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青岛轻微子宫糜烂治疗有花多少钱聊城妇科检查价格菏泽四维彩超价格 在床上翻来覆去、辗转反侧,就是睡不着,这种失眠滋味相信不少人都尝过。影响睡眠质量的因素有很多,如压力过大,不规律的作息时间以及心理情绪起伏。我们来看看十二星座的失眠原因都有什么不同吧!  Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.  白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。  Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.  金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。  Gemini's twin just isn't tired.  双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。  Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.  巨蟹座:琢磨为啥其它人都睡着了。  Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.  狮子座:害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。  Virgo keeps getting up to re-tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows.  处女座:不停地起身整理床单和枕头是失眠的最大原因。  Libra can't quite decide what to wear tomorrow.  天秤座:哎,你还没想好明天该穿什么呢,怎么能睡得着呢?  Scorpio is doing something else entirely.  天蝎座:你要能失眠,估计该另当别论了。  Sagittarius can't stop thinking of all the better things they could be doing other than sleeping.  射手座:满脑子里尽想着如果不睡觉可以做哪些好玩的事。  Capricorn aly took a strategically planned power nap.  羯座:善于计划的你,通常在白天就不时小憩一下,这样一来,晚上当然睡不香了。  Aquarius suffers from a chat room addiction that keeps them up until all hours.  水瓶座:通宵聊天,半夜三更才肯爬上床,不失眠才怪呢。  Pisces has fitful dreams of past lives.  双鱼座:可怜的鱼儿做梦的时间太长了,影响了睡眠质量。 /201108/151161Yesterday is ;Leap Day; and for centuries has been traditionally associated with the idea of romance reversal as women take to one knee to propose to their men.今天是四年一度的;闰日;,也是浪漫反转的;女性表白日;,女性可以在这一天向男性求婚。这个传统已经有几百年历史。This Scottish tradition has its roots in the 5th century when St Bridget complained to St Patrick about women having to wait to be proposed to.这一传统来自五世纪的苏格兰,当时圣布里奇特向圣帕特里克抱怨说,女性总要等男性来求婚。Despite the option it appears that all of the lucky ladies in Warwick are keeping coy about any plans they might have.尽管可以在这一天向男性求婚,但似乎沃里克的所有幸运女士们都不好意思实行自己的求婚计划。Rose City Jewellers manager Peter Walsh said he had not heard of anything.玫瑰城的珠宝商彼得bull;沃尔什说自己根本没听说过。;No women have come in here, so unfortunately nothing this year, unless they decide to come in tomorrow,; Mr Walsh said.沃尔什先生说:;没有女性来看珠宝,所以不幸的是今年没什么变化,除非她们决定明天来。;;They might still be trying to find the right words.;;也许她们还在思考如何开口。;Rose City Jewellers#39; Carol Campbell supports women proposing.玫瑰城的珠宝商卡罗bull;坎贝尔持女性求婚。;A girl can propose at any time, not just on a leap year because when it#39;s the right time it#39;s the right time,; Mrs Campbell said.坎贝尔女士说:;女孩可以随时求婚,不仅仅在闰年,因为合适的时机不容错过。;From romantic traditions to workplace debate the leap year has some workers counting their pennies in 2012.不管是作为浪漫传统,还是所激起的职场讨论,一些职员都开始盘算起今年兜里的钱了。The question on everyone#39;s lips is, will they be paid for working today, or will they be coming up for the extra hours spent in the office?每个人都会问,自己在今天上班会有额外的钱吗?或者今天有加班费吗?Research conducted by Twentieth Century Fox found that Australian workers would spend an extra 6.5 hours in the office this year and lose an average of 0 pay as a result of the year#39;s extra day.20世纪福克斯公司的调查发现,澳大利亚员工今年要多工作6.5个小时,由于今年有闰日,平均每人损失180美元的工资。Mr Walsh said he was not worried about the extra day. ;It all works out in the wash over the next four years,; Mr Walsh said. Mrs Campbell shared a similar view.沃尔什先生说自己不担心多出一天,他说:;四年才有一个闰日,不会有太大影响。;坎贝尔女士看法类似。;We should just leave it be because I#39;m sure it will all even itself out over four years;, Mrs Campbell said.她说:;我们应该随它去,因为我确信四年才有一次,不会有显著影响。;This year the leap year will celebrate its 366th birthday after it was implemented in 1582 as part of the Gregorian calendar.闰日在1582年被加入公历,今年将迎来第366个闰日。 /201203/173036青岛妇幼保健医院做人流

山东省第四人民医院门诊怎么走An Italian couple are to become the world#39;s oldest divorcees, after the 99-year-old husband found that his 96-year-old wife had an affair in the 1940s.意大利一对夫妇将成为世界上最高龄的离婚者。99岁的丈夫日前发现自己96岁的妻子在上世纪40年代有过一段婚外情。The Italian man, identified by lawyers in the case only as Antonio C, was rifling through an old chest of drawers when he made the discovery a few days before Christmas.律师称这名意大利男子为安东尼奥bull;C。他在圣诞节前几天翻一个旧衣柜时,发现了妻子多年前的婚外情。Notwithstanding the time that had elapsed since the betrayal, he was so upset that he immediately confronted his wife of 77 years, named as Rosa C, and demanded a divorce.尽管这段婚外情发生距今已有几十年,但安东尼奥仍然非常难过,立刻找来结婚77年的妻子罗莎bull;C对,要求离婚。Guilt-stricken, she reportedly confessed everything but was unable to persuade her husband to reconsider his decision.据报道,妻子为此心存愧疚,坦白了一切,但没能说丈夫回心转意。She wrote the letters to her lover during a secret affair in the 1940s, according to court papers released in Rome this week.法庭于本周在罗马公布的法庭文件称,罗莎在20世纪40年代有一段秘密的婚外情,她给情人写了这些信件。The couple are now preparing to split, despite the ties they forged over nearly eight decades ; they have five children, a dozen grandchildren and one great-grand child.这对夫妇目前准备离婚,尽管他们已经结婚近80年之久。他们有5名子女、12名孙辈,还有一名曾孙。The discovery of the letters was the final straw for a marriage which had aly run into difficulty ; 10 years ago the husband briefly left their house in Rome and moved inwith one of his sons, only to return a few weeks later.发现这些情书是压倒这段婚姻的最后一根稻草。此前,两人的婚姻已经遇到麻烦,10年前,丈夫曾暂时离开两人位于罗马的住宅,搬走和一个儿子同住,但在几周后返回。The Italian press attributed the acrimonious split to the couple#39;s southern blood ; he is originally from Olbia in Sardinia, while his wife was born in Naples.意大利媒体将两人间决绝的离异归因于两人的南部血统,丈夫来自撒丁岛的奥比亚,而妻子出生在那不勒斯。The couple met during the 1930s when Antonio was posted as a young Carabinieri officer to Naples.两人于20世纪30年代相识,安东尼奥当时是那不勒斯一位年轻的宪兵军官。The case appears to set a new record, at least for the age of the oldest protagonist ; the previous oldest couple to divorce were Bertie and Jessie Wood, both aged 98, from the UK.两人的离婚创下了纪录,最起码成为了年龄最大的离婚者。之前年龄最大的离婚者是英国一对98岁的夫妇伯蒂和杰西bull;伍德。The pair ended their 36-year marriage in 2009 when they were both two years away from their 100th birthdays.伯蒂和杰西bull;伍德在2009年结束了长达36年的婚姻,当时他们两人都年届98岁高龄。They got married in Elstree, Hertfordshire, in 1972, having both ended previous marriages, before moving to Falmouth, Cornwall four years later.两人于1972年在赫特福德郡的埃尔斯特里结婚,之前都有过婚史。四年后,两人搬到康沃尔的法尔茅斯生活。 /201112/166580青岛妇女儿童医院做人流多少钱 The King of Prediction欧洲杯预测帝–“巫师猪”Remember Paul, the legendary octopus who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup? Two years later in Kiev, a psychic pig takes over where Paul the Octopus has left off. Khryak is the latest addition to the Ukrainian squad to tip the winners of the Euro 2012 matches. Although not the most photogenic among the psychic, organizers say his telepathic abilities are real. Kiev Euro 2012 PR Director, Official Kiev Euro 2012 Fan Zone Pr Director Svitlana Bovkun, saying (Russian) “We checked over two weeks his ability to predict outcomes of local and international matches and well… he has a psychic ability, we would not have taken him otherwise. We’ll see how accurate he is in just a few days.” Khryak’s powers will be officially tested on June 8th when the European soccer championships kick off in Poland and Ukraine. And even if Khryak miss-sniffs the winner of a match, organizers promise that he’ll be safe from the butcher’s knife. Elly Park, Reuters.你还记得传奇章鱼保罗正确预测2010年世界杯结果吗?两年后,在Kiev,一只神算猪接管了保罗的任务。神算猪Khryak(赫里亚克)是乌克兰队最近引进来预测欧洲杯赛果的。尽管它不是最上镜的,但组织者说他感应能力是真实的。2012年欧洲杯Kiev球迷区公关总监Bovkun Svitlana说:“我们对它预测当地及国际比赛的能力进行了两个礼拜的核查,他有通灵的能力,否则我们也不会选它,再过几天我们将看看它预测的准确性。Khryak的能力将在欧洲足球锦标赛波兰与乌克的开场赛中进行官方测试。组织者承诺,即使Khryak未能准确预测比赛结果,它也不会成为我们的盘中餐。在前六场比赛中,乌克兰预言猪曾准确命中了4场,但在随后的小组赛中神奇不再,逐渐跌下神坛;不过进入淘汰赛阶段,预言猪虽然受到了骚扰,但是神奇再现。The curse of the European champions预测之路–欧洲杯冠军的魔咒Spain will begin UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying in high spirits as both reigning champions and FIFA World Cup holders, but if they are to triumph in Poland and Ukraine, they must perform an unprecedented feat.作为欧洲杯和世界杯的双料冠军,西班牙队将充满斗志地投入到欧洲杯赛事中。若是他们想在本届杯赛上夺冠,他们必将完成一项前无古人的壮举。While there has been a successful title defence in every other existing UEFA national-team championship – three for men, three for women plus one for futsal – no country has triumphed in the flagship tournament twice in succession. In fact, by the time the final is played in Kyiv on 1 July it will be 36 years since the previous occasion the holders even made it that far.在欧足联的各种级别的国家队赛事(包括三项男足赛事,三项女足赛事和一项五人制足球比赛)中,有些球队能实现卫冕。但是没有一个国家能连续两届在欧洲杯这项最顶级的赛事上夺得冠军。事实上,在今年7月1日在基辅进行的决赛前,整整36年不曾有卫冕球队能在下一届杯赛中打进决赛。The first attempt to retain the European title was nearly a success. Having won the inaugural 1960 edition, the Soviet Union travelled to Spain four years later and reached the final, only to lose 2-1 to the hosts with a goal six minutes from time. As holders, Spain themselves and then Italy, the 1968 champions, missed out on the following four-team final tournament after suffering two-legged quarter-final defeats.欧洲杯首届冠军尝试卫冕的努力几近成功。前苏联赢得了1960年的杯赛冠军,四年后他们在西班牙打入了决赛,他们在开场6分钟打入一个进球,最后仅仅以1-2负于东道主。而夺冠的西班牙队和1968年的冠军意大利队在之后一届杯赛中,在两回合的1/4比赛中都失利,错失进入四强的机会。This is a uniquely European phenomenon with other senior continental competitions featuring at least one successful defence at some point – in fact the same team triumphed at the first two editions of the CONMEBOL Copa América (Uruguay), CAF Africa Cup of Nations (Egypt) and AFC Asia Cup (Korea Republic).这是一个和奇特的欧洲杯现象。在其他的洲际大赛中,至少有一个冠军能成功实现卫冕 —— 事实上,乌拉圭就在成功地连拿两届美洲杯(最早的两届),埃及卫冕过非洲杯,而韩国卫冕过亚洲杯。 /201207/189028平度市中医医院医生排名

青岛第七人民医院体检收费标准 Best for kids to face parents in buggy - report Children pushed in buggies which face away from their parents may suffer long-term emotional and language problems, according to a study published on Friday.The research, believed to be the first of its kind, found that children who were not facing the person that pushed them were less likely to talk, laugh and interact with their parents compared with those babies that did.Children pushed in buggies which face away from their parents may suffer long-term emotional and language problems, according to a study published on Friday.The findings were based on a study of 2,722 parents and babies and an experiment where 20 babies were wheeled in buggies for a mile, facing their parents for half the journey and facing away for the other half.Parents using face-to-face buggies were twice as likely to talk to their children while the heart rates of the babies fell and they were twice as likely to fall asleep, an indicator that they were feeling relaxed and safe.Additionally only one baby out of the 20 studied laughed while sitting in an away-facing buggy."Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful," said Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Developmental Psychologist at Scotland's Dundee University who carried out the research."Stressed babies grow into anxious adults."The study, which was published by National Literacy Trust as part of its Talk To Your Baby campaign, found that 62 percent of all children observed travelled in away-facing buggies, rising to 86 percent between the ages of 1 and 2.Zeedyk said it would impact negatively on babies' development if they spent a long time in a buggy which undermined their ability to communicate with their parent at a time when their brain was developing rapidly.Laura Barbour of the Sutton Trust, a social mobility charity which funded the research, said buggy manufacturers should look closely at the findings. 上周五公布的一项研究表明,坐童车背对父母的宝宝今后可能会出现情感和语言方面的长期障碍。研究发现,与在童车里面对父母而坐的宝宝相比,背对父母的宝宝更不爱说笑,也不爱与父母交流。这项研究尚属该领域首次。研究人员对2722对父母和宝宝进行了一项研究,并对20个坐童车的宝宝开展了一项实验。研究人员让父母推着宝宝走一英里的路程,其中半英里让宝宝面向他们,另一半路程让宝宝背对他们。结果显示,使用面对式童车的父母与宝宝交流的几率为背对时的两倍,同时,宝宝的心律有所下降,睡着的几率为背对时的两倍,这表明此时宝宝很放松并有安全感。在参与实验的20个宝宝中,仅有一个宝宝在背对父母而坐时笑了。研究负责人、苏格兰邓迪大学的发展心理学家苏珊妮#8226;兹迪克士称:“我们的研究数据表明,如今很多宝宝的童车生活缺乏情感交流,还可能会感到紧张。”她说:“心理紧张的婴儿成年后更容易焦虑。”研究发现,有62%的宝宝坐背对式婴儿车,而在1岁至2岁的宝宝中,这一比例增至86%。这项研究由英国“全国读写信托”组织发布,是其开展的“与宝宝说话”活动的一部分。兹迪克称,宝宝的大脑发育很快,如果这段时期让他们长时间地坐在阻碍他们与父母交流的童车里,那么会对他们的发育造成负面影响。为该研究提供资金持的“萨顿信托”教育慈善基金会的劳拉#8226;巴伯尔称,童车生产商应密切关注这一研究结果。(实习生许雅宁 英语点津姗姗编辑) /200811/57288青岛做无痛人流手术多少钱青岛妇科整形妇科医院



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