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2018年10月17日 00:07:19 | 作者:乐视生活 | 来源:新华社
Amy Beth Edwards posed this question to our M I Curious team:Why doesnt road kill get picked up on a timely basis in Michigan?Edwards says she sees dead animals so often along her commutes to Chicago that she had to know why theyre all there.Edwards and I started looking for the answer on a five-mile stretch of M-14 where we saw seven dead animals. That seemed like a lot to me, but Edwards says thats pretty normal.;Theres one, ok,; she says. ;Almost unidentifiable, but I think that was a raccoon.;I looked into her question and it turns out road kill in Michigan is sort of like a game of hot potato. Most people dont want to deal with it.County road commissions are responsible for 75% of roads in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for the highly trafficked state roads and highways, but they pass off three quarters of those roads to road commissions too.That leaves road commissions with a lot of ground to cover.Riding with the Deer SheriffI talked to the top 20 county road commissions for car-deer crashes so far this year.At number two, Kent County stood out among the rest. They employ one guy to pick up road kill full time. No other county I talked to does that.I went to visit Andy Albertson. Hes a driver for the Kent County Road Commission. His nickname? ;Deer Sheriff.;Albertson had just started his truck when his phone started ringing.;Yeah Murph, go ahead,; he says. ;Forty two hundred of 60th? Thats in the road?;Its the first rush hour victim of the day.;Mondays are normally a little busier in the dead deer department, especially in the fall,; Albertson says. ;So Ill go out, make my list. I put the — I call them pick tickets — on the window, like a short order cook.;Hes talking about a couple large sticky notes he puts on his windshield. There are nine animals to grab today.;It is, Linds, a strange way to make a living,; he says. ;But I see it as a very positive public service. I mean people have issues with the road commission — you know, this, that, were not doing this, we should do this. My service, no one ever complains. Theyre happy to see me show up.;We turn onto 60th street.;See it? See that big mark in the road?; he says. ;Yeah, thats us.;We pull over.Albertson puts on a fresh pair of gloves, and hops out of the truck.He grabs whats left of the animal by the leg and pulls it into the back.One down, eight to go.The cost of road kill pickup Kent Countys road commission spends about 0,000 on road kill every year.This allows them to pick up around 2,000 animals.The other road commissions I talked to dont do that. They say they dont have the money. In fact, five of them pass the road kill responsibility off to Animal Control or Sheriffs Departments.Denise Donnahue is the Director of the County Road Association of Michigan.She says road commissions across the state are in a tight spot — theyve lost employees and a majority of Michigan roads are not in good condition.;So I think, as we think about our roads, certainly road kill is a nuisance, its important, but yet we have a large, systemic problem here: taking care of our roads and preserving our roads and so forth,; Donnahue says.Her group wants to pass road kill off to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.But DNR officials say thats not their job.They say theyre focused on preserving habitat and living species.All of the road commissions I talked to move dead animals out of traffic, to the side of the road.When resources and time allow, some then bury the large animals or take them to landfills.But by and large, most just leave the animals on the shoulder. They say they cant pay to do anything else.201512/415220Leaders Business in Africa Making Africa work社论精粹 非洲商业 让非洲发展起来The continents future depends on people, not commodities非洲的前途依赖人,而非大宗商品“IS ANYONE here actually hoping to make any money, or are you all just trying to minimise your losses?”“在座的有没有任何人希望能赚到钱,还是大家都只是想把损失降到最低?”The question, asked at a dinner in London for investors who specialise in Africa, showed how the mood has changed in the past year.这个问题在伦敦一个为专事非洲投资的投资者举办的晚餐会上提出来,体现出过去一年的情绪变化。The financiers around the table—mostly holders of African bonds—all said they were simply trying not to lose money.在座的各位金融家大部分手中都持有非洲债券,他们都说自己只是想不要亏钱。Only a few years ago people were queuing up to invest in Africa.然而仅仅在几年前,大家都还挤破头要在非洲投资。As recently as 2012 Zambia paid less than Spain to borrow dollars.就在2012年,赞比亚美元贷款的利息比西班牙还低。Private-equity funds dedicated to Africa raised record sums to invest in shopping malls and firms making everything from nappies to fruit juice.专注投资非洲的私募股权基金筹得破纪录的资金用于投资购物中心和企业,这些公司生产的产品从尿片到果汁一应俱全。Business folk salivated at the prospect of selling to the fast-growing African middle class, which by one measure numbered 350m people.非洲的中产阶级正在快速成长,一项数据显示其人数可达3.5亿,商界人士一想到这些人是他们未来的销售对象便垂涎三尺。Miners sank billions into African soil to feed Chinas appetite for minerals.矿产公司也向非洲的土地中砸入数十亿美元以满足中国对矿产资源的需求。Now investors are glum. In the short run, they are right to worry.但现在投资者们个个愁容满面。In the long run, as our special report on African business shows this week, the potential rewards from a market of 1.2 billion people are too juicy to ignore, despite the risks.短期来看,他们确实有理由担心。长期来说,我们本周对非洲经济的特别报道显示,这个有着12亿人口的市场潜在回报巨大不容忽视,尽管风险也不小。From oil in the gears to sand in the wheels从一路顺风到磕磕绊绊For decades, sentiment about Africa has followed commodity prices, rising and falling like a bungee-jumper at Victoria Falls.数十年来,对非洲的投资情绪一直随大宗商品价格波动,如同在维多利亚瀑布蹦极跳一样忽上忽下。The recent plunge has caused a 16% drop in sub-Saharan Africas terms of trade (the ratio of the price of its exports to that of its imports).最近大宗商品价格大跌已令撒哈拉以南非洲的贸易比率(出口商品与进口商品价格的相对价格比率)下降了16%。Growth across the region will slow to about 3% this year, predicts the World Bank, down from 7-8% a decade ago. That is barely ahead of population growth of 2.7%.世界估计整个地区今年的经济增长将会从十年前的7%到8%放缓至3%,勉强高于2.7%的人口增幅。Nigeria and Angola, two big oil exporters, will probably need bail-outs from the IMF within a year.石油出口大国尼日利亚和安哥拉恐怕年内就会需要IMF的紧急救助。Yet Afro-pessimists should remember two things about commodity busts.然而对非洲持悲观情绪的人们就大宗商品价格大跌的问题需要记住两点:They dont last for ever. And they dont hurt everyone:第一,价格不会永远下跌;第二,不是所有人都从中受害。17 African countries with a quarter of the regions population will show a net benefit from the current one, thanks to cheaper energy.由于能源价格低廉,非洲有17个国家(占非洲总人口四分之一)将会在这一轮大跌的情况下获得净收益。More important, by focusing on the minerals markets it is easy to miss some big trends that are happening above ground—and these are mostly positive.更为重要的是,过于关注矿产品市场会容易忽略矿产行业以外的一些大趋势—而这些趋势多数都令人乐观。The first is that Africa is far more peaceful than it was even a decade ago.首先,非洲要比十年前太平多了。The wars that ripped apart the Democratic Republic of Congo and sucked in its neighbours, causing millions of deaths, have largely been quelled. A few states, such as Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, are in chaos.内战曾一度令刚果民主共和国四分五裂,且波及多个邻国,令数百万人丧生。如今,战火已基本平息。But overall the risk of dying violently in Africa has tumbled.还有一些国家,如索马里、南苏丹和中非共和国,仍然处于混乱之中。The latest ranking of the worlds most violent countries by the Geneva Declaration includes just two African states (tiny Lesotho and Swaziland) among its top ten.但总体来说在非洲死于暴乱的危险已大为降低。《日内瓦宣言》最近列出的十个暴力情况最为严重的国家中,只有两个是非洲国家(小国莱索托和斯威士兰)。Africa is also far more democratic than it was.其二,非洲如今也更为民主了。In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, only one sub-Saharan government was peacefully voted out of office.在上世纪六十、七十和八十年代,在撒哈拉以南非洲只有一个政府通过投票和平下台。Now nearly all face regular elections, which are harder to rig thanks to social media. Voters have real choices—one reason why policies have improved.现在几乎各国都会定期选举,而且在社交媒体的监督下,操纵选举愈发困难。选民们有了真正的选择—这也是政策有所改善的一个重要原因。Old-style governments favoured nationalisation, printing money and (in some cases) rounding peasants up at gunpoint and forcing them onto collective farms.老派的政府喜欢国有化、印制钞票和(在有些情况下)用杆逼着农民加入集体农场。 /201604/440364

The ed Auto Workers is taking a big step this week to prepare for upcoming contract talks with automakers. Hundreds of delegates from more than 800 locals are meeting with top union leaders at Cobo Center for the UAW Special Convention on Collective Bargaining.Reporter Brent Snavely is covering the convention for the Detroit Free Press.;As we expected, really, the number one thing on the agenda of many delegates today is the idea that they would like the leadership of the UAW to push for the elimination of the second-tier wage, or the entry-level wage, that automakers have,; Snavely says.But this gap isnt the only problem, and Snavely says executive compensation has been on the minds of many as well.While the UAW wants wage increases, automakers will be arguing against it, citing the aly lower pay of international competitors with plants in the U.S.;The automakers do not want to return to those days of irresponsible contracts that led to as much as a gap between the labor cost of the Detroit automakers and their Asian rivals in the U.S.,; Snavely says.;I dont think theres a right or wrong here. I understand where the UAW is coming from and I completely understand where the management of the companies are coming from and where they wind up, probably somewhere in the middle, is always a really fascinating dance to watch how it plays out,; Snavely says. 201503/366135

Happiness and Income收入与幸福感Everything that rises must converge幸福的家庭总是相似的Emerging markets are catching up with the West in the happiness stakes新兴国家的幸福指数将要赶上西方POETS, songwriters and left-wing politicians hate the idea, but for decades opinion-poll evidence has been clear: money buys happiness and the richer you are, the more likely you are to express satisfaction with your life. Until now. A survey of 43 countries published on October 30th by the Pew Research Centre of Washington, DC, shows that people in emerging markets are within a whisker of expressing the same level of satisfaction as people in rich countries. It is the biggest qualification to the standard view of happiness and income seen so far.诗人,作词家,左翼政治家总是反驳这样一个观点:钱可以买到幸福,一个人越有钱,他对生活的满意感就可能越高。但是十年来民意调查却清楚明了这一点。不过,位于华盛顿特区的皮尤研究中心调查了43个国家后,发现发展中国家的人对生活满意度与富有国家的人们生活满意度相差无几。这是迄今为止出现的最能明人越有钱越幸福这个观点的据。The Pew poll asks respondents to measure, on a scale from zero to ten, how good their lives are. (Those who say between seven and ten are counted as happy.) In 2007, 57% of respondents in rich countries put themselves in the top four tiers; in emerging markets the share was 33%; in poor countries only 16%—a classic expression of the standard view.皮尤让被调查者用0到10之间数字表示对生活的满意度。(如果给出数字在7和10之间,认为该调查人幸福。)2007年的调查显示富有国家57%的调查者认为自己是幸福的人;发展中国家有33%认为自己幸福;在贫困国家幸福的人只有16%—这是明金钱和幸福感相关的典型例子。But in 2014, 54% of rich-country respondents counted themselves as happy, whereas in emerging markets the percentage jumped to 51%. This was happening just at a time when emerging markets chances of converging economically with the West seemed to be receding.2014年中富有国家幸福的人有54%,然而发展中国家的百分比跃到了51%。此时发展中国家抓住机会发展经济正在赶上经济似乎萎靡的西方国家,两个时间点不谋而合。Rich countries did not experience steep declines in happiness. The decreases in America and Britain were tiny (a single percentage point), while the share of happy Germans rose 13 points. A large drop in formerly joyful Spain ensured a modest overall decline for the rich. But the convergence happened thanks to huge improvements in countries such as Indonesia (+35) and Pakistan (+22). In 12 of the 24 emerging markets, half or more people rate their life satisfaction in the top tiers of the ladder.富有国家在幸福感上并没有大幅下降。美国和英国只是下降了一个百分点,德国人民的幸福感却上升了13个百分点。但是之前幸福的西班牙人此次调查指数大幅下降导致发达国家幸福指数总体稍微有所下降。幸福感大幅提高的几个国家是此次汇合发生的原因,比如印度尼西亚(+35),巴基斯坦(+22)。24个发展中国家里12个国家,半数、或半数以上的人感觉对自己生活很满意。This is not to say the link between income and satisfaction has been snapped. Poor countries still lag behind: only a quarter of the people there are in the happy tiers—half the level of the other two groups. There is also a clear link between happiness and income growth (as opposed to income levels). Chinas GDP rose at an annual average rate of 10% in 2007-14 and its happiness level rose 26 points.这并不是明金钱和生活满意度之间的关联断了。贫困国家指数依旧垫底:只有四分之一的人认为自己幸福—是发展中国家和发达国家的一半。该数据清晰显示了工资增长率和幸福感之间的联系(而不是收入水平)。中国国内生产总值从2007到2014年每年以平均10%的速度增长,其人民幸福度提高了26个百分点。Within countries, richer people express more satisfaction than their poorer neighbours. The study divided respondents into categories with higher and lower incomes and fewer and more household goods. In every country in every group, richer folk with more goods expressed higher levels of happiness. So at a personal (as opposed to national) level, money does buy happiness. And if you ask people about different aspects of their lives—health, family life, religion, standard of living—it turns out that satisfaction with living standards still has the biggest influence on happiness.在同一个国家里,富人比穷人更幸福。这项调查把调查者分成了高收入群体和低收入群体,家里日用品多的和少的群体。在每个国家里的每个群体,有很多如用品较为富有的居民反映出的幸福度更高。如果问到生活中一些其它方面如健康,家庭生活,信仰,生活水平对幸福感的影响,结果显示生活水平是影响幸福感最大方面。But the secret of happiness has been scattered around. Women tend to be happier than men. Married people are happier than unmarried ones. Latin Americans are more satisfied than people in other emerging markets. Asians are the most optimistic; Middle Easterners the least. Income still matters. But it has been dethroned.但是幸福的秘密还存在很多地方。女人为什么会比男人幸福?已婚者为什么比未婚者幸福?拉丁美洲人为什么比别的发展中国家幸福?亚洲人为什么如此乐观?中东人为什么不幸福?收入是一方面,但已经不是唯一方面。译者:刘苗苗 校对:韦永睿译文属译生译世 /201411/341877

On Tuesday a major storm system brought a mix of bad weather to much of the central ed States.星期二,强风暴系统给美国中部地区大部分州带来恶劣天气。There is a possibility of a dangerous tornado in Alabama and heavy snow in the northern Midwest.阿拉巴马州可能会遭遇危险龙卷风,中西部地区有强降雪。Forecaster Connor Baird said all or parts of three counties in Alabama including Tuscaloosa, Pickens and Carroll - were under tornado warnings.天气预报员康纳·贝尔德称,阿拉巴马州塔斯卡卢萨、皮肯斯和卡罗尔全部或部分接到龙卷风警报。Baird highlighted reports of downed trees and building damage from the storm.贝尔德强调风暴造成的树木倒塌和建筑破坏。The National Weather Service reported tornadoes in eastern Mississippi, with roofs blown off, mobile homes flipped, and trees down.美国国家气象局报告称,密西西比州东部的龙卷风造成屋顶被吹走,移动房屋翻转,树木倒塌。译文属。201602/425528

The euro zone欧元区That sinking feeling (again)那种再次下沉的感觉If Germany, France and Italy cannot find a way to refloat Europes economy, the euro may yet be doomed如果德国、法国和意大利找不到办法重振欧洲经济,欧元就完蛋了JUST a few months ago the euro zones leaders believed that, having weathered the storm, they were set fair at last. Buoyed by the promise of Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, to do “whatever it takes” to support the currency, confidence had seeped back into the continent. Growth seemed to be returning, albeit at a slow pace. Troubled peripheral countries were recovering, after bail-outs and painful measures to cut budget deficits and improve competitiveness. Unemployment, especially among the young, was still desperately high, but at least in most countries it was falling. And bond sps had narrowed sharply, as financial markets stopped betting that the euro would fall apart.就在几个月前,欧元区领导人坚信,经受住了这场风暴,他们最终能取得胜利。欧洲中央行长马里奥?德拉吉承诺无论付出多少代价都会持欧元,德吉拉的承诺鼓舞了欧洲人民,欧洲人民的自信又回来了。经济增长似乎在恢复,尽管是以较小的步伐。通过紧急财政援助和痛苦的措施来减少财政赤字,提高竞争力,遭难的周边国家经济也在复苏。失业率,尤其在年轻人中还是相当高的,但是至少在大多数国家该比率都在下降。随着金融市场停止认为欧元会崩溃,票面利差急剧缩小。It was an illusion. In recent weeks the countries of the euro zone have begun to take in water once again. Their collective GDP stagnated in the second quarter: Italy fell back into outright recession, French GDP was flat and even mighty Germany saw an unexpectedly large fall in output (see article). The third quarter looks pretty unhealthy, partly because the euro zone will suffer an extra drag from Western sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, inflation has fallen perilously low, to around 0.4%, far below the near-2% target of the European Central Bank, raising fears that the zone as a whole could fall prey to entrenched deflation. German bond yields are hovering below 1%, another harbinger of falling prices. The euro zone stands (or wobbles) in stark contrast with America and Britain, whose economies are enjoying sustained growth.这是一个错觉。最近几个星期,欧元区国家已经再一次开始吸水。他们所有GDP第二季度原地踏步:意大利彻底掉回衰退时期水平,法国GDP持平,即使是强大的德国也出人意料在出口方面大幅下降(另见文章)。第三季度的状况看起来相当不乐观,部分原因是因为欧元区会受到西方国家对俄罗斯制裁的阻力。同时,通货膨胀率降低幅度太小,只有0.4%左右,远低于欧洲中央的2%目标,引起了人们的恐慌,人们担心欧元区作为一个整体会成为根深蒂固通货紧缩的牺牲品。德国公债利息在1%以下徘徊,这是另一个价格下降的征兆。欧元区与英美完全相反,英美的经济正在持续增长。What started more than four years ago as a banking and sovereign-debt crisis has decayed into a growth crisis that is now enveloping the three biggest economies. Germany is teetering on the edge of recession. France is mired in stagnation. Italys GDP is barely above its level when the single currency came in 15 years ago. Since these three countries account for two-thirds of euro-zone GDP, growth in places like Spain and the Netherlands cannot make up for their torpor.四年多以前开始的业和国债危机衰退为经济增长危机,这个危机现在包围着这三大经济体。德国在经济衰退的边缘摇晃。法国陷于经济停滞的困境。意大利GDP水平只略高于15年前欧元刚出现时的水平。因为这三个国家占了欧元区总GDP的2/3,西班牙和荷兰地区的增长不能弥补他们的经济呆滞。The underlying causes of Europes new ills are three very familiar and interrelated problems. First, there is a shortage of political leaders with the courage and conviction to push through structural reforms to improve competitiveness and, eventually, reignite growth: the big countries have wasted the two years bought by Mr Draghis “whatever it takes” commitment. Second, public opinion is not convinced of the urgent need for deep and radical changes. And third, despite Mr Draghis efforts, the monetary and fiscal framework is too tight, throttling growth—which makes structural reforms harder.欧洲新问题的根本原因在于三个非常相似相互关联的问题。首先,缺少一个有勇气和威信的政治领导人,推动结构性改革来提高竞争力,最终重新获得增长活力:大国已经浪费了两年时间为德拉吉“无论付出多少代价”的承诺付出了代价。第二个问题是,民众不相信急切需要深入彻底的改变。第三,虽然有德拉吉的努力,货币和财政结构太紧,抑制了经济增长——这使得结构性改革更为艰难。Different manifestations of these problems can be seen across the euro zone. But the country that most dramatically epitomises all three is France. This week its embattled Socialist president, Fran?ois Hollande, was forced to reshuffle his government to eject Arnaud Montebourg who, despite being economy minister, was his own sides most persistent critic from the left (see article). Mr Hollande, who came to office in 2012 promising a painless future, is hardly a Thatcherite reformer. But since he appointed Manuel Valls as prime minister in March, he has at least embraced the principle of public-spending cuts, lower taxes and structural reforms这些问题在欧元区不同地方有不同的表现。但是三个国家中最有代表性的是法国。本周,处境艰难的社会党主席弗朗索瓦?奥朗德被迫进行政府改组,以便将身为经济部长却一直是他自己的左翼阵营中最坚决的批评者的阿诺德·蒙特布尔排挤出内阁。奥朗德2012年入职,承诺会给人民带来一个美好的未来,他几乎称不上是一个撒切尔夫人的改革者。但是自从他三月任命曼纽尔瓦尔斯为首相后,他至少坚持减少政府开、降低税收和结构性改革的原则。In theory a new and more cohesive reforming government could make progress, but public opinion is not remotely prepared for that. Mr Hollande is not just deeply unpopular; unlike Italys Matteo Renzi, who has bravely made the case for (as yet undelivered) tough reforms, the French president has failed to convince voters that painful change, including a reduction in the size of the state, is inevitable. Instead, Mr Montebourg and his chums offer the beguiling notion that, if only the euro zone scraps its rules and allows bigger budget deficits and generous enough public spending, no more painful reforms will be needed, because the economy will miraculously lift itself out of danger by its own bootstraps.理论上一个新的更团结的改革政府可以获得成功,但是公众舆论完全没有准备。而且这位法国总统还始终没能让选民相信,像缩减政府规模这样的痛苦的改革是无法避免的。在这一点上,意大利的马泰奥·伦齐就同奥朗德有所不同,他一直在大胆地为艰苦的改革(尽管尚未付诸行动)寻找理由。相反,蒙特布尔及其密友给出了一个具有欺骗性的概念,称只要欧元区打破规则允许更大的预算赤字和更足够的政府开,就不需要令人痛苦的改革,因为经济会奇迹般地自己脱离险境。Mr Montebourgs argument is all the more seductive because he is right about Europes third problem: excessive austerity, largely forced on the continent by Germany. Mr Draghi has just implicitly conceded that fiscal and monetary policy in the euro zone is too tight at the annual economics jamboree in Jackson Hole. He hinted that he was in favour of quantitative easing, which both America and Britain have used, and he called for fiscal policy to do more to encourage growth—a message plainly aimed at Germanys chancellor, Angela Merkel. She is the leader who insists most firmly on sticking to the euro zones rules on fiscal discipline, just as it is the German Bundesbank that is most strongly against quantitative easing.蒙特布尔的观点更引人注目,因为他关于欧洲地第三个问题是正确的:过分的紧缩,主要在德国强迫执行。 德吉拉在杰克逊霍尔的一年一度经济学大会上含蓄地承认欧元区财政和货币政策太紧。他暗示道,他持量化宽松,这个政策也是英美都曾使用过的,他呼吁制定更多鼓励增长的政策——这是一个明显针对德国总理安吉拉?默克尔的消息。默克尔是最坚持欧元区财政纪律的领导人,好像德国联邦是最强烈反对量化宽松一样。Angie, we can say you never tried安吉,我们可以说你从没有努力过Despite the gloom, there should be scope here for a bargain. If Mr Hollande and Mr Renzi can show they are sincere about structural reforms, Mrs Merkel should be willing to tolerate an easier fiscal stance (including higher public investment in Germany) and a looser monetary policy. Close your eyes, and you can imagine the three leaders working with the European Commission to complete the single market and pushing through a trade deal with the ed States. Sadly, in the real world, Mrs Merkel has little reason to trust either France or Italy: whenever external pressure on them has eased, they have promptly backtracked on promises of reform. And she has just installed Jean-Claude Juncker, the do-nothing candidate, as president of the European Commission.虽然局势艰难,但是应该还有讨价还价的空间。如果奥朗德和里兹能明他们对结构性改革的真诚,默克尔可能愿意容忍更宽松的财政观点(包括在德国更高的公共投资)以及更宽松的货币政策。闭上眼睛,你能想像三位领导人和欧洲委员会共同努力完成单一市场,完成和美国的贸易协定。伤感的是,在现实世界里,默克尔没有理由相信法国和意大利:只要外部压力一松懈,他们立刻就会收回改革的承诺。而且她刚刚任命无所作为的珍-克劳德客容为欧洲委员会会长。So it will be hard. But without a new push from the continents leaders, growth will not revive and deflation could take hold. Japan suffered a decade of lost growth in the 1990s, and is still struggling. But, unlike Japan, Europe is not a single cohesive country. If the currency union brings nothing but stagnation, joblessness and deflation, then some people will eventually vote to leave the euro. Thanks to Mr Draghis promise to put a floor under government debt, the market risk that financial pressures could trigger a break-up has receded. But the political risk that one or more countries decide to storm out of the single currency is rising all the time. The euro crisis has not gone away; it is just waiting over the horizon.所以,这会很难。但是没有州领导人新的推动,增长不会复苏,通货紧缩会持续。日本在20世纪90年代曾遭受十年的增长缓滞,而且现在还在努力。但是,不同于日本,欧洲不是结合在一起的一个国家。如果货币联盟只带来经济停滞、失业和通货紧缩,有人最终会投票离开该联盟。多亏了德拉吉承诺撑着政府负债,财政压力会导致解体的市场危机减弱了。但是一个或多个国家决定冲出单一货币的政治危险一直在上升。欧元危机还没有离开,它只是在地平线上等着而已。 翻译:王丹培译文属译生译世 /201505/376976

Researchers at University of California San Francisco have confirmed that a good nights sleep could keep colds and infections away. 加利福尼亚旧金山大学的研究人员实,晚间良好的睡眠能摆脱感冒和感染疾病。The odds of catching a cold are 28 percent higher for those who sleep five or fewer hours a night, 每晚睡眠5小时或更少的人,得感冒的几率增加百分之28,and for other infections such as pneumonia and the flu, those with less sleep have more than 80 percent higher odds of getting an infection. 而对于其它感染,如肺炎和流感,那些睡眠少的人感染的几率比正常超过百分之80。While researchers cannot confirm the exact reasons why lack of sleep increases susceptibility to infection, 虽然研究人员无法确定缺乏睡眠会增加易感染的确切原因,it has been confirmed that T-cells, a type of white blood cell that helps fight infection, do not operate as well when people are deprived of sleep.但其已经实T细胞,一种能够帮助抵抗感染的白血球,在人们睡眠缺失时工作不佳。译文属。201604/436740

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