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泰国虎庙涉嫌走私老虎,寺庙缘何成走私站? -- :19: 来源: 人们常说,出家人以慈悲为怀不过如今泰国虎庙爆出的走私丑闻却颠覆了世人三观:这些与世无争的和尚何时也变成了罪行累累的走私贩子? Thai authorities say they have detained a monk attempting to smuggle tiger skins and fangs from a Buddhist temple.泰国警方拘留了一名企图从寺庙中走私虎皮和虎牙的僧人Operators at Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua temple, known as the "Tiger Temple", are accused of wildlife trafficking and animal abuse. They deny the charges.“虎庙”的管理者以走私并虐待野生动物的罪名遭到指控,寺庙管理者则否认了上述指控On Wednesday, wildlife officials found the bodies of 0 dead tiger cubs at the temple complex.周三,野生动物保护部门的官员在庙中发现了0具老虎幼崽的尸体The discovery came during a week-long eft to relocate 7 tigers from the tourist site in Kanchanaburi province.虎庙位于泰国北碧省,泰国野生动物保护部门近日发起了为庙中7只老虎搬家的行动,行动为期一周,在搬家过程中工作人员发现了这些尸体The temple operators had resisted previous attempts to remove the tigers.寺院的管理者抵制了前几次搬家行动Police intercepted the monk, and two other men, in a lorry leaving the temple in western Thailand on Thursday.警方于周四在泰国西部截获了一辆开出寺庙的卡车,车上坐着一名僧人和两名男子The authorities confiscated two full-length tiger skins, about 700 amulets made from tiger parts, and tiger fangs, Teunchai Noochdumrong, director of of the Wildlife Conservation Office, told the B.泰国保护野生动物办公室的负责人Teunchai Noochdumrong告诉B的记者,警方没收了卡车上暗藏的两段完整的虎皮和700件用老虎身体器官做成的护身符"This confiscation shows that the temple is likely involved in illegal tiger trade. They are clearly violating the law in selling, distributing of transferring the protected animals or their parts," she said.这位女性负责人表示“此次警方查获的物品表明寺庙极有可能参与了违法的虎类贸易很明显,寺庙违反了售卖分销死亡的保护动物身体器官的相关法律”Wildlife authorities in Thailand have said they will press charges against the temple.泰国野生动物保护部门表示将对虎庙提起指控On Wednesday, tiger cub corpses were found in a freezer at the complex, along with body parts from other animals.本周三,在寺庙的冰柜中发现了数具老虎幼崽的尸体和其他动物的部分身体和器官Police Col Bandith Meungsukhum told the Agence France-Presse news agency the cubs would have been one or two days old, but it was not clear how long they had been dead.Col Bandith Meungsukhum警官在接受法新社采访时表示,这些幼崽出生一两天便遭人杀害,目前尚不清楚它们具体的死亡时间They will be DNA tested to see whether they were related to other tigers at the site.这些尸体将接受DNA检测,以确定它们与庙中老虎的亲缘关系Officials say the temple operators could be charged with keeping the carcasses without permission.官员们表示将以未经批准私藏动物尸体的罪名起诉寺庙经营者The temple previously said it had decided in to stop cremating cubs which died soon after birth. It has always denied trafficking allegations.年,虎庙宣布将不再对夭折的幼崽进行火化外界一直指责虎庙存在走私动物的勾当,寺庙对此一一否认Authorities started the operation to remove all 7 living tigers from the temple on Monday. Dozens have aly been removed, and taken to animal refuges.从周一开始,寺庙中的7只老虎开始了搬家之旅,几十只老虎已经在动物收容所安了家The site, west of Bangkok, is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors able to pose photos with the animals a fee.虎庙位于曼谷西面,是一处颇受欢迎的旅游胜地游客可以花钱和庙中的动物合影It has been closed to the public since the raid.警方突击检查后,寺庙已停止对外开放Animal activists and mer workers have claimed the tigers are mistreated and kept in small concrete cages.动物保护人士和寺庙从前的工作人员称庙中的老虎遭到虐待,只能栖身于小型的混凝土笼子

稀土等产品“出口关税”将取消 --5 ::58 来源: 国务院批准调整部分产品出口关税,取消钢铁颗粒粉末、稀土、钨、钼等产品的出口关税,对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率请看《中国日报的报道:Export duties on rare earths will be eliminated on May 1, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Thursday, a move that analysts said would stimulate China's exports of the limited resource.中国财政部周四发表声明指出,自年5月1日起,我国将取消稀土的出口关税一位分析师指出此举将会刺激中国稀缺资源的出口“出口关税”可以用export duty或export tariff表示,是出口国海关根据关税税则所征收的关税稀土(rare earth)有“工业维生素”的美称,现如今已成为极其重要的战略资源(strategic resources)此次调整将对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率(zero tax rate)中国实施稀土出口限制(export restrictions)时,最初是为了打造中国的产业,防止战略原材料以低价被大量消耗(the depletion of strategic raw materials at cheap prices)年中国突然减少稀土出口配额(export as),造成商品短缺,引发了一场国际贸易问题(international trade issue)英国《金融时报称,此举是一项整体精简计划的一部分,旨在减少政府部门和国有企业的部门壁垒和繁文缛节(reduce the red tape)(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)

想加薪?那就吃老板所吃! -- :01:6 来源:chinadaily If you want to convince the boss you deserve a pay rise or promotion, the solution could be simple – eat the same food they do.如果你想说老板给你加薪或升职,很简单,老板吃什么,你就跟着吃什么Psychologists have discovered managers - and even total strangers - are much more likely to instantly trust us if we choose the same dishes as them.心理学家发现,和经理们(乃至陌生人)吃同样食物的人更容易即刻获得他们的信任During experiments, discussions over wages and work conditions were much more successful if both sides chose to snack on the same treats.在实验中,若交谈双方所吃食物相同,那么有关工资及工作环境的讨论更可能获得成功And shoppers were much more likely to buy a product advertised on TV by someone eating a similar food to them at the time.如果电视购物推销员所吃食物类似于观众正在吃的东西,那么观众更有可能购买他们的产品The reason is thought to be so-called similarity attraction theory – where people tend to like others who have similar tastes or habits to themselves.所谓的相似相吸理论可以解释这些现象,该理论认为人们更喜欢那些品味或习惯相似的人But this is believed to be one of the first studies highlighting the role of food in this relationship.这项研究据认为是指出食物影响信任关系的首批研究之一Researchers at Chicago University in the US conducted a series of experiments to examine food’s role in earning trust.为探寻食物对赢得信任的影响,美国芝加哥大学的研究人员进行了一系列实验In one, volunteers played the part of either manager or union leader trying to reach a wage settlement and end a strike.在第一个实验中,志愿者们或扮演经理,或扮演工会负责人,双方试图就工资标准达成一致,并解决罢工问题Each player scored points according to how few offers it took to reach a deal on hourly wages – since the goal both sides was settle the strike.确定时薪标准前,双方交涉次数的多少决定了参与者的分数——因为他们的谈判目的在于解决罢工问题The volunteers were all given a choice of chocolate bars or crisps to snack on.谈判时,志愿者可以吃巧克力棒或薯片The results, in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, showed more points were scored – and deals reached more quickly – when both sides snacked on the same sweet or salty treats.发表在《消费者心理学期刊上的研究结果显示:若谈判双方同吃甜食或咸食,则交涉次数更少,参与者得分更高In a report on the results researchers said: ‘We found when negotiators consumed similarly, they felt closer and were able to come to a faster resolution beneficial both parties.’研究人员在实验结果报告中称:“我们发现谈判双方同吃一种食物时,更易亲近对方,同时也能更快达成双赢的结果”In a second test, participants were told to watch TV testimonials – where someone pretending to be a member of the public endorsed a certain product.在第二个实验中,参与者需要观看电视上的推荐节目,某个假扮普通民众的人会向他们推荐某产品The volunteers were given Kit Kat bars to nibble, while the TV person ate either a Kit Kat or grapes as they talked.志愿者们一边看电视,一边小口吃奇巧巧克力棒,而推荐人在说话时或吃奇巧巧克力棒,或吃葡萄Tests showed viewers were much more likely to express an interest in buying the product if the TV showed the other person eating a Kit Kat too.实验显示,志愿者在推荐人吃巧克力棒时,更愿意购买产品The researchers added: ‘Although similarity in food consumption is not indicative of whether two people will get along, we find consumers treat this as such.研究人员补充说:“尽管食物消费方面的相似性并非二人能和睦相处的标志,但我们发现消费者的想法如下:‘They feel more trusting of those who consume as they do.“他们觉得吃同一种东西的人更值得信任‘It means people can immediately begin to feel camaraderie and develop a bond, leading to smoother transactions from the start.’“这意味着他们会马上将对方视为同类,并与之建立联系,于是交易从一开始就变得更加顺利”Harley Street psychologist Dr Lucy Atcheson said it was aly known that wearing similar clothes could instantly evoke trust. But this was the first report that food had the same effect.哈利街的心理学士露西·艾奇逊说,我们早就知道穿相似的衣会让双方瞬间产生信任感,但见到明食物也会带来相同效果的报告还是头一次She said: ‘This is really interesting.她说:“这个实验真的很有趣‘It makes sense as people feel they have common ground and can trust the other person.“它让人们觉得彼此间有共同之处,因而他们可以信任对方‘That means negotiations are more likely to be successful.’“这意味着谈判更容易达成一致”Vocabularycamaraderie: 友情;同志之爱英文来源:每日邮报翻译:周瑾(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

奶能量是牛奶倍,未来或成为人类的超级食物 --01 :5:56 来源: 是这个世界上最顽强的生物,一个月不吃东西也饿不死,还打不死杀不死,即使经历核爆炸也依然能存活人人都避之不及的,居然要在今天要翻身起义了——奶能量是牛奶倍,极有可能是人类未来的超级食物 (CNN)A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transmed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.(CNN) 一点儿奶配上小点心?新的研究显示,这种昆虫的奶富含蛋白质,它有一天会成为人类消费的超级食物Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a mula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.科学家已经发现,太平洋甲壳喂给幼虫吃的奶里富含蛋白质、脂肪和糖Don’t expect to find it next to the regular milk in the dairy section, however, at least not now.然而,不要指望马上在你每天的餐桌上喝上它,至少现在不行"Any liquid harvested from a cockroach is not true milk. At least not as we think of it," said Becky Facer, director of school and educator programs at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.亚特兰大弗恩班克自然历史物馆的学校教育项目负责人贝琪.费瑟说“这种产出的液体其实并不算真正的‘奶’,至少跟我们想象中的奶是不一样的”Most people would agree. After all, the insect liquid takes the m of protein crystals in the guts of baby cockroaches.大多数人都同意毕竟,这种昆虫奶是以蛋白质晶体的形式存在于的内脏里"The protein crystals are milk the cockroach infant. It is important its growth and development," said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research. He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.进行这项研究的研究员雷纳德.哈瓦斯说,“这种蛋白质晶体对于幼虫来说就相当于乳汁它对幼虫的生长发育非常重要”他解释说,这类蛋白质晶体富含能量,是同等质量野奶的3倍,普通牛奶的倍"The interest here was, what is it really made of?" said Chavas, one of the authors of the research, published in July in the journal International Union of Crystallography.这项研究成果于今年7月刊登于国际结晶学联合会的刊物上,作为联合作者之一的哈瓦斯说,“有趣的是,它到底是怎么形成的?”Chavas and his colleagues examined the species, also known as Diploptera punctate, which is the only species of cockroach known to be viviparous -- able to bring th live babies that have developed within the mother’s body, instead of the mother laying eggs to develop outside her body.哈瓦斯和他的同事们研究了这种又被称为太平洋折翅蠊的,它是所有种类中唯一的胎生昆虫——也就是说它们的繁殖不用生蛋出来,而是直接在身体里哺养后代Like other viviparous creatures, this species of roach nourishes its growing embryos with a protein-rich liquid secreted by its brood sac -- the roach version of a uterus.和其他胎生动物一样,太平洋折翅蠊也有类似于子宫的育囊,通过育囊分泌富含蛋白质的液体来哺育胚胎Soon after the embryo ingests the liquid, protein crystals develop within its midgut.胚胎吞下蛋白质营养液体后,很快将其输送到幼虫的肠道Chavas and his colleagues extracted one of these crystals to learn more about it and its potential nutrition. Following tests and even genome sequencing, they discovered it was a complete food.为了对其营养成分做更多深入的了解,哈瓦斯和他的同事从幼虫肠道中提取了一种蛋白质晶体,进行了一系列的测验,甚至启用了基因序列分析,最终发现这种晶体完全可以作为一种食物"It is what one would need: protein, essential amino acids, lipids and sugars," Chavas said, explaining that the energy content is so high that it helps infants within this unique species grow much bigger than cockroach babies of other species.哈瓦斯说:“它正是我们所需要的——蛋白质、人体必需的氨基酸、脂肪和糖分”他解释说,营养成分如此之高,怪不得这一种幼虫发育得都要比其他种类的幼虫体型大得多So, how do you milk a cockroach?那么问题来了,喝这种奶该怎么下口?The crystals are currently extracted from the midgut of cockroach embryos -- perhaps not the most efficient way of feeding a growing world population.现在,这种蛋白质晶体是直接从幼虫的肠道提取的很显然,这种生产方式在效率上太低了Ultimately, however, Chavas and his team are hoping to reverse bioengineer cockroach milk, but first they need to understand the exact biological and chemical mechanisms underlying the process.不过,最后,哈瓦斯和他的团队希望通过基因工程来生产奶但是在这之前,他们先要弄清楚奶生产背后的生物和化学机理" now, we are trying to understand how to control this phenomena in a much easier way, to bring it to mass production," Chavas said.哈瓦斯说“现在,我们想的是怎样用一种简单的方式使奶能实现批量生产”Having lost a drinking game with his colleagues, Chavas tasted the cockroach milk once. "No particular taste," he commented, though the idea of ice cream appeals to him. He imagines "a flavor with honey and crispy pieces."一次,哈瓦斯在跟同事喝酒时输了游戏,作为处罚他尝了这种奶他说“尝起来并没有什么特别的”,他甚至开始脑补,像是加了蜂蜜和饼干碎屑的冰淇淋的味道Laugh as you may, there is no irony lost on the fact that that this insect that can survive a nuclear disaster may someday provide the ultimate liquid superfood.看到这里你可能会笑,然而,这种顽强的生物真的是经历核爆炸也依然能存活,是不是很讽刺,就是这种生物没准哪天会成为人类未来的超级食物

人间有真情:清华教授捐出毕生00多万 癌症晚期舍不得用进口药 -- :5: 来源: 这位清华教授捐出所有积蓄,却在癌症晚期舍不得用好药;他薪酬不菲,一家三口每月生活费却只有0美元;退休后在某著名企业担任顾问,都自带铺盖、炊具,租住普通民房…… The story of a retired Tsinghua University professor who anonymously donated his life savings to poor students despite being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer has touched Chinese netizens.清华大学退休教授被诊断为肺癌晚期,却将自己的毕生积蓄捐献给贫困学生,他的故事感动了中国网民According to the Guangming Daily, Zhao Jiahe, a retired finance professor at Tsinghua University, donated his life savings of million yuan ($ million) to support over ,000 high school students across the country.《光明日报报道,清华大学金融学退休教授赵家和倾毕生积蓄00余万元(0万美元)捐助00多名高中学生Despite being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the age of 78 in , he continued to donate his money to support poor students in high schools in West China, choosing to buy only inexpensive generic medicines himself.年,78岁的赵家和被诊断为肺癌晚期但是,他仍然坚持捐助中国西部的贫困高中生,只能给自己买那些廉价的普通药物"The plentiful savings could have assured him the best treatment," Liu Xun, one of Zhao’s mer students, told the newspaper.“这些积蓄足以让他接受最好的治疗,”赵家和以前的学生刘军告诉《光明日报Zhao started to anonymously support poverty-stricken high school students from all over the country in , when his savings reached 5 million yuan.年,赵家和共有500万积蓄,他开始匿名资助全国各地的贫困高中生In , he expanded his philanthropic efts by establishing the Gansu Xinghua Youth Education Foundation, which supported 1,000 students in Northwest China’s Gansu Province.年,赵家和开始扩展自己的慈善事业他成立的甘肃兴华青少年助学基金会资助了中国西北甘肃省的00名学生Zhao began teaching at Tsinghua University after graduating from the school’s Department of Electronic Engineering in 1955, and he later helped establish the School of Economics and Management in 1985.1955年,毕业于清华大学电子工程系的赵家和留校任教1985年,在赵家和的帮助下,清华大学的经济管理学院成立Zhao left a lucrative position at the University of Texas in the US in 01 in order to return to China to support students. He succumbed to lung cancer in and donated his body to scientific research.01年,为了回国帮助学生,赵家和放弃了在德克萨斯大学不菲的薪酬年,赵家和死于肺癌,将自己的身体捐献给科学研究

中方在东海上方拦截美方侦察机 -- :00:01 来源: 麦当娜演唱会脱粉丝上衣,女粉丝为此辩解不会告她,反而很荣幸 A Chinese jet fighter conducted an “unsafe” intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international airspace over the East China Sea, the U.S. Pacific Command said, in the second such midair encounter in a month.中方战斗机在中国东海的国际空域上方进行了对美国侦查机的“不安全”拦截,美国太平洋司令部表示,这是一个月内第二次这样的半空拦截The jet was one of two Chinese J- fighters that intercepted a U.S. Air ce RC-5 reconnaissance plane on routine patrol Tuesday, the Pacific Command said in a statement.该飞机是中国两架J-号战斗机中的一架,于周二拦截了一架正在进行常规巡逻美国空军RC-5侦察机,美国太平洋司令部在声明中说That same day, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Beijing annual economic and security talks that included discussions of regional tensions.同日,美国国务卿约翰·克里在北京就经济和安全进行年度对话,话题中包括对地区紧张局势的讨论Tuesday’s intercept was the second such incident since Beijing and Washington agreed in September on rules of behavior air encounters—an agreement hailed by both sides as an important step in stabilizing military relations.周二的拦截是自北京和华盛顿同意去年9月的空间行为准则以来第二次事件——该协议被双方赞赏,认为是构建安全军事关系的重要一步The Pentagon said last month that a Chinese fighter had flown dangerously close to a U.S. spy plane over the South China Sea.五角大楼称上月一架中国战斗机在中国南海上空靠近一架美方侦察机的危险距离飞行China denied that its plane flew dangerously during that encounter and accused the U.S. of threatening its security by regularly patrolling along the Chinese coast.中国否认其飞机在相遇中危险飞行,并指责美国在中国海岸的常规巡逻威胁其安全China’s defense ministry said on Wednesday it would look into the latest incident but accused the U.S. of “again deliberately hyping” the issue of U.S. military reconnaissance flights near China.中国国防部周三表示,将调查最近发生的事件,但指责美国在中国附近的美军侦察机的时间上“再次故意炒作”“Chinese military pilots always operate according to laws and regulations, and are professional and responsible,” the ministry said in a faxed statement.“中国军事飞行员总是依法飞行,而且很专业和负责,”国防部在一份传真声明中说China’s eign ministry echoed the comments in a regular news briefing and said the “the crux of the problem” are the U.S. flights.中国外交部在例行新闻发布会中发表类似说“问题的症结”在于美方飞机“The U.S. continues to carry out close reconnaissance activities against China, which severely undermines China’s maritime security,” said eign ministry spokesman Hong Lei.“美国继续对中国展开紧密的侦查活动,对中国海域安全构成严重威胁,”外交部发言人洪磊说He declined to comment on whether the intercept was timed to coincide with the U.S.-China talks in Beijing. “I think you need to ask the U.S. about that,” he said.他拒绝拦截是否有意在北京的中美会谈这个时间上进行的“我觉得你应该问美国,”他说Mr. Hong also declined to comment on Beijing’s commitment to the air-encounters agreement.洪先生也拒绝在北京对空间相遇协议的责任上作出表态The recent intercepts have raised questions about that among some eign military officials.最近的拦截引起了一些外国军事官员的质疑

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