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青岛无痛人流去哪个医院较好青岛新阳光妇产是什么等级Alibaba is looking to start a Hong Kong version of its enormously popular Chinese money market fund, which pays higher rates on renminbi deposits than are available on conventional accounts.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)拟推出港版余额宝。作为阿里巴巴旗下颇受欢迎的中国货币市场基金,余额宝的收益率要高于传统账户的人民币存款利率。Its Alipay financial unit is in talks with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority about securing authorisation to offer a local version of its Yu’E Bao money market fund, which launched in June last year and has aly attracted more than Rmb574bn (bn).阿里巴巴旗下的金融部门“付宝”(Alipay)正与香港金融(HKMA)进行谈判,希望获得推出港版余额宝的授权。余额宝于去年6月推出,至今已吸引逾5740亿元人民币(合940亿美元)资金。The move underscores Alibaba’s determination to take its template beyond China, now that it has completed its record bn initial public offering in New York.此举凸显出,阿里巴巴在纽约完成了融资额创纪录(250亿美元)的首次公开发行(IPO)后,决心将其模式复制到海外。If Alibaba receives approval from both Hong Kong and China, the funds would be invested in the mainland in order to achieve higher returns. The group says it believes it could offer 4 per cent returns, compared with the 1 per cent currently available.如果阿里巴巴获得香港及中国内地双方批准,港版余额宝将把资金投到内地,以实现更高的回报。该集团表示,它认为回报率能达到4%,而目前市面上的回报率为1%。“We are hoping to introduce it by early next year,” said Ming Shu, who is responsible for micro finance and SME finance for Alipay, which is also China’s largest online payments provider. “And if we can send the money back to China, we can make a big difference. We are pushing hard.”阿里小微金融务集团首席战略官舒明表示:“我们希望不晚于明年初推出这项务。而且,如果我们能把资金投回内地,我们就能有大的作为。我们正在努力中。”阿里小微金旗下的付宝为中国最大的在线付提供商。For Alipay to realise its ambitious plans in Hong Kong it would need a banking licence. “They would have to become a licensed bank and there is a very strict licensing regime in Hong Kong,” said one senior HKMA staffer.付宝要想在香港实现这一雄心勃勃的计划,需先获得牌照。香港金管局一名资深职员表示:“他们需要成为一家持牌,香港的发牌制度非常严格。”Alipay would also need mainland authorities to sign off on its plans to collect money in the offshore renminbi market but then send the money back into China, given capital controls on the mainland. If the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration for Foreign Exchange agree, it would represent a major step toward liberalisation of the banking system.付宝还需内地有关部门批准其在离岸人民币市场集资、但随后再将资金投回内地的计划,因为内地存在资本账户管制。如果中国央行和国家外汇(SAFE)都予以批准,这将是中国业体系朝着自由化迈出的重要一步。Currently the main channel through which fund companies can invest offshore renminbi in mainland capital markets is the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor programme.目前,基金公司主要通过人民币合格境外机构投资者(RQFII)项目,将离岸人民币资金投入内地资本市场。Regulators have not so far approved a money market fund under RQFII, which mainly consists of bond funds and equity exchange traded funds.RQFII主要由债券基金和交易所交易基金(ETF)组成,监管部门迄今没有批准过RQFII货币市场基金。Renminbi deposits are now 25 per cent of Hong Kong dollar deposits, according to data from Morgan Stanley.根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)数据显示,香港人民币存款现相当于港元存款的25%。Alipay is also considering launching a Hong Kong dollar product, although the potential rate difference on that would be smaller than any renminbi product.付宝还在考虑推出一个港元产品,尽管该产品的潜在利率差将小于任何人民币产品。The Alipay plan comes at a time of big debate on both sides of the border about shadow banks and the impact of internet finance on the formal sector.付宝披露此项计划之际,中国内地和香港都在就影子以及互联网金融对正规业的影响展开激烈辩论。 /201410/332599胶州市妇幼保健医院地址在哪 莱阳人流需要多少钱

胶州市无痛人流好不好The release of Apple’s latest mobile software system, iOS 8, was riddled with major bugs, and Apple customers actually seem to care. They are adopting the new software update more slowly than they did past releases.苹果(Apple)发布的最新移动软件系统iOS 8出现了各种重大漏洞,而苹果用户似乎对此相当在意。与该公司过去发布新系统时相比,用户现在更新软件的步伐要慢得多。The company said on a webpage that as of Sunday 47 percent of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 8 after it was released about two and a half weeks ago. That is much lower adoption rate than that of the previous version, iOS 7, which was running on about 70 percent of device about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by Mixpanel. The blog MacRumors earlier spotted the statistic.苹果公司在网站上表示,该公司在大约两周半之前发布了iOS 8系统,截至周日,47%的苹果移动设备运行了该系统。据Mixpanel估计,新系统的采用率远低于之前的iOS 7,在发布大约两周半后,iOS 7的采用率约为70%。客网站MacRumors早些时候公布了这一数据。There are a couple of popular theories for why people might be picking up iOS 8 more slowly. For one, they could have heard about the serious bugs, like the one that temporarily caused some users’ phones to stop working. For another, the software update requires a significant amount of storage on the device — about five gigabytes — when it is installed wirelessly over the Internet.至于人们更新步伐较慢的原因,有两种比较普遍的观点。一个原因是,他们可能对这些严重漏洞有所耳闻,比如有一个漏洞会导致一些用户的手机暂时停止运转。另一个原因是,通过网络无线安装升级软件要求设备拥有大量存储空间——大约5G。Why should anyone care? For Apple, it is a big plus when a large amount of people grab the latest iOS: The newest system is made to work best on newer phones, and that encourages people with older devices to eventually buy new ones. As for third-party software developers selling apps through Apple’s App Store, it is more efficient to focus on building apps for a single audience running the same software system.为什么大家会关心这个问题呢?对于苹果来说,如果大量用户采用新版iOS系统,这将是一个有利因素,新系统为新版iPhone量身制定,在新手机上使用效果最佳,这会促使使用旧设备的用户最终购买新设备。对于通过苹果App Store出售应用程序的第三方软件开发商而言,集中力量为使用同一软件系统的单一用户群开发应用会更有效率。“If you’re a developer, you want the largest possible base of devices to be able to use your app, but if half the people with iPhones are on iOS 7 or earlier, the addressable market becomes a lot smaller,” said Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw Research公司独立技术分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,“如果你是开发商,你会希望尽可能多的设备能够使用你的应用,但如果一半的iPhone用户使用iOS 7或更早的版本,潜在市场会变得小很多。”Apple declined to comment. But the company is expected to release soon the next update, iOS 8.1, which will probably be more stable than the current one and could persuade more people to update.苹果公司拒绝置评。但该公司有望很快发布下一个更新软件iOS 8.1,该软件可能会比当前的版本稳定,或许能吸引更多人进行升级。 /201410/333775日照打胎价格 The long-running patent war among the technology industry#39;s heavyweights just grew a whole lot bigger-and more controversial. 科技行业巨头之间的专利战由来已久,而现在只是变得更大、更具争议性。After a brief hiatus for major new litigation, a joint venture owned by Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., BlackBerry Ltd. , Ericsson Inc., and Sony Corp. launched a barrage of new lawsuits against a group of defendants that include Google Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc., HTC Corp. and Huawei Technologies Co. 在偃旗息鼓了一小阵子之后,新的大战再次发动:由苹果(Apple Inc.)、微软(Microsoft Corp.)、黑莓(BlackBerry Ltd.)、爱立信(Ericsson Inc.)和索尼(Sony Corp.)组成的财团Rockstar Consortium上周对谷歌(Google Inc.)、三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co. )、LG电子(LG Electronics Inc.)、宏达国际(HTC Corp.)以及华为(Huawei Technologies Co.)提起多项专利权诉讼。The suits, brought by the so-called Rockstar Consortium, largely position companies that don#39;t sell smartphones built around Google#39;s Android operating system against those that do. The suits accuse most of the defendants of violating patents involving smartphone designs and features. The litigation also targets parts of Google#39;s core Web-search technology, based on patents Rockstar bought from Nortel Networks Inc. in 2011 after defeating Google in a bidding war. ReutersRockstar提起的这些诉讼令不生产安卓手机的厂商与生产安卓手机的厂商对立了起来。这基本上意味着非安卓(Android)操作系统手机生产商与安卓手机生产商这两大阵营的对峙。诉状指控大多数被告侵犯智能手机设计和功能相关的专利权。诉讼还把目标指向了谷歌核心的网络搜索技术的一些内容,主要根据的是Rockstar 2011年击败谷歌、从北电网络有限公司(Nortel Networks)购得的专利。That purchase of the 6,000 Nortel patents caused anxiety at the Justice Department. A chief concern was that Apple and Microsoft, which took ownership of many patents related to wireless standards, rather than leave them with Rockstar, would use the patents to quash competition. 当时Rockstar收购北电6,000项专利引发了美国司法部(Justice Department)的不安。司法部主要担心的是,持有了许多无线标准专利、而不是留给Rockstar的苹果和微软会利用这些专利权打压竞争对手。The Justice Department ultimately blessed the deal last year after getting concessions from the companies that they would agree to license the patents on #39;fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory#39; terms. 在这些公司同意做出让步、同意按照“公平、合理以及无歧视”条件将这些专利授权给其他公司之后,司法部去年最终批准了这笔交易。The patents at the heart of the Rockstar suits filed last week don#39;t pertain to standards. Also, the Justice Department#39;s agreements were with Apple and Microsoft, not the consortium, which was formed during the bidding for the Nortel patents. Rockstar took ownership of most of the patents that the companies bought. Rockstar上周所提起的这起诉讼的核心是与标准无关的专利。此外司法部的协议是与苹果和微软,而非Rockstar达成的。该财团是在竞购北电专利权的过程中组建的,并且持有这些公司所收购的大多数专利权。Rockstar says the handset makers have infringed patents related to some basic features of many smartphones, including a 2000 patent that relates to navigating through documents on a hand-held device. Rockstar is seeking injunctions to prevent the handset makers from infringing its patents and pursuing unspecified damages from the handset makers and Google. Rockstar称,众手机生产商侵犯了与许多智能手机的一些基本功能相关的专利权,其中包括一项与在手持设备上搜索文件相关的专利。该财团寻求法院发布禁制令以阻止这些生产商的侵权行为,并向它们以及谷歌索赔,索赔数额不详。Some legal experts expect the lawsuits will trigger renewed attention to Rockstar, largely because it gives the appearance that three leading competitors to Android are teaming up against it. 一些法律专家预计这些诉讼将令Rockstar再度成为关注焦点,很大程度上是因为诉讼表面上看起来是安卓遭到了三大主要竞争对手的联手狙击。#39;Alarm bells have to be going off at the Justice Department,#39; said Michael Carrier, a professor at Rutgers School of Law who specializes in antitrust and patents. 罗格斯法学院(Rutgers School of Law)专攻反垄断及专利权的教授Michael Carrier称,司法部应该警惕起来。The Justice Department declined to comment.司法部不予置评。Rockstar Chief Executive John Veschi said the consortium, not the shareholder companies, made the decision to sue. #39;This really has nothing to with Apple or Microsoft,#39; he said. Rockstar首席执行长韦斯基(John Veschi)说,决定提起诉讼的是该公司自己,而非股东公司。他说,这确实与苹果和微软没有什么关系。Mr. Veschi said that his efforts to license the patents hadn#39;t gone as well as he had hoped in 2011. #39;I figured that given the price that parties were willing to pay for these patents, talks to license them would be much easier,#39; Mr. Veschi said. #39;We were reluctant to sue, but since we#39;ve paid the ante, I#39;m more than eager to enter good-faith negotiations.#39; 韦斯基说,他对外出售专利使用权的努力并没有像他2011年所期望的那样顺利。韦斯基说,他曾认为考虑到各方愿意付的价格,有关出售专利使用权的谈判会很轻松。他表示,我们并不愿意诉诸法律,但鉴于我们已经走到这一步,我非常愿意本着诚信的原则进行谈判。Representatives for Google, Samsung, LG, and Huawei declined to comment on the lawsuits. HTC and three other defendants-Pantech Co., ZTE Corp. and Asustek Computer Inc. -didn#39;t return requests for comment. 谷歌、三星、LG电子和华为的代表拒绝就诉讼置评。宏达国际和其他三家被告公司Pantech Co.、中兴通讯(ZTE Corp.)以及华硕电脑( Asustek Computer Inc.)没有回复置评请求。#39;Although BlackBerry owns shares in Rockstar-BlackBerry does not have the voting power to control Rockstar#39;s actions with respect to litigations,#39; a BlackBerry spokeswoman said. Apple, Microsoft and Ericsson declined to comment. Sony, which makes Android phones, also declined to comment. 黑莓的一位发言人说,虽然黑莓拥有Rockstar股份,但黑莓并没有控制Rockstar提起诉讼的投票权。苹果、微软和爱立信拒绝置评。制造安卓手机的索尼也拒绝置评。Technology companies have gotten used to patent litigation in recent years. The biggest players have sued and countersued in the U.S. and elsewhere, accusing each other of stealing their inventions. 近几年来,科技公司已经习惯了专利诉讼。最大的几家科技公司在美国和其他地方相互起诉,相互指控对方窃取自己的发明。Little has been resolved. Some of the suits have settled. Judges or juries have decided several others, most notably the Apple-Samsung that ended last year in a .05 billion jury verdict in favor of Apple. The judge on that case later cut the award by about 40% and ordered a retrial on several damages issues, which is set to begin next week. Several cases are on appeal. 到目前为止还没有真正解决什么问题。一些诉讼达成和解。法官和陪审团则对其他一些诉讼做出了裁决,其中最引人瞩目的是苹果和三星之间去年结束的诉讼,陪审团最终做出了10.5亿美元对苹果有利的裁决。该案的法官之后把赔偿金额度降低了大约40%,并下令重新审理几个赔偿问题,审理时间下周开始。还有一些诉讼则处在上诉阶段。Nevertheless, the Rockstar lawsuits, filed Thursday in federal court in Marshall, Texas, sent shock waves through an industry for which courtroom brawling has become the norm. 尽管科技行业已经对诉讼习以为常,Rockstar上周四在得克萨斯州马歇尔联邦法院提起的诉讼还是给这个行业带来冲击。The Nortel patent portfolio at the center of the suits had been the subject of a high-stakes battle between Google and the Rockstar group 21/2 years ago. Google bid as much as .4 billion for the patents, but Rockstar won with a .5 billion bid. 诉讼涉及的关键内容是北电专利组合,这些专利在两年半前曾是谷歌和Rockstar奋力争夺的焦点。谷歌为这些专利出价44亿美元,但Rockstar最终以45亿美元的出价胜出。The new wave of suits reflects a marketplace where Android-powered phones have outsold their competitors by a wide margin in recent years. Android controls three-quarters of the world-wide market for smartphones, according to research firm IDC. Phones powered by operating systems owned by Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry make up the bulk of the rest. 新诉讼出现的背景是,近几年采用安卓系统的手机销量远超竞争对手。据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)的数据显示,全球范围内,安卓手机占据了四分之三的智能手机市场份额。余下的市场主要由采用苹果、微软和黑莓操作系统的手机把持。Mr. Veschi said Rockstar#39;s lawsuit is legitimate under the settlement with the government. He said the agreements made by Apple and Microsoft and the Justice Department only applied to the patents that the companies held on to, not to Rockstar or its 4,000 patents. #39;We got the OK to go off and assert these patents, and that#39;s exactly what we#39;re doing,#39; he said.韦斯基说,根据与政府达成的和解,Rockstar提起的诉讼是合法的。他说,苹果和微软与司法部达成的协议只适用于这两家公司拥有的专利,不涉及Rockstar或其4,000项专利。他表示,我们获准提起诉讼并维护这些专利的所有权,这正是我们在做的事情。 /201311/263349青岛市市立医院妇科怎么样

青岛大学医学院附属医院治疗不孕不育多少钱 Forget weeks to find a builder and months for house construction, a machine developed in the ed States can build a 232sq m home layer by layer in a single day.我们不需要再花几周的时间找建筑商或者花数月的时间为房屋施工了。美国研发的一种机器可以在一天之内一层层地打印出232平方米的房子。University of Southern California#39;s Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed the giant robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on a gantry, this squirts out concrete and can quickly build a home according to a computer pattern.南加州大学教授比赫洛克·霍什内维斯设计了这种能取代建筑工人的大型机器人。这种机器人的机器臂上有喷嘴,从中喷出混凝土,可以根据电脑图纸快速建造出一栋房屋。The nature of the technology means it will also be possible to create curved walls and architecture that is both ;exotic and #39;beautiful;, according to Prof Khoshnevis.根据比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授所言,这项技术的本质意味着它也可能创建出既奇异又好看的弯曲的墙壁和建筑。As a result, it could be ideal to print out customised luxury homes.因此,理想中它能打印出私人定制的奢华住所。Prof Khoshnevis claims that Contour Crafting could slash the cost of homeowning, making it possible for millions of displaced people to get on the property ladder.比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授说,“轮廓工艺”可以大幅度削减拥有住房的成本,让成千上万无家可归的人获得房产成为可能。It could even be used in disaster relief areas to build emergency and replacement housing.它甚至也可在赈灾区被用来建造应急住所和住房置换。Furthermore, Prof Khoshnevis believes that the technology could be applied beyond our planet.而且,比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授相信这项技术可以被运用到我们的星球以外。;Contour Crafting technology has the potential to build safe, reliable, and affordable lunar and Martian structures, habitats, laboratories, and other facilities before the arrival of human beings,#39; his website s.他的网站上写道,“‘轮廓工艺’技术或许可以在人类登陆其他星球前,先在月亮和火星上建造起安全可靠而且实惠的建筑、栖息地、实验室以及其他设施。” /201401/274269连云港处女膜修复手术多少钱青岛什么医院治疗妇科



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