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  • Scripts:Oil followed stock markets in their gains on Friday, jumping more than a dollar a barrel after that move by the US Federal Reserve, one company that’s being benefiting from higher oil prices in recent times is the energy giant Petrobras. I asked its CEO and president Jose Sergio Gabrielli whether if prices were going to ease in the near future.No, we think that we have very er, a strict and tight market of supply and demand that while its leads are now lessening. we have a growth of the demand in the same level as the growth of supply. We don’t see any trend that goes to move the price further down or further up. However, as we have a very tight inventories and we have a very large movement of capital on the future markets. And we have a lot of residual political problems that affect the price of oil. We are going to see a very high-level volatility in the price of oil, moving in and around for very large numbers, but on the trend way we’re going to have very large.. er.. the prices are not going to ,to fall very fast.This comes to one of the kind of house-keeping issues if you like. It is difficult, isn’t it, contain rising costs within oil companies at the moment, do you think that costs are inevitably going to rise or do you feel that you can hold them in check?I think they’re going, they’re in the last two years, we have very high increase in price of our products with supply chains increasing our costs. The margins are collapsing right now. But we see some signs that we’re reaching a peak level. And we’re going to see a plateau, and then in the next two or three years, we’re going to see some leveling off of the price of our costs. However, we’re going deeper and more demanding areas for production of oil which means our oil costs are going up, and also on the refinery side , we have more complexity in the refinery, and the cost of refinery... Notes:Housekeeping: Management and maintenance of the property and equipment of an institution or organization.Level off: to stop increasing or being reduced200807/44135
  • superfluous ———— 没必要的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Unnecessary; exceeding what is needed or desirable; serving no important purpose.例句 The airplane we will take for our journey over the mountains is filled with cargo and passengers, so we cannot take any superfluous baggage.我们将要乘坐的、飞越这些山脉的飞机载满了货物和乘客,所以我们无法带多余的行李了。 /201606/450533
  • Tone of US Presidential Campaigns Sharpens美两党总统竞选班子加紧攻击对手  With roughly one month to go until Election Day in the ed States, the two major presidential campaigns are stepping up their attacks on each other. 目前距离11月4号美国选举日还有大约1个月的时间,两个政党的总统竞选班子都加紧了对对手的攻击。The tone turned harder this weekend when Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin launched a new line of attack on Barack Obama. 这个周末,共和党副总统候选人佩林对民主党总统候选人奥巴马展开了新一轮攻击,口气变得更为强硬。"Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country," she said. 佩林说:“奥巴马认为美国有很多问题,因此要和那些把美国作为攻击目标的恐怖分子称兄道弟。”She was speaking about Obama's association with William Ayres, a college professor who founded a radical group called the Weather Underground in the 1960s. 她指的是奥巴马和前左翼组织领导人艾瑞斯的关系。艾瑞斯是一名大学教授,他在上个世纪60年代建立了一个叫“地下天气”的激进组织。The group claimed responsibility for bombings on several government buildings as a form of protest during the Vietnam War. Ayres never refuted the claims, but was also never convicted, and later went on to an academic career in Chicago that brought him into contact with Barack Obama. 该组织声称策划了几起针对政府办公楼的炸弹袭击,目的是抗议越南战争。艾瑞斯从没有否认过这种说法,但是他也从来没有被定罪,后来他进入了芝加哥学术界并结识了奥巴马。Ayres hosted a fundraiser more than a decade ago when Obama was running for the Illinois state senate, and they served together on a charity board. But Obama says they were never close and could hardly be called pals. It is not unusual for vice presidential candidates in the ed States to use tough rhetoric, enabling the presidential nominees to stay above the fray. Both Governor Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden have done so before and likely will again. 在美国,副总统候选人经常使用激烈的言辞来攻击对手,免得总统候选人参与这种争吵。共和党的佩林和民主党的副总统候选人拜登都这样做过,以后可能还会这样做。But Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri says these particular comments are a sign the McCain campaign is trying to divert attention from the economy. She appeared on the Fox News Sunday television program. 不过,密苏里州的民主党参议员麦卡斯基尔说,佩林的这些话表明,麦凯恩阵营试图把人们的注意力从经济问题上转移开。麦卡斯基尔在接受福克斯电视新闻周日节目采访时说:"Do they really think that America is going to think that Barack Obama is palling around with terrorists? What that man did, Barack Obama has condemned," she said. "And by the way, he did it when Barack Obama was eight years old!" “他们真的认为美国人会相信奥巴马在结交恐怖分子么?艾瑞斯的所作所为,奥巴马是加以谴责的。另外,艾瑞斯策划这些袭击的时候,奥巴马只有8岁!”But McCain supporters in Congress say the Republican candidate is right to raise questions about Obama's character. 不过,麦凯恩在国会的持们说,麦凯恩对奥巴马人品的怀疑是正确的。Republican Senator Mel Martinez - from the battleground state of Florida - told A's This Week that these are legitimate concerns. He stressed Obama came into contact with Ayres at a time when he was just launching his career in politics. 来自两党激烈交锋的佛罗里达州的共和党参议员马丁内斯在美国广播公司的“本周”节目中说,麦凯恩班子提出的是合理的担心。他强调说,奥巴马是在刚刚开始自己的政治生涯时结识艾瑞斯的。"It is about his judgment and who he associated with during those years and right on into this political campaign," he said.  他说:“这件事的重点是奥巴马在那些年中和这次竞选活动中所具备的判断力,以及他结交的是什么样的人。”The morning after the Palin comments, the Obama campaign struck back with a new television ad, targeting John McCain's temperament, and calling into question his behavior during Congressional deliberations on the financial crisis. 就在佩林发表这一攻击后的第二天早上,奥巴马的选举班子推出了一条新的电视广告进行回击。这条广告把矛头直指麦凯恩的性格,并且对他在国会讨论金融危机时的行为是否恰当提出疑问。"Our financial system [is] in turmoil, and John McCain [was] erratic and out of touch on the economy. No matter his campaign wants to change the subject," the ad says. 奥巴马说:“我们的金融系统陷入了动荡,而麦凯恩性格偏激,他脱离了美国的经济现实。怪不得他的竞选班子想转移话题!”Ads from both candidates are expected to intensify and perhaps grow more negative in tone as Election Day approaches. Latest voter surveys show Obama currently in the lead, but in a campaign full of twists and turns, analysts say anything can happen between now and November 4. 预计,随着选举日的临近,两个阵营的广告内容都将变得更激烈、更负面。最近的选民调查显示,奥巴马目前保持领先地位。不过,分析人士说,在这场曲折不定的竞选中,在11月4号前任何事都可能发生。200810/51915
  • It is nice to see you. Thank you very much. Taking a little break from your filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean which is going on forever. So you can be here to talk about your movie which is opening this weekend, Exactly!And you're shooting that down in the Bahamas, the next two installments.Yeah, yeah. Did anybody tell you guys it's hurricane season and they've been kind of a big deal this year? Yes, we found out. We got evacuated uh, a couple of weeks ago for Hurricane Wilma, um, so, so we had to leave for about a week, because it did hit the island and we were quite lucky because none of the sets were destroyed. But I am,but I think there was a bit of damage on the other side. You and Johnny and Orlando had to We had to leave, yeah. Make your way out of there? We did.But you're having a good time looking forward to film's.It s good, yeah!Through completion? Absolutely I think, you know, they're just bigger and better. I am not giving anything away, (ok) nothing, (All right. Then I won't. . . ) you'll have to wait and see. Well, then, let s talk about Pride and Prejudice, I am not going to lie to you, Keira, typically, I am not a fan of the period pieces. That, that's just me.Really?This is the kind of movie I went into it and I am not ashamed to say, it feels like it just wraps your arms around you, and I understand this is a film that you or a role certainly that you originally resisted taking on? Yeah, I was terrified, completely terrified. (Why is that? ) I thought I wasn't good enough, um, it was, I'd never done a lead character before. I didn't think I was y. I thought to take on a character like Elizabeth Bennet is so well loved. I was kind of setting myself up to be shot down. So I begged my agent not to put me up for it and they told me not to be stupid, and I am quite glad that they did it. You made the right decision, but the character you were familiar with and the story you were familiar with from the time you were a child. Yeah, I know. I've been obsessed with this since I was about 7. I had it on book tape and used to listen all the time. And then the miniseries came out when I was about 10. And then I the book. And I mean she is my favorite character in English literature. So yeah, I was very lucky. So life has kind of come around a full circle for you. It has, yeah. And as far as making the movie and actually being in those fairy tale situations, I mean the visuals are stunning, the outfits, the balls. Was that a dream come true for you? But what about wearing those corsets?Well , the corsets weren't as bad, because they were awful in Pirates of the Caribbean. Because I was stupid enough to kind of go "No, make it tighter, make it tighter" whereas these ones were kind of, you know, they were all right, they were fine. I had a nice time in my corsets this time. And the stunning locations of those, (yes.)especially coming from the UK, I imagine that has been in a tree .Oh no, it was amazing , I mean, I am a London girl, so I've never really done the whole countryside in the summer in England before. And it is magical in the extreme. So all the locations of Pride and Prejudice were actually done on location that weren't set, so we didn't build anything. They were all actual houses. So... it was really great. You kind of set to have to give it all up ? This is really my life... Yeah, I know, it's awful. You've had this acting gig despite your very young age for a long time. How old were you when you got your first agent?I was 6 when I got my first agent. But I was 3 when I first asked for one.Now what is that about? I don't know. I think...You said mom, dad, I want an agent. You are 3 years old. (yeah) Most kids are asking for, you know, their buddy. (Yeah) Buddy? I don't think that's what I meant to say ...Yes, maybe, something like that.Their baba. Yeah, well you know, I don't know. I was, I was a precocious brat. Really! No. I don't believe it for a second.Yeah, and my mom had one and my dad had one, an I though it was unfair that I didn't have one.Gotta have an agent.Gotta have an agent, yeah! All right. well. It s led you towards where you re now. Here in the ed State as you may have noticed when you go through the airports, our tabloids are a bit obsessed with celebrities, you know, they are on the covers, but over there in the UK, it's nuts. En. It's out of control that would seem and some have said it is. (yes)Do you rid any of that stuff yourself, (No)do you avoid it? You're out of the mind--let me just not participate in that at all. I'd probably say 99% of if it's completely false, and I don't mind fiction when you are being honest about fiction, but I minded when you are being dishonest about being fictitious. Strangest things you've ever heard about yourself or about yourself?Oh, I was recently meant to be going out with somebody that I've never even met. I have no idea who he was and apparently we were going through this entire big relationship. I have never met him. Isn't that weird?And maybe it's somebody you would have liked that you gotta know them. Oh maybe, but I don't know. (That's strange.)Yeah!Best luck with the movie, I really appreciate you stopping by and chatting with us tonight. 200807/45138
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