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青岛新阳光医院医院怎么样青岛市市立医院该怎么走The Catalan parliament declared on Monday that the region is no longer subject to Spain and its institutions, dramatically raising the stakes in the long-running struggle over Catalonia’s political future.加泰罗尼亚议会周一宣告该地区不再从属于西班牙及其机构。此举大幅提升了围绕加泰罗尼亚政治未来的长期斗争的赌注。The government has said it will challenge the resolution, which has no immediate legal effect, in Spain’s constitutional court.西班牙政府表示,将在西班牙宪法法庭挑战这项并不马上具有法律效应的决议。But independence leaders nevertheless hailed it as a landmark moment, insisting that Catalonia was now moving full steam ahead towards secession.不过,持独立的领导人欢呼该决议是一个里程碑式的时刻,他们坚称加泰罗尼亚正向着脱离西班牙全速前进。“This is a country on the move, advancing towards a better future. No legal complaint and no threat can stand in the way of the heartfelt desire of thousands,said Artur Mas, the Catalan president. Anna Gabriel, a lawmaker from the far-left pro-independence CUP movement said: “For us, this means the rupture with Spanish legality.”加泰罗尼亚总统阿图尔氠Artur Mas)表示:“这个国家正在行动之中,向着更加美好的未来前进。任何法律申诉和威胁,都阻挡不住千万人的夙愿。”持独立的极左翼政党——人民团结候选人CUP)议员安娜加夫列尔(Anna Gabriel)表示:“对我们来说,这意味着在法律上与西班牙决裂。”来 /201511/409104青岛盆腔仪疗法的费用 Deadly fighting continued Wednesday in eastern Ukraine, as the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany prepared to hold a summit on the conflict that has killed more than 5,300 people since last April.乌克兰星期三继续发生导致人员死伤的冲突。与此同时,乌克兰、俄罗斯、法国和德国准备就乌克兰冲突问题举行一次峰会。去月以来,乌克兰冲突已造成5300多人死亡。At least two people died in the rebel-held eastern city of Donetsk when a shell hit a bus station, according to rebel officials and emergency personnel. Military officials also said rebel attacks near Debaltseve had killed at least 19 soldiers and wounded 78 others.乌克兰反政府武装指挥官和急救人员说,在反政府武装占据的乌克兰东部城市顿涅茨克,一枚炮弹击中一个公交车站,造成至少两人死亡。乌克兰军方官员也说,叛乱分子在德巴尔切夫发动袭击,打死至少19名军人,打伤78人。Ahead of Wednesdays talks in Belarus, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Ukraine and the European Union would speak ;with one voice.; He earlier described the four-nation summit as one of the last chances to end the fighting between his countrys forces and pro-Russian separatists.在星期三白俄罗斯会谈举行之前,乌克兰总统波罗申科表示,乌克兰和欧盟将“用一个声音”说话。他早些时候称这次四国峰会是结束乌克兰军队与亲俄分离分子冲突的最后机会。Mr. Poroshenko said Wednesday he would not hesitate to introduce marital law throughout the country if the conflict escalates.波罗申科星期三说,如果冲突升级,他将毫不犹豫地在全国实施军管法。The White House said U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged him to support a peace deal for Ukraine.白宫说,美国总统奥巴马与俄罗斯总统普京通了电话,敦促他持乌克兰和平协议。来 /201502/359584France has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after scores of people were killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris.法国宣布此事为国家级危急事件,巴黎数十人在死于密集击和炸弹袭击,法国在此事发生后关闭了边境。At least 100 people are reported to have died at the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris.报道称至少一百人已经死在巴黎中心的巴塔克兰剧院。Gunmen took many hostages there before being overpowered when police stormed the building.持袭击者在被闯入大楼的警察控制之前,在这里劫持了许多人质。Others died in attacks near the Stade de France, with some reports suggesting a suicide blast, and at restaurants.其他罹难者死于发生在法兰西体育场和餐厅附近的袭击,一些报道指出这是一场自杀式爆炸袭击。Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and military personnel are being deployed across the city.巴黎居民被要求呆在室内,军方人员也已经被安排在了城市各处。The deadliest attack appears to have targeted the Bataclan concert hall. The B’s Hugh Schofield says scores of ambulances have arrived at the scene, suggesting many victims inside.这场极端的袭击表现出是以巴塔克兰音乐厅为目标的。B的Hugh Schofield说几十辆救护车已经到达了现场,这表示里面有许多受害者。Other attacks hit neighboring Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon restaurants in the 10th district where a B reporter could see 10 people lying on the road, either dead or seriously injured.还有袭击在第十区的Le Petit Cambodge和Le Carillon两家餐厅,在这里B的记者看到了诗人躺在路上,可能是死了或者受了重伤。And an eyewitness told Liberation newspaper that he had heard more than 100 rounds being fired at La Belle Equipe cafe in the 11th district.一位目击者告诉解放报,他在第十一区的La Belle Equipe咖啡厅听到了超过100轮击。Gunfire was also heard at Les Halles shopping centre.在巴黎中心的Halles购物中心也能听到声。US President Barack Obama spoke of ;an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians;.美国总统奥巴马说这是“一场残暴的针对无辜平民的恐怖袭击”。UK PM David Cameron said he was shocked and pledged to do ;whatever we can to help;.英国首相大卫卡梅伦说他对此感到十分震惊并且保会尽其所能帮助法囀?来 /201511/409924山东省第六人民医院是市级医院吗

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青岛妇科医院qqUS officials are expressing concern about a possible military build-up by Russia in Syria, warning that Moscow’s efforts to bolster strongman President Bashar al-Assad could add to a refugee crisis in Europe and complicate the US’s own efforts to combat jihadi militants.美国官员对俄罗斯可能在叙利亚展开军事集结表示关切,他们警告称,莫斯科方面持叙利亚强人总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的努力可能会加剧欧洲难民危机,并会让美国自身打击圣战武装分子的努力复杂化。The US concern hinges on reports that taken together imply Russia has decided to step up its involvement in Syria and might do everything from conduct air strikes against Assad regime opponents to deploy more military advisers on the ground.美方的关切源于多份报道,这些报道总体上暗示,俄已决定加大对叙利亚的介入,而且可能会采取各种各样的措施——从对阿萨德政权的反对者实施空中打击,到向叙利亚境内派遣更多军事顾问。Secretary of state John Kerry called his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Saturday to register US anxiety at media reports suggesting an “imminent enhanced Russian military build-upin Syria.上周六,美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)与俄外长谢尔盖拉夫罗Sergei Lavrov)通电话,正式提出美方对那些暗示“俄即将扩大在叙军事集结”的报道感到担忧。“The secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operating in Syria,the State Department said in a weekend statement, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis.美国国务State Department)上周末发表声明称:“国务卿明确表示,如果这些报道是准确的,这些行动可能令冲突进一步升级,导致更多无辜人员丧生,催生更多难民,并可能与在叙境内展开行动的反ISIL联盟发生冲突。”ISIL即“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”。Reports over the past week have had Russian troops fighting on the ground in Syria, Russia increasing the flow of arms to the Assad regime in recent months and also beginning work on upgrading facilities at an airfield near the port city of Latikia. That work has included setting up a mobile air traffic control unit and building housing facilities, it was claimed.过去一周有报道称,俄罗斯军队在叙展开了地面战斗,俄在近几个月里增加了对阿萨德政权的军火供应,并着手升级叙港口城市拉塔基亚(Latakia)附近一处机场的设施。报道称,相关工作包括设立一个移动空中交通管制单位,以及建造居住设斀?US officials say they do not yet know what Russia’s intentions are but the fear is that the Latikia airfield could serve as a launch pad for air strikes or even a base for an increased Russian military presence on the ground.美国官员表示,他们还不清楚俄方的意图,但他们担心,拉塔基亚机场可能被用作发起空中打击的平台,甚至可能被用作俄增加地面军事存在的一个基地。Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, on Friday denied both that his country’s armed forces were fighting in Syria and that Moscow had decided to bolster its support for the Assad regime. “We are looking at different options, but that, what you are talking about, is not on our agenda yet,he told reporters. “To say that we are y to do that today is premature.”上周五,俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)既否认俄军在叙利亚作战,也否认俄政府已决定加大对阿萨德政权的持。“我们在研究各种选项,但你们所谈论的事情还不在我们的议程上,”他告诉记者说,“眼下就说我们已准备好那么做还为时过早。”Analysts say the evidence on the ground points to some increased Russian support for the Assad regime recently but that it may be premature to say there has been any change in policy.分析人士表示,实地据表明近来俄加大了对阿萨德政权的持力度,但现在就说俄方政策已发生变化或许还太早。来 /201509/397468 青岛哪家医院治疗妇科病好胶州中心医院生孩子需要多少钱



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