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青岛市北区哪家妇科医院好市北妇幼保健院妇科检查乳腺盆腔炎输卵管山大医院黄岛分院耳妇科预约电话 North Korea says it is closing one of the last lines of communication with the ed States in retaliation for Washington placing sanctions on leader Kim Jong Un for human rights abuses.朝鲜表示,要终止跟美国仅存的联络方式,作为对美国因践踏人权而制裁朝鲜领导人金正恩的报复。Pyongyang said Monday it has told the U.S. the North is effectively ending all diplomatic communications with Washington that have been conducted through the U.N. offices in New York.平壤星期一说,他们已知会美方,朝鲜正式中断通过驻联合国办公室跟美国的任何联系。Last week, the U.S. placed personal sanctions on Kim and several other North Korean officials, in addition to sanctions aly in place on the country for Pyongyang#39;s nuclear weapons program.美国上星期对金正恩和另外一些朝鲜官员实施个人制裁。此前,朝鲜因其核武器项目已经受到了制裁。Earlier Monday, North Korea threatened to take ;physical action; after the U.S. and Seoul announced plans for deployment of a sophisticated missile defense system in South Korea.星期一早些时候,朝鲜威胁要采取行动,因为美国和韩国此前宣布要在韩国部署先进的导弹防御系统。Pyongyang made the threat several days after Washington and Seoul revealed plans to use the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system - THAAD - on the Korean peninsula following a series of ballistic missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang. The location and timing of the deployment have not been announced.朝鲜做出这一威胁的几天前,美国和韩国宣布,针对平壤进行的一系列弹道导弹试射和核试验,计划在朝鲜半岛部署反导弹“萨德”系统,部署的具体地点和时间尚未宣布。 /201607/453818山东省第一人民医院怎么样

菏泽四维彩超费用China’s most coal-dependent province has moved to ease rising pressure on seven of its largest coal miners by extending the maturity on up to Rmb400bn (bn) in loans, in a sign of the severity of the bad-debt crisis gripping the country’s coal sector.中国最依赖煤炭的省份采取行动缓解省内七家大型煤碳企业日益上升的压力,延长多达4000亿元人民币(合600亿美元)贷款的期限,这个迹象突显席卷中国煤炭行业的债务危机的严重程度。The move by Shanxi province marks the first time a local regulator has asked banks for leeway on loans for a select group of companies. It is the latest in a series of tactics employed by the country as it tries to pare bad debt, which by some analysts’ estimates has reached epidemic levels.山西省此举标志着地方监管机构首次要求对一组挑选出的企业放一马。这是中国在试图削减坏账方面一连串战术的最新一例;一些分析师估计,中国的坏债已达到可怕的程度。The central government last year launched a Rmb4tn-and-counting programme that pushed banks to swap debt from many local government businesses for longer-maturity bonds. This year, Beijing announced a controversial plan in which banks would trade corporate debt for equity in companies.中央政府去年推出了一个4万亿元人民币甚至更大规模的计划,推动把众多地方政府企业的债务置换为更长期限的债券。今年,北京方面宣布了一个有争议的计划,要求把它们对企业拥有的债权置换为股权。Corporate debt is a concern across China but the situation is particularly desperate in Shanxi. A four-year slowdown in coal prices has left miners in the red and private companies unable to repay high-interest-rate shadow-banking loans that date back to a boom in coal prices a decade ago.企业债务在中国各地都是令人关切的问题,但形势在山西尤为严峻。持续四年的煤炭价格低迷使煤炭企业陷入亏损,同时民营企业无力偿付高利率的影子贷款,这些贷款可追溯到10年前煤炭价格繁荣的时期。A collapse in the chain of credit in the shadow-banking sector is reverberating through the province, which accounts for about a quarter of coal production in China, the world’s largest coal industry. The Shanxi branch of the China Banking Regulatory Commission will allow the province’s seven biggest coal companies to restructure short-term debt into medium and long-term loans, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.影子业的信贷链在山西各地正纷纷崩溃。该省占中国煤炭产量约四分之一,而中国煤炭行业是全球规模最大的。据官方的新华社报道,中国业监督管理委员会(CBRC)山西监管局将允许全省七大煤炭企业把短期债务重组为中长期贷款。Shares in the seven state-owned companies soared yesterday — several by their 10 per cent daily trading limit — with a weekend report by respected business news magazine Caixin that Beijing was considering debt-to-equity swaps for the sector adding a tailwind.这七家国企的股价昨日飙升——其中数家触及10%的单日涨幅上限。受到尊敬的财经新闻杂志《财新》周末有关北京方面正考虑在煤炭行业进行债转股的报道,起到了进一步的提振作用。The CBRC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.中国银监会没有立即回应记者的置评请求。The move comes after the deputy provincial government led the seven coal miners on a roadshow to Beijing this summer in an attempt to convince investors to subscribe to their bonds. One company in May offered five-year bonds at nearly double the yield on comparative notes but the initiative on the whole showed few positive results.此举出炉之前,山西副省长今夏曾带着七大煤炭企业到北京路演,以求说投资者认购它们的债券。一家公司在5月份以接近两倍于可比债券的收益率发行五年期债券,但此举整体而言没有展现出什么积极成果。“Coal is an important industry to Shanxi, therefore the government has to step in to alleviate the problem,” said Fitch Ratings analyst Alvin Cheng, noting that companies kept on life support worsen China’s glut of coal and other industrial capacity.“煤炭是山西的一个重要产业,因此政府不得不介入,以缓解这一问题,”惠誉评级(Fitch Ratings)分析师成皓(Alvin Cheng)表示。他指出,勉强维持的企业加剧中国的煤炭和其他工业产能的过剩。At the end of last year, Shanxi’s seven largest coal groups had Rmb1.18tn in debt, almost as much as the province’s Rmb1.28tn gross domestic product in 2015, according to Everbright Securities. Fitch estimates current combined debt stands at Rmb1.1tn, and according to Chinese media the companies have about Rmb600bn in short-term debt.根据光大券(Everbright Securities)的数据,截至去年年底,山西省七大煤炭集团的债务总计达到1.18万亿元人民币,几乎相当于全省在2015年1.28万亿元人民币的国内生产总值(GDP)。惠誉估计,当前债务总计为1.1万亿元人民币,另据中国媒体报道,这些公司有大约6000亿元人民币的短期债务。“If the banks support this, they may be able to get back some of these loans. If not, then most of it will become non-performing loans,” said DBS analyst Chen Shujin.“如果持贷款重组,他们或许能够收回其中一些贷款。否则大部分将变成不良贷款,”星展(DBS)分析师陈姝瑾表示。 /201608/459573青岛妇科臭氧治疗仪收费项目 WikiLeaks released 29 audio recordings Wednesday that it said were taken from Democratic National Committee servers.维基解密星期三公布了据它所称从民主党全国委员会的务器上获取的29条录音。The voicemails, apparently copied from email accounts of seven DNC members, included party associates upset by Bernie Sanders#39; influence on the Democratic Party.这些语音邮件显然是从七位民主党全国委员会成员的电邮账号中拷贝下来的,其中有些同僚对桑德斯在民主党中的影响感到不满。Reports say one caller did not want the Vermont senator to speak at the Democratic National Convention and was against Sanders#39; choices for the party#39;s 2016 platform.报道称,一位留言者不希望这位来自佛蒙特州的联邦参议员在民主党全国代表大会上发言,并且反对桑德斯提出的该党2016年竞选纲领。The latest release is the second in the last few days. The release of 20,000 emails just before the opening of the Democratic convention prompted the organization#39;s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to step down.这是维基解密在过去几天里第二次公布泄露的文件。第一次恰好在民主党全国代表大会开幕之前,维基解密公布的2万份邮件,导致民主党全国代表发挥主席黛比·舒尔茨辞职。WikiLeaks, a group that publishes original documents from anonymous sources and leakers, released the data without indicating its source. The emails were sent during a 17-month period between January 2015 and May of this year. The DNC announced in June that its systems had been hacked.维基解密是一个公布匿名消息人士和泄密者提供的原始文件的组织,它在公布这些文件时没有说明其消息来源。这些邮件是2015年1月到今年5月这17个月之间发送的。民主党全国代表大会6月时宣布,它的系统被黑客入侵。Democratic officials said at that time that hackers based in Russia were responsible for the intrusion.民主党官员当时说,俄罗斯的黑客对这一入侵负责。The party organization has not commented on the emails released by WikiLeaks, but neither has it disputed their authenticity.民主党全国代表大会没有就维基解密公布的电邮发表,但也没有质疑其真实性。The manager of Sanders#39; political campaign, Jeff Weaver, said the emails confirmed ;what many of us have known for some time,; that DNC members were ;actively helping the Clinton effort and trying to hurt Bernie Sanders#39; campaign.#39;#39;桑德斯竞选团队经理维弗尔说,电邮实了“我们很多人已经知道一段时间的事情”,那就是,民主党全国委员会成员“积极地为克林顿助选,并试图损害桑德斯的竞选。” /201608/457592市南区妇幼保健院能用社保

青岛在线妇科医生咨询Accused by many of dumping its overcapacity — from steel to paper and cement — on the rest of the world, China is this time coming to the rescue of Denmark’s glut of oysters.从钢铁到纸张和水泥,中国被许多人指责向全球其他国家倾销等过剩产能,但这一次开始拯救丹麦泛滥成灾的牡蛎。With the country’s beaches increasingly littered with an invasive mollusc species, Denmark’s embassy in Beijing took the unusual step of posting on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site, to flog the unwanted bounty.随着丹麦海滩日益被一种外来的软体动物物种占据,丹麦驻北京大使馆采取了不寻常步骤,在新浪微(Weibo)上发帖兜售这种不受欢迎的物种。Millions of non-native Pacific oysters have appeared in recent years off Denmark’s western coastline and as their shells are too hard for birds to crack they can only be picked by humans.数以百万计的太平洋牡蛎最近几年在丹麦西海岸外出现,由于它们的贝壳过于坚硬,鸟类打不开,它们只能被人类拾取。“The oysters have been prepared, free plane and accommodations is waiting. Everything is y; the only thing missing is you,” the embassy wrote online.丹麦大使馆在网上写道:“生蚝美食等已备好,免费机酒都已就绪,万事俱备,只差一个你了。”China’s gourmands were quick to respond, with the post attracting 15,000 comments as of Thursday afternoon.中国的美食家们迅速作出了回应,截止周四下午,该帖子吸引了1.5万。Denmark is home to some of the most northerly oysters in Europe. As well as the native species, its waters also produce the more recently introduced Pacific oysters, which are often as big as human hands with especially thick shells.丹麦是欧洲某些最北端牡蛎的故乡。除了本土牡蛎以外,其水域也出产近年引入的太平洋牡蛎,后者往往有人手那么大,而且有特别厚的贝壳。Such oysters have caused particular problems in the Wadden Sea in south-west Denmark — where there are reportedly 500 tonnes of them — and Limfjord in the north. Native flat oysters from Limfjord have been served at Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant voted several times as the world’s best.此类牡蛎在丹麦西南部的瓦登海(Wadden Sea)——据报道那里有500吨这种牡蛎——和北部的利姆海峡(Limfjord)尤其成问题。来自利姆海峡的本土扁平牡蛎已被哥本哈根Noma餐厅端上餐桌,该餐厅曾数次被评选为“全球最佳餐厅”。“We can see in some areas that they have been proliferating at a very rapid pace for the past four or five years,” said Jens Kjerulf Petersen, a professor at DTU Aqua, the Danish institute for aquatic resources.丹麦水产资源学院DTU Aqua的教授延斯?谢吕尔夫?彼得森(Jens Kjerulf Petersen)表示:“我们可以在一些地区看到,它们在过去15年以非常快的速度繁殖。”He added that the interest from China in the oysters showed the difference in perception between the two countries in how to deal with natural issues. “What we see as a problem, they see as an opportunity,” he said.他补充称,中国对这些牡蛎的兴趣表明两国在如何处理自然问题上的观念差异。他说,“被我们视为问题的,他们认为是机遇”。Chinese businesses were quick to pick up the baton. Alibaba, the ecommerce group which accounts for more than one-tenth of China’s retail sales, is talking with customs authorities in Hangzhou province to devise a way to bring the oysters into China.中国企业迅速跟进。电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)正与杭州海关谈判将丹麦牡蛎进口至中国的方法。阿里巴巴占到中国零售销售的逾十分之一。Nordic raw seafood has to go through special customs channels to enter China so Tmall, Alibaba’s site for large merchants such as Mondelez and Burberry, is exploring ways to expedite the process.北欧生海鲜不得不通过特殊海关渠道进入中国,因此天猫(Tmall)正寻求加快进口流程的方法。天猫是阿里巴巴为亿滋(Mondelez)和柏利(Burberry)等大型商家开设的销售平台。Raw oysters are not overly popular in China, according to the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo, partly due to concerns about food safety. The Expo said it takes 60 to 72 hours for oysters to reach Chinese cities from their places of origin, adding that oysters can survive for about 10 days to two weeks after leaving water.中国国际渔业览会(China Fisheries and Seafood Expo)表示,生牡蛎在中国并非特别流行,这在一定程度上是因为担忧食品安全。该览会表示,牡蛎从产地抵达中国城市需要60至72个小时,它补充称,牡蛎在离开水之后可以存活10天到两个星期。Kristian Borbjerggaard, owner of Veno Seafood, which sells oysters from Limfjord, said he would be happy to start exporting to China but only if they paid a “good price”. “We don’t want to give it away; it’s a good oyster. But it could be fantastic to get Chinese customers,” he added.销售利姆海峡牡蛎的Veno Seafood的老板克里斯蒂安?贝耶高(Kristian Borbjerggaard)表示,他将乐意向中国出口牡蛎,但前提是能卖个“好价钱”。他补充说:“我们不想贱卖;这是非常好的牡蛎。但如果有中国客户那就太好了。”Not all China’s netizens were enamoured of the Danish offer. “I cannot eat this sort of food,” said one Weibo user. “But if you are offering pork, beef, mutton, watermelons, mangos, peaches, pineapples, hotpot, barbecue, remember to call me!”并非所有的中国网民都对丹麦的提议作出积极响应。一位微用户表示:“我不可能吃这种食物。但如果你提供猪肉、牛肉、羊肉、西瓜、芒果、桃子、菠萝、火锅以及烧烤,记得打电话给我!” /201705/507725 青岛治疗子宫内膜炎一共要多少钱即墨市妇幼保健院做人流手术多少钱



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