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2018年12月12日 15:04:47 | 作者:快问新闻 | 来源:新华社
The state of things now is, I don#39;t want to say grim, but it feels like the studios of Carnegie Hall, the legendary studios, are on its last legs.现在事情是这样的我不想说现在形势很严峻但是Carnegie Hall的这些工作室这些传奇的工作室,有的已经走向末路了。There are six tenants remaining in the building, all rent control.留下的六家租客,都受到了租金管制。Everything is turned into offices. Corporate offices.现在到处都变成了办公室,企业的办公室。Beautiful artist studios like this have been divided up...with partitions and computers and telemarketers.那些美丽的艺术家工作室正被电脑和推销员们分隔取代着。Agnes de Mille#39;s studio...This is the famous one, Ballet Arts, where she choreographed Oklahoma.Agnes de Mille的工作室,是最著名一个芭蕾舞团她编排了俄克拉何马州的芭蕾舞剧。Can you imagine how big that studio was? That is now a sea of telemarketers.你能想象这个曾经的芭蕾舞团工作室现在什么样了么?现在那里到处都是推销员。For us it feels criminal.对此我们真的有负罪感。It feels immoral that these people, at this stage of their life, are going to spend their twilight years, fighting to hold on to these studios.这样做似乎很不道德,让这些年老的艺术家必须在暮年去抗争来保住他们的工作室。That#39;s why it#39;s a treat to see Bill and Editta Sherman standing their ground...and being the last holdouts here of the Carnegie Studios.这也就是为什么Bill和Editta Sherman在这件事上这么受关注他们是最后守在Carnegie工作室的人了。Editta Sherman!Editta Sherman!Come on in!进来吧!What is this thing?这是怎么回事?How come they#39;re not doing something on me?为什么他们不拍我?We did something on you. This is all of you.我们在拍你,这都是你。We#39;re doing something on all of you now.我们现在都在拍你。Well, why?好吧,为什么?Here I am. They don#39;t even bring a cup of coffee.好吧,我在这儿他们怎么都不拿一杯咖啡来。Well, I think they#39;re not very civilized.我觉得他们不是很懂礼貌。Editta#39;s always hungry.Editta总是会饿。She#39;s always hungry.她总是很饿。You see? This is a crazy house.你瞧这真是个疯狂的屋子。That#39;s so beautiful. -I know that.那真漂亮。-我知道的。Suzette, how long have you known Editta?Suzette,你认识Editta多久了?Were you here when I moved in in #39;49? No. You were here first. -Forty-nine. I moved in here in the #39;40s. I guess I must have been here around 1940, huh?我49年搬进来的时候你住在这儿么?不,你先搬进来的。-49年。我五十年代搬进来的。我记得我大概1940前后搬进来的吧。 Article/201608/460210I expect you to be home by ten.我希望你在十点前回到家。(带有要求或命令的语气)家长对孩子用上句是比较多见的,expect虽然也有期待的意思,但通常都是带有命令或要求的语气。I expect you to be punctual.我要求你准时。如果单纯表达怀着喜悦的心情来期待某事情,最好还是用look forward to或者anticipate。 /200802/27287

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201612/481031

Japan is lending a hand to the U.S. Navy as it tries to pressure North Korea. 日本向美国海军伸手,试图向朝鲜施压。The Japanese navy is sending its largest warship, the Izumo, to escort a U.S. supply ship heading toward the Korean Peninsula. That U.S. ship is refueling a fleet in the area.日本海军派出其最大的军舰Izumo护送美国补给船前往朝鲜半岛。该美国船只正为该地区舰队增加燃料。The Izumo is only protecting the American ship within Japanese waters, but it#39;s still a big break from tradition for the nation#39;s military. Izumo仅在日本海域保护美国船只,但它仍然是日本军事传统的一大突破。Since the end of WWII, Japan has only been able to act in self-defense. This is the first military movement under a new Japanese law that allows its ships to come to the defense of an ally that#39;s protecting Japan. 二战结束以来,日本只能自卫。这是日本新法律下首次军事运动,允许其船只防御保护日本的盟友。American ships were sent to the Korean Peninsula to act as a deterrent. But the North launched another failed ballistic missile test on Saturday,its fourth since March. 美国船只被派往朝鲜半岛充当威慑力量。但朝鲜周六发射了另一枚失败的弹道导弹试验,这是自3月以来的第四次。Japan#39;s prime minister called the latest missile launch a ;grave threat; to his country. 日本总理称最新导弹发射对他的国家构成“严重威胁”。译文属。 Article/201705/508407

[00:03.10]I get up at six o'clock. 我六点起床。[00:10.44]I meet the boss himself. 我见到了老板本人。[00:17.67]I owe you for my dinner. 我欠你晚餐的钱。[00:24.73]I really enjoyed myself. 我玩得很开心。[00:31.75]I'm fed up with my work! 我对工作烦死了![00:39.06]It's no use complaining. 发牢骚没什么用。[00:46.15]She's under the weather. 她心情·不好。[00:53.20]The child sobbed sadly. 小孩伤心地抽泣着。[01:00.69]The rumor had no basis. 那谣言没有·根据。[01:08.40]They praised him highly. 他们大大地表扬了他。[01:15.42]Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。[01:23.34]You can call me any time. 你可以随时打电话给我。[01:30.97]15 divided by3 equals 5. 15除以3等于5。[01:39.54]All for one,one for all. 我为人人,人人为我。[01:46.77]East,west,home is best. 金窝,银窝,不如自己的草窝。[01:55.16]He grasped both my hands. 他紧握住我的双手。[02:02.72]He is physically mature. 他身体己发育成熟。[02:10.39]I am so sorry about this. 对此我非常抱歉(遗憾)。[02:17.70]I can't afford a new car. 我买不起一部新车。[02:25.11]I do want to see him now. 我现在确实很想去见他。[02:33.36]I have the right to know. 我有权知道。[02:39.91]I heard some one laughing. 我听见有人在笑。[02:47.11]I suppose you dance much. 我想你常常跳舞吧。[02:54.52]I walked across the park. 我穿过了公园。 /200810/52286

27 In the Campus在校园Borrowing books,magazines,etc.借入图书、杂志等I#39;d like to borrow a book on computers.我想错一本电脑方面的书。I#39;d like to apply for a library card.我想申请一下借书。I#39;d like to renew it for another week.我想再续借一个星期。Can you show me how to find the books in the stacks?您能告诉我该怎样在书架里找书吗?Can you tell me how many books I can borrow at a time?您能告诉我一次可以借几本书吗?Can you tell me how long I can keep it?您能告诉我这本书我可以保留多长时间吗?Lending books,magazines,etc.借出图书,杂志等You can find it in the card catalog.你可以在目录卡片里找到它。If you only know the author,just look it up in the author catalog.如果你只知道作者,那就查作者目录。I#39;m afraid the book you want is checked out (taken,on loan,out).您要的那本书恐怕已经借出了。Please consult the card catalog first.请先查卡片目录。Please return them by the due date.请按时归还。Your book is two days overdue.You#39;ll have to pay fines.您的书已经过期两天了,您得付罚款。Classroom expressions课堂用语Has the bell gone?打铃了吗?Sit(up)properly.坐好。Please pay attention.请注意。Please come to the front of the class.请到前面来。Open your books to page...打开书的第...页。Put away your books.把书收好。Hand in your papers,please.请交练习本。No helping.不要提示。That#39;s all for today.今天就讲到这里。Class is over.下课了。May I ask a question?我问个问题可以吗?Could you explain that again?您能再解释一遍吗?I#39;m sorry,but I couldn#39;t follow you.对不起,我听不懂。I#39;m sorry,but I#39;m still not clear about that point.对不起,这一点我还是不很清楚。Let me see.I think it#39;s...让我想一想。我认为...I#39;m sorry,I don#39;t know.对不起,我不知道。Work in class.课堂活动We shall aloud.我们将进行朗读。Please answer my(his,her)questions.请回答我的(他的、她的)问题。Please make sentences with the word (phrase)...请用...这个词(短语)造句。Next,we shall play a game (do some exercise,etc.)下面,我们做个游戏(练习等等)。Who would like to try?谁愿意试一试?Please raise your hand.请举手。For homework,do Exercise 1 and 2.作业是练习1和2。Review the last lesson.复习前一课。Conversations会话 /200706/14704

There was always a sense of a kind of idian world...that one sees in photographs that were done at the turn of the century, for example, by the Seeberger brothers, or different people who were documenting the bon monde, but it wasn#39;t really street style in that it wasn#39;t, theoretically, ;ordinary; people, going about their business dressed in fascinating ways.总会有那么些场景或照片记录着一个国家的变迁,比如说Seeberger兄弟还有其他这些人的照片见了bon monde,但这些都不算真正意义上的街头潮流理论上的 ;普通人;那些仅仅去做生意,或是什么事情时穿着很棒的人普通人。That really begins to happen in the 1960s, and that is the moment which Bill begins.真正的街头潮流大概开始于二十世纪六十年代Bill大概也是那时开始拍照的。On an Easter Sunday, I came back here to get film, and the phone rang and I picked it up, and it was the Times fashion critic and editorial writer Charlotte Curtis, who I knew very well.有一次的复活节我自己回来洗我的照片忽然接到了一个电话,是《纽约时报》时尚的编辑Charlotte Curtis。And she said, ;Bill, grab your cameras and get up to the Sheep Meadow as quick as you can. They#39;re having a be-in.;她让我马上带着相机去Sheep Meadow她说,;那儿正在举行be-in;。What the hell is a be-in?我完全不知道什么是be-in。I jumped on my bike and went up to the Sheep Meadow, and there were thousands of kids.于是我马上骑车跑到Sheep Meadow那儿有很多很多的年轻人。Oh! I mean, you just never saw anything like it.我从来没见过那样的场景。All the flower children, the hippies, everything,那些带着花儿的孩子,嬉皮士那一切都很新奇。All up there, and it was a lovely day, and they were lying on the grass or the dirt or whatever it was, and they were dressed.那真是有趣的一天他们都打扮的很有趣躺在草地上或是泥地里。It was marvelous, and that really did me in.那真是很奇妙完全吸引住了我。From then on, that was it, kid.从那时起,我开始拍这些年轻人。My Sundays and Saturdays...Saturdays down in SoHo, and Sundays up in the park...were completely taken.我的周末计划有了些改变周六在城里拍照周日跑到这些公园去照。That was it.就是这样。 Article/201608/460207

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