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美国习惯用语-第73讲:wimpturkey 每种语言都有一些特殊的词汇用来形容人的不同特性。例如,在中文里我们把那些只会念书的人叫做“书呆子”,把那些老是屈从于别人意志的人叫做“软骨头”等。美国人也有好多类似的习惯用语。今天我们首先要给大家介绍一个美国人常用的字:wimp。美国人经常用wimp这个字来形容一些比较软弱,缺乏勇气,办事无效的人。参加竞选的政界人士往往喜欢用wimp这个字来描述竞选对手。不管是不是符合事实,有的时候,这种形像就在选民心目中留下了印象。例如,下面这个人正在和一个朋友讨论投哪个候选人的票。他对他的朋友说: 例句-1: "As far as I know, this guy Roger Bly is honest. And he's had a pretty good voting record in Congress. But he looks like such a wimp: I'm afraid he doesn't have the guts to handle a real crisis when it comes up. So I guess I'll vote for the other guy." 他说:“就我所知,罗杰·布莱这人很老实。他在国会里就各种问题投票的记录来看也很不错。可是,他看起来像个软骨头。我担心,在真正发生危机的时候,他可能不会有足够的勇气来处理问题。所以,我想我还是投另外一个候选人的票。” 我们在生活中不难看到有些人胆小怕事,不管是不是他错,他老是听任摆布。下面就是一个例子,这是一个人在说他的夫: 例句-2: "I'm afraid my sister married a real wimp. Sure, he makes a good salary and treats her well. But he lets himself get pushed around by everybody--waiters, clerks in stores, the guy who pumps gas--he's afraid to stand up for his rights." 这个人说:“我看我的大概是嫁了一个真正的软骨头。不错,他工资不低,对她也很好。但是,他听任周围任何人的摆布:饭馆务员、售货员、加油站的人等,他从来不敢维护他的权利。” 下面我们要给大家介绍的一个字是:turkey。大家大概都知道,turkey就是火鸡,美国人在感恩节和圣诞节时家家户户都要吃火鸡。可是,活的火鸡非常难看,行动迟顿,而且笨头笨脑的。所以,要是你把一个人形容为turkey,那你就等于说,那个人是愚蠢无用的。下面是一位父亲在说他女儿的男朋友: 例句-3: "I'm worried about this young fellow my daughter is dating. He never finished school, he doesn't have a job, he dresses like a bum--he looks like a real turkey to me." 这位父亲说:“我真担心我女儿的那个男朋友。他书没念完,也没有工作,穿得像个叫化子。我看,他真是个愚蠢的,毫无用处的人。” 每个大公司或机构里总会有几个什么事也干不了的人,可是要想开除他们还不容易。下面这个人说的是一些机构如何处理这些人的办法: 例句-4: "Some private firms and official agencies have what they call a "turkey farm", a part of the organization where their turkeys can be sent to get them out of the way until it's possible to fire them." 这个人说:“有些私营公司和政府机构都有一种叫做“火鸡农场”之类的地方,这是那个机构的一部份,为了不让那些生产力低的人影响其他人的工作,这些单位可以把他们送到“火鸡农场”去,直到能够开除他们为止。” 以上我们给大家介绍了两个美国人常用的字,一个是:wimp。Wimp就是形容那些软弱,受人摆布,不敢坚持己见的人。我们给大家介绍的另一个字是:turkey。Turkey是指那种愚蠢,毫无价值,没有用的人。 /200601/3028

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At worst, possession -- that hed been seized by an evil jinn,往坏处想,他被邪恶的神怪附身了a spirit out to deceive him, even to crush the life out of him.要来欺骗他,甚至来取他的性命In fact, he was so sure that he could only be majnun, possessed by a jinn,事实上,他非常肯定他只是恶魔附身,被神怪占有that when he found himself still alive, his first impulse was to finish the job himself,所以当他发现还活着时,心里的念头就是了结生命to leap off the highest cliff从最高的悬崖跳下and escape the terror of what hed experienced by putting an end to all experience.了结所有一切,来脱离恐怖的亲身经历So the man who fled down the mountain that night那夜他从山上摔下来trembled not with joy but with a stark, primordial fear.不是因为喜悦而颤抖,而是裸的原始恐惧He was overwhelmed not with conviction, but by doubt.他心中没有坚定的信念,只有疑惑And that panicked disorientation, that sundering of everything familiar,正是那种起于恐慌的迷失,离开一切熟悉的事物that daunting awareness of something beyond human comprehension, can only be called a terrible awe.对超越人类理解范围的事物令人怯步的觉察,才可令人敬畏三分This might be somewhat difficult to grasp这可能有点难理解now that we use the word ;awesome; to describe a new app or a viral .现在我们常用“真棒”来评价一款新应用程式,或一段热门影片With the exception perhaps of a massive earthquake, were protected from real awe.大地震的影片也许除外,我们免于受到真正的畏惧We close the doors and hunker down, convinced that were in control, or, at least, hoping for control.我们关上门,蹲下来,相信一切都在掌控之中,或者至少希望受到控制。201609/467369



  突破口语之情景对话(27):Being misunderstood被误解Kitty: Hi, why do you look so depressed today, Mike?Mike: I had a terrible quarrel with my neighbor yesterday.Kitty: How come?Mike: It is a long story. Basically, she thought I had laughed at her while I didn't.Kitty: I know everyone suffers when he is misunderstood. But why not take it easy?Mike: Yeah. It's so nice of you to comfort me.译文:凯蒂: 你好,迈克,你今天看上去怎么这么不高兴啊?迈克: 我昨天和邻居大吵了一架。凯蒂: 怎么搞的啊?迈克: 说来话长了。简单的说呢,她误认为我嘲笑过她,其实我没有。凯蒂: 被误解的时候每个人都很难受,但干嘛不放开一点呢?迈克: 是啊。你这样安慰我真是太好了。 注解 :1) depressed (adj): sad 消沉的,沮丧的例: She was depressed at the news.听到这消息后她万分沮丧。2) quarrel (n): 争吵3) suffer (v): 难受例: He suffered from poverty all his life. 他一生受贫穷之苦。4) misunderstand (v): mistake 误解例: You misunderstood what I said.你误解了我说的话。5) comfort (v): console 安慰例: They tried to comfort her, but what could they say? 他们想要安慰她,但能说什么呢? /200708/16456

  Id like to share three sets of examples, starting with adapting to violent storms and floods.我想分享三个例子,开始于适应猛烈的暴风雨和洪水。In New Orleans, the I-10 Twin Spans, with sections knocked out in Katrina,在新奥尔南,1-10双拱桥因其中一个被击垮,have been rebuilt 21 feet higher to allow for greater storm surge.已经重建高21码去适应更猛烈的浪潮。And these raised and energy-efficient homes这些建得更高且高能效的房屋were developed by Brad Pitt and Make It Right for the hard-hit Ninth Ward.是“布拉特皮特”和“使它变得更好”组织建立的,为了拥有九级防御功能The devastated church my mom attends has been not only rebuilt higher,这个被摧毁了的教堂是我母亲过去常去的一个,不仅仅被建得更高了,its poised to become the first Energy Star church in the country.而且还被建成了这个国家的第一个一星能源教堂。Theyre selling electricity back to the grid它们运输电源到输电网thanks to solar panels, reflective paint and more.基于太阳能面板和反光漆油以及其余东西。Their March electricity bill was only 48 dollars.他们三月份的电费仅仅是48美金。Now these are examples of New Orleans rebuilding in this way,现在这些是新奥尔南重建过程中的案例but better if others act proactively with these changes in mind.但是如果别人能够提前设想这些措施就更好了。For example, in Galveston, heres a resilient home that survived Hurricane Ike,举个例子,在加尔维斯顿有一个弹性结构房从飓风中得以幸存when others on neighboring lots clearly did not.当时它周围的建筑都被摧毁殆尽。And around the world, satellites and warning systems are saving lives in flood-prone areas such as Bangladesh.与此同时在世界各地,卫星和报警系统正在像孟加拉国这样的低洼地区拯救生命But as important as technology and infrastructure are,但是就像技术和基础设施一样重要perhaps the human element is even more critical.人为因素可能更为重要。We need better planning and systems for evacuation.我们需要更好的疏散计划和系统。We need to better understand how people make decisions in times of crisis, and why.我们需要透彻地理解当人们面临危机时,要如何做决定,而且为什么。While its true that many who died in Katrina did not have access to transportation,虽然真相是很多凯瑟琳台风遇害者都未能使用交通工具others who did refused to leave as the storm approached,而有机会使用交通工具的却在暴风雨来临时拒绝离开often because available transportation and shelters refused to allow them to take their pets.这常常是因为可使用的交通工具和避难所,都不允许他们带上自己的宠物Imagine leaving behind your own pet in an evacuation or a rescue.想象一下无法撤离和营救你自己的宠物。Fortunately in 2006, Congress passed the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act但幸运的是在2006年,国会通过了宠物撤离及运输标准法案it spells ;PETS; to change that.添上了“宠物”,从而改变了之前的情形Second, preparing for heat and drought.第二点,为和高温和干旱做好准备Farmers are facing challenges of drought from Asia to Africa, from Australia to Oklahoma,农民们正面临着旱灾的挑战,从亚洲到非洲,从澳洲到俄克拉荷马州while heat waves linked with climate change与此同时高温热浪和气候变化紧紧相连have killed tens of thousands of people in Western Europe in 2003, and again in Russia in 2010.在2003年在西欧和2010年的俄罗斯,已经杀死了成千上万的人。In Ethiopia, 70 percent, thats 7-0 percent of the population, depends on rainfall for its livelihood.在埃塞俄比亚百分之七十,是百分之七十的人口,依靠降雨来维持他们的生活。Oxfam and Swiss Re, together with Rockefeller Foundation,牛津饥荒救济委员会和瑞士再保险公司与洛克菲勒基金会携手are helping farmers like this one build hillside terraces and find other ways to conserve water,共同帮助农民们建造山坡梯田和找寻其余的方法保存用水but theyre also providing for insurance when the droughts do come.当旱灾来临的时候,他们也提供保险赔偿The stability this provides is giving the farmers the confidence to invest.这让那些农民坚定了投资的信心。Its giving them access to affordable credit.向他们提供可负担的贷款。Its allowing them to become more productive so that they can afford their own insurance over time, without assistance.这使他们变得更加多产,随着时间的流逝,他们有能力自给自足,从而不需要救助。Its a virtuous cycle, and one that could be replicated throughout the developing world.这是一个良性循环,而且是可以在发展中国家广泛使用的。201606/448536There are no words to describe the grief and anger that our city is feeling this morning. Tragically, six people have been killed in this sickening attack, and more than 40 injured, some of them critically. I am appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and visitors to our city who were just enjoying their Saturday night. I condemn these terrorists in the strongest possible terms. They are barbaric cowards and there is absolutely no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions.My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims and everyone caught up in this horrific attack. Id like to thank our emergency services who bravely tackled the terrorists and helped the injured. Ive been in close contact with the Met Police Commissioner and senior officers throughout the night and will be attending the governments COBRA security meeting. Id urge all Londoners to remain calm and vigilant today and over the days ahead. We are all shocked and angry today, but this is our city – we will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism.201706/514132

  Because of course, the ear is, I mean, subject to all sorts of things.这当然是因为,我是说,耳朵受制于很多因素。The room we happen to be in, the amplification, the quality of the instrument,the type of sticks ... etc., etc.我们现在所在的房间,扩音效果,乐器的音效,鼓棒,等等等等。Theyre all different.都是不一样的。Same amount of weight, but different sound colors.同样的重量,但是不同的声音色。And thats basically what we are. Were just human beings,but we all have our own little sound colors, as it were,that make up these extraordinary personalities and characters and interests and things.就如同我们一样,我们是普通的人类,但我们都有自己本身独特的,不易察觉的声音色,组成了人的独特的个性,特点以及对事物的不同兴趣。And as I grew older, I then auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music in London,当我年纪大些,我参加了伦敦皇家音乐学院的甄选,and they said, Well, no, we wont accept you, because we havent a clue,他们说:恩,不,我们不能录取你,因为我们没有先例,you know, of the future of a so-called deaf musician.你知道,培养一位将来的,所谓的失聪音乐家。And I just couldnt quite accept that.我无法接受这样的解释。And so therefore, I said to them, Well, look, if you refuse if you refuse me through those reasons,因此,我对他们说:看着吧,如果你们是因为那些原因拒绝我。as opposed to the ability to perform and to understand and love,the art of creating sound then we have to think very, very hard about the people you do actually accept.却忽略了表演的能力,对音乐的理解以及对创造音乐艺术的挚爱,我真想象不出,到底你们想要招收的学生是怎样的。And as a result-once we got over a little hurdle, and having to audition twice,they accepted me. And not only that what had happened was that it changed the whole role of the music institutions throughout the ed Kingdom.结果就是,我们跨过一个很小的障碍,获得了再次甄选的机会,他们录取了我。结果还不仅如此,在当时,它改变了英国范围内所有音乐学院的整个角色。201605/441312

  The Zaraeeb, thats how they call themselves, which means the pig breeders,照片上的这个人所代表的是自称“Zaraeeb”的一个群体,意思是猪的饲养者have been collecting the garbage of Cairo and sorting it in their own neighborhood for decades.他们一直在开罗收集垃圾,而且已经在各自的社区整理了数十年。They have developed one of the most efficient and highly profitable systems on a global level.他们已经开发了在全球水平范围内最高效,最高利润的系统Still, the place is perceived as dirty, marginalized and segregated但即便如此,这个地方仍旧被视为肮脏的,被边缘化的隔离区because of their association with the trash.因为他们与这些垃圾的紧密关系So my initial idea was to create an anamorphic piece,所以我最初的想法是创建一个变形模块a piece that you can only see from one vantage point.一个你只能从一个有力的角度来看的模块I wanted to challenge myself artistically by painting over several buildings我想通过在几座建筑上作画来挑战我自己在艺术上的作为and having it only fully visible from one point on the Muqattam Mountain.并使人们在Muqattam山上能看到其全景的方式The Muqattam Mountain is the pride of the community.Muqattam山是全社区的骄傲This is where they built the St. Simon Monastery,这是他们建立圣西蒙修道院的地方a 10,000-seat cave church that they carved into the mountain itself.一个内部有10000坐席的洞穴教堂So, the first time I stood on top of the mountain and I looked at the neighborhood,我第一次站在山顶时,俯瞰着整个社区I asked myself, how on earth will I convince all those owners to let me paint on their buildings?我问我自己,如何才能说那些房屋的主人,让他们允许我在其建筑上画画呢?And then Magd came. Magd is a guide from the Church.后来Magd来了。Magd是教堂的向导He told me the only person I needed to convince was Father Samaan, who is the leader of the community.他告诉我,我唯一要去说的人是神父Samaan,他是这个社区的领导But to convince Father Samaan, I needed to convince Mario,但是想要说他,我要先说Mariowho is a Polish artist who moved to Cairo 20 years ago and who created all the artwork of the Cave Church.他是20年前搬到开罗的波兰艺术家,他创建了所有在洞穴教堂的艺术品I am really grateful to Mario. He was the key of the project.我非常感激Mario,他是我这个项目的关键He managed to get me a meeting with Father Samaan, and surprisingly, he loved the idea.他帮我约见了神父Samaan,惊奇的是,他很喜欢我的想法He asked me about where I painted before and how I will make it happen.他问我以前在哪儿作过画,以及我将如何实现这个计划And he was mainly concerned by what I was going to write.他最关心的是我要写的内容。201611/477338

  【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200703/11570。

  【中文这样说】我旅行去的欧洲。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I traveled to Europe.American Style I made a trip to Europe. /200604/6400


  17.Opening Remarks for the 74th Oscar Academy Awards17.汤姆·克鲁斯第74届奥斯卡颁奖典礼开幕词When the great director Billy Wilder was asked what makes a movie unforgettable, his answer was simple, ;A little bit of magic!; Were all here tonight or sitting at home watching because something came off a movie screen: a little bit of magic touched our lives. And you always remember where you were: the theater, the popcorn, the people you were with when it happened.当人们问及伟大的导演比利·怀尔德是什么使一部电影令人难以忘怀时,他的回答非常简单:“一点点魅力!”今天晚上,所有嘉宾聚集在此,所有电视观众聚焦荧屏,是因为电影屏幕给我们带来的那“一点点魅力”触动了我们的生命。当它上演时,你总会记着你身处何地:戏院,爆米花,还有那时你身旁的那个人。It was 1968, my family was living in Ottawa, Canada, and the movie was Stanley Kubricks 2001: a Space Odyssey; I couldnt help stop thinking about what is life, what is space, what is existence? I was 6 years old. And I knew right then and there I wanted to be an astronaut.1968年,我们全家生活在加拿大的渥太华,当时有一部斯坦利·库布里克主演的电影《2001年太空漫游》在上演。看完这部电影,我不禁开始思考:什么是生命?什么是宇宙?什么是存在?那个时候,我6岁。我决定成为一名宇航员。My family traveled a lot: the white-hot thrill of Jaws that was Louisville, Kentucky; senior year, New Jersey Apocalypse Now, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Raging Bull. I knew I wanted to be an actor. In good times and poor times, movies were my lifesaver. And then last September came an event that would change us. An actor friend said to me: ;What are we doing? What are we doing? Is it important? Is it even important what I do?; And what of a night like tonight, should we celebrate the joy and magic the movies bring? Well, dare I say it? More than ever! A small scene, a gesture, even a glance between characters can cross lines, break through barriers, melt prejudie, just plain make us laugh, it brings us all together, that little bit of magic. Thats just me.我的家庭经历过数次搬迁。在肯塔基州的路易丝维尔,《大白鲨》给了我最强烈的震撼;高中的时候,我在新泽西州和宾夕法尼亚州的弗吉谷又先后受到《现代启示录》和《愤怒的公牛》两部电影的感染。那时我想成为一名演员。无论身处顺境还是在逆境,电影都是我的救生员。去年发生了911事件,我们对于工作和生活的态度也发生了改变。一位演员朋友对我说:“我们在做什么?我们究竟是在做什么?重要吗?我们所做的一切重要吗?”在今天这样一个美妙的夜晚,我们应不应该庆祝电影给我们带来的欢乐和魅力?我想我敢说:我们要更加隆重地庆祝!电影里的一个小场景、一个手势,甚至演员之间的一点眼神交流,都可以跨越彼此之间的界限,打破彼此之间的屏障,消融彼此之间的偏见。或者更直白地说,电影让我们欢笑,使我们在一起。这就是那一点点魅力。这就是我对于电影的理解。Tonight we are going to listen to you. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris crisscrossed America asking movie goers and culture-makers a question: ;What do movies mean to you?; And you answered. So lets expand this beautiful stage into every one of your homes. And maybe even some of you will answer this question as you stand on this stage tonight, ;What do movies mean to you?; So pull up a sofa Its just us, talking. Its Oscar night.今天晚上,我们将听取各位的理解。纪录片和制作人埃罗尔·莫里斯走遍美国各地,向电影观众和文艺传播者提出了一个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”你们已经给出了。那么现在,让我们把这个美丽的舞台延伸到每一个家庭。或许你们之中会有人站在今晚的舞台上回答这个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”现在,让我们站起来,让我们来共同探讨这个问题。奥斯卡颁奖典礼,现在开始!201706/511944

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