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青岛东部市立医院咨询电话青岛李沧区妇科哪家医院好Is there an antidote to anxiety? "I'm very frightened," said Julie White. But she has a remedy: the stretching and deep breathing of yoga. The practice is so calming that after the terror upgrade, White made an upgrade of her own--from one class a day to two. she says, "Yoga is my tranquilizer."”You may find the lotus pose hopelessly warm and fuzzy in the face of terror. But there are a host of activities, from working out to going for a massage, that can temper the anxiety. Many of these techniques have been used for decades, if not centuries; now advances in science are showing they can reduce the hormones associated with stress and even affect brain activity. The common trait among all: maintaining control and recognizing that our concerns are a natural response to the world we live in.The first step toward combating fear is identifying it. Keep in mind that headaches, stomachaches, sleeplessness and rapid heartbeat are all symptoms of anxiety. Confront the emotion head-on by naming it, even saying, "I feel fear about this," says Saki Santorelli, executive director of the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center for Mindfulness. Acknowledging anxiety makes us less passive, less vulnerable and, as a result, more able to cope.Understand that fear is a component of stress, the complex fight-or-flight response ingrained in us since the cave days. When we're confronted with danger, epinephrine (adrenaline) starts pumping, the heart speeds up, blood pressure increases, breathing quickens.One of the most efficient ways to reduce stress is to focus inward on one thing we can effectively control: our own breath. At the Mind/Body Medical Institute, participants elicit a "relaxation response," repeating a word - anything from "om" to "Hail Mary"--silently as they exhale. In numerous studies, Benson has found that the practice leads to lower blood pressure, slower breathing and an overall calm.Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently found that a form of meditative breathing pioneered at the Center for Mindfulness can affect the brain. In a small, soon-to-be-published study, Davidson took brain images of 25 members of a biotech firm who practiced meditation six days a week for eight weeks. He found increased activation in the left side of the prefrontal part of the brain, an area associated with lower anxiety, positive emotion and inhibition of the amygdala, the brain's fear center.If sitting in one position for more than five minutes sounds impossible, you might try yoga. Concentrating on the physical intricacies of different poses forces you to filter out the "endless tape loops of chatter and fear," says Dr. Timothy McCall, medical editor of Yoga Journal, allowing you to be present in the moment. In so doing, you begin to clear the mind of future worries.That experience helps get rid of distorted thinking, says Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. David Burns. What to do in the face of terrorism? Accept your anxiety, but don't let it control you. And certainly don't ruminate on your own. "Anxiety feeds on itself," says Dr. Paul Appelbaum, president of the American Psychiatric Association, so talk to family and friends."Sharing the concern with others can be enormously helpful."”Scientists are finding that it can help to get outside your head completely. In a study of 60 schoolchildren traumatized by Hurricane Andrew, Tiffany Field, director of the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute, found that depression dropped in kids who received 30 minutes of massage twice a week for a month; kids who watched a relaxing showed no improvement. And cortisol levels, the body's marker for stress, declined significantly in the massage group. If massage isn't your thing, go for a vigorous walk, swim or bike ride. Exercise is not only good at keeping you fit; it reduces anxiety and depression, too.It may be difficult, but in troubled times, researchers say, people need to take comfort from life' s simplest pleasures.In a small study at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Dr. O. J. Sahler found that bone-marrow transplant patients who listened to music reported less pain and nausea, and their transplants took less time to become functional. And, yes, laughter may be good medicine, too. Dr. Lee Berk, of the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, discovered that a group of students who watched a comic for an hour had marked reductions in epinephrine and cortisol levels. "If fear is too great," says Berk,"send in the clowns." Now that's something we can all meditate on. /200812/57595青岛李沧区无痛人流要多少钱 青岛新阳光四维彩超贵不贵

平度妇幼保健医院是公立还是私立Dentists and researchers have come up with the formula for the perfect smile, from the size and width of each tooth to the curve, colour and shape of the teeth, and the overall width of the smile.  牙医和研究学者已经研究出完美笑容秘诀,从每颗牙齿的大小、宽度到牙齿的曲线、颜色和形状以及张开的嘴宽度都有讲究。 /201007/108785莱西市妇幼保健医院有没有微信咨询 平度人民医院简介

黄岛开发区儿童医院在那里你了解自己吗?了解自己的职业吗?了解自己的欲求吗?希望下面这篇文章能帮助你找到。1. Where are you are in your career? 你处于职业生涯的哪个位置?First quarter 1/4处Second quarter 2/4处Third quarter 3/4处Fourth quarter 4/4处Retired 退休2. How do you assess yourself in your profession? 在职业中,你如何来评估自己Just getting started 才开始Intermediate 中等High-performer 高表现者Expert 专家World class 世界级3. What percent of your focus is on the following (for a total of 100%)? 对以下你的关注百分比是多少(一共是100%)To excel and achieve personal success: ____ % 在个人成功方面出类拔萃,并取得个人成功To make others around me successful: ____ % 让我周围的人成功4. What three things have the greatest meaning in your life? 哪三件事情在你生命中有最大的意义?5. Have you found your life's calling? 你找到了自己的"天职"吗?Not looking 没有在寻找Still searching 依然在寻找I think so 我自认为找到了Definitely 绝对是找到了6. How great an impact do you believe your life's calling can ultimately have? 你认为你的“天职”会产生多大影响?Meaningful at an individual level 在个人级别上有意义Important at the local level 在某个范围内有意义Significant for the community at large 对整个社会有意义World-changing 能带来世界性的改变7. How close are you to realizing this potential? 你离实现这个潜能有多么远?Just starting to make a dent 才开始出一点成绩About a quarter of the way there 完成了1/4了About halfway there 完成了1/2了Almost there 几乎实现了Keep your answers in mind as you continue ing. 在继续阅读的时候,请记住你对以上问题给出的。Beyond Success 超越成功Over the past two decades I've had the opportunity to advise and recruit many extraordinary individuals. Often, these are people who have reached the pinnacle of success. Yet what's become clear to me is that reaching even the highest-profile, highest-paid, or highest-prestige positions isn't what's most important. 在过去的二十年里,我有机会聘请许多杰出的人物并给他们建议。这些人大多都取得了辉煌的成功。然而我认识到(在他们的职业生涯中),获得最高评价、最高收入或最高声望誉的职位都不是最重要的。Sure, it's great to achieve all these things, and very few who do complain about it. But whether they've aly reached the top, are just starting out, or are somewhere along the way, almost everyone yearns -- especially when they take the time to reflect -- for something more fundamentally gratifying in their lives. 当然,要实现所有这些是很好,而且不会有多少人会去抱怨这些东西。但是,不论是否他们已经到达了巅峰,还是刚刚起步,还是正在路上,几乎人人都在渴求生活中更基本的令人满意的事情,这种欲望在他们反思的时候尤为强烈。 /200908/81394 Working long hours can greatly increase the risk of suffering injury or illness, a study says.研究显示,长时间工作会大大增加受伤和生病的危险。Workers who do overtime were 61% more likely to become hurt or ill, once factors such as age and gender were taken into account.如果把年龄和性别等因素都考虑进去的话,加班加点工作的员工受伤或生病的可能性会增加61%。And working more than 12 hours a day raised the risk by more than a third, the University of Massachusetts found.马萨诸塞州大学研究发现,如果一天工作超过12个小时的话,出现危险情况的可能性会提高三分之一。Report co-author Allard Dembe said risk was not necessarily associated with how hazardous the job was.该研究报告的作者之一阿拉德·登贝说发生危险和工作本身的危险程度并没有必然的联系。"The results of this study suggest that jobs with long working hours are not more risky merely because they are concentrated in inherently hazardous industries or occupations."“这项研究的结果显示,长时间的工作之所以风险更大并不仅仅因为这类工作所在的行业或职业本身有危险。”And he said the findings, published in the Occupational and Environmental Health journal, supported initiative such as the 48-hour European Working Time Directive to cut the number of working hours.研究结果在《职业和环境卫生》周刊上发表。他说研究结果为《欧洲工作时间法》提供了依据。该法令规定了每周48小时工作制,旨在削减工作时间。From the records, researchers found 5,139 work-related injuries and illnesses, ranging from stress to cuts, burns and muscle injuries.在报告中,研究者们发现了5139种和工作有关的伤害和疾病,从紧张到割伤、烧伤、肌肉拉伤,各种情况都有。More than half of these injuries and illnesses occurred in jobs with extended working hours or overtime.半数以上的伤害和疾病都是由于加班加点、长时间工作引起的。The researchers concluded that the more hours worked, the greater the risk of injury.研究者们得出的结论是:工作的时间越长,受到伤害的危险越大。But they did not find that lengthy commutes to and from work had any impact on illness and injury.但是,他们并没有发现上下班长时间乘车对伤害和疾病有任何影响。In the UK 14% of the working population--3.6m--work more than 48 hours a week.在英国,14%的就业人口,也就是大约360万人口,每周的工作时间超过48小时 /200907/77864青岛新阳光妇产医院有几个主任青岛看妇科医院哪家最好



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