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青岛体检血常规查多少钱青岛阴唇美容多钱青岛哪家治疗不孕不育好 Official statistics官方统计Con census反对人口普查Britains decennial population count has been saved. Now make it work better英国十年一度的人口普查被保留,如今需改良运作状态WHEN the first results of the 2011 census were published, almost two years ago, the most striking discovery was straightforward. Britains population, it turned out, was around 500,000 bigger than statisticians had thought. For all that Britons are relentlessly surveyed, only a full count could reveal the size of the country, yet alone that of individual cities, towns and neighbourhoods.约两年前,当2011年人口普查的数据发布时,最令人吃惊的发现是十分显而易见的。结果显示英国人口比统计学家预计的竟多了约500,000人。鉴于所有的英国人都被调查过了,除了个别一些城市、城镇和居民区,只有一次完整的计数能揭示这个国家真正的规模。Given that finding, the proposal made in 2010 by an austerity-minded coalition government to scrap Britains decennial census seemed odd. It now looks as though the census will survive after all. On March 27th the Office for National Statistics (ONS) concluded that a full population count is still necessary, though many people will in future be asked to fill in the census online. In all likelihood, the government will follow its recommendations. Academics, market researchers and social historians breathed a sigh of relief.鉴于此发现,这一联合政府于2010年提出的要取消英国十年一度人口普查的提议看起来有些古怪。如今看来人口普查是要被保留下来了。3月27日,国家统计局(ONS)得出的结论是尽管未来很多人将被要求在线填写人口普查调查表,进行一次完整的人口调查仍是必要的。不出意外的话,政府将会遵循它的提议。学者、市场调研员和社会历史学家终于松了口气。Scrapping the census in favour of rolling surveys of a portion of the population was always a silly idea. A full count can provide information at the level of a single street, which even very large surveys could never do. The census also supplies detailed data about poorly understood groups of people, such as some ethnic minorities. Each year billions of pounds of government spending are allocated according to estimates derived from the census. Its data determine where new schools and hospitals are built, where planning permission for housing is granted and where money is spent on transport.取消人口普查,转而赞成对部分人口进行滚动调查的想法是愚蠢的。一次完整的计数可以提供小至一条街的信息,这是连许多大规模调查都无法媲美的。人口普查也可为我们提供那些外界知之甚少的群体的详细数据,如一些少数族群。政府依据人口普查得出的估算来决策每年数十亿英镑的出应拨向何处。这一数据决定何处应建立新学校和医院,何处应许可进行住房规划,以及何处应加强交通建设。The census is hardly perfect. It is expensive—the 2011 edition cost around 480m (800m). Its findings go out of date quickly. And it is increasingly difficult to conduct, as a rising proportion of people do not fill in their forms. In many European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, the authorities use administrative data collected by public bodies in place of a traditional census.人口普查并不十全十美。它花费高昂——2011年版成本约为4亿8千万英镑(8亿美元)。调查的结果也很快就成为了明日黄花。由于不填写表格的人越来越多,它的可操作性也越来越难了。在很多欧洲国家,包括德国和荷兰,行政当局选择采用公共机构提供的管理数据以代替传统的人口调查。In Britain that would be tricky. The nation lacks a central population register or an identity-card system that would allow administrative data to be linked up. By northern European standards, Britain also has lots of irregular migrants who have little interaction with the state. That makes a full count unavoidable. Yet the authorities should still be investing in working out how to use administrative data better, argues Chris Skinner, a statistician at the London School of Economics. That would help to provide a check on the accuracy of census and survey data, as well as providing timelier and more precise estimates in between census years.在英国这将比较棘手。该国缺乏一个中央人口统计处或一个身份认系统来将管理数据统一起来。按照北欧的标准,英国也有很多几乎不与政府来往的非正规移民。这使得完整的人口普查不可避免。然而伦敦统计学院的统计学家克里斯·斯金纳表示,当局应继续研究该如何更好地利用管理数据。这将为人口普查和数据调查的准确性把关,同时也可为两次人口普查间的年份提供及时并更精确的估计。The ONS agrees—and it is researching the possibility of using government data better. The trouble is that doing so will mean spending money, which is precisely what ministers wanted to stop doing when they pushed the ONS into thinking about cancelling the census. Data users will be hoping that they have a change of heart. If not, Britain might be stuck with inadequate numbers for decades to come.国家统计局对此表示同意——它正在研究更好地利用政府数据的可能性。问题是这么做意味着要花钱,这正违背了部长们要求国家统计局取消人口普查的初衷。数据使用者们希望他们能换位思考一下。否则英国将在未来几十年无法摆脱人口总数不准确的困境。译者:王颖 校对:周晓青 译文属译生译世 /201509/400964青岛妇科检查多少钱一次

青岛妇科检查什么时间好枣庄女性不孕 Now,you are,I had some many people tell me in the comedy community what a terrifc improviser you are.thanks.在喜剧界有好多人告诉我 你是个超级棒的即兴表演者 谢谢Watched you do improv in in shows and say youre really good.他们见过你即兴表演 说你真的很棒And I understand you have some anxiety.You get anxiety before you do improv.我知道你有些焦虑 你即兴表演之前会觉得焦虑A little,Im a very anxious person.Do you have an exercise or anything you do before you go on stage?是的 我是个很焦虑的人 上舞台之前你会不会做运动之类的事Cause I know I did improv years ago and Andy started out in improv.我多年前即兴表演过 安迪也是先做的即兴表演Some people have actual technics they do to sort of help them warm up before they go on stage.有些人有一些技巧 能帮助他们上舞台之前热身There was one exercise they used to have us do in improv class,and it was this exercise called give me back my son,在即兴表演课上 他们要我们做一种练习 名字叫把我儿子还给我And have you ever seen the movie;Ransom; with Mel Gibson?Yeah,yeah,Ok.你看过梅尔·吉布森的《赎金风暴》吗 看过 好的In that movie Mel Gibsons son is kidnapped and there was a dramatic scene where hes on the phone with his sons captors那部电影中 梅尔·吉布森的儿子被绑架了 其中有戏剧性的一幕 他跟他儿子的绑匪打电话and he goes,give me back my son!And hes really red face and angry.他说 把我的儿子还给我 他面红耳赤 十分生气So the exercise,the wear the exercise worked,you would like walk up to somebody in the class and you would make eye contact.这个练习也类似如此 你走向你的一个同学 做眼神交流And you would have to with full rage and intensity say,give me back my son and hold eye contact.你愤怒起来 然后说 把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流And not laugh.And then they would do it to the next person.不要笑场 他们会对下一个人这样做So,How does it work? How do you get eliminated?If you laugh.You laugh.You cant laugh.所以 这是怎么回事 怎么就算被淘汰了 笑了吗 笑了 你不能笑You have to commit.even thought youre anxious.theres no more awkward thing to do than walk up to another adult,你必须全神贯注 就算你很焦虑 没什么事比走向另一个成年人 冲他喊着Scream give me back my son and hold their gaze.把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流更尴尬的事了Would you live to try it?I think we should.Absolutely.你想试试吗?我觉得我们该试试 没问题The critical thing,you have to have like full,like all of the anger,your sons been taken,right.I get it.关键在于你得相当愤怒 你的儿子被抢走了 好吗 我懂201608/461705青岛市大学附属医院在线

青岛好的中医妇科大夫But to put the reality to the character,I had to keep the distance from them.可是为了代入角色 我得跟他们保持距离And I was trying to imagine if they would kill my family.我想象我家人 被他们杀掉的画面I have 2 daughters.So if they would kill my family,我有2个女儿 所以如果有人要杀我家人I would do anything to protect them. - Yeah.我会不惜一切保护家人 嗯Its insane, but thats the situation everybody in the war was in.这很疯狂 但是战争年代中人人都处在这样的境况里So that was really hard,but I believe that was really meaningful. - Yeah.演好这个角色真的很难 但我相信这是有意义的 -是的Yeah, its um Im telling you, you are so good.我想说你真的很棒I hated you in the movie, I hated you.电影里的你 我真的很讨厌And I was like I gotta meet this guy because you were so good. And..我是这么想的 你演得太棒了 我一定要会会你I didnt bring my bad, mistakes so .Thank you.因为我没表现我不好 会犯错的一面 谢谢Its, its, its a hard thing to watch,but its an amazing story of triumph and survival.看的时候可能会有负面情绪 但这是一个关于凯旋和幸存者的精故事And um, but you were amazing and Unbroken is in theaters now.你在电影里的表现相当精 电影;坚不可摧;正在影院热映Miyavi is gonna perform after this. Youve got to see this guy.Well be back.接下来石原贵雅将带来他的表演 你们一定很想看的我们马上回来 /201601/420279 青岛多少钱可以做可视无痛人流青岛市哪里治疗子宫腺肌症好



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