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In recent years, a debate has raged on among publishing and advertising industry insiders over “sponsored content”—more recently called “native advertising” and once known as “advertorial”—the sort of advertising that looks very much like editorial content but is, in fact, directly paid for by an advertiser.近年来在出版和广告行业中,关于“赞助内容”或曰“原生广告”、“软广告”的争论甚嚣尘上。顾名思义,“赞助内容”指的就是那些看起来很像网友的热心,实质上却是由广告主直接付钱打造的广告。The approach has been embraced by newer digital ventures such as BuzzFeed and new digital efforts for very old publications like Forbes and The Atlantic. Industry peers watched and discussed: Is it deceptive? Is it ethical? Does it even work?现在,这种广告模式不仅被BuzzFeed等新兴的网络公司所采用,就连《福布斯》(Forbes )和《大西洋月刊》( The Atlantic)等老牌媒体也打上了软广告的主意。业内人士在观察之余不免议论纷纷:软广告是不是骗人的?是不是不道德?还有,它究竟有没有效果?Whatever the answers, there’s no denying that the approach is suddenly in vogue. Storied news organizations such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times NYT have since taken the native plunge. (Fortune has also decided to engage in the practice.) Last year, advertisers spent .4 billion on native ads, a 77% jump over 2012. That same year, the Post’s CRO called native ads “a spiritual journey.” (Really.)不管这些问题的是什么,不可否认的是,这种做广告的方法眼下已经悄然时兴起来。《华盛顿邮报》(the Washington Post)、《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)、《纽约时报》(New York Times )等大牌报刊也会隔三岔五发几篇软文。【《财富》(Fortune )也决定不再置身事外。】去年广告主们花在软广告上的金额达到了24亿美元,比2012年跃升了77%。同年,《华盛顿邮报》的研究总监将软广告誉为“一场心灵的旅程”。(这是真的。)Native ads may be popular with publishers, but consumers are not in love, according to a new survey conducted by Contently, a startup that connects brands with writers who then create sponsored content. (Yes, the survey runs counter to Contently’s mission; more on that in a moment.)根据Contently公司近日发表的一篇调查显示,软广告虽然受到了出版商的欢迎,但消费者却对它很不感冒。作为一家创业公司,Contently的主要业务就是给品牌和软文写手牵线搭桥,因此这篇调查的结果可以说简直与Contently的目标背道而驰。Two-thirds of the survey’s respondents said they felt deceived when they realized an article or was sponsored by a brand. Just over half said they didn’t trust branded content, regardless of what it was about. Fifty-nine percent said they believe that a news site that runs sponsored content loses credibility—although they also said they view branded content as slightly more trustworthy than Fox News.有三分之二的受访者表示,一旦他们意识到一篇文章或一段视频是由某个品牌赞助的,他们会觉得受到了欺骗。超过半数的受访者表示他们不会相信软广告,不管它是关于什么的。59%的受访者认为,一个新闻网站如果登载了软广告便会失去公信力——不过尽管如此,他们还是觉得软广告的可信度好歹要比《福克斯新闻》(than Fox News)强上那么一丁点。Publishers and advertisers tend to respond to concerns of confusion or credibility with the same response: “It’s clearly labeled!” Simple disclosure solves all conflicts, they suggest. Readers are smart enough to figure it out, and critics don’t give them enough credit.软广告是否会造成误解以及损害公信力?出版商和广告主们对这个问题经常用同一句话回答:“它已经标明是‘赞助内容’了!”以读者们聪明的智商是应该能看出来的,批评人士似乎也有点矫枉过正了。To wit: “They get the drill,” said Lewis Dvorkin, the True/Slant founder who led the massive expansion of the Forbes contributor network and its sponsored BrandVoice program, at an event last year. Likewise, Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has said the native ads on the newspaper’s website are clearly labeled to ensure there are no doubts about “what is Times journalism and what is advertising.”也就是像新闻平台True/Slant的创始人刘易斯o德沃金所说的一样,它们都“打了标签”。在德沃金的领导下,《福布斯》的供稿人网络获得了极大的拓展,而且德沃金还负责了《福布斯》赞助的“品牌之声”(BrandVoice)项目。《纽约时报》出版人小亚瑟o苏兹伯格也表示,报刊网站上的软广告都清楚地打了标签,以便确保读者明白“什么是《纽约时报》的新闻报道,什么是广告”。But Contently’s findings, based on a survey of 542 people, throw cold water on the notion that ers “get the drill.” According to the study, ers are confused about what “sponsored” even means: When they see the label “Sponsored Content,” half of them think it means that a sponsor paid for and influenced the article. One-fifth of them think the content is produced by an editorial team but “a sponsor’s money allowed it to happen.” Eighteen percent think the sponsor merely paid for its name to be next to the article. Thirteen percent think it means the sponsor actually wrote the article. Even the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is perplexed; a panel on native advertising last year “raised more questions than it answered.”但Contently公司这份基于542人的调查却给两人的观点泼了一瓢冷水。据这份调查显示,读者一般并不明白“赞助”二字的含义,当他们看见“赞助内容”的标签时,一半人心中想的是,赞助商花钱买来写手吹捧自己,而且肯定影响了这篇文章。有五分之一的读者认为,这篇软文的内容是由一编辑团队打造的,但是“有了赞助商的钱才有了它。”18%的读者认为,赞助商只是花钱买下了文章旁边的冠名权。还有13%的读者认为文章干脆就是赞助商自己写的。就连美国联邦贸易委员会(the U.S. Federal Trade Commission)对软广告也是一知半解。去年,它的一个专门委员会开会讨论软广告,但是这次会议“提出的问题比解答的问题还多”。It gets worse. When ers do know what “sponsored” means, they still feel deceived. Fifty-seven percent of the study’s participants said they would prefer that their favorite news sites run banner ads over sponsored posts. (The irony: Native ads were supposed to be the highly engaging innovation to kill the lowly banner ad.) Only 18.7% of respondents said they prefer sponsored posts because they’re more interesting. Two-thirds of respondents said they are less likely to click on an article sponsored by a brand. From the perspective of a er, sponsored content doesn’t look like a spiritual journey at all.更糟糕的是,等到读者真正明白了“赞助”的含义,他们就会感到受到了欺骗。有75%的受访者表示,他们宁可自己喜欢的新闻网站打出横幅式广告,也不愿意看到广告软文。(讽刺的是,很多人都认为软广告是一种非常能得到消费者共鸣的创新,足以“杀死”低端的横幅广告。)只有18.7%的受访者表示喜欢软广告,因为他们觉得软广告更有意思。三分之二的受访者表示,他们不太可能点击一篇由某个品牌赞助的文章。从读者的角度看,软广告貌似根本就不是什么“心灵的旅程”。In fairness, people rarely cop to the fact that they enjoy advertising or that it works on them. This is why, every few years, a survey is released claiming that social media ads, particularly those on Facebook FB 3.52% , don’t work. That may be the case, but I doubt brands would continue to pour billions of dollars into social media advertising—.3 billion this year—if it were.平心而论,人们很少承认他们喜欢广告或是他们会受广告影响的事实。正因为如此,每隔几年都会冒出来一篇调查,声称社交媒体广告(尤其是Facebook上的)不管用。这或许也是实情,但若果真如此,我真不知道各大品牌为何还会每年狂洒几十亿美元在社交媒体上打广告(今年是83亿美元)。But there is no denying that ers’ response to sponsored content is negative and especially strong. The findings of Contently’s survey follow data released earlier this year by Chartbeat, a web analytics company, showing that only 24% of ers scroll through sponsored content, versus 71% for editorial content.不容否认,读者对软广告的反应是负面的,而且非常强烈。就在Contently的调查发布之前不久,网络分析公司Chartbeat也就这个问题进行了调查。调查显示,只有24%的读者有耐心看完一篇软文,而71%的读者会看完一篇正常编辑内容。You may wonder what all this means for a company like Contently, which is built on the premise that branded content will become a huge part of the marketing industry. Concluding its study, the company suggests with a dose of optimism that brands and publishers will eventually figure things out before they turn ers off completely.大家可能会问,以上所说的这些对于Contently这样的公司究竟意味着什么,因为只有软广告在营销市场上大有作为,Contently的业务才可能有钱赚。在调查报告的结尾处,Contently还是给传媒界打了一针强心剂,称各大品牌和传媒最终还是会在彻底惹怒读者之前,找到问题的解决办法。Contently points to the Times, Mashable, and BuzzFeed: Times ers spend as much time ing sponsored content as regular editorial, says the executive in charge of the Times’ sponsored content. The same goes for Mashable ers, says the site’sbranded content editor. And BuzzFeed, which popularized the native ad format, has numerous case studies showing how well its sponsored articles work.Contently举了《纽约时报》、Mashable和BuzzFeed等例。据《纽约时报》负责赞助内容的高管表示,《纽约时报》的读者阅读赞助内容和其它编辑内容的时间一样长。Mashable的内容编辑也表示,Mashable的读者对赞助内容也并不反感。至于软广告的“鼻祖”BuzzFeed,更是有数不清的案例能说明它的广告软文发挥了多么好的作用。There is hope for the native ad yet. But publishers should be careful: though ers may be increasingly looking at sponsored content, it doesn’t mean they like what they see.目前软广告仍然有继续发展的希望。但传媒界仍然需小心:虽然愿意看软广告的读者可能会越来越多,但这并不意味着他们肯定喜欢自己看到的东西。 /201407/312171

Japan said Tuesday it had successfully extracted methane hydrate, known as ;fire ice;, from its seabed, possibly unlocking many years#39; worth of gas for the resource-starved country.日本周二宣布,已经成功地从日本海底提取出甲烷水合物,俗称“可燃冰”,此举可能将给这个资源贫乏的国家开启可延续多年的燃气资源宝藏。In what they are claiming as a world first, a consortium is drilling for the hydrate, a fossil fuel that looks like ice but consists of very densely-packed methane surrounded by water molecules, one kilometre (3,300 feet) below sea level.一个开采联盟从海平面下1公里处(3300英尺)钻探出这种甲烷水合物,这是一种外表像冰但含有被水分子包围的结构十分紧密的甲烷的一种矿物燃料。据称这是世界上首次提取出这种燃料。The solid white substance burns with a pale flame, leaving nothing but water. One of it is estimated to contain many times the equivalent volume of methane in gas form.这种白色固体物质燃烧时发出苍白色的火焰,燃尽后只留下水。据估计1立方米的可燃冰含有数倍于同体积甲烷气体的能量。The consortium, led by Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation, began initial work in February last year and on Tuesday started a two-week experimental production, an economy, trade and industry ministry official said.经济、贸易和工业部的一名官员称,由日本石油天然气金属矿产资源机构带领的这一联盟于去年二月份开始前期工作,本周二开始进行为期两周的试验性生产。;It is the world#39;s first offshore experiment producing gas from methane hydrate,; the official said, adding that the team successfully collected methane gas extracted from the half-frozen substance.该官员称:“这是世界上首个从甲烷水合物中提取天然气的离岸实验。”他还说,该团队成功地收集了从这一半冰冻状态的物质中提取出的甲烷气体。Under the government-led project, the consortium is to separate methane -- the primary component of natural gas -- from the solid clathrate compound under the seabed using the high pressures available at depth, officials said.据官员称,在这一政府领头的工程中,该联盟将把甲烷(天然气的主要成分)通过在海洋深处才能达到的高压从海底的固体水合物中分离出来。A huge layer of methane hydrate containing 1.1 trillion cubic metres (38.5 trillion cubic feet) in natural gas -- equivalent to Japan#39;s consumption of the gas for 11 years -- is believed to lie in the ocean floor off the coast of Shikoku island, western Japan, the officials said.官员称,据认为日本西部四国岛海岸附近的大洋底部有一片面积巨大的甲烷水合物,这些甲烷水合物中含有1.1万亿立方米(38.5万亿立方英尺)天然气——相当于日本11年的天然气消费量。;We aim to establish methane hydrate production technologies for practical use by the fiscal 2018 year; ending March 2019, a consortium official said.联盟的一名官员说:“我们的目标是在2018财政年度结束前研发出可供实际应用的甲烷水合物生产技术。”2018财政年度截止于2019年3月。;We want to consolidate technologies for its commercialisation,; economy, trade and industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi also told a news conference, according to Jiji Press.时事通讯社的消息称,日本经济、贸易和工业部部长茂木敏充还在新闻发布会上表示:“我们要加强以商业化为目的的技术。”;I hope we can make use of resources surrounding our country as soon as possible by clearing hurdles one by one,; he added.他还说:“我希望我们能一个一个地扫清障碍,从而尽快实现对我国周边地区资源的利用。”The move comes as resource-poor Japan has struck out in search of new energy supplies after it shut down its stable of nuclear reactors in the wake of 2011#39;s tsunami-sparked nuclear crisis.2011年海啸引发核危机之后日本就关闭了核电站,从那以后资源贫乏的日本就一直在奋力寻求新的能源供给来源。 /201303/230096

CUPERTINO, Calif. — In reaction to declining sales of tablet computing devices, Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, recently remarked that tablets had hit a “speed bump” that was nothing to be concerned about.加利福尼亚州库比提诺——鉴于平板电脑设备销量下滑,苹果公司(Apple)首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)最近表示,平板电脑撞上了一个“减速带”,但这种情况无需担心。Now Apple is trying to accelerate past the bump.如今,苹果正试图加速经过这条减速带。The company on Thursday introduced new models of iPads, including a major revision for its iPad Air, the larger and more expensive model, and some improvements for its smaller sibling, the iPad Mini 3.周四,苹果推出了新款iPad,对更大更贵的iPad Air做出了重大改动,还对尺寸较小的iPad Mini 3做了一些改进。Apple said the iPad Air 2 was 18 percent thinner and 40 percent faster than the last one, a surprising change — and a bit of an engineering feat — because Apple made the previous version thinner and faster just last year. Essentially, the new iPad Air is thinner than a pencil. The new iPads will be available Oct. 24.苹果表示,iPad Air 2比上一代薄了18%,快了40%,这个改变有些出人意料,在工程上也是一大成就——因为苹果去年才刚刚让上一版iPad变得更轻更快。可以说,新款iPad Air比一铅笔还薄。它将从10月24日开始发售。“It’s unbelievably gorgeous and look how thin it is. Can you even see it?” said Mr. Cook, holding the new iPad in front of an audience of members of the news media and Apple employees at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.“它实在太棒了,看看它多么薄。差点都看不到了吧?”库克在苹果位于硅谷的总部拿着新款iPad,对媒体和苹果员工说道。The iPad Air 2 has an improved camera, and it has a display designed to reduce reflections. The tablet has 10 hours of battery life, same as the previous version. It has a starting price of 0. The iPad Mini 3 starts at 0 — but it’s not thinner than the last version.iPad Air 2改善了照相功能,显示屏的设计还能减少反光。与上一款一样,其电池续航时间为10小时。它的起售价格为500美元(约合3000元人民币)。iPad Mini 3的起售价格为400美元——但并不比上一款薄。Apple added its fingerprint sensor, called Touch ID, to each of the new iPads. The technology is used to log into the iPad in place of a typed passcode. It can also be used to make in-app purchases with Apple’s new mobile payments system, Apple Pay, which will be available Monday.苹果给每个新款iPad都增加了称为Touch ID的指纹传感器。用户将通过这项技术进入iPad,而无需像之前那样输入密码。指纹传感器还可以通过苹果的新移动付系统Apple Pay来在应用中进行付。Apple Pay将于周一推出。Apple said iOS 8.1, the next update for the software that runs Apple’s mobile devices, would also be available Monday.苹果宣布,周一还将推出iOS 8.1,即苹果移动设备运行软件的下一版更新。Apple also added gold as a color option for the new iPads.新款iPad还增加了金色版供用户选择。Apple has made big changes to its iPads more quickly than it has with other Apple products, like the iPhone, which in the past has been redesigned every two years.苹果对iPad做出重大修改的速度比对iPhone等其他苹果产品更快。过去,每隔两年,iPhone才会重新设计一次。Why the difference? For one, an iPad gives Apple’s engineers more physical space to tinker around. And from a business standpoint, Apple has to do more with the iPad to maintain healthy sales.为何会有这种差别?首先,iPad给了苹果工程师更多进行改进的实际空间。从商业角度来看,苹果需要对iPad投入更多,才能维持良好的销售业绩。In the second quarter, Apple’s iPad sales declined 9.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago, according to the industry analysis firm IDC. And the worldwide market for tablet sales is starting to cool. While shipments of tablets exploded from 18 million in 2010 to 207 million last year, they are expected to increase just 11 percent this year, according to another research firm, Gartner. Last year, shipments had increased 55 percent.据科技研究公司IDC透露,二季度苹果iPad的销售量同比下降了9.3%,全球市场的平板电脑销售也开始降温。据另一家调研公司高德纳(Gartner)透露,去年,平板电脑的出货量从2010年的1800万台飙升至2.07亿台,今年全球平板电脑的出货量只会增加11%,而去年的增幅达到了55%。But the iPad is still Apple’s second-biggest moneymaker, accounting for about 10 percent of its profit. That is a long way from the iPhone, which accounts for about 70 percent of its profit, but still important.但iPad仍是苹果的第二大收入来源,产生的利润在苹果总利润中占10%。尽管这距离iPhone产生的利润——70%——还有很大的差距,但它仍是一款重要的产品。Also at the event on the company’s campus, Apple released its new Macintosh operating system, OS X Yosemite, which it introduced this year. The software system, which is a free download, has a new design with new icons and more vibrant colors.在苹果总部举行的发布会上,苹果还推出了新的麦金塔(Macintosh)操作系统OS X Yosemite,苹果公司于今年发布了该系统。新版系统有新设计、新图标,色更加鲜明。A key feature is called Continuity, which makes it easier to juggle content across different Apple devices. For example, a user can be making a presentation on a Mac, and then swipe up from the corner of an iPad to resume working on the same presentation.一种称为Continuity的关键功能,使在不同苹果设备中进行同步操作变得更容易。例如,用户可以用Mac做演示,然后滑动iPad屏幕,继续刚才的演示。In addition, the company said WatchKit, a tool kit for software makers to use in developing apps for its coming smart watch, would be released next month. The Apple Watch, which Apple demonstrated last month, is still on track for a release early next year, according to Mr. Cook.除此之外,该公司还表示将于下月发布软件开发者用来为苹果的智能手表开发应用时所需的工具WatchKit。苹果上个月展示了Apple Watch,但据库克透露,按照计划,这款产品将于明年早些时候推出。Apple on Thursday also released a new iMac, a desktop computer with a high-resolution, 27-inch screen. Apple said the display has seven times more pixels than a high-definition television. It costs ,500.周四,苹果还发布了新版iMac,这款台式电脑拥有27寸的高分辨率屏幕。该公司表示,其显示屏的分辨率是高清电视的7倍。这款电脑售价2500美元。In addition, the company released a new upgrade for its Mac Mini, the smaller desktop computer, with a faster processor. It costs 0.苹果还推出了新款Mac Mini,这款配有更快处理器的小台式电脑售价500美元。 /201410/336839

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