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市南区妇幼保健院医生介绍青岛市南区做无痛人流医院A: Hi, how can I help?您好,我如何为您效劳?B: I was told to come over to this window if I want to make a withdrawal. Im not withdrawing from a Current , you see. I want to withdraw from my Certificate of Deposit.我被告知如果想要取钱的话得来这个窗口你瞧,我不是从活期账户里取钱,而是想兑现我的定期存单A: Untunately, if you wish to withdraw on your CD bee the pre-decided date, you must give notice.不幸的是,如果您希望在到期之前兑现存单的话,您必须提前通知B: Oh, I see. Will I lose any money if I decide to withdraw on it now?噢,我明白了如果我现在想取钱的话,我要损失一些钱吧?A: Yes, you will lose interest. I see that you have a 5-year CD with us. Im sorry to tell you that would mean losing 6 months of interest as a penalty withdrawing bee maturity.是的,您要损失利息我知道您在我们这里存的是5年的定期很抱歉地告诉您,您到期之前兑现的话,就要赔上6个月的利息B: Oh dear. Well, if it has to be done, then it has to be done.哦,天哪唉,既然别无选择,只好如此了 638黄岛开发区妇幼保健院做人流怎么样 山东省青岛第五人民医院在哪

泰安看妇科价格会议用语小组会议Group Meeting预定会议室book reserve a conference roomA: Jennifer,could you book us a conference room?B: What time?A: 1:00 to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.B: You are all set.会议通知call meeting notification of meetingA: Have you received the call meeting?B: Not yet.I thought there would be no meeting today.日程安排calendar event register of eventsA: The best way to notify a meeting is to set it up as a calendar event.B: I know.But people are used to the phone notification or email.错过会议miss the meetingA: Once people get used to the calendar,they will see how convenient it is.They will never miss another meeting.B: Youre right.会议议程meeting agendaA: Kate,has the meeting agenda been printed?B: Not yet,because I found a problem in it.修改议程revise the agendaA: Yesterday we have talked about the attendance record,but it wasnt mentioned.I was about to ask you about it.B: Oh yes,we are supposed to discuss that today.We should put it in.I will revise the agenda.关机No cell phones Turn off the cell phonesA: Elsie,remind me to announce a new rule bee the meeting.B: Okay,but what is it?A: No cell phones.Im really fed up with people receiving the calls.这是惯例It routine.A: Tom,do we still have the group meeting bee we go?B: Right,it routine.每天都开会Have a meeting every day.A: I really want to give a suggestion.Cant we have the meeting every other day?It really a waste of time to have a meeting every day.B: A waste of time? Dont we have important issues to discuss every day?推迟会议put offpostpone the meetingA: Martin,I think today group meeting has to be put off.B: What the matter?A: I heard Tina and Kate went to the headquarter a meeting.B: Really.Im in complete agreement to put off the meeting.今天开会应该讲讲这个We should talk about it in today meeting.A: Even though we often talk about individuality,we should pay more attention to teamwork these days.I think we should talk about it in today meeting.B: Those are my sentiments exactly.会议主题major task of the meetingA: What the major task today group meeting?B: To discuss the latest business development.缺席会议absent from the meetingA: I dont think I saw Nancy in today group meeting.B: Of course not,she was absent from the meeting.不点名批评talk atA: I heard Shelly was talked at at the meeting.B: No wonder she looked pale and wan when I saw her coming out of the meeting room.开会点名call the roll take attendancecall over the namesA: Do they call the roll at the meeting?B: Sure,no exception. 363青岛子宫肌瘤手术哪家医院好 黄岛区儿童医院门诊大众点评

青岛新阳光女子医院流产好吗必背句型:A:The judge consented to the request of the prosecution counsel.法官同意控方律师的要求B:What the request of the prosecution counsel?控方律师的要求是什么?The judge agreed to the request of the prosecution counsel.法官同意控方律师的请求I consented to the idea of the professor.我同意教授的想法They consented to the plan of travelling.他们同意旅游的计划延伸阅读:A:What the guideline sentencing?判刑的标准是什么?B:The lord Justice said he was not laying down guideline sentencing.大法官说他现在没有制定判刑的标准The manager said he was not laying down plan the work.经理说他没有制订工作计划He said he was laying down standard choosing.他说他制订了选择标准Are you laying down guideline judging?你制订判断标准了吗? 83 David Davis, the former Conservative shadow home secretary, said how a row between the CIA and FBI could have prevented them from uncovering the 9/11 terrorist plot, the Daily Telegraph reported.据英囀?每日电讯报》报道,英国保守党前任影子内政大臣戴维·戴维斯近日透露,由于中央情报局和美国联邦调查局发生了分歧,导致美国政府未能揭露9·11恐怖袭击的阴谋。He said that American authorities had ;sealed; a case in a US court relating to a dispute between two British businessmen and an Afghan billionaire Ehsan Bayat over the setting up of a mobile phone network in Afghanistan in the late 1990s.他表示,上世0年代,两名英国商人和阿富汗亿万富翁艾山·巴亚特在阿富汗共同投资建立了一家电信公司。此后,双方发生争执,美国法院受理了这起案件。但是美国当局却将这起案件的内容“隐藏”起来。According to reports, US intelligence agencies had privately backed the venture, hoping to be able to monitor calls made over the new network. Mr Bayat was an FBI informer, Mr Davis said.据透露,该公司获得了美国情报机构的秘密持。美方希望可以对阿富汗国内的电话通讯进行监控。戴维斯称,艾山·巴亚特是美国联邦调查局的线人;We cannot say for certain that if US intelligence agencies had tapped the Afghan phone network sooner, we would have intercepted evidence in time to stop the 9/11 attacks. But it seems likely,; Mr Davis said. ;It looks like a huge opportunity was missed.;“我们不能确定,如果美国情报机构能早点开始监控阿富汗电话通讯,就一定可以及时阻·11袭击的发生。但事实是,美国的确错过了阻止袭击的大好机会。”戴维说。来 /201203/176092滕州市不孕不育医院哪家好四方区私密整形多少钱




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