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TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201504/370337

Skiing Steeps陡坡滑行we#39;re goona look at three essential skills when skiing steeper slopes下面我们来学习在陡坡上滑雪时需要掌握的三项基本技能edge control foot rotation and separating the lower and upper body立刃,拧转和上下身分离these skills is important on the piste as they are off and it#39;s realy going to help control the speed as the gradient increase这些技能对道内和道外滑雪控制速度很重要,也有助于在陡坡上控制速度。the first thing we#39;re look at is edge control首先我们来讲一下立刃these days on modern skies everybody#39;s a little bit to obsessed by how much edge they can get on the ski如今人们有点太过于痴迷于滑雪时能达到的立刃角度and good skier can it a skill are but they#39;ve also got the ability and skill to flatten and fai l when the skis flat高水平选手可以达到很高的立刃角度,但是他们也有能力和技巧做放平滑行以及感受滑板是否处于平放状态。and that what we#39;re gonna start try here下面我们就来尝试做一下all am I do is flat in the skis and slide then gently edge我要做的就是放平滑板滑动然后慢慢地立刃flatten the skis gently edge放平滑板然后慢慢地立刃flatten and edge放平然后立刃it may be suprised that is actually harder to flatten in the skis gently into edged skis你可能会感到吃惊,因为实际上放刃滑雪比立刃滑雪要困难。keep practicing and try from both directions继续练习,并试着从两个方向练习。edge flatten stop be the other way立起,放平,然后我们从另一个方向试试flatten edge flatten edge放平,立起,放平,立起。that is filling comefortable is flating the ski with a look at the relationship between flattening and rotating既然你已经熟悉滑雪板放平了,我们就来看一下放刃和拧转的关系because they go hand in hand if I put lot of edge onto the ski and try to turn my foot因为他们是紧密相连的,如果我给滑板一个很大的立刃角度,并试着拧转it#39;s going to be virtually impossible to acturely make that for rotate那是不可能转得动的but if the ski flat on the snow its much easier movement so it#39;s a real skill to feel you can flatten the skis and rotate at the same time但是如果滑板与雪面是平行的,拧转就非常容易。所以让滑雪板平行与雪面并同时拧转雪板是项很重要的技能。release the edges rotate feet释放边刃并拧转。now you#39;ve got two movement working together flatten the skis roating the feet skis it s time to look at the last piece to the puzzle现在你能联合运用放平与拧转动作了。下面我们看谜题的最后一块拼图。ant that seperate the body what we#39;re looking for is the ability to keep the chest facing down the hill那就是上下身分离。我们首先要学会上身一直面向山下(面向滚落线)下半身转弯turning the feet below it#39;s a good exercise to help that can hold the poles back halfway down为了便于练习,我们手握在雪杖的半腰处,facing down the hill and hold them up right now what you can do is imagine that there is a contant letterbox上身面向山下,把雪杖这样举起,就像是在雪杖间举起一个箱子一样。in between those poles but i m gonna to look down and keep my hands and chest facing down the hill all the way down然后我会目视山下,我的手部和上身都一直面向山下let#39;s give it while hold in front looking down keep my body facing down the hill我们来试一试。雪杖握在前,往前看,在转弯时一直保持上身面向山下Lots of control through the turn在转弯过程中需要很好地控制skidding controling my speed搓雪,控制速度so would get the poles back in our hands now once we got that然后我们重新拿好雪杖to reach each of the pole plant there isn#39;t one side position where pole go in当收回来时,杖尖并不是点在雪板的一侧but on a steeper slope当在一个陡坡上时put on more down the slope here rather than around by the skies把雪杖点在山下的方向,这里,而不是雪板的前方that would concorage good position remember the upper body separation保持姿势,并注意上下身分离and also do something very importend on steeper slope一定要在陡坡上做drive and pull you towards the next turn它会迫使你面对并倒向山下I really wanna let my body go confidently towards the next turn我也希望我能自信地上身面对并倒向山下you think like this你这样想一下,this is my skis this is me if I gonna point my skis down the hill这是我的滑雪板,这是我。如果我把滑雪板转向山下,it#39;s come to this angle now if I go with next turn我和雪板之间就会形成一个角度(这是不正确的形态)。如果我也一起面对并倒向山下,it#39;s very good chance as I m coming into the beginning that turn I#39;m standing on my feet最有可能的是,我和我刚开始站着时的角度一样。and I#39;m balanced继而维持了平衡if I don#39;t drive my confidently toward the next turn如果我不能面对并倒向山下my skis are gonna point downhill on stay where I am我的雪板转向山下,而我留在原处and it#39;s good chance I#39;m gonna be in the back seat极有可能我会后座lot of pressure on the tails at skis and there#39;s no way体重压在雪板后部I#39;m gonna be on the right rotate turn my feet and get the back break那我就不能正确的拧转并使板尾离地so watch down here my poles gonna beet down the slope那么,向山下看,把雪杖点在雪板下方I#39;m really gonna draw at my body down towards the next turn with confidence我要自信地把上身面向并倒向山下。release the edges释放边刃的压力plant the poles rotate the feet make sure full these movment linked together点杖,拧转,动作连贯。keep the upper body facing down hill with good rephym pole plant you bring all together保持上半身朝向山脚方向,伴随着有节奏的点杖,我们就能将整个动作联起来。combine all these element keep practicing and you#39;ll find yourself in steeper slope with new confidence in将所有的动作结合到一起,不断地练习,之后你就会有信心面对陡坡了。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201508/391575

Olympus Mons, named after the home of the Greek gods奥林匹斯山,以希腊众神的家乡命名A vast ancient volcano.一座巨大的古火山Three times higher than Everest.超过珠穆朗玛峰的三倍高。There#39;s no sign of activity.没有活动的迹象Since its discovery in the 1970s, it#39;s been declared extinct自1970年代发现它时就宣告它是一座死火山Hang on.等等These look like lava flows.好像是熔岩流But any sign of lava should be long gone. obliterated by meteorite craters但是任何熔岩流早就该静止了,在陨石撞击下都会被毁灭Unless, this monster isn#39;t dead, just sleeping除非这个怪物没有死,只是休眠了There could be magma flowing beneath the crust right now...火星的坚硬地表下可能有岩浆...building up, waiting to be unleashed积累着,等待喷发的一刻Volcanic activity could be melting frozen water in the soil...火山活动会融化土壤里的冰冻水...pumping gases into the atmosphere, recycling minerals and nutrients将气体充入大气中,循环利用矿物质和养分,Creating all the conditions needed for life创造出适合生命生存的环境This makes the Grand canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk这让美国大峡谷看起来像是人行道上一条裂缝Endless desolation...无尽的荒凉...so vast it would stretch all the way across North America.长度足以横跨北美洲But here, signs of activity, erosion, and what looks like dried up river beds但是这里有活动的迹象:侵蚀,看起来像干涸的河床Maybe volcanic activity melted ice in the soil...也许是火山活动融化了土壤中的冰...sending water gushing through this canyon.形成洪水冲出巨大峡谷Underground volcanoes could still be melting ice, creating water可能地下火山仍在融冰成水And where there#39;s water, there could be life哪里有水,那里就可能会有生命The hunt for life is spearheaded by this humble fellow...搜寻生命的前锋就是这个简陋的家伙...the NASA rover, Opportunity.美国宇航局的机遇号火星漫游车It#39;s finding evidence that these barren plains...它找到的据明这些贫瘠的平原...were once ancient lakes or oceans that could have harbored life曾是古代湖泊或海洋,这些有水的地方可能会藏匿着生命Look at those gullies.看看这些山沟Probes orbiting Mars keep spotting new ones.火星轨道探测器总能发现一些新的山沟More proof that Mars is alive and kicking这进一步明火星仍活蹦乱跳...that water is flowing beneath its surface right now也许是火星地表之下的水正在流淌Water that could be sustaining Martian life水可能维持火星上的生命Now, all we have to do is find it现在我们要做的就是找到这些生命Maybe we#39;ve aly found what we#39;re looking for on Earth或许我们已经找到了,不是在火星,而是在地球Some think that life started here and then migrated to Earth有人认为生命起源于火星,后来迁移到地球An asteroid impact could#39;ve blasted fragments of Mars...可能是一颗小行星撞击火星...complete with tiny microbes out into space...使得包含微生物的火星碎片飞向太空...and onto the young Earth where they sowed the seeds of life进入年轻的地球,在地球上播种下生命的种子No wonder we find Mars fascinating, this could be our ancestral home难怪我们觉得火星那么迷人,它可能就是我们祖先的家园It could be we are all Martians我们可能都是火星人The Mars we thought we knew is gone...我们熟知的火星远去了...replaced by this new, active, changing planet.取而代之是这个活跃变化的新行星And if we don#39;t know Mars, our next door neighbor...如果我们连我们的隔壁邻居火星都不了解,...how can we even imagine what surprises lie ahead我们怎么能想像前方的惊奇? Article/201506/378534

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