:不管下雨或出太阳,一切照常进行。Rain or shine还有一个意思解释为:不管在什么情况下。今天讲的第二个习惯用语是:rainy day。Rainy day的意思是:今后可能需要钱的时候,也就是准备一些钱,以防万一。 /200601/3042。
  • 突破口语之独白(1):A Fresh Start Now一个崭新的开始 The greatest power you possess for succeeding in life is your understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you choose to start fresh.You've only to test the truth of this fact about the newness of life to discover the incredible freedom that waits for you just behind it.Nothing that stood in your way before stands there now in the same way. It's all new, even if you can't as yet see it that way. 你所拥有的取得人生成功最大得法宝就是你领悟到:任何时候你选择重新开始,生活都总能给你一个崭新的开端。要发现生活背后等待着你的无穷自由,只有去验生活中新事物的真相。以往任何不能阻止你前行的事物现在以相同方式出现却能组织你前行。即使你还没有发觉它已经完全是崭新的了。注解 :1) possess v. 拥有,占有2) incredible a. 难以置信的,极妙的 /200708/16458。
  • 038 pets words Dog/puppy Cat/kitten Hamster Goldfish Tropical Aquarium Bir Cage Kennel Feed Bones Cat/dog food Leftovers/scraps Devotion Pet shops Basket Attention Phrases Take a dog for a walk Feed a dog scraps Keep a bird in a cage Look after Play with a pet Be playful Be energetic Beginner A; your dog is so much fun. He’s so playful. I wish our cat enjoyed being around people as much as your dog does. B: cats are well know for being more independent than dogs. How old is your cat now? you’ve had her longer than we’ve had our dog. A; she’s eight years old. She’s getting quite old. Your dog’s six, isn’t he? B; yes. He’s so energetic. We take him out to the park every morning and evening. I think he’d be happy to stay there all day! A: I’m sure he would. We usually have to drag him home. B: your cat spends most of the day outdoors’, right? Do you kwno where she goes? A: she spends less time outdoors and she used to . we have no idea where she goes. She’s very secretive. Occasionally, she brings back a dead mouse. B: have you ever thought about having another pet? A; the kids want a rabbit. I don’t think it would be a good idea to get a mouse or a fish! That might be too tempting for our cat! Intermediate A; I’m thinking about getting a pet, but I’m really not sure which animal would be suitable. Could you give me some advice? B; certainly! The first thing is to be honest about how much time for you can devote to your pet. Dogs are very demanding. You need to take them for walks and they love to play. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent. A: I’m fairly busy, so I really need an animal that I don’t need to care of very much. Actually, I’d like a pet that’s a little unusual. I don't’ really want a typical pet, like a cat, dog, or hamster. Do you have any suggestions? B: unusual pet are often more expensive to keep. Is that a problem? A; not really. By the way, I don’t want a pet that could be dangerous, like a tarantula or rattlesnake. B: we have those, but I only sell them to people I know well, for obvious reasons. How about a lizard? I have some that are very brightly coloured, are not aggressive, and are easy to feed and look after. A: that sounds ideal. Could you show me some? B: sure. Come over here. As you can see, I have a wide selection of species. They can live together, if you want lizards of different kinds. Do you have a favourite colour? A : I like the red one. What do they eat? B; you can feed them on various things. They will eat small pieces of meat, but I’d recommend insects. You can get them from your garden, but remember that lizards eat a lot insects. I sell them there. A: thanks a lot. What I’ll do si find out more online and drop by next time. B; that’s fine. You shouldn’t make a hasty decision when choosing a pet. /200705/13519。
  • VOA流行美语 144: bite the dust/funky李华到Larry住的地方去送一本书,发现鱼缸里的金鱼不见了。今天李华会学到两个常用语:bite the dust和funky.LH: 哎,Larry,你的金鱼到哪儿去了?LL: Oh, he bit the dust yesterday. I found him floating in the tank. I'm really bummed out about it.LH: 你的金鱼怎么了?Bit the dust? Bit是bite的过去时。意思是:咬; 那dust是尘土的意思。咬尘土? 噢,你是说你的鱼死啦?LL: That's right! That fish was a few years old, so I think he might have just died of old age.LH: 那只鱼在你这儿好几年啦?怪不得你显得闷闷不乐!Larry,要不要我陪你再去买条金鱼?LL: I'm thinking about going to buy a new fish today, but I want to clean out the tank first. I don't want the new fish to bite the dust, too.LH: 没错,买新的鱼以前最好把鱼缸打扫干净,不然新的鱼也可能会死掉的。LL: It's possible. I really don't want to take any chances.LH: 对,一条鱼价钱也不便宜,可别冒风险。对了,Larry,你知道吗?John的奶奶几天前去世了,那我是不是能说:she bit the dust the other day。LL: Wait a second, Li Hua, I don't think you want to say that your friend's grandma bit the dust. It's not very polite or respectful.LH: 噢,bite the dust这个说法用在人的身上是不礼貌的!那我还真是得小心。LL: It's okay to say my fish bit the dust or some bad guy in a movie bit the dust, but you probably don't want to say that about your friend's family member.LH: 嗯,我懂了。To bite the dust可以指鱼,可以指电影里的坏蛋,可是千万不要在朋友的家人去世的时候用这个说法。LL: You've got it! Now let's go buy a fish.******LH: Larry, 你为什么不买那条鱼?它的鳍好大而且颜色好漂亮!我从来没见过色这么鲜艳的鱼呢!LL: Yeah, he is kind of funky. I don't think I've ever seen another fish like that either.LH: 等等,什么是funky? 是不是很酷的意思?LL: Funky has several meanings, but in this case, it means cool, unique, and unusual.LH: 噢,在这里,funky就是指很酷、很独特的意思。没错,这条鱼真的很特别。这鱼放在你的鱼缸里一定很漂亮!LL: Hold on, that funky little fish is pretty expensive. Why don't we get a cheap little goldfish instead?LH: 小的金鱼是便宜点,可是颜色就没有这么特别了啊!LL: I happen to like goldfish. I can buy one of those goldfish with the funky bubbles behind its eyes.LH: 你是说那条眼睛后面长两个大球的金鱼呀?我还是喜欢那条很漂亮的鱼,那条funky fish。LL: Well, I appreciate your opinion, but this is going to be my fish.LH: 那也是,别听我的。这是你的鱼,你得天天看的。Larry,你看,那边那个人穿的衣真是与众不同。我觉得很怪,是不是也很funky?LL: Yeah, he definitely has his own sense of style. It looks as though he's here to buy a fish, too.LH: 对,每个人都有自己穿衣的风格。说不定他会买那条很漂亮的鱼!LL: That's a possibility. Now, come on, forget about that fish and help me pick out a goldfish, the funkier the better.今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是bite the dust, 就是死掉的意思,不过通常不用在人身上,因为那样说不太礼貌。另一个常用语是funky。意思是很酷、很独特。 /200602/3364。
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