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青岛市公立妇产医院地址青岛看妇科去哪里比较好Host: And now the year in movies. There were good films, there were bombs. Our own Joel Siegel's sat through all of them and then let's come up with the 10 best of 2005, and joins us to share his picks. I love this more than any of your hits of the year.Joel Siegel: Well, what was your favorite movie of the year?Host: I really love "Crash".Joel Siegel: Made the list!Host: Excellent! Joel Siegel: Everybody's agreed with that.Host: We will, we have an impeccable taste! Joel Siegel: Oh, yes we do. Even though it wasn't a great year at the movies on either side of the screen: On Hollywood's side, box office was down for a lot of reasons; on our side of the screen, there really weren't that many great films, better performances in direction than there were great films in 2005. Examples, Philip Seymour Hoffman's great performance wasn't enough to put "Capote" on my 10 best list; Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, terrific in 'Walk the Line", but not enough to push the movie over the line. And the one that hurts, No. 11, "March of the Penguins", didn't make the cut. But here are the 10 that did. Why am I being investigated?Joel Siegel: George Clooney, mumbled his lines, grew a beard, put on 30 pounds, the anti-movie star, makes my 10 best twice this year, first for "Syriana". I'm thinking of your health. No, you're not. They've asked you to ring me and you're doing it.Joel Siegel: Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles makes my 10 best 2 years in a row: last year "City of God"; this year, "The Constant Gardener".Now.Joel Siegel: Yet it could've been a contender, an Oscar contender. I think "Cinderella Man" could've been the champ. But the studio opened it way too early and way too close to last year's Oscar winner, "Million Dollar Baby". But hold the phone, even if the twice-overlooked Paul Giamatti just gets an Oscar nomination, it's a Cinderella's story come true. And the film is a knock-out.Did we know each other?Joel Siegel: This year's best movie with the worst title award goes to "A History of Violence". They could've called it "A History of Violins", would have made it as much sense.Joel Siegel: I don't know anyone who's seen "King Kong" who hasn't loved it. It's like being 9 years old and the movie's all over again. It's that thrilling, that exciting. I ain't gonna smell it, if that's what you want? It's a talking beaver!Joel Siegel: Two incredible facts about "The Chronicles of Narnia": None of the animals are real and there is no blood in the battle scenes. The third incredible fact: Christmas week it sold more tickets than "King Kong".Just outside the Olympic Village in Munich, 8 or 9 athletes of the Israeli team are being held prisoner…Joel Siegel: Steven Spielberg's "Munich"--brilliant, mixing A's actual coverage of the killing of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team with the breathtaking fiction of Israeli hit team that sought revenge. And what the film asks is the real cost of revenge. This pitch-perfect cast is one reason Oscar needs a best ensemble acting category.You see that?Why, she's cold. She got colder as soon as she saw us now.Joel Siegel: And the amazing cast in "Crash" is another. A dozen disparate lives crash together in Charlie Gibson's bid for the best film of the year.We are going with the story that says......Joel Siegel: George Clooney's second appearance on my 10 best—"Good Night, and Good Luck". And this one he acted in, he wrote, he produced and directed. And he could be Oscar nominated for 3 out of 4, because he gave the best part to David Strathairn.This thing grabs hold of us again, in the wrong place, in the wrong time, we are dead.Joel Siegel: And "Brokeback Mountain"--Heath Ledger's acting, Ang Lee's direction, and the story you have never seen before. It's the best film of the year.Joel Siegel: My original review of "Brokeback Mountain", I said it's gonna lead the league in Oscar nominations. I still think that's true, but it's not a sure thing to win an Oscar in any of the categories. This year, there are no sure things come to Oscar title. 200808/46404青岛哪里处女膜修复医院好 US Vice Presidential Candidates Palin, Biden Set to Face Off in Debate美国副总统候选人佩林拜登将辩论 Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden are set to face off in a much-anticipated vice presidential debate Thursday night in St. Louis, Missouri. Voters are likely to be especially focused on Alaska Governor Palin, a newcomer to the national stage who has electrified many in her party but has also had some shaky moments in recent interviews.美国共和党的萨拉·佩林和民主党的乔·拜登定于星期四晚间在密苏里州圣路易斯举行人们十分期待的副总统候选人辩论。选民可能会非常注视阿拉斯加州州长佩林的表现。佩林是初登国家政治舞台的新人,她曾使得共和党内很多人很兴奋,不过在最近几次接受采访时,她也表现出难以应答的时刻。An interview that aired this week with CBS television news anchor Katie Couric has attracted a lot of attention because of a couple of questions Governor Palin seemed unable to answer. Palin replied to a question from Couric on which newspapers and magazines she liked to to stay informed.这个星期播出的哥伦比亚广播公司新闻主播凯蒂·库里克对佩林的采访节目引起了人们的注意,因为佩林州长似乎对库里克提的几个问题回答不上来。库里克问佩林,她为了获得信息喜欢阅读哪些报刊杂志。下面是佩林的回答:"I've most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media," Palin told Couric.佩林说:“我阅读了大多数,我要再次感谢报纸和媒体。”"But like, what ones specifically, " Couric asked. 库里克问:“具体说是哪些报刊,我很好奇......""All of them, any of them," Palin responded.佩林回答说:“所有报刊,任何一种。”A new A News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday shows that six in 10 Americans now doubt Palin's qualifications to serve as president in the event McCain wins the election and something happened to him. The poll reflects a steep decline in Palin's popularity, after she initially gave a big boost to Republican nominee John McCain.美国广播公司和华盛顿邮报星期三公布的一项新民调显示,在十个受访者当中,有六人现在怀疑,一旦麦凯恩在赢得总统选举后遇到不测,佩林是否有资格行使总统责任。这次民调反应出选民对佩林的喜爱程度大幅度下降,而她曾一度使共和党总统候选人麦凯恩威信大涨。McCain strongly defended Palin in a meeting with the Des Moines Register newspaper earlier this week. He was asked why voters should have confidence in Palin's ability to succeed him as president if it should become necessary.麦凯恩这个星期早些时候在接受《得梅因纪事报》采访时极力为佩林辩护。记者问,为什么选民应该对佩林有信心,认为她有足够能力在必要时接替他?"With due respect, I strongly disagree with your premise that she does not have experience and knowledge and background," McCain said. "I fundamentally disagree and I am proud of her record. And it is not an accident that she is the most popular governor in America."麦凯恩说:“对不起,我坚决不同意你的前提,即她没有经验,没有知识,没有背景。我从根本上不同意这个前提,我为她的履历自豪。佩林成为美国最受爱戴的州长并不是偶然的。”Some analysts say this will be Palin's chance to show she is y for the national stage, and that this debate, the only vice presidential debate in this election, could be a defining moment for her political career. 一些分析人士认为,这次辩论是佩林显示她有能力登上国家舞台的一个机会。这场辩论是11月大选前唯一的一场副总统候选人辩论,这可能成为佩林政治生涯的关键时刻。"Having been thrown into national politics with almost no preparation, now there is this enormous spotlight on her and she has got to live up to a pretty high standard, what people expect of someone playing in that league," said Bruce Miroff, a political expert at the State University of New York at Albany.布鲁斯·米罗夫是奥尔巴尼纽约州立大学的政治问题专家。他说:“在几乎毫无准备的情况下被一下子推进国家政治事务中,她现在的确成为万众瞩目的焦点,她必须要达到很高的标准,要达到人们对那些在国家政治圈子里活动的人的期望。”Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware faces different challenges in the debate. He has had years of foreign policy experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But he is famous for his verbal gaffes and for talking too much. University of Virginia analyst Larry Sabato compares and contrasts the two vice presidential candidates.德拉瓦州民主党议员乔·拜登在辩论中遇到的挑战有所不同。他在参议院外交关系委员会有多年外交政策经验。不过,他在讲话中经常失言和喋喋不休也尽人皆知。维吉尼亚大学分析人士拉里·萨巴托对两位副总统候选人进行了对比。"Biden knows a great deal after 36 years in the Senate, but most people can take him only in small doses," Sabato noted. "Sarah Palin is a very pleasant and likable individual, and she knows very little, especially about foreign policy."萨巴托说:“拜登任参议员36年经验非常丰富,可是大多数人对他不太了解。佩林这个人非常活泼可爱,不过她的知识不多,特别在外交政策方面更加贫乏。”Speaking to reporters on the campaign trail, Biden said he was preparing for this debate just like any other.拜登在竞选途中对记者说,他正在为这次辩论做准备,跟对待其它辩论一样。"I go into every debate assuming that in fact, the person I am debating is as smart as I am, and is as tough as I am, and knows as much as I do," Biden said.拜登说:“在进行每一场辩论之前,我都假定我的辩论对手跟我一样机智,跟我一样难以对付,一样知识丰富。”Several Democratic lawmakers and strategists have cautioned that Palin was indeed a tough and formidable debater in her successful 2006 campaign to become Alaska's governor. Some analysts, like Larry Sabato, also point out that vice presidential debates rarely change voters' minds, and that, in the end, the focus will shift back to Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain. Several polls released this week show Obama opening up a significant lead over McCain.几位民主党议员和战略家提醒说,佩林在2006年的竞选活动中成功当选阿拉斯加州州长,说明她的确是一个难以对付、有实力的辩论者。萨巴托等分析人士还指出,副总统辩论难以改变选民的主意,最终,人们的注意力还是要回到民主党总统候选人奥巴马和共和党总统候选人麦凯恩身上。这个星期公布的几项民意调查显示,奥巴马的民众持率明显领先于麦凯恩。200810/51516South Korean Lawmakers Delay US Trade Deal in Beef Scare美牛肉在韩惹争议 殃及自贸协议   South Korean lawmakers from mainly liberal parties say they will block ratification of a major free-trade deal with the ed States amid a panic about American beef imports. The political stalemate ends hopes for a speedy implementation of the pact. 就在美国进口牛肉在韩国引发争议之际,韩国自由派政党的议员们说,他们将阻止国会批准美韩自由贸易协议。韩国国会在这个问题上的僵持局面使美韩自贸协议没有希望快速过关。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met Tuesday with Sohn Hak-kyu, the leader of the country's main opposition party. They failed to break a log jam about voting a major American trade deal into law. 韩国总统李明星期二会见了主要反对党领袖孙鹤圭。两人没有就韩国国会投票批准美韩贸易协议取得共识。Sohn told Mr. Lee his ed New Democratic Party will not back the deal unless the terms for resuming U.S. beef imports were renegotiated separately. He also urged the president to apologize for an ongoing public controversy about American beef. 孙鹤圭对李明总统表示,如果不能就韩国恢复进口美国牛肉的有关条款单独谈判的话,他领导的新民主联合党就不会持两国的贸易协议。孙鹤圭同时呼吁李明总统针对美国牛肉引发的争议作出公开道歉。The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement reached last year could add tens of billions of dollars to the two countries' commerce, in everything from drugs to automobiles. However, UNDP floor leader Kim Hyo-seuk said Tuesday the free trade deal is essentially "on hold" for the parliament session ending later this week. 去年达成的美韩自由贸易协议可以把两国贸易额提升上百亿美元,其涵盖的范围从药品到汽车无所不包。但是新民主联合党发言人金孝硕星期二说,这项自由贸易协议在即将于本星期晚些时候结束的本届国会里实际上处于“搁置”状态。 Kim says, given public sentiment, it is very difficult to even discuss the free trade deal. He says there must be re-negotiating or the topic cannot be discussed. 他说,考虑到公众情绪,目前就连讨论这项协议都很困难。他说,如果不能重新谈判的话,这个问题就无从谈起。Seoul banned the import of American beef in 2003, after a single U.S. animal was found to have the brain disease commonly known as "mad cow disease." Medical experts say it is hypothetically possible, though extremely unlikely, for people to contract a human variant of the disease by consuming tainted meat. 2003年,在美国发现了一头牛患有疯牛病之后,韩国宣布禁止进口美国牛肉。医学专家说,尽管理论上讲人类可以通过食用染病牛肉传染上变异的疯牛病,但实际上这种可能性微乎其微。American officials say no human cases of mad cow disease have ever resulted from consuming U.S. beef and that no infected cow has ever been known to enter the food supply.  美国官员说,尚未有人因为食用美国牛肉而患上疯牛病;而且目前也没有发现染病牛肉进入市场。In April, President Lee fulfilled a promise by his predecessor to agree on resuming U.S. beef imports, once a ed Nations body agreed it was safe. The move was seen as crucial to winning the American Congress's support for the broader trade agreement.  今年四月,在联合国人员宣布美国牛肉安全之后,李明总统履行了其前任的诺言,宣布恢复进口美国牛肉。舆论认为,此举对于换取美国国会持更为广泛的贸易协议至关重要。Thousands of South Koreans, mainly students, have been gathering frequently in downtown Seoul for candlelight vigils against importing U.S. beef. They accuse President Lee of compromising of South Korean sovereignty and public safety. The emotional protests have been fueled, in part, by Internet rumors, questionable South Korean news reports and grassroots sympathy with economically threatened South Korean cattle farmers. 以学生为主的成千上万名韩国人在首尔市中心频繁聚集,举行反对进口美国牛肉的烛光集会。他们指责李明总统在国家主权和公众安全问题上作出妥协。网络传闻、缺乏实的韩国新闻报导、以及民间对本国畜牧业者的同情更加煽动了抗议者的情绪。UNDP floor leader Kim says the protesters should not be seen as anti-American. He says they just want to prevent mad cow disease, also known by its initials BSE. 新民主联合党发言人金孝硕说,这些抗议者并非反美。他说,抗议者只是希望防止疯牛病。"What the Korean people oppose is not the U.S. but BSE-risk beef. The Korean people are not anti-U.S., but anti-BSE," Kim said. 他说,韩国人民反对的不是美国,而是疯牛病。South Korean conservatives won a parliament majority in elections, early this year, and are expected to support both the U.S. trade deal and the resumption of American beef imports in the next legislative session. However, lawmakers say getting the topic to a vote could take months, because of upcoming summer vacations. 韩国保守派今年早些时候在国会选举中胜出。预计,保守派将在下届国会中持美韩自贸协议和恢复进口美国牛肉。但是,议员们说,由于夏季休会即将来临,因此相关议题付诸投票可能要在几个月以后。 200805/39591青岛做处女膜修复哪个医院好

青岛哪家检查妇科专业We will certainly consider your company.我们肯定会考虑贵公司的。Well we hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye.我们希望尽快接到您的来电,再见。Tom, Tom, how are you getting on?汤姆,汤姆,你进行的怎么样了?…well if that’s what you think then you can shove your kumquats… hello? Hello?如果你这么认为的话,你可以推走那些金橘……你好?你好?What’s wrong?怎么了?They’ve hung up on me. Really!他们挂我电话。真是的!He said the plastic fruit industry is in meltdown.他说塑料水果产业正在衰落。Anna, if I don’t get any contracts soon I’ll be fired.安娜,如果我签不到任何合同的话,我会被解雇的。Well, this calls for teamwork Tom – tomorrow, Tuesday, we’re going to tackle this task – together!汤姆,这需要团队协作。明天,周二,我们一起来解决问题。Hooray for Anna.安娜万岁。Now she’s sounding like a leader.现在她听起来像是一个领导。And she’s mastered cold calling by using some simple phrases, like these.她通过使用这些简单的表达方式已经掌握了如何打调查电话了,像是这样。My name is Anna. Can you spare a few minutes of your time?我是安娜,可以占用你一点时间吗?I’d like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit.我想向你介绍我们最新的激光曲线水果。How much plastic fruit do you buy?你想买多少塑料水果?Thank you for your time.感谢您的宝贵时间。We hope to hear from you soon.我们希望今早接到您的来电。Anna. There’s a call for you, from someone in France, they want to talk to you about lemons.安娜,有你的电话,来自法国的人,他们想跟你谈谈柠檬的事。Sounds promising.听起来很有希望。Find out what happens next time on English at Work. Bye.下次再来English at Work看看发生了什么事。再见。 /201703/497213山东青岛新阳光女子医院网址 Katie Couric: At only 11 years old. Annasophia Robb adds in the second major film to her resume. You may remember her, from the heart warming tale because of Winn-Dixie, she stared as Opal, a girl whose life changes for the better, "he wins, Dixie", once she meets and adopts a free friend at a local grocery store, but now she plays a fierce gum chewing champion, Violet Beauregarde, who along with four other kids, finds a golden ticket in the new movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, she fails to hit a warning and starts feeling a bit blue. (From the motion picture--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)Stick the most amazing and sensational gum of the whole universe.Sounds like my kind of gum.I'd rather you didn't, there're still one or two things they are... erm..I'm the world record holder in chewing gum, I'm not afraid of anything.How is it honey?It's amazing! To make the soap I can feel banning down my throat.I'm just a little concerned about the..Little berry pie in ice cream.That part.What's happening to her nose?It's turning blue.Katie Couric: Annasophia Robb. Good morning! Nice to see you. how are you?Annasophia Robb: Good morning. I'm good, how are you?Katie Couric: Richard mentioned that we have been chewing gum, you put it behind your ear temporarily ... But the reason we are because we have little bubble blowing competition in a minute. And I have to say, first of all, I have the sugar free gum and that's not as good for bubble blowing, is it?Annasophia Robb: No, it doesn't have the right, consistency. It's the sugar.Katie Couric: So I'm working a way on the sugar, bubble gum right now, so I can compete adequately. But let me ask you about becoming a young actress. Because I understand you wanna to do this since you were 3 years old, it's that right?Annasophia Robb: Yeah I am.. I wanna to do it since I was three. I kept asking for my mom for an agent. And finally when I was 8, she said all right, and she found me an agent in Denver.Katie Couric: Is that where you are from?Annasophia Robb: That's where I am from. I'm from Colorado and then I did an acting class, that's for 3 months. And then after that, L.A. agents and managers came out, and I got picked up by one of them and I went out to LA.Katie Couric: And tell me about some of the roles you had, I mentioned Because of Winn-Dixie you were adorable in that movie, and in fact, you know, in many ways you remind me of the Cold Fenning. Do people tell you that, that you remind them of a little bit of her?Annasophia Robb: Sometimes, yeah, I guess I think it is the blonde hair.Katie Couric: Yeah what other movies have you done? What other roles have you had?Annasophia Robb: I did Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.Katie Couric: Oh, right, I love you in that, too. You know it's hard cause you had brown hair as Samantha.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, and this one. Which is, that was fun, I got the blonde hair..Katie Couric: I bet it was. Tell me a little bit about being involved in this movie. I mean, were you familiar with this story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as the book is called.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, I was.. I love the book. It's a great book, it's such a classic and I love all the characters in it. Katie Couric: Had you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which Wilder was in it? Annasophia Robb: Yes, I had. I love that movie, it's an old song. It's so much fun. And this one, it's a lot supposed to be the original book.Katie Couric: And the fact is really a lot darker, isn't it? And, I mean, a little more, a little darker when she say it's a little less happy, happy.Annasophia Robb: It is! Yeah, it's a Tim's version. Which is Katie Couric: So Tim Burton, right? You don't say, it is me to say more than that. Tim Burton. And Johnny Depp, his version of Willie Walker, is a bit cockier than Gene Walder's. Won't you agree?Annasophia Robb: Yes! He is. It's a little more cockier, a kind of odd, but I think it's exactly how Ronald Dahl, the feel of the book, is a kind of dark. And so I think Tim really captured that essence. Katie Couric: I'm excited about that movie. We are y to count down. Tell me a little bit about Violet Beauregarde and F in terms of her personality. She's one bratty little kid, isn't she?Annasophia Robb: She is, she's very competitive, and very selfish, too. And she'll do nothing to stop her er..to win. And so I have a lot from playing her because usually I don't play mean characters, except for this part. Katie Couric: Right, so you had a lot of fun with that, she goes wandering with the same light blue sweatshirt, sweatsuit rather, as her mom who's played by Missi Pyle, who's hilarious tooAnnasophia Robb: She's so funny, we had such a good time together, and we're wearing M track suits. So there're so much fun. I've got to repent and…Katie Couric: You got to …you go up, well, you've got chew gum which is supposing you are smarter according to a recent study, I'm not sure.(really?) that's true. You've also got to blow up like a giant blueberry.Annasophia Robb:I did, I did. That was quite a fun for me because we did this whole prosthetic thing and the performer may phase then I turn into this big blueberry.Katie Couric: I think we have actually, Joe, don't we have two Violets turning blue? So we can now actually show folks. (Big potato) All the sudden this is you and this is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but really you got a situation here. Are you y? Let's blow bubble.Annasophia Robb: Okay. I have to get my gum. I stuck it behind my ear, it's got to stuck. Katie Couric: OK! We have ten seconds, can you do it? …200707/15205青岛八一医院看产科需要多少钱

城阳治乳腺病最好的医院ADB Forecasts Solid Growth for Asia in 2008报告:亚洲经济今年仍会强劲增长  The Asian Development Bank says while Asia will not be immune to the global slowdown, economies in the region will continue to see solid growth in 2008. But the bank warns in its annual outlook that inflation in the region will jump this year.  亚洲开发星期三报告说,亚洲经济体受全球经济减速影响不大,2008年会继续保持强劲增长。但是亚银同时警告说,今年本地区的通货膨胀预计会进一步恶化。In 2007, Asia posted the highest growth in almost two decades, with regional economies expanding by 8.7 percent on average. The Asian Development Bank predicts that this year, growth will ease to 7.6 percent, as a result of the slowdown in large industrialized economies as well as surging food and fuel prices and a credit crisis in global financial hubs. 2007年,亚洲地区取得了20多年来最快的经济增长,整个地区的平均增长率高达8.7%。亚洲开发预测,2008年亚洲地区的增长率将降低到7.6%,主要原因是工业化大国经济发展减速,再加上食品和燃料价格暴涨,以及世界主要金融市场遭受信贷危机。But Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says this year's predicted growth rate is still solid and only slightly below the average of the past five years. He spoke Wednesday in Hong Kong, where the bank unveiled its annual Asian Development Outlook. 伊弗扎尔.阿里是亚洲开发的首席经济学家。他指出,亚洲地区今年的经济增长仍然是强劲的,只是跟过去五年相比略微降低。阿里在香港公布亚银的《亚洲开发展望》年度报告的时候说:"Growth will remain solid because domestic conditions continue to be favorable. The policy environment is generally positiv," he said.. "Productivity growth linked to economic modernization and structural transformation that we have witnessed in the last five years and which have barreled Asia forward are likely to continue." “由于各国的国内状况依然有利,所以经济增长将保持强劲。政策环境总的来看是积极的。过去五年来我们看到,跟经济现代化密切关联的生产力增长以及结构性转变推动亚洲经济不断进步,这种情况看来会继续下去。”But risks remain. The ADB warns that inflation in the region will accelerate and could reach a 10-year high in 2008. In China, for example, inflation aly has reached an 11-year high of 11.7 percent in February. The Bank is worried about the social and political impact of higher prices for food and other essential commodities, as they mainly affect Asia's poor. 尽管如此,风险却仍然存在。亚洲开发警告说,亚洲地区的通货膨胀将加速恶化,有可能在2008年达到10年来的最高水平。比如,在中国,通货膨胀率已经在今年2月达到11.7%,那是过去11年来的最高点。亚洲开发担心,食品和其他生活必需品价格持续攀升,亚洲穷人所受的影响最大,有可能引起社会动乱和政治动乱。Many Asian governments subsidize or control prices of some items to protect consumers and prevent social tensions. The ADB says that Indonesia, for example, spends more on fuel subsidies than on public health and education combined. Ali says these practices put fiscal health at risk, so governments need to rethink them.  亚洲地区的很多政府目前都在通过补贴和控制某些商品的价格来保护消费者,防止社会局势紧张。亚洲开发指出,印度尼西亚现在花在燃料补贴方面的资金已经超过了公共卫生和教育经费的总和。阿里认为,这种做法势必给公众的健康带来风险,因此,对于财政补贴,各国政府还需要三思而行。"We need very quickly exit strategies for subsidies and administrative prices in developing Asia and replace them with targeted cash transfers for the really needy," he said. 阿他说:“亚洲的发展中国家需要尽快放弃补贴和价格控制等做法,取而代之的应该是目标明确地资助那些真正需要帮助的人们。”The annual report warned that Asian economies need to address labor issues to fuel long-term growth. The report notes that many countries in the region have large populations of unemployed young adults, and that at the same time, these economies face shortages of the skilled workers needed for development.  亚洲开发的年度报告还警告说,亚洲经济体要保持长期的增长,需要解决劳工问题。亚银指出,亚洲很多国家失业的年轻人很多,可是这些国家却同时面临技术工人短缺的局面。The ADB says governments need to do more to educate young workers and help them find jobs. The report says otherwise, countries will lose out for decades on the talent and productivity of these young adults. 亚洲开发说,各国政府需要做出更大的努力来为青年工人提供教育和培训,帮助他们找到工作。否则的话,在今后的几十年里,这些国家将由于年轻人缺乏才能和生产力而功败垂成。In addition, the report urged countries in Asia to make it easier for migrant workers to move about the region, to help fill gaps in labor supplies. 此外,亚洲开发还敦促亚洲各国让流动工人在各地区之间更加容易地流动,以弥补不同地区之间在劳动力供应方面的差距。200804/33227 Well, less profit is better than no profit.利润少点总比一点利润都没有强。And who knows, if this goes well, it might lead to more contracts.谁知道呢,如果事情顺利,将会带来更多的合同。But its down to you now to make that call.但现在是由你来打电话决定了。But what am I going to say?但我要说什么呢?Be friendly and say… Im sorry to hear youre not happy with our price.礼貌的说,很抱歉听说你对我们的价格不满意。Tell them Tip Top Trading prides itself on quality products and good value for money.告诉他们 Tip Top Trading以优质的产品和物有所值的价格为豪。And flatter them and say they are a valued customer and their business is very important to us.奉承他们并说他们是重要的客户,他们的生意对我们很重要。And what shall I say about the price?关于价格,我要怎么说?Tell them you can match the price of our competitors.告诉他们你能给出我们竞争者匹配的价格。Match the price. Right. Thanks.匹配的价格,没错,谢谢。OK, I had better call them.好,我最好打给他们。Bonjour. Fruit Traders International.你好,Fruit Traders International公司。Oh, erm, hello, is that Monsieur Brown?你好,是布朗先生吗?Oui. Yes.是的。This is Anna… from Tip Top Trading.我是Tip Top Trading的安娜。I was sorry to receive your message.收到你的留言,我感到很抱歉。Yes, well. I thought we were doing good business and then another company called me and offered me a much better deal.是的。我以为我们生意谈得很好,但是另一家公司打给我提供了一份更好的协议。 /201704/506741山东省青岛市二院哪个医生比较厉害青岛做药流大概多少钱




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