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青岛胶州市做人流多少钱青岛市中心医院怎么去青岛妇科资讯 Chinese Poultry Plant Fire Kills DozensAt least 119 people died and more than 50 were injured in fire attributed to an ammonia leak.A deadly fire in China flames tore through a poultry plant, killing nearly 120 people and that number is expected to rise, the fire broke out just before dawn when hundreds of workers were inside the plant, dozens managed to get out of the building, but authority said the exits were narrow and the plants gates were locked, many of the workers were trapped inside the cluttered slaughter house, the fire is being blamed on an ammonia leak. /201306/243166Hey everyone, this is Stephane Fouche大家好,我是Stephane FoucheSo, I wanted to share a story with you guys首先想跟大家分享一个故事The story is of me, traveling fromJapanin order to make it toChina我从日本坐飞机来中国的故事So flying Korean Air, I had a layover in Busan我做的是韩国航空,在釜山转机So usually, I have layovers in Seoul when I’m flying toChina一般我来中国要转机都是在首尔This time, Busan, and it’s a ten hour layover这次是在釜山,而且转机要等十个小时I told myself that since I had some work to do那刚好呢,我还有一些工作要做I would just stay at the airport, and finish doing my work所以我打算就呆在机场,把我的工作做完I arrive at Busan, and the lady at the counter tells me that但是到了釜山机场之后,前台的一位女士拦住了我“Oh, this is not a 24 hour airport”她跟我说,“您不能在这个机场过夜”I tell myself, what do you mean?我当时就懵了“Sorry sir, we are going to have to escort you outside”然后她跟我说,“不好意思,先生,我们现在要把您送出去”So here am I, in Busan当时的情况很窘迫I can’t withdraw money because the ATMs are closed釜山机场附近的自动取款机都已经关了I can’t change the money that I have on me我不能换我带来的钱Because all the banks and all the Travelex,money changing businesses因为所有的和换汇公司什么的All of them were closed所有这些都关门了And I’ve never been to Busan before再加上我从来没有到过釜山I start to panic我开始焦虑I have no hotel reservations, it’s cold outside, so I just started to look at the map我没有来得及订酒店,外面很冷,无奈之下我只能打开手上的地图找能去的地方Luckily, this was my third time inKorea幸运的是,这是我第三次来韩国To travel in Korean there is a small little card, it’s called T-money, T-pac在韩国,有一个叫做T钱或者T包的卡What you can do is you use it, you tap, and you get in the subway system你可以在坐地铁的时候刷这个卡(有点像北京的市政交通一卡通)I had some money left我的卡上还有一些钱So I looked at the map, and I asked myself, which is the biggest station around the airport所以我开始在地图上找,看机场附近最大的公交站是哪个And it was Sasang发现是釜山的沙上区Tapped, got into the system, made into Sasang, and gotout然后我用这张小卡刷进了地铁站,做到了沙上区So I’m just looking around, looking for a bank出来之后我就开始在附近找looking for somewhere where I can change the money that I have能够换我手上的现金or withdraw money from my bank accounts或者是从我的账号取钱的地方And I still cannot find one但是一直都找不到And I look into my wallet, and I tell myself, I have my credit card这个时候我翻了翻我的钱包,发现我还有我的信用卡And I called the people saying that I’ll be inKorea, so let me try to see if it works之前的人说过这个卡在韩国的一些地方是可以用的,所以我准备试试看运气So I start walking around and I saw a lot of hotels and motels所以我就开始在附近找旅馆I didn’t know which one to choose我不知道选哪个You had La Vie, Jazzy luxury motel附近有个叫生活旅馆的,还有个叫爵士旅馆So I just went to the one that looks decent我就随便找了个看起来不错的So I went in, and as I got into the hotel there is this big massive fish tank进去之后看到有这么一个特别大的鱼缸The name of the motel was luxury motel然后这个旅馆的名字叫奢侈旅馆It was quite luxurious for a motel in that area跟附近其他的比起来,的确看起来挺高端的So I passed them my card and I’m like我把我的卡给了他们,然后问道“Do you guys take credit card?”“你们收信用卡么?”And they go, “which one?”他们问,“那一种?”I say “do you guys take Visa?”我回复,“Visa卡收么”And they say, “no problem at all”他们说,“一点问题都没有”So I pass my credit card to them然后我把我的信用卡给了他们It’s this, or I sleep outside如果他们不收的话,当晚我可能就要露宿街头了And they swipe it into the machine当他们把我的卡刷进去And they say, ”mister, could you please sign?”然后让我签字的时候At that point I felt relieved我才真正的松了一口气I was like finally, I can find a place to stay因为终于找到一个能住的地方了I have enough money on my train card, in order to take the subway back to the airport而且我的T卡上还有足够的钱,能够让我做地铁回机场And I can work during the night, and finally make it into Beijing the next day我可以晚上在旅馆做些工作,然后第二天顺利到达北京So, as you probably guessed it那么咱们今天的话题也跟我这个故事有关The story today has to do with payment methods今天的话题是付系统If we go down the list we have人们有很多的付方法Credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, bank transfer, money order, you can name it信用卡,储蓄卡,现金,票,转账,汇票,等等There is a lot of them有很多种方法We humans as a society have created complex and convoluted ways人类社会在进化过程中创造了各种各样的付方法From bartering, cash, and now electronic payment to complete one simple task从以物易物,现金,到现在的在线付You aly guessed it, it’s paying for goods and services都是为了交换或者获取商品或者务So why do we need credit cards?那先说信用卡,为什么要用信用卡呢?Well, I have three reasons for you right now有三个重要的原因One is that credit cards are convenient首先是信用卡很便捷Instead of having to carry a lot of cash你身上不用带很多的现金People are always guaranteed to have the amount they will need人们基本上想花的大部分钱都可以用信用卡解决If you have a five thousand dollar credit card如果你有可以透五千刀的信用卡It’s like having five thousand dollars in Cash that you can use这跟身上带了五千刀现金没什么区别The other one is, you have points and cashbacks另外一个原因呢,你可以或者积分和回馈So the more you use it, the more points you get你用的越多,积分就越多You can use it to buy stuff online, and you can use it to travel for cheap airlines and so on然后用这些积分换取东西或者是便宜的机票It’s like a game, you want to have more points, so you use your credit cards for everything这种体系就像玩游戏一样,你想要获得更多的分数,所以你就会什么都用信用卡The last one, and this is something that saved my life when I was inKorea最后一个原因,也就是我在韩国的时候把我救了的原因For emergency situations信用卡可以用来救急So this sort of relate to the fact that credit cards are convenient这根信用卡的便捷也有关系The more places it’s accepted the better it is信用卡被接受的地方越多越好because you can feel comfortable that if you don’t因为这样即使你身上没有带够钱have enough cash in your pocket, you can always rely on your credit card你也不会害怕去太陌生的地方Now looking at it from a different perspective现在我们从另外一个方面来看From the store owner, they either love it, or they hate it对于你使用信用卡的商店来说,他们对信用卡要么爱,要么恨The reason why is that, using the cards首先为什么恨呢It cuts into their margins因为信用卡会从消费中抽成Because the store owners are charged a fee when their customer is using them当人们用信用卡消费时,商店主要交一部分费用So visa is going to get a little portion, master card, union pay, JCB, whatever the company is所以不管是Visa还是银联什么的,他们会挣一部分钱On the other hand, if you have a card, you don’t see how much money you have in your wallet同时,如果你用信用卡,你并不能明显的感觉到你花了多少钱So you just go, put it on the card, put it on the card不管你买什么,都是用信用卡So you just keep on spending and spending and spending那么你就更容易一直不停的花钱Which is great, you go on shopping, you go on eating and you spend a lot more money这样你在去购物的时候,或者在吃饭的时候就会花更多钱So for these restaurants这对商店主来说肯定就是好事了Having a credit card can actually help them make more money从这个角度讲,接受信用卡能让他们争更多钱even though they have to pay a fee to visa and the rest尽管他们要从中付一小部分费用Nonetheless, not all the cards are the same, there is such a variety of them然后,并不是所有的卡都一样So some of them are harder to get, and some are easier to get有些卡要获得很容易,有些就很麻烦Your debit card from your bank account, that’s the easiest you can get在的储蓄卡是最容易获得的种类But speaking from my experiences, in theed States那从我个人的经历来讲,在美国Some cards require to have a really high income, and really really high income很多卡需要你有很多很多的钱才能够办理Other cards are almost impossible to get unless you have an impeccable credit score还有些卡,必须要有完美的信用记录才能够使用The card that I would like to focus today is a special one今天我们要提一个特别的卡which is called American Express Black Card这个卡叫做美国运通公司黑卡What’s so special about this card?为什么这个卡特别呢?So the more money you make, the higher your limit, 2000, 5000首先,你挣得钱越高,你信用卡的额度就越高The Black Card has no limit, seriously, no limit黑卡是没有额度的,或者说,额度是无限的You can literally buy a Ferrari with it, an Audi with it你可以用它买一台法拉利,或者一台奥迪You can buy whatever you want because there is no limit用它什么都可以买It’s accepted almost everywhere in the world基本上在世界上的任何地方都可以用这张卡And the people who use it, are actually the celebrities and the rich一般只有明星和特别有钱的人才能使用它,因为你必须要被邀请In order to keep the card, the person who owns it has to spend a minimum要保留这张卡,一个人必须要每年保持使用这张卡消费A minimum of 250,000 dollars every single year而且是每年至少花掉25万刀So imagine you are at your next business meeting and you are trying to impress your customer所以假设你要跟人谈生意,想要给人靠谱的感觉And you whip out that card, you put on the table and pay with it想象一下拿出这张卡并用它付It leaves a really good impression这会给人非常好的印象The higher the qualifications for a card, the higher it shows the status of the card owner获得一张卡的门槛越高,卡主的身份象征就越高Such high status of cards are akin to having literally a Ferrari in your wallet拿着这些卡给人带来的身份象征,就像是钱包里放了一辆法拉利If you look at it, luxury cars, mansions, you name it不管是高端的轿车还是别墅They are a way for celebrities, and of course the rich, to brag其实都是明星们和有钱人用来炫耀的资本You want to show to the world what you are capable你要让这个世界看到你能做什么You want to show your power, how much money you have, how much you can do你的权利,你有多少钱,你的能力范围If you are going back toChinaand we are taking the example of cars比如说举个在中国的例子You have the Audi, it’s a favorite car sought after by the rich大家就会很喜欢奥迪车And you now have the Red Flag, which is a symbol of high status in Chinese society另外还有中国专属的“红旗”轿车,也意味着很高的身份especially high status in the government尤其是政府里专用的那种It seems simple right? Just what a card can do, just what a little card in your wallet can do所以,不要小看这一张卡,他的意义可大着呢So bring it back to payment methods, and credit cards specifically让我们回到付体系,以及信用卡The question that I have is, which method do you use to pay your bill, do you still carry cash?我想问问大家,你们一般是怎么付的?你还带很多现金吗?Do you have a debit card? Is it union pay? Visa? What’s that little symbol on it?你们用储蓄卡吗?是银联的吗?还是Visa卡?他又有什么象征呢?201407/308829青岛齐鲁医院青岛分院女子妇科医院

李沧新阳光青岛做体检哪里好全面 精视觉精讲述In fact, Elizabeth didnt know what to do with Mary.实际上 伊丽莎白不知道如何处置玛丽All her royal instincts were出于维护王室尊严的本能outraged by the humiliations and indignities她被她的王室表侄女所遭受的羞辱和欺凌heaped on her royal cousin. 激怒得火冒三丈If Mary would agree to keep her hands off the English throne,如果玛丽能安分守己 不觊觎英格兰王位Elizabeth was solely tempted to help her regain the Scottish crown.伊丽莎白只是想帮她再次登上苏格兰王位Elizabeth could also see the wisdom of the opposite view,她同样洞悉到反对意见的明智之处that it was folly to restore认为扶持一个天主教女王a Catholic queen to the Scottish throne,登上苏格兰王位的宝座无疑是放虎归山giving a back door entry to Britain for the French and Spanish.这将给法国和西班牙入主英国带来可趁之机There was a safe Protestant当时 在苏格兰已经有一个稳定的regime in Scotland now, run by Marys enemies.新教政权体系 由玛丽的死敌掌握大权Why rock the boat?为什么要打破现状呢So if Mary imagined she could这样看来 如果玛丽以为能够依赖rely on the sisterhood of queens, she was deluded.女王间的情谊 她将大失所望了The first thing Elizabeth did was order an inquiry伊丽莎白做的第一件事 就是提出调查into the murder of Marys husband, Lord Darnley,玛丽的丈夫 达恩利亲王的谋杀案which turned into a trial in all but name.名义上是调查 实则是审讯 /201308/253686即墨市妇女医院门诊部怎么样

青岛市南区治疗妇科费用无人驾驶汽车正向我们走来-它们的开车技术会比你们好。克里斯·格迪斯透露了他和他的队伍怎么样研制每小时能开150英里并可以避免所有可能的交通事故的机器赛车。而且,在了解专业赛车手的脑电波时候,格迪斯说他获得了一个对专业赛车手本能的新的认识。(在斯坦福大学拍摄的)201406/304582 Frankie Muniz Reveals He Suffered Second Mini-Stroke The ;Malcolm in the Middle; star reveals his recent health scare on twitter.Now ;Malcolm in the middle; star Frankie M opened up a medical scare, a mini stroke its not unusual in someone so young.He is just 27 years old and this is not his first one. Former ;Malcolm in the middle; star Frankie M found he is in the middle of health scare, revealing he recently suffered his second mini stroke he twittered on Monday , almost a year to the day.; I experienced another mini stroke. Hopefully that will be the last. Miserable. ;Last December M told GMA about the first step of zone, i couldt say words, and my Fiocy say looking at me as i were speaking a foreign language. A Mini stroke occurs in the blood block a part of brain temporarily, well for man who is not healthy but also under 30.Stroke in young people is not very common, but it do occur , you dont find the cause, but it may be in whole harm to artery.The 27 year old said last year ,he is pride of his lifestyle.;I literly to the stay, and had sip alcohol, i never had any drugs, i never smoked a cigaratte. Medical experts say should know the signs of stroke, he echo it as FAST.F is for face, as the person smile,the smile is asymetric, A is for the arm right when drift .Speech, there is a slow speech. if any of these present, then T is time, they have to go the emergency room, right way for rapid treatmentM is 27 for next week, he is small for the stage. he now live in Phnixs, but he is the drammer for the band kings boy.when he is young, he dont think the strock is something will happen to you. but this is to show you really need to know the signs.so blood hes OK, and so much we wish Frankie engaged and married. we wish him nothing but best. /201312/267589青岛不孕不育的中医青岛哪家看妇科病比较好



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