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President Bush Participates in Roundtable on Mentoring Children of Prisoners InitiativeTHE PRESIDENT:I am thankful that you all have come to talk to me about a very important initiative, and it's a mentoring program aimed at helping children of people who are incarcerated. I set a goal for the country that from 2003 until 2008 that we'd have 100,000 such matches with adults combined with a child who could use some love. And I'm pleased that as of September we've exceeded that goal. And I want to thank you all for being a part of a program that hopefully is bringing hope to people's lives. I think it is. First of all, I want to thank Stacey, Julia, and Destiney for sharing their stories, and I wish you all the best. I hope you -- you're -- I know you're appreciative that Joe, Melissa, and Emilee have taken time out of their lives to help you. I am hopeful that somebody who watches this show, watches this program, realizes that they can make a difference in a child's life; that it doesn't take much. Oh, it takes some time, it takes a little bit of extra love, but by helping a child, you can really help the country. You help yourself by loving, but you help America -- one heart, one soul at a time. So, Chuck, thank you for your hospitality. The Youth Focus program here in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Big Brothers and Big Sisters have provided the mentors to these three youngsters. These youngsters got ambitions and goals. They want to go to college. They want to make a difference. And I suspect that the mentors will be anxiously following the career of someone who they have -- they've been able to help. And so thank you all for coming. God bless you, and good luck to you. 参考中文翻译:总统:非常感谢你们都跟我说这是一个很重要的首创,这是一个帮助被禁闭在监狱中的人的孩子的指导项目。我制定了一个目标,从2003年到2008年之间,能够让10万对成年人和孩子结成对子,让这些孩子可以得到一点爱。我很高兴,到9月份为止我们已经超过了这个目标。我要感谢所有的人成为这个可能改变人们的生活的项目的一部分。我认为是这样的。首先,我想感谢Stacey, Julia和Destiney跟我们分享他们的故事,希望你们都一切平安。我希望你们——你们确实也做到了——我知道你们很感激Joe, Melissa和Emilee从他们的生活中抽出时间来帮助你们。我希望看到这个节目,看到这个项目的人都能意识到他们可以为改变孩子的生活贡献一份力量;这并不需要太多,只需要一点时间,只需要一点爱,但是通过帮助一个孩子,你确实也在帮助国家。你用爱来帮助自己,但是帮助美国——必须同时全心全意。所以,Chuck,感谢你的友好。北卡罗莱纳州格林斯罗的青年聚焦节目是Big Brothers and Big Sisters的一部分。Big Brothers and Big Sisters给这三个年轻人提供了指导者。这三个年轻人现在有了理想和目标,他们想去读大学。他们希望做出改变。我怀疑指导者们会迫不及待地加入这个他们曾经帮助——他们能够提供帮助的职业。感谢各位的到来。上帝保佑你们,祝你们好运。200812/57789My address will follow the classical sonata form of commencement addresses. The first movement, just presented, were light-hearted remarks. This next movement consists of unsolicited advice, which is rarely valued, seldom remembered, never followed. As Oscar Wilde said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”So, here comes the advice.毕业典礼演讲都遵循古典奏鸣曲的结构,我的演讲也不例外。刚才是第一乐章——轻快的闲谈。接下来的第二乐章是送上门的忠告。这样的忠告很少被重视,几乎注定被忘记,永远不会被实践。但是,就像奥斯卡·王尔德说的:“对于忠告,你听能做的,就是把它送给别人,因为它对你没有任何用处。”所以,下面是我的忠告。 First, every time you celebrate an achievement, be thankful to those who made it possible. Thank your parents and friends who supported you, thank your professors who were inspirational, and especially thank the other professors whose less-than-brilliant lectures forced you to teach yourself. Going forward, the ability to teach yourself is the hallmark of a great liberal arts education and will be the key to your success. To your fellow students who have added immeasurably to your education during those late night discussions, hug them. Also, of course, thank Harvard. Should you forget, theres an alumni association to remind you.第一,每次庆祝你取得成就的时候,不要忘记所有助你一臂之力的人。要感谢你的父母和持你的朋友,要感谢那些启发过你的教授,尤其是要感谢那些演讲拙劣的教授,因为他们迫使你自学。从长远看,自学能力是优秀的文科教育中必不可少的,将成为你成功的关键。你还要去拥抱你的同学,感谢他们同你进行过的许多次彻夜长谈,这为你的教育带来了无法衡量的价值。当然,你还要感谢哈佛大学。不过即使你忘了这一点,校友会也会来提醒你。 Second, in your future life, cultivate a generous spirit. In all negotiations, don’t bargain for the last, little advantage. Leave the change on the table. In your collaborations, always remember that “credit” is not a conserved quantity. In a successful collaboration, everybody gets 90 percent of the credit.第二,在你们未来的人生中,做一个慷慨大方的人。在任何谈判中,都把最后一点点利益留给对方,不要把桌上的钱都拿走。在合作中,不要把荣誉留给自己。成功合作的任何一方,都应获得全部荣誉的90%。 /201206/188024JT+nIi|BkBDBl9%S%XT)tWWEu*Now its argued that this power presents no danger in the hands of those who have used it responsibly. But as to whether or not the networks have abused the power they enjoy, let us call as our first witness, former Vice President Humphrey and the city of Chicago. According to Theodore White, televisions intercutting of the film from the streets of Chicago with the ;current proceedings on the floor of the convention created the most striking and false political picture of 1968 -- the nomination of a man for the American Presidency by the brutalityand violence of merciless police.;If we are to believe a recent report of the House of Representative Commerce Committee, then televisions presentation of the violence in the streets worked an injustice on thereputation of the Chicago police. According to the committee findings, one network inparticular presented, and I e, ;a one-sided picture which in large measure exonerates the demonstrators and protestors.; Film of provocations of police that was available never saw the light of day, while the film of a police response which the protestors provoked was shown to millions.Greshams Law seems to be operating in the network news. Bad news drives out good news. The irrational is more controversial than the rational. Concurrence can no longer competewith dissent.sB~*sZ2I7!BFA-BO0(KNIyP2X#5l!c8Cv|NmWQT201202/171827中国国家主席胡锦涛同美国总统奥巴马在举行正式会谈前的讲话中国北京 人民大会堂年11月17日Remarks by US President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao Before Expanded Bilateral MeetingGreat Hall of the People, Beijing, ChinaNovember 17, 胡锦涛: 尊敬的总统先生,很高兴和你举行会谈。您是第一次来华进行国事访问,首先,我代表中国政府和人民,并以我个人的名义对总统先生和代表团全体成员表示热烈的欢迎。PRESIDENT HU: Mr. President, I'm very happy to have talks with you. This is your first state visit to China. To begin with, please allow me to extend on behalf of the Chinese government and of the Chinese people and in my own name, a warm welcome to you, Mr. President, and all the delegates of your delegation.刚才我们已经在小范围进行了很好的会谈,在许多方面都达成了重要共识。下面我愿意在大范围和总统先生就发展双边关系,以及在国际和地区上的一些重大问题深入交换意见。Just now we aly had good talks in the smaller group meeting and we reached agreement in many important fields. I'm now willing to have a in-depth exchange of views with you, Mr. President, at this expanded meeting on the bilateral relationship and on major regional and international issues.总统先生是远道而来的客人,请总统先生先讲。As you are our distinguished guest from afar, I would like to hand over the microphone to you first.PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, thank you very much once again, Mr. President, for your extraordinary hospitality. I can tell you that both my delegation as well as myself, we have had an excellent visit so far. And I thought that the discussions that we just had in the smaller meeting were very constructive.奥巴马: 再一次非常感谢主席先生的盛情款待。我可以告诉您,我代表团的成员包括我个人,目前为止,我们的访问非常愉快。而且我认为刚才的小范围会谈是非常有建设性的。As we both affirmed, the ed States and China have a great many mutual interests. And after 30 years of bilateral relations, I think it's fair to say that our two governments have continued to move forward in a way that can bring even greater cooperation in the future.就像我们刚才所确认的那样,美中两国有许许多多的共同利益。而且经过30年的双边关系之后,我想,我可以说,我们两国政府还在继续向前走,这在未来的时候会带来更多的合作。And I want to reaffirm the fact that the American people are interested in stronger relations with the people of China, and that the more that we can encourage people-to-people exchanges that are consistent with the discussions that we're having at the government level, the more that China and the ed States will be able to work cooperatively on a whole range of issues -- both economic issues, security issues, and global issues that are in the interest not just of our two nations but the entire world.而且我还想澄清一个事实,就是美国人民对加强同中国的关系是非常有兴趣的,所以我们越是鼓励我们两国政府间范围讨论的人民之间的交流,我们越是能够促进两国之间人民的合作和了解,使我们两国能够在范围广泛的很多问题进行合作,包括经济问题、安全问题和其他的全球问题,这不仅仅符合两国的利益,也是有利于全世界。So, once again, thank you for being such an excellent host, and I look forward to the expanded discussion.再次非常感谢您的款待,我很期待这个大范围的会谈。11/89683President Bush Meets with House Republican Conference  THE PRESIDENT: I'm pleased to be joined by the Republican House leadership. These are dear friends of mine who are committed to doing what's right for the country.   I just met with the Republican Caucus from the House and I want to share some thoughts with you. First of all, we are committed to a good housing bill that will help folks stay in their house, as opposed to a housing bill that will reward speculators and lenders. There's a House alternative that will do the right thing for the American people when it comes to housing.   I will veto the bill that's moving through the House today if it makes it to my desk, and I urge members on both sides of the aisle to focus on a good piece of legislation that is being sponsored by Republican members.   Secondly, we talked about gasoline prices. No doubt about it we're deeply concerned about the high price of gasoline, which means that the ed States Congress should not pass legislation that makes it harder to increase the supply of crude oil, as well as increase the supply of gasoline. What they should do is allow for the construction of refinery and for environmentally friendly domestic exploration. And if the truth of the matter is Congress were that concerned about the consumers, they ought to make sure that they make the tax relief we passed a permanent part of the tax code.   We talked about the supplemental that's moving. I told the members I support 8 billion supplemental without any strings, and that we're going to work toward that goal.   I talked about the Colombia free trade agreement. The Speaker stopped the bill from moving. All we ask is that it be given an up or down vote. The bill is in our economic interests. If you're worried about the economy, then you got to recognize that opening markets for U.S. goods and services will help strengthen the economy. And if you're worried about the security in our neighborhood, turning our back on a strong ally like President Uribe will be -- is bad national security policy. And the Speaker has got to let this bill come to the floor for an up or down vote.   And finally, we talked about FISA. That's the ability for our intelligence folks and folks on the front line of protecting America to have the tools necessary to stop al Qaeda from attacking us. And the fact that the Democrat leadership refuses to let this vote come to the floor is bad for our national security. This vote will pass -- this bill would pass. It has passed the Senate; will pass the House, thanks to the leadership of the members up here, as well as discerning Democrats. And yet the leadership refuses to let it come up. And the country is at greater risk as a result of not having a modernized FISA bill.   And so those are the issues we discussed. It's a positive agenda. It's an agenda that speaks to the economic interests of the people. It's an agenda that speaks to the national security interests of the people. And it's an agenda that recognizes that we can find the wisdom of the American people in their souls, in their hearts. We listen carefully to what they think, and we respond in a way that meets their needs.   And so thank you all for coming. Proud to work with you and enjoyed visiting today. Thank you. 200806/41535

国际英文演讲高手 Chapter5-1暂无文本 200709/17964

IaCziub0dhRCAkA generation ago, a presidential candidate had to prove his independence of undue religious influence in public life, and he had to do so partly at the insistence of evangelical Protestants. John Kennedy said at that time: ;I believe in an America where there is no religious bloc voting of any kind.; Only twenty years later, another candidate was appealing to a[n] evangelical meeting as a religious bloc. Ronald Reagan said to 15 thousand evangelicals at the Roundtable in Dallas: ; I know that you cant endorse me. I want you to know I endorse you and what you are doing.;8sovxU[uy.6e8oF0MuTo many Americans, that pledge was a sign and a symbol of a dangerous breakdown in the separation of church and state. Yet this principle, as vital as it is, is not a simplistic and rigid command. Separation of church and state cannot mean an absolute separation between moral principles and political power. The challenge today is to recall the origin of the principle, to define its purpose, and refine its application to the politics of the present.KjL)f*1NT.UDKZOnDT;pLrMrGpc2Lae6DbBe*6ti_-8;~d!J162946

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