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Russia has blocked a Facebook page calling for a protest in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as the Kremlin tightens its control of the internet and social media.The move capped a week of drama in Russia, where a collapse in the value of the rouble triggered widesp alarm and rattled the population’s confidence in President Vladimir Putin.The Facebook page was set up after prosecutors on Friday asked for a 10-year jail sentence for Mr Navalny on embezzlement charges that critics say are politically motivated.As of Sunday afternoon, 12,000 people had said they would attend the protest, which was called for January 15, the date of the verdict in Mr Navalny’s case. A separate Facebook page, set up after the first one was blocked, had attracted 15,700 promises of attendance.Mr Navalny, an anti-corruption blogger sharply critical of Mr Putin, was a central figure in the 2011-12 protests that shook Moscow after the most recent presidential elections. Last year he ran unsuccessfully for Moscow mayor, but since February has been living under house arrest amid a series of investigations into his affairs.Vadim Ampelonsky, a spokesman for communications regulator Roskomnadzor, told Interfax on Saturday that the prosecutor-general had requested that access be blocked “to internet pages on Facebook which contain calls to unauthorised mass events”.The move comes amid a growing crackdown on the Russian opposition and paranoia in the Kremlin about the possibility of a popular revolution in the mould of Ukraine’s Maidan square or the Arab Spring.At his annual press conference on Thursday, Mr Putin said “the border line between the opposition and the fifth column is very thin”, using a Stalin-era term to describe traitors within Russia that Mr Putin has repopularised.翻译仅供参考俄罗斯加大了对互联网和社交媒体的控制力度,封禁了一个呼吁开展抗议活动、持反对派领导人阿列克谢#8226;纳瓦尔尼(Alexei Navalny)的Facebook网页。周五,俄罗斯检方以贪污罪提请判处纳瓦尔尼10年监禁,这个Facebook页面是在那之后设立的。批评者认为,检方这一指控带有政治目的。有人呼吁在纳瓦尔尼案判决当日,即2015年1月15日举行这一抗议活动。截至周日下午,已有1.2万人表示会参加该抗议活动。此外,在第一个Facebook网页被封之后,有人在Facebook上另外设立了一个网页。后者吸引了1.57万人表态,承诺将参与该抗议活动。纳瓦尔尼是一名对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)持尖锐批评态度的反腐败主。他是2011年到2012年期间俄罗斯多起抗议活动的核心人物。这些抗议活动发生在俄罗斯最近一次总统选举之后,它们令俄罗斯政府十分不安。去年,他还曾竞选莫斯科市长,但并未成功。不过,自今年2月以来,他因多起事件遭到一系列调查,并一直处于软禁之中。周六,俄罗斯通信监管部门Roskomnadzor发言人瓦季姆#8226;安佩龙斯基(Vadim Ampelonsky)告诉俄罗斯国际文传电讯社(Interfax),俄罗斯总检察长要求“对含有呼吁开展未经批准的大规模事件的网页予以封禁”。这一举措的推出,正值俄罗斯加大对反对派打击力度之际。同时,俄罗斯政府还十分偏执地认为,俄罗斯可能发生乌克兰独立广场(Maidan square)模式或阿拉伯之春(Arab Spring)模式的人民革命。今年,俄罗斯加大了对互联网的管控。今年2月,俄罗斯生效了多项法律,令总检察长可以在无需法院命令的情况下,下令封禁网站或社交媒体账户。 /201412/350213Toymail ()Toymail语音留言盒(60美元)Toymail, a voicemail box disguised as a toy animal, lets parents and children exchange messages without making live calls. Perfect for the perpetually traveling parent who doesn#39;t want to give their young child a cellphone. Simply connect the toy mailbox, which comes in six different animal shapes to the Wi-Fi network. Download the app and presto: Now you can call the mailbox through the app and leave a message. The mailbox will snort or wheeze to let kids know they have a message, and they can reply.Toymail是一个动物玩具外形的语音留言盒,父母和孩子们可以用它来传递信息,而不必打电话。对于整天出差在外又不想让年幼子女使用手机的家长来说,Toymail可以算是完美的礼物。它有六种动物外形可供选择,联上Wi-Fi即可使用。下载手机应用和presto电子付费系统,就可以用它留言。Toymail会发出叫声来提醒孩子们有留言,孩子们也可以用Toymail进行回复。Supermechanical#39;s Range ()Supermechanical的Range温度计(70美元)Does people really need a thermometer that sends their phone updates about their food cooking at home? No, not really. But do we all dream of cooking the perfect roast or holiday ham? Yes, we do, and the Range by Supermechanical can help. The Range, which comes in two versions - Ember with a sharp tip for roasts, and Aqua which has a round tip for liquids bubbling in pots - links wirelessly to your phone. You can get alerts when the temperature goes beyond a certain range and charts showing whether your food cooking at home is ice-cold or piping-hot. Now you can definitively prove to dinner guests that the chicken was not under cooked.我们真的需要一个能向自己手机发送食物烹饪温度的智能温度计么?不一定。不过,我们是不是都梦想着做出完美的烤肉或者假日火腿呢?当然。Supermechanical制造的Range温度计可以帮你。这种温度计有两种款式:Ember型末端有尖,可以用来测烤肉的温度;Aqua型的末端为圆形,可以来探测液体温度。它们能和手机进行无线连接。如果温度超出一定范围,就会发出警报;它们还能用图形显示正在做的菜是冰凉还是滚烫。有了它,现在你就可以向来吃晚餐的客人明——餐桌上的烤鸡绝对不会欠缺火候。Adaptics Drop (0)Adaptics Drop智能秤(100美元)Who hasn’t been stumped when trying to adjust a recipe to make smaller or bigger portions? The Drop, made by Adaptics, is a smart scale for weighing baking ingredients. An app connected to your phone via Bluetooth automatically tells you how much sugar you need based on the amount of flour you place on the scale, for example. You can also automatically scale a recipe up or down beforehand by pressing a few buttons on the app. In the future, Drop plans to unroll a feature that will let you know what ingredients you can use as substitutes if you run low on something essential.按照菜谱做菜时,怎样增减份量是否曾经难倒过你?科技公司Adaptics出品的Drop是一款为烤焙原料称重的智能秤。借助应用软件,它可以通过蓝牙和你的手机相连,然后基于称量的面粉重量自动告诉你需要放多少调料,比如糖。如果要增加或减少份量,只需要在手机上点几下,它就能自动计算出结果。按计划,Drop未来还将增加一项新功能,那就是如果某种重要原料不够用了,它会告诉你可以用什么东西来代替。Tile (.00)Tile智能感应器(25美元)Tile is a smart-sensor that lets you find things you#39;ve lost. Attach the square Bluetooth sensor to your keys, or wallet, or whatever it is you want to keep track of. The next time you lose something, you can use an app to find your lost object (as long as you#39;re within 100 feet of it). The app will let you know how close you are based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal. In addition, while you search, Tile will beep to help you find the object of your affections faster. A must-have for the person in your life who loses everything (except their phone).Tile是一款可以帮你找东西的智能感应器。把这个方形蓝牙设备穿在钥匙上,放进钱包里,或者跟其他你想追踪的物品放在一起,如果这些东西不见了,只要距离不超过100英尺(约30.5米),你就可以通过手机应用软件来找到它。根据蓝牙信号强度,手机软件将告诉你离要找的东西有多远。此外,在找东西的过程中,Tile还能通过发出哔哔声来帮你更快地找到它。对于经常丢三落四的人来说,Tile真是一件必需品。不过,千万别弄丢手机。Fitbit Aria (0)Fitbit Aria智能秤(130美元)December is all about eating while January is all about sticking to your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Fitness and data geeks should consider the Aria smart scale, made by Fitbit. Not only can you weigh yourself, you can also track your body fat and your body mass index. The scale syncs to your Wi-Fi, so every time you step on the scale, your data is saved to your online account. You can see graphs showing your progress (or lack thereof) and track your fitness. As encouragement, the app rewards you with badges once you meet your weight goals. If that isn’t enough to make you stick to your New Year’s gym resolutions, nothing will.12月里人们大快朵颐,到了1月份就要按自己的新年决心来减肥了。如果你既热爱健身又是数据狂人,就应该考虑一下健身产品公司Fitbit制造的Aria智能秤。它不仅可以称重,还能跟踪人们的脂肪和体重指数。连接Wi-Fi后,每称一次体重,它都会把数据保持在你的在线账户里。用户可以通过图表来了解自己的减重成果,并随时掌握自己的身体状况。作为鼓励,一旦你达到体重目标,Aria就会给你颁发奖章。如果这都不能激励你在新一年坚持健身,那基本上你无可救药了。(财富中文网) /201412/350633

Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel电谷锦江国际酒店Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel,a 5-star business hotel located at the core area of the High-Tech Development Zone of Baoding, is 10 km to the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Highway. The hotel is located on the citys major road-Chaoyangbei Street.The convenient location let you enjoy the very best of the city and the surrounding areas.电谷锦江国际酒店是一个以绿色环保为主题的现代化的五星级商务型酒店,酒店位于河北省保定市朝阳北大街北段,高新技术开发区的核心区域,距京石(津保)高速公路约10千米,交通非常便利。The hotel has installed photoelectric glasses, and a photovoltaic grid-connected system. “is the largest photoelectric mansion the has solar modules of 22638 m2 for powering up the building. At the same time, the hotel adopted the system that processes urban wastewater for hotel’s cooling, heating and water usage. A truly remarkable recycling efficiency marks it an icon for energy conservation and environment protection.酒店利用太阳能光并网发电,太阳能玻璃幕墙安装面积22638平方米,是世界最大的太阳能大厦。同时,酒店采用了污水源热泵系统,将城市污水经过处理后用于整个酒店采暖、制冷、生活用水,使污水实现了循环利用,提供了可再生能源的利用效率,是国际上为数不多的节能环保型酒店。Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel, with 23 floors above ground, is a landmark building of the city. The hotel boasts 291 rooms and suites including superior rooms, deluxe rooms, special view suites and presidential suite. The executive floors and Power Valley Prestige Club provide the most comfortable and luxurious living spaces.Each room or suite is uniquely designed and equipped with state of the art facilities including wide-screen LCD/TV and custom-made mattress. Jin Jiang Fu Chinese Restaurant offers Jin Jiang style Shanghai cuisine. The Sunshine Bar,located at the hotel lobby, is an excellent demonstration of contemporary style and chic design. Green Valley Cafe offers more than 200 Chinese and Western dishes in a comfortable and elegant setting.“Dae Jang Geum” Korean Restaurant provides authentic Korean cuisine; the genuine and friendly hospitality makes the dining experience ever enjoyable. Celebrity Club, an American style bar, will take you into an exotic and glaring world where you can fully relax and forget about the bustling city.Power Valley Hall is an international conference hall that can accommodate up t0 400 people. More than 10 meeting rooms, equipped with high-tech facilities, are the places for high-end social gatherings and business meetings.电谷锦江国际酒店地上23层,是当地最豪华的酒店。拥有客房共291间,其中包括标准间、豪华间、总统套房等。还设有行政楼层及行政俱乐部,房间装饰典雅舒适,现代化设备完善,包括高速宽带网、48频道卫星电视等,并提供对客人的一站式管家务。“锦江府”餐厅经营上海锦江菜,提供精致、丰盛及富有创意的一流精品佳肴;酒店大堂的“阳光酒廊”,更是商谈小聚,独酌小憩之佳选;“绿谷咖啡厅”环境优美,恬静舒适;“大长今”餐厅,提供正宗韩国料理;四层“名人俱乐部”具有美式酒吧的火热风情;恢弘大气的“电谷堂”可同时容纳400余人举办大型国际会议,十余间配备高科技设施的多功能会议室,是高瑞商务会议及社交活动的理想选择。 /201603/430090

The Silk Road丝绸之路In the Han Dynasty,China established extensive contacts with various nationalities and kingdoms outside its domain through the Silk Road.Zhang Qian pioneered this route. During the reign of Emperor Wu,the Huns in the North often harassed the frontier of the Han Dynasty,and controlled dozens of small kingdoms in the Western Regions.汉代,中国通过“丝绸之路”与域外各民族建立了广泛的交往。这条线路的开辟,首先要归功于张赛。汉武帝时,北方匈奴常常袭扰汉朝边境,还控制了当时西域的几十个小国。In 138 .,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian with a delegation of over 100 people on a diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions to seek allies against the Huns.Zhang Qian was captured by the Huns just as he left the Han territory,and was held prisoner for a dozen years. During this period,he learned the Hun language,and got to know well the geography of their territory. Escaping from the Hun encampment, Zhang Qian made his way back to Chang’an,with only one companion left of the 100 who had set out.公元前138年,汉武帝派张赛带100多人出使西域,联络大月氏,准备左右夹攻匈奴。没想到刚出边境,张赛就被匈奴抓住了。在被扣留期间,他学会了匈奴语,掌握了匈奴的地形。十多年后,张鸯逃了出来。当年与他同去的100多人,只剩下两人回到长安。In 119 ,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian on a second diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions. This time,he had an entourage of 300,with tens of thousands of cattle and sheep anda large amount of gifts.They visited many countries,and these coun-tries sent envoys to return their visit to the Han court.From then on,the Han Dy-nasty had frequent contacts with the countries in the Western Regions,later setting up a Western Regions Frontier Command in today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Re-gion,which was under the administration of the central government. The Silk Road was another outcome of Zhang Qian’s journeys.公元前119年,汉武帝再次派张赛出使西域,这次随行的有300多人,带去了上万头牛羊和货物。他们访问了许多国家,这些国家也派了使臣带礼物回访。从此以后,汉朝和西域的往来越来越多。后来,汉还在今天新疆地区设了西域都护府,归中央政府管理。张赛出使西域,开辟了中西交流的“丝绸之路”。The Silk Road started from Chang’an in the east and stretched westward to reach the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the Roman Empire. Trade caravans from China carrying large amounts of silk fabrics exchanged merchandise with traders from Persia,India and Greece, and brought home walnuts, grapes and carrots from abroad. In the fol-lowing several centuries,Sino-Western exchanges mainly characterized by the silk trade were mostly carried on through the Silk Road.“丝绸之路”东起长安,向西到地中海东岸,转至罗马帝国。汉朝的商队,运大量的丝织品同波斯人、印度人、希腊人交换商品,同时带回了外国的核桃、葡萄、胡萝卜等。此后的许多世纪,以丝绸贸易为主的中西交流大多经过“丝绸之路”进行。 /201512/410688

Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce group, replaced its chief executive yesterday after shares dipped below this week, the lowest since September’s record-breaking initial public offering.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)昨日宣布将更换首席执行官。本周这家中国电商集团的股价跌破80美元,这是去年9月该集团创纪录规模首次公开发行(IPO)以来的最低水平。The group said Daniel Zhang, chief operating officer, would replace Jonathan Luas chief executive from Sunday as it reported that sales in the first three months of the year rose to Rmb17.42bn (.8bn) from Rmb12bn, eclipsing Wall Street’s forecasts of Rmb16.8bn. Revenues for the quarter increased 45 per cent year on year. But net profit fell 49 per cent to 3m, hit by a share-based compensation expense. That was 3 per cent higher than analysts’ estimates.阿里巴巴表示,现任首席运营官张勇(Daniel Zhang)将从周日起接替陆兆禧(Jonathan Lu)出任首席执行官。该集团公布,今年首季度销售额从120亿元人民币增长至174.2亿元人民币(合28亿美元),超出了华尔街预测的168亿元人民币。季度营收同比增长45%,但净利润下降49%,至4.63亿美元,受股票激励出的影响。这比分析师的预期高出3%。The move to replace Mr Lu, who will remain a vice-chairman, follows a steady decline in Alibaba’s share price since November, when it touched a post-IPO high of 9.15. The move appeared designed to bolster confidence, and the stock was up 7.7 per cent in early afternoon New York trading.陆兆禧仍将担任阿里巴巴董事局副主席。此次换帅是在阿里巴巴股价11月触及IPO后119.15美元的高点后一路走低后发生的。此举似乎是为了增强信心,该集团股价在纽约时间午后上涨7.7%。Retail gross merchandise value on Alibaba’s platforms was bn. Gross merchandise value, the value of sales on Alibaba’s retail marketplaces Taobao and Tmall, rose 40 per cent year on year, compared with 49 per cent in December.今年第1季度,阿里巴巴旗下零售平台的商品交易额(GMV)达970亿美元,同比增长40%,而2014年第4季度的GMV同比增长49%。商品交易额指的是阿里巴巴零售交易网站天猫(Tmall)和淘宝上的商品销售总额。Jack Ma, chairman and founder, predicted in a letter to employees that annual gross merchandise volume would exceed tn in five years. Analysts had expected revenues to slow and margins to come under pressure as online shoppers switch from desktop ecommerce to mobile. Charging for mobile shopping is harder because merchants are unwilling to pay as much for advertising on smartphones. Still, mobile gross merchandise value grew 157 per cent year on year to bn, reaching more the half of the total for the first time.阿里巴巴的创始人和董事长马云(Jack Ma)在一封给员工的信件中称,年商品交易额将在5年后超过1万亿美元。分析师此前预测,随着网购用户从桌面端电商转至移动端,阿里巴巴的收入将放缓,利润率将面临压力。向移动端网购收费更为困难,因为商家不愿在智能手机上付同样多的广告费。尽管如此,今年第1季度,移动端的商品交易额同比增长157%,至490亿美元,占比首次达到商品交易总额的一半以上。In a conference call with investors, Maggie Wu, chief financial officer, stopped short of predicting that mobile GMV would exceed 70 per cent by the end of the year but said the growth last quarter “exceeded everybody’s expectations, and that trend is continuing”.在与投资者举行的电话会议上,首席财务官武卫(Maggie Wu)表示,公司难以预测移动端的GMV占比会不会在年底超过70%,但她表示上一个季度的移动端GMV占比“超乎所有人的预料,而这一趋势仍在持续”。Alibaba billed the management reshuffle as making way for a new generation. “Today, Jonathan Lu and I are very proud to announce that through our efforts in the past years, Alibaba Group is y to completely hand over management leadership to those of you who were born in the 70s,” Mr Ma said in his letter to staff.阿里巴巴称,此次管理层洗牌是为新一代管理者让路。马云在给员工的信件中写道:“今天,我和陆兆禧非常骄傲的宣布,经过多年的努力,阿里巴巴集团已经可以把领导权全面移交给70后。”Mr Zhang joined Alibaba in 2007, some years after Mr Ma founded it. It was aly a successful export-focused business-to-business website, and Mr Zhang was tasked with building projects for domestic consumers.张勇在2007年(即马云创建阿里巴巴数年后)加入阿里巴巴,那时阿里巴巴已是一家专注于出口的企业对企业(B2B)的成功网站。张勇的任务是打造瞄准国内消费者的项目。In 2008 he was appointed chief operating officer of Taobao Marketplace and general manager of Taobao Mall, which became one of Alibaba’s most important businesses. In 2011 he was named president of Tmall.com.2008年张勇出任淘宝网首席运营官兼淘宝商城总经理,后来这成为了阿里巴巴最重要的业务之一。2011年他被任命为天猫的总裁。Mr Zhang is described by Alibaba as “a key architect” of Singles Day, the company’s signature shopping event on November 11 that is the world’s biggest online shopping event.阿里巴巴将张勇称为光棍节的一位“关键缔造者”。光棍节是该公司在11月11日这天推出的标志性购物活动,也是全世界规模最大的网购活动。 /201505/374173Apple shares rose on Tuesday, further narrowing their decline over the past year, after an investment bank issued a bullish note on iPhone demand. 苹果(Apple)股价周二上扬,进一步收窄了过去一年的跌幅,此前一家投资发布了对iPhone的需求表示乐观的报告。 Demand for the smartphone, which is Apple’s most important product, is tracking at 56.5m units for the quarter to the end of March, according to an analysis of web search data by Morgan Stanley. That is “clearly ahead of expectations as investors are sceptical Apple can reach implied guidance of 52m,” the New York-based investment bank said. 根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)对网络搜索数据的分析显示,在截至3月底的第一季度,这款智能手机(苹果最重要的产品)的需求有望达到5650万部。这家总部位于纽约的投行表示,这“显然超出预期,投资者正对苹果能否达到5200万部的隐含销售指引表示怀疑。” Anxiety has been rising about slowing sales growth for the iPhone, which accounted for more than two-thirds of Apple’s total revenue in the previous quarter, due to saturation in the domestic market and economic headwinds from China, a key growth driver for the world’s biggest publicly traded company. iPhone占到苹果上季度总营收的逾三分之二,但美国国内市场饱和以及中国经济遭遇阻力促使市场对iPhone销售增长放缓日益焦虑。中国是这家全球市值最高上市公司的关键增长动力。 However, Morgan’s data point to positive year-on-year and sequential gains to the end of February in China, as “growth improved in most regions”. 然而,根士丹利的数据表明,截至2月底,苹果在中国的同比及环比表现均为正数,与此同时,“增长在大部分地区都有所改善”。 Apple’s shares climbed 2.3 per cent, making the Cupertino, California-based company the second-best performer on the Samp;P 500. The stock is now essentially flat for 2016, having been down as much as 12.2 per cent on a year-to-date basis in late January. It is off 16.2 per cent over the past 12 months. 苹果股价上涨了2.3%,使这家总部位于加州库比蒂诺的公司成为标准普尔500指数(Samp;P 500)中表现第二优秀的个股。苹果股价2016年以来持平,从年初到1月下旬曾下滑12.2%。过去12个月累计下跌16.2%。 /201603/432075

(Reuters) – Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone company, will begin selling headphones, smart wristbands and other accessories online in the ed States in coming months, taking its first tentative step onto Apple’s home turf without its signature Mi mobile devices.路透社 – 未来几个月内,中国最大的智能手机企业小米将开始通过网店在美国销售耳机、智能腕带和其他配件。这是小米进入苹果公司(Apple)大本营的初步尝试,其中不包括小米标志性的移动设备。The company also said it is close to securing a manufacturing partner in Brazil, which will help it skirt punishing tariffs on imported electronics when it begins sales in Latin America’s largest economy in the first half of this year.小米还表示,即将和一家巴西制造企业结为合作伙伴。今年上半年小米的产品将在巴西这个拉美最大的经济体亮相,而制造合作伙伴将有助于小米绕开巴西政府对进口电子产品征收的惩罚性关税。Xiaomi, a five-year-old upstart whose name means “Little Rice,” came out of nowhere to become China’s fastest-selling mobile brand. It has been rapidly expanding its global footprint through direct, online sales.作为一家有五年历史的行业新贵,小米在一夜之间就成了中国销售增长最快的手机品牌。同时,该公司一直在通过直销和网络渠道迅速进行国际扩张。The company was valued at billion in a December funding round that drew investors ranging from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund to a private capital firm backed by Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma.在去年12月融资后,小米公司的价值达到了450亿美元。这次融资吸引的投资者既有新加坡主权财富基金,也有阿里巴巴的联合创始人马云所持的私募公司。Its Mi devices, which scored with Chinese users because of their low cost and the company’s heavy reliance on user interaction and feedback, are now sold online across Asia, including most recently India.由于成本低,再加上小米非常倚重与用户的互动以及用户反馈,小米移动设备颇受中国消费者青睐。现在,小米的网店已经覆盖了整个亚洲,包括最近刚刚涉足的印度市场。Brazil marks the company’s first foray with smartphones outside of its home continent. Global operations vice president Hugo Barra said Xiaomi intends to begin selling its phones there in the first half of this year.巴西是小米智能手机在亚洲以外的第一站。该公司的全球业务副总裁雨果o巴拉表示,小米计划于今年上半年开始在巴西销售手机。The company is in “extremely advanced discussions” with at least half a dozen manufacturing partners there, Barra, a former Google executive, said without revealing names, which will help it side-step a roughly 60 percent tax on foreign electronics.巴拉曾在谷歌(Google)的管理层任职,他说小米正在和至少六家巴西制造企业进行“极为深入的探讨”,但没有透露这些企业的名称。这将有助于小米规避巴西约60%的进口电子产品税。The industry is particularly curious about Xiaomi’s potential to make a dent in the ed States, which is the world’s biggest mobile market in dollar terms but one where phone sales are controlled by telecoms carriers and where Apple holds sway.业界特别想知道小米在美国的发展潜力。美国是全球最大的移动设备市场(以美元计),但美国的手机销售由电信公司控制,而且还有苹果这个行业霸主。Co-founder and President Lin Bin told reporters on Thursday that Xiaomi will launch its first online sales site, Mi.com, in a few months, directly selling items from earphones to smart bands to American consumers.小米的联合创始人及总裁林斌周四对记者表示,小米将在几个月内推出第一个网店Mi.com,向美国消费者直销小米耳机和智能腕带等产品。The company is eschewing bigger-ticket items like phones and tablets for now partly because of the ed States’ carrier-sales and phone subsidy structure, which eliminates Xiaomi’s cost advantage. More generally, Bin and Barra talked about the time and effort needed to tailor its MIUI Android-based operating systems for individual markets and obtain certification, among other things.该公司暂时不会在美国推出手机和平板电脑等价格较高的产品,部分原因是美国的电信公司销售模式和手机补贴结构会让小米的成本优势化为乌有。此外,林斌和巴拉还提到,为各个市场量身定制基于安卓(Android)的米柚(MIUI)操作系统以及申请许可等工作都需要投入时间和精力。Xiaomi’s main intention for now is to engage American consumers and try and build a community there the same way it has in China and India – through fan events, interaction with users on social media such as a dedicated Facebook page, and gradually coming to know both local preferences and building its brand.目前,小米的主要目标包括接触美国消费者;像在中国和印度那样,举行粉丝活动并在Facebook等社交媒体上与用户互动,从而设法在美国建立小米社区;逐步了解本地市场偏好并打响品牌知名度。For example, Barra told Reuters how Xiaomi might put its self-branded headphones in front of U.S. audiophiles and tweak the product depending on their detailed feedback.举例来说,巴拉向路透社记者介绍了小米将如何向美国的音乐发烧友推广小米耳机,以及如何基于反馈来调整这个产品。“We’re keen on being in the conversation in the U.S.,” he told reporters.他对记者说:“我们迫切希望与美国消费者进行交流。” /201503/361270The Five-arumal Exercise五禽戏The Five-animal Exercise, as a means of physical training in ancient China, was created by Hua Tuo, an eminent doctor in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He summarized the traditional practice of our predecessors#39; building up their physical strength by imitating the animal movements, and created a set of healthcare gymnastics, i. e. the Five-animal Exercise, which consisted of five groups of actions imitating the movements and manners of the tigers, deer ,bears, apes and birds. It is a thousand years earlier than the medical gymnastics contrived by the Swedish. At one time, seeing a kid playing with the door-latch, Hua Tuo immediately thought of a wise saying ;Running water is never stale and a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten; , which further reminded him of the fact that most of the illnesses were actually caused by the circulation hindrance and stagnation of Qi and blood, and people, if doing exerases regularly like a door-hinge, would improve their health and immunize themselves from illness. As a result, Hua Tuo was absorbed in researching into the ways for the physical buildup once he had time. He, referring to the; Physical and Breathing Exercise; used by people at the time when doing physical training, thought about making improvements constantly in accordance with the movements of various animals, the result of which was the creation of a set of fist techniques imitating the movements and manners of the tigers, deer, apes, bears and birds. This set of fist techniques, by imitating the quick pouncing of the tigers,light galloping of the deer, nimble jumping of the apes, slow-paced walking of the bears and wing-sping flying of the birds, can clear your head and brighten your eyes, improve your heart and lung functions, strengthen your waist and kid-ney, and lubricate your joints, thus contributing to the overall buildup of your body.It is simple and easy to learn; anyone, whether men or women, old or young, can choose part of it for physical training at first, and then practice the whole set of actions as their physical buildup is gradually improved .Not only is the Five-animal Ex-erase good for your health and longevity, but for the eradication of your illnesses.Just as Hua Tuo said, ;If feeling uncomfortable, you can do the Five-animal Exercise; as you perspire, you will get relaxed and feel like eating. ; In recent years,the Five-animal Exercise, as a means of rehabilitation treatment, has been widely used as an auxiliary treatment of people suffering from such illnesses as stroke se-quelae, rheumarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osseous hyperplasia.五禽戏是我国古代体育锻炼的一种方法,创始人是东汉末年名医华佗。华佗总结了前人模仿鸟兽动作以锻炼身体的传统做法,创编了一套保健体操,包括虎、鹿、熊、猿、鸟的动作和姿态,也就是五禽戏。它比瑞典发明的医疗体操要早1000多年。一次,华佗看到一个小孩抓着门闩来回荡着玩耍,便联想起“户枢不蠹,流水不腐”的道理,于是想到人的大多疾病都是由于气血不畅和瘀寒停滞而造成的,如果人体也像“户枢”那样经常活动,让气血畅通,就会增进健康,不易生病了。于是,华佗有时间就专心致志地研究锻炼身体的方法,参照当时占人锻炼身体的“导引术”,小断琢磨改进,根据各种动物的动作,创造一套模仿虎、鹿、猿、熊、鸟五种动物的拳法。这套拳,模仿猛虎猛扑呼啸,模仿小鹿愉快飞奔,模仿猿猴左右跳跃,模仿黑熊慢步行走,以及模仿鸟儿展翅飞翔等动作,通过这·系列的运作,能清利头日,增强心肺功能,强壮腰肾,滑利关节,促进身体素质的全面增强,简便易学,故不论男女老幼均可选练,待体质逐渐增强后再练全套动作。五禽戏不仅具强身延年之功,还有祛疾除病之效。正如华佗所说:“体有不快,起作禽之戏,怡而汗出,身体轻便而欲食。”近年来五禽戏作为康复医疔的一种手段,已广泛应用于中风后遗症,风湿性关节炎,类风湿性关节炎,骨质增生症等患者的辅助治疗。 /201601/419339It may be a la mode to create lighter versions of our favourite snacks but one company has taken the trend rather literally.创意美食,点“亮”生活。不过,一家公司当真做到了把那些最受人们欢迎的副食“点亮”了。The world#39;s first glow in the dark ice cream was handed out to a cinema audience who were surprised to find their snacks glowed a fluorescent yellow when the lights went out.一群电影院的观众得到了世界上第一款在黑暗中发光的冰淇淋,他们惊讶的发现,当影厅灯熄灭之后,他们手中的美食闪着荧黄色的光芒。The futuristic frozen treat has been developed for Wall#39;s Ice Cream by food designers Bompas and Parr.这款前卫的冷饮是食物设计师邦帕和帕尔在和路雪的“可爱多”的基础上设计而成的。The sci-fi style snack appears to be nothing more than a normal mint Cornetto however once under UV lighting the sweet treat lights up in luminous colours.乍看之下,这种科幻风格的小吃似乎仅仅是一直普通的薄荷口味可爱多甜筒,但是,在紫外光的照耀下,这甜点会发出亮闪闪的光芒。According to Wall#39;s this is a world first and means that cinema goers can avoid a sticky spillages as they are able to see what they#39;re eating even in the dark.和路雪公司称,这是世界上第一款发光的冰淇淋,如此一来,看电影的人即使是在黑暗中也能看清自己吃的是什么,就能避免冰淇淋溢出来黏黏糊糊的粘在身上了。In order to create the gleaming gelato the ice cream is mixed with riboflavin which gives out a glow when under certain UV lights.为了制造出发光的冰淇淋,研究者在冰淇淋里加了核黄素,这种核黄素能在特定的紫外光照射下发光。Despite the fact that mobile phones are banned in cinema theatres as the light they give out provides a distraction,Bompas and Parr insist that the ice creams won#39;t create the same problem.虽然影院禁止观众使用手机,以免造成干扰,但邦帕和帕尔坚称这款冰淇淋不会制造同样的麻烦。The team at Bompas have since been developing further glow in the dark desserts using luciferin enzymes from genetically modified bacteria.邦帕的研究团队一直在研究通过转基因细菌提炼的萤光素酶制作在黑暗中发光的甜点的方法。#39;This is something quite special,#39; Bompas told Dezeen magazine #39;Using the same enzyme that fireflies and jellyfish use to fluoresce - that we use to make a fancy sauce for the dessert.#39;邦帕在接受设计杂志时说:“用和萤火虫和水母发光所用的生物酶同类的物质来制作一种特殊的调料,加在甜点里,这确实饶有意趣。”Although a fluorescent pudd may seem anything other than natural the team insist that it is a completely wholesome process...sort of, saying: #39;It#39;s totally organic and natural, if you#39;re okay with genetically modified organisms.#39;如果布丁会发光,似乎确不太自然,可是研究团队坚称,这种食品加工程序是全然无害的,他们说:“研制出来的发光食物完全是有机天然的,如果你不介意一点转基因的有机物的话。” /201411/345151

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