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Are you as straight-backed as a ballerina, or as hunched as a dinosaur?你的后背是像芭蕾舞演员一样直,还是像恐龙的后背那么弯?Your #39;posture profile#39; can identify whether you will suffer from aches and pains in later life, the British Chiropractic Association has said.英国脊椎治疗协会表明,从“侧面站姿”就能判断你是否会在以后遭受背痛折磨。People whose heads lean forward are most likely to suffer back pain, its survey found. 英国脊椎治疗协会的调查表明,头向前倾的人更有可能罹患背痛。Whether you are a #39;spoon#39;, #39;bridge#39;, #39;leaning tower#39; or #39;flat-pack#39; will determine your risk of having problems later.“勺形”、“桥形”、“斜塔形”和“直背形”四种不同站姿将决定你在余生中患病的风险。While previous indicators have focused on body shapes, with larger-breasted women and #39;apple#39; shapes being seen as a warning sign, this new research shows posture could be key in preventing back pain.此前研究多关注人体体型。如果女性的胸部较大,且拥有“苹果形”身材,就需多加警惕。而这项新研究表明,站姿对预防背痛至关重要。A quarter of women suffer pain lasting between one and three days starting at the relatively young age of 34, the survey found.调查发现,患有背痛且持续时间在1-3天的女性群体中,有四分之一的女性都在相对较早的34岁就开始背痛了。#39;Leaning towers#39; - women whose heads lean forward - are most likely to report pain, with almost six in ten with this posture aly suffering and three in ten having daily twinges.“斜塔形”女性的头部前倾,此类女性患上背痛的可能性最高。“斜塔形”群体中,有接近十分之六的人已经罹患背痛,有十分之三的人遭受日常刺痛。Being a #39;bridge#39; with an arched back was the second worse posture, followed by a #39;spoon#39; position with rounded shoulders but a flat back.“桥形”是第二大不良站姿,后背呈拱形;“勺形”则是第三大不良站姿,后背挺直但双肩下塌。And a change in posture can be far less demanding than a crash diet or boot camp-style exercise programme.改变站姿可要比速成节食和新人集训简单得多。#39;Flat pack#39; ladies, who keep their backs flat are the most likely to avoid pain with a fifth reporting they have never suffered back or neck aches in their lives.“直背形”女士后背挺直,是罹患背痛可能性最低的人群。调查人群中,有五分之一的“直背形”女性表明,她们一生从未患有背痛和脖子痛。Tim Hutchful, a registered chiropractor and member of the British Chiropractic Association, said women looking to stave off back pain should try to keep their head and ankles in line.注册脊椎师、英国脊椎治疗协会的成员蒂姆·哈区福称,想要预防背痛的女性可以试着将头部和脚踝保持在一条直线上。He said: #39;Rather than worrying about being an apple or an hourglass, we want people to think about what they look like from the side.他说道:“我们关心的不是‘苹果形’和‘沙漏形’身材,而是想让人们想想他们的侧面是什么样的。”#39;Paying closer attention to your body#39;s side profile can really help to identify back or neck pain triggers.“密切注意身体的侧面轮廓可以帮助你判断背痛和脖子痛的诱因。”#39;The perfect posture should give you a neutral side-on appearance, with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line.“完美的站姿应该能让你的侧面轮廓不偏不倚,双耳、双肩、臀部、膝盖和脚踝都处于同一条直线。”#39;People who want to improve their back and neck pain symptoms through a better posture should try imagining they have a plumb line hanging straight from their ears to ankles - with everything in the middle sitting on the same line.“想要改变站姿缓解背痛和脖子痛的人可以试着想象从双耳垂直向下延伸出一条直线,直至脚踝,中间的所有部位都要处于这条直线上。”#39;One way to do this is to try standing in a relaxed way and then gently contracting the abdominal muscles.“要想达到这种效果,可以在放松站立时,缓缓地收腹。”#39;When sitting, the gravity line should pass thorough ear, shoulder and hip.#39;“坐下时,这条垂直线应从双耳经双肩直达臀部。”Over 1,200 women were surveyed.这项研究中,有超过1200位女性接受调查。 /201512/413385

The first evidence has emerged that clinical features of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia, can be transmitted between people.世界上首次出现了阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s disease)临床特征可在人际间传播的据。阿尔茨海默病是痴呆症(Dementia)最常见的病因。John Collinge and colleagues at University College London found signs of developing Alzheimer’s pathology in the brains of people who died of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), acquired through contaminated growth hormone.约翰科林奇(John Collinge)和他在伦敦大学学院(University College London)的同事们,在克雅二氏病(CJD)死者的大脑中发现了发展中的阿尔茨海默病病状迹象。克雅二氏病可通过受感染的生长激素患上。Although the circumstances of the transmission are exceptional, the study of eight CJD patients, reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature and at the British Science Festival in Bradford, raises concerns that Alzheimer’s may be transmissible through some medical or surgical procedures.尽管人际传播的情况很特殊,但这项对8名克雅二氏病患者展开的研究得出的结果,还是让人担心阿尔茨海默病或许能够通过一些内科或外科处置得到传播。周三,《自然》(Nature)期刊和布拉德福德的英国科学节(British Science Festival)都发布了这一研究结果。“I don’t think there is any cause for alarm,” said Prof Collinge. “Evaluating what risk, if any, there might be requires much further research.”“我不认为有任何理由感到恐慌,”科林奇教授说,“要评估这里面可能存在何种风险——假设风险真的存在的话——需要进行深入得多的研究。”In response to journalists’ questions about dental procedures, Prof Collinge said: “There are potential risks with dentistry where it is impacting on nervous tissue, for example root canal treatments.” But in a statement issued later he said: “Our current data have no bearing on dental surgery.”在回答记者们提出的有关牙科处置的问题时,科林奇教授表示:“牙科处置存在潜在的风险,因为它会触碰到神经组织,比如根管治疗。”但他在后来发布的声明中称:“我们当前的数据还牵涉不到牙科手术。”He added: “You cannot catch Alzheimer’s by living with or caring for someone with the disease.”他补充道:“你与阿尔茨海默病患者一起生活或照顾他们,是不会被传染上那种病的。” /201509/398494

When it comes to the wireless networks of the future, speed won#39;t be everything.一提到未来的无线网络,速度并不能代表全部。The advent of so-called 5G, or fifth-generation, wireless technology will bring incredible speed, for sure, with the industry aiming to see your network connection jump by 100 times. (Yes, 100.) More importantly, the network will be smart enough to act differently depending on how it#39;s accessed, whether from a heart monitor when you#39;re relaxing at home or from a self-driving car zipping down a crowded highway.5G,或者说第五代无线技术的到来,无疑会带来难以置信的速度体验,目标是让你的网络连接速度快100倍。(是的,100倍)。更重要的是,网络将变得十分只能,以至于可以在不同的场合运作。无论你在家中放松,还是沿着拥挤的街道开车,都可以通过中心操控器接入。That#39;s according to Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, one of the world#39;s largest suppliers of telecommunications equipment.世界最大的电子通讯设备提供商之一Ericsson的总裁Hans Vestberg说。His comments provide a glimpse into what tomorrow#39;s wireless network will look like. While carriers around the world are still deploying 4G networks, which have brought broadband speeds over the air, there#39;s increasing chatter about what#39;s next. In the US, Verizon Wireless has aly said it plans to field-test its own take on 5G next year, and the industry is starting to talk about the new kinds of devices and connected services that will spring from the technology.他的言论让我们一睹未来的无线网络是怎样的。当世界各地的务商还在部署宽带速度超过光速的4G网络的时,关于下一步是什么的呼声已经在增长。在美国,Verizon无限公司已经宣称,计划在明年实验自己研发的5G,这一产业技术将引发新种类装置和连接务的探讨。;Many industries will look at how 5G will transform their business,; Vestberg said in an interview on Friday. ;It#39;s my job to build a network to handle that.;Vestberg在周五的见面会上说,“很多产业将会目睹5G怎样改变他们的商业。我的工作就是建立一个可以处理这一个问题的网络”。As fast as Verizon is moving, the industry isn#39;t expected to invest in the technology in earnest until 2020. The speed and capacity 5G brings could offer a legitimate alternative to the physical connection available via Internet service providers and companies such as Google, which use fiber optics to deliver super-high speeds. 5G is supposed to be even faster.尽管Verizon正以最快的速度开发5G网络,但是正式的技术投资直到2020年才有望实现。5G的速度和容量可以提供一种合法的选择,要不通过互联网务提供商进行物理连接,要不通过像谷歌一样使用光纤来实现高速的公司。5G预计速度更快。Depending on the device, 5G may have a range of behaviors, he said. The network has to be responsive enough to tell a self-driving car where to go and how to react to situations that require a split-second reaction. It has to be consistent enough to maintain a connection with a hypothetical chipset in your body that can monitor your vitals, but know to instantly ping emergency services in case something goes wrong. It also has to operate efficiently enough that farms can use sensors that can ping the network for 10 years on a single charge.依靠设备,5G可能拥有很多性能。互联网必须反应足够灵敏,可以高速自驾车去哪里以及怎么样对需要瞬间反应的情况作出应对。它必须拥有足够的连贯性,可以和监控你生死攸关事项的体内假想芯片保持联系,但是也懂得万一出现紧急情况时,立即开启紧急务。它同样必须有效地运转,农民可以在十年内使用可以连接互联网的传感器并且不更换电池。In other cases, 5G wireless technology may replace the broadband service coming into your home via wires or cables, Vestberg said. It#39;s aly happening with 4G in some parts of the world, but 5G adds higher speed and capacity. With 5G, carriers could also deliver super-sharp 4K to the home.Vestberg说,在其他情况下,5G无线技术可以替代通过电线进入你家的宽带务。这一务已经在部分使用4G的地区实现,但是5G的速度更快,容量更大。通过5G,运营商可以向住户家提供高清4K视频。One of the reasons Verizon is holding its test so early is to figure out what kinds of applications can take advantage of 5G, the New York-based telecommunications company said in September.九月,美国电讯公司称,Verizon提早开始试验的原因之一是为了找出哪些途径可以利用5G。Vestberg declined to comment on the plans of his carrier customers, but noted that there was a cost to building out these networks, with players such as ATT projected to spend roughly billion this year. He also warned that as capacity and speeds have increased, so too has usage.Vestberg拒绝他们重要客户的计划,但是强调,建设这些网络需要花费很多钱,像ATamp;T这样的合作商今年预计要花费大约100亿美金。它同样提醒,一旦速度和容量提升了,使用量也会提升。 /201510/406820

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