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青岛妇女医院胶州人民医院能做三镜一丝手术吗Severe drought hits China Drought conditions badly affects the nations wheat producing regions. CNN's John Vause explains. With no rain here in Beijing, and across many central and northern provinces, officials say many parts of the country are now in the grips of the worst drought in five decades. Rainfall has been up to ninety percent below normal, leaving more than four million people without drinking water so to two million livestock. But as you say, the biggest concern is for this winter wheat harvest, in some parts, the crop is almost half, almost half of the crop products are now being threatened by this drought.Frequent co-steps too have not helped the situation, we are talking about an area of 24 million acres of farmland, the hardest hit regions, could see their crop yields fall by 20% this year according to one expert. Add to that problem, 20 million migrant workers, who are now without a job, many have returned from the city to their family farms. They were hoping to work the land until the economy improved, but now that may not be an option, because there’s not enough water for irrigation. There is also concern about a blow to farm incomes which will be another hit to this economy which has aly been struggling with the collapse in exports. The government has declared a Category One Emergency. There could be some relief coming over the weekend. Weather forecasters predict some rainfall in some of the hardest hit regions over the next few days. Andrew?John, half the crop, half the wheat crop potentially under threat, what can the government do apart from pray for rain.Well, this Category One Emergency gives an access to transportation facilities, like railways and also to airlines and that kind of things to move an aid around as needs, it also frees up a lot of money to help farmers in those regions. There’s also this strategic Grain Reserve which the government won’t tell us or won’t release figures on how much is being held there. But last year, for example, China had a bumper grain harvest more than 500 million tons, almost half of that was bought up by the government. They keep part of that in this Gain Reserve for these types of emergencies, but you have to keep in mind that China, since 2003, has been a net grain importer. So any hit to this winter wheat harvest will almost likely be felt around the world.VOCABULARY1. winter wheat 冬小麦 2. crop yields 作物产量 谷物收获量3. apart from 远离, 除...之外 4. strategic reserve 战略储备 5. bumper n.缓冲器 缓冲 6. keep in mind prep.记住,不忘 7. importer n.输入者, 进口商 02/62046青岛四方区四维彩超费用 Parenting on the move is all about sacrifice.在迁徙中父母大多都牺牲了自己,保全了后代。And in the forests of northeastern Australia, another great journey spurred by parental dedication is about to begin. On translucent tawny wings, a little red flying fox flaps homeward after a night of intense foraging. And she is one of millions.在澳大利亚东北部的森林,由于父母的奉献,另一个伟大的征程即将开始。拍打着半透明的黄色翅膀,一只红色的小飞狐在一夜紧张的觅食后正在归途当中。她是数以百万计当中的一个。Somehow, she finds her pup in the din of the camp. She wraps him in her nursing embrace. He needs calcium from her milk to build flimsy bones. And hes leaching it away from her own fragile flying machinery at an alarming rate.不知怎么地,她发现她的小崽在窝里有些吵闹。她一把将他搂入怀中照料。她从奶中给予他钙质以帮助他来搭建很薄的骨头。他在令人担忧的从她脆弱的飞行器中过滤它。The bats have eaten through the calcium and energy-rich eucalyptus blossoms for miles around. The situation is getting desperate, the need to move intense.蝙蝠通过摄取方圆数英里之外的桉树花来获得大量钙质和自身所需能量。现在的形势十分紧张,是需要迁徙的时候了。词语解释:1. sacrifice v. 牺牲2. spur v. 刺激,激励;鼓舞3. translucent a. 透明的4. tawny a.黄褐色的5. pup n. 小,幼犬201111/161782Transplant Chain Brings New Life A program matches willing kidney donors to strangers in need. The Kindness of StrangersLast year, we reported on a new approach to lifesaving kidney donations, a kind of Pay It Forward idea, pairing those in need with those willing to be donors for people they’ve never met. From that first selfless gift many are now enjoying a new chance at life. Here is A’s Barbara Pinto reports all involved have gathered for the first time. When we last saw Angela Hermione and Ron Berneil, they were heading into surgery. Ron was giving Angie, a total stranger, one of his kidneys. Now 15 months later. “I feel fantastic. He gave me a new life. He gave me my daughter back, for a long time to come.” In return, Angie’s mother then gave one of her kidneys to a woman she’d never met until this past weekend. The concept is called pair donation and allows anyone who needs the lifesaving kidney-transplant to get one as long as they find a willing donor. A computer program finds the best possible match. It started with Matt Jones, the father of five from Michigan who decided to give a stranger an incredible gift. “I decide, you know, I’ve got two, only needed one, if somebody else can have it and live a better life and it's a success.” Mat gave his kidney to Barbed Berneil, whose husband Ron was not a good match for her. In turn, Ron gave his kidney to Angie, whose mother Laurie was not a suitable donor. Laurie gave her kidney to Cecelia and the lifesaving chain took off. Dr. Michael Reef has arranged for 16 such transplants so far. “My hope is that we would get 3000 kidney transplants a year someday.”A year ago no one here could have predicted that the number of people associated with the chain of kidney transplants could fill a hotel ballroom. But they did, they’re celebrating an incredible generosity and life. “My hope, a year from now, we have another reunion, we have more chains, and not a single one of mis-broken, And that truly is a never ending chain.”Last week in Huston, Carrie Barrett added another link. “I have a beautiful wife, fabulous kids, you know, a great job, and I have the ability to donate a kidney.” He did for a woman he’d never met. Brander Charpar had grown sicker watching ten potential donors fall through. “Well, he’s not a stranger anymore, he’s definitely gonna be my best friend.” For the Charpar’s, Carrie’s gift is nothing short of a miracle and they will now pass on to another family. Barbara Pinto, A News, Pearisburg, Ohio. Incredible generosity indeed and we’re happy to say we play a small part in this chain. Carrie Barrett, who you saw on Barba’s piece found out about the pair donations when we reported on The First Transplants last year. You can learn more about the Alliance Prepared Donations by logging onto our website ANEWS.COM.200810/53801青岛治疗妇科炎症医院最好

青岛市做人流要多少钱Obama Moves Quickly to Staff Administration奥巴马积极选人担任新政府重职  President-elect Barack Obama is moving quickly to fill important jobs in his administration and develop his response to the economic crisis. Political analysts say the transition to the new administration is particularly important with the nation facing an economic emergency as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 美国总统当选人巴拉克.奥巴马正在积极挑选新政府重要职位的人选,并且对经济危机做出回应。政治分析家说,由于国家面临经济紧张情势和伊拉克与阿富汗两场战争,权力移交尤其重要。After meeting with his newly-formed Transition Economic Advisory Board Friday Mr. Obama left no doubt about the top priority of his administration. 星期五,在与他新组成的“交接经济顾问团”开完会之后,奥巴马确认了新政府的首要任务。"Immediately after I become president, I am going to confront this economic crisis head on by taking all necessary steps to ease the credit crisis, help hard working families and restore growth and prosperity," he said. 他说:“从我就任总统的那一刻起,我将迎战经济危机,采取所有必须的步骤来减轻信贷危机,帮助努力工作的家庭,恢复经济增长与繁荣。”But Mr. Obama was also careful to point out the ed States has only one president at a time and the Bush administration will run the government until January 20 when he is sworn in as America's 44th president. 但奥巴马也谨慎的指出,美国在一个时期,只有一位总统,而在他于明年1月20日宣誓就职成为第44位美国总统之前,布什仍旧是美国政府的领导人。Still, Mr. Obama has indicated he wants to move quickly during the transition and within days of the election he announced his selection of Representative Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff. 然而,奥巴马指出他希望移交能尽快进行,并且在几天之内就宣布了选择众议员莱姆.伊曼纽尔作为白宫办公厅主任。Leon Panetta, who served as chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton, says Mr. Obama's next appointments should focus on the economy. 列昂.帕内塔曾是美国前总统比尔.克林顿的办公厅主任,他说奥巴马下一个任命的官员应该集中处理经济问题。"Hopefully the next step will be to put an economic team in place, early, because of the importance of transitioning now on economic issues," he said. "This is an unusual situation, where the president-elect of the ed States not only is facing huge deficits and an economy in recession, but has a 0 billion rescue plan, which puts the president right in the middle of running the banks and the credit systems in this country." 帕内塔说:“希望下一步是尽早组建经济团队,因为现在重要的移交议题是经济危机。这是一个不寻常的状况,因为美国总统当选人不但面临巨额的赤字,衰退的经济,还有7千亿美元的救市计划,这些都让新总统直接参与经管国内的以及信贷体系。”Panetta says as soon as the economic team is in place Mr. Obama needs to make important appointments to deal with national security issues, especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 帕内塔说,经济团队就位之后,奥巴马需要随即任命国家安全官员,尤其是针对伊拉克与阿富汗战争。Panetta says the president-elect must also move swiftly to improve America's image overseas. 帕内塔说,总统当选人必须同时尽快改善美国在国际上的形象。"I do think it is really important for the president, obviously to reach out to the international world and reestablish relations with the world and reintroduce the ed States to the rest of the world," he said. "Reaffirm our alliances, listen to people abroad." “很明显,我想对于总统而言,与国际社会接触,并且重新向世界介绍美国,真的很重要。重新稳固我们的盟邦,并且聆听世界人民的声音。”The Director of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, Darrell West, says Mr. Obama needs to lower expectations about how much can be accomplished in the days and weeks after he is sworn in.  布鲁金斯学会的管理研究所主任达雷尔.韦斯特说,奥巴马需要降低人们对于他宣誓就职之后的几天与几个星期之内所能实现成就的期望。West says during the transition Mr. Obama needs to explain just how difficult it will be to solve the economic crisis. 韦斯特说,在移交期间,奥巴马需要解释解决经济危机将是多么困难。"Obama joked about being Superman. The problem he faces is that there are too many people in the ed States, as well as around the world, who actually see him that way and expect him to perform miracles," he said. "Now he is an individual who has extraordinary leadership and communications abilities, but he is also taking office at the time of our most challenging transition since the Great Depression." “奥巴马开玩笑说他并不是超人。问题是,太多美国人以及国际上,都真的认为他是超人,并且期待他创造奇迹。现在他是个拥有卓越领导能力以及沟通能力的人,但他同时也将在从大萧条以来我们国家最受到挑战的时刻接下总统大任。”Terry Edmonds was the director of speechwriting for President Clinton. He says Mr. Obama maybe the best communicator in the White House since Ronald Reagan. 特里.埃德蒙兹是克林顿前总统的演讲稿撰写人。他说奥巴马或许是自从里根以来最具沟通能力的美国总统。Edmonds says the skills that helped Mr. Obama win the election will serve him well during the transition and when he takes office. 埃德蒙兹说,协助奥巴马赢得选举的技能,将在移交期间以及就任之后,同样能帮助他。"Barack Obama will begin his administration with some strong qualities that he has demonstrated throughout the campaign, which are steadfastness, a consistent message," he said. "He is a great communicator." “巴拉克.奥巴马的新政府将由展示他在选战当中展现的某些坚强特质开始。这些特质包括了坚忍,始终如一的讯息。他具有卓越的沟通才能。”On Monday, Mr. Obama will meet with President Bush to discuss the transfer of power. No recent president-elect from an opposing party has been received at the White House so quickly after an election, underscoring how rapidly the transition is occurring in a time of war and financial crisis. 星期一,奥巴马将会与布什总统会晤,讨论权力移交事宜。近年来从没有一名反对党的总统当选人能在选举后就这么快的受邀进入白宫,这彰显了在战争期间以及金融危机的时期,移交过程在多么快速的进行。200811/55628青岛大学医学院附属医院妇产科医院 The number of governments that have banned Japanese food imports due to fears of radiation contamination is growing. On Friday, China joined Singapore and the U.S. in halting some imported foods from radiation-affected areas of Japan. Other governments are expected to take similar precautionary measures as Japan struggles to contain the damage from the Fukushima nuclear plant.由于担心核辐射扩散,越来越多的国家下令禁止进口来自日本的食品,这对日本地震灾区的经济来说真是雪上加霜。The situation at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant remains precarious after several workers there suffered radiation burns while attempting to cool one of the damaged reactors.福岛核电站的情况仍然不稳定,在几位日本工人试图冷却受损反应堆而受到核辐射灼伤之后,已经有好几个国家监测到来自日本的放射性物质。Although the extent of contamination remains unclear, the damage to farms and livelihoods is sping. At one of Japan's busiest fish markets, Yasumichi Tanaka said the daily catch is dwindling. "Fish supplies from the radiation contaminated regions have been totally halted."尽管这次核污染的范围和程度目前还不明朗,但是日本农业和水产业受到的打击却在扩大。一个鱼贩说:“来自核辐射污染地区的鱼类供应已经完全停止了。”Produce markets also have taken a hit. Retailers say some customers are avoiding all vegetables, not just those likely to be contaminated. International orders have suffered, as well.蔬菜市场也在劫难逃。零售商们说,有些顾客干脆什么蔬菜都不买,并不仅仅是那些可能受到污染的东西。On Friday, China joined the growing list of countries that have halted food imports from affected regions. State TV reported the banned items included milk products, fruit, vegetables and seafood.In Singapore, where some Japanese foods aly are banned, restaurant manager Connie Hon said her customers are worried. "Consumer confidence is yes, somewhat shaken, I would say, amongst some of the Singapore populace, but that can't be helped, I think."在新加坡,餐馆经理康妮洪说,顾客们都感到担忧。“在新加坡民众当中,顾客的信心的确受到了一些打击,实在是没办法。”201103/129970青岛哪个医院治疗妇科疾病好

城阳妇产医院哪家好At least one million children in the ed States experience homelessness each year, putting them at increased risk for problems with their health, safety and education.据估计,美国每年至少有100万孩子过着无家可归的生活,这增加了他们在健康、安全和教育方面出现问题的风险。Without a fixed address and with their family facing financial problems, homeless students often have difficulty registering for school, getting to class, having the proper supplies and finding a quiet place to do homework. But a school district in Dallas, Texas, where nearly half the students are homeless, is helping those pupils are overcome the odds.由于家庭经济窘迫,没有固定住址,无家可归的学生在登记入学、到校上课、获得所需用品以及寻找安静的地方做作业等方面都存在困难。美国各地学校都在努力帮助这些孩子。以德克萨斯州达拉斯的阿灵顿公园小学为例,那里有将近一半的学生无家可归,但师生们正克着困难。This past summer, single mother Angela Arnold moved halfway across the ed States, from North Carolina to Dallas, Texas, with her 9-year-old son Jordan. A veteran mortgage lender who'd been laid off, she expected to quickly find a new job here, where the economy’s better. So she rented a room by the week in an extended-stay motel. That was more than six months ago. 去年夏天,单亲母亲安吉拉·阿诺德带着9岁的儿子乔丹,从北卡罗莱纳州搬到德克萨斯州的达拉斯。安吉拉曾经做过抵押贷款放贷员,后来失业。她估计能很快在经济状况比较好的达拉斯找到一份新工作。所以她在一家汽车旅馆以每星期付费的方式租了一间客房。那是6个多月以前的事。When she enrolled Jordan in her neighborhood school, Arlington Park Learning Center’s counselor told her she was considered homeless.当安吉拉为儿子乔丹在邻近的阿灵顿公园小学登记入学的时候,学校的咨询员告诉她,她被认为是无家可归者。"I’m like, 'Homeless? What do you mean homeless? I’m not homeless,'" says Arnold. And, like I said, I’ve never been put in a situation such as this. He said, 'Well it’s a homeless program you’re in because you don’t have a permanent address, you don’t have a residency. I thought ‘Wow, OK.’"安吉拉说:“什么?我看上去像无家可归?我不是无家可归。我以前从来没有过这种经历。咨询员说,因为你没有永久地址,没有固定住所,所以你加入的是一个无家可归项目。最后我想,那行吧。”Arnold is still looking for work while managing with her unemployment check. She is one of more than 100 Arlington Park parents considered homeless. The small school with 246 mostly black and Hispanic students sits close to Interstate 35, a busy highway. The county hospital, a women's shelter and several extended-stay hotels, where the rooms have small kitchens, are also nearby.阿灵顿公园小学很小,只有246名学生,绝大多数是黑人和拉美裔。学校靠近35号州际公路,附近有县医院、一座妇女庇护所以及几家可长期租住的旅馆。201104/130141 Aid Agencies Speed Up Humanitarian Assistance to Pakistan联合国向巴基斯坦紧急空运救援品 UN aid agencies are expanding and speeding up their relief operations to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by fighting in Pakistan's northwest province. A UNHCR charter plane carrying 120 tons of relief supplies for people fleeing the fighting landed in Pakistan earlier Tuesday.联合国救援机构正在扩大并加速援助行动,帮助巴基斯坦西北省份由于战乱而流离失所的数十万民众。一架联合国难民署的包机载着120吨为援助那些逃离战区民众的物资,星期二稍早降落在巴基斯坦。The UNHCR emergency airlift took off from Dubai early Tuesday morning. The agency says the stock of thousands of mosquito nets, plastic sheets for emergency shelters, plastic rolls and two large portable warehouses it was carrying will be loaded onto seven trucks.联合国难民事务高级专员公署的紧急空运物资星期二凌晨从迪拜起飞。这个难民机构说,机上运载的数千顶蚊帐、搭建临时建筑屋顶的塑料布、塑料滚筒以及两个大型便携式仓库等物资,将装上7辆卡车。UN refugee spokesman, Ron Redmond, says the supplies will be taken immediately to UNHCR's warehouse in Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province. 联合国难民署的发言人罗恩·莱德蒙说,这些物资将立即送往难民总署在西北边境省首府白沙瓦的库房。"This airlifted consignment will bolster the thousands of relief supplies such as tents and kitchen sets, jerry cans and so on that are either locally procured or from our existing stockpiles in Pakistan," Redmond said. "UNHCR is distributing this stuff alongside our non-government partners and local authorities, as part of a joint UN response. People are being registered in camps and at 38 registration centers that have now been established by the authorities with UNHCR help. We are in the process of setting up 75 such registration centers." 莱德蒙说:“空运物资将加强数以千计的救援设备,比如帐篷和厨房用品、简便油桶等各种从当地获得的,或者从我们已经存放在巴基斯坦仓库的物品。联合国难民署和我们那些非政府机构的合作伙伴以及地方当局分发这些物资,以此作为联合国共同反应的一部分。流离失所的民众在难民营以及38个登记中心里获得登记在案,这些中心是地方当局在联合国难民署的帮助下建立起来。我们正在设立75个这样的登记中心。”Government and UN sources put the number of people displaced in the Swat Valley and other areas in northwest Pakistan at 1.3 million since last August. More than one half million have fled since the recent fighting erupted between government forces and Taliban militants.政府和联合国的消息来源将那些自去年8月在斯瓦特河谷以及巴基斯坦西北部其他地区流离失所的难民人数确定为130万人。其中50多万人是在最近政府军和塔利班激进分子之间爆发战斗以来逃离家园的。Redmond says most of the displaced people from the new influx now have been formally registered by the authorities. He says the majority are staying with relatives, friends or host communities. More than 70,000 are in camps.莱德蒙说,新一轮逃离家园的民众中多数已经得到政府正式的登记。他说,大多数人投靠亲友,或者在收容难民的社区里。有7万多人在难民营中。World Food Program spokeswoman, Emilia Casella, says her agency is currently feeding 654,000 internally displaced people. 世界粮食计划署的发言人艾米利亚·卡塞拉说,该机构目前负责供应65万4千名在国内流离失所的巴基斯坦人。"We have got about enough food for 1.5 million people for the next two to three months," Casella said. "And, that is currently what the stocks are in the country and obviously with this influx, there is a great need for increased funding for all humanitarian services. For food so far this year, 42 million in US dollars have been received. But, we are anticipating that the cost of a food operation of this size is going to be closer to about 0 million."卡塞拉说:“今后两三个月里,我们有足够供给150万人的食品。这个数字是目前在巴基斯坦储存的货物。由于这一波难民潮,显然必须有加大的资金力量来持所有的人道主义务机构。 就食品而言,今年到此为止,收到了4千2百万美元的资金。但是我们预计,这种规模的食品运作成本将接近大约一亿两千万美元。”Aid agencies agree the speed and scale of this crisis is posing huge challenges for everyone. They are appealing to the international community to help the growing number of Pakistanis uprooted by the fighting.救援机构都认为,这次危机的速度和规模对大家都形成了巨大的挑战。他们正向国际社会求助,要求对这些不断增加的因战乱而背井离乡的巴基斯坦人提供帮助。05/69692菏泽治疗妇科价格李沧区妇女儿童医院联系电话



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