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  One couple glad Idol finished有人欢喜有人忧:美国夫妇饱受“偶像”投票电话骚扰Amercian Idol .There's at least one couple who isn't upset that America's most popular TV show "Idol" has finished its fifth season.Dorothy and Jerry Few are tired of getting calls from people who believe they're phoning in a vote for their favorite "American Idol" contestant."It's aggravating when it happens," said Dorothy Few, 74, who didn't watch the show that crowned Taylor Hicks its latest winner Wednesday night. "I hate when somebody calls and hangs up."During the show's season, from late February through May, viewers can call national toll-free numbers to cast their votes for their favorite contestant.The Fews' phone number closely resembles the toll-free number Fox uses to let viewers vote for their favorite contestants. The voting lines begin 1-866-436-57XX - or 1-866-IDOLSXX - with the last two digits corresponding to a singer.Ethel Boling, 79, also has phone number with the 866 prefix and said she had been getting eight to 10 wrong numbers a week from "Idol" fans. But as a fellow "Idol" watcher, she doesn't mind the misdials."It's kind of exciting, really," she said.More than 63 million callers cast their vote for the finals this week. (Agencies)对于美国最具人气的电视真人秀“美国偶像”第五季的结束,至少有一对夫妇不会感到失落。桃乐茜和杰瑞·菲尤夫妇不停地接到人们为心目中偶像投票而打错的电话,他们为此烦透了。74岁的桃乐茜说:“当接到打错的投票电话时,真是让人生气。我实在是讨厌有人打错了电话,然后再把电话给挂了”。 她没有观看周三晚泰勒·希克斯摘得"偶像"桂冠的总决赛。“美国偶像”的整个赛季从2月下旬一直持续到5月,观众们在此期间可拨打全国免费热线电话,投票持自己喜爱的选手。菲尤家的电话号码和福克斯电视台所设的免费投票电话号码十分相近。投票热线号码的开头是1-866-436-57或1-866-IDOLS,后加和歌手对应的两个数字。79岁的埃塞尔·波琳家的电话号码前缀也是866,她说,她一周之内会接到8到10个“美国偶像”的“粉丝”们打错的电话。但作为"美国偶像"的一名忠实观众,她对此并不介意。她说:“这还真的有点令人激动。”本周,共有6300万多名观众拨打电话参与总决赛的投票。Vocabulary:phone in: (广播或电视)听众或观众打来热线电话aggravating : annoying(恼人的;使人生气的) /200803/31793


  TThere are many ways of being smart that aren’t smart like us.” These are the words of Patrick Winston, a leading voice in the field of artificial intelligence. Although his idea is simple, its significance has been lost on most people thinking about the future of work. Yet this is the feature of AI that ought to preoccupy us the most. “(人工智能)有很多与人类不同的智能方式。”这是人工智能领域的领军人物帕特里克#8226;温斯顿(Patrick Winston)说过的话。尽管他的观点很简单,但多数思考工作未来的人没有领悟到它的含义。然而,他所说的是我们应该最为关注的人工智能的一个特征。 From the 1950s to the 1980s, during the “first wave” of AI research, it was generally thought that the best way to build systems capable of performing tasks to the level of human experts or higher was to copy the way that experts worked. But there was a problem: human experts often struggled to articulate how they performed many tasks. 从上世纪50年代到80年代,在人工智能研究“第一次浪潮”时期,人们一般认为,创建能够将任务执行到达到人类专家水平或更高水平的系统的最佳方法,是复制专家们的工作方式。但问题是:对于很多任务,人类专家都常常难以说出他们是如何执行的。 Chess-playing was a good example. When researchers sat down with grandmasters and asked them to explain how they played such fine chess, the answers were useless. Some players appealed to “intuition”, others to “experience”. Many said they did not really know at all. How could researchers build a chess-playing system to beat a grandmaster if the best players themselves could not explain how they were so good? 下棋是一个很好的例子。当研究人员与大师们坐下来,请他们解释如何把棋下得这么好时,都是毫无用处的。一些大师认为是“直觉”,还有一些人则归因于“经验”。很多人表示,他们根本不知道原因。如果最优秀的棋手自己都不能解释他们为何如此出色,那么研究人员如何能够创建一个可以打败大师的下棋系统? A turning point came in 1997. Garry Kasparov, the then world chess champion, was beaten by IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue. What was most remarkable was how the system did it. Deep Blue did not share Mr Kasparov’s “intuition” or “experience”. It won by dint of sheer processing power and massive data storage capability. 1997年,一个转折点出现了。当时的国际象棋世界冠军加里#8226;卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)被IBM的超级计算机“深蓝”(Deep Blue)击败。最引人瞩目的是这个电脑系统击败人类的方法。“深蓝”没有卡斯帕罗夫的“直觉”或“经验”。它是凭借强大的处理能力和大规模数据存储能力获胜的。 There then followed AI’s “second wave”, which we are in today. Google’s AI, AlphaGo, has just finished a five-game series of Go against Lee Se-dol, perhaps the best player of the game alive. Until recently, most researchers thought we were at least ten years away from a machine victory. Yet AlphaGo beat Mr Lee in four of the five games. It did not have his genius or strategic insight; it relied on what are known as “deep neural networks”, driven, once again, by processing power and data storage. Like Deep Blue, AlphaGo was in a sense playing a different game. 接着出现了人工智能的“第二次浪潮”,就是现在。谷歌(Google)的人工智能程序AlphaGo刚刚在5局的围棋对弈中击败或许称得上目前最优秀的棋手李世石(Lee Se-dol)。不久以前,多数研究人员还认为,我们距离机器获胜至少还有10年的时间。然而,AlphaGo在与李世石的5局交锋中,有4局获胜。它没有李世石的天赋或战略眼光;它凭借的是被称为“深度神经网络”的系统,同样的,该系统是由处理能力和数据存储能力驱动。与“深蓝”一样,从某种程度上来说,AlphaGo玩的是不同的游戏。 In retrospect, we can see that early researchers made the mistake we now call the “AI fallacy”: they assumed that the only way to perform a task to the standard of a human expert is to replicate the approach of human specialists. Today, many commentators are repeating the same mistake in thinking about the future of work. They fail to realise that in the future systems will out-perform human beings not by copying the best human experts, but by performing tasks in very different ways. 回过头来看,我们能够看出早期的研究人员犯下了我们现在称之为“人工智能谬论”的错误:他们认为,要把一项任务执行到达到人类专家的标准,唯一途径是复制人类专家的方法。如今,很多人士在思考工作的未来时也在重复同样的错误。他们未能意识到,将来系统战胜人类不是通过模仿最优秀的人类专家,而是通过以截然不同的方式执行任务。 Consider the legal world. Daniel Martin Katz, a law professor, has designed a system to predict the voting behaviour of the US Supreme Court. It can perform as well as most specialists, but it does not mirror the judgement of a human being. Instead it draws on data that captures six decades of Court behaviour. 以法律界为例。法学教授丹尼尔#8226;马丁#8226;卡茨(Daniel Martin Katz)设计了一个预测美国最高法院投票行为的系统。它可以预测得与多数专家一样好,但它并不是模仿人类的判断。它利用的是记录美国最高法院60年行为的数据。 We see similar developments in other parts of the economy. Millions of people in the US use online tax preparation software, not a personal interaction with an accountant, to file their returns. Autodesk’s “Project Dreamcatcher” generates computerised designs, not by mimicking the creativity of an architect, but by sifting through a vast number of possible designs and selecting the best option. And IBM’s Watson helps to diagnose cancer, not by copying the reasoning of a doctor, but by trawling enormous bodies of medical data. 我们还在其他经济领域看到了类似的事情。在美国,数百万人利用在线报税软件,而不是亲自与会计师会面,来提交纳税申报表。Autodesk的“Project Dreamcatcher”会通过筛选大量可能的设计以及选择最佳方案(而不是模仿建筑师的创意)来生成电脑化设计。IBM的超级计算机“沃森”(Watson)通过查阅海量医疗数据(而非复制医生的推理方法)帮助诊断癌症。 All this does not herald the “end of work”. Rather, it points to a future that is very different from the one most experts are predicting. It is often said that because machines cannot “think” like human beings, they can never be creative; that because they cannot “reason” like human beings, they can never exercise judgement; or that because they cannot “feel” like human beings they can never be empathetic. For these reasons, it is claimed, there are a great many tasks that will always require human beings to perform them. 所有这一切都没有预示“工作的终结”。它只是表明未来与多数专家的预测截然不同。人们经常说,因为机器无法像人类那样“思考”,所以它们永远无法变得有创意;因为它们无法像人类那样“推理”,所以它们永远无法做出判断;因为它们无法像人类那样“感受”,所以它们永远无法变得有同情心。出于这些原因,有人声称,很多任务永远需要人类去执行。 But this is to fail to grasp that tomorrow’s systems will handle many tasks that today require creativity, judgement or empathy, not by copying us, but by working in entirely different, unhuman ways. The set of tasks reserved exclusively for human beings is likely to be much smaller than many expect. 但这未能意识到,未来的系统将处理很多现在需要创意、判断或同情的任务,不是通过模仿我们,而是通过用一种完全不同的非人类的方式工作。人类专属的任务可能会比很多人预测的少得多。 /201603/433922

  Beijing’s plans to create national champions in 10 high-tech manufacturing sectors by 2025 has come under fire from European businesses, which fear Chinese producers could swamp whole industries with overcapacity and spark a protectionist backlash.中国政府计划在2025年以前,在10个高科技制造业领域打造国家冠军企业。这一计划受到欧洲商界的抨击,后者担心中国制造商会以过剩产能淹没整个产业、并引发保护主义反弹。The EU Chamber of Commerce in Beijing on Tuesday released a 70-page critique of China’s industrial policy, known as China Manufacturing 2025.位于北京的中国欧盟商会(European Chamber of Commerce in China)周二发布了一份长达70页、题为《中国制造2025:产业政策对弈市场力量》(China Manufacturing 2025)的报告,批评中国的产业政策。“The broad set of policy tools that are being employed to facilitate CM2025’s development are highly problematic,” said the chamber, which represents European businesses in China. The report was timed to coincide with the National People’s Congress, the annual meeting of China’s rubber-stamp legislature.这家代表欧洲在华企业的商会表示:“用来推动落实《中国制造2025》的诸多政策手段是有很大问题的。”该报告的发布恰逢中国的“橡皮图章”立法机关全国人大召开年会之际。The chamber said, for instance, that foreign carmakers with electric models were being pressed to turn over their battery technology to Chinese partners in exchange for being able to produce and sell in China.该商会举例称,拥有电动车型的外国车企正面临压力,要它们把自己的电池技术交给中方合作伙伴,以换取能够在中国生产和销售。“European business is facing intense pressure to turn over advanced technology in exchange for near-term market access,” according to the report.报告称:“例如,近来通过的一项新能源汽车领域的政策令欧洲企业需以先进技术换取近期市场准入而面临巨大压力。”Other measures that have been aly implemented, such as subsiding local producers of battery-powered cars, are possibly in violation of China’s commitments to the World Trade Organisation, the EU Chamber said. However, foreign businesses fear WTO resolution may not be an option given the length of time the process takes and the potential for retaliation by China.中国欧盟商会表示,其他已经实施的措施——比如补贴本土电池动力汽车生产商——可能违反了中国对世贸组织(WTO)的承诺。不过,外国企业担心,将问题诉诸WTO来解决也许不是一个合适的选项,因为整个流程耗时太久,而且中国有可能会报复。On Sunday, at the opening of the NPC, China’s government appeared to react to criticism of its manufacturing plans, saying in a government work report: “Foreign firms will be treated the same as domestic firms when it comes to licence applications, standard-setting and government procurement, and will enjoy the same preferential policies under the Made in China 2025 initiative.”上周日,在全国人大年会开幕时,中国政府似乎针对外界对其制造业计划的批评作出了回应,它在一份政府工作报告中称:“在资质许可、标准制定、政府采购、享受《中国制造2025》政策等方面,对内外资企业一视同仁。” /201703/496370A new Chinese supercomputer has dethroned the country#39;s Tianhe-2 from the top of a list of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world.近日,我国新型超级计算机“神威太湖之光”取代“天河二号”问鼎全球超级计算机500强榜单。For the first time, the country has taken top spot without using US technology.这是中国首次在未使用美国技术的情况下登上该榜单榜首。The newcomer, called Sunway TaihuLight, is twice as fast and three times as efficient as Tianhe-2.神威太湖之光的运算速度是天河二号的两倍,效率是其3倍。The new system was developed by the Chinese National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering And Technology and installed at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.新系统由国家并行计算机工程技术研究中心研制,目前放置于位于江苏省无锡市的国家超级计算机应用中心。Some experts said, ;China maintained its No 1 ranking on the 47th edition of the TOP 500 list of the world#39;s top supercomputers, but with a new system built entirely using processors designed and made in China.;一些专家表示:“中国在国际TOP 500组织第47期榜单上保持第一名的位置,凭借的是一个完全基于中国设计、制造处理器而打造的新系统。”Tianhe-2, an Intel-based supercomputer, had claimed the top spot on the past six TOP 500 lists.基于Intel处理器的天河2号超级计算机,此前已在TOP 500榜单上连续六度称雄。It is also the first time since the list was initially drawn up in 1993 that the US is no longer home to the largest number of supercomputer systems.此外,这也是自该榜单发布以来,美国首次跌下拥有最多超级计算机系统的宝座。;With a surge in industrial and research installations registered over the past few years, China leads with 167 systems and the US is second with 165,; according to a statement about the list.榜单的相关声明称:“随着过去几年工业和研究安装注册数量的激增,中国以167套系统居于首位,美国以165套系统位居第二。” /201606/451681In the hottest days of summer, the heat sends funk rising from the neighborhood fish markets, and directly overhead, in plain view, the subways rattle over the Manhattan Bridge every few minutes. Location, location, location, the real estate adage goes. But Mr. Fong’s, a new bar at the forlorn corner of Market and Madison Streets in Chinatown, is packed every night, from 10 p.m. until it closes at 4.在夏季最热的日子里,附近鱼市的臭味弥漫到空中,每隔几分钟,地铁就从头顶的曼哈顿桥上呼啸而过,很是显眼。地产公司的格言是,地段、地段、地段。但是位于中国城市场街和麦迪逊街偏僻拐角的新酒吧“方先生”(Mr. Fong’s)从每天晚上10点到凌晨4点打烊都是熙熙攘攘。The owners are striving to make it a neighborhood joint, but so far, it’s the fashion industry that has made it a destination. On any given night, a conclave of young Vogue editors may be holed up in one of the sparse few booths, a powerful stylist swaying to the vinyl-only D.J. set or any number of models toasting any number of other models. (It is a popular birthday destination, provided the birthday you are celebrating is somewhere below 30.)酒吧的老板们想把它做成一个社区酒吧,但是到目前为止,来这里的大多是时尚界人士。不管哪个晚上,《Vogue》杂志的一群年轻编辑躲在为数不多的几个卡座里;一位著名造型师摇摇晃晃地走向只有黑胶唱片的DJ台;一群模特向另一群模特祝酒(这里是举办生日派对的热门地点,如果你庆祝的是30岁以下的生日的话)。On Tuesday, Matthew Foley, a former associate of Thom Browne, was there with his boyfriend and boyfriend’s twin sister, and not for the last time. “We’re going for their birthday on Saturday,” he said. “It’s the thing to do.” (It is even the thing to do if you don’t drink; Mr. Foley doesn’t.)周二(7月28日),时尚品牌桑姆·布郎尼(Thom Browne)的前合伙人马修·福利(Matthew Foley)和他的男朋友以及男朋友的双胞胎(或)来到这间酒吧,他是这里的常客。“我们打算周六在这里给他们庆生,”他说,“这儿很合适”(就算你不喝酒,这儿也合适。福利先生就不喝酒)。What draws the crowds? Mr. Fong’s isn’t glitzy or snobby. “Just a cool bar in the middle of nowhere,” said the model Janice Alida, who called in from a shoot in Montauk to rave. It is mostly absent the undesirable bro contingent choking Lower East Side bars, even without any official door policy.这里的魅力在哪里?“方先生”酒吧既不炫目也不高高在上。“就是一个偏僻角落里的酷酒吧,”模特贾妮丝·阿莉达(Janice Alida)说。她在蒙托克(Montauk)完成拍摄工作后来这里狂欢。这里基本没有挤满下东区酒吧的那些烦人的兄弟团,甚至没有正式的门卫政策。“This weird jaunt, through alleyways that are rat-filled and streets that are only one block long, might be a good filter for that sort of clientele,” said Lucas Moran, 41, one of the owning partners.“来这里要经过老鼠横行的小巷和一些只有一个街区长的短街,有些人就不会想来了,”酒吧合伙人之一、41岁的卢卡斯·莫兰(Lucas Moran)说。The room is dark and handsome, and the drinks cheap (no beer more than , and the house vodka tonic is infused with Chinese celery and herbs, in a nod to the neighborhood). But the secret to Mr. Fong’s success probably isn’t the cocktails any more than it is the convenient proximity to the First Chinese Presbyterian Church. It’s the seven-man synod of owners’ deep roots in several industries, including fashion, hospitality and Hollywood — six identifiable, one a press-shy rock star — whose wide reach seems to summon the throngs.“方先生”酒吧昏暗精巧,酒水便宜(啤酒没有超过7美元的,9美元的招牌伏特加汤力水加入了中国芹菜和一些草本植物,以向酒吧所在的中国城致意)。但是这家酒吧成功的秘诀很可能既不是鸡尾酒,也不是因为它离第一个华人基督教长老会教堂很近。真正的原因是七位所有者在时尚、餐饮和好莱坞等多个行业人脉深厚(我们知道其中六位的名字,另一位是不爱抛头露面的摇滚明星)——似乎是他们的广泛影响力召集了这么多顾客。“I ask everyone how they got here,” said Emerson Barth, an agent at IMG Models, who lives next door, “and it’s always, ‘I’m a friend of a friend of a friend of the owners.’ ”“当我问你为什么来这儿时,”住在酒吧旁边的IMG模特公司(IMG Models)的经纪人埃默森·巴思(Emerson Barth)说,“大家的说法总是,‘我是老板的朋友的朋友的朋友。’ ”Mr. Moran’s partners include Noah Shelley, 35, an owner and partner of AM Casting, an agency that connects labels like Rick Owens, Opening Ceremony and Ann Demeulemeester with models.莫兰的合伙人包括35岁的诺亚·谢利(Noah Shelley)。他是AM模特选派公司(AM Casting)的老板和合伙人。这个公司负责里克·欧文斯(Rick Owens)、Opening Ceremony和Ann Demeulemeester等品牌与模特之间的联络。Then there is Aisa Blue Shelley, 33, Mr. Shelley’s brother, and like Mr. Moran an alumnus of the Brooklyn restaurant Rucola; Adam Moonves, 31, a Los Angeles transplant whose sister, Sara, is a contributing fashion editor at Vogue; Jordan Hadley, 41; and Daniel Eric Gold, 39, an actor whose face is recognizable from his stint as Betty’s sometime suitor on “Ugly Betty.”还有33岁的艾萨·布鲁·谢利(Aisa Blue Shelley),他是诺亚·谢利的弟弟,和莫兰一样,他也曾在布鲁克林的Rucola餐馆工作过;31岁的亚当·蒙维斯(Adam Moonves)来自洛杉矶,他的(或)萨拉(Sara)是《Vogue》杂志的特约时尚编辑;41岁的乔丹·哈德利(Jordan Hadley);39岁的丹尼尔·埃里克·戈尔德(Daniel Eric Gold),他是一名演员,曾在《丑女贝蒂》(Ugly Betty)中短暂出演贝蒂曾经的追求者,也许有些人能认出他。The bar has no P.R. strategy, no sign and no more marketing than a bare-bones Instagram account, but between the seven, they’ve coaxed out a crowd that also includes skateboarders, locals from the nearby Knickerbocker Village houses and cops, or at least those who play them on TV.这家酒吧没有任何公关策略,没有招牌,除了最基本的Instagram账户外没有其他营销手段,但是这七位所有者已经吸引了众多顾客,还包括滑板选手、附近荷兰村(Knickerbocker Village)的居民以及警察或者在电视上演过警察的演员。“Walking through fish smells and then to come to a place like this — it’s an oasis,” said Peter Scanavino, a friend of Mr. Gold’s who plays a detective on “Law amp; Order: SVU.”“从鱼腥味中一路走来,然后走到这里,就像到了绿洲,”戈尔德的朋友彼得·斯卡纳维诺(Peter Scanavino)说。他在《法律与秩序:特殊受害者》(Law amp; Order: SVU)中饰演一名侦探。You will not find the titular Mr. Fong himself, though he is a real person, a local Chinatown real estate manager and power broker. “Half the people I’ve ever met, they’re like: ‘Named after the Mr. Fong? He got me my first apartment in ’98,’ ” Noah Shelley said. After he found the owners the space, they gratefully named it after him.你找不到酒吧名字中的方先生,不过确有其人,他是中国城的一位房产经理和权力经纪人。“我见过的人中有一半人对我说过,‘以方先生命名?98年的时候我的第一套公寓就是他介绍的,’”诺亚·谢利说。方先生给酒吧老板们找到这个空间后,他们以他命名,以表谢意。Two years ago, the Shelley brothers had planned another bar, in Brooklyn, which foundered.两年前,谢利兄弟曾打算在布鲁克林开另一间酒吧,但是没开成。“Thank God,” Mr. Shelley said. “It was in Fort Greene. It would have been a freaking stroller bar.”“谢天谢地,”谢利说,“那时候我们是打算在格林堡(Fort Greene)开酒吧。要是真开在那儿了,它会变成一个可怕的推着婴儿推车的妈妈酒吧。” /201508/395840


  Preparing for Dieting and Exercise ProgramIf you are a typical mother of a young child or children you likely find yourself very busy. No matter how much time you spend taking care of the business of being a mother, you likely still want to maintain good health and a nice appearance. You may be interested in losing weight.In this regard there are some tips and pointers that you will want to keep in mind so that you can enjoy healthy weight loss and weight maintenance today and into the future. These are tips that pertain to helping you lay the foundation for a weight loss and companion exercise program. You need to understand that you need to develop a comprehensive program that incorporates both diet and exercise.Stop smoking.If you are a smoker, the first step that you will want to take before you begin a weight loss campaign is to stop smoking. You should break this habit as a prelude to losing weight. Losing weight is difficult enough and you should prepare for the process by eliminating this habit first. Moreover, yous imply will not be able to get the most out of any exercise or fitness program if you remain a smoker.If you drink a lot of alcohol, cut back.A glass of red wine per night is healthy. Any more than that is a buzz and you don’t need it. Never, ever, drink before a workout or exercise session.Increase your water intake.Even though you really don’t need to get 8 glasses per day, increasing you water will help you feel full. Also, if you are beginning a workout program it is essential.Avoid sports drinks.You likely don’t need them unless you are sweating profusely for hours, like a pro athlete. Leave the Gatorade for the pro locker room.Always eat before and after a workout.A half hour before and a half hour to an hour after. And remember your water, too.Only cut out necessary caloriesRemember that eating itself is thermogenic, so you have to eat to lose weight. The key is to consume the appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis.Eat fiber at every opportunity.This helps prevent bowel trouble; it also builds bulk in the stomach whichhelps make you feel full.Fiber is a very important and sometimes overlooked element of a diet and wellness regimen. 如果你是一位带着幼童或一群幼童的典型妈妈,你肯定会觉得自己很忙吧。但是不管你有多忙要尽自己的职责当好一位好母亲,你还是要关注身体,注意形象。可能你对减肥饶有兴趣。在此,为了让你现在以及以后的日子里享受到减肥以及保持身材的乐趣,你需要把这些贴士铭记于心。这些贴士是能帮助你打好减肥的基础加以锻炼计划。你必须明白你需要作出一份节食与锻炼齐头并进的综合计划。如果你是一位烟者,那么你开始减肥前必须要做到的就是戒烟。你必须摒弃这个坏习惯作为你开始减肥的序幕。减肥实在太难所以你必须首先抛弃这个习惯来进入到这个过程。进一步来说,如果你执迷不悟继续抽烟的话,那你节食,锻炼计划的效果就不会显著。如果你大量喝酒,马上戒掉。每晚一杯红酒能让你身体健康。略多一点就会成为浪费因为你根本不用。永远不要在健身或运动课程前喝酒。多喝水即使你不用一天喝8杯水,多喝水会让你有饱胀感。当你开始健身运动前,喝水也是必须的。避免运动功能性饮料除非你长时间过多流汗,否则你根本不需要喝它。例如pro athelete。把佳得乐还是留在个人存储室吧。运动前后都要进食在运动前半小时以及运动后半小时至一小时进食并且记住喝水。仅消耗必要的卡路里记住饮食本身就是产生热量,所以你必须靠吃来减肥。关键在于你要靠吃饭来消耗必须的卡路里。适当吃一些纤维质食物它能够帮助你通便,同时由于它在肚子里囤积,让你觉得有饱胀感。纤维质食物是饮食以及健康养身很重要的元素,但是它却常常被忽视。 /200803/29694





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