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青岛妇幼保健医院做人流好吗青岛无痛人流手术较专业的医院“权力女性”中国榜上有名 -- ::53 来源: 中国女性在福布斯杂志的世界最具权力女性榜单中彰显最强实力 Chinese women have made their strongest showing on bes magazine’s list of the world’s most powerful women.中国女性在福布斯杂志的世界最具权力女性榜单中彰显最强实力The survey also included a record number of women from the UK, though German Chancellor Angela Merkel remains in the top spot.该调查同时包含了来自英国的记录,然而德国总理默克尔仍保持在榜单首位Hillary Clinton, the US presidential candidate, and Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, were second and third.美国总统候选人希拉里-克林顿和美联储主席耶伦分别位居第二和第三位The US dominated the list with 51 women represented, while China was second.美国以51位女性占据了榜单的大部分,中国排在第二位There are a record nine women from the world’s most populous nation on the Power Women list.在年的权力女性榜单中,有9位来自这个世界上人口最多的国家Lucy Peng, a senior executive at e-commerce giant Alibaba, and Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization, are the highest-ranked. Also on the list are Pollyanna Chu, chief executive of Hong Kong financial services firm Kingston Securities, and China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan.其中电商巨头阿里巴巴的高级执行官彭蕾,和世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍位居最高位同样在榜单中的有香港金融务公司金利丰券的首席执行官朱李月华,以及中国第一夫人彭丽媛The survey features 0 women from 9 countries who represent sectors such as politics, business, technology and philanthropy.该调查覆盖了9个国家的0为女性,她们代表着政治、商业、技术和慈善领域bes said the women on the list control tn (69bn pounds) in revenue and influence more than 3.6bn people around the world.福布斯称这些榜单上的女性控制着1万亿美元的收入,影响着世界上超过36亿人口There are 3 chief executives on the list, world leaders and billionaires, including nine who have built billion-dollar companies from scratch.榜单中有3位首席执行官,位世界领袖和位亿万富翁,其中有9位白手起家创造了价值亿万的公司The average age is 57, with Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer the youngest at 1 and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II the oldest at 90.她们的平均年龄为57岁,1岁的雅虎首席执行官玛丽莎-梅耶最年轻,90岁的英国女王伊丽莎白二世最年长The number of UK women who made the rankings doubled to six. Besides Queen Elizabeth, they include Nemat Shafik, deputy governor of the Bank of England, and Katharine Viner, editor of the Guardian.英国女性的数量为6位,翻了一倍除了伊丽莎白女王,还有英国央行副行长沙菲克,和卫报主编凯瑟琳-瓦伊纳The newcomers are Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor of the Economist, and Eliza Manningham-Buller, chair of the Wellcome Trust.榜单新人有苏格兰首席部长尼古拉-斯特金,经济学人杂志主编詹尼·明顿·贝多斯以及威康信托基金会的主席伊丽莎·曼宁厄姆 - 布勒This is the sixth consecutive year Mrs Merkel has topped the list and the tenth time in total.这是连续第六年,总共第十次默克尔位居榜首Moira bes, president and publisher of bes Woman, said it was "extraordinary" that Mrs Merkel had been able to maintain power so long.福布斯女性杂志的总裁兼出版人莫伊拉-福布斯说, 默克尔夫人能够维持权力如此之久是“非同寻常”的"She’s not only the head of the fourth largest economy in the world but she’s defied existential political and economic challenges to the EU, example trying to ensure that countries like Greece and Spain adhere to the fiscal logic she espouses," she told B News.“她不仅是世界第四大经济体的首脑,更是欧盟所存在的政治和经济挑战的界定者,例如她努力确保像希腊和西班牙等国坚持她信奉的财政逻辑,”她告诉B"She’s also dealing with EU crises such as immigration...She’s someone whose power extends far beyond traditional borders."“她还处理例如移民等欧洲危机,她的权力超越了传统的边界”Ms bes noted that nearly half of the women on this year’s list were from outside the US, while a quarter were from the Asia-Pacific region, the highest number since the survey’s inception.福布斯女士表示,今年有差不多一半的女性来自美国之外,而来自亚太地区,达到了该调查开始以来的最高水平"These are positive trends as women are ascending more into positions of traditional business corporate power but also political power," she said.“这是良好的趋势,女性上升到传统商业企业和政治力量的高位”她说Among the most high-profile drop-offs is Dilma Rousseff, the mer president of Brazil, who was impeached in May over allegations of violating fiscal rules, which she denies.其中最引人注目被踢出名单者是巴西前总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫,她是在五月因违反财政规则的指控被弹劾,但她个人否认了该指控Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the blood-testing firm Theranos, also failed to make the list.血液测试公司Theranos的创始人伊丽莎白·霍姆斯也没有上榜US federal agencies are investigating Theranos over allegations its tests are inaccurate.美国联邦机构正在就测试不准确的问题调查Theranos公司Last week, bes lowered its estimate of Holmes’ personal tune from $.5bn to nothing, after previously declaring her America’s richest self-made woman.上周,福布斯降低了对霍姆斯的个人财富估计,从5亿美元到0,而此前则称她为美国最富有的白手起家女富豪山东省青岛市妇女儿童医院挂号电话 美女一年减掉了0磅,其实你也可以! -- ::30 来源: 据英国《镜报报道,近日,乌克兰5岁的理发师西蒙妮 安德森在网上自爆成功健身减肥0斤,并上传减肥前后的对比照片......减肥过程中有美的一面,也有辛酸的一面西蒙妮说,她想诚实地与大家分享这中间的点点滴滴 Posing happily a selfie in a blue crop top and leggings, Simone Anderson oozes body confidence. But rewind to Aug. 9, , and an earlier selfie tells a different story. Having struggled with her weight her entire life, the 5-year-old make-up artist from Auckland, N.Z., had decided that after tipping the scales at 375 pounds, it was time to kiss the quick-fix diets goodbye and overhaul her entire health and fitness regime.自拍中的Simone Anderson身着蓝色露腹短上衣,穿着紧身裤,全身上下都散发着一种自信但是,当时间回到年的8月9日,一张她早些时候的自拍照告诉我们的却是另一番经历这个来自奥克兰的5岁理发师师几乎一生都在与她的体重做斗争,当称体重达到了375磅后,终于决定是时候与速效减肥餐说再见了,并且彻底修复她的健康和健身方法On Oct. 9, , Simone underwent gastric-sleeve surgery and in less than months had managed to lose an amazing pounds while documenting the entire journey on Instagram.年月9日,Simone进行了胃套管手术,计划在个月内减掉令人吃惊的磅,并在期间用Instagram记录了整个过程Since starting the , Simone has gathered more than 6,000 followers with whom she regularly shares inspiring words of encouragement, alongside health and fitness tips and advice.从注册账号开始已经吸引了超过6,000的关注者,她会定期和他们分享一些鼓舞人心的话,除此外还有一些关于健康和健身的提示和建议But though most of her followers have been supportive of her amazing transmation, some accused Simone of “faking” her weight loss但是,尽管她的大部分关注者对她瘦身后令人惊叹的变化表示持,仍有一些人指责她减重是在“造假”Simone underwent surgery to remove her excess skin last year.Simone在去年接受手术,移植减肥后多余的皮肤But as Simone continued to shed the pounds, she was left with excess skin on her slimmed-down frame. Doctors explained that no amount of diet or exercise would remove the excess skin, so in late , she underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove it.但是当Simone继续在减肥后,又有多余的皮肤搭在她瘦小的身体骨架上医生告诉她没有饮食或者锻炼可以去掉这些多余的皮肤,所以在年底,她又进行了一次9个小时的皮肤移植手术Simone shows off the results of her surgery.Simone展示术后效果Six days after her surgery, Simone appeared on the lifestyle TV show FABLife to talk about her transmation.手术后六天,Simone出现在电视节目FABLife上谈她的减肥大转变“My body is so, so amazing, I couldn’t be happier,” she said. “I cannot wait summer. I’ll be fully recovered and definitely be in a bikini.”“我的身体实在是太令人惊讶,我真的是不能更高兴了,”她说到,“我已经等不及夏天的到来了,我快要痊愈了,已经等不及要穿比基尼了”震惊!8岁老过山车迷 为庆生坐80次云霄飞车 -- :39: 来源: A longtime roller coaster fan has celebrated his 5,000th ride on a western Pennsylvania coaster over the holiday weekend — and he did it with close to triple-digit rides in a single day.  一个老过山车迷在周末假期庆祝了他在宾夕法尼亚州西部的第5000次乘坐之旅——并且他还在一天之内坐了近百次过山车  Vic Kleman, 8, celebrated the milestone Sunday on the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin. He also set a personal record of 95 rides in a single day in honor of the roller coaster's 95th birthday this season.  8岁的维克·克列曼在西米夫林匹兹堡郊区肯尼伍德的长腿大野兔公园庆祝了这个具有里程碑意义的星期天他一天之内坐了95次过山车,刷新了自己的记录,也为了纪念云霄飞车赛季95周年诞辰  "I feel great!" Kleman, a retired general manager of a wholesale grocery firm and a local actor, said in a statement after the eight hour, minute marathon. "I made sure to move my legs throughout the day to keep from getting stiff after sitting so long."  “我觉得太棒了!”已退休的食品杂货批发公司前总经理,同时也是一名当地演员的克列曼在8小时分钟的耐力比赛之后说道“坐了这么久之后,我一定要整天活动活动我的腿,以免它们变得僵硬”  In , Kleman also said he felt "great" after notching his ,000th ride on the wooden coaster, which dates back to 19 and has an 85-foot double-dip drop. He rode the coaster 90 times that day and rode it 80 times to mark his own 80th birthday.  年,克列曼乘坐木质的过山车(是他第000次乘坐过山车)之后,他也觉得“很棒”那座木质过山车建于19年,还有一个85英尺的双回落那天他坐了90次,后来为庆祝自己80岁的生日又坐了80次  Kleman said he's been riding the world's fifth-oldest coaster since 1959, when he moved to Pittsburgh, and on that first ride friends tricked him into taking his eyes off the track just bee the cars plummeted in order to heighten his vertigo.  克列曼说自从1959年开始,在坐过山车的人中,他就已经是世界上第五老的了,那时他搬到匹兹堡,并且那次他第一次乘坐的朋友还整他,他们在过山车垂直降落之前把他的眼睛蒙住,以此来增加他的眩晕感  "We laughed so hard as we came out we were falling all over each other," Kleman said. "I thought, OK, well, maybe I'll ride some more."  “出来的时候我们笑得很开心,我们都很佩对方,” 克列曼说“我想,没问题,好的,我会再坐的”潍坊妇幼保健医院做人流怎么样贴吧

青岛城阳区四维彩超价格恒河水将网上开售 印度承诺送货上门 -- ::59 来源:sohu 印度政府最近宣布了一项重大的便民举措:要在网上销售神圣恒河水 The Indian government plans to sell water from the holy River Ganges via online platms. 这不是开玩笑印度电信部部长已经表态了:Why not? Communication and Inmation Technology Minister Ravi Shakar Prasad said, ;If a postman can deliver mobile phones, sarees, jewellery and clothes, then why not Ganges water?; 也就是说,今后,印度的邮政部门除了送信送包裹之外,还将肩负起寄送恒河水的神圣使命 The post department of India has been ordered to use e-commerce platm to provide pure Ganges water to Indian people. 部长给出的理由很充分——这是为了满足广大人民群众的精神文化需求 The minister added, ;The idea is to address the cultural under-pinnings of India.; 印度有9亿多印度教信徒,他们中的许多人把恒河视为圣河,并相信恒河水可以洗清人们身上的罪恶不过并不是所有人都有机会去恒河“朝圣” There are about 960 million Hindus in India, ing over 80 percent of the country's population. They believe that water of the holy River Ganges is able to to wash away their sins. 然而,让人略尴尬的是恒河是世界上污染最严重的河流之一 The ,55-km river is the third largest river and one of the most polluted one in the world. 今年月,印度政府承诺要在18年7月完成恒河的水质治理工作不过印度人民表示这只是个笑话青岛李村打孩子大概要多少钱 吃货在天堂也不会寂寞:墨尔本千人哀悼华裔“烧麦大王” --01 :: 来源: 吉米·王做的烧麦是当地一绝,有人不惜跨越西门大桥也要来吃上一口 THOUSANDS of people have turned out to farewell dim sim king Jimmy Wong during a moving memorial service at Whitten Oval yesterday.近千人聚集在Whitten足球场缅怀去世的“华裔烧麦大王”吉米·王Mr Wong, the man and legend behind Jim Wong Restaurant in Barkly St, Footscray, passed away last Thursday, aged 75, as a result of head injuries sustained in a fall two days earlier.两天前,75岁的王先生不幸因跌倒而摔伤了头部,于上周四去世他生前在富士葵的巴克利街经营一家名为“占黄餐室”的餐厅The main grandstand was mostly full as people flocked to the oval, to pay tribute to the man remembered as a proud, kind-hearted family man, with a cheeky grin and a passionate Western Bulldogs devotee.主看台上大多数人都是蜂拥而至来到这里,致敬一位骄傲而善良的居家男人,他经常面露笑容,是“西部牛头犬”队的铁杆粉丝Celebrant Jeanette Bourke said to farewell Mr Wong at the Whitten Oval was a fitting venue.司仪珍妮特·布尔克牧师表示,在Whitten足球场与吉米·王告别,是最合适的地点Besides the fact he was a Bulldogs supporter and a Footscray man “through and through”, there was no other local venue that could hold all those who had wanted to pay their respects, she said.她说,作为一名牛头犬队的粉丝和一名“彻头彻尾的”富士葵人,没有另一个地方比这里更适合让这么多人寄托哀思了Fittingly, his coffin was draped with a Western Bulldogs jumper displaying his name and the lucky number eight.与之相得益彰的是,他的棺木裹着西部牛头犬队的套头衫,上面绣着他的名字和幸运数字八His granddaughters Stephanie and Alexandra said “he loved everyone and everyone loved him”.他的孙女斯蒂芬妮和亚历山德拉说,“他爱每一个人,每一个人也爱他”“It is always astounding to comprehend how many people Jimmy had a positive impact on,” they said.“如果知道吉米给多少人带来了正能量,其数量是令人吃惊的”她们说“He was always more than willing to help any one who asked. He was able to relate and connect with anyone from the homeless to big business men, TV celebrities and even the premier of Victoria.“只要人们开口,他总是愿意去帮助他们不管是流浪者、大富翁、电视名人还是维多利亚地区总理,他都能一视同仁”“His kind and caring nature was contagious and his cute smile could brighten any room.”“他宽厚和仁慈的天性极富感染力,他可爱的微笑能够点亮每一个角落”The pair said he never contemplated travelling far or taking a holiday, as Footscray was his home and the Western Bulldogs his passion.这对说,他总没想过去远方旅游或者休假,富士葵就是他的家,西部牛头犬队就是他的所在“He couldn’t imagine his life surrounded by anything less than what he loved.”“他无法想象,生活中都是他不爱的东西”They said he was their hero figure and inspired them to believe that “anything is possible”.她们说,他是她们的英雄,鼓励她们去相信“一切皆有可能”Mr Wong was born in Canton, China, but moved to Melbourne by himself at aged where his uncle, who owned a cafe, taught him to cook.王先生生于中国广东,但是在岁时孤身前往墨尔本投奔经营餐馆的叔叔,叔叔教了他烹饪技巧At 18, armed with culinary skills and sheer determination, he opened the Jim Wong Restaurant.18岁的时候,拥有烹饪技巧和敏锐头脑的王先生开了占黄餐室Stephanie said “no-one thought he could do it but he set out to prove them all wrong.”斯蒂芬妮说“没人觉得他能够成功,但是他明他们都错了”The restaurant was an instant success and busy from open to close, she said.餐馆迅速走红,从早到晚都很忙碌,她说His stuck to the food he was brought up on, including beef with black bean sauce, sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken.他菜单上的食物都是他从小吃到大的,包括豉椒牛肉、酸甜肉和柠檬鸡等His dim sims became legendary, with people travelling across the West Gate Bridge a bite.他做的烧麦更是传奇,有人不惜跨越西门大桥也要来吃上一口Mr Wong was also painted as a man who loved being in front of the camera, with a photo board at his restaurant covered in a who’s who of Melbourne posing with him.王先生也是一位喜欢镜头的人,在占黄餐室的一面墙上,挂满了他和墨尔本名人们的合照His restaurant had become a favourite among sport and soapie stars, radio hosts and comedians.他的餐馆也成了体育明星、肥皂剧明星、电台主播和喜剧演员们的最爱His family assured everyone at the service the restaurant would remain open to carry on his legacy and his famous dim recipe had been handed down.他的家人说,餐馆里务的每一个人都会传承他的精神,并把这份著名的烧麦配方传承下去Son-in-law David Louey, who lost his father at nine years of age, said Mr Wong had welcomed him into the family with open arms.他的女婿大卫·劳伊说,自己九岁时就失去了父亲,王先生张开双臂欢迎他融入自己家“When Jimmy welcomed me into the family it felt so nice to have a father again, like a weight off the shoulders,” he said.“我就像又有了父亲一样,好像肩上一块大石头卸掉了一样”他说Mr Louey said he was in awe at the depth of Mr Wong’s character.劳伊先生说,他对王先生的人格魅力叹为观止He said Mr Wong had gone through difficult times that would have “crushed a lesser man.”他说王先生撑过了“会压垮一般人的”种种困难But he said in more recent years Mr Wong was a man at peace with himself.但是他说,最近几年,王先生是一个与自己和平相处的人The service ended with the song he loved most of all to hear, the Western Bulldogs theme Sons of the West as his coffin was carried across Whitten Oval.随着王先生最喜欢的歌——西部牛头犬队队歌《西部之子响起,他的棺木缓缓穿过Whitten足球场,仪式也宣告了尾声青岛看妇科去哪比较好

青岛好点的医院土耳其当局大规模清洗政变参与者 裁撤万公职人员 -- 18:: 来源: 土耳其政府对政变参与人员的大清洗行动扩大到警队、安全部门及更广泛的政府机构部门当中,辐射面涉及政治、经济和金融部门,已经波及近000公职人员 ISTANBUL — Turkish authorities have expanded a crackdown on military officials to include police, judges, governors and millions of civil servants in a massive purge of opponents following a failed coup attempt.伊斯坦布尔报道——在政变企图失败之后,土耳其当局已经扩大了政变参与者的镇压范围,对军官、警察、法官、州长以及数百万公务员进行大清洗The Interior Ministry’s move on Monday to suspend nearly 9,000 employees raised the number of bureaucrats fired or detained to nearly ,000. Also Monday, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim suspended annual leave more than 3 million civil servants. More than 7,500 people have been detained.内政部周一辞退了近9000名员工,这使得被解雇或拘留的官员数量达到了近000人同样在周一,总理比纳利·耶尔德勒姆废止了超过300万名公务员的年假超过7500人被拘留A mutinous faction of Turkey’s military staged the attempted overthrow Friday night, hijacking fighter jets and helicopters to strike key installations and security ces.土耳其军队的政变派周五晚上试图推翻现政府,劫持了战斗机和直升机,用来打击重要设施和安全部队President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his supporters now say that they face an unprecedented threat and that the campaign to root out traitors is necessary to restore the rule of law. But the sheer scale of the purge in the days since the thwarted coup has alarmed Turkey’s allies in the West and raised fears that the NATO member is on a slide toward ever more authoritarian rule.土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安和他的持者说他们现在面临着前所未有的威胁,根除叛徒的战斗对重新恢复法律秩序来说是很必要的但是由于政变失败后清洗的规模太大,惊动了土耳其的西方盟友,他们担心该北约成员国正在滑向更加专制的统治“We are seeing a movement towards more authoritarianism” in the wake of the coup, said Marc Pierini, a Turkey expert at the Brussels-based think tank Carnegie Europe.“我们正在见一场通向专制主义的运动”政变后,一名卡内基欧洲(布鲁塞尔)分部智库成员、土耳其专家马克·皮尔尼说Erdogan — who has ruled Turkey years, first as prime minister and now as president — had aly grown increasingly authoritarian in what critics say is a quest to consolidate power. He has jailed journalists and opponents, and even sidelined rivals within his own party.已经统治土耳其年的埃尔多安起初是总理,后来当了总统正如舆论所说,为了巩固权力,他已经逐渐成为了一名专制主义者他把记者和异见人士关进监狱,甚至在政党内部排挤政敌His latest push was Turkey to transm from a parliamentary to a presidential system, a move that would place even more power in the chief executive’s hands.他的最新举措是把土耳其从议会制转变为总统制,此举将使更多的权力掌握在行政长官的手中This, in particular, “is a dangerous moment Turkey,” Pierini said of the attempted coup’s aftermath. “There are quite a few disturbing things happening.”这一点尤其是“对土耳其危险的时刻”皮尔尼在政变失败之后说,“发生了很多令人不安的事情”Rights advocates warned on Monday that the swift roundup of so many bureaucrats indicated that the arrests were based on little to no evidence. Such a vast detention or expulsion of employees at key state institutions may encourage rather than prevent more instability, critics said.维权人士周一警告称,对如此多官员的迅猛打压,意味着逮捕几乎是没有据的人士称,如此大规模地对重要机构公务员实行拘留或裁撤,可能会导致政局更加不稳定Some law encement officers working at police stations in the capital, Ankara, spoke of the inhumane treatment of detainees in their custody. Many of those held were not documented nor were their identifies verified, the police officers said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity fear of reprisal from superiors.一些在首都安卡拉警察局工作的执法人员,谈到了其关押的被拘留者所受到的非人待遇警察们说,很多被关押的人没有记录,也没有验明他们的身份他们提供了这些信息,但是不愿透露姓名,因为害怕上级报复Amnesty International urged the Turkish government to respect human rights, amid reports “that detainees in Ankara and Istanbul have been subjected to a series of abuses,” the rights group said.“大赦国际”组织敦促土耳其政府尊重人权,期间有报导称“被拘留者在安卡拉和伊斯坦布尔已经经受了一系列的虐待”该人权组织说“A backslide on human rights is the last thing Turkey needs,” John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s director Europe and Central Asia, said in a statement.“土耳其最不需要的就是人权方面的倒退”“大赦国际”欧洲和中亚分部主任约翰·达尔惠森在一份声明中说New York-based Human Rights Watch said the government “has the complete right to hold to those involved in the coup.”总部在纽约的“人权观察”组织称该国政府“拥有清算政变参与者的绝对权力”But “the speed and scale of the arrests, including of top judges, suggests a purge rather than a process based on evidence,” Hugh Williamson, the group’s Europe and Central Asia director, said in a statement.但是“逮捕的速度和规模,包括高级法官被逮捕,表明这次清洗根本就不需要据”该组织驻欧洲和中亚地区主管休·威廉姆森在一份声明中说Indeed, Turkish authorities have yet to make public evidence linking the thousands of people detained directly to the coup.事实上,土耳其当局至今尚未公布与数以千计直接参与政变的人相关的公开明The government has accused supporters of Erdogan’s arch?rival, Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, of orchestrating and carrying out the attempted coup. Gulen lives in self-imposed exile in the ed States, but Erdogan loyalists have long accused Gulen’s followers of infiltrating state institutions.政府一直指责埃尔多安的主要竞争对手,穆斯林传教士法图拉·葛兰策划并实行了这次未遂政变葛兰自我流放到美国,但埃尔多安的持者长期以来一直指责葛兰的持者渗透进了国家机构In an interview with CNN, Erdogan said he was with his family in the coastal resort of Marmaris when the fast-moving events began on Friday. Two of his bodyguards were killed in an operation against him, he said, adding that “if I had stayed or additional minutes there, I would have been killed or I would have been taken.”在接受美国有线电视网采访时,埃尔多安说,周五的政变发生时,他正与他的家人在马尔马里斯的海滨胜地度假时他的两名保镖在针对他的行动中被杀死,他补充说,“如果我当时多在那里待到分钟,我可能就被杀害或者被捕了”Erodgan and Yildirim, the prime minister, both called on the ed States to extradite Gulen to Turkey. But in frank statements to the news media, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said explicitly that the ed States wants evidence, not allegations, of the involvement of Gulen bee authorities approve an extradition. Turkey’s government has not completed a mal request to extradite the reclusive cleric.埃尔多安和总理耶尔德勒姆都呼吁对美国向土耳其引渡葛兰但是根据新闻媒体的确切消息,美国国务卿约翰·F·克里明确表示,批准引渡需要据,而不是指控葛兰的参与当局批准引渡之前土耳其政府还没有完成对正式引渡那位隐居的神职人员的请求Still, a senior Turkish official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that there had been “an ongoing inquiry into the Gulen movement’s penetration of law encement, the judiciary and the military.”不过,一位不愿透露姓名的土耳其高级官员说,曾有过“调查葛兰的势力渗透进执法、司法和军事部门的活动”Known members of the movement within the military “had been under investigation some time,” the official said. “There was a list of people who were suspected of conspiring to stage a coup.”军队内部的已知葛兰势力成员“已经被调查一段时间了”这位官员说,“我们有涉嫌密谋发动政变者的名单”Such comments have alarmed European leaders who have attempted to ge better relations with Turkey in the past year, as both sides deal with a mammoth refugee crisis stemming from Syria and Iraq.这些言论已经惊动了去年试图加强与土耳其的良好关系的欧洲领导人,因为双方应对来自伊拉克和叙利亚的庞大的难民危机“It looks at least as if something has been prepared” bee ordering the arrest of so many public officials, said Johannes Hahn, the European Union commissioner responsible handling Turkey’s membership bid. “The lists are available,” Hahn said, according to the Reuters news agency. “Which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage.”“至少看起来像是有预谋的”在下令逮捕如此多的公职人员之前,负责审查土耳其欧盟成员国资格的专员约翰内斯·哈恩说,“名单确实存在”据路透社报道,哈恩是这么说的,“这表明,名单是早就准备好的,只是等着在某一阶段拿出来用”Also speaking in Brussels, where the E.U. and NATO are based, Kerry said that the Western military alliance would scrutinize Turkey in the coming days to ensure that it adheres to the bloc’s criteria democracy and the rule of law.同样,克里在欧盟和北约的基地——布鲁塞尔说,西方军事联盟将在未来的日子里审查土耳其,以确保它符合欧盟的民主和法治标准The international commy, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, has made clear that it stands behind Turkey’s elected government.包括北约秘书长斯金斯·托尔滕贝格在内的国际社会已明确表示,力挺土耳其的民选政府But “the fact that an attempted coup has taken place has profoundly shaken the confidence of many in Turkey,” said Bulent Aliriza, director of the Turkey Project at the Center Strategic and International Studies.但是,“未遂政变是已经发生的事实,这件事已经深刻地动摇了许多人对土耳其的信心” 战略与国际研究中心土耳其项目主任比伦特·阿里瑞扎说The U.S. ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, said in a statement on Monday that speculation by some public figures that the ed States in some way supported the coup was “categorically untrue.”美国驻土耳其大使约翰·巴斯周一在一份声明中表示,一些公众人物猜测美国以某种方式持了政变的说法是“绝对不真实的”“Such speculation is harmful to the decades-long friendship between two great nations,” Bass said. “We have been clear that the ed States would be willing to provide assistance to Turkish authorities conducting their investigation into the coup attempt.”“这样的臆想对两个伟大国家之间长达数十年的友谊来说是有害的,”巴斯说,“我们一直明确表示,美国愿意帮助土耳其当局进行未遂政变的调查” 看看美国在全球的超强影响力 -- :3: 来源:chinadaily 想一想,美国人可是引进了好多国家的东西呢,有法国炸薯条、比利时华夫饼、荷兰榆树病、俄式调味料、意大利混合调料、波斯地毯和英式小松饼当然其他国家也不可避免地收到美国影响,甚至可以时候,在全世界各个地方都可以找到美国的影子 Think about it: Americans have French fries, Belgian waffles, Dutch elm disease, Russian dressing, Italian seasoning, Persian rugs, and English muffins. So surely other countries must have things they attach America to, right? As it happens, America is all over the globe in a ton of places you would never expect. 1. 玉米热 Corndogs 在日本,玉米热称为“amerikandoggu”,热称为“hottodoggu” In Japan, corndogs are known as amerikandoggu, while hot dogs are just hottodoggu. . 卷心莴苣 Iceberg Lettuce 在巴西,“alface americana”意为“美国莴苣” In Brazil, the term ;alface americana; refers to ;American lettuce.; 3. 凉拌卷心菜 Coleslaw 在斯洛文尼亚和许多东欧国家,凉拌卷心菜称为“ameriska solata”,意为“美国沙拉” Slovenians, and many Eastern Europeans, call coleslaw ;ameriska solata,; or ;American salad.; . 便参会 Pot Luck Dinners 在荷兰,你可能会被邀请带着一道菜参加“amerikaanse fuit”,意为“美国聚会” In the Netherlands, you might be invited to bring a dish to an ;amerikaanse fuit,; or ;American party.; 5. 美式炒饭 American Fried Rice 可能是在越南战争时期遗留下来的,这道泰国菜是番茄酱、葡萄干、豌豆、鸡肉、火腿、培根、热肠、油煎面包块炒饭怀疑美国人自己会不会做 Likely developed during the Vietnam War, this Thai dish combines fried rice with ketchup or tomato sauce, raisins, peas, and some mix of chicken, ham, bacon, hot dogs, and croutons. 6. 强力胶带 Duct Tape 在西班牙,唯一可以做成西的胶带称为“cinta americana”,意为“美国胶带” In Spain, the only tape you can make a suit from is known as ;cinta americana,; or ;American tape.; 7. 露营设备Camping Gear 在比利时,露营之前要去一家名为“美国货”的商店买设备 If you want to go camping in Belgium, you'll have to visit a store that carries ;American stock.; 8. 开放式厨房 Open Kitchens 在西班牙,开放式厨房显然不普遍西班牙人称之为“美国厨房”,与传统的封闭式厨房有区别 Apparently open kitchens aren't common in Spain because they're called ;American kitchens,; unlike the traditional walled-off kitchens. 9. 餐具垫 Placemats 意大利人称餐具垫为“tovaglietta all' americana”,意为“美国小桌布” Italians refer to placemats as ;tovaglietta all' americana,; or ;little American tablecloths.; . 指节铜环 Brass Knuckles 法国人称指节铜环为“le poing americain”,意为“美国拳头” The French call brass knuckles ;le poing americain,; or ;the American fist.; . 禁止摔跤 No Holds Barred Wrestling 在波兰,击倒、拖延、无限制的摔跤称为“wolna amerykanka”,意为“美式自由摔跤”这真的不是美国职业摔角 In Poland, a knock-'em-down, drag-'em-out, anything-goes style of wrestling is called ;wolna amerykanka,; or ;free American.; Seriously, this isn't the WWE. . 过山车 Roller Coasters 在俄罗斯,过山车称为“amerikanskie gorki”,意为“美国山”但在其他国家过山车称为“俄罗斯山” In Russia, roller coasters aren't called roller coasters, but instead are referred to as ;amerikanskie gorki,; or ;American mountains.; But other countries call them ;Russian mountains.; . 收入不平衡 Income Inequality 欧洲国家(尤其是荷兰)把收入不平衡当作是严重的社会问题例如,缺少负担得起的医保称为“amerikaanse toestanden”,意为“美国状态”他们提防这种社会状况的发生 Yes, Europeans (especially the Dutch) refer to income inequality and a whole host of social problems like lack of access to afdable healthcare as ;amerikaanse toestanden,; or ;American conditions; — a situation they warn against.莱西市市立医院好吗青岛市中心医院医生




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